Arsenal vs Hull City….. again!

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Hull City again, the third time in three years…. is it an omen that we are about to win the FA Cup for a third consecutive time? and in the process making English football history.

Not sure about anyone else but as a Londoner I pronounce Hull like ‘Hole’….. which is quite apt really because I’ve been there a couple of times and it’s a shit-hole. Apparently, despite this, Hull is to be named the 2017 UK City of Culture….. the mind boggles!

Hull City AFC are nicknamed the Tigers, currently in the Championship but looking likely to gain promotion to the PL. Their highest achievement was in 2014 when they played us in the FA Cup final and gave us a bit of a scare by quickly going 2-0 up, eventually loosing 3-2 in extra time. Remember Santis’ superb free kick?

This season they are doing well in the division below us and will not be a pushover, expect them to give us a good game and consequently, should not be taken lightly. Even Wenger said this week that they are like a Premier League team.

So last weekend we went Fox hunting and this week we are hunting Tigers, we’re on quite a safari at the moment. I expect some rotation for todays game, it’s been mentioned that Ospina will deputise for Cech and perhaps Gibbs, Chambers, Welbeck and Elneny will be included in the starting eleven. But I would hope that’s the extent of any changes. But one eye will be on the midweek game against Barcelona, where we will need our strongest side.

Personally, I’m looking forward to Welbeck starting with the Egyptian, could be an excellent combination. Koscielny has been deemed fit to play so perhaps the BFG will be rested and Chambers will step in. Perhaps we’ll also get a glimpse of Iwobi.

We do have a strong side at the moment with people coming back from injury, I don’t see us losing this game but it will be a tough one.

Unfortunately, I won’t be able to watch the game due to a work commitment, but will try to get regular updates.

Come on you fucking Gunners.





60 thoughts on “Arsenal vs Hull City….. again!

  1. Morning all, Nice early post NB You must be on a good money earner today. 🙂

    Well well well Sorearse blog took a day of sweet talking and back slapping and negotiations look to have been successful wonderful.

    David Cameron has been fighting his corner as well for the UK voter. Of course His negotiations have taken a bit longer, these negotiations are the springboard to the in out referendum. People living abroad probably Know nothing about it ,and that is probably a good thing, What has Cameron been fighting for it must be important, More orders for our factories and workers, More rights for English people more rules to be able to make our own laws and run ourselves, more rights to negotiate our own future.

    Dont be silly, we have had a build up of months and months, the strength of the arguments is are we allowed to not pay migrants benefit when they first enter Britain, and this is what they have fought for.

    Well now the negotiating is more or less finished, the build up to the referendum do we stay or do we go will now steamroll its self into town.

    Can you believe it, we fight and argue about who we pay benefits too, and have to ask EU for permission to spend our own money and then theres a referendum asking us if we want to stay or go. are you sure we are capable at making that decision, will Europe let us. For Fuck sake.

    Come on Arsenal a good win today saves any negotiation, big score, big thrashing, and move on to next round dont care who plays as long as we win COYRRG’s

  2. Bonjour Soixante-Neuf and you Steve, I just posted longish comment about today’s post…….but on yesterday’s string so if anyone wants to read it they know what they have to do. I blame creeping senility. 😀

    Steve, this renegotiation thing is total bullshit. Cameron has achieved sweet f**k all. I no longer want to be ruled by a bunch of unelected bureaucrats who frankly couldn’t run a whelk stall.

    I voted against joining in the first place and I’m ready to vote to get out now. Nothing could convince me that being a member of this doomed European project is either a good thing or the right thing for Great Britain.y

  3. Morning Norfolk, I totally agree with you mate, The only trouble i can see is that when you and i go to our voting pole there will be a yes vote box and a no vote box, at the end of the vote the two boxes go in a van remember no ballot has names on them, so a switch to another couple of boxes and a fixed result, we are fucked mate.

    I feel its too late to change, we are fucked no mistake , but at the end of the day i aint got much time left should i care that fucking much.

  4. I have to say to the vast majority of people who may read this wonderful post by Northbank, is that i am a firm supporter of the Arsenal football club its in the blood and wont come out i feel the same for my country but alas can do little at my age to change it for the better.

    Arsenal will roll on, they will continue to welcome millions of supporters through their doors. They will continue to entertain and also to build . Arsenal of old has lots of us remembering the wonderful times the club has had, we smile and we hope that that success continues. Players change come and go names we struggle to pronounce but wear the shirt, and that’s good enough for us.

