Upton Park…. for the last time!

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Today will see Arsenal visit The Boleyn Ground for the last time as West Ham United leave the place that has been home to them since 1904 to move to the Olympic Stadium just down the road in Stratford.

Built on land bought from the owners of Green Street House, which was known locally as Boleyn Castle. It may or may not have been owned by the family of Anne Boleyn, but it is said that the ground is haunted by the ghost of one of Anne’s maids who died there in childbirth.

Today’s game is going to be no walk over, The Hammers are fighting for a top four finish and we know that Slaven Bilic will have them up for the match.

An odd decision, earlier this week by an FA disciplinary hearing, saw the red card shown to Cheikkhou Kouyate rescinded so their midfield dynamo is clear to play.

Everybody knows what Arsenal need from this game, three points and preferably a clean sheet.

Arsène Wenger has suggested that the team will be largely unchanged from the one that beat Watford last week, that said, if Petr Cech is fully fit he should play in place of Davis Ospina.  So my suggested line-up is:-





I think this is our strongest team at the moment, with the exception of Cech they have played together for the last two games and have won both.  They are developing an understanding, are showing confidence in each other and are close to their top form.

If it ain’t broke don’t fix it.

Written by  Norfolk Gooner

54 thoughts on “Upton Park…. for the last time!

  1. Good morning Ladies

    Thanks for the pre match Norfolk, much appreciated. The Hammers will have two incentives to win the match today, firstly, they want a CL place and will move into 5th place above Utd, secondly, it’s their last London derby at the Boleyn so they’d want to go out with a win.

    Watch out for some dodgy ref decisions against us today because I think the FA would want European football at the new Olympic Stadium next season as a show piece. Hence they will give a helping hand to the Hammers. That’s one for the conspiracy master SteveP 🙂

  2. Bonjour Soixante-Neuf, lovely wet morning here about one hundred miles north of Upton Park. Could be a soggy old pitch this lunchtime.

    Last London Derby? Not quite, the ‘appy ‘ammers are home to Watford later this month.

  3. Morning all,
    Nice one Norfolk, bloody lucky we have got you mate as the other bloke just fucks and booze lucky fucker.

    I reckon you have perceived this one about right Norfolk, Hammers have had a bit of luck, but as NB pointed out , the FA would want return of their investment, and no doubt the government would like to see a few bob as well.

    I may have conspiricy fears and i concer with the drunk that decisions could be a little dodgy, i would feel that a few early yellows will be dished out for our boys just in case the game should take a turn in the wrong direction.

    The team more or less picks itself but with Wenger he can fuck any party up so with Ramsey and Rosiski now supposedly fit dont be surprised if someone gets a knock in the warm up.

    I also would go with Cech if fit as Ospina gives me the willys, unjust me saying that as he aint done bad for us but i can see a mistake similar to the English lady’s keeper last night everytime the ball goes to him.

    Couldnt get the under 21 sides game last night and have not seen any reports, so dont know what happened to our new boys who have just rejoined us after a fucking long holiday, perhaps someone can enlighten me.

    It would be nice to continue our winning run, but i am thinking draw is our best result, wouldnt surprise me at all if the game is somehow awarded to Anns mob, will be viewing it all later 12. 45 pm i have checked catch you all at the bar, and thanks again NORFOLK COYRRG’s

  4. Hi Steve, 3 – 1 and we scored all four goals, Bielke got an own goal, Wilshire played 65 mins and Rosicky 70.

    I didn’t watch it but read some of the text commentary.
    Let’s hope the first team can get an equally good result later.

  5. Cheers Norfolk, Just been on the under21’s newsnow and read what Jack had to say, He said he enjoyed being back playing and felt ok, he said he knows he is still not ready for the first team but has been told he is still down to be a part of Hodgson’s squad, another game for the under 21’s and he feels he may be ready. He did say that Rosiski still showed that change of pace he had and did well, Maybe he will get another season.

  6. Steve, while we still have a mathematical chance of the title ( I know, but no laughing please) I can’t see how anyone is going to get into the starting eleven ahead of my prediction, unless there is a serious injury or suspension.

    I would be delighted if Wilshire gets to play all our (England’s) games in the Euros and comes back fully fit rather than on a stretcher. He could then be in contention for the first team next season. If he breaks down between times that will probably be his lot.

  7. Any Arsenal player whether injured or out of form, i would still like to see them recover and find form. Whether i like them or not.

    Wenger has said that Theo is not living up to his expectations, but still thinks he could make a down the middle striker. He said that while Theo is playing he does not really know where he should be, down the right or down the middle. He said that Theo will have to decide exactly where he fits in best, but he did add that, any player playing out wide is expected to do his bit in defence.

    Arsene Wenger knows a lot more than we do, but after being with us for ten years and he still doesn’t know where to put him, suggests the bench for the time being.

    Jack has missed 90 games for us since he has been with us that is about 2 full seasons, counting all comps. Hopefully Jack has seen the last of long term injury, Wenger seems to have a lot of faith in Jack, recently he has said that there is no alcohol problems at Arsenal, i wish i could say that about this blog 🙂

  8. Right, sitting in the chair, pretty good picture, Mrs going down the Bookies to put our bet on the big race, My horse Shut the front door, is i hope an omen for Arsenal, She’s got Goon Yella, good sign no Walcott.

  9. Dirty Carrol has 3 goes at Koshielney and finally fucks him, he’s up limping but looked bad

  10. Bad last ten minutes, Carrol needs to be marked tighter cannot stand off him, Zonal suits him no end

  11. Our title hopes have just disappeared, although it was an almost impossibility anyway. Arsenal have had problems this season and i feel that should Wenger persist with this marking system it will continue for some time yet.

    For a club like Arsenal, we have players who are not good enough, We all know that but we do nothing about it , our reserves today were not as good as the guys playing, even with fresh legs they could not nook dangerous.

    A marking system that doesnt work, Players who doesn’t work, and a system that doesn’t work. My prediction was right our best effort would be a draw, and really and truly we should be happy with a draw

  12. All three of Wenger’s substitutions weakened us. The only player on the bench who could possibly get a starting place is Cech. Would a fully fit Cazorla or Wilshire improve things? Nah!

    Either the defenders don’t understand zonal marking or they are just no good at it, either way we at least need a new defensive coach.

    A good game for the neutrals a f*****g bad one for Gooners.

  13. The geezer in the back ground wearing the duffell coat in the clip below is the same bloke in the above clip….who is the same geezer who put up the “It`s time to go Wenger ” banner !. Personally (as you know), I think the real evil to us is …………………Kroenke ….so totally agree with the above !.

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