Arsenal got Barca’d!

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81 thoughts on “Arsenal got Barca’d!

  1. Morning all,

    I glanced at the post game comments but after the first few lines I stopped reading.

    For what it’s worth here are my thoughts –

    Going into the game we already knew that Barcelona were the best team in the world but we didn’t know just how good. Last night we were the recipients of a footballing lesson, they are the very best team that I’ve had, in this case, the misfortune to watch they were simply brilliant. We are, like the majority of the teams in the world a long, long way behind them and I doubt we will ever be as good.

    Even so we were in with a chance until our team got sucked into over committing on offense and we were ripped apart in a flash – it was unbelievable to see Messi with so much space and all alone in front of Cech.

    Most times I would say that even being down 0-2 we still had a chance – but not this time – oh no, no, no!!

    We were our typical selves and missed the few chances that came our way and then towards the end of the game we had our best offensive period of the game which got the team over confident and they over committed – how many time’s have we seen that happen – way too many is the answer.

    Well lets not fret about what could have been – we should put that embarrassment where it belongs – in the bottom drawer and look forward to thumping Man U on Sunday morning.

    We can still achieve another double so lets look forward to that possibility and not dwell on the unattainable.

  2. Cheers 69, excellent analysis. haha

    Morning GN5. I am not been a drama queen, though am often accused of unwanted homosexuality. but i have had enough of blogging. I like everyone on here and dont blame anybody for dooming, the same goes for the other place, but to much of it takes away the enjoyment for me.

    I am going to give it a break for and dont know If i will ever post again so want to wish you all the best for the future. if every Gooner was as level headed as you, then the boys on the pitch would win games from the buzz of the crowd alone.

    The same goes for the rest of you. Take care and be lucky.

  3. Hey Terry,

    I often feel the same way about blogging and have stopped blogging on several occasions for exactly the same reason, but then I miss being able to express my opinion.

    I really, really hope that you change your mind and keep on blogging as I always look forward to your posts as you have an incredible sense of humour and your comments are always level headed and sensible.

    I’m going to start a “We want Terry back” poll – at the moment it only has one yes vote – but I’m confident enough to predict that there will be at least one more ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. oh dear, that’s sad news Transplant ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

    Must have been the unsuccessful weekend with the bird in Portsmouth…. when she walked out of the hotel room shouting, ” You’re not a man, why the fuck are you wearing a sock on your dick and a mini skirt, and why keep saying Bounds Green Waitrose when you make love?” After she left, you ended up with a Able Seaman from Aberystwyth, who had a blow up sheep!

    I’ll start a poll, who want’s Transplant back? Could be close though ha ha

  5. Oh dear you miss the point Kelsey – which is……..

    Listening to the same record played at different speeds over and over and over and over and over and over and over again is as boring and tedious as it was reading this sentence.

    You see doomers find something to doom about regardless of if we win, draw or lose and to those of us who are “realists” it’s very upsetting.

    However we are the ones that are made to feel out of place and wrong when we have the audacity to express our views or write a positive post. ๐Ÿ˜ฆ ๐Ÿ˜ฆ ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

    Just a positive opinion of course ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ™‚

  6. Fucking good riddance, had to put up with his homosexual comments for long enough,, Gets blown out by a bird spposedly, probably wanted to do her arse. ๐Ÿ™‚

    Terry you have realised that the man in charge gets it wrong to many times, we keep telling you we need new blood.

    Football is an ever changing game, if you fail to change with it, your left behind. Wenger has reached that time.

    Yes your piss ed off at present and just want to wank alone I can understand that, but we have to keep plugging away till somebody listens. You won’t be gone long, you have been doing it far to long mate.
    catch you when you finally score. ๐Ÿ™‚

  7. Well that was a quick appointment , 10 minutes into a 90 minute drive the car was covered in ice, there was a major storm due to roll in this evening but it’s arrived early – freezing rain, large ice pellets, snow, sleet all mixed in and being driven by 50 mph winds – so we turned back and are now safe at home watching the storm through the windows.

    Steve it is definitely going to be a knee replacement as both of my knees are now bone on bone and full of osteoarthritis. Left knee this year and the right knee after I’ve recovered, I’m actually looking forward to being free of pain. Both knee’s are in this condition due to my love of football, I foolishly ignored my doctor’s advice and continued to play and later coach – so maybe, unlike myself, our walking wounded are wise and heed the medic’s advice.

