Arsenal are like a video game, Mission Failed.

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I play some games on the internet, they are Tower Defence games. There is a map with a road leading to your camp, enemy vehicles enter and their objective is to get to your camp and if they do, you lose lives. The objective is to buy weapons and strategically place them along the road to inflict maximum casualties. Each weapon costs money and you get money from destroying enemy vehicles.

However, each wave of the enemy is harder to destroy and therefore, you have to buy more expensive weapons which inflict heavier damage. You try to save money to enable the purchase of better weapons for when the heavier armoured vehicles finally arrive. This means that you try to win the earlier rounds with cheaper weapons and saving money for later attacks, but most times this doesn’t win the game. You have to buy the more expensive weapons but this then leaves you with fewer weapons and likewise, most times you don’t win. They are very enjoyable games to play where you have to combine tactics and strategy to be successful, by learning from earlier mistakes you find the right combination of weapons. You have to sell some of your earlier cheaper weapons to enable the purchase of heavier weapons.

These games are a good analogy for the Arsenal, whereby they have tried to win the game by buying less or cheaper weapons and saving their money, and unfortunately, they always get the MISSION FAILED message.

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When will they learn that skimping on purchasing the right weapons will always end in failure. They’ve managed to get a couple of expensive weapons in Özil and Sanchez, and they’ve mixed that with a couple of cheaper but effective weapons in Cech and Elneny, but as I’ve found in my video games, that’s not enough and if there is money in the bank, to get to the MISSION COMPLETE message, it has to be spent to increase your fire power.

If I could have five minutes alone with Wenger I would suggest to him that he play Tower Force 2 or Tower Force Elite, to see if he could successfully get to the end of the game by not spending sufficient money.

It’s an easy lesson to learn, normally, after three or four attempts, I’ve sussed the right combination of weapons to win the game, and furthermore, I also have more money in the bank at the end of the game because I’ve destroyed all the enemy weapons.

I love these games, but if I kept failing to progress to the next level, I would eventually give up. There’s a message in there somewhere!

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29 thoughts on “Arsenal are like a video game, Mission Failed.

  1. Morning all,
    Nice one NB, Don’t play any of those games i’m afraid, so don’t even know how they work, but i do understand where your coming from.

    This weekend has been good for many but for an Arsenal fan, a pretty dire realisation that we have not moved on. Buying weapons to hold your enemies back, seems the right thing to do, when your not bothered who survives, but in the world of sport, its not so much a game of death, more of getting one over your rivals.

    Many great nations have the finances to bomb and kill people from a very long way away, The Nations leaders never actually put themselves in harms way, either sending others to do their bidding. While as history has shown, many leaders are holed up in secure places and of course they spend the nations money as if its theirs.

    Football as NB has explained is about clubs buying a mixture of talent and blending them together to play as a unit, the better the unit the better the results. The one thing all the clubs strive for is to have the best unit, and to do this where there is a whole world of players is not as easy as it may sound.

    We have the rich owners who do not worry about expense, and others who try and do it on a budget, we fall into the category of buying to what we bring in, which seems the right way to go, but has proved not to be a successful way.

    The system that other clubs use is not the answer either, as a Club like Leicester has shown that a team of relatively non superstars can quite easily gel and leave all other systems in their wake.
    While clubs strive for the right way to build a unit, most will get it wrong, but striving for the answer has seen many sackings and many changes, and yet still no guaranteed answers.

    Arsenal keep to a certain standard, by doing the same thing season after season, Are they looking for the answers, i don’t really think so, Perhaps they are letting other clubs spend their money and when the answer finally comes, May consider changing. Until then we watch Arsenal plod along. Until final mission completes 🙂

  2. Morning Steve

    Leicester have been the exception to the rule this season….. but shows that good management, tactics and strategy with the use of weapons that work as a team, can win the game.

