Arsenal show their spirit at last!

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Ten man Arsenal dug deep into their psychi yesterday to grab a point after being behind. They finally proved that they do have the minerals and the determination to grind out a good result despite the odds being against them.

The Spervs will feel as if they lost that game and if that dents their confidence all the better. They will now be under pressure and that will hopefully affect some of their remaining games.

Arsenal on the other hand, should draw confidence from yesterdays performance and it could propel them into a good run of results that may even still win us the league. Eight points behind Leicester is quite a lot with just ten games to go but it’s do-able and Leicester, like the N17 wankers, will start to crumble with the pressure.

I read yesterday that Sanchez, at the final whistle, kick the ball away in anger and stormed down the tunnel without any congratulations to his team-mates. What was that a sign of?  Is he ready to leave or was it frustration and anger at some of the refs decisions?

Anyway, we next play our FA Cup replay at Hole, I don’t think they will cause an  upset against us and we will continue our march to a third successive trophy.

Overall and considering the circumstances, yesterday was a good game for us and it was a well earned point….. I think it will now continue.



39 thoughts on “Arsenal show their spirit at last!

  1. Good morning Arsène stuffers 🙂

    Just a quickie today because I haven’t much time…… do feel free to add anything you think I’ve missed. I’m sure the Coquelin / Dier red card no red card debate will be on the list 🙂

  2. Morning 69er. You bet the the red card/no red card is on the agenda.

    I have said for a few years now that referees should be accountable and interviewed after the games.

    How on earth is that not a second yellow for Dier is incomprehensible. He admits it’s fowl play by pulling the shirt, hence awarding the free kick? Beyond belief.

    I am not advocating branding yellow/red card around willy nilly as I hate to see unnecessary but one rule for some and not others.

    Also, while on the subject, if Sanchez gets a yellow for pushing Lamella, why doesn’t he get the same punishment for the SAME affence? Which would have been a second yellow.

    The referee clearly did not want to send a Tottenham Hotspur player off, and couldn’t wait to get the second yellow out of his pocket for Coquelin.

    Beggars belief springs to mind.

    Best eleven available or not, Wenger should drop the imbecile Coquelin to the bench for the remainder of the season for such stupidity. He had no excuses, totally baffling why, after being told at half time to be careful he tackles Kane as he does. The fowl was not needed anyway, we had sufficient cover while Kane was not looking dangerous in that position.

    He threw the win away IMO.

  3. Morning all, Nice one NB.
    I did leave my thoughts on the game on the last post My timing is shit, where i disagree with you, is that we cannot string a run of winning games, with the way we defend.

  4. I agree with VCC the referee was clever in his decisions, tried to make it look that both sides were punished, but not clever enough for the public to see his bias.

  5. Don’t be silly VCC….. we can’t afford to drop le Coq…. he’ll learn from his mistake. But it seems to me that refs target him!

    Morning Steve

  6. stevepalmer1……..I hope I’m right in my assumption on the Sanchez storming off debate at the end and not him being pissed off and wanting out at the end of the season.

    My opinion is that he was so infuriated with the officials seeing Lamella push him first and getting away with it, then retaliating (which is wrong also btw) and only he getting the yellow.

    The only person realising what went on was their manager who immediately replaced said player and he was over the other side of the pitch.

    Also, seeing what was a blatant shirt pulling, what the referee would have given a yellow card to any other player on the pitch, apart from a Spurs player who had already been booked, and him getting away with it and Coquelin didn’t.

    Total bias, and that’s why I say they should be held responsible and answer to their decisions in an interview after the match. This would stamp out any bias that referee’s may have towards or against teams.

    ANY other referee including yesterdays one would have given a yellow against Dier at any point in the match apart from a second for a Spurs player. EVEN Howard Webb, the BT referee in the studio said it was a second yellow, and to back my argument EVEN Harry Redknapp said it was a diabolical decision not to give Dier a second.

    Rant over.

  7. 69er. I know it is a drastic decision, but if I were our manager I would teach him a lesson that he should listen and not get hot headed and think he can get away with blatant infringing.

    The reason why referees target him is because has a cell or short in his brain. How many times has he done this in the past.

    He/us need to wise up and get shrewder. We need to become men, not angels. Show some bite and nastiness occasionally. Stop mammy bamby the oppo, start taking a leaf out of all other sides. If they are down let them stay down, Ive had enough of the nice nice approach that Wenger deploys.

    Get a proper enforcer in mid field and show we mean business.

    Off to the park to see my Son receive their winning league trophy at their last game and see a side who don’t let the opposition steam roller them. They front up nose to nose if need be, its the only language that humans understand now (unfortunately)

    Perhaps Arsenal/Arsene would do wise to grow a pair and have some spunk in them.

