Sensational Arsenal…


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Arsenal continued their Dr Jackyll & Mr Hyde season yesterday with an emphatic win against Everton. They were top class and controlled the game from start to finish, what a stark difference from the FA Cup game against Watford and the PL game against Swansea.

At Goodison the midfield passing was crisp, the defensive display was solid and the attack got the goals needed to win the game. Yesterday for me proved that Giroud and Walcott need to stay on the bench till the end of the season, Welbeck and Iwobi were excellent and got a goal apiece, the first from Welbz was outstanding and something both Giroud and Walcott would have fluffed.

Sanchez had a bit of a schizophrenic game, he set up the first goal for Danny but I watched him during the first half and once again he gave away possession on 6 or 7 occasions. He continues to run with the ball until he reaches a dead end, fails to pass and then tries to get past an opponent but instead loses possession. Perhaps it’s what most people think and he is trying too hard, but still, I view him as a liability at the moment.

Iwobi had a superb game, my MotM, topped by him getting his first goal for the cluub, he showed why he should now keep his place ahead of Walcott. Le Coq and the Egyptian were both solid in front of the defence and Elneny is definitely becoming the Ramsey / Cazorla replacement. He spreads the ball about with confidence and presses the opposition players when they have possession. Long may that partnership continue.

The defence for a change worked well together, Bellerin and Monreal as usual both put in a good shift and Paul Easter and Kos finally clicked and were solid as a rock in central defence.

Özil was his usual mercurial self, playing some lovely stuff but then disappearing or just strolling about as if he didn’t care, the jury is still out on that one!

The injury to Ospina was worrying but he seemed to play through it so I’m hoping it doesn’t affect him after the international break. Overall, it was an extremely fluid performance, similar to the way we played against Man United and Leicester. I did notice a couple of things however, firstly, we seemed to press more and higher up the field, something which really restricted Everton from getting out of their own half. Secondly, when defending there was more hoof-ball rather than trying to dribble the ball out of defence, again, something that restricted the opposition from gaining an advantage. I sincerely hope both tactics continue, I don’t mind hoof-ball when it’s needed, kick the fucking ball as far up field as possible when there is danger. Both tactics worked yesterday.

Everton in their frustration did revert to dirty play eventually and shame on the referee for not protecting our players and giving more yellow cards. I saw Bellirin get an elbow /arm in his face at one stage and it was a blatant foul that Clattenburg failed to penalise or decided to ignore, Refs really do need to be held accountable for their performances.

If we continue like that for the rest of the season I see no reason why we will not get third or even second place. Although there’s still a mathematical chance we can win the league, I think the eight points (if we win our game in hand) between us and Leicester is a bridge too far, we would have to win a minimum of seven out of our last eight games and Leicester would have to lose at least four of their remaining seven fixtures. They do have Man United and the Chavs away and West Ham and Everton at home, but realistically, I doubt they will lose four.

So it will come down to us or the genital warts from N17 as to who gets second. They’ve got Liverpool and the Chavs away and Man United at home, plus their last game is away to Newcastle, let’s hope Rafa has worked his magic by then and they need to win that game to stay up. We on the other hand, now have a fairly easy run in. Ok, we’ve said that on a few occasions this season and we haven’t been able to do the business, but, and it’s still a big BUT, if we play how we have in our games against Barca, the genital warts and yesterday at Goodison, then we can still keep the cock suckers where they deserve to be, deep in our shadow.

That’s what we are playing for now and if we do well, we could still win the title if Leicester suffer from the pressure and start dropping points. We can live in hope.





91 thoughts on “Sensational Arsenal…

  1. Another Good morning Sore Arsènes

    What a fucking good performance yesterday….. the West Ham game was excellent as well, I was cheering for the Chavs and my Hammers mate was going berserk because he thinks they’re gonna get CL football next season ha ha ha

  2. Morning Shaven Haven Head !

    I thought the Le Coq and The Mummy axis was the key yesterday in protecting the back four and snuffing out the Toffee`s midfield.
    Apart form wanting a pressing game formation the other thing that is vital (normally) is you have to be hard to beat and that means a system with disciplined DM`s. It`s no surprise that our form went all fuddy wuddy when Le Coq and Santi got injured, it`s going to be just that little to late to rectify it…..tooo many points gap !.
    Remember though arse wipes, Le Coq was not a Wenger moment of genius, he was a late recall and Wenger was of the opinion that the DM holding player was a thing of the past and that players had to be ball players and highly skillful, yet every gooner outside of Arsene`s office had been calling for a proper DM player for yonks !……he knows best !…..sometimes we know best !…….millions cant be wrong !

