Arsenal go down the Swanee!

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Something is seriously wrong at our club. Confidence and belief seem to have gone astray, any goal scoring skills we once had seem to have deserted the players and our usual passing game has disappeared.

Is it time to apportion blame? if so, who takes the flak?

Last nights game should have been a fairly easy exercise in winning once we got the first goal, superbly taken by Campbell, but once again we let things lapse and got punished. All of a sudden confidence seemed to evaporate and we looked nervous.

I’m really lost for words, just can’t understand how this team can let an opportunity like that be turned around by a relegation side. Ok, the woodwork intervened a few times, Giroud missed a sitter, it was easier for him to hit the net rather than the crossbar. The Sanchez free-kick took a slight deflection off the Swansea wall to also hit the crossbar, but still, everyone could surely see that something is drastically wrong with our current team.

However, I’m going to remain positive (WHAT? I hear you cry) yes, I will remain positive and with hope until it is mathematically impossible for us to win the title. There’s still a chance we can hit some form, it could possibly come on Saturday against the Spervs, but that doesn’t stop me dreading the game at WHL.

I saw a distinct lack of leadership last night and against United last Sunday. Both on the field and from the dugout, this I believe to be our main achilles heal, there is no one who takes responsibility during a game to rouse enthusiasm or to push the team to fight. It’s been like that for some time and is a real disadvantage which needs to be addressed.

The only good news last night was the N17 prats losing at Upton Park, at least that result means we stay in touch with the top two and City losing at Anfield means that the gap behind us is still four points.

So for the moment I’m staying positive, this situation could be turned around if the team find some belief and determination to give it a go. How they can do that I’ve no fucking idea….. firstly Wenger has to instil some discipline into the side so they don’t continue losing games which they are dominating and heading for an easy win. That would be a start.

It wouldn’t surprise me if we now go on a good run and win the Title. Six points off the top is not a vast difference, it can still be done.





46 thoughts on “Arsenal go down the Swanee!

  1. stevepalmer1 says:

    March 3, 2016 at 7:06 am

    Morning all, I shut up shop after our game last night, After a bottle of Steve’s home brewed white wine that i drank like beer, i have to say my mood was fowl, I retreated to my bed where the wine did its job and i slept very well.

    A peaceful nights sleep, never heard the other half come up and have no memory of any Arsenal dreams. Then i woke up and straight away the game came flooding back. Football is only a game and win or lose will not really effect our normal lives. Disappointment for a few days ,but when the weekend comes round and another game looms, our hopes are back and all to play for.

    I believe it is now clear to all supporters, that winning the premiership is not a possibility for Arsenal, In fact it would be embarrassing if we did, We are a side who have shown that they are not up for the long haul of a whole season, Maybe a run in a cup, or a couple of lucky games in Europe. but to be Champions takes consistency, and frankly we have not had that this season.

    Yes of course, its very easy to criticise your club after a bad run or a bad result, and many of us do, but i feel what is important for premier league Champions, is that you show throughout a season a modicum of consistency. Leicester in all fairness to them, have shown resilience this season, Of course they have lost, but have bounced back, and are still where they belong at the top of the league.

    Leicester this season, have shown me that although big money does help success, it is not the only factor that breeds consistency. A manager like the Tinkerman has finally tinkered enough to find a blend of players, who against the odds have gelled together, and taken every knock that’s come their way and backed it up with fight and belief.

    Of course the remaining games can throw up all sorts of problems, The league is not all sown up, so a good run could see the top change. Results both for us and others have fell right for Leicester but that has not defined the season.

    The Arsenals season looks to have come to a stuttering end, A loss at home to Barcelona has more or less put to bed any chance of our continuing. Losses in the league has also seen us drop away so that also looks bleak. The FA cup could give our players back a little bit of faith, but who knows what that will bring.

    We have progressed similar to years gone by, we have kept in touch with the leaders even led ourselves but we have bottled and given away games that should have been bankers and are now just looking for top four.

    Arsenal are where they have been for many years, Struggling to make the European place that secures us a payout, We may well certainly find that position, but we certainly will not be Champions.

    A third FA cup would be fantastic, not seen for a very long time, and probably never seen again, so our season is not all over, but it is looking a bit grim. As Upbeat as i can muster.

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  2. I like your optimism….. and I’ll back you until the game is lost.
    There has to be a serious problem at Management level if so many once good players have lost interest in supporting Arsene.
    Any idea where that might be!!

