Man Utd v Arsenal…. another MWG?

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These Must Win Games are becoming boring….. but I suppose as we are currently in contention to win the English Premier League, every single one from now until the middle of May will be the same. The  Arsenal do not have a good PL track record at Old Trafford in recent times, in fact, we haven’t won there since 2006, lost 6, drawn 2. We did however, beat them on their ground last season in the FA Cup. It’s unbelievable that in our last 23 league games at OT, we have only scored more than once on one occasion, and that was our 8-2 defeat in 2011.

So what do all those stats mean for todays game? Fuck all…. that’s what they mean.

We go there with a strong first eleven and they are having an injury crisis, they could be without De Gea and we will have Cech, they could be without Smalling and we will have Koscielny, they could be without Martial and we will have Welbeck. However, they are coming into the game after a convincing win against Midgetland ( please, no laughter in the audience) in the Europa League and we play the game after losing to Barca in the Champions League.

So what does all that mean for todays game? Fuck all…. that’s what it means!

Todays game is not linked to any of that statistical crap and we all know it, todays game is linked to just one thing….. which team plays the fucking best and which team scores the most fucking goals.

Team wise I expect Wenger to field the strongest eleven, tactics wise I expect Wenger to play attacking, possession based beautiful football which will tear through the United defence like a hot knife through butter. I expect Wenger to change tactics if necessary and to make the right substitutions to improve our chance of winning.

So what do my opinions and expectations mean for todays game? Fuck all…. that’s what they mean!

Todays game is not linked to my fantasy opinion and high expectations, todays game is linked to Arséne Wenger and the team that play, if they have the bollocks to go to Old Trafford and win, if they put all recent results against our opponents out of their minds and play the type of football we know they can play, then the 3 points will be ours and we will stay in the race, just two points behind those ‘wanna be’s’ who are currently first and more importantly, still level with the Spervs! (if they beat the Swans)

So what does todays post have to do with todays game….. Fuck all, that’s what!

What I write is all a load of fucking bollocks just to make me think that on occasion I can be clever and intelligent like people on other blogs. To keep you small group of bloggers supplied with a discussion topic…. which you bastards very rarely discuss. So what will be todays result….. how the fuck do I know, but I’ll make a wild guess just in case I get it right and then you can all chorus, “You clever fucking bastard NB69…. you got the score correct”.

Therefore, I feel in my bladder that we will win 3 – 1 today…. it means fuck all really. I don’t care what the fucking score is as long as we have more goals than them, I’ll still be riveted to the PC screen at 15h 05 French time, screaming my fucking head off, willing the boys to get a goal and put the game to bed, hoping that the ref is unbiased and treats both teams equally and that when the final whistle is blown…. we leave Manchester with three points in our pocket.

Come on you Fucking Gunners.


59 thoughts on “Man Utd v Arsenal…. another MWG?

  1. Morning Arsene Lickers.

    A MWG ?………they all are when we are 5 points behind the leaders !.
    Apart from Ox and Santi being out, I expect a similar squad as to the one that beat these bastards 3-0, but what will Manshafter`s squad be like ?….depleted ?…, here`s the details !.

  2. Morning all both of you. Is ozil playing as he missed training on Friday with a bruised foot.

    Any accountants left on this blog 😉

    When did we last score two or more goals at OT and won. 1935 and my dad went by tram.

  3. Bonjour Soixante-Neuf, you’re absolutely right, all that statistic bollocks is utterly meaningless once the player’s are out on the pitch. As Henry Ford was fond of saying “History is bunk”.

    I’m feeling confident this morning, we will win. But as you so eloquently put it, my feelings mean fuck all.

  4. Morning all, What a fantastic pre match by Northbank, He mentions everything that could happen and how important this match is. Old Trafford as he has stated is not a happy hunting ground for us, but United are not the force they once was, Sitting down the league they are a hiding away from a new manager.

    Surprisingly they had a win in Europa league and fresh faces on the score sheet, United have a few bodies that have not been seen to often, but because their Manager is desperate, he feels he should try anything he can to get a result.

    We of course are now 5 points adrift from unlikely leaders Leicester, who managed a bum squeeky game yesterday that saw them take all 3 points. Leicester of course are under no pressure, as they are clearly in the lead, and as long as they don’t blow up, have it all bar sown up.

    Oxlaid Chamberlain is in the press, not for good reasons, only that he has sustained another long term injury and Manager Wenger has lost patience with him, I would imagine any offer around 12 mill could see him off, and also balance our books which seem a little down.

    Gabriel was at practice, apparently he could be included in today’s activities. New comer Iwobi was also seen practising with team mates so with Chamberlain not featuring the young man may also be included.

