The Arsenal curse…. injuries!

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It was a good game last night, Arsène offered advice and tactics to his boys and they did the business. Giroud (FP) and Walcott (NEB) got on the score sheet, a brace apiece and we dispatched Hull to the hole they crawled out of…. plus Gibbo and the Egyptian both had good games and both should have been on the score sheet as well, with two brilliant long range shots…. I want to see more of that please Arsène. I don’t think it will be long before we see Elneny sticking them in from 25 yards.

However, the victory came at a price, the BFG, Paul Easter and Ramsey on the injury list. The BFG is fairly simple, just a fucking scratch on his head, but Easter probably has a muscle injury and Ramsey also, apparently he came on to the pitch without a warm up and bing, a fucking muscle gets pulled…. why do we do that, what’s wrong with waiting five or ten minutes to let the player get his body warmed up sufficiently before going on?

Overall we played a good game, despite playing a numpty side from the championship (Norfolk). The injuries will be a concern though with Watford to play in the quarter final on Sunday. We’ll have Chambers and hopefully Koscielny as CBs, Bellerin and Monreal both back, Le big Coq back at DM and Elneny playing the Ramsey role plus Ozil, Sanchez and Welbeck……….. fucking hell, it don’t look too bad, especially if the French Poof and the Nice English Boy have started to hit some goal scoring form.

I reckon Arsène (the tactical genius) should plan to play Barca next week with a second XI, give some of our teenagers an experience at the Nou Camp that will stand them in good stead for future games. We need to concentrate on the PL and the FAC now, still possible to do the double.

Ok, just one more thing….. those cunts with the flag should get a fucking kicking, I wish I’d been there, I would have gone over and taken it off the fucking wankers. It does no good for the club, the players or the manager. More so after such a good performance.

So, if any of those twitter AOB’s read this blog….. you are all CUNTZ and don’t deserve to support a team like the Arsenal…. fuck off and support City or the Chavs.

I trust Arsène and I support the club and players.



123 thoughts on “The Arsenal curse…. injuries!

  1. Good morning Arsène fillers

    Quarter final on Sunday…. nice to have the next FA Cup game so soon after an emphatic win, confidence will be high and we are just about to hit an unbeaten run till the end of the season.

  2. Bonjour Soixante-Neuf, it’s pissing down here and looks like doing so for the rest of the day, but who cares? We’re through to the quarter finals of the oldest cup competition in the World. How did we not manage to beat tuppenny-happeney Hull first time round?

    I won’t be able to watch Sunday’s game live, we’ve got the entire family coming to lunch, hopefully they’ll be gone by six so I can watch the recording before heading off to present my latest quiz at the British Legion club.

    Almost time for a swim. A tout a l’heure.

  3. Morning Arsene Lickers !

    Bit tired !… was a long trek to Hull and back, but folding up the banner knackered me !………………..also had a few rumbles with some Arsene supporters who had the fucking audacity to try and unveil a ….” Youy`re Doing a great job Arsene, especially in the transfer market, please stay ! “….banner !…….and some were fucking singing…..” There`s only one Arsene Wenger ! “……………..Kuntz !……….I`m so pissed off with myself for forgetting to bring my AK47 and had to slap them with my bruised banana instead !.

    Cant wait for Sunday`s FA Cup quarter final….proper competition unlike them meaningless just money making CL games !…..who the fuck gets excited about them !.
    Right !…off !……have to see some dodgy Greek bastard about some 6000 used…”In Arsene We Thrust” condoms !……………….going to rub out the “Th” and do a protest up the Cock End on Sunday !.

  4. I thought NG was just an inbred !… he`s going to eat his relatives by 6 !……………………..I bet one of the quiz questions is…..which of my relatives tastes the nicest ?

  5. That banner has been displayed quite a few times over the years, not a one off !…..cant believe that someone has not come up with the idea of making a banner with…..” CUNTS” written on it with an arrow pointing down !……..then just sit above the other nice fellows and unviel !. hahaha

  6. Cockie, On Twitter Ian Wright called him a ‘knobend’…. I’m with Wrighty 🙂

    And I see that Rasputin the dirty peaches fucker has put up a post about free speech… fucking knobend ha ha ha

  7. They are fucking hypocrites !…….especially Big Raddy…………………Big Pussy !.
    That cunt has banned me because I criticised him !. He took off my Andreas Wank comment, which was fair enough, but he said ” Not Funny!”. I then commented something along the lines that he had said something similar once before and like the Andreas Wank comment it was followed by someone else finding it funny, so I said …… obviously he is a worlld expert on what is humour or not !.
    I then went on as an old avatar with some normal comments and then he stopped me commenting again !.
    I thought it was an open site with no owner, but the moderators are the owners and Big Pussy abuses his position by banning even normal comments if he doesn`t like the blogger !
    Great site ruined by a handfull of tossers and fingerers !.

