Arsenal v Watford…. FA Cup

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Arsenal need to field the strongest team possible today, no thinking about Barca in midweek, no thoughts about catching Leicester in the PL, just concentrate on todays game and getting to the Semi-final.

Realistically, the FA Cup is probably the only silverware we can win this season, but it will be a big win if we do it….. third in a row. Which means the pressure is on the players and more specifically, on the manager. He will be under the spotlight, the pundits will be ready to criticise if we lose, the fans will be preparing to call for his head if we don’t continue to the final, in fact, everyone and their fucking Uncle will be lining up to crucify Arsène if we lose against Watford.

Unfortunately, that is the reality for our manager, forever under the microscope and just one defeat from being labelled a failure. Therefore, todays game is a must win, the boys have to show that when they are under pressure to win, they can do it, they can provide a performance which will keep the baying wolves at a distance, that they can prove to the doubters this Arsenal team have the minerals to win when needed.

Watford are not going to be easy to beat, they have a couple of half decent forwards and there defence isn’t too bad either and in Gomes they have a keeper who on his day, can have a blinder. However, we’ve already beat them at Vicarage Road this season, an emphatic 3-0 so they will be wary and perhaps a little bit nervous. Giroud and Walcott found their scoring boots against Hull and I can now foresee this continuing.

Le Biq Coq will be back, Elneny next to him, Ozil, Sanchez and Walcott. The only doubts are in defence, the BFG is fit, Gabriel possibly but Kos is still crocked. Bellerin and Monreal should be starting. I don’t think Watford will manage a win against that side, and it’s important to avoid a draw and another replay.

Today we book our place at Wembley for the Semi-final, I think the draw is tomorrow and I’m betting we get Everton.

Come on you fucking Gunners.


48 thoughts on “Arsenal v Watford…. FA Cup

  1. Good morning Arsène holes 🙂

    Looking forward to the game? Is the stress mounting? Are you wearing your pampers?

    No problem, nortbank69ers advice is, start drinking now and by the time the match starts you won’t give a fuck 😀

  2. Morning Mangy Muff Marauders !.

    I think every Man and his dogging session wants Arsene to play his strongest team available, but we are talking Wenger here, an intelligent man sadly lacking in common sense !.
    This is where we are heading under the Kroenke Klutz Klan………………..does he seriously think we can become a massive brand without winning trophies ?……………….what a cunt !

  3. Bonjour Soixante-Neuf and you Cockie,

    Oh what a beautiful morning
    Oh what a beautiful day
    I’ve got a beautiful feeling
    Every things going Arsenal’s way.

    3 – 1 to the Gunners this afternoon, no sweat!

    Not going to be around today, family lunch and an important quiz this evening so I’m not sure when I’ll get to watch the game, but I know the boys will do the business.

    Tout a

  4. Bonjour les connards 🙂

    Slow day considering it’s a matchday? Steve must be fishing, GN5 is only just having his breakfast, Kelsey is examining his crystals, Transplant has been out all night long cruising the Bounds Green Road for young nubile boys 🙂

  5. Morning All,

    We moved our clocks forward by an hour last night so we are now just 4 hours behind GMT – but it will revert back to 5/6 hours when you spring forward.

    Unfortunately your pre match is right on the money NB and in some people’s minds AW is one game away from failure – as written in the Book of Doomer’s by I.M.Right.

    Despite Kronke’s recent admission that it’s his choice to run the AFC as a business and not go all out for trophies it’s Arsene that bears the brunt of Kronke’ decisions. But I have no doubt that the doubters will continue to harass AW 😦 😦 😦

    Kronke states that his goal has been to emulate Man U and their marketing successes – but he seems to fail to recognize that it’s also Man U’s overall record on the field that has been a major contribution to their overall achievements.

  6. TEAM NEWS: Ozil and Alexis start

    Arsène Wenger has made three changes to his side for Arsenal’s FA Cup quarter-final clash against Watford.

    Mesut Ozil and Alexis return to the starting XI, while Francis Coquelin joins Mohamed Elneny in midfield.

    Alex Iwobi is named on the bench, along with Mathieu Flamini Theo Walcott.

    Team in full: Ospina, Chambers, Mertesacker, Gabriel, Gibbs, Elneny, Coquelin, Campbell, Ozil, Alexis, Giroud

    Substitutes: Macey, Bellerin, Monreal, Flamini, Iwobi, Walcott, Welbeck

    Copyright 2016 The Arsenal Football Club plc. Permission to use quotations from this article is granted subject to appropriate credit being given to as the source

    13 Mar 2016

  7. That team should be way to strong for Watford.

    Good to see that Mertesacker and Gabriel are back and AW obviously did nor want to risk Kos – very strong bench.

  8. Afternoon NB, thanks for the post mate, Pretty good half, tidy football and we have had a few chances, keep playing like this and one should go in. Chambers working hard and Sanchez trying something will bounce well for us.

  9. Watford are looking very dangerous now, they’ve got the bit between their teeth….. could be a bad day for us, but I still have hope that we will get a couple

  10. Too little…. too late. Only tried to win it at the end. Fuck fuck fuck.
    I said in my pre match that the boys had to prove themselves today and they didn’t….

  11. Frankly the best team, on the day, won the game they played the perfect game and made very few mistakes. As is usual, for us, we squandered our chances and they took full advantage.

    Danny made a huge difference when he came on but Theo just disappeared. The very best opportunities we had came from our right but Chambers could not make a telling cross. Why was Bellerin on the bench?

    I’m extremely disappointed – but my toys are still in the pram.

