Sell, Sell, Sell…… Polling Day!

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I fucking hate international breaks, especially at such a crucial period in the Premier League. However, it does give some players a rest and it gives us fans some time to reflect on other matters.

Today I’m looking ahead to the summer, and more specifically, what Arsène will be doing in the Transfer window. Today who should  be sold? and tomorrow,, who he will buy. Because let’s be honest, we do need some upgrades.

Let’s firstly look at who should be going out the door.

Rosicky: Getting on a bit at 35 years old and hardly playing due to continuing injuries. SELL

Arteta: Ditto, ageing and injured. SELL

Flamini: Ditto, ageing, injured and when he does play, a liability. SELL

Mertesacker: Getting close to his sell buy date but a useful squad player. KEEP for another year and then send him back to Dooshland.

Walcott: Has had his opportunity to prove his worth at CF and fluffed his lines. SELL while the price is good.

Oxlade: Has had loads of opportunities to prove himself but doesn’t seem to be improving. SELL

Giroud: Despite having a fairly respectable amount of goals, 12 PL goals this season, still hasn’t gelled with the midfield and really isn’t at a standard where you can say he is top class. SELL

Sanchez and Özil: My jury is still out on these two, both have hit a period of mediocre or bad form and struggling with their mental strength. KEEP both for another season if they don’t both put in transfer requests this summer. If either of them do, then…. SELL

Cazorla: Still playing well but ageing, and if he can stay injury free a good squad player but getting close to his sell by date. KEEP

Every other team member from our squad…… KEEP.

That leaves us with:

Cech / Ospina / Macey

Bellerin / Chambers / Koscielny / Paul Easter / BFG / Monreal / Gibbs

Coquelin / Elneny / Cazorla / Ramsey/ Özil / Sanchez / Iwobi /

Welbeck / Campbell

Plus some of our teenagers who are progressing through the ranks.

Leaves us with a glaring gap in the striker department, a priority in the summer, plus possibly another DM and a creative Box to Box midfielder, though I see Elneny developing that role over time.

Those are my views, now the Sore Arses can decide, remember, Your Vote Counts, well of course it fucking doesn’t, it’s just a bit of fun amongst the fans who have no say in what the Manager or the club does.

You have a multiple choice:



52 thoughts on “Sell, Sell, Sell…… Polling Day!

  1. Good Morning you fucking plonkers

    Get your votes in now….. the vote closes tomorrow morning at 9am GMT when I will post something about who we should be buying. Get those ticks in now, and NO, you can’t vote on the pole dancer 😀

  2. Bonjour Soixante-Neuf,

    Transfer speculation is not for the faint hearted. It involves a careful dissection of the squad as it stands at present, a clear idea of what tactics are to be used in future and how the present make-up of the squad can match the requirements of the tactics.

    First off the discards. Most will agree that three players are certain to leave, Arteta, Flamini and Rosicky all out of contract and all most certainly surplus to requirements.

    Neither Arteta or Rosicky have played any significant part in the last two seasons so do not need replacing on a like for like basis. Flamini’s replacement Elneny has already settled into a first team starting spot.

    Three other midfielders come under scrutiny, Cazorla, Oxlade-Chamberlain and Ramsey. Cazorla will be thirty-two by the middle of next season so he’s unlikely to be given a contract beyond his current one but will be retained this year unless he expresses a wish to return to La Ligue. Oxlade-Chamberlain has reached a plateau and Ramsey has regressed but both will probably be kept as it’s unlikely the club would be able to find sufficient quality players to replace more than the three midfielders already leaving.

    Among the forwards Walcott’s position must be under the most threat by the emergence of Iwobi who has already usurped his right wing spot. Nor has Walcott made anything of the opportunities offered him in his preferred central striker role. Unless he’s happy to sit it out on the bench I can’t see much of a future for him at Arsenal. The easiest to replace is Giroud, there are a number of better prospects currently playing in the Premiership and even better ones around the European Leagues. Juventus are reported to be interested so why not let him go?