  8. Now this really does take the fucking biscuit from Rasp:

    Rasp says:
    March 9, 2016 at 11:50 am

    “No problem Chas, I literally wrote it over a cup of tea. I dislike the fact that the banner holders in someway will be viewed as representing me as an Arsenal supporter, but I also believe in the old adage. – although I disagree with what you’re saying I would fight to for your right just to say it”

    What a fucking hypocrite…..

  9. hahaha…………………..I would get Transplant to unveil that banner at the Emirates !…..wont blame him if he doesn`t as they save him a lot of money on toilet paper the way they lick out his rectum !.

  10. Shame Rasp comes out with such hypocracy as I`ve met him and honestly, he is a really nice cunt !.

  11. This is the geezer who put up the banner last night…. no wonder Wrighty called him a knob-end, he’s more than that…. and he deserves a fucking smack

  12. You perked my interest NB so I just posted this over on AA – Lets see how long it lasts!!


    GunnerN5 says:
    March 9, 2016 at 12:42 pm

    Come on – wake up to yourself Rasp.

    The worst form of double standards is the delete button – which is used with impunity right here on AA.

    But I guess nobody will get to read this – will they?

  13. And here is the hypocritical reply GN5…

    From Rasp

    “That’s patent nonsense GN5.

    Comments by you or anyone else that come up on this site that are unnecessarily offensive to others will be deleted ….and do you know why? …. it’s because we have the right to run this blog in any way we choose.”

    Take your pick of any number of sites that welcome that sort of behaviour, but if you want to come on here … behave

  14. ha ha ha “unnecessarily offensive”…. like Cockie having fun about someone called Wank…

    and this sums the blog up….” it’s because we have the right to run this blog in any way we choose.””

    So behave GN5, you rebellious old git ha ha

  15. GN5… you have noticed haven’t you that Rasp posts under several pseudonyms just to get the comments count up…. just watch, he tends to reply immediately to a comment by a new name, ie: Nice comment Hector… or wellk said so and so… or, oh what a great comment Rectum, I want to lick your arse. The bloke is fucking radio… truly radio.

  16. Yep, all of his comments are self fulfilling praise.

    Free speech my arse – free speech on AA means it has to be Free of any form of criticism of the gang of two!!!

  17. I hope none of you fuckers in the UK vote against staying in Europe…. it will be a fucking nightmare for us Ex Pats, I’ll have to get a new Work permit, I’ll have loads of problems with my UK driving licence, I’ll probably lose my health care benefits and I won’t be able to claim the dole when I hit hard times…… so you cunts, vote EU… stay in and stay connected…. if not, you’ll be sorry. 🙂

  18. Become a naturalized Frenchman 69 and you can live under the yoke of the unelected mob of crooks who run the EU.

    Out! Out! Out!

  19. Norfolk… I missed my chance for dual nationality when married to a French woman… now divorced and can’t apply…. I was a mug, shoukd have gone for it but my British pride stood in the way ha ha

  20. Evening all, Having listened to what the guy holding the banner up, had to say, i felt he does have a point. Many Gooners have not been happy for a long time, Many will say the guy is wrong and call him names, But when you actually listen he is asking for what many supporters have been asking for Players when we are weak in certain positions. Last Night watching the game i never liked the starting lone up, Many of our top stars was on the bench, and i felt the team had too many changes. Come the end of the Game and we had a 4’0 win many would say Wenger knew best, but if you had reservations like i had you would have felt relief. Banner Waver expressed that same feeling nut had the balls to say what many were actually feeling, He said that it wasn’t a mark of disrespect although many would disagree. He addewd that Wenger has been very good for Arsenal but he felt it was time for new blood and a manager who would buy players when we need them.

    Now of course the timing was bad a 4.0 win is not really the time to hold a banner up, and last night i have to say i wasn’t much pleased, even so i believe the banner holder has spoken for many supporters and after he explained i understan his thoughts.

    I have to say that i have also been calling for change , Arsenal need players, have for years we start every season with weaknesses and throughout a season his decisions have come back to bite us. Wenger will not change his spending he wont change his policies and our injuries will continue, it is time for change as we have to look forward.

    As far as Farage’s Speach, i also agree with him, Europe have us tied up. We need to vote OUT Rule ourselves and not be ruled by French Or Germans,

    As for the guys who keep posting on AA what is it with you. You know what they think of you. why keep on and on, Take it on the chin and move on.

    No doubt i will upset every body with those comment but i thought i was on a blog with free speach.