    The manager has said that Sanchez needs to get out of this slump his in, and that our strikers need to focus. Ozil i would expect would be the man pulling the strings. Danny or Theo, Giroud would probably get the nod as he seems the only one to know where the goal is. Coquelin is fit as far as i know so should be starting Elneney may be on the bench if he has had time to build his strength up. Ramsey will surely be included, just hope that this week he has his boots on the right feet. Belerin Monreal and Koshielney pick themselves, and Petr Cech a must.

    Officialdom seems one sided in Manchester, it is North and the Magnetic pull does seem to effect many officials, so i predict a few dodgy decisions, Ordinarily i would predict a win for us, but today, and the pull of Magnetic North could all be decided by a decision.

  5. Well what a surprise, we’ve nearly got the full muster of Sore Arses commenting already…. we just need the late comer GN5 to join us and we’re all here 🙂

    Add Norms maybe and the Taffy……. Welsh Corgi Jumper and we’ll have a full compliment…. the blog is looking good for matchday ha ha.

    Welbeck has to start….. I’d like to see le Coq and Elneny start together as well. The Ox can go if he wants to, Wenger must now see he just doesn’t have the credentials. I just hope Sanchez and Ozil find their form today….. and perhaps Ramsey.

  6. I agree Welbeck has to start.

    The ox, of course we won’t sell him.Wenger will most probably extend his contract on higher wages with the proviso he stays as a long term injury, as someone has to replace Diaby 🙂

  7. You’re a cynical bastard Kels….. I see you had a dig at the fat fucker from Norwich yesterday, be careful my friend, King Goldfish Rasputin is not a happy bunny ha ha ha

  8. No actually he started it.I think these accountants have a mental deficency but think they are above everyone in an intelligence level. I won’t let any fucker talk down to me except you 🙂

  9. I think many other bloggers get the same vibe from the proud father……. you may be right about accountants, because what else do they have going for them…….. 🙂

    …. and if you’re reading this Transplant, I don’t include you in that category of boring accountants, not with all those women you give your big yearly turnover to and your budgetary slack analysis 😀

  10. On The Ox, a massive disappointment to me, too many injuries and nowhere near enough progress.

    It’s not all his fault of course, injuries can happen to anyone, but his lack of progress is worrying. I don’t think he knows what his best position is, for that matter nor does Wenger, and that is the real problem.

    Too often Wenger has bought players either with no idea where to play them, or has shifted them around the pitch seemingly at random.

    It worked with Thierry Henry, but look at Chambers. Bought as a fullback, switched to centre back and expected to become a midfielder.

    Surely these kids need to learn one job at a time. You wouldn’t ask an apprentice plumber to take out you’re appendix, would you?

    It all comes down to horses for courses.

    Oh! The Ox? Get him fit and get what we can for him.

  11. Not sure about your analysis Norfolk

    I think Chambers is a very adaptable player and has done well in all those roles. I also think that Bellerin and Gibbo could both play as wingers…. which they do at times. The more difficult move would be for a forward to adapt to being a defensive player…. but I’m sure that’s been done sometimes. 🙂

  12. Walcott can go as well, Yes he has times where his goal hanging does pay off , but 4 times a season is just not good enough. I believe that before the match the manager would relay to the individual player what is expected of him, Basically to do your job and be decisive cover your fullback and be available to help out and be a line of defence. Walcott has trouble with one on ones, should a fullback give him a hard time he wants to move to the other side, and forgets his responsibility.

    He may come over as a well spoken Arsenal footballer but below the surface he is only interested in himself fuck everybody else a Passenger of the highest order, field him if you want to practice playing with ten men.

  13. I think Walcott owes us something, stubborn old Wenger will never let him go that would be too much of an admission of failure on his part.

    NB, Jack of all trades, master of none, comes to mind.

  14. Fucking memory !….what was that boxing club in Hoxton Square ?………they also had afootball team that I played for !.
    Played for St Matthews of Bethnal Green and for a street team called Granby Street which was taken over by Father Rowe of St Matthews and Granby Street became St Matthews Foootball Club !
    Also an original of Barnet Grove Football Team !……I wonder if they are all still going as I know my best old team …Senrab, was struggling to stay afloat until one of it`s numerous ex players who became EPL stars donated some money !………John Terry !.

  15. Has there ever been a better Sunday League team producing as many players as Senrab ?…………….an Arsenal Invincible as well !.