  8. Norfolk Gooner says:
    February 24, 2016 at 1:24 pm

    GN5 Listening to the same record at the same speed is just as boring.

    And the beat goes on………………………..and on, and on……………………..

  9. Lets not dwell on the unattainable !………………………………OK, massive effort to retain the FA Cup, I`d be happy !…….well, as long as the Spuds dont win the league !.
    I`d even be pissed off if we won the CL if the Spuds won the league !.
    So for anyone ( that`s not me or Kango ! ) who thinks that our players will be fatigued for playing two games this week, can we all agree that we should win at Manshafter Std, seeing as they played Monday night, will play tomorrow night and will play us on Sunday !……………they will undoubtably be exhausted, should be a walkover !.

    And what`s happened to Elneny ?……………… he the new what`s his name, you know, the dog eating South Korean !……..the one we bought to sell shirts in SK !.
    Kroenke would buy a Martian if it meant selling shirts on Mars !…………………………..Being The Arse, I can see him now looking up at Uranus with a hard on wondering how many shirts he could lift !………………fucking dodgy syrup wearing shirtlifting cunt !.

  10. Afternoon Grizzly, how`s the snow ?………………blinding sunny day here, spring is in the air. Just caught the septic tank emptier over the road and said I`d give him half the price of a septic tank clean out in his hand !….he looked dodgy and bit my hand off, saved myself ยฃ75 !…cushdie !.

  11. Cocky, Elneny has played two excellent games and will undoubtedly become a 1st team player, it seems like AW is not ready to play him in the more important games.

  12. In my eye`s the FA Cup and League are the important games, Grizzly !
    I fell our of love with the CL as it`s seems to me that it has only been a money making touramount, just to be in it is more important than winning it !…………I`m afraid it`s all about the money, we have ceased being a football club for a long time, we are now a business first and foremost in the eye`s of the shareholders. The shareholders and fans are chalk and cheese.

  13. When I do my emoticons, they need to have a long gap in between the last word written, otherwise they come out like yours ! ๐Ÿ™‚

    From the last thing typed….the exclamation mark, I used the spacer bar for a long gap, then do the emoticon. ๐Ÿ™‚

  14. I’ve always been a huge fan of the FA Cup Cocky, when I lived in England I often traveled to the away games – especially when we played against lower league teams – the experience was great.

  15. OK GN5…. very well in fact ๐Ÿ™‚ it’s been so mild here I was tempted to have a dip in the swimming pool today…. +29ยฐc in the sun and the pool was +10ยฐ, perhaps tomorrow if it continues like this ha ha

  16. Didn`t realize Stretch is on a sabbatical, must have somehow missed he`s comment. He`s a top bloke believe me and cant fault his commitment as an optimist Gooner. However, like I`ve said before, there`s been some terrible performances over the years we have known each other blogging and I cant believe he or some of the other Wenger lovers have not ranted in frustration or wanted too, it`s not normal !. I mean , we all get pissed off with our loved one`s at some point, the wife, the wolf, the children, the chicken, the mistress, the mattress, the man who dry cleans your socks, so surely something about Arsenal pisses you off !………………so the question I ask my mate is and I know he has never ranted about Arsene or Arsenal on any site we`ve been on……… site, when was the last time you were really pissed off with Arsenal or Arsene and wacked your cock with a steak mallet ?……………..also another question is……….why do I have socks missing from my bedside cabinet ?.

  17. Le Coq,

    Speaking for myself, I sure do get pissed off and very upset at some of our performances and some of our players instead I talk about the outcome. However we all have different ways of processing the same feelings, in my case I prefer not to be critical of either the players or the manager. I’ve been in their positions (at a far lower level) and know just how difficult there jobs are plus it’s always easy to be a critical “expert” after the fact.

  18. Good morning, here’s a question for you all, who are Emerich Jenei and Raymond Goethals and what do they have in common? Never heard of them? No nor had I until this morning.

    To save you wasting your time Googling them I’ll give you the answer.

    They have both won the Champions League (or European Cup as it used to be known) as managers, a feat our very own Arsene Wenger hasn’t matched in twenty years of trying.

  19. Morning all.
    Seems to me that Arsenal supporters are either Doomers or people who can see nothing wrong with the Arsenal set up, g the best in the world Well of course we all see things differently and what would be the point of having the same opinion, you would end up with a site loike the other one that only wants you to toe the party line.

    I had hopes and visions of my football club being among the top clubs in the world, Sadly they are not. Arsenal are just another club who take part, run by an American who is more interested in owning other sporting clubs around the world but never actually wanting to win anything.

