Arsenal…. is there still light at the end of the tunnel?

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Yesterday, against Watford, I think the light at the end of the tunnel finally got turned off!

Our dream of a third FA Cup in a row had been envisaged as salvation from a mediocre season and a crowning glory for Arsène Wenger in his final season.

Arsenal broke my heart yesterday, they truly did, I watched a game that they should have won by several goals, instead it got turned around by a Watford team that had more energy, better goal scorers and a will to win that I wished our boys could have had. Something is clearly missing in our current team, something very important and it is a vital ingredient if being successful and winning trophies is the primary aim of a football club………………. LEADERSHIP.

It’s been extremely apparent over this current season more so than before, we have no fighters or leaders at the club…. and that includes the manager. Yesterday we played the first half with no urgency, no player encouraging team mates, and forwards who looked as if it was just another training session. A glaring difference against Watford was the poor finishing exhibited by Arsenal compared to our opponents. We had several chances and failed, whereas Watford had two chances and scored both times. Arsenal only showed any fight at the very end when Welbeck came on and gave us a chance to come away with at least a draw, but it was too little too late.

Where do the club go from here? I know that there will now be very loud calls for Arsène to step down and it is going to be an extremely bumpy ride for our manager. I don’t feel angry, I feel sad, sad because a great manager who has achieved so much for our club and been loyal for twenty years, is going to finish his reign at the club under a shadow. He doesn’t deserve that, this season could so easily have finished on a high, the double was winnable and I would have been the happiest Gooner alive if Wenger had achieved that and then retired. It would have been a fitting end for such a great manager.

However, fate has dictated another outcome, an outcome without silverware because let’s be realistic, the champions league is now beyond us unless a miracle occurs in Spain on Wednesday and the Premier League is probably now a trophy too far with Leicester eight points in front, which leaves us fighting for 2nd, 3rd or 4th place.

However, life goes on, there is still loads of wine to be drunk, there are still loads of women to be seduced, there are still some great feasts to be eaten and there is always next season to be crowned Champions.

Will someone please turn the light at the end of the tunnel back on?




34 thoughts on “Arsenal…. is there still light at the end of the tunnel?

  1. I want to make a heartfelt request for todays blogging on GunnersoreArse….. can everyone please keep the negatives to a minimum. We lost yesterday and our last chance of silverware went down the drain. Nothing we can do about that for the moment and negativity will get us nowhere. So just have a laugh… I’ll start the day off with something…..

  2. Morning all,
    Thanks for the post Northbank.
    Nice morning suns out here, Get Wednesday’s Game over and then sit back and watch the top teams battle it out. It will be interesting to see who can get consistency, many are fighting really hard, I predict the league winners will be a team that was not even considered at the start of the season. But at least it shows that this is still a league that anybody can win, If the groundwork has been done at the start.

    For our own club, some will be disappointed , we look like we have one more game left in Europe before we can sit back and watch the season play out. Not that many games left in the Premier, but we can watch it all, and just hope that next season will offer up the same chances as this one has.

  3. Bonjour Soixante-Neuf, and Steve.

    A heartfelt plea from Norther, don’t be negative. Sorry mon ami impossible.

    Quote, “I don’t think we suffered a lot defensively. Watford is a team that is good on the break.” So Monsieur Wenger why did you select a right back with the pace of a Shire horse, and kept a thoroughbred like Bellerin on the bench? To add to the horror you played him alongside someone with the pace of a dead Shire horse, Meretesacker.

    Can anyone tell me what Alexis is for? He did nothing yesterday but run into cul-de-sacs. Constantly trying his little tricks but succeeding only in losing possession.

    Quote, “It is very difficult against Barcelona, but we have to see it as a challenge. We have an opportunity to show on Wednesday night that we agree up for it”. Yeah right!

  4. I`m still utterly gobsmacked at Kroenke`s comments and I`m going to try to take a sabbatical on this great club until Kroenke fucks off !…………….lets hope he dies before me as it could be a long sabbatical !…………………..for him to say we cant compete with Mansour City and Chavs is giving up, he`s happy for us to win fuck all and just make millions from the ginormous TV and sponsor deals and just be another part of his property portfolio empire………………..not good enough for what I want for our club, he`s not a supporter though, so couldn`t give a toss !.

  5. I tried to be upbeat Norfolk, You on the other hand, have hit the nail firmly on the head. The train has reached its final destination. This is Barcelona not Watford.

  6. Any club who don’t invest is a stagnant club. They have died for me this season.with £200 million in the bank

  7. It`s alright for `69er !…..he can drown his sorrows away, but I dont drink !…..althopugh Koenke could drive me to it ! hahaha………….anyway, people need to get stuff off their chest !.
    The most money in the bank of any club in the world, but the problem is the…..majority only shareholder run club !…….it could be worse and Kroenke could own the club outright and be the only major club owner to not put he`s hands in his pocket !.
    The only way we will compete is if we have a one owner of the likes of City and Chavs !……owmers who whether on an ego trip or not but invest heavily into the team as only buy purchasing the very best players will our club win trophies to build the brand !.

