Buy, Buy, Buy…. Polling Day round two.

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Yesterday I examined which players I thought may be on the Sell list this coming summer. The voting in the poll was fairly inconclusive but Flamini, Arteta and Rosicky were top of the list followed by Walcott and Giroud.

Today boys and girls, let’s look at who may be on Wengers To Buy List. With Flamini, Arteta and Rosicky all reaching semi-retirement age it’s fairly clear that they will all be shown the door this coming summer, plus Walcott and Giroud could also be on the danger list if Arsène has identified a replacement and is sure that he can get him (whoever that player may be?)

I think we can all agree that in defence the team are fairly well covered, that is unless the BFG is coming to the end of his Arsenal career and a new recruit was needed to bed into the side during the summer months.

So that leaves midfield and attack, the other day I put up a pole and asked if we should sell Özil and Sanchez but the overwhelming result, 44.44 % was to keep them and change the team around them. I think this may have to be the case this summer, get rid of some the the underperformers and ageing warriors and recruit players who are hungrier for silverware.

A newspaper article yesterday, ok it was The Sun, (thank you Steve and Cockie) had an un-confirmed report suggesting that Arsène has been told to spend some money this summer and to rebuild the side into a trophy winning team. All speculation but perhaps close to the mark, he does need to rebuild, to get players who can be more effective with Sanchez and Özil as the core creators.

So here is my shortlist of contenders, not a definitive list but some of the better players out there who won’t be too expensive and could be available this summer.


Aubameyang: Team, Borussia Dortmund, season 2015/16  P25 Goals 22. A pacy striker /winger, who has looked extremely good in the Bundesliga this season. Would be a superb replacement for Walcott. BUY

Lewandowski: Team, Bayern Munich, season 2015/16  P26 Goals 25. An out and out Striker, a veritable goal scoring machine. To replace Giroud. BUY

Ighalo: Team, Watford, season 2015/16  P26 Goals14. Has developed into a typical English league striker in the Drogba mould and adapted to the Premier League with ease. Well built, doesn’t get knocked off the ball easily and given the right service, will score goals galore. Keep on the short list to BUY if the first two aren’t available.

Lacazette: Team, Lyon, season 2015/16 played 27 goals 14, last season 2014/15 played 33 scored 27. Not been as prolific as last season but still a good prospect, plays similar to Thierry Henry and would easily slip into our style of play with Sanchez and Özil. I really like him and he would be a definite upgrade on Giroud. Keep on the short list.


Payet: Team, West Ham, attacking midfielder, season 2015/16 P23 Goals 8 Assists 8. First season in the Premier League, adapted well and is now the engine room of current West Ham team. An excellent replacement for Arteta and /or Rosicky. BUY

Kanté: Team, Leicester, Central defensive midfielder likened to Claude Makélélé but says he styles his play more on Lassana Diarra, who we know got displaced by Flamini at Arsenal. First season in the Premier League and has been a driving force for Leicester. Would be a good addition to compliment Coquelin. BUY

Centre Back:

John Stones: Team, Everton, CB but can play RB as well. There is only one choice for me at the moment for this position, Stones is a young CB with a great future with the right team. Strong, aware and a leader who would be a superb replacement for the BFG and a future captain with the grit and determination we need in the team. However, there are a lot of teams with bigger budgets after him and I doubt Wenger could get him even if he tried. But still, I’d say BUY at any cost.

So that’s my short list, no mega, over priced dream players, just a realistic look at who I think would be good additions and improvements on who we already have. If I was Wenger, (but I’m not) these players would be my targets for the summer. The manager probably has a totally different shortlist (if he has one at all) so it’s pure speculation.

Now Ladies and Gentlemen, it’s your turn, you tell me and I’ll pass it on to Arsène.

Make your vote, and tell me who you’d like to see on the short list this coming summer.

You have multiple choice:




41 thoughts on “Buy, Buy, Buy…. Polling Day round two.

