Is this season just an anomoly?

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This season we’ve seen the most unlikely candidates in the Premier League getting to the top, or close to the top and Champions League places.

Leicester of course, relegation fodder last season and this season probably Champions. But we’ve also seen West Ham, Stoke, the Genital Warts from N17 make bids for CL places. Alternatively Man City, Man Utd, Liverpool and the Chavs have all under achieved. We have been the only constant this season, staying in the top four, but perhaps next season we could be ousted.

So my question is…… is it a one off or will it continue next season?

That question probably has several answers. Firstly, if any of the teams mentioned want to improve on this current season then they will have to spend money to make that happen. The usual top four need to invest, firstly they will do that by changing manager. City will get Pep, United will get an improvement on Van Gaal, Chelsea will get someone unless Hiddink gets them CL football next season, Liverpool have already done it with Klopp and the Genital Warts already have a capable manager and so do Leicester.

Secondly, funds will be made available for those teams to buy the players to improve on those who have underperformed this season. The Chavs, United and City will all have a clear out and rebuild.

The likes of Leicester, Stoke, Everton, West Ham and Southampton will be getting extra money from the TV deal and you can guarantee they will invest in their teams. Leicester and the Genital Warts will also get CL money and you can bet with confidence that that money will be reinvested in team upgrades.

Furthermore, the normal mid-table teams will also be getting money from the TV deal and will inevitably invest in team improvements.

So what will be the outcome of all this money coming into the Premier League, well for one thing, the fucking goalposts will be moved. The usual suspects for the top five or six positions will find it harder to win the League or to even get a CL place. Leicester, Stoke, Everton, Liverpool, West Ham, Southampton and a few others will start to take points off the ‘normal’ top performers, and even challenge for the title and CL places. Leicester have shown the way, they’ve shown that it can be done, that will only give confidence to other clubs who usually struggle.

Although I don’t like the idea of all these minnows challenging and making it more difficult for the elite teams, I do think it will be good for the Premiership and more importantly, it will be good for the Arsenal. Next season we won’t just be trying to beat City, United, Chelsea, Spervs and Liverpool to guarantee our top four spot. Oh no, next season we’ll have to beat an improved Stoke, an improved Everton, an improved Southampton, and a fucking improved Crystal Palace if we are to challenge for the title or even just for a CL place.

Next season will have to be a season where we have drastically improved the team, spent some money on quality (expensive) players and keeping up with the Joneses. If not we will be the poor relations and it wouldn’t be unlikely if we end up below the Stokes, the Watfords, the Southamptons, the Evertons and the Liverpools. Furthermore, City, United, the Chavs and the Spervs will all be there as usual jockeying for the top spots because money had been made available to their managers during the summer.

So back to my original question….. Is this season an anomaly?

In normal circumstances, ie: without the TV sponsorship, I would say yes, it is an anomoly…. but times they are a-changing, as Bob once sang. Combine all the ingredients and the fact that some of the normally lower Premier league teams are improving with choice of manager, will have more spending power next season and therefore being able to offer higher wages and to invest in better players, then I think it will not be an anomaly. This is the future and the Arsenal need to make preparations now.

If Wenger is going to remain manager then he needs to spend the money to build the best team possible. It makes me wonder if the rumours about the people upstairs telling him to spend are true. Do they foresee the future? Have they finally realised that to stay at the top a rebuild is necessary? That perhaps the bargain hunting needs to stop and quality expensive players will have to be purchased instead? Because be sure, the other teams have seen the writing on the wall and will do it!

With the TV sponsorship PL teams will get on average £80m plus per season and a consequence will be the transfer market will become further congested and quality players will become harder to find, lower league teams will be able to buy three or four top players priced in the £20 – £30m bracket and compete with the Arsenal on wages.

We may not win a trophy this season, but if the wind of change is as I predict, then next season if we don’t improve and keep abreast of the others, then get ready for a mid-table finish.

Just to finish on some more Dylan songs, ‘The answer my friend, is blowing in the wind, the answer is blowing in the wind’. So, management, ‘When you gonna wake up?’, because if you don’t, you’ll definitely end up on ‘Desolation Row’. I couldn’t resist that last one!

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35 thoughts on “Is this season just an anomoly?

  1. It’s the Interlul and also Easter weekend so things will be fairly quiet on the blogs, but I’ll keep going with a post every couple of days. Keep watching if you are out there 🙂

  2. Bonjour Soixante-Neuf, what a stunning post?

    I’ve studied the graph and looked at the picture, now I’ll go away and read the words.

    Happy Easter everyone.