  3. Morning le Coq sucker

    I’ve always being calling for a DM enforcer, we really haven’t had one since Vieira….. now we have Le Coq…. don’t give a shit if it was fate that meant Wenger had to recall him…. he’s made the position his now, and with the Pyramid worshiper, it’s a good partnership

  4. Years ago me and Oz Gunner were calling for Wenger to give Le Coq a chance, I saw something about him from 2 games Vs the Spuds and Shrewsbury, so I will take credit !…….surprised Wenger hasn`t got me me next to him instead of Steve Bald as I have an instinct on which players should be playing and what tactics we should deploy !…….it`s a gift !…….for instance I have this overwhelming feeling that if we were to buy Barca`s front 3 we would win the league next season, it`s just a gut feeling !

  5. Another one who I was calling for way nback on Bergkampesque and he would have been a lot cheaper !……………………………..does Wenger ever listen to me ?………………………………..the Kunt Kroenke could save £7M per year by replacing Wenegr with me and we would win trophies !…………..the Kunt has to die !

  6. I`d buy that Leicester DM….Kante !… cant have enough DM`s !…..I like his name as well…..Kante !
    Wenger has been following since he was 10 years old, but didn`t offer enough sherbet strawberries, now he will have to offer something like £20M and his cock !.

  7. Right !…time for some 2000 ab exercises ……………….will do my planks later, I now do 2 ten minute planks instead of 3 five minute ones… fucking hurts !,,,,,,,need to hurt myself and suffer because of Arsene`s lack of silverware this year !. 😀

  8. Yes !…it`s amazing how similar our exerise routines are very similar !……you must also be a fit bastard !.

  9. Too late for Payet, he has signed an extention and also we have to take into consideration that WHam will be a big pulling club next season due to their shiny new stadium !…….Kuntz !.

  10. Bonjour Soixante-Neuf and you Cockie, excellent first half yesterday almost total control. Fatigue took it’s toll towards the end of the match but not enough to let the Toffees back in.

    Alexis looked comfortable in that seat in the stand, he’ll need to get back to his best quickly or he may find a few more off-field seats to spend his team in.

    Iwobi looked very good, so long as he doesn’t burn out he looks the natural replacement for Walcott, only better.

    A report in some Italian paper this morning says Juventus are after Giroud, please Juvy get your offer in early.

    Getting back to the game, we need to keep that back four intact for the rest of the season, no farting about with rotation, they are the future.

    Thanks for the match report 69er.

    Is that Cockie bloke a scaffolder or pirate? Doing planks? Walking planks? Seems a funny way to spend your Sunday morning.

  11. Smashing Match report 69er. Not too sure about Paul Easter, he always looks like a disaster waiting to happen. I do hope its first season nerves and he forms a partnership with Kos next season.

    I like our full backs Bellerin and Monreal, although a wonderful athlete that Bellerin is, I would like to see him improve on his defending qualities, perhaps next season he will show signs of learning the premiership habits.

    Coq and Elneny look a “pair”, they seem to complement each other, although I would still like to see a more physically strong mid fielder signed in the summer.

    Ozil is quality when he has players running off the ball as he did yesterday. A little more strength and harassing would be nice on the menu.

    Welbeck is showing a hunger, and seems to be making a statement to Wenger …..”I’m the answer to your striker problem”.

    Although Iwobi is a kid, he is showing signs of great maturity, long may this carry on.

    Czech is due back soon. Ospina has been a good stand in but Check is the real deal.

    If Wenger can pull two rabbits out the hat in the summer we may be able to hold onto our fourth place trophy next season.

    Norfolk…….Cockie is neither a Pirate nor Scaffolder, he is a wanker. 😉

  12. Certainly am !………………..every morning and punctual !……. you could set your watch by it….your missus does ! . 😆

  13. Interesting comparison from over the over side. It just proves how much AW has done to change the team in just 2 seasons – but let’s not give him any credit as that would be against the (un) popular opinion.