  1. Good morning girls

    Earlier than planned…. I’m so fucking efficient. Next voting poll will be northbank1969 for Arsenal manager. ha ha

    Get those fucking votes and comments in, I want to know who you see as the best replacements for an ageing and under performing team. New recruits wanted on GunnersoreArse…. please vote and leave a comment….. 🙂

  2. Bonjour Soixante-Neuf

    What should we buy? Well before answering that question we need to look at the imbalance between scoring goals and preventing goals.

    Defending has always been Wenger’s blind spot. He inherited the George Graham back four which gave him the foundation on which to build an attacking team. Sadly once those stalwarts departed he signally failed to replace them. Good defenders came in but others left so we have never since had a settled defensive line-up. The loss of players like Clichy, Sagna,Toure, Cole and Sol Campbell left gaps which the signing of Djourou, Jenkinson, Debuchy and, God help us, Santos did nothing to fill.

    Looking at what we have reveals a crisis in waiting. Bellerin who has become a very good wing back, a little more work on the defensive side of things wouldn’t come amiss, is already a target for Barcelona. Mertesacker at 31 going on 32 is not the paciest and unlikely to get quicker. Koscielny will be 31 in September and is still prone to the occasional errors that have plagued his career at Arsenal. Monreal who has been our best defender this season is already thirty and there have been hints of a move back to Spain. Which leaves us with Gibbs, an adequate back-up to Monreal, Chambers, a centre back in the making and Gabriel who should replace Mertesacker alongside Koscielny. Not a healthy situation to be in.

    We need to sign or promote from the youth teams a right back, an eventual replacement for Koscielny and a left back to shadow Gibbs and Monreal.

    If we can strengthen the defence and keep the Coquelin and Elneny combination and thereby cut down the number of goals conceded we will ease the pressure to score.

    It’s a busy morning for me, hopefully I’ll be back later with my solution for the Fancy-Dan section up front.

  3. Incidently, as Arteta, Flamini and Rosicky are all out of contract in the summer technically they can’t be sold. So the winners(?) of the pole are Giroud and Walcott.

    A tout a l’heure.

  4. For the record these are the goals per game of every Arsenal manager.

    Sam Hollis – 2.14
    Thomas Brown Mitchell – 2.30
    George Elcoat – 2.12
    Harry Bradshaw – 1.81
    Phil Kelso – 1.45
    George Morrell – 1.26
    Leslie Knighton – 1.23
    Herbert Chapman – 2.15
    George Allison – 1.89
    Tom Whittaker – 1.82
    Jack Crayston – 1.88
    George Swindin – 1.81
    Billy Wright – 1.83
    Bertie Mee – 1.32
    Terry Neill – 1.37
    Don Howe – 1.46
    George Graham – 1.49
    Stuart Houston/ Bruce Rioch – 1.43
    Arsene Wenger – 1.87

  5. Here are the goals against per game.

    Sam Hollis – 1.91
    Thomas Brown Mitchell – 1.63
    George Elcoat – 1.21
    Harry Bradshaw – 0.92
    Phil Kelso – 1.53
    George Morrell – 1.42
    Leslie Knighton – 1.43
    Herbert Chapman – 1.56
    George Allison – 1.18
    Tom Whittaker – 1.35
    Jack Crayston – 1.83
    George Swindin – 1.82
    Billy Wright – 1.84
    Bertie Mee – 1.06
    Terry Neill – 1.08
    Don Howe – 1.24
    George Graham – 0.90
    Stuart Houston/ Bruce Rioch – 0.83
    Arsene Wenger – 0.95

  6. AW’s goals for per game.

    1997 – 1.50
    1998 – 1.79
    1999 – 1.55
    2000 – 1.92
    2001 – 1.66
    2002 – 2.08
    2003 – 2.24
    2004 – 1.92
    2005 – 2.29
    2006 – 1.79
    2007 – 1.66
    2008 – 1.95
    2009 – 1.79
    2010 – 2.18
    2011 – 1.89
    2012 – 1.95
    2013 – 1.89
    2014 – 1.79
    2015 – 1.87
    2016 – 1.60