    The other problem is Wilshire, he hasn’t played for seven months now, would struggle to displace anyone in the current starting eleven, even if fully fit, and would in any case be an injury risk in the middle of a run of eight season defining games. Will Hodgson risk picking him for England, if not he’ll have only the pre-season to demonstrate his fitness, in which case should he go or should he stay?

    I don’t do tactics to any great extent, save to say defenders should defend and strikers should score goals. It’s obvious from our goal difference that we haven’t got that balance right. Who we should buy in order to redress that balance I’ll leave until tomorrow.

  3. Morning Norfolk

    A good analysis mate, and I’d fucking forgot about Jack…. just goes to show how long he has been out injured… totally slipped my mind ha ha

  4. I’ve just seen this comment on the other side, and Rasputin believed the geezer and replied to him. If it’s true then the psychologist in question should be sacked and brought in front of a tribunal for not respecting the client/ Doctor relationship…. it’s a clear abuse of confidentiality…. and the bloke who posted it, no matter how close a friend, should never have been told the information…. but then again, the bloke Darren Parish is probably lying.

    Darren Parish says:

    March 22, 2016 at 9:35 am

    A very close friend of mine is the Sports psychologist at Chelsea. He tells me Costa is actually a really nice guy but has some anger issues as we’ve all seen. He apparently gets a bit bullied and teased too! (By some U21 players at times)

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  6. Morning NB, We had snow last night on the first day of spring………………I ask Ya!!

    Very cold but at least we know we can always look forward to a sunny and hot summer.

    I said my piece on the player movement topic yesterday – not much more to say other than if we do decide to part ways with Walcott and Oxlaide- then we will need to buy replacements who are an improvement on them.

    I cannot see us selling either Ozil or Alexis as they are the nucleolus which you build a team around, without their skill set we would become a mid table team. It would take us back to the 50’s and 60’s when the majority of the time we were a total mess and started off the season with no hope of winning anything – those were black days for us supporters and it was hard to keep the faith.

  7. GN5

    I don’t think we would become a mid table team without Sanchez or Ozil….. we managed to keep our 4th place trophy regularly before they came to the club. However, as you say, they are the ‘nucleolus’ in which a good team could build around, and that, as the Bard said, is the rub. We don’t have the players at the moment which can play around them…. Iwobi and Welbeck are a beginning because Giroud and Walcott aren’t.
    This summer Wenger has to start a rebuild, get the players that can compliment the German and the Chilian, if not, we could end up a mid table team even with them in the side.

  8. Our main issue for several years has been long term injuries to key players, this season has been no different, we lost Alexis when he was at his peak and on his return he’s been Joe average – same with Ramsey until he goy injured yet again. No matter what else we say about the quality of our players I’m convinced that this team, free of injuries, would have won the PL.

    Leicester City have a paper thin squad in comparison to ours but the difference seems to be that they are made of iron – the secret ingredient.

  9. Perhaps it’s because Jamie Vardy used to work in a steel works ha ha

    But seriously, that says something about us and the players we have. It also says something about Wenger for not getting the players in who could have been good stand bys to cover our usual injury list, don’t you think?

  10. Oh and I cannot see a “mass” clear out as that would create havoc.

    Here, in my opinion are the 22 players that will be the mainstay of our 2016/17 squad.
    That leaves room for 3 additions plus an unlimited number of players who are under 21.





    You see that I would keep faith with our current core and add new skill sets with the 3 new players – concentrating on attack first and then defence.

  11. So your list is similar to mine but you’d keep Wilshere, Walcott and Oxlade. You’d get rid of Arteta, Flamini and Rosicky.
    I forgot Jack in my post but if I had, I would have had him on the SELL LIST as well. I don’t think he is ever going to get over his ankle problems. A shame because I like the lad and he has some bollocks on the field as well, something else we are clearly missing.

