What, exactly, is a Trophy Hunter?

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It’s a phrase that is often used as an insult these days about Arsenal supporters who want the Arsenal to spend money on players. Other top Premier League teams such as Man City, Chelsea and United are often put into this category of ‘buying trophies’ and it confuses me!

I respond with, what is a sports team for? Is it not to win trophies?

Apparently with the Arsenal, it’s not to win trophies, those supporters who have been happy for us to finish 3rd or 4th for the last twelve seasons have been happy, because…. we’ve done it ‘our way’, the Arsenal way, not going into the market and buying the expensive goods available but instead buying a bargain, and still being able to punch above our weight but at the end of the day, ending the season trophy-less, apart from two FA Cups, has damaged the image of the club as a top flight entity in World football.

Even Arsène has often said in the past that getting top four is like, ‘a Trophy’. So does that class him as a trophy hunter? Kroenke on the other hand, is happy for all his ‘sports teams’ to remain unsuccessful and just stay as a financially viable ‘brand’. Relying on gullible fans to pay their money and fill his bank account.

I’m not ashamed to say that I want my team to win silverware and sometimes the only way that can be achieved is by investing in the team, if that classes me as a ‘trophy hunter’ in the eyes of some, then so be it.

Let’s take International sport for an example, Rugby, Cricket and International football. The managers of these teams have the pick of the very best players which their countries can offer. So why shouldn’t a domestic football team get the best on offer to enable them to be successful.

Roy Hodgson doesn’t go to the Championship or the League One to pick his team, no, he goes to the best English teams and chooses the top players, and we have the expectations that he will do that. So why can’t I have the expectations that my club will eat at the top table in the best hotel and not just at the local High Street fish shop?

Ultimately, you get what you pay for. At a hotel like Le Bristol in Paris, you’ll get a Michelin star chef, a menu made from the best ingredients and the highest gastronomic delights with unequalled service, at the local fish shop you’ll get Spiros’ fucking uncle chucking some battered cod into the fryer, wrapping it in some paper with some greasy chips, taking your money and saying, ‘Astios’.

If Wenger visits Paris, do you think he goes behind Le Beaubourg in Le Marais, next to Le Piano Zinc gay club and buys Falafel or a Kebab from a street vendor, of course he fucking doesn’t, he’ll go to L’Abeille or Alan Passards’ or Le Bristol, he’s not looking for a cheap meal, he’s looking to eat and savour the best gastronomie in the world.

Dining room at L'Abeille, Paris, france

L’Abeille, Paris

So I’m not ashamed to be a ‘Trophy Hunter’, if that’s what people want to call me, because I want the Arsenal to be the best, and to achieve that they need to win the top honours, and maybe to be able to do that they need to eat at the best hotels, which ultimately means spending large amounts of money.

Caveat: It is sometimes possible to find a quality restaurant with a uprising chef who has yet to earn his Michelin star, a restaurant where you can eat just as well without it being too expensive, however, as in football, it is very rare to find one. Furthermore, a kebab occasionally can be delicious, but it doesn’t stop you wanting to eat at a Michelin starred restaurant.

Bon appétit……..





89 thoughts on “What, exactly, is a Trophy Hunter?

  1. I reckon we should make up a millitant Arsenal fanbase of supporters who want trophies and send out hit squads to torture anyone who doesn`t want to buy trophies !………we can call ourselves……To Want Arsenal Trophy Success….or TWATS for short !………………………Canada here we come !.

  2. Bonjour Soixante-Neuf, what a great post thanks very much.

    I absolutely agree, why shouldn’t Arsenal fans see the best players in the world wearing the Arsenal red and white?

    Okay some are out of our reach, some are not for sale at any price and some wouldn’t be welcome at Arsenal. But we can do better than we have done in the recent past, that’s for damn sure.

    Mesut Ozil agrees, interviewed by Welt am Sonntag, he said Wenger muster buy reinforcements in the summer.

    I want my team to compete with the best teams in the world on and off the pitch. We’ve got the stadium, we’ve got the fan base, now let’s get the players to complete a winning set.

    At school I rowed in the First Eight, we competed at various regattas during the season where the members of the winning crew were presented with a pewter tankard, a pot.

    We were given a brand new boat part way through the season and asked to choose a name for it. The crew unanimously picked “Pot Hunter”. The school named it “Tom Peters” after our long serving boatman. We were runners up in every race that year, we never won a pot. I was a trophy hunter then and nearly sixty years later I’m still a trophy hunter and proud of it.