    Our opportunity for silverware just became remote 😦 😦 😦

  12. Disappointing and I cant even moan about team sellection, but on the grand scale of things I`m more dsiappointed with the link I posted earlier about Silent Stan…….if you have read that link and dont understand what it means to our club and chances of competing at the top in the future then you have your head buried in the sand !…..and when he finally opens his mouth tells us that he knows nothing about football or how to become a brand !…… I and GN5 said, to become like Man U, you have to win trophies, it will rarely happen under Kroenke`s major shareholdership and like I`ve been saying for ages now…..we are on a downward spiral and it`s not even the managers fault but Kroenke`s attitude to just be happy with a well oiled club who are self sufficient !.
    I dont know where he gets the idea that someone like Mansour City could just get fed up and move on !……they have built a mini city around their ground and put millions into the local economy, jobs, education etc……………..Kroenke is a pathetic cunt !.
    Expect more of the same until he either sells up or fucking dies, please let either happen asap !.

    Kroenke Out !.

  13. Tell the truth N5 we never looked like winning that.. Watford and the rocket man saw us off no problem. It was inevitable that some of our stars would sit out.but as you know Arsene Knows best,

  14. Steve, your petty jibes and poorly disguised insults just show the depth of your negativity.

    Out of respect for NB I will not turn his site into a childish squabble. You have a right to post whatever you like, but I also have a choice………

    NB. I’m off for a while as I can no longer bear the levels of negativity that are shown by the banner bearers and their supporters – I would prefer to support my club in a positive manner and not have to read rhetorical drivel.

  15. Lets face it lad`s, guys, gays and lesbians, unless we cant get a manager who can get the best out of the players…ie…..pressing tactics, better formations etc`…..basically a better footballing coach than a bank manager !………….then we might as well keep with Arsene Wenger as no other manager is going to get enough funds to take us to a higher level with Klondike Kroenke as owner !.
    Mark my words a previously spoken, when the Spuds, W Ham , Chavs etc`have their nice new shiny stadiums up and running and the money flowing in from every crevice, their club/fan supporting owners will spend a lot more money than the Kunt Kroenke !. This is onlty a few years away and we will without doubt be just Europa League challengers !…..we might look back and think how good we had it over the last 20+ years under Wenger !……Kroenke without the safety net of the now disfunct FFP will take us backwards !…..this is the start of years ( how long he lives or owns the club) of real mediocrity and you will realise I doomed for a reason !.
    I`m afraid the only way (and this is just a guess as I dont know how the cunt will react) for Kroenke to maybe lose interest and quit is for us to be relegated or perform so bad that no cunt wants to attend games and revenue falls with empty stadiums and if that were the only way to get rid of him I`d settle for that !…..because I`d become immune from being a shit club and just laugh at it, whereas the way we are now depresses me unbelievably knowing that we are not going to win fuck all ( apart from maybe the odd cup, like every one else ) of importance…….I mean the EPL !.

    Fuck !……if only you realised how much I hate that fucking cunt Kroenke !………………because he is going to be responsible for our gradual demise !…….as I said mark my words !.

    No name needed as you know who I mean….so……Fucking Cunt Out !.

  16. Morning all. Looks like one of my comments has got N5 all het up. Well i’m sorry for that N5 for a guy who has supported as long as you have,and you don’t see the signs of a club going backwards, is fault of your own mate, not mine.

    I don’t come on to a blogging site to praise players and Managers who are not performing, I may not be an expert like many, but i do know that Arsenal at home should be able to beat teams like Watford.
    Every team has an off day, but this wasn’t an off day, it was a game like many we have had this season, where weaknesses at the start of the season, was not corrected, and the signs have been clear all season.

    Now i would like to be able to tell you why we lost, but if you watched the game, You don’t need me to tell you that our defending was dire. Now its not down to players, its down to the training, Every player is told where he should be, they have training sessions every day, but for players to be all at sea, can only mean that they are trained wrong.

    We do not close down and enter a challenge till the last minute, and are caught out all the time, Watford Kept us at bay without to much fuss, because we cannot unlock defences. Our strikers are non-existant. and the chances we get are squandered by players who are not good enough.

    Every game we play we may score one, but miss hatfulls of chances, This is because we have weaknesses. Theo Walcott again had a very poor game, not on to start granted, but the time he was on did very little, This is not just a bad game from him, as his scoring record for the season shows he is not cutting the mustard. He should have been exchanged with anybody who has the bottle to actually do some thing.

    Penetration is what a strike force is all about, Ours can get to the box but just cannot penetrate. Why can’t we, when Watford found it relatively easy. A Watford player who took a shot, absolutely blasted it past our keeper. Who was marking him, nobody, why not. Marking a zone or marking a man is completely different, what’s the point of marking a zone when their player is some where else.

    Mertsacker at six feet seven, never leaves the ground, Look at the difference with West Hams Carrol never misses a header because he actually jumps. Mertsacker’s pace was known about a few seasons back, it has hampered us many times throughout the season, and we have not addressed the problem Why. Walcott never challenges pulls out of fifty fifty’s and will not take on a defender. Why is he in our team.

    These problems have been on show for a few seasons, nothing has been done about them. Why not. Diaby was injured all his career why was he not dealt with, who is responsible Wilshere also the same still not kicked a ball for us this season why is he still employed. Wengers responsible, i can’t dress it up any better, Start the season off with weaknesses and you will win nothing.

    The sole responsibility is the Manager’s, he buys and he picks the side, He decides who sits on the bench and who plays . Players do as their told, if not they are taken off, the Managers decision. Who is responsible for all of these things, The Manager.!!!!!!!

  17. Wenger has never said he has no funds, In fact we are told there are adequate funds, so why is he not buying.

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