  3. Morning Norms

    I’d rather stay optimistic until it’s impossible to win the fucking thing…. the only team at the moment who seem to have the will to win it are Leicester.

    It makes me wonder if the team have lost confidence in Wenger because he has become a bit confused as to how they should set up and play…. is it age? Is it just because he doesn’t know what to do? or is it a team who cannot implement his game plan?

  4. Morning all, and Thank you Northbank.
    Just so you know Petr Cech and Koshielney are out for the NLD Cech picking up a muscle problem and Kosi with a calf injury.

    What is wrong with Arsenal, Where do we start. We all know we were short up front when the season started. Our strikers in all honesty have never been good enough and are injury prone. To start the season off with an Injured Welbeck and a striker with no pace and Walcott injured was bad management. Walcotts figures for the length of time he has been with us averages under 9 goals a season. The player is 27 this month and has not turned into the player we had thought he could be, it certainly has not taken this length of time to realise that he needed shipping out, let him change wings in another team when he has problems with a fullback.

    I would not put the blame on one player as all have problems, Confidence is at an all time low. and the fundamentals are all wrong. Many of the players are actually very talented but are being coached wrongly. Zonal Marking is not working, in my mind it never has, picking your player and staying with him is the only way to play as marking a zone is useless.

    Another defensive problem is closing down, we allow the player to run at us and fall back as opposed to confront, many the time we deploy 2 or 3 players but do not challenge suicidal defending.

    Every Arsenal move starts from the back and we need at least half a dozen side or back passes to leave our own half, we have difficulty when closed down resulting in losing the ball or giving it away.. Our players are not moving into space they wait for a ball to come to their feet and usually they are heavily marked. Campbell last night moved into spaces, allowing the man on the ball an option to pass to the other players seem to have a problem with this concept

    Our players have hit bad form in bulk, Sanchez Ramsey Walcott have been the worst and for some considerable time. Belerin and Monreal have been our main form of attack but to do both defensive and attacking duties does make them less effective in the later stages of the game.

    We find it hard to find our players with a pass even a short one is 3 yards away from the player and while no body runs into space they try impossible through balls. The training ground is the place to iron out all these faults, i can only assume that the Manager is upstairs sorting out finances as the training cannot be run by a professional..

    Football is an easy game, keep possession and make your passes count feed the strikers and let them score when all that goes wrong, go back to basics. Out of form players extra training and sit the pine till form returns, A squad of players is there for that sole purpose. Easy.

  5. At the end of the day a goal is 8 feet high and 8 yards wide a target that anybody who can kick a ball should have no trouble getting a shot on target. A professional striker who practices should in all honesty never miss. A hundred grand a week to shoot at a target that big and miss, means you should be doing something else.

  6. Steve…. I was disgusted with Giroud for that miss. He didn’t have to blast it, even then it was at the keeper, despite hitting the bar…. very poor. Give me £100k a week and I’d put them away, even at my age ha ha ha

  7. Morning NB, Anybody who has played the game regular, knows for comes and goes, but if you have talent that is always there. When form is lost you revert to what is basic football, clean passes and do the easy thing. The team are struggling with confidence also a lack of form from our bigger players has a knock on effect, so out of form players must be restricted and that is why we have a squad.

    I know many footballers may not be have brains of a genius but you should be able to do the fundamentals right. It is a managers job to keep on top of who is fit or out of form and juggle the team about. Wenger seems to feel that an out of form player will get his form back by playing while in form players sit out. Now we all know that our game last night should have finished with a win, so in my mind he left Welbeck out for the weekend, when you have a mentality to save players it all goes askew, play your best team of the in form players and grafters and you will most certainly get the best from them.

    We go into a game this weekend with shattered confidence, the third loss in 3 games and play our rivals Spuds, Our form is bad spirit bad form bad and a Manager who will probably save a few players for another day, how can we work like that..

  8. Just been over on the dark side to see how they saw the game last night.
    The last comment i read was blaming the supporters for not giving the team supporting cheers, the comment said they are supposed to be our twelfth man.

    Well i have read some shit in my time, but how supporters can be to blame after spending out to see one of many atrocious performances has really got my goat.

    The blogger in questioned never even mentioned our players, and the lack of heart the shit performances throughout the season and the lack of tactics and player buying.

    The supporter turns up expecting a win, playing a side who are fighting relegation, pissing heavens hard with rain after a days work and then travelling to watch highly paid sportsmen who have more interest in their hair than for the football and he blames the fans.. Well i have heard it all.