  21. Steve, there is a fine line between free speech and irking other people and you often cross the line in the name of free speech.

    ie: “As for the guys who keep posting on AA what is it with you. You know what they think of you. why keep on and on, Take it on the chin and move on.”

    What is to be gained by you making that comment?
    Or were you simply stroking your own ego?
    Frankly it’s none of your business what I post or where I post.

    And about keeping on and on – totally pot and kettle my friend.

  22. I must be a cunt as well then ! hahaha
    I cant see any disrespect in that interview and agree with Kango.
    Wenger has had chances galore to improve a squad he knows historically will get injuries and last night was like the perfect Arsenal injury storm, it`s so ludicrous you have to laugh at 3 players getting injured or just cry !.

    As for Europe !…… know what !…… honestly I have never voted in my life as I think they all lie through their teeth and none of them can be trusted………from dodgy expenses scandals to back handers to kiddy fiddling to prostitutes….well you name it, they have done it !……however Europe is the first time I have concerns. I would love an impartial expert to tell us what it means in money and wealth terms to be in or out and how it effects us financially, but it`s impossible to find an exact science to tell us the truth !. Pro`s and Cons will all have their accountants to tell us what they want us to hear, but probably not the truth.
    As someone who earns fuck all and on benefits, it will probably make no difference financially to me what so ever !. I pay hardly any tax, have a reasonably low mortgage and do not drink, smoke, gamble, take drugs or go to massage parlours !. Live in an area of great beauty and feel like I`m still on holiday even after being here for more than 25 years !.
    So !, Europe or not will hardly effect me financially whatsoever !. I now have to think what will make me vote yay or nay and this is simple for me, I have been brought up in a country that is built on immigration and all my childhood friends are from immigrant families, I have non english relatives through marriage who I love, but for their sakes and the sakes of my immediate family I have to vote out of Europe and it`s because of the terror effect of Islamic terrorists….not proper law abiding Muslims, but evil people who try and hide behind a religeon.
    We have to be independant if we are to take control of our borders and stop the tide of evil that is trying to destroy all our nation of great and different nationalities !……………….that is my only reason to vote, the threat of extreme terrorism entering our country through europe`s open borders and it will be worse when Turkey is given freedom to move anywhere making Europe`s border basically the Syrian one !.

    So sorry `69er, you`ll just have put a Frenchie up the duff !.

  23. GN5, so we are not to express an opinion for fear of “irking” someone. Doesn’t sound much like free speech to me.

    When someone’s opinions become repetitious I stop reading them. But I wouldn’t dream of stopping them expressing those opinions.

  24. Cockie I was born in the middle of WW11, I grew up to believe that I lived in a free, independent country that my father fought to preserve, that three of my uncle’s died to preserve. Gradually our country’s independence and sovereignty has been eroded by being a member of the European Union.

    I want the parliament that I elect to be the parliament that governs the country I live in. I want the final say in legal matters to be decided by a British court.

    I do not want to the country I live in to be subsumed into a vast undemocratic bureaucracy run by an unelected bunch of crooks.

    Out! Out! Out!

  25. Norfolk you simply being pedantic.

    My whole point is that it’s inappropriate to make personal comments.
    I don’t give two fucks what people post until the comments become personal – then I have a right to and will react.

  26. Evening all,
    Cocky very interesting read, I agree with a lot of what you have said, When thinking about some of what you said, Many of us stem from foreign ancestors, we have been invaded from all quarters s none of us are pure bred.

    Europe invaded us many years ago, and we have a mixture of bloods in us. I have often wondered why our leaders have been so intent on mixing the bloods and my only answer to it is that like the old song melting pot, we end up all mixed up and coffee coloured.

    Why should our leaders want or force us to breed together, what’s in it for them.. When you consider throughout the world how many religions are present and how many people and countries have tried to keep themselves to themselves, the powers at be will not allow them too.

    Muslin countries have their own beliefs, they have kept their women down for years and their leaders have held closed shop countries, Who would ever expect them to ever want to mix with with non Muslim. Many of those countries are now being invaded, and they are having to flee their countries for safety reasons or that is what we are being led to believe.

    The ultimate question is why. Now when you have a world set up like ours is why should you have blacks one side of the world whites somewhere else reds and yellows some where else Israeli Arabs and everyone else in other places all slightly different.. I have asked myself many times why a person is black or white red or yellow and i don’t believe it matters where they originate from as where ever they have moved to, they still stay the same colour, so its not location.

    Although we all look different the one thing that is the same, is we all are compatible as far as breeding is concerned. With that in mind we have to look back to when Man first appeared on the earth, and i have to wonder why we all started off where we started and the oceans separating the different creeds.

