Jack the lad and the Spanish wizard

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Young Jack is in the news again and all for the wrong reasons. Chucked out of a London night club on Sunday night and also involved in a fracas with another group of men. Personally I feel sorry for the lad, there was so much promise a few seasons back but injuries have blighted his career, no wonder he has gone a bit ‘radio rental’ and turned to alcohol and bad behaviour.

It makes you wonder about the pressures of the game, the wages and the expectations? Arsenal have had their fair share of ‘rebels’, players who have strayed from the straight and narrow and gone on a route of self-destruction. Tony Adams, Paul Merson and now young Jack.

I sincerely hope that he can recover from his injuries and what seems like an out of control lifestyle to get back on track, because he has the ability, he just needs a fair run in the first team to show what he is capable of doing.

In total contrast we have our little Spanish wizard at right back, Hector Bellerin. A young lad who is doing everything right and gathering attention from some of the best teams in Europe. He scored his first goal for the club at the weekend against Watford and has also assisted three goals in his last three games.

Hector seems to be developing into one of the best attacking right backs in Europe and it will be difficult for Wenger to keep him at the club. Barcelona appear to be at the top of the list of admirers but I’m sure Real and Bayern are keeping a close eye on him too.

Will he stay or will he go? The lack of silverware at the Arsenal will be a large influence I think, and like Özil and Sanchez, if Bellerin doesn’t see improvement and investment in the team for next season, his thoughts may well turn to playing for Barca or Real in the country of his birth. Keeping him at the Arsenal will be about as secure as a Hatton Garden safe deposit box! 😀



66 thoughts on “Jack the lad and the Spanish wizard

  1. Bonjour Soixante-Neuf, you must have been up early this morning to write a post. We old done Mon Vieuxe.

    I’ve no sympathy whatsoever for Jack Wheelchair, he’s a very highly paid, so called professional footballer. What in Hell’s name was he doing in a nightclub at 2am. The pillock should stick a life sized poster of Paul Gascoigne on every wall in his house as a reminder of how easy it is to waste your talent and life.

    Too much money, too few brains.

  2. Bonjour Norfolk

    I understand your views on Jacko but I’ve always had a soft spot for the wayward type and always want them to come good 🙂

    I’ve just got to pop out for a while to do a quick shop…. I’ve also run out of wine ha ha
    back in a mo

  3. Morning all,
    Jack wheelchair, spot on Norfolk, 🙂
    Of course i am expecting a roasting for agreeing with you from the old timer, but even the righteous N5 must be disgusted by his behaviour. Yes the young man has been injured while on duty for the Arsenal but that is no excuse, While injured he has had the best treatment, he has still had high earnings, and in reality he has been on almost a permanent holiday.

    Why this young man should even be thought of, to play in the Euro’s has my head spinning, the same as it does when i saw Walcott on the field. Players who seem to be permanently injured and still expect to be chosen as soon as they reach fitness. A player who still has not kicked a ball for Arsenal this season and another that missed half a season injured and since returning has not had any form at all.

    Yes i am one who likes to see Arsenal players playing for their Nations but only if they deserve it. Many players bust a gut all season for their respected clubs hoping and praying they will be noticed, for the better ones to be passed over for the likes of said players is a bloody disgrace.

    Enough said about them. You mention Belerin and rightly so he has shown the kind of form that has propelled him into more ambitious clubs plans. I feel it a little unfair when talking about fullbacks or wing backs to not mention Monreal, he too has shown resilience fight and a bloody good engine,

    I have to say when i saw the headline for your post, i thought you was going to write about Santi Cazorla, dont know why, because like Wilshere he has been a non performer as well this season, and although i know its not their fault, i still blame them for being injured when we needed them fit and healthy to help us win the league. Some players seem to be injured a lot maybe the nature of their positions also may be they are of weaker structure, but if it should effect more than a couple of seasons then long term plans must be put in place, If a club will not spend for cover, then they must have players who are more resilient.

