Old Gooners want trophies!

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As I’ve grown older and as I’ve approached and entered my early sixties many things have changed about me, I’ve become more mellow and relaxed, I’m much more philosophical about life and it’s problems, I’m comfortable with my standard of life and I always look for positives, even when things are going badly, in fact, the older I get, I seem to be happier. I’ve got no regrets and feel that life in general has dealt me a good hand.

However, when it comes to the football club I support, I seem to have less patience, I’ve become more critical of the players and management, I’m more frustrated with the lack of silverware and I moan about them much more than when I was younger.

It’s not as if I haven’t experienced many great times with the club, the Double in the early seventies, I was at White Hart Lane when we clinched the League title and then at Wembley a week later to see us beat Liverpool to win the FA Cup. Since then I’ve seen them win several trophies and become the ‘invincibles’.

Many supporters of other clubs would sell their grandmothers to have been able to support a team like ours and to have had the success of the Arsenal.

So why am I becoming increasingly annoyed at our recent lack of shiny stuff?

I believe it comes down to one vital element of getting older……. death is approaching.

Consequently, I feel that time is running out and I want to see more trophies and success before I quit this life, before I go to the bar in the sky where the barmaid is a topless angel and the whisky flows from her nipples. Am I being unreasonable? Should I be content with what my team have already achieved? Am I just a moaning old git ?

So my recent experiences of ageing, of mellowing out, leading a more relaxed lifestyle, and being happy and contented with my lot, is totally at odds with my experiences as a Gooner, where I experience totally opposite feelings, feelings of frustration, anger, impatience and disappointment.

Even drinking large amounts of alcohol doesn’t alleviate my recent feelings towards the club, so what is the answer? There’s a few old gits posting on here, what are your thoughts?

Oh and by the way, we have a match in Spain tonight……..

Come on you fucking Gunners





50 thoughts on “Old Gooners want trophies!

  1. Hahaha ” Whisky flows from her nipples”…. obviously you will want a furry cup for that whisky !.
    True `69er, the older I get, the more impatient and frustrated I get with Arsenal, but to me this because the game has changed dramatically since we were youngsters without a care in the world, when all we thought about was shagging our best mates mum and sister, then later on your best mates girlfriend, then his wife and then his daughter ……..no wonder I have no fucking mates !.
    Yes we have done brilliantly since Wenger took over and the Arsene Lickers will stick up how we have been in the CL for 20 years etc` and we forget the plenty of bad times, but today is about a fanatical world wide game that will only get bigger with the internet and TV. The thing is, is that not only have we never had it so good position wise, but so haven`t the Mansour City and Chav fans, they have never had it so good, they will be at the top end for 20+ years aswell and Totnumb and W Ham will also break into the party within the coming years. Unless every single club has a fanatical billionaire owner, then there will be the 6/7 elite and the rest, do we want to be amongst the elite or not ?……………………only an Arsenal mad one owner will keep us up there and thats not the Kunt Kroenke !
    It`s as simple as looking at what the owners of historically average teams Chavs and City have done and how they are owned, anything less than that commitment will only see us drop off over the coming years.

    $tan $yrup Out !.
    U$$$$$$$$$$$$manov In !……….more dollar signs there as he`s richer !……and he says he`s a Gooner, who am I to argue with that sized wallet !.

  2. Morning Cockie you scumbag 🙂

    I think you’re right…. money will rule, just look at PSG in France, they’re champions already and will be champions of France for the next umpteen years.

  3. Bonjour Soixante-Neuf, they do say that age brings wisdom. I believe that wisdom stems from recognising one’s own failings and correcting them.

    Now you may take that as a criticism of Le Professeur, please feel free to do so.

    I’ve become less tolerant as I’ve moved towards my mid seventies and less able to overlook some of the stupiditys of modern life, such as people not recognising their failures and correcting them,

    Now you may take that as a criticism of Le Professeur, please feel free to do so.

    There is a very important game this evening and it’s not quite beyond the bounds of possibility that we could win it and as a fan of Arsenal Football Club, rather than any individual, I shall be cheering the team on. In a dignified way of course.

    We did it against the odds in Athens, let’s do against even bigger odds in Barcelona.

    I almost forgot, merci beaucoup for the excellent post 69er.

