Arsenal…. is this our Swan Song?

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Match day again so soon….. could be good for the Gunners after their bad performance against United. The boys really do need to get their form back tonight, if they don’t however, and lose points, it will indeed be their swan song.

Leicester dropped points last night, the Arsenal and the Spervs play tonight to catch up. The bad news is that if the wankers from N17 beat Wham, they go top on goal difference. We can stay in touch though if we get the three points against Swansea.

Here are my thoughts on team selection, Walcott definitely on the bench, BFG to come back in next to Kos. I would also suggest benching Sanchez, he is not on form and is more of a hindrance at the moment than an asset. Le Coq and Elneny in front of the defence, Ramsey, Iwobi and Özil across the midfield with Welbeck and Campbell or Giroud up front.

That selection couldn’t do any worse than Sunday. Swansea aren’t having a great season but since their manager change have started to pick up.

Tonight is the night where Arséne Wenger and the team have to show their minerals, they have to show their determination to win and draw on their inner strength to battle to the end. Swan Song is a Greek myth based on the metaphorical phrase for a final gesture, effort or performance before death or retirement.

So will we have our swan song tonight? We play the Spervs at the weekend and the outcome of that game is becoming more and more inevitable if we continue with our period of bad form. Anyway, to quote an often used phrase…… One Game at a Time.

Come on you fucking Gunners.



43 thoughts on “Arsenal…. is this our Swan Song?

  1. Morning fanny smellers 🙂

    A very quiet day yesterday, I didn’t really feel like blogging after the result against United…. but another game tonight, have to live in hope.

  2. Not me Soixante-Neuf, a brief foray only though, I have no real expectations of a win for Arsenal this evening, with various regular starters patently out of form and a manager who can’t for some reason motivate those he picks, three points looks beyond hope.

    I fear that tonight’s result will only serve to confirm that the result against Leicester provided the dead cat bounce I predicted at the time.

  3. Hi NB,

    Don’t worry about being pissed, we accept it as normal conduct here on GunnersoreArse – just to be clear we accept it as your normal conduct 🙂 🙂 🙂

  4. Arsene please not a ten man team tonight, Walcott must not be allowed to hide all night again, put him on the end of the bench , or leave him in the changing room prettying himself up. Campbell puts a shift in and that’s what we need, all eleven must be prepared to do a lot more that that shower of shit that went to Manchester.

    Uncaged lions going out for the kill, a nice thought but with what we have witnessed just lately more like an AA pussy looking to dive in a box.

    I do admire your enthusiasm N5, you can find a gem out of a pile of rocks 🙂 good on ya son. Every game we play is a must win game only because that man has not filled the gaps with quality, again we will field an out of form squad of players, Walcott will probably be included even though he has been our worst player. 11 players who will all work could win this game tonight quite easily, its Swansea after all lose this tonight and play Walcott and i could commit hari carry.

  5. Cech, Bellerin, Merts, Gabriel, Monreal, Le Coq, Ramsey, Campbell, Ozil, Alexis, Giroud.

  6. You got your wish Steve, Walcott on the bench, expect to see him at sixty-three minutes.

  7. My grandson has taken over our bib screen – but I’ve got no heart I’ll kick him off so we can watch the Gunners Roar 🙂 🙂

  8. There must be reason Koscielny not in the picture tonight. GN5 could be onto something there…..holding him back for the Spurs game?

    Let Walcott sulk on the bench, he’s been a passenger for far too long, Campbell is worth his place merely on the “I give a f— attitude” unlike £140 grand a week waste of space.


  9. Definitely showing more commitment tonight… Giroud had a sitter, how he hit the bar and not the net I’ve got no fucking idea. Their goal shouldn’t have been if the ref had done his job

  10. I have just witnessed another dire display from Arsenal at home. What is wrong with a side who are challenging for the league. Cannot pass cannot shoot cannot defend, in actual fact a side who cannot do the fundamentals.

    A manager who takes the best player off to bring on a player who should have started, then brings on a player who is completely out of form. Playing from the start Ramsey who hasn’t made a pass all night.