  3. 69er, Having an expensive brand new boat is just like having an expensive brand new stadium. If you haven’t got a winning team to row in it/ play football in it what’s the point?

  4. It`s also like having a brand new condom and suffering from erectile dysfunction !……Mission Impossible or in VCC`s case…………………. Missionary Position Impossible !.

  5. I`m the most virile hetrosexual man your wives know, but I have to say…………………….Nice puppies Alexis !

  6. Obviously none of you vertical bacon sandwich faces didn`t beat my 14 out of 15 score on the Arsenal quiz !………..that either makes you sad bastards who nothing about our club or me a sad handsome bastard for being an anorak !………………I have to be the saddest anorak of all as I sit behind bushes and trees trying to count how many trainspotters I can see !……………..an anorak anorak !

  7. Afternoon all, What a blinding post from the English Frog.
    Yeh i am insulted on a regular basis, I am a Doomer, i am also a trophy hunter a Wanker and a thoroughly nasty piece of work. The Mrs tells me this all the time and then now and again Righteous N5 has a go.

    Whats the fucking point struggling along with Wankers who are not good enough, just to see the team you support get their noses rubbed in the shit every year. England have fought two world wars, with fuck all in reserve no dough and people with no money, People who volunteered others told they had to go , and not for just five minutes. Many never came back, but they stayed there for the duration and came away with a victory, whether all those deaths were worthwhile who fucking Knows, but for the average serviceman he did what he was asked to do.

    England of course were skint not a pot to piss in yet millions were found to transport men and machine and weapons , trained to be killers which everybody had always been told its wrong but when it suited you can kill any fucker.

    Whether your fighting a war or a football game, there is no fucking point at all in going if your going to lose, you set out for victory. Arsenal have been piss poor, i don’t give a shit what the honest nice guy supporter who wants to win all above board, Bolox you will fucking lose just like Arsenal do on a regular basis. Tactics are all well and good but if you have an Arsenal of fucking great weapons it gives you the edge,

    At the end of the day, if you have the money, then what’s the point in hoarding it, being rich and losing is fucking pointless, if you aint fucking got it, fucking lend it, we all have done that to buy our fucking houses, come the time to sell them they are worth a fucking fortune, its called an investment nothing wrong with that at all .

    I never care what i am called, all i know that if the cause is worthwhile speculating to accumulate is not such a bad thing.

  8. Nice 69

    Glory Hunter? Yes, but not over Arsenal.

    I seek personal glorification, running into a blaze to save a fit, but frazzled bird. Afterwards ime a hero, so as long as the bird doesn’t smell the petrol on my black gloved hands, I have sex with her.

    I also have a fine collection of war medals that I did not receive for heroism. Throw in an eye patch and a little white lie that the scar on my cock was a result of a life and death struggle with a sabre wielding drug crazed moor, I get plenty of action on dating sites.

    Don’t judge me Gentlemen. Reavealing that I am tormented by gangs of feral youths and that my penis scar is due to the removal of an unseemly abscess bought about by excessive masturbation gets you no were.

    Why would I seek glory in Arsenal? In my mind we always win the league . We won it last season, and how I laughed in the face of all those Chelsea mugs.

    The best bit for me was seeing Moronio in a west end hotel. ” Oi Moronio, six nil to the Arsenal you wanker” The twat looked devastated at my onslaught. Glorious.

  9. ha ha ha We have Transplant back. You have to realise Tel that your contributions on Arsehole Arsehole are not appreciated mate, over here however we love your humour and will even on occasion join in with your wacky comments.

    “my penis scar is due to the removal of an unseemly abscess bought on by excessive masturbation gets you no where” fucking classic

  10. Afternoon Northbank great post mate, 🙂 Nice one Terry, I know all there is about wanking, great comment mate 🙂

  11. Good morning knobends 🙂

    Is there any gossip…. who do we have on the radar? Is Wenger gonna stay for another 5 years?

    I know one bit of news, Klopp wants Aubemeyang…..

  12. Why is it there are always young fit nude women on here when you old bastards are more used to this sort of woman ! Could be one of you `sorearses wives ! hahaha

  13. Sorry lads ! 😀
    It is for artistic value and I should imagine `69er has painted many of these nude models ! 😀

  14. hahaha, “you old bastards are more used to this sort of women. Could be one of your sorearse wives” brilliant Cornwall

    Back in the early nineties I was so skint I had to make ends meet by escorting elder women. I would get £120 for the escort and if they wanted sex after, another £150. I was in my late twenties then so most of the women were in there forties.