  9. Call me whatever form of idiot you like but here is how I can envision us winning the PL -(hopefully on goal difference over Leicester). The last two games will become a distant memory if we beat Spurs.

    The “Pts” column is the points I “hope” each team gets from their remaining games and the “Points left” column is the total I hope each team will get from those games.

    So all is possible – we just have to remain positive 🙂 🙂 🙂

    And for the record I have written many articles on just how shockingly bad our home crowd are – maybe the worst 12th man in the league. If they want to be entertained they should go to the theater – if they want to see and support an open competition (with an unknown outcome) they should watch a game of football. Without a supportive crowd the players feel as though they are playing in the enemies camp.

    Watford – 3 A
    Newcastle – 3 H
    Crystal P – 3 A
    Saints – 3 H
    Sunderland – 3 A
    West Ham – 3 H
    Swansea – 3 H
    Man U – 0 A
    Everton – 1 H
    Chelsea – 0 A
    Points Left 22
    Current Pts – 57
    Total Points 79

    Arsenal – 0 H
    Aston Villa – 3 A
    Bournemouth – 3 H
    Liverpool – 1 A
    Man U – 3 H
    Stoke – 3 A
    W.B.A. – 3 H
    Chelsea – 1 A
    Saints – 3 H
    Newcastle – 3 A
    Points Left 23
    Current Pts – 54
    Total Points 77

    Tottenham – 3 A
    W.B.A. – 3 H
    Everton – 3 A
    Watford – 3 H
    West Ham – 1 A
    Crystal P – 3 H
    Sunderland – 3 A
    Norwich – 3 H
    Man C – 3 A
    Aston Villa – 3 H
    Points Left 28
    Current Pts – 51
    Total Points 79

    Manchester C
    Newcastle – 3 A
    Aston Villa – 3 H
    Norwich – 3 A
    Man U – 3 H
    Bournemouth – 3 A
    W.B.A. – 3 H
    Chelsea – 0 A
    Stoke – 3 H
    Saints – 3 A
    Arsenal – 0 H
    Swansea – 3 A
    Points Left 27
    Current Pts – 47
    Total Points 74

  10. Just curious Grizzly !………how many points did you have set aside for Soton and Swansea at home and Manshafter away ?…..even me the doomer had 7 points for them games and we got one !……I would have predicted had we been on any decent form only 4 points from the Spud, Everton, W ham and Man C away games !……you need to go back and have them eye`s tested again !. 😀

  11. GN5. Great minds work alike buddy, well almost. I did the same thing earlier this morning but came up with different points totals.

    I had =

    Leicester 20 points + 57 = 77

    Spurs 19 points + 54 = 73

    Arsenal 21 points + 51 = 72

    Man City 27 points + 47 = 74

    I hope your predictions are the correct ones .

  12. Who knows VCC – well the one known fact is that football to completely unpredictable, so us believers will cling to every faint hope. Having played, coached, managed and supported for so many years I know for sure that one positive result can change a teams attitude and fortune.

    Right now our players lack confidence and form (who would have predicted Alexis to be so poor ?), our luck stinks and we still losing players to injury.

  13. Sorry been busy all day, N5 you do make me smile, You speak as if the rest of us are bad supporters because we expect value for money. Supporters specially the STH pay their money up front, they travel on match days and many have done a days work. Many have expectations and when you look at where your team sit and where your opponents are, you take an educated guess how you feel a game will pan out, You say that the supporter should be the twelfth man and cheer when they are watching a despicable display. because they support.

    You support your local garage and have your car serviced, but should it come out running worse than what it was your supposed to say they did their best well done. Like fuck you do, you strike me as a man that takes no shit so dont tell me you sat there last night after you travelled a flight of stairs and cheered all night cause i dont believe you, Positivity is all right when you feel your team are working hard even if they lose you may not take it so bad. But when your team have been outclassed 3 games on the trot with displays we have seen don’t expect to much cheering.

  14. Net net Steve you and I are cut from a very different cloth and will never see eye to eye on the way we support our team.

    I just know for a personal fact that my game got worse when the crowd was negative and improved when we were cheered on – basic human psychology.

  15. GN5

    You’re figures are extremely optimistic mate…. you don’t think we’ll lose another game. I so wish that is the case but it will be highly unlikely.

  16. Nice one 69

    We played all right first half but couldn’t finish them off. Second half they decided to press us high and get close to Ramsey and Ozil.