    March 20, 2016 at 10:08 am

    Sagna Merts Vermaelen Monreal
    Flamini Arteta
    Rosicky Cazorla Podolski

    Bellerin Gabriel Koscielny Monreal
    Coquelin Elneny
    Sanchez Özil Iwobi

    The first team is the one that lost 3-0 at Everton 2 seasons ago. The other won 2-0 at Everton yesterday. The difference that stands out for me, other than age and experience, is how much more speed and athleticism was in yesterday’s team. Every single position has had an upgrade in that department.

  14. Of course you are right N5, that was a pretty crap side that lost three nil to Everton. Now just remind me which manager put that team together? Oh yes, Arsene Wenger.

  15. Thank you for your post match thoughts NB, in the first 20 or so minutes the team the team demonstrated the type of quick precision passing that we displayed early in the season. It seems that the Barcelona game was a good kick up the arsenal for them and a reminder of the type of football that would have won us the league title.

    I read that Iwobi has been a part of the Arsenal system since in was 8/10 years old – but obviously he is just another AW experiment as he didn’t cost 80 million and therefore must be trash………………..right?

  16. Norfolk – just a little reminder about AW.

    20th season
    Looks like being the 20th consecutive time he has led his teams into the CL.
    An all time record 6 FA Cups.
    3 Premier League titles
    2 League and Cup doubles.
    An average position of 2.86
    A new training facility
    A new stadium
    A financially self sufficient club

    Oh I almost forgot all of the above and still some of the most dissatisfied “supporters” in the league.

    I ask YA 😦 😦 😦

  17. When you break all of the criticism down it can only interpreted as one thing – all we are missing out on is winning more trophy’s – so it must mean that those who are dissatisfied can only be trophy hunters – which in this man’s opinion is very shallow; I support this club for way more than just trophy’s.

    No team has ever been good

  18. …………….No team has ever been good…..enough to win trophy’s on a continuous basis the closest any clubs have come would be Liverpool of the 90’s and Man U of the PL era – but look what has happened to those clubs.

    When AW decides to retire he will leave behind a club that will have improved beyond measure and a club that will be capable of competing at the highest level. Unlike Ferguson who sucked all of the blood out of Man U.

  19. Oh how lucky we are, we have a wonderful stadium built singlehandedly by Arsene Wenger, we know it’s true as both he and GN5 say so.

    We have consistently won the Fourth Place Trophy. What an achievement.

    We haven’t had a sniff of the Premiership Title in

  20. Since we first won the league in the 30`s this is the third longest stint without a title !……11 years and counting !…..bound to be 12 and counting by the end of this season as the Spuds have scored after 44 seconds !……Kuntz !………………expect our longest run since the 30`s without a title whilst Kroenke is in control !……all of us bastards will be watching as ghosts when we next win it if that Kunt Kroenke doesn`t fuck off !.

    A big problem for me is the all too easy thinking that top 4 is a trophy, it is fuck all !….apart from a money means for Kroenke. I would bet my last dollar that Arsenal would have more of a chance of winning the league without being in the CL !………………same squad with only domestic trophies to play for !…………….wonder how many injuries Leicester have had this season ?.

  21. Le Coq, There would be less games played and that would therefore reduce the potential for fatigue and injuries but where would the money come from to buy the players needed to win the PL.

    Leicester City have been very fortunate that neither Vardy or Mahrez have been injured this season – without them they would be struggling to survive – it’s all down to Lady Luck.

  22. As I(`ve said before GN5, I dont believe the fatigue crap !…..I do however understand the more games you play the more likely chances are that we will pick up injuries !. I just wonder how we would have done this season with no european football whatsoever. As for the CL money, well I think the new TV deal and sponsors money plus whats gaining dust in the bank would have been enough to cope with a couple of seasons out of the CL ……….being out of the CL hasn`t stopped Manshafter Std buying players or keeping sponsors and obviously to me…..having any one rich owner other than Kroenke and they could ( as in City and Chavs owners ) buy players who they liked .