  3. Bonjour mes amis,

    A fine post Soixante-Neuf, where do you find the time to play video games? Between drinking, painting, drinking, chasing women, drinking, watching the odd football match drinking and writing witty posts, there can’t be too many hour in the day left. 😀

    An amazing quote from Le Professeur on Saturday. “If we had a weakness today it is in the air”. “We know that Carroll can beat anyone In the air, but we made it a bit comfortable for him. Ideally, you don’t want an opponent to have an easy header”.

    I’m astounded! Is it not the managers job to take such things into account and devise a way to counter such threats? Did he even warn his defenders to watch Carroll? Should he not have played the taller and better equipped Cech in goal? What about designating a specific player to mark Carroll? Oh no that would have upset his beloved Zonal Marking System.

    How many times have we seen our central defenders bullied by strikers like Carroll? How many more times does it have to happen before the penny drops?

    When will the scales fall from Wenger’s eyes?

  4. Bonjour Norfolk

    It does seem quite mad that he failed to instruct someone to mark Carroll once he knew the team sheet.
    Perhaps he was thinking as I did, “Carroll isn’t that good” ha ha ha

  5. The way to plan the future is to buy Carrol, Must be cheaper than an expensive signing that we know we will not get. That solves having to mark him in the future and also puts a striker with a turn of pace and a guy who knows where the goal is, in place of Walcott and Giroud. Now that seems a simple solution to the problem. but is there something i am missing. And morning Norfolk

  6. The problem is Steve, would Carroll want to join the Arsenal now that the Hammers are knocking on the CL door, with a bigger stadium next season and the money to invest in better players. They are very nearly at our level.

  7. They have the same problems we have NB, the new stadium will make them start looking round for new players, just how many of their players would the top clubs buy. Not many so they will need money, a decent offer should be snapped up, and we can afford it.

  8. Yeh but we have good enough players for those positions, but a striker who knows where the goal is is like gold dust.

  9. Steve, they’ve got the Olympic stadium on the cheap, they can flog double the amount of season tickets and they’ll have the increased income from the TV deal, add to that even more income if they make either the Champions League or the Europa.

    Money talks and greedy players will always listen, give them two years and they can become a force in the Premiership.

    Even more reason why we need to spend big in the summer.

  10. Thats a fair comment Norfolk, and cannot disagree, but doing it and and advancing and doing well in the champions league is a big step, no matter how well you have done this season.

  11. I reported similar things over a year ago and as Wenger said, they are getting the deal of the century !.
    W Ham fan owners will either spend £m`s on players or sell to some mega rich Arab, but either way they will be a force to be reckoned with and will undoubtably rise above us whilst Kunt Kroenke is happy to just tick over a self sustanable business.


    And then theres The Spuds Cunts new stadium, the Chavs new stadium, Liverpools new stadium !………..all clubs will be on a similar level, then it`s down to who owns the club that will make the differance !……….owners who spend and owners who dont, we fall in to the latter and will inevitably fall down the ladder…………………as for Leicester, lets not read to much into this seasons anomaly, it will only happen once in a blue moon, a category we will now fall into whilst Kunt Kroenke is at the helm !.

  13. U21`s at Derby tonight…….why no Wheelchair and Sickroom ?……I thought they needed match practice !

  14. Good bunch of youngsters though, I reckon 6 of them will make it as pro`s !……..Willock, Crowley, Jeff, Bielik, Nelson and Johnson.

  15. No Vics !…………….it`s on Arsenal Twitter !………Arsenal boy Sheaf has just got a 2nd yellow and sent off…….1-1 and half time !.

  16. I see that John Terry has paid for a young fans funeral and I remember he paid money to keep my old football team SENRAB in existence !, he also quoted as Tony Adams being his role model and all we do is ridicule him for shagging Wayne Bridge`s girlfriend !…………….Wayne bastard Bridge…….the cunt whose goal knocked us out of the Chamions League !………..JT should have shagged Bridge`s mum as well !.

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