    Now whoever was responsible for setting up the world, You have to ask yourself why we are not all the same. Was the creator God or was they Aliens who set up an experiment to see how long it would be before we all mixed and what would be the point of that you may well ask. I have asked that same question many times and all i can come up with is that when we are all mixed with all our blood fully mixed. Perhaps the answer may be a super race.

    When you see people who have extra sensory perception, and others with what seems special talents, it seems obvious that we were probably meant to be this way, but perhaps its taken to long, The religions have stopped the natural progress, so now the authorities have stepped in to make it happen.

    Many Presidents and top people have all stated that they believe in UFO’s Astronauts have claimed to have seen them Aircraft pilots educated people have also claimed to have seen them, plus thousands of normal people as well. That being the case perhaps they have spoken to the powers at be, and told them to speed up the program. Scary. may be a load of shit, but answer me why.when Nations have been quite content, they wont leave them alone.

    Gn5, you think i am a nutter, you probably are right mate, never meant to insult you mate, thats not my game. .

  27. You don’t think it appropriate to make personal comments GN5, yet you frequently use the derogatory word doomer to describe people and putting a smiley face after it doesn’t make it any less insulting.

    Have a look at yourself before climbing on your high horse.

  28. Morning Girls.

    Lets stop fighting and have a love in. 😉

    I have frequented a few Arsenal blogs, two in particular, and tried to get along with everyone.

    Unfortunately, for one reason or other, because my views are not “standard” to the “in crowd” I have found myself being ignored or insulted.

    Lets try and build this site up as 69er is extremely tolerant to all comers, and allows much more than any other site.

    Be courteous and respect others views.

    I have had a love in with Arsene Wenger for many years, but I feel he has gone stale and we are in need of change and fresh blood. Because I vent these feelings on one or two other sites I get either ignored, how very dare you, or an ignorant clip of a hippopotamus farting. The last entry brings howls of laughter, but if Cockie (not one of the favourites on there) puts anything slightly in the same vein he gets reprimanded!!!!!!

    AW is the same age as myself and I know how I have slowed down and tired these past few years. It still doesn’t say that he has done a crap job, quite the opposite. He has made Arsenal a global brand and we have played some wonderful football under his command.

    But, these past couple of seasons he is making the same old mistakes, and being such a stubborn Frenchman, will not waiver from his beliefs, although others ridicule and laugh at his antics and purchases.

    Fingers crossed we get a win this week end and go all the way to Wembley and win the FA Cup AGAIN.


  29. Just been down for a blood test and got a paper on the way, plenty of people in front of me and that was at half past seven. But that gave me time to read some of the paper, and apparently unbeknown to Mr Wenger, the players had a get together to try and work out what the fuck is going on with their form, Apparently this was before the Spuds game and although it was Walcott telling the story, he wouldn’t say what was said, but he did say that extra effort went into that game and the players were happy that they came back to draw from being a man down.

    Well i read into that, that they felt they hadn’t been doing the business ans Management had not found the answer. I hope that the players have found what was missing and a bit of normality will come back.

    Aaron Ramsey has a scan on his thigh today hopefully the player will be short term, But apparently it looks the same injury that Walcott had,. so don’t expect him to come rushing back.

    Now i can feel a little animosity between our blogger’s , and i put that down to our fucking shit results, i don’t believe any of us are trying to upset one another, so i urge all half a dozen of us, to try and be the supporter we know we are, Yes we have our issues but that’s what blogging is about different views and remedies to try and find the answers. I know i can talk a load of shit at times, but i would not want to hurt anybodies feelings. I just want the Arsenal where i feel they deserve to be, up the fucking top. 🙂

  30. ‘morning VCC and Steve, and of course anyone else out there.

    Good idea VCC, let’s all get on but I see nothing wrong with a bit of disagreement. There’s no point in blogging if you can’t have a bit if a ruck, no need to be offensive but equally there’s no need to water down comments for fear of needling someone.

    My view on Wenger seems to match yours VCC, bed us a marvellous job when he came but the last few years have been pretty disappointing. Two FA Cup wins probably kept him in the job but under his leadership (?) we have stagnated. Lack of ambition? Too much loyalty to “his” players? Failure make truly significant improvements to the squad? All these criticisms can rightly be levelled at him. The most serious of his perceived failings though is surely his stubbornness in not being prepared to accept that some of those players are not as good as he imagines.

    Time for a change? It’s got to happen sometime.