  4. Wenger once said that PSG have the potential to be the biggest club in the world based on the fact that Paris being one of the best and biggest cities in the world would have just one football team !……compare that to London which has what is it 13..14 football clubs !.
    Another club that has owners who will spend outrageous amounts of money to buy success backed by dubious sponsors like the Qatar Tourist Board…..£167M per season !.
    Expect Wenger to possibly become PSG`s manager when he finally moves on !.
    You would expect that $tan being married to a Walmart heiress who is richer than him would have the sense to look into the Walmart sponsorship of Arsenal, thus releasing enormous funds to buy players to win trrophies and make brand Arsenal bigger…………….oops !….I forgot we already have enormous funds gathering dust in the Arsenal vaults !.
    Important game tonight, NG !………………the shit has already hit the fan for failing to beat that European super power…… Watford !….which was the more important game !.
    Tonight could get Messi !…….may need a calculator !.

  5. Yes Cockie, an important game.

    Winnig well and progressing into the quarter finals will boost Wenger’s sense of invulnerability with all that holds for the future. Lose and it will be one more nail in his coffin.

    Regardless of what it says of Wenger, I want us to win because we are Arsenal and Arsenal as a club is bigger than any touped owner or self deluded manager.

    Cockie you can shout and scream, protest and chuck your toys out of your pram as much as you like but it will make not one iota of difference to Silent Stan. He’s been riding out much more vehement protests in the States for years, and is proud of the fact that he has never sold a single share in any sports franchise that he owns.

    So I’m sorry to say it old cock but you’re just pissing into the wind.

    69er, all’s well with me and mine, just been for a swim and looking forward to a light lunch.

    A tout a l’heure.

  6. I know, NG !…..he`s never sold a syrup let alone a sports club !…………………..I`m not just pissing in the wind as far as he`s concerned, there`s so much piss and wind that I`m drowning in it !…..and I cant swim !.
    Even so, someone has to make a stand against the bastard and I`m that person !……chuck us a lifebouy you fuckers !. hahaha

    PS…..dont get me wrong, I want a win as much as $tan wants some real hair !.

  7. My team and tactics for tonight..

    All but the front four are forbidden to move beyond the halfway line in open play. Gabriel and Koscielny can go up for corners and freekicks. When defending corners and freekicks Welbeck and Ozil to go no further back than the centre circle.

    When Ospina gets the ball he is to get it up to Ozil or Welbeck as quickly as possible (no farting about passing it backwards and forwards between the back four).

    If any player ignores these instructions Wenger has to get off his arse, get on the touchline, and scream, shout, stamp his feet and make them understand. If that doesn’t work hook them off and put the subs on.

    On other thing, Wenger is not to wear that f*****g ridiculous zip-up duvet.

    Keeping the back five back five back will encourage more Barca players to get forward thus opening up space in front of their goal.

    Keeping two players up when defending corners will force Barca to keep at least three back to counter the quick break thus giving our back five less to cope with.

    Barca are confident that they know what to expect, stick to my tactics and they wont know what’s hit them.

    I commend the idea to the house.

  8. Norfolk… I say aye ha ha ha haye

    You won’t believe this…. yesterday in Provence it was like a summers day, +25°c and I sat in a garden with friends for lunch just in a T shirt…… today, unbelievably, it’s fucking snowing and the snowflakes are at least 2″ in diameter, fucking amazing….

  9. 69er, it’s 7c here with a brisk northeasterly wind which is making it very bloody cold even though the sun is shining.

    You’d need an overcoat and gloves to sit in my garden right now.

    Enjoy the game tonight .

  10. Fuck watching the game !………..Instead I`m going to do something that is guarenteed to be a success and put a smile on my face !…………….I`ll have a wank whilst the game is on !. hahaha

  11. Evening all, Thanks for the post NB, Yes mate you are getting older so is everybody else.
    Being a Gooner is having a good memory to remember the good times..
    I understand that in a league of 19 clubs it could be posible for any team to win the trophies, what kind of league would it be itf the same team win every thing fucking boring. unless of course its your club.

    Any Gooner whatever age you are,, if you have been supporting The Arsenal for ten years or more, you would have been starved of trophies, The last couple of years we have won two FA cups, for older gooners who have supported all their lives , they have had a taste of what we have had many years ago, its a feeling that never dies.