    Again we look for Answers and again we only have to look at the transfer windows, Out the Wheelchairs and bring in the Bulldozers.

  4. Morning Steve

    You are right to mention Monreal, he’s done sterling service for us so far. I’m a bit surprised that you ‘blame’ the players for being injured…. they don’ fucking plan it, it happens and it’s bad luck.

  5. Hi Steve, I think Wenger would like Wilshire to play for England in the summer as a way to get him game time without having to pick him for Arsenal. If he comes through without further injuries, and that’s a really big if, then he can continue through the pre-season and prove his fitness and form.

    A few good games for England, a couple of decent ones pre-season and we might be able to flog him to China for a small fortune.

  6. Good thinking Norfolk, Dont blame anybody for injuries NB but when its the same ones something is wrong mate

  7. With Wilshere I think he definitely has a tendon or bone problem…. recurrence of ankle injuries being the main issue. He’s not exactly a Diaby but close. I believe that will now get worse after a leg break because he will start to compensate and the stress will be more on his ankles…. not good.

  8. One other advantage of Wilshire playing for England in the summer, if he gets injured, and why wouldn’t he, the FA will have to pay Arsenal compensation. Money! Money! Money! I can just see Silent Stan tossing his syrup in the air with a big grin on his face and dollar signs in his eyes.

  9. Where do you buy your wine 69er?

    A few years ago on holiday in Greece we stayed in a little village in the Mani. Down the hill from the village on the main road was a petrol station which sold wine on draught, they would fill a two litre plastic water bottle with a quite nice red for about €4.

    Must go back there some day.

  10. Off for the weekly shopping trip to the great metropolis of Norwich, then a little further south to visit my son and daughter-in-law and our newest grandson.

    A toute a l’heure.

  11. Were coming to the last few games of the season, we are out of all competitions, but were still in for the top 4 trophy, we have won that for 16 17 seasons, and i have no doubts we will again,
    Not telling you anything you didn’t know, but we have had players who have shown very little this season. Long term Injured, One in particular has still to play, and he is featured in NB’s Post, Believe it or not, he is back on his feet and has actually started training.

    He must be a fantastic player, as he is pencilled in for Hodgsons Euro squad and that is without showing any form or even kicking a ball, so he must be good. Being out for so long and still being classed as an inclusion for his country, is call for a celebration. His pent up frustration has been channelled all season into his recovery, and now almost ready, has celebrated at a London nightspot with some of his supporters.

    This top footballer, obviously worse for wear at 2 oclock in the morning, and his friends were evicted out of the nightspot, because he abused the staff, an altercation ensued where police were called ,It is reported that the player will have talks with his club.

    Doesn’t this player realise that Arsenal are in the fight of their lives to win the top four trophy, Doesn’t he realise the importance of finishing fifth.

    You couldn’t make this shit up could you, So called top players responsible for the clubs reputation, and will probably get to play once this season, and still he take’s home a salary of about 4 million, boy he must be good

  12. If you`ve nothing better to do tonight other than wank yourselves silly over fantasy transfer rumours then I suggest you watch ITV4 @ 19:45.
    Arsenal take on Mansour City in the 2nd leg of the FA Youth Cup Semi-Final…..we are 2-1 down, but you will get to see some of our youngsters live, although if you are like me, you will have to watch it anywhere other than the living room as I cant remove the TV controller from my wifes vice like grip when Emmerdale/Eastenders/Coronation Street are on !.

  13. Still wouldn`t take her gaze away from her soap addiction !…………..it`s tunnell vision !………I could dig up her dead father and shag him and she`d still be transfixed by Phil Mitchell`s drunken rampage !.

  14. Watching the under 21’s 2.1 down at half time, after leading 1.0 not a lot to be excited about, and at present not a great deal to look forward to. One good thing is that Wilshere has started his punishment by being in the stands, the look on his face says it all, he looks dejected and alone, probably wishing he was still injured,

  15. Arsenal under 21’s exit their FA cup after a 4.2 aggregate score line. Arsenal reduced to ten men early in the second half, after a straight red card. Not a great game and in all honesty mirrored many Arsenal first teams games.