    England Jodi Jones
    England David Kerslake
    England Ledley King
    England Leon Knight
    England Paul Konchesky
    England Tommy Langley
    England Ray Lewington
    England Teddy Maybank
    England Kevin Nicholls
    England Darren Purse
    Trinidad and Tobago Jlloyd Samuel
    England Terry Skiverton
    England John Terry
    England Sanchez Watt
    England Ray Wilkins
    England Bobby Zamora
    Ghana Cliff Akurang
    England Lee Bowyer
    England Sol Campbell
    England Scott Canham
    England Gary Chivers
    England Alan Curbishley
    England Jermain Defoe
    England Ugo Ehiogu
    Jamaica Simon Ford
    England Jonathan Fortune
    England Leo Fortune-West
    England Fitz Hall
    England Vince Hilaire
    England Terry Hurlock
    England Kemal Izzet
    Turkey Muzzy Izzet

    Tony Carr
    Alan Curbishley
    Dario Gradi
    Ray Wilkins
    Ray Lewington

  16. I think it was St Monica`s , `69er and also played for St Hildas`s !…..from memory I only played a season at each club !, no agents in them days and thought there was a lack of respect for my goal scoring abilty in the considerable and detrimental low volume of sweets offered by men of the cloth !!. hahaha

  17. TEAM NEWS: Welbeck and Gabriel start

    Arsène Wenger has named Danny Welbeck in his starting line-up for Arsenal’s trip to Manchester United.

    The boss has made three changes in total, with Gabriel replacing Per Mertesacker at the heart of defence.

    Meanwhile, Theo Walcott is in for the injured Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain and Alex Iwobi, Olivier Giroud and Mohamed Elneny are among those named on the bench.

    Arsenal: Cech, Bellerin, Koscielny, Gabriel, Monreal, Coquelin, Ramsey, Alexis, Ozil, Walcott, Welbeck

    Arsenal substitutes: Ospina, Mertesacker, Gibbs, Elneny, Campbell, Iwobi, Giroud

    Copyright 2016 The Arsenal Football Club plc. Permission to use quotations from this article is granted

  18. Another loss up North nothing to do with officials. A united side who have been poor all season gets another win under their belt, and push us down where we belong. Wenge’rs finished, he plays Walcott from the start God only knows why. We have a side who cannot mark ,pass or is able to move forward at pace, our training is wrong, we try to dribble out of defence and only when we are closed down do we give the ball away.

    It has to be said that the football we have produced this season is pathetic, Our shortage of quality strikers has been a weakness and we are still only top 4 material at best. I have witnessed many Arsenal games that have had me screaming but we were pathetic and deserved to lose.

    Wenger needs to go, He doesnt buy when we need players, and he plays players who are out of form, i even had my doubts that he fielded a team to win. Embarrassed by this shower today and i have to say we will be lucky to be playing in Europe next season. Surely this has to be Wengers last season

  19. Beaten by primarilly a bunch of rookies.Our confidence is low anyway and it showed.We looked poor in every part of the field.United could get top four so we better look out. Based on our last 8 league games we would be near the relegation zone.

    We just don’t turn up yet again. Sanchez out of form is a huge miss.

    Why has it all gone pear shaped..

    Wenger has to take responsibility, this is not a one off occurence.

  20. Time for him and his sleeping bag to be retired. Unless he has been promised his job till the mortgage is paid. After a dismal defeat like this usually comes news of targets for the next window. Groundhog day again he has got to be stopped

    Steve Bould also has to take flack. how can you defend like that. With all his defensive experience and all we do is pass back, or is this another example of Wenger’s modern football.

  21. Even though I think Wenger is limited as a coach compared to The Spud bloke…The Southampton bloke and Guardiola etc`………imo our biggest evil is Kroenke, he`s the one I want seen gone !………………………as posted on the othersite =

    Feel lucky that Mansour City, Manshafter Std and Chavs are having a bad season otherwise we wouldn`t be in with a shout for CL spot !.
    Use your brains Gooners, this season is an anomoly, next season will see the normal/pecking order resumed !……………well apart from us !. In the next few seasons we will see the Spuds, W Ham with new stadiums and Liverpool/Chavs with renovated ones, but the big difference will be is that they have one company owners or die hard fans as joint owners who will do anything to bring success to their clubs !.
    We have a great stadium, training ground etc`, but it will not now be the best, our competitors will or have caught us up in the stadium stakes !.
    The one biggest obstacle for our future is Kroenke !……………..whilst we have two majority shareholders not willing to put their money in their pockets ( and who can blame them when neither is the outright owner) we will undoubtably fall behind.
    Even if Wenger retires next season and we get worse, it wont be because of him leaving, the rot of Kroenke and the others new stadiums has already set in, even a new manager will not change it, not even if we had got Guardiola !, he`s no mug, he would never have become our manager knowing our limited spending power !.
    Only Usmanov or a richer one owner will save us, this is the start of barren years, get used to it.
    It may take for us to be so shit that the supporters turn against Kroenke and he decdes to sell up, so even being as pathetic as we can be may be a blessing in disguise in the long run !. What ever needs to be done to get Kroenke out I hope happens, even if it means dropping down a division !……that wont happen as even though there will be six teams with as good or better stadiums and better finances, there wont be 19 !………….from next season onwards we will be at most after the 4th place trophy again, but more like EL spot !

