The Soixante-neuf Soapbox

Afficher l'image d'origineShould Arsène ditch Özil and Sanchez?

When they arrived they were seen as our saviours, they were viewed as top quality players, they were what everyone wanted….. high priced world class players who’d both played for Barca and Real Madrid.

For a while they did their jobs well, and to some extent they still do, Özil for example, has the highest amount of assists the Premier League this season, Sanchez to a lesser degree. He has gone off the boil and in my view is now a hindrance, not a benefit to the team.

So what has gone wrong? Özil appears to have lost interest and Sanchez is not performing to his normal level. Has something gone wrong in the dressing room? Have they lost confidence in the manager and his tactics? Have they finally realised that the team they joined is not up to their standard? Or are they just in need of a change to another team?

It’s difficult to come up with any single reason, or it could be a combined mixture of all those questions. But something is going wrong and the consequence is we are not performing as we should every week, inconsistences are glaringly obvious and if something isn’t done then this current season will be a disaster.

So, I leave it to you, the voters, here are the questions in the form of a poll.



39 thoughts on “The Soixante-neuf Soapbox

  1. 69er. You must alter your ways and don’t start drinking until at least mid day. Come on you know it makes sence.

    I voted to sell Ozil. Yes I know you will all say he is the most assists player but in Arsenal we need/play a different pattern. So its looks like Mr. Wenger will not be leaving in the near future we will carry on playing in the same manner, and thats not suiting Ozil’s style of play. Just look at his body language lately, he seems not interested and pissed off.

    We need some characters in the team, fighters, some who have cohonas. And also Athletes, we are desperately in nead of a few players who are physically strong. Our timidness has carried on far too long.

    Even though our season looks to be on the rails with this current set of players our manager will not change/alter things too drastically, or even tweek it slightly.

    We have far too many passengers. Players like Flamini, Arteta, Rosicky, Ox, Walcott, Giroud, Chambers, the list goes on.

    Unless there is a culling in the summer, which I doubt Wenger will do, we will slip down the pecking order in the Premiership.

    I look through our list of first teamers and see too many ordinary players.

    What will our starting eleven be tomorrow. I’m not sure at this moment in time even Wenger knows who he will select.

    Another game on Saturday underneath the pillows.

    Not sure we will see St. Totteringhams day this season. 😦

  2. Morning VCC

    I agree with your list of passengers in the team apart from Chambers…. he still has potential… the others have passed their sell by date 🙂

  3. Nice one 69

    Form is transient, class is permanent. There both quality players and will come good again mate, Next season will be our year. You can see what Arsene is trying to do, add more power and quality. Elneny and Iwobi look very good.

    I read Cornwalls link yesterday. I was a bit disappointed at first that it wasn’t a link to one of those free sex hook up sites were you dont pull anything except your todger, but this stuff about Kronke is beginning to build momentum

    Kronke is a right twat. His obsession with market value, brand, and Bonanza is not what we want to here. We want him to talk about how we are aiming to win trophies by improving the team and how were all going to shag that Mexican bird from The High Chaparral.

    Do us a favour Stan. If your not going to talk about improving the team or how we can all take that fit bird from Little House on the Prairie from behind, dont say fuck all.

  4. Here’s Steves comment from earlier on the last post…. fucking idiot you are Steve P

    Stevepalmer1 says:

    We do have players who have come here hoping they will be successful, but when we have a need for certain positions and they don’t come, they would be a little edgy. If trophy’s are that important to them, then maybe they could see opportunities lie elsewhere.

    Players talking about belief and confidence, has me wondering if the thought of just taking part is having an effect on performance, as i do feel the players are doing their best but seem to be lacking somewhere.. I may have been a little hasty the other day when i criticised our performance, On the whole we were playing Barcelona, and nobody gave our side any chance, but supporters seemed quite happy with not being thrashed, so i suppose we gave a fair account of ourselves.

    I have stupidly thought in the past, that when its dubbed that we are five or sixth richest clubs in the world, that we should also be the same in world top teams, but of course in reality we are only in that position in our own league. Reality shows us that with a front line of Neymar Suarez and Messi we are a long way from them with |G|iroud Walcott and Welbeck.

    This weekend we play Everton, More in our range we have to say, confidence will be lifted and hopefully our performance should show a better out come, So i am optimistic for this one and for the rest of the season..