    Many of the Arsenal players tried hard at first to impress, but in the end were guilty of giving the ball away and holding the ball for too long .. Only the under 21’s but i found that like the first team they do make it frustrating to watch.

  16. Morning gorls

    ha ha ha I went out for a lunch time drink yesterday, ended up doing an all dayer and ended up sleeping on a sofa at a mates, just got home and having smoked salmon and scrambled eggs…. and a glass of wine 😀

    Any news? Who’s being sold? Who are we buying?

  17. Norfolk

    in reply to your question about wine, when I’m in the region, I buy at a cooperative in Chusclan/Laudun. 5 ltr bag in box Red/ Rosé or white is between €7 and €12. In Avignon I go to a small cooperative on the route de Marseille. Prices are similar, all good stuff

  18. Gossip this morning, Theo will ask for transfer if he doesn’t make the England squad for the Euros. He may not have to ask if he doesn’t show a big improvement between now and the end of the season.

    Jack’s still in the news following his nightclub exploits at the weekend. Apparently he’s in danger of losing his first team slot at Arsenal as the club are expected to sign Granit Xhaka (the new “Rocky”? Granit/Granite geddit?) and Gedion Zelalem will be given a big chance in pre-season to claim a place.

    Talks are on-going with Iwobi over a new long term contract (and substantially higher wages). Just sign di ting Alex!

    There’s more, We’re after Leicester’s Ben Chilwell as well. Luvvly Bubbly!

  19. For fuck sake…. can’t a man have a lie in occasionally 🙂

    Morning Norfolk

    It’s very quiet in the Arsenal world at the moment….. dreams of trophies have been demolished and we have nothing to look forward to, apart from getting 2nd place above the spuds.

  20. Evening all, seems like were all footballed out, Heads are down, because were in nothing, Mathematically we can still win the league which most supporters feel is the Holy Grail. but not many feel we can. Of course we have seen some poor performances, but we have also seen some quite exciting stuff as well.

    But Arsenal fans have really kissed this season off, Even if we win all our remaining games, it still doesn’t really inspire us does it, Supporters predicted the line up against Watford in our last game, they and me felt that was probably our best team, and in all honesty we all know that that side need a lot more to win the league.

    Our season, although its not over, feels like its all over, Leicester seemingly not making any mistakes, and Spuds who are leading us with what looks a better squad than ours, doesnt give us much encouragement . Our Manager is stating “its not all over yet” has not made me prick my ears up.

    We all know, apart from GN5 who has gone missing, that our problems was with Wenger’s spending, his tactics were also wrong. And our defending needs changing, of course this is just my opinion, supporters all have an opinion and many’s the time some are spot on.

    Wenger obviously feels he did everything right, as he is still showing confidence and telling his players they too should feel the same. But that is because he only spent fifteen million out of a 30 million Champions League win fee. I wonder if Wenger is now wondering that had he spent that enormous 15 million on a new striker that was left , could our seasons results had been better. I guess we will never know,, but chances are he will do exactly the same next season..

    Of course we still have to qualify to gain any money at all, and that’s not a given with our up and down form. But i am going to be positive and believe that we can get another 30 million from Eufa. And if Wenger spends just half again, it may just help us…

    I can remember last season feeling the same as i do now, i can remember rumours of prolific strikers and links with Arsenal, those same rumours are circling again and i feel that those rumours are exactly that, Rumours.

    Arsenal football club lack ambition, that has been the case for many years. Borrowing many millions for a new stadium made many supporters believe that in time doubling the gate would make it possible for us to compete, It has to be said of course that Arsenal are not failures as finishing top 4 for so many years is a feat in itself, but to compete with other big clubs, our ambition is only top 4.

