Welbeck is back… will he be our hero?

A month ago I made a post which doubted whether Danny would return this season, I sincerely thought that Wenger would once again say there had been a set back in his rehabilitation and he would be out for another couple of months. Well I was wrong, he returned against Leicester, played 10 minutes and scored the winning goal.

Should we get excited? Was a ten minute cameo enough to assess whether he is ready to compete for a full 90 minutes? Should the French Poof be concerned about his place in the side?

I still have a few questions about Welbys’ ability to stay injury free, he suffered a serious knee injury in April after a very good start, notably a hat trick against Galatasary and the winning goal against his former club in  the FA Cup.

For me he would be our first choice CF if he can stay off the treatment table. In my eyes he is a step up from Giroud and Walcott. An all round typical striker with similar attributes to Giroud but with a smattering of Theos’ pace. He also knows where the goal is, which will be vital in the run in to the title.

Furthermore, after his time out injured he comes back fresh and raring to go, something that seriously has to be considered when Wenger pick the team.

He’ll probably get 70 minutes against Hull on Saturday to prove his level of fitness and to assess his goal scoring potential. If he is picked and  does well, the Horny Frenchman and the ‘Nice guy’ Englishman will undoubtedly be concerned for their places in the starting eleven. That will only be a good thing, to have three strikers fighting for a place will add an edge to their game.

I can only see good coming from Dannys’ return, competition for places and an eagerness from the three of them to show what they can do.

So will Danny boy be our hero and take us over the line in first place with a hat-full of goals? A resounding yes from me…… he has the ability. We just need to keep him away from the treatment room.

Who watching the game last Sunday didn’t go berserk when this went in:

Let’s hope he gives us more of those moments over the next few months, I would be a very happy Gooner if he does.


53 thoughts on “Welbeck is back… will he be our hero?

  1. Come on wankers….. get some fucking comments in the boxes! I don’t run this blog for my pleasure, I do it just for you load of moaning old fucking gits.
    Would be nice to get some new faces on here as well….. so those of you who read but don’t post, (I know you are there) don’t worry about being insulted, get your fingers taping the keyboard and make a comment….. I will make sure nobody calls you a wanker for your first comment… after that however, you’re on your own HAHA 😀

  2. Bonjour Soixante-Neuf, kicked out of bed early this morning were you?

    A serious question and it deserves a serious answer, I guess we would all like to believe that Danny can be our hero and score goals galore as well as keep fit throughout the rest of the season, but how likely is that? He doesn’t have a great injury history and wasn’t that prolific in the goal department when he was fit. So despite his ten minute cameo and goal at the weekend, there has to be some doubt.

    I dread to hear the words “Danny has a leetle setback, not weeks only days, we shall see”.

  3. Good morning Norfolk

    I see there has been a smattering of snow over there….. but don’t even mention it to GN5 because then he’ll start on the fact that it’s -50° and they’ve had 20 foot of snow fall in 10 minutes 🙂
    Yes it is a serious question, I think he did very well up until his injury, he was scoring goals and fitted in nicely with Ozil. Only time will tell…. if he is played in a position to capitalize on his strengths, then all could be good. Depends on Wenger and whether he chooses the FP over Welbeck.

  4. Morning, Nice early one NB and a very good subject.
    I have to say that i feel it depends where you stood, when Danny was first signed from United in the closing minutes of the window closing. Myself i wanted a Marquee centre forward, but have had to settle for Dannyboy.. Now i say that not to devalue Danny. Danny wanted Premier football where i wanted a classy striker. In fact what i wanted was a striker that would put Giroud in his rightful place which i believe is in the French league

    Many will shout and moan and tell us how Giroud has led the line while lazy bastard Walcott has sat on his arse and Danny having treatment. But really had we brought the Marquee signing we may just be way out of sight from the others, but of course we didn’t and were not.

    Wenger lovers wont like this but he did his usual buy a cheapy and make do, how many times have we seen that. While Messi scores his 300 goal we have danny on 1 and walcot on 4 and poncy on 12 will they ever get 300 goals not a hope in hell.

    Danny will do a job he may score now and again if were lucky but he is no Henry and United knew that. Arsenal are a money making club b uy cheap sell as dear as you can then replace with a cheapy and aim for top 4. Spend as little as possible and bank as much as we can.
    Great post but Wenger will fuck it.