    Can we continue our winning run in the FA cup, win it this year and we break other records and that is exactly what we expect of Arsenal. Always have always will.

  5. Morning all

    I’m having a wine break from work so had the time to copy and paste your comment Norfork

    Norfolk Gooner says:

    February 20, 2016 at 8:27 am

    Bonjour Soixante-Neuf, well done to get a post up so early and a good one at that.

    I really hope our lot are up for today’s game and Wenger doesn’t make too many changes. Ospina if he must but I would much prefer Cech. If Gabriel is unfit then I don’t mind if Chambers gets a game. Elneny? He has to play sooner or later, so today would be good and Ramsey could do with a rest.

    That’s about it for me other than few early subs if we get a few goals up.

    We are playing Hull City today. Forget Barca for now

  6. Right, I’ve had my wine break and lo and behold…………………. it’s nearly midday and time for an apero before lunch. Working in France puts a whole new meaning on ‘WORK’ ha ha ha

    So I’ll now be available until KO… might be able to watch the first 15 minutes before going back to work at 2pm….. what a fucking life, sometimes I really hate it 🙂

  7. Nine changes, all the guys we have been waiting to see are in Iwobi Campbell Elneney Welbeck. I hate lots of changes but we have a lot of talent and i feel this is a much watch game looks exciting and i expect goals and lots of them.

  8. Wow – that’s an awesome looking bench, lets hope that they are not needed and stay fresh for Barcelona.


    Arsène Wenger has made nine changes to his side for their FA Cup fifth-round tie against Hull City.

    Danny Welbeck makes his first start in 10 months after his heroics against Leicester City while David Ospina replaces Petr Cech in goal.

    Under-21s goalkeeper Matt Macey is named on the bench and is joined by Olivier Giroud and Alexis.

    Arsenal: Ospina, Chambers, Koscielny, Mertesacker, Gibbs, Flamini, Elneny, Campbell, Iwobi, Welbeck, Walcott

    Arsenal substitues: Macey, Bellerin, Monreal, Coquelin, Oxlade-Chamberlain, Alexis, Giroud

    Copyright 2016 The Arsenal Football Club plc. Permission to use quotations from this article is granted subject to appropriate credit being given to as the source

  9. Didn’t realise we had so many players, been listening to Jack, on the build up, he sounds like he feels that it will be a bit of a struggle to get back into this side on a regular basis i think he’s right. Young talented players need game time they need to build up confidence they need to feel comfortable with players around them and they need to feel that they can be cog in that set up.

    Fancy being Jack and looking at Coquelen Elneny Iwobi Campbell santi and Ramsey, certainly a hard job to get in, if all those players are on their game Not forgeting Sanchez and Ozil bugger me i would be frightened to get a cold.

  10. We were all over them…. should be in front. We’ve had the majority of possession and 8 shots.

    My bloody assistant hasn’t come back from lunch and I can’t do this job alone…. benefit, I get to see the game ha ha

  11. Tap tapping at the door but no penetration, Need somebody to put his fucking foot through it and blast the fucker in get the goal and they have to come out, to much pussyfooting we need penetration and snapshots.

    Get a bit pissed when we keep doing the same thing and get the same results. Elneny has a shot on him Welbeck does to, then fucking shoot. Not happy with walcott keep changeing wings chambers needs support and changing wings means you are not doing your other work as well

  12. Darn, we just can’t get the ball in the net. We’re completely dominant but can’t get that important first goal. We need the big guns. But there’s not much time, grumble, grumble☹️.

  13. Players need to learn how to shoot, i thought strikers with any idea learnt this at schoolboy level, not so from fifteen yards Arsenal players are goal blind, not only can they not connect they cant get it on target unbelievable

  14. Wish I’d spent the afternoon working now…. can’t believe we didn’t win that… have you seen the stats possession and shots, fucking crazy we didn’t get a goal.

  15. We had every striker we have out there, every attacking Midfielder even defensive midfielders attacking full backs and still no goals.

    Seems to me you join Arsenal and forget all you ever learnt, and replace it with possession and uninteresting play. Elneney was a big disappointment, 20 shots in his first game and one today. Arsenal coaches, has coached it out of him.

  16. I’m worried about Sanchez though , he seems to have lost his zest! I wonder if he has his mind on a move to a team who have more chance of winning the CL…. it would make sense.

