Arsenal….. something has to give!

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Like most things in life, if enough pressure is applied to an object, the object will eventually give or break. Mathematically, pressure is represented like this,  p = \frac{F}{A}  whereby, p = pressure, F = the normal force and A = is the area of surface on contact.

In human terms, too much pressure can lead to breakdown, a mental breakdown, a marriage break down or the collapse of a business.

Recently a couple of Arsenal players have spoken out and suggested that the club need to invest in new players this summer. Wenger as per usual is his normal tight lipped self, giving nothing away. However, is there something to be read into it?, is there a breakdown on the horizon? has Arsène lost the dressing room and the confidence of his team?

Realistically, there must be mounting pressure on the players and the manager. There must also be disappointment from going out of the FA Cup and not capitalising on a weak Premier League season where the usual top teams have failed to perform.

If the fans are disgruntled and disappointed, then I can imagine the players are as well. Have the players started to apportion blame? Has Wenger started to point the finger at poor performances? Have the shareholders eventually said enough is enough?

The pressure on the manager, the players and the club to win silverware must surely be mounting and something will have to give soon, either a clear out of under-performing players, the purchase of new players or the manager finally saying that he will retire and move on. It’s only natural, there are only so many negative events a person can experience before the stress becomes too much and there is a breakdown.

This summer is going to be crucial for the club, more so than in previous seasons. I think you can view it similarly to a ‘nervous breakdown’, and the team and the manager are failing to cope with the stress and expectations associated with success.

So this summer, to preserve their sanity, some serious therapy will be needed. Something has to be done to allow them to regain their coping skills and start to rebuild, to prepare for next season in a better state of health.

What will give way to allow the healing to start is any bodies guess, but something will give, mark my words.




13 thoughts on “Arsenal….. something has to give!

  1. Bonjour Soixante-Neuf, excellent post thank you.

    No time to comment this morning, the sun is shining so off for a five and a half mile walk, probably followed by lunch at The Kings Arms in Reepham. Good beer, good food and a blazing log fire in the bar.


  2. Just couldn’t resist this…..A car designer has crossed a Toyota with Quasimodo and come up with the Hatchback of Notre Dame.

    Thank you …..The Two Ronnies.

  3. Afternoon all, Nice one 69,
    The shareholders have had enough, I don’t think so, there sell on value must be up there and if they had had enough would have given their shares up. Many are sitting on fortunes for a rainy day, I doubt many will change hands in the near future.

    Will Wenger be forced to enter the transfer market. I would say almost definitely, As with Arteta Rosiski and Flamoni probably finishing at the end of the season, Maybe Per Merts being let go, And maybe a midfielder or two being edged out, almost guarantee’s he has to buy.

    The hierarchy at Arsenal, i assume, couldn’t be happier, Probably another top 4 finish, our profits as high as ever, minimal spending, still half of last seasons CL money sitting in the bank, and players who have been rested for a year, and a couple rested for six months ready to start next season.

    Arsenal must be rubbing their hands together, Stan will probably take 5 mill this year as we have done well. Will we buy Marquee players as replacements is another story, we don’t really have to spend too much money, as we keep on winning that top 4 trophy.

    Why i say yes we will enter the market is because the fans are disgruntled, if some leave it late renewing their tickets then we may make a Marquee signing, but i would assume they will all pay up early for fear of losing their tickets.

    Of course we are not looking to win the league i dont think we have for many years, Maybe a cup run, and should our injury crisis be lesser, we may just stand a chance But we really are not a challenging club any more.

    Other clubs have started moving above us and should be a warning sign, but i feel Arsenal and the owner is not too bothered ,as long as our profits end about the same amount. Its my view that the only people who want to win things are the supporter, and up to now Arsenal don’t seem to care what they think just so long as they keep coming.

    I am expecting may be, two or three signings. I would expect maybe a couple of our loaner’s to be welcomed back into the fold, and things to continue in the old Arsenal way, Big profits and small expectation, Getting ready for another boring year, with Skinflint Wenger leading the line. Wonderful. 😦

  4. Well that was a morning well spent, a good walk over mostly dry footpaths and tracks a couple of muddy fields to cross and only a small group of young highland cattle to pass through.