  23. Evening all,
    Nice one NB, An honest post yesterday and a victory post today, Being an Arsenal supporter has its ups and downs doesn’t it. I see N5 has come out of hiding, welcome back mate, its nice of you to come back and tell us how good it is to be an Arsenal supporter, had we lost there would have been too many Doomers for you.

    The truth of the matter is that we have finally had a good win, we Played a side who play similar to us, one good one and who knows the next game. Everton was piss poor lets be honest, yes we may have pressed and we got the upper hand but we have found ourselves in that position many times this season.

    Lets not get carried away with this win, Yes we played better, two guys in central defence didn’t make any mistakes but we still gave Lukaku a clear header that he did a Giroud with. Our two DM’s gelled well yesterday as did our front two but what will we get in our next game, Lets face it, players will be fit after the interlull and Wenger will not be able to resist changing bodies all over the park.

    We have to remember that the Manager made a massive mistake in the last couple of transfer windows, No matter what he has done in the past he made a glaring mistake in not buying players , He has cost us the league this year and also scuppered our chances in other comps. Now i don’t blame him solely, as that tight American is holding the purse strings and Wenger, or any other Manager we might have had would still be starved of funds.

    A top football club make sure they have the players available at the start of a season, but our Manager started with 2 strikers injured for what ended up half a season that surely must go down as incompetence. We have Wenger’s right hand man, a very good defender in his day but a shit defensive coach. More incompetence from the Manager.

    Now of course that is all bad words after a good win, but its honest. We could still win the Premier if everybody plays shit and we play like invincible’s but that is far and away too easy, and N5 will Crow his fucking head off, but realistically we could make top 4.

    Now i take nothing away from our fine win yesterday, after all you can only play who is in front of you, but Wenger will not leave this winning team alone and we will definitely have changes. With changes we will see different results, i hope he doesn’t fuck up again..

  24. Steve, I don’t crow or criticise I just take each game and season as it comes, win lose or draw Arsenal are my team and my place is to support.

  25. Afternoon arsenal lickers

    I’m back from lunch and very nice it was indeedy. I’ve just noticed that Norfolk in his pre match yesterday predicted the starting XI exactly, well done that man.

    Now come on dreamers and doomers, behave yourselves ha ha

  26. N5 were all supporters mate, Some of us realise that our league wins are a long time ago, I hear all the time about our greats, Adam’s Viera Petit Freddie Dennis I am pretty sure there may be one or two still alive that may remember hero’s of the thirty’s but who gives a shit, its what happening now that supporters are interested in, not what someone did a lifetime ago.

    With a club classed as top five richest, with 30 mill coming in yearly some supporters feel we should buy players and not start the season with an injury list. Not a lot to ask when there is 200 million sitting doing nothing. No disrespect mate just smell the roses.

  27. Steve, you should know full well that the money in the bank is there to cover all expenses plus a contingency to cover emergency situations – not just for player purchases. You show a deep lack of knowledge/awareness by stating that we have “200 mil sitting there doing nothing”.

  28. I am not an accountant N5 We got top 4 last season and got 30 million, we spent 15, we have had 30 million for more years than i remember Money earned by our players in all those years we have spent more than 30 mill twice i think count up what the football players have won not what comes ion through the turnstyles.

  29. No it`s not sitting there doing nothing !……`s making interest !. 😆

    Forgot to say well done Norfolk for getting it spot on with the team !…..not easy with a near full strength squad !……………….well apart from Cech, Ramsey, Wheelchair !… that it ?…… I missing anyone ?

  30. The monster coq is right GN5… the money is in a bank somewhere earning interest… Imagine £200m earning interest of say just 3%…. ffs, that’s a fucking fortune, I’m sure accountant man Transplant will be able to tell a maths challenged idiot like me how much that comes to?

  31. If I`m reading this right, then Wenger is blaming the injury problems for our form and basically not being top !.
    Now this where I have to have a dig at the man !………in a lot of circumstances in life, work, companies etc` we look to the past to deal with the future. For as long as I can remember whilst blogging we have had more than our fair share of inkury problems, even being top of the Injury for 5 years on the trot, now I dont want to go into why we have more problems than anyone else, but an intelligent man as our manager is supposed to be should use these stats to his advantage and use the crystal ball effect !…….basically look at our perrennial injury problems and buy players to counter it !.
    Last season I said the self same thing and even with the aid of my psychic abilities predicted that we would have injuries this season and that Wenger should look to the past for guidence !………………I`ll tell you what, I have this funny gut feeling that we will incure many injuries again next season, so Arsene, if you`re reading this, buy to cover them and you wont look like a prized plum when you blame the injuries next season !.