  17. The FA Cup quarter finals are due to be played the weekend of the 12th/13th March. We have Barca on Tuesday, Man United on Sunday, Swansea on Wednesday 2nd March and the Spuds on Saturday 5th March. Looks as if the Swansea at home game will get the chop to fit in the replay.

  18. NG, the only thing we never did was score.

    My 5.5 year old grandson summed it up nicely he sad “grandpa all they are doing is trying to keep the ball away from Arsenal – they don’t even want to score”

    NG – you tell me how you break down a brick wall?

    The luck also fell their way every bounce in the area seemed to go to them and the goalie was superb.

    However Alexis is not the same player we saw last season – especially since his injury.

  19. And the purpose of the game is? To score goals!

    The result is not a disaster but the performance was symptomatic of all that is wrong and has been wrong with Arsenal teams for years now. Pretty possession football but no real cutting edge.

    Playing against a Championship side starting with half the first team on the bench and being unable to score a single goal against them is surely an indictment against Wenger’s chosen style of play.

  20. Norfolk

    I don’t think it was as bad as that… they defended very well and were happy for a 0-0. I don’t think we could have asked more from the team…. apart from scoring that is 🙂

    We’re still in it and will probably turn in a sterling performance up there in Kingston-Upon-Hole

    I’m very worried about Sanchez…. I think he may be on his way, and maybe Ozil as well. They want top class teams, teams that have a chance to win championships and the CL…. they have now seen that perhaps the current Arsenal management just want 4th place and money.
    I hope I’m wrong, but at the moment that’s how it seems.

  21. Can’t wait for Cockie and Transplant to arrive and put their own unique view on the game… or should I say, Ying and Yang, or Chalky and Cheesy, or even Blow or suck ha ha

  22. NB, our build up play was carried out at a snail’s pace. Even on the few occasions Hull committed a few players forward we farted about playing the ball backwards, sideways and backwards again. Not once we did we try to use Walcott’s pace, his one and only asset at the moment, Wenger seems to believe that racking up endless passes is enough to win games.

  23. Norfolk, I saw quite a few passes forward, made quickly and with intent, however, they cam to nothing because Hole had 9 men in defence…. sometimes there’s nothing that can be created against the bus, it’s like that sometimes. Most good teams experience it occasionally, today was our turn.

  24. The EU in out referendum is set for Thursday 23rd June.

    There must be no postal votes and anyone arriving at a polling station without photo I D should be refused a vote.

  25. It is defensible NG, sometimes, players raise their game to a level normally beyond their capabilities and against a better team…. I’m hoping we do the same against Barca on Tuesday ha ha

  26. The game can only be considered as indefensible if we are expected to win every game. Man U just LOST to Midgetland – that was both indefensible and disastrous. We drew a game against a team with a formidable defense sprinkled who also had an overdose of luck.

    We live to fight another day, nothing more nothing less.

  27. No I don’t expect us to win every game GN5, but I do expect us to score at least one goal against a team from a lower division who left half their first choice players on the bench. We are The Arsenal after all.

    I couldn’t care less what Man U did in their Europa League game it has absolutely no relevance to Arsenal’s performance today.

  28. Thanks NG but I’ll stick with my viewpoint.

    I expressed my opinion before the game – I wanted AW to play our best team – but he had other ideas 😦

  29. Evening all, thought it best to stay away from the blog till i settled down a bit, got a bit het up with all the Hull good luck going round.Sitting down afterwards watching midsummer murders, it dawned on me that all our top strikers was out there today Giroud with 12 goals all season, Walcott 4 goals all season, and Dannyboy still just the one goal. 17 goals. I was thinking its lucky Giroud had a good start to the season or our strike force would look a bit grim now wouldnt it.. Of course we have to look at the positive side as i know N5 will just think up to 10,000 lucky gunners will get a chance to pay out for another trip to Hull i do so envy them..

    Was that a good side Wenger put out, dont know did they win, didn’t really matter did it we were up against luck.

  30. We’ll all calm down a bit tomorrow… sleep on it, think about the possible consequencies, which aren’t major, we still have another chance to put it right… then come back and discuss it calmly tomorrow… sorted. You notice that Le Coq and Transplant have stayed away from the blog after that performance…. two wise men ha ha

  31. I will write a match report tomorrow morning… it will be early because I’m working at 9am. Not sure if I’ll enjoy writing the match report, but fuck it, someone has to do it ha ha ha

  32. Don’t be a doomer NB – just write it! :):)

    I think you should start with a picture of a brick wall adorned with a picture of Steve “Stonewall” Bruce
    😦 😦

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