  31. Morning ladies

    For fuck sake… handbags at twenty paces ha ha

    I don’t really give a shit about peoples views but everyone has them and it’s about accepting something different from your own point of view and then moving on…. here on GunnersoreArse we are a group of degenerate misfits who have been ostracised, ignored or banned from other blogs, I think that says something about us…. we are prepared to say things which others are not comfortable with…. long may it continue 🙂

  32. I even think that the arsehole Marmite has a right to put up his banner telling Wenger thanks for the memories, however, that wouldn’t stop me going over to him and his flag, squirting lighter fuel on it and putting a match to the flag. He has his view, I have mine….. his flag goes up in flames and I move on ha ha ha

  33. Morning StevieP

    I want you and GN5 to kiss and make up…. give each other a blow job if you wish and then you can both move on with smiles on your faces 😀

  34. The point i feel with the flag has enlightened all of us. At first i felt it was an insult, but when i listened to the guy, he has a similar view to mine, But what it has shown is that some of that goes upstair’s and they must be uncomfortable.

    I would expect the stewards and marshals will be looking out for banners, and it could be difficult to see it at home, but i feel this is not the last time we will see it, and if it does make them upstairs think, they may spend some fucking money.

  35. NB, Me and N5 will never be mates, i think that is pretty clear, We dont think the same and probably never will. But i have views the same as him, obviously he doesn’t like mine, i don’t really give a shit but i dont want him thinking i am digging him out from the rest as that has never been my intention

  36. Steve

    I don’t think that one little flag is going to make any fucking difference, the only message the club will understand is if fans truly are pissed off, they stay away from games and it hits them in the bank balance…. but that will never happen.

  37. NB, the banner expressed a sentiment many Arsenal fans have sympathy with but after a four nil away win it was the wrong time to flaunt it.

    Steve, them upstairs will follow Wenger’s lead and ignore that and any other protest mounted by the customers.

  38. While “many” may agree with the views of the degenerate idiot who held up the flag the vast majority of Arsenal supporters have a very different view of Arsene’s past and current achievements.

    I could go to the length of listing AW’s record against all of our past manager’s and every other PL manager – but I won’t bother as I know it will fall on deaf ears and blind eyes.

    My views have been developed over the 78 years of my life and are very unlikely to change – and I make no apology for that.

    I will simply say that the easiest job in the whole wide world is that of a football critic who garnishes all of his knowledge after the fact. A football manager has to make many of his decisions years ahead and every decision has to be ahead of the fact.

    Finally – Arsene Wenger is the best manager in Arsenal’s history and his record of achievements will be nigh on impossible for any future manager to emulate.

  39. We are all aware of Wenger’s place in the pantheon of Arsenal legends GN5, and I’m sure we all acknowledge the excellent job he has done for the club. Equally most of us concede that change is inevitable. Some of us think that change should come sooner rather than later.

    I don’t expect you to agree with me, nor do I expect that anything I say will in anyway alter your opinions.

    I do find it a little sad that you refer to the banner waver as a degenerate, but that is your opinion and you are, of course, free to express it.

  40. Norfolk you will note that I said “unlikely to change” I did not say “anything I say will in anyway alter your opinions”

    Your interpretation is incorrect, I always modify my opinion based on sound and logical argument – but never based on emotional, rhetorical views.

  41. You’re quite right GN5, you did not say “‘anything I say will in anyway alter your opinions”, I said it. As you didn’t say it, I couldn’t misinterpret it.

    How you form, or indeed modify, your opinion is your own business in which I have no interest.

    This particular conversation has become tedious in the extreme, so I’m unilaterally terminating it.

  42. There are only a few of us on this site and it’s become painfully obvious that we will never be able to have a harmonious dialogue so I’ve decided to simply post factual data and I will no longer comment on that which I find unpalatable.

  43. Evening all, We are all Arsenal fans and we all have differing opinions, Of course Wenger has done very well for us and top four finishing is a magnificent achievement for any Manager.
    Fans can be very fickle, we all have our club as one of the top clubs in the world, but it has to be said we don’t come up with the results that other top clubs seem to.

    Whatever way you view our club, you must see that we have several problems that seem to happen every season, Injuries befall all teams, but ours do seem to be more than others. I also feel that we start our season with obvious weaknesses. This is not a new trend, as we always seem to be struggling. Mr Wenger would do well to listen to the supporter as they are the ones who pay the wages.

    Obviously the club appointed Mr Wenger and have faith in his ability, when he first came he was quite radical in his methods, but the club were winning things and the fans automatically felt he knew what was best at that time. When results started to change, many believed the cost of the stadium was the reason for selling top stars, and really replacing with lesser players.

    Mr Wenger maintained our finishing position but could not compete in silverware. The fans were patient for several years but they still had opinions that we were a selling club, and we sold those players to our immediate rivals, who went on to win titles and cups.

