Arsenal couldn’t get a Hull in one!

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The Gunners couldn’t do it first time round, but they’ve got a second chance tonight to move on to the FA Cup quarter finals.

Our game at the home of the shadow dwellers will have instilled some confidence into the side so hopefully, we’ll comprehensively dispatch Hull City to where they belong.

I’m hoping Mr Wenger doesn’t tinker with the side too much, Monreal should be back in the side after his rest at the weekend, Kos and Petr Cech are still absent and Coquelin will be serving a one match ban following his stupid red card against the Spervs.

So Paul Easter will play alongside the BFG again, Flamini will probably come in for le Coq, but apart from that, I hope the team stays the same as that that got the draw on Saturday.

Welbeck has to play upfront, Giroud on the bench and maybe Sanchez will be given a rest and Iwobi comes in. Ospina had a good game at the weekend and my confidence in him as our N°2 keeper rose slightly.

Hull will probably make several changes but we learned in the first game against them that this doesn’t guarentee us a win.

The boys need to keep their concentration throughout the game, this could be our only chance of silverware this season so they have to advance to the quarters.

I’m looking forward to the game and hoping to see some improvements to our game plan and style. Enjoy the game where ever you’ll be watching it.

Come on you fucking Gunners!



74 thoughts on “Arsenal couldn’t get a Hull in one!

  1. Bonjour Soixante-Neuf, I’ve given up trying to figure out Wenger’s selection policy, if there is one, so I won’t try to guess what he will do today.

    Didn’t he say before the Spuds game that Monreal had a leetle calf injury? How could he have recovered so quickly? More Wenger bullshit.

    Whoever plays I sincerely hope they arrive in the right mood, if we lose tonight that will effectively end our season, even fourth place will be at risk.

    A tout a l’heure.

  2. Morning all, working, so this will be quick, hopefully put this game to bed early, looks like the knifes are out for Wenger, but that’s his own fault, he says he doesn’t listen to all that so how does he fucking know. He better get it right tonight or swords will be out tomorrow.

  3. Hull have only scored 1 goal in their last 4 games and have now slipped to 3rd place in the Championship but they have only given up 2 goals in their last 7 games.

    It looks like we have a real battle on our hands – this will not be an easy game – but one would hope that we have both the physical and mental resources to win by the odd goal and I don’t care how odd the goal is 🙂 🙂 🙂

  4. Good afternoon you old gits 🙂

    The odd goal will do me too,

    Norfolk, I’ll be a bit worried with Elneny and Flamini playing together, Flamini gets forward far too often for a DM and Elneny likes to get forward as well…. could be a recipe for disaster.

  5. Soixante-Neuf, it depends what instructions, if any, Wenger gives them. Whatever they are Flamini will ignore them, Elneny hasn’t been at the club long enough to know that Wenger’s instructions are only really suggestions and can be ignored with impunity. So he may stick to his proper job, I expect Flamini to get booked inside the first ten minutes and dismissed by half time.

  6. To answer `69ers comment of…..”Cockie, love the cup…. I want one ha ha”….on the last post !.
    Want one ?…….you are one !.

  7. No fucking about tonight !…………………… the strongest side available, then there`s a long break to Sunday`s quarter final !………….fuck about with a patched up side giving Hull no respect and we will have another Sheff Wed` result on our hands !

  8. Six changes. Wow. I hope Wenger knows what he is doing. Surely he isn’t saving some players for the Barcelona game?

  9. I agree, the strongest side we can muster. At the moment we don’t look like a side that can put a team of novices in although they would be in better form, but i don’t think we have that many..
    It seems we play terrible when we play a dodgy side, Hull can play, and will be a tough ask so go with all our top stars that are in form. Campbell should give us a good nights graft if he plays, We will need players who will get back when Flamoni wanders, Ramsey’s form is still iffy, back flicks and back heels should be kept to a minimum sensible football and accurate passing is what is needed, We can play very well when we keep it simple, The less give away balls the better, it was hard work last time but most of that was down to giving the ball away.

    See a chance and shoot, they will be packed at the back, and walking the ball in is not the way. Make them work for every chance they get and don’t hand it to them on a plate.. Ospina Played all right the other night, but he had a really good night , lets not rely on that again.

