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A guest post from Stevepalmer1….. the resident GunnersoreArse moaner.

Talking about new Managers is easy, As soon as results start to falter, the fans start to turn. Of course its easy to say a change is needed as we fans or supporters, are wanting to win leagues and not keep coming top four. Now as many have said, top 4 is a great achievement for the amount of time Mr Wenger has done it.

We have to remember that there are plenty of positions below top 4 and guarantee’s of top 4 is not a given. We have to realise that picking a new man should Wenger not be there any more, could propel us to win leagues doubles and Champions League, but it could also work the other way and we lose our premier status. We as fans could see worse than the United’s and Chelsea’s when they wasn’t happy with their managers. Remembering that their owner’s will spend, where ours do not take kindly to dipping in their pockets.

Another thing we have to factor in, is our owner is very happy with Mr Wenger, a steady income and he has very little to do, he also has his 3 million a year from his own advice, and i doubt he would want to give that up. Our mortgage is still a stumbling block as well, we have that till 2030 as i am led to believe so far Wengers top 4 has been paying that off, So to change Managers will have many knock on effects.

Mr Kroenke whatever we think of him, is a very successful business man, he would not take kindly if change of Manager effected his profits, or worse still, made him dip in his own pocket. So really the only possibility of a new Manager is if Mr Wenger himself wanted to leave. And why should he want to relinquish his managers job just to move upstairs or be a director. Mr Wenger will want to retire at some point, his last contract was relatively short so he must be thinking of it. Mr Wenger has had matrimonial problems, plus he is coming to the point in his life where there is life after Arsenal. Who ever takes over when the time comes, may still not be given the type of money to build a new team that we all want, so although things would certainly change it may not be for the better.



41 thoughts on “The SoreArse Soapbox

  1. Steve…. back to your rant

    Any change in personnel can be a risk…. it has to be done at some stage, Wenger isn’t immortal, although at Arsenal FC he may think he is.

    I’d rather have a change now rather than continue the way we are, Wenger has done great things for the club but his current lack of vision regarding building a team with top class players is now hindering our chances of winning major trophies. The FA Cups and fourth place have been good but we need to go a few steps higher now.

  2. Bonjour Soixante-Neuf et mon ami Steve.

    I think we all agree that our squad needs a drastic clear out. Is Wenger the man to do that? Of course not. He built the squad, he cannot admit that it’s not good enough without blowing his credibility.

    I suppose we could stagger on till he, hopefully, quits at the end of next season but by then we could be stuck mid-table.

    Kroenke and his cronies need to act know.

  3. Alexis Sanchez is breaking ranks, in an interview given after the Barca game he said “my team mates lack the hunger to be champions”. Nothing we didn’t know already, but it will piss Wenger off. I can’t wait to see his press conference later today.

  4. Morning Norfolk

    I was thinking that…. is there unrest in the dressing room? Is this why Sanchez has lost some of his zest? I could imagine both Sanchez and Ozil becoming frustrated with the lack of ‘hunger’ in the team but also pissed off with Wenger for not continuing to buy players of their standard. Why did he just buy those two and not continue…. ok Cech is top class but he was cheap, and actually, he hasn’t saved us 15 points this season because he hasn’t got the defence in front of him to help him achieve that.

  5. Morning guys, I have to say i agree with you, a change is needed. When a need for certain positions are brushed aside because there is no body better available, and we carry on with the players who we feel need to be replaced. Just seem to me to be for penny pinching reasons.

    Now of course we would all like to see a top player in every position, and also a top player as cover. We understand that top players want to play regular, but even the best player in the club when faced with a lack of form, must realise that he needs a break he is a weak link.

    Now most of us have played sports of some sorts, even a game of cards. and some of us realise that certain players are worse than us, but when your form is off, you either go back to play safe easy football ,or you have to make way for a form player.

    Wenger must know the faults of all of our players, he knows that some are tortoises. some have no football brains, and some who think they can win the game on their own. He knows while watching training and then matches, who is not doing the business. When he continues with said bad player and extra training or expert advice does not do the trick, he has an ultimatum, Does he offload said player and buy a replacement, or does he just persevere and hope all falls into place,

    At present he seems to be going down the route of hoping it all falls in place. He also seems to be doing the same thing with injuries Diaby and Wilshere come to mind. If you can sell a fit Van Persie or a fit Fabregas a fit Sagna and a fit Clichey why do we keep players who have had more sick than they have played.

    I am a believer of buying fresh players each season, new blood new enthusiasm and different skills, fitness is important although some of the best get injured, but when it is regular and always long term it then becomes a problem. No body says we have to spend fortunes, buy and sell can balance the book. Every owner has to put his hand in his pocket sometimes.

