No pressure on Arsenal makes a difference.

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Didn’t they play well, organised, fluid, accurate passing and goals. Why couldn’t they have done that against Watford in the FA Cup? One word……… Pressure!

Yesterday there was no pressure on the team and they went out onto the park and enjoyed themselves….. in fact they enjoyed themselves too much, instead of going for more goals, they pissed around passing the ball and keeping possession. Goal difference could still be a deciding factor this season and it would have been nice if the boys had gone for the killer instinct instead of showing off.

Despite this however, it was a joy to watch but ultimately it left me with the feeling… what if?

Why haven’t they been able to play like that on a consistant run of games? Why have they collapsed when under pressure? What is wrong psychologically?

These are the questions which Wenger has to be asking his players, these are the issues which need to be addressed in training and in discussions with individual players.

Until that is done, this current team will not win the top honours.

We are left today hoping that Southampton get a result against Leicester, but be careful, that could play into the Spervs hands and open the gate for them to win the league.

We can all say it’s still mathematically possible for Arsenal to still win the title but barring a miracle, let’s be honest, we won’t do it!

Anyway, my MotM was Iwobi…. followed by the rest of the team apart from Özil who continues to under perform for whatever reason.

We’ll have a tougher test  next weekend at Upton Park, let’s see if they can go there and enjoy themselves?



11 thoughts on “No pressure on Arsenal makes a difference.

  1. Morning all,
    Thank you Northbank, a fine assessment.
    I definitely felt like you, there were more goals out there. 4 goals should be enough for any supporter, clean sheet also.

    I don’t think we should be criticising when a scoreline like that comes up, as all you can ask for is all 3 points. Trouble with supporters is that when you have been disappointed by previous results, when a good result comes we feel that we still could do better. That is called catching up. Catching up on mistakes made earlier.

    Arsenal have disappointed, At the top at Christmas and self imploding since then. Woeful performances, a lack of form and still players injured. Of course many of these problems could have been fixed in the transfer windows, but skinflint Arsenal are more concerned with end of the year profits.

    Players realising that the team effort has been appalling, and when managers are annoyed at honest comments from players, must feel that it is a knock at the club as well. As for the game yesterday, we took control from the off, our passing was so much better and we advanced faster and was i felt more direct.

    We started with what i consider our best team. I noticed in the comments that others also predicted the line up, so finally Wenger must have also seen that as well. Watford it has to be said were poor, They tried to close us down faster, but was left chasing spaces as Arsenals quick passing and penetrating runs left them chasing shadows.

    Sanchez i felt had his best game for a very long time, he seemed to pass the ball more than he has done, and that made a big difference. Welbeck and Iwobi installed as our spearhead seemed to be a good partnership, and in midfield Coquelin and Elneney seem to have struck a good balance, Kos and Gabby seemed to have also formed a good pairing and with Monreal and Berlerin doing what they do complimented the team well. Ozil looked as if his few words with the Manager were still in his thoughts, but still made some very fine passes. Ospina although he made no mistakes, still makes me a little uncomfortable, but on the day did his job.

    4 goals has made a difference in our goals for a clean sheet has also helped. Now all tha’ts needed is consistency. As NB has said the title is a step to far but second should be doable should we keep winning. Thank you Arsenal for giving us a little hope for the remainder of the season.

  2. Bonjour Soixante-Neuf, Steve and anyone else who happens to look in.

    Pretty fair summing up 69er, On his present form Iwobi must be in line to become a regular first choice starter ahead of Walcott. Good goals from him and Alexis, a lucky one for Bellerin and the easiest of tap-ins for Walcott meant a relatively relaxed afternoon for all concerned.

    My man of the match was without doubt Elneny, the sheer number of accurate, successful passes he made was amazing. He finds space, he’s quick to spot runs by his mates and can pass on an instant. What’s more he has a powerful shot and is not afraid to use it from long range, and he can put in a tackle when required.

    If Welbeck can findjust a little bit more, he will cement his own starting position ahead of Giroud.

    I’m with you Steve on Ospina, just a tiny doubt in my mind.

    On current form, even with everyone fully fit I would make just the one change to yesterday’s starting eleven, Cech for Ospina, and call that our best possible team.

    Maybe luck is starting to go our way a little, Hammer’s midfield spoiler Kouyote was sent off yesterday and will miss Saturday’s game.

    Is there a glimmer of light at the end of the tunnel? We shall see.

  3. Morning Dirtbox Sniffers 😀

    It`s typical of Arsenal that two of our best league performances have come when it will be too late !. Only winning all our remaining games will give us a chance with Leicester and Spuds having to drop points !.
    The doom part of us winning most of our last games and not winning the league but coming a close 2nd or 3rd will be that Wenger thinks he doesn`t have to buy in the summer, that we are on course !.
    There will be Euro`s for us to get some injuries and if Countries with our players do well, they will get an extra 2 weeks off at the beginning of next season !.
    Yes, we have been impressive in against Everton and the mighty Watford and realistically/normally other than Mansour City and W Ham away, we have a relatively easy run in, but that should not lead Wenger into a false new dawn of thinking he has it sussed, we need a top class goalscorer for a start and a CB as well.
    If players inside the club come out and say we need to buy, then what more does Mr Stubborn need to convince .

    Great performance but 99% sure it`s too late !………………….I think we`ve been here before !……………….and will probably be here again next season before the likes of Liverpool, W Ham and Spuds join the elite party in the not too distant future !.

    Kunt Kroenke Out !

  4. A young centre back who can play right back, midfield and right wing, just what we need. Oh haven’t we already got one of those? Calum chambers?

    If he can fill in as a ‘keeper, sell tickets and wash up in the bar Wenger will certainly buy him.

  5. I saw this stuff in 2011 and was calling for him to be given a chance !………..Wenger listen to me !….do I have to write this stuff in lipstick on your bathroom mirror ! hahaha

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