    Our arrival at the Kings Arms coincided with a party of four vacating a table beside the open log fire. Kushti!

    Bangers, mash, minted peas with onion gravy washed down by a double Tonic Water. Well I am on antibiotics and Paracetamol after all.

    You’re absolutely right 69er, something’s got to give, the team have stagnated for long enough. Trouble is, we know Wenger will stay, we know he will be reluctant to give anyone the elbow, we know he will have the belief that his players have the mental strenghth blah blah blahdhy blah.

    There will be a signing or two as a sop to the season ticket holders, but of nothing like the quality which would put us within reach of a greater prize than the Top Four Trophy.

    Still, life goes on and the two Ronnies will keep us laughing…..A prison van collided with a cement mixer on the Pentonville Road. Police are on the lookout for sixteen hardened criminals.

  5. If each of the current top 4 teams gets the same result that they achieved in their first encounters with the teams they are still to play then the final points tally would be.

    Leicester – 83
    Arsenal – 71
    Spurs – 68
    Man V – 67

  6. Dein may have seen it before me, but I have been telling you all along about this and dont forget the bastards from Totnumb, Liverpool and Chavs with new stadiums ……………………..and all we`ve got to look forward too is the Kunt Kroenke !
    I think Kango and NG are seeing it as well !………………….gradually millions will see it and the pressure will tell on the bastard Kroenke, could be a long wait as he is a stubborn kunt, but he will fall to the fans eventually !.

  7. Morning all,
    Inter-lull over and back to premier league football. What has the international break proved, Well to me it has proved that Arsenal players, did not cover themselves in glory. In actual fact i found that i was surprised that Arsenal players were included in National sides. Had i been an English striker, i would be questioning why Arsenal players were included.

    Now of course, being an Arsenal supporter, i want to see our players included, but i feel form must be the ultimate influence why they have been included. In England’s case i can see why Vardy and Kane are in the side, as they have had brilliant seasons. Both strikers proved their form by scoring for their countries, I commend Hodgson for including them, In midfield Deli Alli also showed why he was included, giving the Germans a very uncomfortable 90 minutes.

    I have to say Hodgsons decision to include Theo Walcott surprised me, Walcott’s season has not been memorable, injured for most of the season, and when he finally came back to Arsenals team, had not shown the form to even stay in the Arsenal first eleven, let alone be selected by his country. Theo has been a let down, Wenger has tried all he could to bring Theo to the form that he needed to be, to be included by the England Manager, but Theo just didn’t show that he was ready.

    A very poor inclusion by Hodgson and annoying for many English strikers who have had better seasons..Enough on England’s performances, as we are now back into Premier League Football, 11 points behind leader’s Leicester, but still in third place behind in form Tottenham Hotspur. So still being in touch, What can we expect for the last few games of the season.

    For a supporter who is realistic, i honestly believe that we can still catch Tottenham, but not a cat in hells chance of catching Leicester. If we can catch Tottenham we could just pip them to the post, but for that to happen we will have to get 3 points in all remaining games and for Tottenham to drop points, a tall order when our form has been very bad, and Tottenham’s very good.

    Today’s game is Watford at home, Our last encounter with Watford saw our exit from the FA cup, as we struggled to contain them, and subsequently gave up the Ghost. Todays game is as always a must win game, Yes we have said that for all our games since before Christmas and lets face it we have not faired very well on must win games.

    Players have voiced their opinions, on Arsenals form, which has angered Arsenal Manager Wenger, but even he knows that the players have hit the nail on the head, and that he has not been able to instil the confidence back into the players mind. Mr Wenger is reported as saying that players will be spoken to for some of their comments,It appears that Wenger does not like players being open about our lack of form. Hopefully today he can find the answers that he has searched for, and a must win game ends with all 3 points safely in Arsenals hands. .

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