    Arsene Wenger has been a genius, he has put Arsenal on the map, His consistency is legendary, Arsenal are seen in the top positions and for a non ambitious club, that is phenomenal. We have a football club with immense wealth, billionaire owner shareholders, a stadium full to the brim with supporters, but sadly i go back to ambition, and they have none. In the last ten years we have brought 2 players over 30 mill, compared to the other big clubs that is absurd. How can the owners not see this.

    Change is needed at Arsenal, Perhaps a demanding Manager could do it. Perhaps shares need to change hands for other billionaire shareholders to inject money into the pot, i don’t know as i am not a business man, but if there is no change this coming season. the result at the end will almost certainly be the same as it has been.

  21. Bad news this morning, an FA panel have voted 2/1 in favour of rescinding Kouyate’s red card, given for a bad tackle last weekend. This means he’s available to play for The Hammers against us on Saturday.

    It looks like Clattenburg, the ref involved, has been hung out to dry by the FA.

  22. Morning Rectum Rangers !

    Rumour has it that Jack Wheelchair will play for the U21`s on Friday ( Live on Arsenal Player and free ), so will be worth watching to see if he can make it through a game without getting a puncture !.

  23. Morning Coq lover

    Hey, has anyone seen a series in the uK called, Our Girl, Molly? The series starts tonight on French TV but clashes with the Dortmund Liverpool game. Is the series any good?

  24. Bonjour Soixante-Neuf, that looks a great place to buy wine but why have they got an early Kelsey-in-drag lookalike there?

    I watched Our Girl series one, okayish, a bit like Soldier Soldier, but I don’t think there will be a series 2. Still anything’s better than watching Liverpuddle.

    Don’t miss The Night Manager when it arrives in France, even if it clashes with an Arsenal game, great television.

  25. Yes !…..The Night Manager is a must !……………….put money on the lead actor Tom Hiddlestone being the next James Bond as I`m too busy !.

  26. Morning all dry at the moment but rain on the way.
    The FA’s decision, probably has something to do with who they are playing this week. Even so we are coming off a good win and hopefully our momentum will carry on.

    Not had a great interest in football to speak the truth, I feel let down by Arsenal, the team and the hierarchy are self destructing. Top four in all honesty is a great achievement, we take it for granted and many say they would like us to miss out one season, but i don’t think supporters really want that, just staying in it is making history, and no supporter wants that to stop

    I don’t like to many changes in rules, as over the years changes have brought their own problems. The game of football once you knew the riles was fairly easy to understand, The offside rule has always confused and it still does today. But now we have introduced technology into the game it has cleared some things up but in all honesty it looks at first viewing to be a good change, but when looked into can still be manipulated, Many’s the time you see a picture of a ball either behind the line or outside like in Tennis you see a tram line and a ball inside or out, truth be known not the same ball and not the tennis court it just shows tramlines and a spot.

    Whoever puts that on the screen could in all honesty move the spot inside or out , they could have an agenda, and they could have two pictures to show you. What i am saying is that we believe seeing is believing, but in all honesty you are not seeing the actual picture unless they want you to.

    When a committee sit and reverse a decision, i often feel that if that game changes because of a missing player, and then the committee say that their official has made a mistake, then the game should be replayed ,as a losing result could easily put another team in a false position. One referee’s wrong decision has a knock on effect right through the league so it must be played again.

    Of course we know that will never happen, but it also has to be said that in that case the league is manipulated and not fair.

    Changing rules and also changing referee’s decisions is for a reason, what those reasons are for, God only knows, if its for fairness then the game should then be replayed or classed as a draw, but that still could cause a knock on effect. What the answer is to make it thoroughly fair will never be found..

  27. Steve, the thing about the Kayoute decision is that three “experts”, two unnamed former players and Dennis Smith a former manager, couldn’t come to a unanimous decision. This despite having the evidence of half a dozen or more camera angles.