    Kroenke Out !

  22. I put this on AA and it got binned by Chas !……….he thought it was a personal attack !……….I call it humourous banter, but obviously he has turned into a miserable fucker !…… had it been Micky Didit writing it, he probably would have wet himself !

    Just to try and put this into perspective and I`ll be shocked if I was
    wrong !…….,imagine say….Chas and Ant are on an Arsenal away day special stocked up with their usual healthy snacks and protein drinks and they are sat opposite Stan Kroenke who has no cash on his person and he says to Chas…..”Howdy pardner !….I seem to have left my wallet at Fort Knox, would you be so generous as to help a hungry traveller and his starving syrup to some tasty savouries and liquid refreshment ? “………………ten minutes later Kroenke is dangling from the train ceiling after one of Ant`s asparagus and 50% piss smoothies and his Syrup is singing…… I should be so lucky ……wearing Ant`s gold hot pants and Kroenke has just written both his new best buddies into being joint sole beneficieries of his £5B fortune and he then chokes watching one of Chas`s soft cat porn videos !.
    I`m going to guess that Chas and Ant will probably first buy an 15 seater executive box for all their AA mates and probably unveil a naked Messi popping out of a huge birthday cake to an excited Micky Didit !……………..obviously just a guess and opinion, but if you were Lewis/Levy or Gold/Sulliavan how much of your £5B would you need to live on comfortably and how much would you spend on The Arse ?…..personally, I think I could just about live on £1B comfortably and spend £3B on prostitutes and the rest on Arsenal new strikers !.

  23. Hand on heart can any of you say we look like a team that could win the Premiership?

    Steve quite rightly says Walcott was hopeless but Ramsey was even worse, what Wenger sees in him is a complete mystery to me. Two, three or even four touches every time he gets the ball then it’s sideways or straight to the other team.

    I honestly can’t see us getting above third place, we are effectively out of Europe and our FA Cup campaign hangs in the balance.

    Another season of mediocrity and there seems no attempt by the club to do anything about it. If Kronke is content with that he should sell the club to someone who would care.

    I really do feel that Wenger has run out of ideas.

  24. NG…………..Just like Wenger has never not finished a contract, Kroenke has never sold a sports company !……………….and none of his sports clubs are world beaters !.
    American football clubs for example …NFL….do not have relegation etc` and all make money and thats what it is all about to him, as long as the club makes money they dont have to win anything !.
    I was hoping that Arsenal would be his first sell off, so he could use the massive profit he would make to fund his new LA Rams relocation and stadium build !
    The piddly £3M he takes out of Arsenal each year is a drop in the ocean to what he would make selling to Usmanov !

  25. Evening all, I have had my doubts all season whether we had a chance for the league this year, listening to other Gooners saying we will never have a better chance, caught my attention, but i quickly disregard those comments, because our weaknesses hadn’t been dealt with.

    The league is all about consistency and if you haven’t got that., don’t even entertain the idea, Sadly i have been found right, and the league is out of our reach. I know mathematically its still an outside chance, but that word consistency comes back to the fore.

    Supporters usually the older ones live in the past, they remember times gone past and dwell on the idea that those good times will return. Sadly dreams and visions slowly dissipate and reality sets in Arsene Wenger has had his good times, but like all older things they usually happened a long time ago.

    I said in a comment just the other day, that Hertfordshire was a great place to live when i was a kid, but sadly the English gave that all up when we voted for our politicians, they have sold our heritage down the river, much the same way Wenger has with Arsenal, Like politicians Wenger is more interested in pound notes they sell their soles for it, and reality tells us that Arsenal like England will never reach those heights again.

    With England we have given our rights away to Europe, we dont even rule our own country anymore, we are told by foreigners who can come and who can not, we now have more foreigners than we have English and they will be frightened to take power back should the public vote out,

    Arsene Wenger cannot let go,, like some of those old soldiers that turn up year after year for battle anniversary’s they live in the past.England has gone too far, foreign politicians will keep putting spanners in the works, till they have complete control, reminds me of Wenger.

    As has been stated by others, a new broom may not change our fate overnight, but the old broom just keeps getting older and lets face it he learns less and less. we are now going backwards while the Leicester’s and Tottenham’s cruise past, We need change before all is lost. It may be too late but we need to try. .

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