    Wenger is a fantastic Manager but he see’s spending as if its his money, or he may feel that to sell a player is unloyal or he made a mistake in the first place. If he was as good as we all feel he was, he would deal with the problems when they crop up, and rectify them then and there, not leave it till the next couple of windows, that is his flaw.

  6. Steve, to me it’s significant that no clubs are trying to tap up our players. Could that be because we don’t have players with the will to win?

    Is anyone knocking on Giroud’s door? Or Ramsey’s? Even the Chinese don’t want them.

  7. That’s a good point Norfolk, of course we would only hear about it from the media, but as you said, i wouldn’t be putting any bids in if i were looking for injured.

  8. Doing repairs from having my boiler replaced so will catch you later, feel free to chat among yourselves , will be looking at your comments with bated breath 🙂

  9. A guest post from Stevepalmer1….. the resident GunnersoreArse moaner.

    Never thought about it this way before today’s headline – but I guess Steve must wake up with a “Sore Arse” every morning 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

  10. Back on subject. My opinion of Arsene’s achievements and his place in the Arsenal manger hierarchy will be considered legendary once he retires. The optimum word being “retires” he and only he will decide when his time is up, it’s most likely that it will be and the end of his current contract.

    Only the future will determine his actual place in our history but it’s a definite that he will not leave his club in the tatters that many other “great” managers have.

    It will be a very sad day for Arsenal when he does retire and only then will a certain selection of our fan base realize how wrong they were – that is unless they consider any subsequent issues to be the fault of AW – which they probably will 😦 😦 😦

  11. Our game tomorrow is being shown live here at 7:45 am – we prefer to watch the games in the afternoon so that we can also enjoy a glass (or more) of red wine. So I’m recording the game and will not be around to share either the joy or the misery until about 6:00pm UK time.

    But it will be a very sad day if we lose – as our team should be able to muster up the bottle required to beat the “nose bleeds”

  12. I can’t be arsed to write anymore NB and others it’s on my FB page.

    Sanchez is doing a RVP “club lacking ambition”

  13. Evening Bum Squeakers !.

    Lets get one thing out of the way and if anyone knows different then please let me know !……..Kroenke is not the owner, he owns 63% of the shares and Usmanove has 30% !…….not sure what the % is to be classed as the owner ?, but I will tell you one thing my friends and in true Keegen style !…….I`d love it, just love it if kango was to go over to America and destroy Kroenkes £501M ranch, because the Kroenke Kunt is destroying our club !.
    So do us a favour Steve, stop fucking about with the central heating you ponce and pack up the big boys toys and have a demolition holiday !… fucking destroyed our English Heritage Leeds Castle, now fuck off and destroy America !.
    What a weird season, just over a month or two ago we were top !……and I was the only one wanting Leicester cunts to lose !…..I was the first to point out our Away games from hell, but fuck did I think we were going to have home games from hell as well !………going from desperately wanting us to win the league and begging the manager to buy a STRIKER in the Jan Window and he buys Cleopatra a fucking nurse maid !. Now I`m wanting a Leicester Title win to stop the Spuds winning it, I dont give a fuck about us winning it, it was never going to happen, just make sure them spud cunts dont win It !.
    To me it`s always going to be about Kroenke going rather than the manager…..Kroenke is the devil incarnate, if not it`s the syrup which controls him !

    Die Syrup Die !

  14. Semantics Cockie, Kroenke has total control of the club, he can do what he likes, Usmanov is powerless, he doesn’t get a penny from his investment and has no more say in the way the club is run than you or I.

    He manages to live with that situation, so my art we.

  15. Evening Arsene stuffers…. or Kroenke Kuntz 🙂

    I got a late invitation to a weekend in the country, guests are still drinking but it’s slowly finishing. There will be a cracking Pre-match by me tomorrow morning, well before kick off I promise and I have here in the country mansion a massive TV screen with all the channels so will be watching the game in full colourama widescreen and with surround sound. Normally I would have welcomed that but tomorrow against the spuds could be a fucking nightmare.

  16. Oi Kelsey you fucking wanker, don’t come on here saying you can’t write anymore when you’re still fucking crawling over there on the other side…. even when you know they don’t want you there. You know where you are welcome so bring your crystals here and make a relevant typical dooming fucking Kelsey comment…. you slag 🙂

  17. NG; Usmanov has made a fortune at Arsenal just from his shares.

    When he purchased his first batch of around 9,000 shares in 2007 they were valued at 8,400 pounds per share. He now owns around 20,000 shares with a value of 25,000 per share. So that means he has made about 150 million just on his initial buy of 9,000 shares.

    Not exactly chump change.