  32. Shouldn`t count Wheelchair, Arteta and Rosicky as they have been cremated !…….so that`s Santi, who I miss and Ox…..who I miss, but I`m sure others dont !……………………whilst were on the subject, I like Gabriel as well, he will be a top defender, I feel it in my bones !.

  33. Le Coq, surely you know that there is a player cap of 25 per team split up between foreign and home grown players (lots of rules involved but still a cap of 25 named players). If it were as simple as just adding players at their wish then the moneyed teams would already have vacuumed up all of the available talent.

  34. I know that sometimes money can’t buy success, I don’t think anyone is arguing that. What people are saying is that the club ain’t even trying, they’re not buying any replacements for our ageing or injured players.
    Diaby stated to a newspaper this week that at Marseille he is getting fitter than when he was at Arsenal, why, becquse he says Marseille have a different fitness regime…. for fuck sake, after all the money spent on our state of the art fitness and medical centre…. Marseille can do it better.

  35. True `69er…….that`s what $tan will take out for his football knowledge services !……………I saw a butternut squash in Tesco`s earlier who talked a smarter game of footie than $tan !……………………Kunt !.

  36. yes GN5…. how do you think millionaires become millionaires…. by keeping their money and earning the odd million here or there to spend on horse feed for their $500m ranch

  37. Too complex that squad business, GN5, thats GIE territory !, but surely in the summer transfer window Arsene has the chance to buy players before he names the 25 man squad !.

  38. Diaby stated it GN5….. it’s a fact and he hasn’t got any gripes against Wenger like other players have had, surely the person to know he is getting fitter is Diaby?

  39. And by buying a Franchise like the Arsenal and then turn around and say he needs the fans because that earns him the money to keep him in the style that he is used to….

  40. Diaby`s doctor must be Dr Frankestein, because I have seen Diaby`s death certificate !…………………………and he will have to be a fucking miracle worker as Diaby was cremated at London Colney last season !.

  41. Surely GN5, you must now understand, after his recent comments, that silent stan is only in it for the money and not to make the club successful through wining silverware….. come on mate, you must see that

  42. Yea NB if he’s not already dead then he is wishing and hoping he’s fit – only extended game time will tell if he is any fitter NB not how he feels – how many games has he played so far for Marseille ?

  43. Anyway !… much as I love talking to you gays………………….it`s my avatar isn`t it !…..I know, it`s sexually arousing, but please not before the watershed time, put it away !.
    Just had a mixed kebab meal and I`ve got the new James Bond Spectre film to watch, so fuck you !. hahaha

  44. Of course I understand NB but his statement does not specify how much money he approves – according to AW his requests for transfer funds have always been approved – so the answer lies somewhere in between and we will never know the real answer until AW retires and writes his memoires.

  45. The way I see it is that GN5, Steve, Norfolk, Cockie, VCC and yours truly have supported the club for something like a combined 320 years or there abouts, we support the club first, the players second and the manager third, the club is always there, the players generally stay longer than the manager and the manager is moveable….. the club comles first and what many arguments are about is that the club is not being serviced as it should be…. it is being sold out for profit. I know that may have always been the case but it is more visible now and the fans don’t like it.

  46. Before I go, can we all agree that the real enemy and threat to the clubs future is Kroenke !…………whether you want him to die along with his heirs is just personal choice and a bonus, but please say either yay or nay and hopefully we will all find a common ground subject to agree on !……………………………………………….any cunt that says nay is a tosser ! hahaha

  47. Cockie…. I say yay to Kroenke but not to Wenger

    I’m signing off now to watch House of Cards…. Kroenke to take the place of Francis Urquhart quite easily ha ha

  48. Ok Cockie, I will say “yay”.

    But what I do know, is something has to change soon, or we will carry on stagnating and fall further down the pecking order.

    If we do slip, and go down that slippery hill, it will be almost impossible to get back on top.