    Now everybody would say that could happen to any club, but where they replace with quality we don’t replace at all. Now whether you are a Wenger supporter or not. you must see that that is not going to help us along the way.

    Mr Wenger, whether he is told he cannot spend on quality, so he has to buy cheaper options , who knows, but it does get wearing for a supporter. We are told that money is available to buy whoever he chooses, and his buys are questionable. Yes we have won two FA cups in the last couple of years but it was a long time before that, that we made any impression on the leagues.

    We hear all the time that we are in the top ten of wealthiest clubs, our tickets are the most expensive you can buy, and we have fantastic sponsors and of course the TV money coming in, So why should we start a season weakened, when we have the resources to keep the best players coming in.

    Why on earth when fighting for a league title, do we not buy who we need, and instead we buy a player for another position, who the Manager admits was not ready for Premier league football, surely he must be questioned

    Many managers get sacked every season for failure, it may not be their fault as some clubs have not the funds to buy players, but we do, and those clubs are beating us. Does that not make waves, or make you question what is going on.

    Many supporters may well support |Mr Wenger whatever happens, i feel that’s their right, but dont expect the many who don’t understand his methods, and are unhappy. and now they are asking for change. How ever you view what’s happening at Arsenal, you must also want success as well.

  44. Nice post Steve . Can’t argue with what you say.

    My experience of my local Arsenal supporters is not that they want Wenger to break the bank and spend big, just reinforce and tweak things here and there.

    He must be the most loyal manager in history. He should have shipped out Arteta, Rosicky, Ox, Flamini, long ago.

    It was painfully obvious to the sane person that these players were passed it and no
    Longer strong enough to help push for top honours.

    Even with his frugal ways,surely without the wages of those four players we could have purchased maybe two younger, fitter players that could sustain the pressures of the premier league.

    I wonder what he will do in the close season regarding recruitment?

  45. Steve, you are welcome to your opinion but as we both know it’s not a view that I share and therefore I will limit my response.

    Success means different things to different people, to me it means the following.

    I. Running a self sustaining club that my children and grandchild will be able to support.
    2. Supporting a club that I can be proud of.
    3. Being competitive, as possible, in all competitions we enter.
    4. Watching some of the world’s best players week in and week out.
    5. Playing football that is attractive to watch.
    6. Winning our fair share of trophy’s.
    7. Watching the best players in Europe play at the Emirates

    I will refrain from listing the elements that I do not necessarily feel are important to our success.

  46. 50 Shades of Grey for Seniors

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    And that’s how the fight started…..


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    And that’s when the fight started…

  49. I took my wife to a restaurant.

    The waiter, for some reason, took my order first.

    “I’ll have the rump steak, rare, please.”

    He said, “Aren’t you worried about the mad cow?”

    “Nah, she can order for herself.”

    And that’s when the fight started…..

  50. My wife was at her high school reunion, and she kept staring at a drunk

    swigging his drink as he sat alone at a nearby table.

    I asked her, “Do you know him?”

    “Yes”, she sighed, he’s my old boyfriend. He began drinking right after we

    split up years ago, and hasn’t been sober since.”

    “My God!” I said, “Who would think a person could go on celebrating that


    And then the fight started…

  51. My wife sat down next to me as I was flipping channels.

    She asked, “What’s on TV?”

    I said, “Lots of dust”.

    And then the fight started…

  52. My wife was hinting about what she wanted for our upcoming anniversary.

    She said, “I want something shiny that goes from 0 to 185 in about 2 seconds.”

    I bought her a bathroom scale.

    And then the fight started….

  53. After retiring, I went to the Social Security office to apply for benefits.

    The woman behind the counter asked me for my driver’s License to verify my age.

    I looked in my pockets and realized I had left it at home. I told the woman


    would have to go home and come back later.

    The woman said, ‘Unbutton your shirt’. So I opened my shirt revealing my


    silver chest hair. She said, ‘That silver hair on your chest is proof

    enough for me’ and she processed my Social Security application.

    When I got home, I told my wife about my experience at the Social Security


    She said, ‘You should have dropped your pants. You might have gotten

    disability too.’

    And then the fight started…

  54. My wife was standing naked, looking in the bedroom mirror.

    She was not happy with what she saw and said to me,

    “I feel horrible; I look old, fat and ugly. I really need you to pay me a compliment.”

    I replied, “Your eyesight’s damn near perfect.”