    The Invicibles will live forever in Gooners minds ,in fact it may not ever be seen again in our lifetimes., But its in the past. Every supporter wants his or her team winning,, of course if your club is wealthy, then many the chance of top players joining, If its struggling you understand that they cannot afford the very top players so you are at ease with the situation.

    Arsene Wenger has recently been hounded, he very seldom takes much notice of snide comments or bully boy tactics but i feel he has finally had enough. In this mornings paper their is a report about how Wenger is feeling at the moment, He has said that from when he first arrived to present day, Arsenal have moved forward, i dont think many Gooners would disagree with that, But the wording of what he said caught my attention, Since i have been here, i have built Arsenal,up with no outside help, Exactly what that means can confuse a little. No outside help from who, is he actually hinting that funds are not available, As to the way i see it, that is exactly the way it seems as we hardly ever buy players when we need them.

    I have moaned about Wenger feeling that he is an old skin flint, But i have to say with the artical i read this morning i am of a mind that Wenger is running the football club on a shoestring. Forget about what Gazidez says about our war chest, do we actually ever spend, And i honestly believe that if Wenger had a an Owner like Abramovitch we would have a better recent history.

    Kroenke has stated in the US that he will not spend vast amounts on players for any of his sporting clubs, and as far as i am aware none of them are champions, i believe that says every thing about our lack of success.

    Just say that Wenger has full control of the club, all bar the actual money side of things, and he gets just a certain amount of funds to work with, he would have to buy and sell and hope to make money, to enable him to keep fresh players coming in, That is what seems to be happening but of course not the Quality supporters would want, but if it is like i have explained Wenger is actuall doing a fantastic Job,

    Now put yourself in his position for a second, You are on a wage of 8 ,mill a season, why would you stand in front of supporters and Say they wont spend its not my fault your unhappy its them not me. Wenger does not want to put the owners nose out of joint , 8 Mill is still 8 Mill. All he has to do is his best, the owner does not expect to win things he just wants his investment to make money and it is , A happy Owner indeed.

    With a report that Barcelona have upset EUFA and FIFA with statments od a super league and breaking up leagues, I fancy our chances tonight and feel it will end with penalties.

  12. This is Chas over on the other side, just about to eat his pizza…. check out the silver nail varnish…. I always knew he was a fucking gay liberationist ha ha

  13. Agree there Kango, Wenger does a fantastic job with the purse strings……………just need a fantastic footballing coach !.
    Also agree with the Chav owner statement, I`m in no doubt that we would have won a lot more had Abramovitch been our one owner and have no doubt that Wenger would have been sacked by about 2006 for failing to land the CL, but I`d rather have won the amount of trophies the Chavs have had since 2006 regardless of how many managers we would have had !…………I`m more into our team than who the manager is !.
    As I`ve said before it`s a shame that whoever was trying to get a new owner at the time didn`t favour Usmanov first, as he is richer than Abramvitch and would have found it irresistible to try and get one over the Chav owner !
    Now I`m afraid the only way we will ever be competitive is for a plane crash involbing all the Kroenke Klan !
    If only !.
    Shame that I`ve got to be a bastard for thinking such stuff, but it`s him and Arsenal`s future at stake !. I love Arsenal and see him as someone destroying my love, it`s no different from wanting something bad to happen to Hitler, Savile or Dave Lee Travis etc`.

  14. We have defenders standing marking nothing but space, while Barcelona have men moving in behind them, When are we going to mark players and not space, How difficult is that. We have had a few chances and not one has been directed towards goal ,everything is off target.. Barca have so much time on the ball when they receive it, we stand off them almost mesmerised, get in there and let them feel it. More passion is needed from our guys, Were playing the best side in the world but we have made chances but cannot finish. This is so frustrating.

  15. We have a team that need to play in the reserves, they need to learn the basics, how to pass how to defend how to give your team mate an option.

    Now i know that Barcelona are a class outfit, but if you give them the ball and don’t close them down they can hold the ball all night. We are not ready for Champions league, we haven’t the Players and we haven’t the tactics to beat a team like Hull, how can you expect them to compete with Barcelona.

    I am afraid that while Arsenal are run by a non football person , and funds are not available, with a Manager who cannot relay his strategy to the players, We are only going to be competitive in lower leagues.

    I know i moan after every game, but we are so naive its untrue, Plus playing like this is so frustrating.
    Playing Walcott was a mistake even if he is only on for five minutes he will never be a quality player even if he stays for another ten years.Very disappointed with Arsenal at the moment.