    When Ramsey was a kid a bent sheep sneaked up behind him so doesn’t like close contact, whilst Ozil can only see things at the peripheral, so I suppose it’s fortunate Ozil didn’t encounter the sheep.

    I admit, with Ozil and Ramsey nullified, we were shit.

    There was a lot of venom in the crowd. Loads of players plus Wenger got a lot of stick.

    Sitting directly behind me was some Scottish geezer who could cure Tourette’s sufferers with over exposure.

    The bloke did make me laugh though, and at the final whistle I congratulated him for his knobness.

    He had it in for Mertsacker, accusing him of lieing to the Guiness book of records over his height and stating that if he drove one of those panzer tanks during the war it would have moved at 2 miles an hour and he would have had his head blown off because it would have been sticking out of the turret.

    I still think we can win the league. Not because we are brilliant, simply due to no else been either.

    I go every home game mate, and football has changed. The games are breathless and the fitness levels obscene. No team can stand out now. One misplaced pass and the other team is on you like a shot.

    Are the days of the big clubs dominating over? Maybe, maybe not, but one things for sure, the coaching, fitness levels, and money available to the smaller clubs to aid buying and keeping there players makes it feel like the completion we use to see 40 years ago.

  17. Stretch…nice to see you back in blogosphere. 😀 you have been missed.

    Would be. Ice to get back to the old style where many teams were able to win the league, but somehow I fear the big guns will spend big this summer.

    So with the big spending clubs and the upstarts of Spurs, Leicester, West Ham I fear for our 4th place dominance.

    A serious question, Do you think Mr Wenger will be our manager next season?

  18. VCC, you pose a question that is in the mind of every Arsenal supporter, I’m sure we’ve all thought about it, even some who live in Cloud Cuckoo Land as far as Wenger is concerned.

    In answer I see no way that Kroenke and the board will sack him. To do so after constantly backing his every decision over the last twenty years would finally have them admitting that they were wrong to do so over the last few years.

    Wenger is too stubborn to admit that his project has failed so he won’t resign.

    We’ve got him for at least one more season, well have to live with that.

  19. Norfolk, I fear you are correct. Our dilemma now is, who is out there any good to take over a big club?

    As well documented on this and another site I have grown tired of Wenger and his stubbornness to alter/change staff/tactics.

    It’s a shame as he was once “Denis” in my house, but not any more. 😂

    I remember a quote from once the great man many years ago saying ” his philosophy was if they score 2 we will score 3 ” . Sad to say, the record has broken. Yet he still continues carrying on in the same manner.

    I maintain we have a reasonable team under Wenger, otherwise we would not have won the FACup two years running, but like every Arsenal fan I speak to ( not the other site of course) all we are saying, if only you had invested in a couple of players in January to help us push on, maybe, just maybe, they would have been that “extra mile” to go the full length?? If only?

    Maybe not, I hear you say, but we had the resources to go for it, but he didn’t even try. Only to purchase a cheap midfielder who in his own words was not yet strong enough for the premier league…….how bizarre.

    You couldn’t write a best seller than that book. All will be revealed when he finally leaves as I’m sure a few skeletons will come pouring from the cupboard from players/ex’s when they have the courage to vent their opinions.

    Oh well, dream on.

  20. How you doing Vics? Hope all is well

    I don’t agree with you, Norfolk, Cornwall & Steve about Wenger.

    Far from it. Wenger gets a lot of stick but people are to quick to criticise. The man, at this point anyway, has kept us in the top four this year whilst Mourino, Pellegrini, Klopp, and Van Gall are behind.

    To be honest no manager could have done better, not in terms of longevity anyway.

    This season is different. If it had been last, Leicester would have lost Vardy and Mahrez, but now it’s a different ball game, more competitive, and I hope it continues

    At the moment we look shit, but that could change quickly, any things possible this season.

    Next year will be Arsenes last. He’s not getting younger and the support is becoming more unforgiving.

    Let’s stick with him for the short period he had left and afford him the respect and dignity he deserves.

  21. You are correct N5, we are cut from different cloths, You obviously played a better standard of football to me, as the only people who watched my games were the subs if we had any. I played in local football a million miles away from the Arsenals of this world, Even so we played to win and if we had a weak link we searched to find a replacement.

    We worked for one another for the love of the game in my case 30 years, but i can honestly say that i tried every game i played from start to finish. I never got promoted never won a league i did win a cup final and quite a few player of the season, but only picked through my own team mates.