    Who knows how Wenger will see this game is anybodies guess, but i am sure i wont like it..

  10. If we lose, Wenger will rightly be crucified !……if we win, he would have got lucky !………….may be Hull are playing their U10`s !.

  11. I love him really, but he opens himself up to all avenues of satire !……………….thanks Arsene !. hahaha

  12. Looking at Wenger’s selection it’s hard to believe that this could be our only chance of silverware for another season.

    Our best two players Ozil and Alexis on the bench, two strikers currently firing blanks and another pick and mix defence.

    What is Wenger saving players for, lose tonight and we’ve got a home game against WBA in the chase for fourth place at the weekend.


  13. Where the fuck is Bellerin ?……………….probably in Barcelona spying on his next club !.

  14. NG……………………for Kroenke 4th place is more important than winning the FA Cup !

  15. Gbi working well both seem to have football brainsot to say since Mertsacker went off the ball is coming out of defence quicker, Campbell and Iwobo working well and working hard Arsene had a word with Walcott your fucking shit walcott you have no football brain whatsoever any more of that shit play and I’ll take Campbell off

  16. In Arsène we Trust….. it was sick to see the banner at the end…. If I’d been there I would have gone over and taken it off them…. the cunts

  17. Wasn’t to keen on the starting line up, but Wenger knew best, Iwobi and Campbell worked well, I still believe Walcott is rubbish but he did take his goals well. Mertsacker injured Ramsey Gabriel but to be honest none have been brilliant, Just seen Wengers interview and it seems that BFG is not bad Gabby has a thigh problem Ramsey not too bad’

    What can you say when your team score 4 goals, only well done Arsenal , you surprised me with that result. I have given Wenger some stick just lately, but i did not like the banner and thought the tv people could have kept away from it, if a naked tart ran out ,we would have seen the other end of the field . they must have felt bad themselves after winning 4,0 or i hope they did.

  18. Oh Fuck – we won 4-0 and had all of our established CB’s injured – it’s all that bloody Wenger’s fault – oh dear I just emulated a Doomer 😦 😦 😦

    Our doomer society have been having a field day raking AW over the coals for not buying an established striker – I guess the next story will be that we should have spent money on shoring up our defence???

    Well done Steve for realizing that even AW gets it right – sometimes 🙂 🙂

    The KC Stadium was a carbon copy of The Emirates – Deathly quiet – I really do believe that supporters have forgotten how to support and now think their job is to be a critic 😦 😦

    Feeling bitter – you better believe it – especially since our away “supporters” held up a huge sign at the end of the game saying ” Thanks for the memories Arsene – but it’s time to say goodbye”

    Fucking pricks how disgraceful.

    I’m so glad that a few of us stay positive – well done to the anti Doomers among us 🙂 🙂 :0

  19. Magnificent effort there…….Terry, who needs commentators when we have you. Biased towards Wenger? Well only a smidgen perhaps. 😀

    Perhaps that will give a bit of belief to our players, four good goals all well taken by what I called earlier, a pair of strikers firing blanks. What do I know eh?

    Yep, a good result against a tuppeny-happeny team from the Championship.

  20. Hats off to Wenger. Credit where credit is due. Spot on last night.

    Very concerned about our growing injury list though.

  21. Morning all, good result shame about the injuries, Well done Terry last night, a proper Wenger supporter.
    Nice to see N5 come out of hiding after the result,love nothing better than a healthy comment after a result 🙂

    Wenger got it right last night, but I have to say he has a funny way to show it with that line up, I said last night that Wenger knows best, and perhaps last night he did, but why take a chance like that. It’s my belief you field as strong a side that you can. I am wrong a lot, but I believe we got lucky.

    Even so we won, and the team deserve praise. Now have we a team for Sunday. 😦

  22. ‘morning Steve, no need to worry about Sunday the BFG has four days to get over his headache, should have given him a couple of paracetamol and let him play on. 😀

    Bellerin, Merts or Chambers, Monreal, Gibbs. That looks good enough to me. I’ve been pleasantly surprised by Ospina, he’s done much better than I expected.

    Let Coq will be back alongside Elneny in midfield. Ozil to pull the strings, Alexis and our two hotshot strikers Giroud and your favourite Walcott, will be good enough to see off Watford, and Barca.

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