  5. FFS Steve, you’re a moaning old fucker, I’m surprised your missus didn’t divorce you years ago 🙂
    When we got Henry he wasn’t Henryesque and was fairly cheap, it was Wenger who made him the star he became, and this is Wengers’ way, find a player who hasn’t shown his potential and find his potential.

  6. What is happening at Arsenal, thats the question. Buy an Egyptian who had 5 or six shots on target in the same time Danny was on and he hasn’t played since. Iwobi showed a considerable amount of composure and talent for a 19 year old but has not been seen since, Why not.

    Elneny is a box to box player, play him and Ramsey has to sit out, Ramsey will scream he wants regular football all hell breaks lose. Coquelin is now fit a proper holding Mid if fit has to play so what happens to Santi Iwobi will just have to wait till he gets pissed off.

    Remember Jack is almost match fit remember Jack think back he is still a player for us and Wenger will want him back in till he gets injured for another season.. Chambers is getting a few games he seems to have been with us for ages but now the old farts who were passed it years ago are going he may just play every week.

    Wenger of course will claim its important to mix Young and experienced players together fuck knows why as it hasnt helped us win the league has it. If you have talent use it if you haven’t buy it simple as that.

  7. Go on Steve, ‘av a go mate!

    Monsieur Wenger only buys players who are better than those we already have, Fact! So when we bought a Man U reject was he admitting that our strike force was really crappy?

  8. Morning Norfolk, Yeh perhaps your right mate, i may be jumping the gun a bit :). I have to say i can see improvements in players. Ozil surprised me the most, when he first came i thought we had spent fortunes on a dud, he looked slow he got knocked over and he looked weak, when i saw him praying to his God at the start of the match i thought fuck me if he’s relying on that we have fucking had it.

    Lo and behold a couple of months later he strokes the ball about like a wizard even scores fuck me palmer you fucking wrong son, i hold my hands up.

    Theo i have watched him all his fucking life, fucking bottler of the highest order, so far i have not changed my mind.

    Giroud good looking Frenchman likes the ladies what can be wrong with that, Giroud has a turn of pace but it takes a lot of warming up and its like French cars takes a bit to start them, Really not good enough I have been wrong many times, even so we have still not won the league for a very long time.

  9. Been doing a bit of surfing, and apparently we are looking at African talent, dont ask me their names as i couldn’t pronounce them when i saw them. NB being a linguist may help out 🙂

  10. NB’s little comps, are going down a storm. anybody want to predict the score against Hull and the goal scorers.

  11. Hull ain’t gonna be a pushover Steve…. they’re currently top of the Championship, it will be a tough game. But I reckon Sanchez could finally get on the score sheet and Danny boy if he plays. Will probably be a close game, 2-0 to us, Cech to keep a clean sheet 🙂

  12. Norfolk

    It was much more than a Reliant Robin with four wheels. Great car, I’ve had three in the last 30 years. Farmers in France swear by it…. for good reason. Great for transporting a few sheep, will get up the steepest incline in 1st gear and very easy to service. Still going strong….. where is the Robin Reliant now?

  13. Better get off the French car subject, as I may have touched on a touchy thing. 🙂 at the end of the day we dont all like the same things. The tart above has got my approval slightly thin but i aint exactly no George Clooney. 🙂

  14. ha ha Steve…. although in general I don’t like the French… and the longer I live here the more I dislike them, there are certain things, ie: Style and panache, that I adore. For me that style is symbolic in their car design, although the new modern equivalents are not as good. To be honest i think France is going downhill as the height of fashion and chic, especially their culinary efforts.

  15. I know how you feel NB cant find an English restaurant near by, but now Indian is the preferred meal in England, Give it another year or so and cows will be walking everywhere.

  16. I see on the other ‘site’ that it’s getting a poor response, definitely going downhill in my opinion…. poor old Didit is having to carry the blog but failing miserably. Considering the goldfish man says that they have over 6000 hits a day, 4 comments is a disaster. The comments only get a boost when the Duck posts pictures of non-related stuff and cats, and of course beer bottles on a train ride ha ha

    I’m sorry, but I just can’t leave it, the way some of us were treated they deserve to go under…. fucking cuntz;

  17. Morning Gents (and Steve) 🙂

    It seems that folks still have things to moan about even after an incredible victory over the league leaders – God help us if we lose to Hull – the Blogosphere will go into meltdown.