    Though If I had a client like Cornwalls Post above I would have insisted she stick her stocking over her face and then stretched it all over her body hahaha

  15. GN5

    Cockie and Transplant don’t even like women, that’s why they always post photos of ugly ones. They'”re more into this…. fucking shirtlifters the pair of them, why do you think Cockie does his planks

  16. A trophy hunter as an Araenal fan needs to change allegence and support another club as there is a very long wait approaching and it will get worse.

  17. Aresenal I meant,I have lost complete interest in this season and AW wants to stay on until he is 95 and kroenke’s hair grows back. What a shambles this season has been and we had our best chance in years to win the Title.

    chelsea,City United and even Liveropool will buy all the best playes available in the Summer and frugal AW might spend another 10 million.

    I actually think many players don’t want to play for us anymore,we aren’t the attraction or have the kudos that The Arsenal used to have and was admired the orld over. Sad really.

  18. Hi there Kelsey, haven’t heard from you for a while. You won’t find many on here disagreeing with you, you won’t find many on here period,

    I think many if not most Arsenal supporters are becoming resigned to the fact that we won’t see any significant signings until Wenger eventually goes. By that time we’ll probably be mid-table club and before being accused of doomerism, I shall point out that it’s a realistic scenario.

  19. Hi Kelsey, all we can do is win our games and see what happens. It’s a real long shot for us to win the league – but stranger things have happened.

    But please anybody but the N17ershit

  20. This is a unique site – where else would Le Coq be allowed to proudly post a picture of his girlfriend.

    You might even find the occasional positive comment about our team – but that would be a rarity.

  21. Norfolk @12:24

    “Hi there Kelsey, haven’t heard from you for a while. You won’t find many on here disagreeing with you, you won’t find many on here period, ”

    Norfolk, we are an elite group of Arsenal supporters……

    GN5….. @12:58

    We often talk positive about the team and the club…. don’t doom about the site 🙂

  22. I can’t think of anything positive about our team, in fact all I see is a downward slope.Last 3 Home games Swansea,Barca, Watford and now Watford again. What have they to fear or in fact anyone who plays us.

    No doubt about Wenger’s record but for each season that he or those above renew his contract the statistics will just get worse.

    One can’t live in the past forever and quite frankly his European success or lack of it is a real gauge.

    When middle of the table teams on a fraction of our budget can easily suss us out and beat us questions need to be asked.We have lost 7 of our 30 PL games already this season, and our points total isn’t that healthy.it’s because others are slipping up with frequency that it disguises our true position and I can’t see it changing. Not dooming just being factual and realistic.

  23. Kelsey…. oh bouffant one

    All of us on here have lived through worse seasons in the 60’s and 70’s….. the problem now, is that Wenger has raised our expectations, unfortunately, he now has Kroenke and greedy shareholders pulling his strings.

  24. Norfolk, once again I agree with you, I’m a very happy person.

    Arsenal have obviously not met our expectations but I refuse to join in with the doom and gloom, I prefer to enjoy supporting Arsenal. It’s bloody obvious that we have, once again, underachieved but all the dooming and glooming in the world will not change the facts. Why keep complaining about what should have been as none of us know the real facts or have the skill or ability to be able to do any better.

    Looking at the statistical facts our under achievement has been in one area – our ability to score goals – here are goals scored after 30 games in each our our PL seasons.

    season – GF
    1992/3 – 27
    1993/4 – 34
    1994/5 – 35
    1995/6 – 42
    1996/7 – 49
    1997/8 – 49
    1998/9 – 42
    1999/0 – 53
    2000/1 – 47
    2001/2 – 60
    2002/3 – 64
    2003/4 – 58
    2004/5 – 68
    2005/6 – 48
    2006/7 – 52
    2007/8 – 58
    2008/9 – 48
    2009/10 – 71
    2010/11 – 59
    2011/12 – 61
    2012/13 – 57
    2013/14 – 53
    2014/15 – 58
    2015/16 – 48

    As you can see you have to go back 15 seasons to find where we scored less.

    Terry, Le Coq and NB are the experts in this area so they should give Arsenal advice on how to penetrate stubborn defenses………….I’m sure that Terry has a tale or two.

  25. Ooops I pressed send before I finished so if we have scored 48 goals in 30 games how come you say we have to go back 15 since we scored less.