  16. Give it a rest Steve, we played to our limits, nobody’s head dropped, we created chances and at times we took the game to the best team on the planet and on their own turf.

    Name me team in the World that can hold a candle to Barca at the moment.

    I’m proud of the team right now and as an Arsenal supporter, so should you be.

  17. Well we never got disgraced, that’s a plus. Actually thought we played with some spunk and effort (except Ozil) he was a passenger, kept losing the ball and sulking, I would have replaced him and kept either Welbeck or Iwobi on, but then I’m not Le Professor.

    Hope we can field a fit side against Everton this week end. This really is a MWG.

    Bring back Mertesacker in the back line with Monreal, Bellerin and Koscielny.

    Have Coquelin and Elneny in midfield. Welbeck up front, with Ozil, Campbell and Iwobi.

    Put Sanchez on the bench and Rene.

  18. Morning VCC

    I think you’ve highlighted our major problem at the moment. The root of our poor form are Sanchez and Ozil. I remember a moment last night, Sanchez had the ball, he had an easy pass on to one of ours, instead he ran with the ball, tried to get past a Barca player and immediately lost possession…. he does that far too often. The same thing with Ozil…. he lost possession and then instead of tracking back to defend, he just stood there, as if to say, “It’s not my job to defend”.

    Overall though, we had a good game, the scoreline doesn’t reflect that.

  19. Bonjour Soixante-Neuf, not to worry here’s a short summation.

    Chances created, chances squandered.

    Possession gained, possession lost.

    Defensive solidity, defensive frailty.

    Three best strikers in the World, three very average strikers.

    One team full of confidence, one team seemingly without it.

    Luck, good or bad didn’t come into it for either side.

    The best team won, the losers played to their limits.

    Finally, there’s no disgrace in losing to the best team in the World.

    Victoria Concordia Crescet

  20. 69er…….regards Ozil and Sanchez……it’s only my opinion, but I think there is a problem behind the scenes at Arsenal. I’ve thought so for some time now. How can such talented players go so far off the track?

    If things don’t change in the summer I feel there will be some major movements out of the Emirates.

    Hate to doom and gloom, and obviously I sincerely hope I am way off the mark, but why are we not making the simple passes that these talented layers are capable of.

    We are not playing as a team and it is shining out like a beacon.

  21. Morning all, After reading Cockies piece, it does seem that The Arsenal hierarchy doesn’t seem to bothered with winning it seems that at long as we continue to participate and win our fair share of games throughout a season and of course earn a decent profit everything seems sweet.

    I do however feel that the Manager is trying his best with what he’s got. But i do feel that young footballers want success. If the players once enrolled feel as if winning is not that important with the owner, they start to realise that the team is not convinced it really matters that much.

    We do have players who have come here hoping they will be successful, but when we have a need for certain positions and they don’t come, they would be a little edgy. If trophy’s are that important to them, then maybe they could see opportunities lie elsewhere.

    Players talking about belief and confidence, has me wondering if the thought of just taking part is having an effect on performance, as i do feel the players are doing their best but seem to be lacking somewhere.. I may have been a little hasty the other day when i criticised our performance, On the whole we were playing Barcelona, and nobody gave our side any chance, but supporters seemed quite happy with not being thrashed, so i suppose we gave a fair account of ourselves.

    I have stupidly thought in the past, that when its dubbed that we are five or sixth richest clubs in the world, that we should also be the same in world top teams, but of course in reality we are only in that position in our own league. Reality shows us that with a front line of Neymar Suarez and Messi we are a long way from them with |G|iroud Walcott and Welbeck.

    This weekend we play Everton, More in our range we have to say, confidence will be lifted and hopefully our performance should show a better out come, So i am optimistic for this one and for the rest of the season..

  22. Steve

    Pressure to succeed is a strange old thing…. just take sex, you’ve pulled a bird who is 20 years younger than you, you’re 50 and she is 30, her expectations are explicite, satisfy her or she will go. The pressure mounts but unfortunately, your erection doesn’t…. and the harder you try, the worse it becomes….. you’re a fucking failure in bed, can’t get it up and the next time you pull a nice young bird, it gets worse because the pressure is on your mind now, in your head you are a failure, so in bed you are the same. ha ha ha

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