  7. AW;s goals against per game.

    1997 – 0.87
    1998 – 0.87
    1999 – 0.45
    2000 – 1.13
    2001 – 1.00
    2002 – 0.95
    2003 – 1.11
    2004 – 0.68
    2005 – 0.95
    2006 – 0.82
    2007 – 0.92
    2008 – 0.82
    2009 – 0.97
    2010 – 1.08
    2011 – 1.13
    2012 – 1.29
    2013 – 0.97
    2014 – 1.08
    2015 – 0.95
    2016 – 0.97

  8. Based on the actual facts it’s glaringly obvious that our issue has been and remains goals for per game, they have got gradually worse with this season being the worst for 16 seasons.

    My verdict is that we spend money buying players that will be able to break open defenses and score some fucking goals……………

    Sorry NB just a small sampling from my spread sheets…………….

  9. Been leaving comments on the last post, what a dipstick I am, but have a look back for those who have not read a paper this morning, may just get the juices flowing

  10. Steve the headline tells us all we need to know – it’s gossip.


    ALL the news and gossip from the beautiful game is covered right here in Football Confidential.

    ARSENAL are closing in on a £33.7million deal for Switzerland star Granit Xhaka.

  11. Steve, there is a report in Spain that when Real Madrid sold striker Alvaro Morata to Juventus they inserted a €30 million buy back clause and they intend activating it in the summer, but will then sell him on to Arsenal for €50 million. Meanwhile Juventus are lining up Alexis as a replacement for Morata despite already targeting Giroud who we would replace with Morata.

    I do love a bit of gossip.

  12. Sorry Norfolk been working, Seems like a lot of talk surrounding the Arsenal at present, What to believe is
    anyone’s guess, but at least some are talking. 🙂

  13. More gossip in the papers this morning, Arsenal and Liverpuddle are to go head-to-head over Bayern’s 23 year old midfielder Mario Gotze, £31 million is the asking price. Luvvly jubbly.

    There’s more, as Wenger is not leaving the club in the summer, he’s looking to rebuild his squad and is targeting two more midfielders, Saint’s Victor Wanyama and Real Madrid’s Tony Kroos.

    Come on Arsene, sign ’em up! You know it makes sense!

  14. Morning Norfolk

    I’ve just got out of bed, I went out on the piss yesterday with a girlfriend so wasn’t around to contribute on here. Loads of rumours at the moment and my suggestion that Wenger needs to rebuild the team is gaining momentum. I’m not sure about Wanyama, he hasn’t set the PL alight and I doubt very much that we would get Kroos from Real.
    However, there will be a clear out this summer that’s for sure, the three pensioners plus at least Walcott and Oxlade…. but Wenger needs to make sure he has players lined up to buy before he gets rid of those. Are Arsenal a team which will attract the top players in the world? At the moment I’m not very confident!

  15. Bonjour Soixante-Neuf, aww your spoiling my fun, putting the damper on this lovely gossip, world class players are begging to be allowed to come to Arsenal and play under Arsene the greatest coach in football history.

  16. Nah, the greatest coach in Arsenal’s history is the one Henry Norris flogged to pay the wages of his chauffeur. 😀

  17. Morning all, A lot of joviality this morning, sounds to me as some are starting to believe my clip about Wenger being ordered to spend .
    Are Arsenal going to become something we have moaned about from other clubs, Buying trophies, Yes it certainly looks that way.

    Perhaps the Penny has finally dropped and the hierarchy are now seeing Arsenal sliding down the hill, Lets face it it took a fucking long time to sink in, But with Leicester Spuds cruising past us and West Ham right up our arse, and some of them moving to new premises, you would have been bloody stupid not to act.

    I get the impression that player power has a lot to do with all this gossip, The thought of Marquee players maybe asking about where Arsenal are heading and wondering if the grass is greener elsewhere would have filtered down to all football clubs that Arsenal is not the club you would want to go to if you have ambition.

    The headlines over the years of bargain buys, and penny pinching has probably stopped many a footballer from joining, when other clubs have been involved. Arsenal have very good wages , i assume its the only way they get players to come as their ambitions have seen to be quite low.