  12. NB when you look at the 25 man squad I feel that we had adequate coverage but bad luck with the amount of players who got injured – take a look at the team you will see that the majority of the team have had an injury this season – the midfield in particular.

    I have no idea how that can be the fault of management – I truly feel that the amount of niggling tackles that our players get eventually takes it’s toll – rotational fouling has to get more attention from the referee’s than it currently does.

  13. Without checking the stats GN5 I woulkd say that more players pull up with muscle and tendon strains than get affected by rotational fouling…. but then again, need to check the figures. Perhaps an idea for you to do for a post…. without your difficult spread sheets of course 😀

  14. Wilshere, Walcott and Oxlaide are real enigma’s – the only thing about them that could be considered consistent is the amount of injuries they get 😦 😦 😦

  15. Only in my 50’s GN5….. not when I was younger. Even now, at the ripe old age of 61 I could probably run the length of a football pitch without pulling a muscle ha ha

  16. Wouldn’t need spread sheets GN5….. just a list of players and what injuries they have suffered, whether muscular or through a tackle or a foul. Say perhaps for the last 5 seasons. Could be quite enlightening.

  17. Don’t put it to the test NB – you may end up in bed.

    Even with my dodgy knees I coached until I was in my mid 60’s and I was as fit as a fiddle – but I still tweaked my muscles and would limp home – my Mr’s thought I was crazy – but I loved coaching.

  18. GN5, running up a pitch my lungs would probably give out before a muscle.

    Give some thought to a post, if you have the time? It’s something I think you’d enjoy 🙂

  19. In 2004/5 I worked for the Midi Libre, a newspaper local to the Gard and Vaucluse. I was a delivery driver to all the Tabacs and Newsagents in the region. One day a pallet full of Union Journals arrived with our usual delivery and it was for Tricastan, a Nuclear site in the Ardeche. My boss was on holiday so I phoned him to ask if it was a mistake or if it should be delivered.
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    She wasn’t having this and I had to wait 30 minutes for two Fire Officers and a Security bloke who came with a mirror on a stick and checked under the van, they looked inside, sorting through some of the piles of journals and then gave me the OK, the two Fire Officers accompanied me in the van, watched over me until I’d unloaded and then escorted me back to the Security check point. Fucking nightmare it was ha ha

  20. Here in Canada we are somewhat lucky as we appear to be insulated from terrorism but the level of security checks has most certainly increased, especially at the airports and major transit terminals.

    Terrorism is akin to a virus – you always need to protect yourself – times they are a changing 🙂 🙂

  21. I was going to ask about Canada…. I’ve never seen anything relating to terrorism over there? It must say something really positive about your choice of adopted country 🙂

  22. Now Donald aka “The Trumpet” has now stated that he would reduce the US involvement in NATO – if he actually becomes President it would be an absolute fucking nightmare for the whole world.

    I can’t imagine a “Donald talking head Trump” becoming the most powerful man on earth – it’s just unthinkable – but it might just happen………………………………if it does then we will all have to live in bunkers.

  23. NB we had two isolated incidents last year when two members of the armed forces were killed one in Montreal and the other in Ottawa. It was big news here but it was not terrorism related just a couple of mad fanatic’s.

    We are like the Switzerland of North America and have few if any enemies, Canada is a great country to live in and I’m very happy that the future generations of our family will reap the benefits of such a wonderful/peaceful environment.

  24. The possibility of him winning is very real, all one can hope is that the American people are not sucked in by his verbiage and they vote Democrat in November.

  25. Sounds excellent GN5, but despite all that, I couldn’t cope with all the frigging snow 🙂
    France is like the ‘sex’ capital of Europe and full of lovely women, I could say that I’m very happy and my loins have reaped the benefits of such a wonderful place…… and the sun shines on a regular basis, even in the depths of what we class as winter ha ha

  26. GN5
    Really enjoyed our discussion but I’ve just noticed the time and I have an appointment at 3:30 so will have to put it on hold….. will be back about 4:30 ( French time that is )
    Too da loo for now.