  5. and here is my reply…. I’m a fucking stupid cunt as well


    Pressure to succeed is a strange old thing…. just take sex, you’ve pulled a bird who is 20 years younger than you, you’re 50 and she is 30, her expectations are explicite, satisfy her or she will go. The pressure mounts but unfortunately, your erection doesn’t…. and the harder you try, the worse it becomes….. you’re a fucking failure in bed, can’t get it up and the next time you pull a nice young bird, it gets worse because the pressure is on your mind now, in your head you are a failure, so in bed you are the same. ha ha ha

  6. Bonjour mes amis, Sell Mesut? SELL MESUT? Are you mad Soixante-Neuf?

    No, no , no. What we need to do is buy a decent striker or two who can get on the end of those delicious passes that Mesut produces.

    If you want to sell someone, flog that useless pile of merde de vache Giroud.

    Alexis will come good again once the sun shines.

    Sell Mesut? Zut allors.

  7. Thanks for the post NB,
    I have a similar view to Norfolk, sell 2 of our best players, No fucking way. Yes their form has dipped but that is right through the side at the moment.

    What we need is to out our deadwood, thank you all very much for what you have done for us but now you are just passengers..I honestly feel we should look at the players we have, across the back, i would say Belerin Koshielney and Gabriel and Monreal are worth keeping, Gibbs and Chambers are good cover players.. In the middle we have Coq and Elneney, they are stayers, Ramsey Wilshere Cazorla Chamberlain. Have in my mind done very little for us this season, and i feel we should have a good think about them. Campbell Iwobi are triers. Up front of course we do need changes Giroud and Walcott can go. Welbeck to stay.

    Now we all know that Wenger’s budget will be low, for the coming season, On Newsnow we are linked with many strikers. Forget them as Wenger needs a few replacements for those who leave at the end of the season. Marquee Players will not be in his budget, I envisage Sales of Walcott Giroud and Chamberlain, maybe Jenkinson Sanogo and our little French midfielder who’s name escapes me at the moment, I reckon about fifty million coming in, Wenger must be holding 10 15 million from last season, so our spending power i reckon is about sixty five to seventy Mill.

    I feel he will find a striker for about 15 to 20 mill, leaving 50 mill, i feel he may keep Ramsey, and he may just keep that young French Midfielder. I believe we will buy a central midfielder and another Centreback. Ospina should he want to stay, will be a plus.

    We should fight to keep Sanchez and Ozil as they will be needed for the coming season. Thats my view, but who knows. 🙂

  8. Sorry i have forgotten next seasons 20 mill, so we may just see a better striker or perhaps two.

  9. Hi stevieP. I cannot see Wenger forking out £70mil in the summer. I think he will carry on with Giroud, Walcott and Welbeck up front.

    He may sign another midfielder, as he loves them.

    He may also buy a centre back, and that will be it.

    Two or maybe outside chance of three if your lucky.

    I’m sure he gets a bonus for the lack of money he spends.

    All the other top six clubs will outspend us in the summer, including Spurs, West Ham, Man City, Man Utd, Chelsea, Liverpool.

    Get ready for mediocre Arsenal 2016-2017. 😢

  10. Hiya VCC, If he doesn’t spend , i reckon he will leave at the end of his contract, and will leave a hundred mill for the new man.

  11. Interesting that nobody has voted to sell Sanchez…. I actually think he is the cause of our current problems….. he runs about a lot, he tries to get passed too many players, he gets dispossessed and gives the ball away too often and at the moment, is doing fuck all…. sell him, Iwobi can do a better job.

  12. Afternoon NB, The whole team are having problems, and i feel the dressing room is all at sea at the moment. Sanchez as you say has been very poor, but he has talent and a very good engine. He used to lose the ball and chase all the way back to his own box to try and win it back,, but sadly was on his own, When all around you seem to lethargic, perhaps that effects the mental side of somebody.

    We showed the other night, that we can pass the ball around when we want to, but i feel our front players are not busting a gut to get into the box, a fast break and a player is struggling to find outlets.

    I have to say there are some that i would offload before Sanchez..

  13. Here is a dose of reality from a man that has been there and done it all in football and for Arsenal.
    Getting the supporters behind the team should be a given but with Arsenal it’s an uphill losing battle, if everybody heeded his words we would have a better chance of success.

    But I dare say that even his wise words of wisdom will be brushed aside by the “expert” blooger’s.


    Thierry Henry calls for unity as Arsenal look to end 12-year title drought

    Last Updated: 18/03/16 3:20pm

    Thierry Henry has called for unity as Arsenal look to bounce back from recent setbacks and end their 12-season wait for the Premier League title.