  8. The way i see it, Wenger is allowed a certain amount of money to spend a season, Its my guess that that amount is relatively small, something like fifteen to twenty million. If he should want to make a signing over that amount, he either has to sell, or build up his kitty.

    We have had 2 Marquee signings of 42 and 35 million, we loan players out at around 1 million a season, We have spent this season 10 million for Cech and 5 million for Elneney. Say his spend amount is 20 million He would have 5 million left out of this years budget, plus what he has got back from our loanee’s. With players either leaving or retirering at the end of the season he would be saving wages in the amount of five million but would need players.

    I feel his next seasons budget and what he has saved would give him a spending amount of about 35 to 40 million,

    Arteta Rosiski Flamoni and posibly Mertsacker could all finish at the end of this season, a saving of 4 wage bills but we would have to replace. Arteta and Rosiski we haven’t really missed but Flamoni and Mertsacker would be, so replacements for both these players. That could come to about 20 million, that would leave Wenger with approximately 15 to 20 million, unless he sells a player.

    We believe we need a striker, but in actual fact we have 3 if we buy a striker we also need to offload one, who would be your choice and who would bring the most money. Say we sold one and got 15 million that would bring Wengers pot to around 30 million to 35 million, I expect 3 signings.

  9. How about flogging Alexis, a marquee signing who has been a massive disappointment in my opinion.

    Just don’t expect Wenger to admit he was wrong to buy him in the first place.

  10. My way of thinking Norfolk, is had i been one of those Marquee signings i would look around and see that the grass is greener elsewhere. Of course your right that Sanchez has hit bad form, but is it bad form or does he not trust those around him. Its my thought that he should have been instructed to pass the ball but has he,

    Of course my choice to sell would be Walcott. I had hoped for more from him, but ten years tells me to sell him on, and get as much as we can.

  11. Okay Steve, but that means keeping Giroud. A striker whose goals to chances ratio must be one of the worst in the Premiership.

    Now don’t get me wrong, I doubt if Walcott’s ratio is any better but he is a slightly more versatile forward than than the Giroud.

    I think we need a complete reassessment of the way we play.

    There’s too much poncing around dribbling, passing, dribbling, passing in front of the opposition’s penalty box, at times it looks as though all our players are about to disapear up their own arseholes. They’re all too scared to take a shot. Mind you in the case of Giroud, Alexis and Elneny recently, that’s not surprising, the fans in row Z are in more danger of being hit by the ball than the back of the net.

  12. Sorry Norfolk for the delay, but I`ve been on my Big Boys Toy………my John Deere 42″ cut ride on mower as it`s been a scorcher down here !.
    You and Kango are both near the mark, Gazidis said ( I used to have the quote as a bookmark ) we could spend £70M on players every season and the way I read it, that was just on the transfer fee and didn`t include the wages, so yes we have money just making interest in the bank.
    I`m sure Kroenke has given Wenger Carte Blanche to do as he pleases and credit ( the only bit of respect I will give him ) to him is that in all his sporting clubs, he takes a step back and lets the manager get on with his job. Trouble here is…..we have a manager with an economics degree and gets an hard on running the club prudently, he has his ideas and principles and to his credit he keeps to them, but it`s great for the club financially, but not on the football front !.
    My continuous groan is about Kroenke and lack of a Abramovitch type owner who would insist that his manager spends the money !.
    None of the other other than MaU have the cash reserves we have, but they dont need them as their owners will use the money from their own pockets and buy trophies.
    Personally It pisses me off when all the do gooders get on their high horses and shout how we are self sufficient and have not bought trophies and that Chavs and Mansour City are immoral !…..fuck the do gooders, I would sell my grannie to win a trophy…………….fuck the no trophy moral high ground , I want the hell low ground and the devil lifting a cup alongside our captain !.

    Somebody please murder that cunt Kroenke !………..I`m sure between you two, GN5 and VCC you could do the right thing and take a prison sentence for the good of The Arsenal !……you`re all in retirement and trust me, some of them open prisons are like holiday camps…..Max Clifford is a gooner and he`s in one !….you wont be alone !. 😀

  13. Cockie, you’re right. I nominate GN5 to do the deed, at least he’s the right side of the ocean and if he chose the right State to do it in he wouldn’t have to spend too long in the nick, some States still have the death penalty.

    Now that would really be taking one for the team. 😀

  14. Le Coq……I just get fed up with posting the same old stuff about Wenger. It’s been going on for a few years now, he is the most stubborn manager on this planet.

    Just go through our team sheet yesterday and tell me how many of them would get into a first eleven premiership league team.

    I cannot believe how so many punters just listen and follow him blindly although he spent change and keeps making the same mistakes year on year.