  3. Morning Norfolk

    How can you say ‘a stunning post’ if you haven’t read it yet? or are you saying the graph and the picture are stunning? ha ha a bit of an anomaly don’t you think? 🙂

  4. 69, don’t sell yourself short. The post has everything, a title, a graph, a picture, musical references and words in abundance, what more could we want? 😀

    Actually me old mucker I have read it, and enjoyed it, there’s no doubt that Arsenal will have to spend big if they want to avoid slipping down the league. All the other clubs will splash the cash but they won’t necessarily strengthen enough to threaten the established big boys. I think we will see quite a few signings that turn out to be real turkeys.

    As to the club’s changing managers, it doesn’t always work out, Moyes, van Gaal and to an extent Klopp are examples of grossly over-hyped expectations.

    My favourite? Rainy day women.

  5. Actually that photograph reminded me of a meal I had on Monday night. Tagliatelle pomodoro with a ragu of rabbit. Very tasty.

  6. Morning NB; and a very Good Friday to you and your concubine.

    That is one of the best posts I have read in a long, long time, thank you for taking the time, it’s greatly appreciated.

    The premise that Arsene is being told to spend, spend, spend makes no sense to me as it’s not the Arsenal way of doing things and I cannot think of any logical reason why anybody how knows the facts would leak that information. I seriously believe that it’s a 100% fabrication by the Sun to seed future readership, it’s bound to be picked up by other media then they will all revel in the mud until Arsenal squash the rumour.

    But your main premise about the TV money helping to equalize the PL sounds very realistic and a good thing for football purists as more equal competition adds to the excitement and suspense of the final outcome. Having one or two teams dominate leaves the majority of the supporters with nothing to look forward to all season – and in my opinion detracts from the overall competition.

    For instance I would not be happy being a French Ligue 1 supporter where PSG are 22 points clear with 7 game still to play – there are 19 other teams who have been playing for crumbs all season, whereas in the PL there are still 6 teams with a chance to become PL champions with 7/8 games left.

    We’ve seen in the PL just how quickly fans of successful teams turn on their teams in a downturn – the fans have forgotten that it’s a competitive sport as their expectations have been unrealistically raised by previous successes and then they vent their wrath on anybody and anything they can ….

    There are many examples- Man U, Man C, Chelsea, Liverpool, Leeds, Arsenal ……………..

  7. Evening all, Nice one NB, I thought a guest writer had stepped in, as i felt the post was a bit highbrow 🙂

    Got to say i am not getting carried away with this spend spend spend notion. Wenger will not be told what he has to do, nor will he be pressured to do something to keep his job. Wenger is a skinflint no mistaking, We all know that some players need moving on, but Wenger is not like other Managers, He will probably keep BFG don’t ask me why but i can see him stay for another season, even though he is an accident waiting to happen.

    Many are talking about selling Walcott, i know as i am one of them, but Wenger wont sell him, not unless he asks for a move. Its in Wenger’s nature to haggle in the last couple of hours of the window, thats what he does, unless its a cheap y then it happens quite quickly..

    Stan Kroenke will be over the moon if we only spend 15 million. Lets face it these flash words NB kept bring up Anomaly, it would be an anomaly if we don’t make top 4. Stan just thinks bugger me another few acres on the ranch. Lets remember we have been told over and over again about the heap of money at the Managers disposal, and all we get are cheapys, and not to many either., usually when Season tickets need renewing.

    It would be an anomaly if we never hear how much money we have. People are talking
    up to 5 players leaving, Forget that, it will never happen, Wenger couldn’t replace 5 players, not unless its a cup game.

  8. Steve, I think the summer transfer window could tell us a lot about Wenger’s future. If he’s still here in August and he doesn’t spend much it could be that he’s confident of getting yet another contract extension.

    If he does splash the cash, it could be a last desperate throw of the dice in the hope of a new contract.

    Either way I can’t see him getting the boot this summer and he certainly won’t fall on his sword so I suppose we’ll just carry on as usual, hoping for our regular top four trophy.

    With that, it’s goodnight from me and it’s goodnight from … well me.

  9. Arsene Wenger is 66, Not old by normal standards, As long as any medical treatment he may need in the future is not administered by our Medical staff, he could go on for some considerable time. Arsenal it has to be said, has been at the top of the game for a bloody long time, It would be an anomaly if things changed.

    I don’t think Arsene Wenger or the owners are too concerned with not winning EPL, why should they be, Supporters who have season tickets will rush to get their renewals in, If they are regular supporters they will not risk losing their ticket, as they are rarer than rocking horse shit. The hierarchy know that, While we challenge in the top 4 and a cool 30 mill keeps coming in, that in itself brings in sponsorship, and also makes us attractive to TV company’s.