  18. Evening all, Graft all day and sleep in the chair all night, sorry about that.
    Cocky, don’t be a mug, demolish his Ranch and we wont ever get the players we need. 🙂
    Remember i said in a comment last week that Marquee players will get the hump, apparently its started, if of course its been translated right.

    I did say as well. that i felt that we had trouble in the dressing room, very unusual when a bunch of players lose form at the same time, Usually in that situation, players brought in who are on the edge of as a first team starter, start to play well, Hopefully they will lift the stars and begin to turn us round.

    21 comments on my first post, i’ll take that as a success thank you all

  19. Come on Kelsey come over here – the language may be a tad rich but you can doom all you want to – but be prepared to be out doomed by Steve 🙂 🙂 🙂

  20. Cue applause for SteveP….. Kroenke and Wenger out ha ha

    Kelsey, GN5 is right, your dooming will be accepted here and we’ll talk to you, unlike those fuckers on the other side who just post stupid photos with your head on it ha ha ha

  21. evening guys, i thought you would be tucked up by now you dirty stopups 🙂 Lets hope Kelsey gets a boost tomorrow, i certainly need one. 🙂

  22. oh and this is funny, someone used the search term, ‘sexy arsenal nude birthday cake’, to find GunnersoreArse….. that is so lovely, makes me proud to be the owner. Though it was probably one of Cockies photo posts they were looking for ha ha ha

  23. Steve… I’m still partying in a very big house in Provence… could go on for a while yet ha ha. But I had to check into HQ to see how things were going… you ain’t done bad mate, it was a good post.

  24. Doomer posts always do better than after a win, apart from on PA… where their positive attitude just continues no matter what the outcome of a match…. and I love’m for it.

  25. You enjoy yourself NB, i’m for the sack, but i look forward to the Guvners post tomorrow. night all.

  26. Nice one Steve

    Very balanced post

    I iove Arsene. The greatest manager since Herbert Chaman. I can never bring myself to have a go at him, respect him and to grateful to do so.

    Your posts a bit like the EU referendum, project fear. Get rid of Arsene and some one toothed Somali Geezer will come over and drive a cab. The bastard will be a rapist of middle aged men. I don’t want to be bummed off for not giving a tip.

    It’s do or die tommorow. I went to last seasons game and hated it. Tommorow I will be watching on the box and who the manager, owner, players, and any other fucker is don’t matter. I just want to win.

    Come on you rip roaring Gunners

  27. Morning all, thank you Terry and all the others you know who you are. 🙂
    Terry i may sound like i am a Doomer and i do have a go at Wenger. I agree with you he has been superb for us in many ways. I have no doubts that Arsenal as a Football club, have advanced under his management. He has won a few things as well, Just recently we have seen two FA cups on the trot, and still fighting to make it three.

    Now although i moan about him, i am not dead against him, how can i be as i have been as staunch Wenger supporter since he arrived. But where i see flaws, is that he seems to plod along with blinkers on when its obvious to every body press experts and supporters, that weaknesses are present and many the time it has cost us.

    Bad defensive errors and now striker problems, Everybody could see the dangers and Wenger shrugs his shoulders and takes us headlong into the fight understrength. This is nothing new as it happens every season, Transfer window after transfer window has gone past with him saying he is going to be looking at the market we sit with bated breath till the last seconds of the window and realise we are under strength.

    Now i am not saying that we know better than the great man, all i am saying is that mistakes like that cost us every year. Arsenal top people, tell us there is money available, and should Wenger want any player no matter how much they cost, the money is there. Now we don’t expect Marquee signings every time but their are strikers and there are defenders available in every window , we just have to offer the right money.

    Every player is available for the right price, Now all we needed was perhaps a couple of positions but he lets the window go past and we go forward understrength. That has to go down as Manager error.

    My thoughts is that it is probably not Wenger’s fault, i get the impression that the top Arsenal people want to look like they are up there with the top clubs, but i certainly feel we are the poor relation. But when Wenger makes excuses and does not come out and say were skint, then he must take the blame.

    Todays game will be a massive game for supporters, both sides have supporters who love nothing better than to beat one another, both teams are coming off a defeat so will want to bounce back. Spuds of course have been on a remarkable run, their team have gelled and are performing with good football while we are on a 3 match losing run, players out of form, unsettled players and a game team that cannot pass cannot shoot and cannot win, Away from home with definite problems doesn’t bode well for a good result, Cech and Kosi both out injured our problems seem never ending, can we win this game, I certainly hope so, but the Doomer in me says not a chanch.

  28. GN5, until he can sell his shares, and at the moment his only option would be to sell to Kroenke, he is sitting on a theoretical profit only.

    As I said in my comment, he hasn’t made a single penny from his Arsenal shares.

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