    With an owner who actually only likes possessions , he has pots of money to purchase more possessions Ranches foot ball clubs hockey clubs Baseball, well its his money why not, but dont expect every body to follow the party line.

    Arsenal football club it has to be said is not a top club, they spend very little on players which is why they don’t win much. Probably fourth or fifth best in the premier league but really about top 20 in Europe. Why does the club bother entering competitions they know they cannot win, soley for the money spread out for smaller clubs to exist on, After all a top team Like Barcelona have to have Saps like Arsenal to bowl over as they make their way to another final.

    Arsenal is a business its sole purpous is to make money, Of course they do depend on the supporter as they are the ones who spend on tickets and really that is the lifes blood of any club, but now the sponsors money is getting huger and huger the supporter is actually getting a bum deal.

    Every Arsenal supporter in the world expected Barcelona to beat us and none seemed to upset over it, after all they have 3 top class strikers top talent in every position what would you expect.

    Arsenal was a selling club, not so long ago, but lets face it nobody wants to buy any of our players , who would if they actually want to win something.. In all sense and purpous we are out of the running for Champions league, even our manager has said Barcelona are 95 percent through so that leaves us well out.

    That is Arsenal today, you dont have to be classed as a doomer to tell the truth, the whole world knows we are a skinflint club and never spend we look for bargain basement buys and we make do that is what Arsenal is today cannon fodder.

  20. A bit of news this morning, Oxlade-Chamberlain could be out for the rest of the season with knee and ankle injuries sustained against Barca on Tuesday.

    It was obvious that he had been seriously hurt yet was allowed to continue until halftime, even after receiving treat during the break and, presumably, being assessed he came out for the second half and was clearly still hobbling. Only then was he subbed.

    Whose decision was it to allow him to continue? Whose decision was it to allow him to come out for the second half?

    It looks likely that we have lost an important player at a critical time in the season. Can anyone be sure that the injury wasn’t made worse by not taking him off a the earliest opportunity?

    Yet another shocking lapse by our much vaunted medical team?

    Wenger has questions to answer. But he will never be asked them.

  21. Looking at the slow motion after the tackle, seemed pretty obvious that he had suffered a bad injury, He went off but was hobbling quite badly, I did write that he had had it at half time and was astounded that he came out for the second. Of course nobody can be absolutely certain whether a player might be able to run off and injury, and after intense massage and manipulation in the break it may well have helped.

    Wenger had planned a certain way, to play Barca, i doubt he wanted to change personel after we had been closing them down. When it became apparent that Chamberlain couldn’t continue. it seemed to throw a spanner in the works, he put Walcott on as a replacement, when many thought Campbell would be more OX like. That signalled the change and Arsenals chances diminished. We seemed to go downhill from then on followed by other changes which seemed wrong at the time.

    Arsenal had no real answer to Barcelona, and as soon as plan A was interrupted Arsenals Plan B never happened.

    Oxlaid chamberlain has not played particularly well for some time, i would say its not that big of a loss.

  22. Morning all.

    When I read through most of the comments on many blogs, they maybe put in a different way but they back up a lot what I have been saying for months.

    Giving people names is pointless, wengerites etc, we as a team are not playing well yet theoretically more than an outside chance of winning the league.

    Yes we always have injuries to key personel,but we are also carrying far too many players for my liking in what amounts to a team challenging to win the league.

    Our whole fluidity and enjoyment to watch is diminishing fast.We are playing more misplaced passes than I have seen for years, and our better players have hit a goal drought, which either means the team as a unit is nervous or some of the players just arenโ€™t good enough but really after his ridiculous comments on Tuesday night,the buck stops firmly with Wenger. One canโ€™t live forever talking about how he achieved so much by keeping us competitive some 10 years ago when we moved stadiums, we have to live in the now, surely thatโ€™s reasonable enough.
    We are experts in shooting ourselves in the foot and even if we beat United on Sunday who can say hand on heart we will murder Swansea.

    We have more money than ever before to improve the team not speculate with players from lower leagues or young and inexperienced,but Wenger still wants to show he can lay down the money card and be frugal.

    Cech was an excellent buy but 10 million is a drop in the ocean and even if we only have 60 or 70 million that would have bought us two really great players to enhance the team, and payments are practically always staged. Everyone said Wenger should buy,but he chose not to.Any other manager in any half decent league in Europe would be severely under pressure,but no not Wenger, the club keeps attracting money and kroenke will just say absolutely nothing.
    We may well regret this season as the one that got away.