    From what I’ve seen, it looks as though Kayoute had his studs showing and was off the ground when he made contact with the other players ankle. The only reason a serious injury was avoided the other player’s foot was off the ground.

    I thought that was grounds enough for a red card, as did the referee Mark Clattenburg. Seemingly this is not the case anymore.

    I wonder what will happen next time this scenario occurs.

  28. If they let players get away with tackles like Kayoute’s they’ll have to rename the place after the Coliseum in Rome, where the gladiators fought and the Christians were fed to the lions.

  29. Maybe their decision will quiet him for our game Norfolk,
    I read in the paper that Sanchez has said his form has dipped because of fear of another injury. He stated that his last Hamstring injury was a bad one, and then he had a set back which hindered his come back.

    I expect Jack to comeback, only to have another setback similar. Long term injury nearly always has a little setback, so i don’t expect us to see him play more than a bit part this season, and should he play a reserve game we may not see him at all.

    Now our Jack is not without talent, lets face it he has made some exciting runs, but he lacks that little something, and that is when to pass, we have had a few like that this season, and that has led to our defence suffering.Jack has had a few injury seasons , i feel the time has come to ask ourselves the question, do we wave good buy to him or hope that this is the end of his long term suffering. Jack is now of the age where he should be in his prime years. Would we be foolish to offload him or do we gamble.

    I have to say at this time that Jack hasn’t lived up to my expectations, he cannot shoot. scores very few goals and has and misses many games per season, He was a talented player and ne has had a tough old time, but like his antics off the field, i feel everything will stay the same i would let him go.

    Looking at the side i have to ask the question about Theo and Aaron both players have had bad seasons, Theo being injured for half a season and Aaron who’s form has not been upto scratch, At this point i ask you who should we keep and who to let go. Remembering that Iwobi and Campbell and now Sanchez are finding their feet.

    Theo and Jack are now coming up for contract renewals Theo is reported to be on around the hundred and fidty thou mark and Jack is around eighty thou are they really worth persevering with or do we look around and of course promote decisions decisions

  30. Afternoon NB, I feel we all know that Flamester and Arteta and Rosiski will be playing their last season for us, I feel Wenger will give BFG another season but i hope he doesn’t.

    I would have liked a Manager change for the start of the new season, not that Wenger is not good enough because he is one of the best, its just that his ambition is not for the team, only for the club. If he stays i believe we will not see the changes we need to be competitive or should i say champions.

    I feel that enough is enough and time for a complete shake up, A new manager would bring in new coaches which i feel is a must, He wouldn’t be afraid to lose players who he hasn’t brought and trained and made promises too, i like to think he would not allow slapdash passing and the amount of missed chances we have, And i would hope he would make players feel as its not a job for life.

    Players get injured not their fault one of the downers for a player, but an ambitious Manager would question when players are injured he would push them for recovery and he would make them feel uncomfortable into recovery. Of cours an injury takes as long as it does to heal but players should also push recovery and not feel as if they can lose a whole season without their job being at risk.

  31. Arsenal have announced their second signing of the day, dont get too excited as both are from our youth academy Mark Bola has signed his first Arsenal contract, and has helped to get Arsenals under 21 side to the quarter finals, although we are out now. Mark can play at centre half and has been claimed as commanding in the air.

  32. Morning all. Wenger’s been speaking and revealed that the team for West Hams game will almost be the same as the one that he fielded against Watford. He has said that Ramsey and Flamoni may feature at some point, and that Petr Cech could be back in, Iwobi had a little injury scare but will have a fitness test today but should be ok.

    He also said that Jack Wilshere will play for Arsenals under 21’s tonight and that Santi Cazorla is close to joining the team training. Only Alex Oxlaid chamberain and Cazorla are down as injured.

  33. Hi 69er, I’ve e mailed a possible for tomorrow.

    Nice six mile walk this morning followed by a pint and Steak and Ale pie with Mash and peas, in The Earle Arms at Heydon. Luvvly grub!!

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