Arsenal v Watford… what’s there to say?

So we play Watford again today, I’m really at a loss as to what to write! My interest in the season has to some extent, dwindled. I might as well talk about the fucking weather, or the last episode of East Enders. Both subjects would be just as interesting as discussing todays game.

They knocked us out of the FA Cup a few weeks ago and therefore they could quite possibly beat us today, that is the extent of my confidence in the current Arsenal team.

We’ll have Danny playing hopefully so he could make a difference, but that’s the only positive I can come up with at the moment.

Isn’t it a terrible thing when you lose faith in something, whether it’s a girlfriend, a colleague or a football team…… it takes a part of your soul, a big chunk of your heart and leaves you deflated and unable to find the inspiration to do something about it.

This is where I find myself today, somewhere inside me is the spirit and the enthusiasm to fully support my club, but I’m truly finding it difficult to summon those emotions at the moment. I’m sure many Gooners are in the same boat (apart from GN5 that is). I often talk about the Arsenal lacking fight and the minerals to see out a game, to win against the odds, but here I am today, no fucking fight in me and no enthusiasm for the game.

I’ll watch it of course, but today my heart won’t be in it……

Come on you fucking Gunners


31 thoughts on “Arsenal v Watford… what’s there to say?

  1. Morning all, Thank you NB for a post,
    As usual you post a new post just as i leave a comment on the last, but to be quite honest, My comment has mirrored your post.

    I have to admit i feel much the same as you, as you mentioned there will be supporters who on the outside will be positive but in all honesty, i really believe they are feeling the same as us on the inside but just cannot bring themselves to admit it to themselves.

    There comes a time in all supporters hearts that their team has been a let down. I know fans hate to show how much a football club means to them, its in the blood and nothing we can do to change it. A wife can leave you a girlfriend can dump you, a lover can take the piss out of you but none of those can not be got over, When your club have not spent and they make excuses, and then play shit it hurts really hurts.

    When you know what you have done in a relationship with a partner you know you could have done better, if you get a second chance you can try your hardest to rectify what has gone wrong, but when you are helpless with your club and they don’t give the impression that they will rectify it just makes everything even worse.

    Hopefully today we will see player participation, maybe a bit of breathtaking football and above all a few goals in our favour, i live in hope.

  2. Bonjour Soixante-Neuf, and Steve.

    This is the big one! Make no mistake about it, three points today and we will be set to make a dash for the top, anything less and only the FPT* will remain just within our reach.

    We have a point to make this afternoon, it was Watford that knocked us out of the FA Cup. We need to make amends for that blot on our season. For whatever reason we under-performed on that occasion, something that has happened a bit too often recently.

    Now there is no room for error, nowhere for anyone to hide, a one hundred percent performance from the whole team is what the situation and the fans demand.

    Never mind what team Watford put out, never mind what tactics they use, they are there to be beaten.

    Our players need to look in the mirror, to look deep into their own eyes and to ask themselves the question, Am I ready to give everything for the team, for the fans and for myself?

    Without knowing what condition the various players who were on International duty are in any attempt at team selection is fraught with
    danger, however nobody could dispute that only the strongest available team will do. There’s no point in holding anyone back for later games, they are all cup finals now.





    There’s no sense in speculating about Leicester or Tottenham dropping points.

    There are eight games to go, eight games for Arsenal to win.

    Let’s start that winning run today.

    C’mon the Glorious Gunners!

    *FPT = Fourth Place Trophy

  3. Morning Norfolk,
    Now i know a guy in Canada, that will love that comment, Upbeat confident and full of the joys of spring, My Doomer negativity is going away until it has to surface again, Hopefully that wont be till the transfer window opens. I like an upbeat comment, the sun is blazing through my window, and it looks like a good day to play football. NB will be pissed by kick off, but wont want to miss a kick.

    I am in a pretty good mood, i am ready and looking forward to premier league football, My team are at home and i have a good feeling, 3 points in the bag will make my weekend, Seeing clubs dropping points will only make my weekend better, so with that thought in mind and my Doomer visions laying dormant, bring it on. COYRRG’s

  4. Steve, I’m always confident when the sun is out, right now it’s beating down on the back of my neck, I’m sitting with my back to a large, south facing window.

    As the match is not live on the telly, I shall spend the afternoon in the company of Jeff Snelling and his four Muppets on Sky.

  5. Afternoon Norfolk, I have a black stream box, fairly cheap on e-bay, a friend got it chipped for me and can usually get the Arsenal games on it, have reduced my cable expenditure from £80 odd quid to £43 a month. Don’t know how long it will work for, but have had six months so far, seems a good deal plus movies and tv shows am watching an old series now of Californication, we only had one series here in 2007 but have found that there were 7, and i’m up to 5th series.

    The sun is also shining here as well, hopefully its a good omen. MX the black box just in case you go on e-bay, come on Arsenal. 🙂

  6. Very good result, i felt there were more goals out there, but 3 points safely in the locker. Well done Arsenal

  7. According to the BBC text report, Watford were pants but Arsenal took every advantage and could have had more goals.

    A 4 – 0 win is not something to be sneezed at.

    Let’s hope the team can keep up the momentum until the end of the season.

  8. Watford in my mind wasn’t good, but with our defending they could of had goals. Its not the players, as we have a relatively good defence. I feel that zonal marking is what is wrong. Some times it works but i feel that too many opposing players are unmarked and who’s job it is to mark who is the problem.. I feel we allow opposing players to much room before we challenge. I feel that the side does not need any criticism, at this stage of the season, but i would like to think that our defensive system would change for next season

  9. Steve
    I think I’ve sussed why Wenger uses zonal marking… with man to man marking you need a CB/captain barking out orders to his players as to who to mark, and we don’t have one like that. Secondly, there’s the language barrier, if some of our players can’t communicate, then they can’t understand what the captain is saying. Zonal marking is therefore easier

  10. In my mind NB, when the players first come to England their English is worse than it is now and they understood the instructions to play zonal, many must have played orthodox before. To change at this stage of the season could be disastrous, so i wouldn’t expect change now. But that would certainly help.

  11. Spuds have just gone one nil down to a Courtinho blinder, Spuds and scousers have been piss poor, but this should liven things up

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