  27. How comes the Pole Szczesny is not in the Poll ?

    Arteta, Flamimi and Rosicky for me and that`s all, keep the rest and add CB, Striker and proper winger, but we know from the last 5 years or so ( since we have topped the injury league ) that Wenger will comment on the likes of Wheelchair as being like a new player ……then he will get injured !.
    Out of the death squad, I would only keep Wheelchair as he is class, I love Rosicky as well, but we cant have too many on life support systems as the National Grid will complain !.
    I am a Ox believer so keep ……Theo !……………..27 now and should be ripping up defences, if we could get PEA in a part ex, then do it !.
    Also like Giroud and needs to be kept as a horses for differant courses player……in some games he is the business !……………………right ! din dins

  28. Evening all, thank you NB for the post, It seems you jumped the gun a little with this post, and seeing how nobody has mentioned it , i guess many have not seen the statement in the news paper this morning, Where the Hierarchy at Arsenal have said Wenger will not be offered any talks about contracts until he has a massive spend up. Yes i know almost fell off my chair when i read that,

    They also showed a list of players that we should be looking at and some of the Names you wouldn’t believe.. Now i know April the first is very close and i had to check the calender to make sure i hadn’t overslept.

    This has supposedly come from Boardroom, and they have shifted all the blame on Wenger. I had a little smile on my face for a second, and then i realised we are only 8 games from the end of the season and of course season ticket time, I urge all season ticket holders to not rush, in renewing their tickets, just so the story of a big spend gets around.

    Any truth in this story should be followed by very quick actions, A figure of 159 million war chest was printed in the paper and an Arsenal spokesperson has said that we have to have the biggest spend ever., We have to be competitive, Well i never.

  29. What paper was that in, Kango ?…………………it`s the sort of news that could make me premeture ejaculate !……..and I`m off to Tesco`s soon and normally look at the papers and mags for free, so I dont want to be escorted out yet again !

  30. Steve, the author of that article was Mark Irwin, I searched for references about him and this is what I found…


    Mark Irwin is recommended by…Mark Irwin has not been recommended any journalists

    10 topics mentioned most by Mark Irwin – arsenal brighton chelsea fa cup gunners premier league arsene wenger sanchez southampton wenger

    Mark Irwin has written… More about ‘arsenal’ than anything else


    It looks like he has a fixation with Arsenal – and it looks like a negative preoccupation.
    I simply cannot believe that article it’s simply not credible.

  31. The only thing credible about The Sun newspaper is it`s tit`s……or that may be “was” it`s tit`s as I`m not sure they still do topless girls on page 3 ……I haven`t bought it since they stopped page 3`s topless girls, so have no idea whether they re-introduced it again …….I will have a look next time I`m in Tesco`s……only in a recon way for `sorearse !.

  32. Morning all.
    Sorry i never got back to you last night And hi N5, The piece in the sun, didn’t read the same as what Cockies article, The source may be from the same person, but the Suns article sounded like it came from Arsenal.

    Of course the Suns a comic, but i feel there may be a little truth in it, only time will tell, or maybe it’s wishful thinking on my part. 🙂

  33. Morning all, thank you NB for the post. In the Sun this morning is a report that Arsenal are finalising a deal with Borussia Monchengladbach 33.7 million for midfilder Granit Xhaka at a weekly sale of £120,000 Arsenal tried to buy the player in January but are now confident of getting their man after Mr Wenger spoke to Xhakas Father it is in the Sun don’t forget.

    Any truth in this story makes you wonder if a midfielder has requested a transfer or its a replacement for a leaver.

  34. Morning mate, I said yesterday that if there was any truth in the spend story that things would happen quickly, but fuck me mate, never expected this quick. 🙂

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