    NB personally I don’t give a damn about the AA “Queen and her man in waiting” but I do respect the views of several of the regular bloggers.

    Unlike our doomers I still have the utmost faith that the Arsenal management and playing staff will do their utmost to win every competition that we are still in – the only one that I believe to be beyond us is the CL.

    I’m happy to maintain that AW and his staff did their level best to bring in new recruits in both of the last two transfer windows but they were unable to find players that had the required prerequisites – you guys can believe whatever you want and wallow in your own misery 🙂 🙂

    It’s good to see Danny back and his goal must have been great for his own sense of well being – let alone ours. If the players who are currently fit stay uninjured for the rest of the season our depth of talent should be enough to push us over the line.

  18. That’s a very well thought out post NB.Of course what was omitted was the three quarters of a season injured, but nobody could have predicted that..Of course your right NB we could have struck gold with Danny only time will tell, Have we got the time, well of course we have. Wengers in no rush to splash out and we are 3rd in the league, so with a few goals from our Danny and the league could be ours. 🙂

  19. Team news: Koscielny, Gabriel and Elneny

    Arsène Wenger has revealed the latest team news ahead of Saturday’s FA Cup fifth-round tie against Hull City:

    on Laurent Koscielny…
    Koscielny is doing well. He has a test this morning and he looks positive.

    on Gabriel…
    He is running outside. He is out for Saturday.

    on rotating the squad…
    I will, as always, play a team who has a good chance to qualify. The normal squad is involved on Saturday. It is a normal squad and we’ll play a usual strong team.

    on if Elneny could play…
    Elneny is fit. He is one of the players who could get a run [out] there. He’s mobile, he’s a very good player. He’s adapting at the moment and I think he’s there now. We’ll certainly see him against Hull. He has a chance to start.

    Copyright 2016 The Arsenal Football Club plc. Permission to use quotations from this article is granted subject to appropriate credit being given to http://www.arsenal.com as the source

  20. Afternoon N5, I have been very good weening my self off. Nb has filled the gap, at the moment if all the teams do not lose we stay third, a reasonable finishing place, Cups could be a possibility so not a disaster. Me and You N5 are never going to see eye to eye, i have accepted that but i dont want us to be at logger heads.

    Where you think that Wenger has tried his hardest to sign what we need, i naturally believe he is stashing cash, But i wont argue the toss rather a friend than an enemy 🙂

  21. I agree Steve –

    Years ago I heard that “It’s better to make friends than enemies” – “as I’ve never met an enemy that did me any good”

    Even if none of the top 4 lose any remaining games and we get a goal difference of +10 more than Spurs in those game than we finish 2nd.

    But we will beat both Spurs and Man C – right? 🙂 🙂

  22. Here are the amounts that all of the PL teams spent this season – it indicates to me that there is absolutely no correlation between money spent and position. I believe that the following have just as big an effect –

    1. Injuries
    2. Player quality
    3. Team tactics
    4. Coaching
    5. No.of games played
    6. Squad rotation
    7. Squad depth
    8. More ? open for discussion.
    Man C – £233.6 – 4
    Man U – £198.5 – 5
    Chelsea – £197.2 – 12
    Arsenal – £146.5 – 3
    Liverpool – £131.0 – 8
    Spurs – £92.1 – 2
    Newcastle – £72.6 – 18
    Saints – £68.0 – 6
    Everton – £67.1 – 11
    West Ham – £53.9 – 7
    Stoke – £43.3 – 10
    C. Palace – £42.6 – 13
    WBA – £39.4 – 14
    Norwich – £33.3 – 17
    Aston Villa – £32.7 – 20
    Swansea – £32.0 – 16
    Sunderland – £29.2 – 19
    Leicester – £22.7 – 1
    Watford – £15.6 – 9
    Bournemouth – £11.3 – 15

  23. Evening Labia Lickers !.
    I`m just about to do some exercise and will be back later, but one comment has slapped me in the face and no disrespect to you GN5, but where the fuck have we spent £146.5M this season ?……………….or is that a hundred and 46 pounds-50p ?. hahaha
    Was I in a different dimension ?…..or are the players we bought in another dimension ?……or is GN5 still on drugs after the ….EYE …operation ?…….maybe Wenger needs the same operation and he might fucking spend the money !. hahaha

  24. Evening, logged off when we started talking money, come back and we still talk money. Cockie has a point we had Petr Cech 10 mill and Elneny at 5 mill call it 20 mill. we loaned some out which brings in close on a half a mill for each player say 4 players 2 mill back in pot Our spend may be wages as well in N5 figures.if x0 not really relevant. I can only Suppose the rest is medical expenses,seeing how they tend to take it in turns.