    That’s when the fight began …

  55. GN5 of course i know that you would have differing views and of course that is the right of every supporter. I looked at what you perceive to be important to you.
    We are talking Managers here, Running a self sustaining club is for the board room people and not the Manager Supporting a club you can be proud of, That is only due to our past and not really the present.
    Being competitive in all competitions, we have only won the FA cup so when have we been competitive in other comps, we cant even win the silly cup.
    Watching some of the worlds best players, are we talking about our players or others
    Playing football that is attractive to watch, most supporters hide behind a settee. I have said enough as we obviously see football differently

  56. Personally speaking and not being nasty……I hate you all the same and it`s only that you are Arsenal supporters that I dont find you all and kill you !
    Although I did accidently kill VCC !………….we met at the Arsenal Tavern and discovered that he hated Manshafter Std more than Totnumb and plus he was going on about QPR alot, so I killed him !.
    He only blogs on this site because believe or not technology has moved on in the spirit world and he has an Apple Ouija board keypad !.
    There`s a lot of moans and groans around his house now he`s in the spirit world, but that`s me helping him out as I said I would look after his missus whilst I was killing him, yes, I know, I have a heart of gold !.

  57. Evening gents. I agree with GN5 but not worth arguing on here, it’s like having a ruck in a phone box.

    I use to live near Friern Barnet Mental home. As a resident.

    There was this phone box outside that didn’t work and this one particular Indian geezer dressed in his pyjamas would go there every day and have an argument over the phone with some one that wasn’t there.

    I use to hang about outside, I wanted to get in and have a look at the sex contacts

    It was always the same. He would scream and shout how he was owed money and that unless he was paid in gold, he would cut of the electricity?

    This went on for ages, so I finally got fed up and use to join him in the box. Two grown men in there pyjamas, one demanding rupees for voltage, and the other thankful for elasticity

    Despite the close proximity, I would have to wrap my leg around him to view all the cards, we would ignore each other and never exchanged a word

    One day there was a knock on the box. It was a copper. He asked me what was going on. Shitting myself, my pyjamas were down my ankles, I told him the Indian fella was ringing up all these sex contacts and threatening the birds that unless he got it, he would cut off there electricity.

    He was so out of it he was stil talking over the phone so the cooper heard everything and nicked him. He did manage to yank the phone out though, so continued threating short circuits whilst been led away

    Totnumb getting beat hahaha

  58. Anyway, apart from that bastard `69er !………can we all agree that we should vote to get out of Europe !.
    I know VCC wants us out as he is working overtime haunting the Syrian Refugees his missus has rented rooms out to !.

  59. Nice jokes and banter lads. Let’s keep it up.

    Oh, by the way Cockie, how’s the food lately in Launcestern mental institute? 🙂

  60. Normally I would agree with you Cornwall, but 69s story really moved me. How heartbreakenly sad he could be denied benefits and may be forced to shag some French bit for a passport

    Speilberg could make a brilliant film about this sadness. Tom Hanks can play 69

    3-0 hahaha

  61. I thought the bloke who played Uncle Albert in Only Fools and Horses was more the `69er type !…………..trouble is he`s dead !….maybe VCC can speak to him !……anyway I have it on great authority that the french ladies only suck `69er off if he slips his cock into a warm baguette with Dijon sauce !.

  62. See what happens when the Spuds come up against a superior pressing tactics team !………………..I would only let fit Polish girls in from Europe as their superior pressing tactics make for nice trousers and they dont mind the spunk stains as they press whilst I`m still wearing them !.

  63. Yes Terry we still have an outside chance but even that has diminished with the latest injuries – they have been the curse of AW’s time at Arsenal.

  64. Arsène Wenger has revealed the latest team news ahead of Sunday’s FA Cup quarter-final against Watford:

    on the team news…
    We had a few injuries at Hull – Gabriel, Mertesacker and Ramsey. Mertesacker and Gabriel are very positive, there is nothing wrong there, they are both good.

    on Ramsey…
    There is a small alert, we don’t know how bad it is.

    on Laurent Koscielny…
    He is not far, he will have tests until Sunday, but it could come too soon. He has a little chance.

    on Cech, Wilshere, Cazorla…
    They are all progressing nicely, but this week and next week they have no chance.

    Copyright 2016 The Arsenal Football Club plc. Permission to use quotations from this article is granted subject to appropriate credit being given to as the source

  65. Its Wengers way of saying were going to Spain with youngsters and old men. Welbeck will meet us there as he has been holidaying after two games he is exhausted. Fucking shambles

  66. I like Limericks.

    There was a young man from Darjeeling
    Who got on a bus at West Ealing
    It said on the door
    Don’t spit on the floor
    So he leant back and spat one he ceiling.