    As far as Barca are concerned it was never going to happen but perhaps if we had a stronger team in a one off game things may have given us more of achance.

    One thing that infuriates me on so many Arsenal blogs is that the referees are totally biased against us and that cost us games. That theory is bullshit as it is the same for other teams and generally things balance out during the course of a season.

    And now yet again an injured player is allowed to play on longer than he should,one really needs to question these so called highly paid medical monkeys.

  23. I still dont understand why anyone ( yes, you Stretch ! ) stops blogging just because someone has a different view !
    Would I stop blogging if I was pissed off with people for being too optimistic !. It`s all the other side of a coin, women moan at men for leaving the toilet seat up, but I dont moan at them for leaving it down and to tell the truth when I get up in the middle of the night for a pee and I`m half asleep still, the last thing I want is to clear up the mess after pissing on the toilet seat !………..but I hold my tongue and i hold my tongue when people like Stretch constantly praise Arsene and Arsenal, how dare he be so optimistic and think good of us !.
    I can understand him as he does have an Arsene shrine and had a lovely weekend in Portsmouth where each night a Sailor had to wear an Arsene condom, but this stalking and cult feelings for Wenger could end up bad !.
    It reminds me of that Stephen King Misery film where Kathy Bates character turns against her idol James Caan character because he is going to kill off one of her favourite characters. I can see this happening with Transplant, same scenario where Stretch is caring for an injured Wenger, sucking the puss from Wengers cock even though he has been bitten by a snake on the arm and Stretch finds out that Wenger is going take away Liam Brady`s Ambassador status…………….the worm turns and the sock turns septic !

    The Sock !. hahaha

  24. Thanks Grizzly for being up front and honest that you do indeed get pissed off and upset like the rest of us, for a while I thought you may have been an emotionless person like DATA from Star Trek .
    I now have this image of you letting all your pent up frustrations out by going and pissing on all your neighbours kids snowmen !………………just dont forget to clear up the yellow trail back to your house !…..use a squeezy lemon juice bottle and squirt all the way to a neighbour you dont get on with !……any spuds there ?

  25. Personally I’m more than happy to blog on GunnersoreArse as it’s an honest and open site run by a hopeless womanizing drunk artist – what more could we possibly want ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ™‚

    If we all agreed then it would really be an insipid state of affairs. To say that the more extreme views don’t upset me would be a lie ๐Ÿ˜ฆ ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

    As I’ve said on other occasions one mans “truth” is another mans “stab in the dark”

  26. See, this is where we disagree, Grizzly and I`m really trying to hold my temper !!!…………………….I personally see him as…………………… a Hopeless Artist who`s a drunk womanizer who needs to be stabbed in the dark !.

  27. And that`s the truth ! ………………..he likes nothing better than to be stabbed in the dark place with Pierre`s chorizo filled baguette !.

  28. Helping us out fucks up Kango`s conspiracy theorie`s !………..he`ll be more confused than an old woman driver approaching a series of mini roundabouts !

  29. Cockie, where I live there is not a dual carriageway north, east or west of me apart from a 200 yard stretch of an unclassified country lane where a line of trees runs down the middle of the road. The “carriageway” is just about wide enough for a pieman to get a transit van down it.

  30. Evening Arseholes….. ๐Ÿ™‚

    Talking about duel carriageways, all the french people who I know who speak good English always laugh at the term, ‘Soft Verges’ because Verge in French is a Cock…. ha ha

  31. Morning all.
    Not a great deal to comment on this morning. Weekend is approaching and a little game with United, watched them last night, and although it was a European match they looked very composed. They went on to hammer the other side with some very well taken goals, a couple coming from one of their youngsters. I have to say their Manager LVG looked like he had a ton weight lifted off of him and seemed much happier’

    Meeting United at any point over the last few years has had its moments, but since Ferguson has retired Uniteds form has dipped, They seem to be a mid table side at the moment, belief has been hit and the fear factor they once had over sides has diminished. Even so United Arsenal games has always been well fought out battles. Over the years i would say United have battered us home or away never seemed to make a difference Wenger seems to struggle with united as he does most of the top Premier sides.

    Arsenals form has taken a bit of a knock, we haven’t been able to score five out of the last eight we havent managed a goal our strikers are all fit and we have been trying them all but in front of goal our strikers get wobbly legs. that being the case the United game could be a low scoring match well at least from our side.