    It has to be said that a team at the bottom of the league has grown in confidence through Arsenals incompetence, worthy winners on the night, A hat full of chances, but not a striker of quality to finish off. A massive error by Manager Wenger who has to take full responsibillity for not having good enough players ,with a bulging money use. Manager error and not for the first time.

    There must be unrest in the Arsenal dressing room as the whole side are being humiliated time and time again. Arsenals Coaching staff have also got to answer questions as how can a professional club defend the way we do. Pathetic display from a pathetic side. Heads should roll starting with the Manager, as who can pick players who have shown no form, against a side who will probably be relegated, but out fought out played and outsmarted. Heads have to roll.

    Tottenham at the weekend more humiliation and no matter how die hard Gooner you are, you cannot be content with that atrocious display.

  11. We are a losing side while Wenger is in charge no point talking about football we are losers while he is manager. 5 of the top clubs had a secret meeting in a hotel in London to discuss pulling out of the English premier league to form a European league of all Europe’s best teams. Gazedis was our representative, The English clubs were Liverpool United City and Chelsea Spuds were mentioned. The lure is that you wouldn’t miss out on Champions league money if you do not qualify, so why should Arsenal care where we finish.

    Apart from that lets talk about anything other than Arsenal. Embarrassment humiliation and anger has seen me change to a Wenger out, the man is out of control. Was good now shit. Only wish i knew about Art 🙂

  12. I wonder what excuses Wenger will come up with to explain that. How can a supposedly intelligent man not recognise that the squad he has built is not fit for purpose.

    I know it’s been said many times before, but it was a massive, massive error of judgement not to buy a half decent striker in the summer or in January.

  13. And now we hear that Cech injured himself when he went up for the corner in added time. He will miss the NLD. What a fucking fiasco.

  14. Morning all, I shut up shop after our game last night, After a bottle of Steve’s home brewed white wine that i drank like beer, i have to say my mood was fowl, I retreated to my bed where the wine did its job and i slept very well.

    A peaceful nights sleep, never heard the other half come up and have no memory of any Arsenal dreams. Then i woke up and straight away the game came flooding back. Football is only a game and win or lose will not really effect our normal lives. Disappointment for a few days ,but when the weekend comes round and another game looms, our hopes are back and all to play for.

    I believe it is now clear to all supporters, that winning the premiership is not a possibility for Arsenal, In fact it would be embarrassing if we did, We are a side who have shown that they are not up for the long haul of a whole season, Maybe a run in a cup, or a couple of lucky games in Europe. but to be Champions takes consistency, and frankly we have not had that this season.

    Yes of course, its very easy to criticise your club after a bad run or a bad result, and many of us do, but i feel what is important for premier league Champions, is that you show throughout a season a modicum of consistency. Leicester in all fairness to them, have shown resilience this season, Of course they have lost, but have bounced back, and are still where they belong at the top of the league.

    Leicester this season, have shown me that although big money does help success, it is not the only factor that breeds consistency. A manager like the Tinkerman has finally tinkered enough to find a blend of players, who against the odds have gelled together, and taken every knock that’s come their way and backed it up with fight and belief.

    Of course the remaining games can throw up all sorts of problems, The league is not all sown up, so a good run could see the top change. Results both for us and others have fell right for Leicester but that has not defined the season.

    The Arsenals season looks to have come to a stuttering end, A loss at home to Barcelona has more or less put to bed any chance of our continuing. Losses in the league has also seen us drop away so that also looks bleak. The FA cup could give our players back a little bit of faith, but who knows what that will bring.

    We have progressed similar to years gone by, we have kept in touch with the leaders even led ourselves but we have bottled and given away games that should have been bankers and are now just looking for top four.

    Arsenal are where they have been for many years, Struggling to make the European place that secures us a payout, We may well certainly find that position, but we certainly will not be Champions.

    A third FA cup would be fantastic, not seen for a very long time, and probably never seen again, so our season is not all over, but it is looking a bit grim. As Upbeat as i can muster.

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