    Business men have to at times speculate to accumulate, perhaps that time has arrived.

  18. ‘morning Steve, “speculate to accumulate”? Good God you can’t say things like that. Only trophy hunters talk that way, not proper supporters. 😀

  19. Morning Norfolk, Wash my mouth with soap and water mate.
    GN5 probably wants Arsenal to buy cheap players and sculpture them into champions, I must be a trophy hunter as i want us to buy top quality and smash our way to trophies, but that’s just me. 🙂

  20. Morning StevieP

    During the invincible years Wenger could have bought who he wanted, unfortunately with the stadium build and money not available, he was hamstringed. He has done well since then to keep us in the top four in English football. However, the austerity years are now over, we have the money in the bank and it needs to be spent on rebuilding the team. We now need players who are going to take us to the next level, and that level is the EPL title and winning the CL. I’m sure Wenger realises this and doesn’t need anyone to tell him.
    Therefore, this will be the summer that dictates whether he stays or goes and in what state he leaves the team in when he finally steps down. It will be the final judgement, if he doesn’t get it done over the summer then he’s ability as our manager will have to be questioned.

  21. I don’t understand where all these accusations of fans who want us to spend money are ‘trophy hunters’.
    At the end of the day, if a team has the money to spend, then it should be spent on improving the team…. that’s not just about winning trophies, it’s about improving the team. Bargains are out there of course, and sometimes they turn out to be a step up for the team, Cech, Elneny, Mahrez, Vardy etc
    however, to make sure the team improves the more established and successful players have to be bought and that means a higher price.

  22. Morning NB, You seem to have taken the words out of my mouth, as i was wondering if the mortgage restrictions, had finally come to an end. As you say Wenger has done well, but i was wondering if he had started to find it exciting scratching around for cheapies and still manage top 4.

    At times you do need a kick up the Arse to actually spend some fucking money, especially if you get used to scrimping. I dont know as i have never had a pot to piss in, but if i was a millionaire i would make sure it would fucking last me, as i have had the scrimping and would never want to go back. 🙂

  23. It wouldn’t surprise me if it’s true that the board have finally said to Wenger that he needs to start investing in the team by spending money. They’ve sat back long enough and let him get on with his frugality but now the board can see that success on the pitch is the only way forward to make us an attractive club and in Kroenke the Kuntz words, ‘a brand’.
    We will not increase our fan base if we don’t win trophies…. that has to be the bottom line.

  24. Good banter this morning lads. Been busy my end sorry I haven’t partaken lately.

    About time we shopped at harrods and not Asda.

  25. I see over on Arsehole Arsehole they are struggling to get bloggers to write posts. Rasputin is having to carry the blog at the moment with Headlines that are aimed at getting hits but are basically poor attempts at Devils Advocate. Yet there are bloggers making comments of 300 words or more who can’t be arsed to write a post. Very poor indeed.
    If they’d kept the few bloggers from here they would have had no problem getting daily posts, I was always willing to help them out with a post, but they had to have their last fucking word.. Arseholes.

  26. Hammers are going to bid £26 million for Walcott, they want a marquee player, certainly showing their in tent. 😀

  27. Fucking hell…………. Adam Johnson got six years, for touching a 15 year old. I know it was an abuse of power and she was under age, but for fuck sake, persistant paedophiles and rapists get less.

  28. This is a statement from police on the sentencing of Adam Johnson, clearly some backlash here after the Jimmy Saville and other TV personality revelations. They have used him as an example, and in sentencing that’s not right and furthermore, it doesn’t stop others doing the same.
    Don’t get me wrong, what he did was wrong, but the sentencing is extreme.

    As he was jailed for six years, a statement from Det Insp Aelfwynn Sampson, from Durham Constabulary, says: “This is a carefully considered and significant sentence which sends out a clear message.

    “Fame, celebrity and a position of power does not give you the right to break the law in pursuit of whatever you desire.

    “Members of the public are clearly entitled to express their opinions but the law remains clear and Adam Johnson broke it.”

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