    No wages in fact it cost me to play no insurance no nothing. Nothing stopped me from trying i was desperate to win something but alas not good enough. We got a cup for a season, but no medal, but i remember scoring the winning goal like it was yesterday.

    So yes N5 we support differently, i expected my team mates to work their socks off, and they expected the same from me, if i felt a player wasn’t, he got a piece of my mind, and not just me. We looked out for one another and when somebody broke something, we had a whip and tried to help.

    I expect no more than what i did, Professional or Amateur the game is there to win, but you have to want to,

  22. PAIN !……………………..that`s the only word which will mattere if I ever meet that arrogant poncey cunt Raddy in real life !
    Earlier I was watching Eurosport2 and it was live World Cup Ski Jumping and jumper named Andreas Wank knocked one out for Germany !. I related this on AA and the cunt Raddy again gave his world renowned opinion that it was not funny !. He binned the 3 comments then binned one for me talking back to him and has probably binned my last one for calling him arrogant and saying it`s lucky that we dont meet !.
    What a prized prick that knob head is !.

  23. Yep !……fucking Danish kiddy fiddler has binned me again !……what a yellow backed piece of scum hiding behind his key board !.
    Sorry lads……………………………… but I could do some serious damage to him !

  24. Welcome back Terry mate, 🙂 Of course what you have said about Wenger is correct, top 4 for 20 years, quite outstanding i agree. All i ask is that we make the effort to actually win the league and buy when its crucial to our cause,

    Wenger has been good but it seems as long as we get that 30 million everybody is happy. What happened to all those 30 millions it certainly has not paid for a winning team. What you are suggesting is we put our expectations to one side, while Wenger has a little think about retirering, Not on pal, he wont spend and he is holding us back, some of us want to be top dog, while Wenger settles for 4th spot, he has to go.

  25. Cocky, you will just have to go back and apologise to them all again, and toe their line mate. you know their rules you have to follow their lead and keep agreeing. 🙂

  26. NB, I know it’s nigh on impossible for us to go unbeaten for the last 10 games mate, but who thought we would see any PL team go unbeaten for 49 games – all is possible if you believe 🙂 🙂 🙂

  27. Never apologised yet, may have toned down my humour quite substantially, but never apologised !……cant stand the aloof arrogant cunt !.

  28. Oh dear I see the great Dane has been brandishing his sword once again and cut off Le Coq’s head.

    I popped back over and left a caustic comment – that disappeared just as quickly as it was posted.
    Free speech is not allowed on AA – unless you are a part on the inner clique – and who would want to be a remember of that group 😦 😦 😦

  29. Its important for AA to appear on word press, Bad language would probably make WordPress stop the post from circulating, and the hits which seem important to them. It seems that some of them are involved with Arsenal, so to be censored might effect them some how..Certain comments will be censored you know that, so if you want to continue blogging there you will have to tone your humour down. 😦

  30. Cockie. See my 1:31. Hahahahahahaha. Been telling you guys for a long while now. Certain members can say what they like, others beware.

    Selective humour and selective opinions.

    If you disagree with “their view” your a doom mongerer. How very dare you…😄

  31. Hi VCC, going back to your 7.21, it’s not the identity of our next manager that worries me, it’s who is going to select him. Unless it’s Wenger himself of course.

    Also are we going to go for a manager or a coach. Frankly I can’t see any manager nowadays being given the sort of free hand that Wenger has enjoyed. I think it’s likely that we’ll have a director of football and a coach.

    Of course, that director of football could be Wenger. Not sure I like that scenario.

  32. Morning Norfolk. Not sure I like the idea of Wenger being director of football either. I
    He will remain the overlord and dictator. Do as I say type.

    Not so long ago he was quoted as saying Remi Garde would be a good candidate as successor.

    Talk about keep it in the family.

    I’m with Kelsey when I say things started to go Pete tong when David Dein left. Since then Wenger has had no one to answer to, and certainly no one to threaten getting rid of him as Mr. Kronke is cock a hoop with his dealings as manager, making him pots of money, thank you very much.

    I think we need a new broom to sweep the cobwebs away that have formed over the past few years.

  33. Good morning… arse shafters 🙂

    Lovely stuff on here…. good to see transplant back after he threw a little wobbly ha ha

    and to see VCC getting involved.

    Cockie….. you should know by now…. the other blog is run on ‘double standards’. But the consequences of banning me and censoring you and Stevie P and GunnerN5 is that they have had to tone down as well, Chas specifically has now changed his twitter name from FumBucker, if they hadn’t, then the hypocrisy would be for all to see.

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