  8. Although i agree’d with your Referee points VCC, i have to say that benching the only player with spunk is a bit hasty from you. Sure Le Coq has a loose one up top but he has shown how vitaly important he is to this side. I sometimes have to ask myself why he is often taken off while others are fucking useless, He shows grit from the off and has discipline to hold his position, his distribution is also something the others should watch as a simple pass is often better than trying the fucking impossible.

    I like your passion, but when it comes to your decision making i feel you would act befor you thought about it. I hope you lad does well but let him learn as he goes along and dont play his game for him. I say this as i have 3 girls and none was sports people, i Envy you mate but let him enjoy the game, congratulate him when he wins console him when its not the right day, Unless of course when he has an Arsenal shirt on then bollock the life out of him. :).

  9. Morning NB, hope your bits a freshly washed and scrubbed, sounded like a heavy night and when a guy is full of happy juice his bits usually come in to play.Mine are clean enough, just not used as much, must be the fresh warm French air.

  10. stevepalmer1. 🙂

    Win, Lose or draw. Play hard and your best and no one can criticise.

    I can take defeat but when I see blatant decisions that are suspect I start to wonder. It’s not just my feelings its others as well. Harry Redknapp, Howard Webb, Glenn Hoddle, come on, these are all personnel that arguably hate us, but can’t understand the decisions? There has to be an underlining reason, just has to be.

    Cheers for your encouragement regards my Son.

    They play their last league game today, already having secured the title. I have been fortunate in life and been able to follow/support his football since he was an infant. I have seen mostly ALL of his games, home and away, and he is now 27 years old about to receive the trophy as their captain. So proud am I.

    Yes i have helped, encouraged, argued, and laughed all the way and enjoyed most of the seasons gone by.

    Thank you

  11. Glad to hear it VCC, boy i envy you mate. I played for 30 years and my old man never saw me kick a ball, Times were different back then, but had i had the chance i would have loved to be doing what your doing, hopefully my grandson will play 🙂

  12. Cold and wet Sunday mornings on Hackney Marshes….. still drunk from the night before and trying to kick a ball around a waterlogged and muddy pitch…. those were the days, loved ’em. Then down the pub afterwards for a few bevvies and a stripper….

  13. Good afternoon, On Coquelin being a target for refs, of course he is but that’s his own fault, he’s a serial offender, how many times has he been booked early in a game and gone on and commited another needless foul and been sent off?

    instead of using his brain, he jumps in two footed, instead of a subtle shirt tug or obstruction he scythes players down.

    Having said that, he was let down yesterday by Ramsey’s failure to track back and cover for Bellerin. who was left exposed time after time because of the Welshman’s indiscipline. Danny Rose was given a free run by Ramsey who persisted in roaming all over the pitch and frequently giving the ball away and making no attempt to retrieve it.

  14. I feel sad 😦
    For the first time I can remember I was actually content with a draw against the Spudz cuntz !…..what has it come to…….when my thoughts are not on whether Arsenal can win the league but we must not lose so we can hinder the Spudz cuntz chances of winning it !……………….and to want Leicester to win last night so it not put an enormous gap between them and us ,but it puts a gap between them and the Spudz cuntz !.
    My season has gone from thinking we will win it, to worrying that the Spudz cuntz will win it !. When I say worrying, I really do mean worrying !……it`s unbelievable the amount of stress the thought of them cuntz winning has put me under and I still not sure if Leicester`s 5 point gap is big enough !.
    Our only hope for this season is the FA Cup !…………………..I would bite your hand off now if it meant us winning it and finishing one point above the relegation zone !
    I`ve said it before……fuck the CL, keep our best players, make some proper acquisitions (and I dont mean £13M for just Cech and Elneny) and with no CL or EL we would have our best chance of winning the league, just 38 league games and domestic cups !………………….but, to win it in such circumstances would be the need for the departure of Arsene Wenger, as we need someone to spend the money. I say this as I dont know if any of you read the article which said Arsenal have the largest cash reserves of ANY team, we dwarf Mansour City and the rest !, yet it will be the rest that spend the money which they can not afford whilst Kroenke counts our/his healthy looking bank balance !
    Arsenal is the only sports club Kroenke Kuntz does not own outright !……which means, his other clubs are average…….they win fuck all !…………………so what chance have Aresenal got of spending big when he doesn`t even own us completely ?

    Kroenke Kunt out !.

  15. Cockie, a few years ago when Kroenke and Usmanov were jockeying for position to buy shares in Arsenal, one of Usmanov’s suggestions was that the club should pay a dividend to share holders. If that had come about much, much more than the £3 million taken by Kroenke each year would have been paid out. We wouldn’t have anywhere near the financial stability we have now.

    Whilst Kroenke may not be splashing his own cash, he’s not exactly milking the club either.

    Be careful what you wish for Cockie.