    The Barcelona game we had in the week ,has shown that Champions league football is we are not ready for, almost 20 years playing in it only to lose out every year. It has to be said that Arsenal are not up to that standard of football. Perhaps the lower European competition is more us.

    Oxlaid Chamberlain is out for the rest of the season, His form when used has been very poor, so i shouldn’t think he will be that missed but still one we cannot pick.. Games coming thick and fast, and now starting to lose some of our players, strikers off form and firing blanks just about sums us up well. How will we do, well lets keep our fingers crossed.

  32. The cavalry are coming Steve, Arsenal are planning a move for Newcastle Winger Roland Aarons, the twenty year old is out of contract in the summer. That’s the sort of player Wenger loves, cheap!

  33. Good morning Steve and Norfolk…..

    I couldn’t find anything to Rant about today on the soapbox….. the sun is shining, it’s nice and warm and the wine is flowing nicely already. Another bonus is that I’ve got a new model starting with me this weekend, so a canvas is primed, the flat is clean and tidy and I’ve washed my sock….. what reason would I have to rant and moan ha ha ha

  34. Sorry all, got the boiler-man in and hopefully will have heat and hot water by the end of the day, House is like a tip and after having no heat all week went out yesterday and brought an electric heater, Mrs complaining :). Got to say that a boiler change is a bit of an upheaval, different system and a lot of changes. Luckily i have put an electric shower in and that is independent of the system so at least we can wash.

    I see by what Norfolk has commented on is that we are still penny pinching, far too late for a player in the summer, the players should have been brought last summer to be of any use, but Wenger wouldn’t have been able to say, if we did win the league, we did it on a shoestring.

    Personally i have more or less given up for this year, Yes i know we still are in good position, but the ground hog day effect, that comes every year, has started to kick in with Oxlaid,, and what with how we handled Barcelona we seem to be without a plan B Top 4 is probably as good as it will get but if we do have to drop down to 5th or 6th maybe we will stand more chance on a Thursday, to be honest i have’nt much faith in who we have so i will just watch and expect very little

    Keep saving our money till a new broom comes.. Morning NB nice little brush strokes you old dog ๐Ÿ™‚

  35. Come on Steve, how could you possibly give up this year?

    We are only two points behind Leicester with only 12 games left and if we get by Hull then we have an easy path to the FA Cup semi final, what’s not to like about that?

  36. Sorry N5, find it very difficult to be on a high like you seem to be, when we talk about the Arsenal Spend very little and play like we have this season, With all the bigger clubs having a mare, and they are still within a couple of points in overtaking us. Tottenham above us along with Leicester 2 points clear, i can not get excited with a non scoring forward line.

    Whether you like to hear it or not, we needed players as we have for years, instead of telling us that they cannot find players better than what we have already, I would much prefer them to say we haven’t the money. People accept being skint and not affording to spend. but to be told plenty of money available and still not spending is almost sacrilege.

    Yes i understand that we have had players injured, supposedly top class players. But the way i see it some things never change. Our play this season has been sometimes pitiful to watch, even trying my hardest i can not see how any of our players are more talented than any other club. I stupidly look towards new cheap signing Elneney and pin my hopes that he may turn into a game changing superstar, but deep down i know he will be a let down like Sanogo and Gervinho and Santos. Because of the lack of investment Sanchez and Ozil will begin to lose interest, i feel its happening now, those two signings will prove difficult to get the same return should they want to move away. I have to ask myself if i was a top player would i want a move to Arsenal and i have to say not really.

    So i feel this is another season that we will be passed by, with promises of who we will buy next season, and sorry that doesn’t wash with me any-more.

  37. Well that’s cleared that up! World Foot all breathes again .

    The bad old Blatter days are put firmly in the in the FIFA dustbin.

    Gianni Infantino has been elected President of football’s world governing body.

    He must be the right man for the job, our own Greg Dyke voted for him.

    He polled 115 votes in the second round and is now busy stuffing 115 brown envelopes with nice new high value Swiss Francs.

    What a farce!!

  38. By Jeremy Wilson

    3:51PM GMT 26 Feb 2016

    Arsenal chairman Sir Chips Keswick has called on Arsene Wengerโ€™s squad to show greater consistency if they are to maintain their Premier League title challenge following the release today of accounts that show a cash balance of ยฃ159million.

    Despite the large reserves, the club did make a relatively small loss of ยฃ3.4million for the six month financial period until Nov 30, 2015 due to buying Petr Cech from Chelsea, outstanding payments on other signings and not selling any players during the summer transfer window.