    You don’t have to win trophies, to be successful, A top four finish keeps the sponsors happy the owners happy and the Manager in a job. Supporters will want more but they have stood by the club for a lifetime and nothing is going to change any time soon, We will carry on going to matches or showing an interest at home, but we will all end up spending just to see our team.Yes there will be the ones who hoist banners, there could be marches and black scarf’s, but that is nothing new in the world of Arsenal football club.

    In Arsenal we have a very wealthy owner, a handsomely rewarded Manager, and staff who earn very good wages. They sit in the top ten of wealthiest clubs. We have a Magnificent Stadium with up to date training facilities and medical facilities, In fact Arsenal Have never looked better . Of course there will always be a team that click for a season or two, winning trophies and being top dog, we see it now in the Premier league, clubs who have had limited trophy success, but are now leading the race.

    Top 4 football has its merits, huge amounts of money, and inclusion into Europe. More games more money and most importantly more exposure in the world of football. Arsene Wenger’s Arsenal are one of the most successful clubs in the world, and they don’t need to spend fortunes on players to stay there.

    Lots of talk about how Arsenal need to do this or that to stay successful, is ridiculous as we are successful, and i assume will stay successful for some considerable time yet. Things are worked out by the board, as to what we need to do to bring the most amount of money in,. without spending it all on players. They have been very good at their jobs, as we are up there with the richest, and it proves that you don’t always have to win things along the way, to have a thriving business.

    Arsenal football club have never looked so good, With an average yearly spend of say 20 million, we secure profits of way over what we spend, we maintain our position and our bank balance swells. Last sixteen in Europe and top 4 in EPL gives us all we need to stay ahead of the game, so why change a system that works.

    Arsene Wenger is a well educated man, He has qualifications in all subjects, he speaks 11 languages, and he knows how to keep a football club at the top. If Mr Wenger wants to continue he will. The owner and the board are very happy with the situation at Arsenal, and of course with Wenger’s Management skills

    Supporters, are less happy, as who wants to support a club who win very little, They want to see exciting football every time they visit, they want to see more trophies exhibited around the stadium, they also want the bragging rights of being top gun, I assume that everything comes to those who wait , As Leicester supporters have started to believe that they can win the Premiership, Yes a great achievement if they can pull it off, but they still wont earn as much as Arsenal will, next season or any season.

    Arsenals future success, relies on the \Manager negotiating the right deals, for the right players at the right price. Do that and Arsenal will remain in the top ten of football’s elite.

  10. Imagine a time when Arsenal spent big, and won all the trophies available. Imagine how all the other clubs that Stan Kroenke owns would feel , They too would ask for massive spending, and that would be expensive. Some times a business man just wants to own and earn reasonable profits, amass he’s huge wealth. With the right people in place and careful management, Fortunes can be made with little outlay, Spend less than you earn is the way to prosper, upset the apple cart, and you can bring upsets, so don’t start believing that next season will be the season, as it surely wont.

  11. Most of us have brought Lottery tickets, With expectations of a massive Jackpots, and how it would change our lives. Many would make sure all those who are close to them, would also benefit.. Imagine a jackpot of 30 million, That spent wisely would last you out till you die, It would allow you to buy almost anything you would ever need, But in all honesty you probably would still not have enough to buy Walcott, Now would you Spend your jackpot on one player, and now that is the rub, When you sit down and imagine what 30 mill would do for you, and you realise that you couldn’t even get one decent player for that kind of money, it puts it all into perspective, or it does to me. 🙂


    Speaking on Russian television channel, Rossiya-24. “The club must retain it’s major symbol and main asset – manager Aresene Wenger. Failures have been haunting Arsenal for many years now. They cannot become the EPL champions. This has lead to some discontent with Wenger’s position as manager. I believe that Arsene Wenger is a great coach, and Arsenal have to give him the opportunity to plan the succession process and leave his legacy when he deems it necessary. It is very important for the club to maintain it’s principles that were established by those people who created the victories. Arsenal need Arsene Wenger”.

    Well that puts the kibosh on any hopes of Usmanov backing the Wenger Out campaign.

  13. Morning all…. fucking busy on here this morning 🙂

    Norfolk, I think you have to read between the lines on the Usmanov statement. To me he talks of Wenger planning his succession process and leaving his legacy when he deems it necessary. Also, “They cannot become EPL champions”.
    I think he can’t say outright that he wants Arsene to go but that statement is a subtle hint.
    Steve, did you shit the bed this morning ha ha

  14. Bonjour Soixante-Neuf, The thing that worries me about Usmanov’s statement is the bit about giving Wenger the opportunity to plan the succession process. Does that mean we will get Wenger #2?