  16. NG
    He may not milk the club, but lets look at Abramvitc and the Mansours, I have no idea whether they take dividends and will be surprised if they made any seeing as they have both put in BIllions and it will take years to make an actuall profit, but lets look at how many trophies they have bought…..a lot more than Arsenal………are Chavs or mansour City fans thinking … carefull what you wish for ?………I dont think any of them would swap positions with Arsenal fans in the trophy departments, do they care that they have bought their trophies ?……would I care if any of their owners had bought our club outright and supplied so many trophies ?……..why would I worry about Usmanov doing the same, he is a self confessed Arsenal fan and is richer than Abramvitch !…….do I think that he would try his darnest to get one over Abaramvitch ?…….absofuckinglutelyfuckingyes !.

  17. Thank you for putting that link up cockie. FFS please don’t spend our money 😉

    Le Coq is a slightly better version than Frimpong, neither a Peter Storey.

    Overall we dented Spurs aspiration to win the league andit’s quite amusing that most of the season bloggers have argued if Walcott or Giroud should start and play as CF but now Welbeck is the front runner but as a false number 9.

    I still think we could finish anywhere in the top 6 but overall definitely deserved a point yesterday.

    We lost any chance of winning the league in our p[revious last two defeats IMO

    mertesacker has to go, it was embarrasing how he got caught out near the corner flag.

    Osp[ina did better than I thought but I watch the eyes and Sanchez stormed off after the game without even looking at the crowd.

    On a seperate matter these stop start penalties shouldn’t be allowed,Benteke a good example today.Surely it should be all in one motion.

  18. The funny thing about that link (and I know it`s based on 14 and 15 seasons ) is that Arsenal have 40% of what the whole of the EPL has in cash reserves !…..and between us and Manhafter Std we have 79% of the EPL cash balance !.
    Yet the Glaziers take money out of their club and also spend as well !……..we just hoard it !.
    I did say and to be fair I wasn`t the only one, that us not buying some quality players in the summer and January transfer windows would come back and bite Wenger on the arse and it looks like us lay people will be proved to know better yet again !.
    Like I said as well ………which got up the noses of quite a few Arsene Lickers…… our perennial injury history, he was grossly naive and that for a supposedly intelligent man is unacceptable and in any other business he would be lucky to still have a job !, but with Kroenke at the helm what do you expect !.

  19. I tell you what !…………….that link say`s we may have upto £250M cash reserves when the annual accounts come out in May………………….can you imagine the shit that hits the fan if we fail to win anything and dont even get CL !……………it may be worth it, just to laugh my arse off ! hahaha

  20. According to the Express, Wenger’s defining game will be Arsenal’s FA Cup fifth round replay at Hull on Tuesday.

    If the Gunners lose, Wenger is likely to be asked to leave the club at the end of the season.

    The Express say the decision to potentially replace Wenger was seriously considered after Arsenal’s third successive defeat at home to Swansea.

    lub insiders say the reaction of loyal supporters finally convinced directors that a change may be necessary.

    The Gunners still have a realistic chance of winning the Premier League title but fans made it clear they had enough at the Emirates, walking out 15 minutes before the end of the Swans game.

    Arsenal followed that up with a 2-2 draw against Tottenham yesterday.

    Patrick Vieira, who was captain during Arsenal’s glory years, is the favourite to succeed him.

    I believed this until I read the last sentence.

  21. Evening,
    Doesn’t it make you wonder who is lying to you, when you see Figures of Arsenals accounts. Obviously there is money available. I have made excuses for Arsene Wenger for years, believing that Arsenals resources were not up to our expectations of new players. For years we have watched our season start with weaknesses that we all saw. One season it was Defensive weaknesses, and throughout the season we watch pitiful errors take points away from us. Players of course have relative short career’s so a change of players happen quite often, defender one season a striker the next. Arsene Wenger always lets us believe the weakness will be cured before the next season starts, but always leaves a weakness, even though he may buy a cheaper player.

    Top four is still a massive achievement in a league with nineteen football clubs, A thirty million prize money payout for close on twenty years, is almost unheard of in modern football, so why does a club like Arsenal with regular champions league money, Television money and huge sponsor money always start a season with weaknesses.

    Previous seasons we have been in the hunt for Premier champions but we have never really believed that it was a possibility, as other clubs had snapped up players in the windows and ultimately scuppered our chances. How can Wenger not buy when it is obvious to all that we have weaknesses.

    This season has been different, FFP had taken its toll certain clubs made the mistake of over spending and faced fines from the Authorities, This season many clubs took it easy in the window or stayed within the rules. Arsenal started the season with our usual weaknesses but come Christmas we saw ourselves in good position, even though our weaknesses had been exposed many times.