  25. Evening Steve .
    When Gazidis made his statement ( I used to have it as a book mark just in case I neded to prove that he said it, but eventually deleted it ) a few years ago that Arsenal can spend £70M on players every season it did not include wages !…………..£70M just on transfer fee !….and that didn`t take into consideration the new £5 Billion TV deal which comes into force next season !……I`d love to know what that £5 Billion equates to in extra transfer money on top of our £70M per season……which as you know we have not spent three years worth of £70M and must be at least in the region of over £100M as we have sold plenty of players in the last 3 years as well !.
    Right back to exercise ! 😀

  26. Evening Cockie, Doomers like us, are not supposed to question, you know that. Gazedez has said a load of bolloxs, you dont have to have a degree to know the blokes a bullshitter. Gazedez is a fucking liar Wenger is also the same Kroenke doesnt give a shit as long as his ranch is all brought and paid for .

    As for Arsenal players, didnn’t you know we have a secret stash of players which N5 has told us we must have. Somebody is giving false info is it Gazedez Wenger or yes you guessed it GN5 🙂

  27. GN5’s figures look more like annual wage bills to me. They tend to go hand in hand with transfer spend, unless you buy 200 million players for a quid each or something?

    Actually, that’s not a bad idea. Out of 200 million wankers your bound to get some of top quality?

    The good thing is that for a laugh, statiisticly you will also get some heavy breathing phone pests and geezers who think there Genghiz Khan

    Imagine playing a team full of them? Put Rooney off by heavy breathing into His ear whilst wanking, and then ride sideways on a horse, knocking Messi out before bumming him off.

    We would win bloody everything.

  28. Just read N5’s post again, And think i have misunderstood. It seems that it may be what we have spent running the club and not what we have spent on players, an east mistake to make , so N5 not a bad un, afterall. 🙂

  29. I wonder when we will see Elneny play again ?. I`m convinced he somehow become the owner of Tutankhamun`s mummified cock and is too scared to leave in the dugout with Wenger !…….I mean, have you seen the state Wenger get`s in trying to do his padded coat zipper up !……..how the fuck is he going to get on trying to unbandage Tutankhamun`s cock !.

  30. I think GN5`s stats are what we pay to Syrian Gooner Refugees just to stay in France and piss in `69ers Pastis pint !.

  31. Never drink when ime heavy breath calling some bird I’ve never met Steve. Don’t want to put them off by giving the impression ime a piss head

    Last time I done it half cut I was just getting off after she threatened to call the old bill, when I made the stupid mistake of talking “ime holding the phone with a black sock on my hand baby”

    She hanged up. Before talking, I was well in there.

  32. Sorry guy’s but the blog has deteriorated into a quagmire.

    I really appreciate the work that NB has put into creating and maintaining his blog but I have no wish to be a part of a site that is turning into a porn football site.

    I’m off.

  33. Morning you planks 🙂

    Oh dear…. it looks as if we’ve lost GN5, that’s 6% of the GunnersoreArse commentators, I blame Cockie…. guilty as fuck for lowering the tone of the blog. oh well, life goes on, just as it does when the Arsenal lose. Hope all goes well for you GN5, on whatever blog you end up on. 🙂

  34. Morning all,
    I see we have lost one of our bloggers, Shame as we seemed after a long bickering kind of communication, that we had agree’d to disagree.

    Now its not for me to comment on why somebody stays or goes, they make their own minds up, Hope you find a site with your tastes mate..

    Always a sad time when a member goes, bit like when Cashley went, or VP even Henry Sagna Nasri Cesc. But they wanted pastures new hopefully they found what N5 is looking for.

    Little bit of Voodoo treatment why not as Wenger seems to have run out of idea’s, Maybe i could help plenty of Chicken bones here, had enough soup but still feel shit. 🙂

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