    “They cannot become the EPL champions”. A chilling indictment of Wenger’s last ten years by his biggest admirer.

  15. I believe what the Russian is saying is, “it’s time for Wenger to plan his departure, to step down but to possibly have a say as to who will be his successor”.

  16. Arsenal are understood to be interested in signing………….

    It will be interesting to know how many players names will complete that sentence between now and August 1st. My guess would be as many as 40/50. It’s the stuff Red Tops thrive on for sports readership. The oldest trick in media is to plant a seed and then continue to milk the story until it is officially refuted.

  17. Morning all,
    I found it really refreshing to watch England come back from 2.0 to win the game 3.2
    goals by Harry Kane and Jamie Vardey and Eric Dier.
    England went behind by some very good goals, In fact all the goals last night was top quality Toni Kroos with a shot from outside the box, and another from Mario Gotze.

    What i found very interesting was how good the Germans were holding the ball, they very seldom pass the ball in panic every pass seemed calculated and precise. I am starting to realise why Mesut Ozil passes with such precision.

    Of course England’s fightback started with some fine football from Harry Kane, whilw people are still trying to take in the sad death of Yohan Cruff, and Kane then does a smart turn that the Dutchman was famed for. Our second came from Jamie Vardey, a quick cross in from the right and Vardey with a back flip that left German No one Neuer stranded, Neuer again left stranded when our third goal a bullit header from Eric Dier thunder bolted into the back of the net.

    Our own Danny Welbeck, had a great chance to score, but seemed to wait for ever before taking the shot, only for the German defence to rob him of the ball. A good night for England and Roy Hodgeson the England Manager. Who said afterwards we had a good result but we still are building and there is still a long way to go.

  18. Only watched the first half of Englands game and was well impressed !. Didn`t deserve to be one nil down and the football was high pressing !…….coincidence that there was so many Liverpool and Spud players in the team who do this week in week out !.
    I bet Wrighty told Wenger about Deli Alli before the Spuds got him !

    Remember that I told you lot about the likes of W Ham, Spuds, Liverpool and Chavs with their new stadiums, hopw it would push us even further back with one owners or owners who support the team compared to the Kunt Kroenke !……………………….a taste of the future !.

  19. Good morning Easter bunnies

    I think last nights game showed that the Spervs and the Foxes are going to continue playing well till the end of the season….. Vardy, Kane, Alli and Dier all palying with confidence…. fuck it!

  20. Take a well earned rest 69er, conserve your energy for more important things like wine women and Bob Dylan songs.

    I was disappointed to find that there was no gossip about potential Arsenal buys today. If this carries on I shall have to start inventing some. I know how much people enjoy it.

  21. Gossip !!!…………….bearing in mind we are a bit behind the times here in Cornwall, I`ve heard that we are going to buy the next Bobby Moore !………Jeff Blockley !….£200,000 !………load of bollocks if you ask me, more chance Leicester winning the league ! hahaha

  22. Three preachers are a boat far from land. They decide they are going to confess their shortcomings.
    One asks another, ‘What is something that you have a problem with?’
    The first one says, ‘Well, I have a problem with alcohol. I like to take to the bottle sometimes.’
    The second one says, ‘Well, I have a problem with lust. I desire every woman I see.’
    One of the others asks the third one, ‘Well, what is something that you have a problem with?’
    The third preacher replies, ‘Gossip, and I can’t wait to get back to shore!’

  23. At last some gossip, Arsene Wenger is in talks with the club, who are keen on him signing a new contract.

  24. Arsene Wenger has been offered a new three-year deal to stay on as Arsenal manager, according to Arsenal super-fan Piers Morgan.

    Arsenal are in one of their worst periods of form for some time and pressure has grown on the Frenchman.

    Majority shareholder Alisher Usmanov came out and backed the under-fire coach earlier this week and now fellow shareholder Morgan has declared that he’s getting a new deal.

    Morgan claims that a solid source has told him that a new three-year contract is on the table for the Arsenal manager, before expressing his disdain at the decision.

    The Good Morning Britain host believes that Wenger should leave the club after a barren spell without winning the Premier League title.

    But it appears that Arsenal’s hierarchy are acting against his wishes and they’re planning on keeping Wenger for the long-haul.

    I’ve been told on very good authority that Wenger’s been offered a new 3-yr contract by Arsenal.
    If true, utterly outrageous. #afc

    ‘It’s on his desk. New 3-yr deal.’
    What I was told last night about Wenger’s offer from Arsenal/Kroenke. Shocking. #afc

  25. Piers Morgan worked at The Sun, The News of The World and the Daily Mirror so he is a seasoned Red Topper and talks as much trash as the Red Tops write……………

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