    So things will have to start altering in the summer one way or the other.

  49. Good morning dildos 🙂

    The discussions are getting rather repetitive at the moment….. it’s all going around in circles and getting you nowhere…. find another subject rather than Wenger out / Wenger in

    Here’s Le Coq Monsters dream woman

  50. Okay 69er, I started a response to some of the guff put out by GN5 yesterday but got interrupted, in the interests of peace and love I’ll shelve it for now.

    We could be in for a pretty barren couple of weeks with the interlull upon us. Perhaps we could spend it speculating on who will come and who will go in the summer. No mention of managerial changes though.

    I’ll kick off with Giroud to Juventus, we can get a second-hand window dummy from Top Shop to replace him, nobody will notice the difference.

  51. Nice puppies !

    How about how classy a club we are !…………….I honestly shed a tear watching this, but not as many as I will if them cunts down the road win the league………I`m alredy on suicide watch !.

  52. Anyway Labia Lips face, I`ve only been calling for Kroenke`s death not Wenger`s !………………………Wenger`s like a father figure who can sometimes piss you off !……….we`ve all had/got one of those, but we still love them .

  53. hahaha, yes Cornwall, suicide.

    Ive tried to kill myself many times. Every time ive tried it though the other me that wants to live threatens to beat me up so I shit myself and don’t do it

    When Ime at that stage ime usually in a right state. Flat looks like a Polish house share, nothing on but stained track suit bottoms, and socks over hands.

    My method is to stare out of the loft window whilst pulling one off watching porn and shouting at passers by “Ime gona top myself you ungrateful bastards, but not before that demure librarian bird comes back from searching for ‘The evolution of 1920’s Steam trains’ by Robert R Jenkinson, dressed as a PVC clad dominatrix”

  54. Now I’m stuck NB because I was anticipating having to comment on NG’s guff in response to my facts, but it seems you have stopped the flow………………

  55. NB,

    The only football that I watch consists of the PL, CL and International competitions so I don’t see enough of other players to really have a knowledgeable opinion on which individual’s we should or shouldn’t buy. But one thing is abundantly clear we need to find someone who can put the ball in the net on a consistent basis.

    Outgoing is pretty clear we need to part company with the players that have reached the end of their careers, so Arteta, Rosicky & Flamini should be on the chopping block.

    Both Walcott and Oxlaide have been poor or inconsistent this season and have not responded positively when given the chance to become an integral part of the team. and AW needs to make a decision on their futures.

    Campbell, Iwobi and Ospina have all responded positively when given the opportunity and they look to have a good future with us.

    The rest of the squad all look to be the part from my viewpoint.

    So in this man’s opinion our only obvious weakness is not having the right striker.

  56. Evening all,
    Arsenal must feel that Iraq will be a place that future players will be coming from, Our players both men and women have given a days pay to build two football pitches in the war torn country. Reading between the lines it looks likely that we will also be supplying football coaches as well.

    Now although i have no real opinions as to what our players do with their own money, so perhaps i should just say a very charitable endeavour from the Arsenal players.

    As GN5 has stated, we will very shortly be faced with replacing some of our players who are coming to the end of their usefulness to us. Of course the ones he has mentioned, have been bit time players this season, Flamoni has done a very good job, but now his energy company is starting to look fruitfull, he probably would welcome a break from football.

    Again N5 has mentioned players who have not had a good season, Whether that will encourage the Manager to move them on or not, only he knows. Mr Wenger has found difficulty in buying any players, so my guess is Walcott and Chamberlain will not be leaving just yet.

    Arteta Rosiski and Flamoi will take Mr Wenger a whole transfer window to replace them, so its my guess BFG will be with us for another season, I have read that Giroud has his admirers and that a bid may just arrive at the end of the season, should club and player agree we may have our new striker, but i also have read that we are in lengthy negotiations for a nineteen year old, so i assume our experienced strikers will be the same ones we have now.
    I feel our spending will again be small, but i feel that we may just have more players we can call on, Lets hope the Iraqi kids learn quick.

  57. Steve, Call it wishful thinking or just plain idiotic but I really believe that our club will spend what is required to make us more competitive. I cannot see us buying anymore than 2/3 players – 1 being a striker.

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