  67. Good jokes guys. See, its much better to laugh than argue 😉

    Keep giving opinions, but respect others who differ from your own. If we were all the same, we would all end up in Launcestern mental hospital with Cockie. 😀

    Ava nice day Ya’ll

  68. ha ha ha…. got a bit scary on here for a while there 🙂 Nice to see VCC stepping in to lighten the mood, great to know that the site is in good hands when I’m out on the piss.
    I think we just need to agree that although there are just an elite few on here, that the views are drastically different. Gunnersorerse is a microcosm of the Arsenal fan world and Wenger is the catalyst….. we all know that already, he splits opinion, however, I don’t think reasonable debate should be excluded…. let’s just have a heated discussion and then move on if possible.

  69. Morning, News on Ramsey looks grim, 5 weeks or more, seems the latest reports, But Wenger will tell us all later, when he tells us who can make the weekends game. Watford must be rubbing their hands together , as they may just get the chance to meet us with i don’t know how many changes.

    It seems that when you think that things are not going our way, we get a draw at the lane and a win at Hull, just keep bringing bad news, and the league is sown up.

    Poor old Barca they dont know whats in store for them, and after a couple more injuries we face Everton well i can hardly wait.

    NB is the ex the Frenchie, You hedging your bets you old wanker 🙂

  70. There was a young man named Wyatt
    whose voice was exceedingly quiet
    and then one day
    it faded away
    not one word was heard from young Wyatt

  71. A Mutton dressed as Lamb woman called Peaches
    Oral sex to young men she teaches
    AAers have been known to disappear up her crack
    As she empties their hairy spunk sac
    Whilst blowing them off on some Cornish beaches.

  72. There was an AAer who lisped called Rasp
    Big Raddy`s cock, he liked to grasp
    Had quite a weird sexual fetish
    To lick the rectum of a forgetful Goldfish
    Oh Raddy come up my Arsp

  73. Nice one Cockie….

    hey VCC, it was nice of you to comment about Yvonne and her Shepherd…. I sent her an e mail; I had to have my Charlie dog put down in December and it’s fucking hard, I still feel guilty and still expect him to appear at my side when I’m eating.

  74. 69er. I love dogs, they give humans so much love and are totally loyal to their owners. My gravitar (?) is a photo of my amazing dog George who I lost 16 months ago. He was twelve and a half so he lived a good age but when he went it was devastating for my family, he was such a smashing animal, he followed me everywhere, and I suffer still.

    Hi ya Cockie…..yes I got another Boxer in December. He is 5 months old today. His name is Eric ( named by my wife, it was a deal she made). I wish I could upload photos as I would post one of him. I’m taking him to obedience classes……haha I hear you say, obedience with a boxer , lol, they never grow up and stay puppies all their life.

  75. There once was a lady named Bright
    Whose speed was faster than light
    She set out one day
    In a relative way
    And returned the previous night.

    Good night and may your God go with you

  76. Morning Scrotum suckers. 😉

    I want Wenger to play his strongest team available for the Watford game. Listening to his press conference yesterday, it seems he still has an eye on the European game with Barca.

    I say, lets think about Watford and Everton and let Barca cruise.

    May get shot down for this but, we haven’t got enough fit players to go on all fronts.

    Have a wicked Saturday guys.

    Looking forward to tomorrows game.


  77. ‘morning VCC, I’m with you 100%, strongest possible team tomorrow.

    An FA Cup semi-final place is much more important than avoiding humiliation in Barcelona.

  78. There is a football manager called Arsene
    whose glory days are parsen
    the board say stay
    do it your way
    music to the ears of wily old Arsene

  79. There was an old Greek from Bounds Green
    Who everyone agreed was a has been
    He played with his cock
    Which was in a sock
    and when he came, the sock wasn’t clean

  80. There is a football club owner called Stan
    who considers himself quite The Man
    with his toupe askew
    he shouts, Hey You!
    I’ll charge as much for your ticket as I can.

  81. With every team in the league not doing well
    the Arsenal had a chance to really excel
    but they had injuries galore
    and became a bit of a bore
    and finally couldn’t win it, ‘kin ‘ell

  82. Just got back from a good day out, excellent meal and beaucoup de vin… and now I’ve just seen todays results, City dropped points and stay behind us and Everton stuffed the Chavs in the FAC…. lovely jubbly. There will be a pre-match tomorrow morning.

  83. Morning Slack Arse Sunday Supporters.

    How many will be watching from behind the sofa today?

    Not me, I’ll be watching from my usual vantage point at my local.

    I have two quarter finals today. One KO at 10:30 is my Sons and the other at 13:30 The mighty Arsenal. Fingers crossed both results go the right way.

    Can’t wait to see Wengers team sheet, might be the most interesting side he has put out in years considering his limited choices. I’m sure Coquelin is available after his hot headed red card so that helps a tad, the rest will be perm any one from who is fit.

    Won’t a walk in the park today, I’m sure Deeney will put himself about and use his considerable strength.


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