    This underlines how Arsenal have basically been run at close to โ€˜break evenโ€™ in terms of their expenditure on wages and other costs against their various income from broadcast, commercial and matchday streams. When they have made profits and generated their cash reserve, it has been largely due to major player sales.

    Income will rise significantly, however, once new broadcast deal kicks in this summer and the accounts do underline Arsenalโ€™s considerable financial potential and the ongoing capacity to make further major signings.

    The cash balance is not all available for transfers, with around ยฃ23million relating to โ€œdebt service reservesโ€, while other money is used for running costs and as a contingency. It is clear, though, that Wenger could spend around ยฃ70million this summer on transfer fees and wages without threatening Arsenalโ€™s ongoing compatibility with Uefaโ€™s Financial Fair Play regulations.

    Arsenalโ€™s accounts also showed a growth in football related turnover from ยฃ148.5 million to ยฃ158 million, as well as spending of ยฃ39.4 million on players during the period, largely comprising instalment payments from previous transfers. Keswick is confident that Arsenal do have the necessary quality to continue their title challenge.

    โ€œThis has been an unpredictable Premier League season,โ€ said the Arsenal chairman. โ€œWhat is important is that we are in contention and I am sure we have the resources and ability within the squad to sustain a strong challenge. We know we will have to find greater consistency to maintain our challenge. The recent acquisition of Mohamed Elneny from Basel added to our strength in depth and we are seeing a number of potentially important players returning from injury. This bodes well for the final months of the season.

    โ€œThe end of season run-in is going to be an exciting one and I am confident we will be very much at the centre of the action.

    The result for the period has been impacted by a reduction in transfer profits but this reflects the overall stability we have within the squad which, in my view, is a positive factor for the club.โ€

  39. Don’t care about Arsenals finances, If they saw our outlay, and what we have coming in i doubt that would mean absolutely nothing to them, and thats how i feel towards them. The difference with us and them is that we are talking Pennies where they are talking millions no comparisons at all.

    Where we worry about council tax, i doubt Kroenke even thinks about how much his huge Ranch will cost to run. Now any person who has made vast fortunes i have to say well done to them, At the end of the day if they buy ranches or sporting clubs they must have ideas in their minds, for it all to make money, as nobody invests to lose money do they.

    What we need to look at is how does an owner see each investment he’s involved with. Small profits or large profits big outlays or a steady income that runs itself. With Arsenal i feel it must be a long term investment, as Arsenal have moved stadiums and have almost doubled the amount of supporters, so to entice double the amount of football spectators, you would think that they needed to make the entertainment better.

    Success in any sport brings in more supporters, as who wants to follow a club that always loses. To become successful investment is the ultimate way. As history has proved the more investment the better the product, the better the product the more interest.

    Usually the bigger the ranch, or sporting venue, the bigger the running costs, so for a business venture the entrepreneur would need to speculate to accumulate. Of course in Arsenals case the speculate would mean a bigger venue, and that has been put in place. Of course that in itself is at huge expense, Money has to be found to build initially, and even a billionaire would look not to use their own money. Mortgage companies are there for the entrepreneur but they are also there to make money, so interest has to be paid on the mortgage until the loan has been finalised.

    An owner such as Mr Kroenke would only be prepared to invest a little of his vast wealth, He has lots of other business ventures and for him to make profit on each venture, they would have to be run very stringently

    Arsenal Football Club is one of Mr Kroenke’s Attributes, He is the leading shareholder and has set in place ways of running the club to be self sufficient. One of these ways is to buy and sell club players, of course it is a fine balancing act of buying cheap and selling dear. Up to now the system has been working and has been making the club sustain itself .

    When an owner is only interested in making profit, and a man Such as Mr Kroenke who owns many sporting concerns very seldom do they get attached to any particular one, so investment will be relatively small. For any one club to expand, it really only has its own profits to invest. so any outside sponsor or prize money could be the only way to improve the squad any club may have.

    Arsenals Mortgage was announced as a 20 year deal, Half of that mortgage has elapsed so another ten years until our debts are paid off. For the first Ten years Arsenal have survived by prize money of Champions league money where we have been fortunate to have qualified every year since our mortgage has been in existent and also Player sales.

    So far Arsenal have made small profits for the last ten years, they hold their value position as one of the top ten most valuable clubs in the world. But sadly looking at the last ten years, we will have to continue as we have been going for a further ten years before money become available for player investment that should be necessary to move us to the top level

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