    Having beaten Leicester in mid-February, a run of three Premier League games without a win, coupled with FA Cup and Champions League exits at the hands of Watford and Barcelona respectively, have seen the Gunners’ hopes of silverware suffer a severe blow.

    The current state of results has seen manager Arsene Wenger bear the brunt of intense criticism from disgruntled supporters, with fans divided over the 66-year-old’s futur

    But Sky Sports pundit Henry believes his former club still have a chance to win the title, and has called for everyone associated with Arsenal to rally behind the team.

    “Arsenal have to remain positive as that is the only thing they can do right now,” Henry said. “There are still nine games to go.

    “In order for Arsenal to go forward, they have to block all the negativity that is around the club at the moment.

    “I have never heard the crowd at the Emirates react as they did against Watford. It doesn’t help when you play and hear the fans having a go at what you do, or a decision from the bench.

    “I’ve played in stadiums where the fans are not happy and it doesn’t help. If that negativity comes from the stands, it becomes very difficult for anyone, especially when you haven’t won the title for 12 years.

    “Now is the time for everyone to pull in the same direction – players and fans – in order for the team to go all the way. They need to have that togetherness at this crucial time.
    It doesn’t help when you play and hear the fans having a go at what you do, or a decision from the bench. They need to have that togetherness at this crucial time.

    “Arsenal still have a possibility to win the title mathematically. As Wenger has said, you have to hope for the best in this type of situation.”

    Henry admits Wenger’s side face a difficult task in catching the Foxes, but feels it is too early to judge Arsenal’s season.

    “If Arsenal don’t win at Goodison Park it will make things very difficult,” Henry added. “They have a game in hand on Leicester and Spurs, so if they can win at Everton they can apply some pressure.

    “There is also something happening behind them, West Ham are coming and Arsenal still have to go to Upton Park, so they cannot afford to stand still.

    “They lost against Swansea at home, which people didn’t expect, and now they need points. At the end of the season, only then, can we judge the team.

    “Discussing what the team have done wrong throughout the season won’t help the current situation or what lies in front of them. Right now it is about winning the title and that is what everybody wants to see.”

    I’m a very disillusioned (in our “supporters”) GunnerN5.

  14. Iwobi showed the way Wednesday evening, run into the box with the ball and draw the foul. If the ref has the guts he’ll give the penalty.

    Iwobii was just a bit too eager to go down, a bit more practice and he’ll get the hang of it.

  15. Looks like Henry is happy to stick to the party line. He’s obviously thinking of his future employment and buttering up his future employer.

    I’d have a little bit of sympathy for Wenger if he acknowledged the fans now and again. Watch him at the end of a game, a fast handshake with the opposing manager and he’s off like a rat up a drainpipe. Showing support is a two-way street.

  16. I voted keep them and change tic tacs, I prefer the sour ones !.
    Look cunt head, I`ve waited years for us to buy super quality like Alexis and Ozil, so fuck if I want to sell them !.
    I see a few have read my link from the last post and I know that NG will say (and he`s right) that I`m pissing in the wind with the Kunt Kroenke, but the link just shows what we are up against in our future, a man that is`nt really bothered if we win nothing as long as his share price goes up and Arsenal make a profit !.
    Lucky I dont run my massage parlour the same way, yes I make a profit, but thats because the local farmers dont mind bearded women and shaven haven sheep, but if I want to go up market I need to get some top totty to attract more pundits and then you can all have your wifes back !.
    Kango is right, Wenger is doing a great job considering .
    As I`ve pointed out plenty of times in the past (and it comes to something when a fucking van Driver is the only one smelling the coffee )…….Kronke is going to make us average, but I think you lot are now coming around to my thinking and see the wood for the trees !…..we need to Kill the Kunt !
    Does anyone think it would be OK to put up a banner at the Emirates with………………..”Kill the Kunt Kroenke “….on it or would that get chucked out, may be something a little bit more subtle like…..” Die Kroenke Die “……or …….” Lets Gas 9 million Syrups ”

    Arsenal will turn septic because it`s run by a septic !.

  17. I dont know about you lot, but I must make it clear that although I might voice my opinion in a somewhat dooming manner, when at a game I do nothing but cheer and support the team no matter how bad they may play anything else is pointless and can only be a negative for the players………………….however on the web they are all a bunch of hopeless cunts on recent performances !, hahaha

  18. A typical and totally expected reaction. How can the team have any hope when the doomers are just waiting for the next opportunity to moan and groan and give their expert advice.