    Mr Wenger had made another bad decision as how was he to know that the top clubs in the league would all lose form and struggle.Then low and behold we are in the top two, with a points gap of several points.

    In actual fact, this would have been our first real chance to win the Premiership since 2005, but for a penny pinching Manager, who is more interested in the clubs finances, than he is in what 60,000 paying supporters expect of him. Wenger has again started this season with injured strikers who would miss a huge amount of the season an Ailing centre back who is not up to the task, and he knew these weaknesses were there, and took us headlong forward when two full windows went past, and not rectifying. Manager error. Who keeps doing this every season and not being accountable,

    No matter how you perceive Arsene Wenger present or past you must realise that he cannot be allowed to keep making Errors, while a hefty fund keeps increasing. Sort out the weaknesses and at least give Arsenal a fighting chance.

  22. Morning,
    It seems that what is on all gunners mind, is the fact that Our North London rivals could well finish the season in a higher position than us. May even win the league. Well why shouldn’t they. They have played better football than us they have exciting players, they have a manager who has ventured into the transfer markets and brought what he believed to be players that will advance them. In actual fact Tottenham have invested many millions over the past few years, to help them achieve what has always been seen as a ridiculous exercise.

    Arsenal football club have had a good record of finishing in the top places, but never really threatening to win the league , We have always brought just enough to Qualify for European competitions but never really looking as if we could actually win it.

    The last sixteen is usually where we exit Europe, in fact it will happen again very shortly. Where we start off our season at a disadvantage is that we never fill our weaknesses up with quality players quite often just a couple of players but we seem to always start where our side will not be able to sustain the whole season.

    Tottenham may also blow out the last few games and finish in a lower position than they are now, but if their consistency continues they could well catch the leaders and take the crown. This weekends game with us was a mistake by them, being at home with the Arsenal in terrible form, they allowed a ten man team to come back from a 2.1 losing position to a 2.2 draw. That may well start Tottenham’s decline and give the confidence back that we have been missing, but what it wont cure is our weaknesses such as Defensive frailty’s and our striker failures to score goals. Giroud with 12 goals for the season Walcott with 4 and Wellbeck with 1, hardly league winning figures are they.

    Again we have a season of terrible defending, we cannot defend free kicks, corners, or fast attacks our coaches cannot get this side to actually mark anybody, and it is a weakness that will not be solved without new defenders.

    we may well finish in the top 4 spots but i doubt we will finish above our North London rivals ,Not that i know a great deal about their manager, but he does try and fill the weaknesses, and their money pot is smaller than ours

  23. Good moaning , good moaning…. and you Steve….. the games come thick and fast from now on…. practically two games a week for the next few weeks until the international break. Why the fuck do they have internationals at such an important period in the PL?

  24. Who could we use as a super hero,Wenger’s super hero’s of the past few years in Sqilacki or Diabi Gervinho Maybe even Bendtner Santos, they had about as much super hero in them as present day Walcott or Mertsacker.

    What happens when a player comes out and plays really well, like Campbell or Iwobi, we bench them for a few games just so they don’t burn out, while Sanchez Ramsey and Giroud can play every game. Now i realise that we have to make changes now and again but can anybody tell me why, out of the blue we have to have eight changes. Why would we make changes to a back four, leave out Monreal for Gibbs.

    Now i have to say that i am a supporter of rotation, i feel its a good way of taking pressure off some players, but i cannot see why anybody would make more than a couple of changes. Anybody can be rested after all that/s why we have a squad, but surely a one man change in a back line should be enough in any one game.

    When a player is clearly out of form why do we continue with them when other players are in form and sitting waiting for the 63 minutes to go past, and then be asked to come on and change a score, Week after week we see an out of form player give the ball away, we see he has changed his normal position because the manager still wants to use him, Why the man is out of form.

    Why does a holding midfielder have to make way for an out of form Walcott, only to see us struggle in midfield, and Walcott hiding from the action, Am i missing something, and can one of you explain these tactics as i am at a loss.

  25. I have altered my thinking.We could finish anywhere between 1st and 7th.Most fans are more worried about Spurs finishing above us than us staying in the CL places.
    No easy games left,no consistency and some players totally out of form, others totally pissed off. Not good, not good at all.

  26. “I believe that opinions are opinions,” the Frenchman said. “I do my job and one day someone will replace me and will replace you.

    Err, whatever you say AW 😉

  27. NB, i wonder who would want to pick our players in the form their in, The ones who have played well could do with a break, but will almost certainly be called up. Perhaps that’s why he has benched them.

  28. Evening Gays !

    I`m getting ready for one helluva pants wetting side splitting laughathon if Wenger plays a weakened team against Hull and loses !……………………we will be talikng industrial…possibly nuclear strength sized fan that is going to have take be strong enough to take the amount of shit that hits it !

    or laugh your fucking head off !

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