    At least my Son’s team won their quarter final match yesterday.

  15. Fair comment Norfolk, I agree we need a shake up, Personally i wouldn’t miss either player, where we differ is that Giroud is older and he does well holding the ball, not a good endorsement to keep him i know but we wont spend that much whatever happens, and Theo has been like a passenger.

    N5 see’s good in everybody, where i am thinking more on the lines as winning things, I don’t understand the modern way of fielding the team, I would have had Belerin and Monreal on from the start and Welbeck starting but that’s why i am not a Manager. But i reckon we may have stood more chance.

    N5 said before the game that he felt the side picked should have no problem in winning, but in my mind at this stage of the competition i would have felt that our strongest side is our best chance. Wenger promises players a run of games in the cups, personally had he rotated on a regulat basis he could have used all of the player through the course of a season, a couple of changes a game and they wouldn’t look out of place when it matters.

    Wenger has said he will not field a weakened side on Wednesday, that sounds to me like shutting the gate after the horse has bolted.

  16. So Vic`s son wins a quater final and gives his dad a semi to look forward to…………………first in years according to his missus !. 😀

    Nice of you Norfolk to put forward GN5 to do the deed !……………….I can now visualize GN5 and his pet Grizzly taking on Stan !………………………Stans syrup will kill the three of them !.

  17. Steve, the gates been hanging off it’s hinges for most of the season and all of Wenger’s horses bolted a long time ago, the ones that were fit that is.

    Right it’s all down to praying for a miracle on Wednesday evening.

  18. How many years is it now that we have been running up against parked buses?

    How many games have we lost to goals scored “on the break”?

    How much longer will it take our manager to devise an antidote to these tactics?

    Wenger admitted in his post match interviews that he expected Watford to play counter attacking football, so what tactics did he employ to overcome them?

    In fact other than to play possession football with ticka tacka tagged on what other tactics does he ever employ?

    Wenger is so stuck in his own rut that every other manager knows exactly what to expect from an Arsenal side and more often than not now how to take the advantage and with it the result.

  19. Norfolk 8:07. Spot on. This has been carrying on for a few years now. Wenger has stagnated and cannot/will not, alter his ways. This pattern will continue with him as our manager until the board are brave enough to say “thank you, but it’s time to go”

    Wenger fielded a weakened side on Sunday, keeping a couple of players back for the Barcelona game thinking we have a chance. He is the only man on the planet that thinks this.

    He only knows one way of playing and cannot change things during a match if things are going wrong.

    I said earlier, how many of our team on Sunday would get into a Premier league side?

  20. Morning Norfolk…….(8:48) I’m not too sure you are correct about Norwich City and Aston Villa?? They need fighters in their position and I don’t see many, if any in our team.

    I did mean in a premiership collective side, taken from all the sides in the league.

  21. Cant agree there boys !………………………..Ozil would walk into it……he had a league best of making 10 chances in one game against Soton ( I think it was them ), it`s not his fault the strikers cant put them away and he`s probably the highest assiter in the league !
    Alexis would walk into it as well, shame our other players dont work as hard as him, thats why the Spuds are doing well, they have a squad of outfield players who work as hard as Alexis….they would be top if they had him !.
    Jack Wheelchair would get in it if you addded all his appearances from when he was 16, thats about 30 !.
    Koscielny when he`s fit !
    Cech when he`s fit !
    Ramsey when he`s fit and playing like 2 years ago !.
    Actually !…..all of them before we played The Spuds at home, we were top then, but it`s all gone down hill since…..give me a gun and I`ll end it now ! 😥

  22. Cockie, can you please pay attention. I know your suffering at the institute but I said Sunday’s game.

    Czech is injured…Koscielney is injured….Ramsey is injured……Alexis is a shadow of his previous season and Ozil, while quality needs to show some urgency now and then.

    Go and get that gun buddy. 😀😂

  23. You know what Vics !…………..I wont even think about tomorrow`s game let alone watch it, i`m honestly done with the club whilst that Kunt Kroenke is there, we have no chance to progress as a club or brand as he wants whilst he`s in charge, he`s admitted that we cant compete with Chavs or City and he`s seams to forget that Manshafter Std will compete with them as they are the biggest brand in the world and they got there by spending money on players to win trophies !… spending , no top players = no trophies !
    Forget about this season as it is an anomaly. If people think Manshafter wont come back with their enormous backing then they are deluded !.
    We will end up behind the big 3 and soon W Ham and Spuds……remember it was me whop predicted it !

    Cuntz !, they are all Cuntz, the lot of them ! hahaha

  24. Can’t argue with that Cockie.

    We are heading for a slump. Spurs have closed the gap and look like overtaking us this season. As you say West Ham are looking strong and perhaps they too will overtake us next season. Together with Man City, Man Utd and Chelsea, we will slip down the table.

    Never mind, I only watch them on the TV now, I refuse to spend any money until the manager and board start investing on players on the field.

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