  19. Le Coq,

    I doubt that you are being completely honest with us, to me it just does nor seem possible that you would not moan or groan when a pass goes astray to end on a promising attacking move. You see when it’s magnified by another X thousand in the ground it just amplifies the noise and kills the atmosphere and team spirit.

  20. Honestly GN5………………I`m like…..” unlucky son”…….”get in there”….etc, probably a one off, but I find it only good to encourage when at a game !. If I have concerns it will be whispered to my son next to me in the dug out whilst my hands are around Arsene`s throat !

  21. Spot on GN5

    Get behind the team and manager is a no brainer.

    The players have given it there best shot this year but at times have not been good enough. I feel the big clubs have been caught out this season. The days of the big 4 or 5 just turning up and rolling over the others is over. From what I’ve seen this season, this will not fundamentally change next year.

    People say City Utd etc will spend big and the norm will return. To an extent that is true but it will never return to what it was.

    The smaller clubs now have the resources to keep there squads together and procure players that in many cases will have bigger impacts than guys bought at inflated prices by panicky City or Utd

    Personally, I believe Arsene is the man to take us forward. This talk of pressing tactics etc as a must does not wash. Arsene believes in good football with a balance between attack and defence.

    We have seen signs in the Barca and Totnumb away games what Arsene will develop

    Next season Arsenal will win the league and this time next year people will be pleading for him to sign a new contract. If I was Kronke or Gazidis I would pre empt this and get Arsene to sign now.

  22. Just logged on and seen we have some who believe in next season again, those same people will be there at the end of the next season saying the same. How many years of saying the same things will it be before you understand we cannot win either Premier league or Champions league.

    I ask you to think back to the end of last season and remember what you are saying now and i bet its the same old story, i know as i have thought and said the same things myself.. Take a second to think about it. then admit you have said it for years. Ground hog day my friends.

    Our only chance is to make top four, that always happens. but that is always the only thing we have left

  23. Steve, as usual you sing from the doomers song book.

    Doomers are masters at getting everything right – after the fact!

    Arsene Wenger (and all managers) have to get it right years ahead of the fact and they have no control over –

    Loss of form
    Referees decisions
    Lady Luck
    Negative “supporters”
    Trophy hunters
    Other clubs
    Owners decisions
    Crammed schedules

    I get sick and tired of reading of listening to and reading from people being wise when they already know the result/facts and then espousing their “expert” opinion of what we should have done ie: how much money we have in the bank, which players we missed out on, which players we should have bought – how fucking ludicrous is all of that when in comes from people who know fuck all about the actual facts?

    Opinions, opinions, opinions, and nothing more than an uninformed/biased opinions. (Trophy hunters)

    Yes Norfolk all of this is “Facts and nothing but the Facts”

    Sorry NB but I’ve simply had enough of this negative crap – I will always walk the high ground in supporting my team and I will never allow myself to be dragged down into the gutter of (Black Flag) negativism.

  24. Morning N5, You walk on the high ground as much as you like mate, 60 odd years of supporting your club has taught you nothing, An Ostrich bury’s its head in the high ground when it doesn’t like what’s happening around it, but it doesn’t change the facts.

    I am no more an expert than Arsene Wenger, But i have had the last eleven years of sitting on the high ground waiting for a miracle that is not coming any time soon. Your snide comments about experts is aimed at people who have seen the light my friend, An owner who is starving the club of funds, An owner who asks a Manager to run the club and do his best whilst he buys up more clubs and Ranches .

    In fact a non sporting man who doesn’t seem to care that his holdings actually are never successful as long as they are self supporting, Arsene Wenger has done a fantastic job at Arsenal for twenty years, Pre Kroenke he actually won the premier league but that was when funds were available.

    Modern football clubs have to change with the times. The Ostrich of course does not know that., But you surly do not need to be an expert to realise that if your Fire power is not as strong as your opponents then very little success will come your way..

    I am not into insulting a man who has a dream, but remember the clubs who went forty years without winning the the League, we have done ten, and we still haven’t learned the basics. Bury your head my friend, a miracle does come round now and again, look at Leicester.

  25. Doomers, dreamers, positivistas, realists, purists, ostrichists, piss artists…. we all support the same team but in different ways, each to their own.

    There will be a new post up soon…. pay attention Steve. 🙂

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