  26. Kelsey……………………………………..2000/1……15 seasons ago we scored 47 after 30 games…..one less than this season after 30 games !……………….that thick boufant is damaging your brain !. 😀

  27. Cunt !………………………….I brought in some new customers and I`m like Arsenal !…..in that the new customers basically pay more than my wages each week, infact, they probably pay for the other 4 drivers wages as well !, so I`m a self sufficient driver, just like Arsenal are self sufficient run club !.
    I was promised a prize for this at the Xmas Doo, but the boss got worried that it would piss off the other drivers so he kept the prize back until today….even then he wrote in the card not to let the other drivers know !………………………….I got a £25 B&Q voucher !…………………………..what a tight cunt !………………….I wanted a fucking trophy !

  28. Last season James Milner averaged 12.29KM per game, the highest in the league.
    In the Germany game the other night seven England players ran more than 14km !……….what`s the betting that was the Spud and Liverpool players ?……………and the cunts will still do it over the weekend and there wont be any fatigue excuse crap from them !.
    Being the `sorearse eye candy and fitness expert it`s plain to me why we are not top…….we dont fucking run enough and press the oppo` and that`s the only way we will evr win anything as the Kunt Kroenke wont buy the top players…………………tight cunt !……………….that`s 2 tight cunts in a day !……I`m not counting my girlfirend of yesterday !.

  29. I got it wrong Le Coq.What I meant is that we are scoring far less goals in the past few seasons only to be bettered by 2000/1 with 47, oh never mind, you get my gist.

  30. The point I was making Kelsey, was that our ability to score goals has gone down hill and it’s the main reason we are not fulfilling our potential. Scoring only 48 goals in 48 games is an insipid 1.6 goals per game, which is simply not good enough.

    Look at the trend from 2009/10 to this season.

    2009/10 – 71
    2010/11 – 59
    2011/12 – 61
    2012/13 – 57
    2013/14 – 53
    2014/15 – 58
    2015/16 – 48

    This season we have scored 23 less goals than in 2009/10 – that has cost us points. In my opinion our problem can be solved by simply concentrating on finding the strikers who can put away the chances that we create.

  31. Not saying I agree with him as I think he has the wrong target…………………it`s Kroenke Kunt he should be making banners about, but freedom of speech and all that blah blah blah !.

  32. Nacho Monreal reckons we could still miss out on being crowned Premiership Champions even if we win all our eight remaining games. No shit Sherlock!

    Eboue has been banned from all football for year for failing to pay money owed to an agent.

    Arsenal are linked with two Borussia players, Henrickh Mkhitaryan and Granit Xhaka.

    Gossip! Luvvly Jubbly.

  33. Ronnie Corbett, the last of the four men who made up the two greatest double acts in British entertainment history.

    The two Ronnies and (Eric) Morecombe and (Ernie) Wise.

    A lot of laughter has gone out of our world.

  34. Team news: Jack, Rosicky, Cech, Ramsey

    Arsène Wenger has revealed the latest team news ahead of Saturday’s Premier League fixture against Watford:

    on the latest team news…
    Wilshere and Rosicky are back in full training. Basically they are all progressing well.

    on whether Jack Wilshere will play for the under-21s…
    Not yet, no, we have not decided that yet. It is his first week back in full training and we’ll see how he responds to that, but the first signs are quite good. We’ll assess our options next week.

    on Petr Cech…
    Cech is going back to normal training. It’s too early to say if he will be available for the weekend. He might be a bit short to be competitive.

    on Aaron Ramsey…
    Ramsey will not be available for this weekend, but hopefully next weekend.

    on Santi Cazorla…
    Santi Cazorla is running again outside so it should be three to four weeks more training for Santi.

    on Mathieu Flamini…
    Flamini is short for this weekend but could be available next weekend.

    on Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain…
    Oxlade-Chamberlain is progressing well.

    Copyright 2016 The Arsenal Football Club plc. Permission to use quotations from this article is granted subject to appropriate credit being given to http://www.arsenal.com as the source

  35. At a U2 concert in Newfoundland, Bono, the lead singer, asks the audience for some quiet and then he slowly starts to clap his hands.

    Holding the audience in total silence, he says into the microphone, “I want you to think about something. Every time I clap my hands, a child in Africa dies.”

    A Newfie in the front yells out, “Then stop clappin’, ya arsehole!”

  36. I dont believe it !!!……………….Wenger is so impressed with Diaby`s fitness in France that he has re-signed him !…………..evidence of him waiting for his medical at London Colney !.

  37. Duck walks into a bar……”got any bread?”…..”no”……….”got any bread?”…. “No”…….”got any bread!. “No”……”got any bread?”…”no” and if you ask any more I will nail your beak to the bar”………”got any nails?”……..”no”…….”got any bread”

    Stupid I know, but the silly ones make me laugh

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