Silent Stan…. the Devil we know!

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Better the devil you know?

There is a small but vociferous and growing band of Arsenal fans calling for Silent Stan to relinquish his majority share holding and hand over control of the club to someone (anyone) else.

It is expected that any new owner would immediately replace our long (too long?) serving manager with some shiny new messiah who would lead us instantly to the summit of European football.

Let’s look at one or two important and over-riding facts.

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1 )  Stan Kroenke has never sold even a single share in any of the sports franchises that he owns.

2 )  He is independently wealthy, as of 11th April 2016 his net worth is put at $8 billion (Forbes Rich List).

3 )  His wife, the Wal-Mart heiress Ann Walton Kroenke is independently wealthy her net worth as of 11th April 2016 is put at $4.7 billion (Forbes Rich List).

What possible reason would Stan Kroenke have for selling his shareholdings in Arsenal Football Club?

In the United States there are vociferous fans calling for him to relinquish ownership of various sports franchises, all are totally ignored.

Since Kroenke took over control of the club (his club, not ours)  he has brought financial stability and effectively guaranteed the clubs future.

His steadfast backing of Arsène Wenger has brought stability to the playing side, not spectacular success but a regular top four finish, regular Champions League football and two FA Cup wins.  Something most of the other 91 Football League clubs would die for.

So, in the unlikely event of Silent Stan deciding to sell up who would be in line to buy his shares?

One obvious buyer would be Alisher Usmanov who already owns 30.4% of the total shares issued.  Usmanov’s total worth as at 11th April 2016 is put at $13.3 billion (Forbes Rich List) so there is little doubt that he could afford to buy a controlling interest or indeed the rest of the shares held by Kroenke.

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Would Usmanov be a good owner for Arsenal?  In the past he has called for the club to pay a dividend to share-holders, something Kroenke has resisted, okay he takes an annual £3 million for “Corporate Services”.  Would a dividend be less than that?

Beyond Usmanov there must be billionaires in abundance but do we want a dodgy oligarch, or a Middle Eastern potentate who could find himself the subject of a coup or corruption trial?

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The world is awash with money hastily being laundered through various scams and schemes, a relatively successful football club might make a tasty vehicle for such activity.  Not a situation that would be good for the club or it’s fans.

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The major gripe with Silent Stan is that he is actively restricting investment in the squad with the connivance of Arsène Wenger.  We don’t know if that is true.  We don’t know how much money is available.  We don’t know what performance targets are set for the manager.

It’s worth remembering that the amount of money that an owner can pour into a club is restricted by Financial Fair Play regulations.

As in the in/out referendum there are too many unknowns to make a decision easily.

Are we better to stick with the devil we know?  Or should we take a leap into the dark?

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Written by Norfolk Gooner


57 thoughts on “Silent Stan…. the Devil we know!

  1. Morning all, This I feel is a good example of a blinding post, as many supporters see changing an owner is easier than changing a manager
    wrong in my opinion.

    Stan has stabilised our club, not seen to often, which I don’t think is a bad thing. He also only talks when he has something to say. The club as far as progressing couldn’t be better financially. On the field is someone else’s problem.

    Do we know for sure that Wenger is starved of funds, we keep hearing that funds are there should the manager want to use them. I feel it’s not just funds, it’s also tactics that are used in defensive formations, when substitutions should be employed. When players are rested, when it’s wrong to make mass changes, many of the tactics are not down to the owner as why would we need a manager.

    Changing owners would in all positivity only allow our Russian in as he wants the complete ownership, he is an unknown positivity but he may not change a thing. What I see is wrong is not down to who owns Arsenal, but who buys and sells and who runs the football side.

  2. So Steve, you’d rather keep Kroenke and get rid of Wenger? Has Kroenke managed an invincible team? Has he won the trophies that Wenger has won? Has he shown the loyalty of our manager?

    Kroenke has most definitely not, and furthermore, he hasn’t done any of those things with his US teams either. The wig wearing wanker is in it for one thing only…………….. MONEY.

  3. I have to confess that I really don’t know which will be changed, the owner, the manager, both or neither.

    My dilemma is made easier by my belief that Stan Kroenke will not sell Arsenal, he will eventually hand ownership to his son Josh who is already a non-executive director of the club.

    Josh is also the owner of two National Football League teams, Denver Nuggets and Colorado Avalanche, both handed to him by his dear old dad. The combined value of the two teams is put at around $1.2 billion.

    So not the owner then.

    Since Wenger shows no sign whatsoever of walking away from the dugout, either to a seat in the director’s box or into retirement and has the full backing of the Kroenkes and the rest of the yes men on the board, not him either.

    Which leaves us where we started.

  4. Norfolk, a season or two out of the CL would wake them up…. also finishing mid table and losing their fan base and ‘brand’ would get them thinking about investment in the team.
    Not that I want either of those scenarios but finishing 4th every season is nearly just as bad.

  5. Oh dear here i am 🙂

    NB that was 12 years ago that we last one the league and through others misperforming we literally threw away the chance this chance for a number of reasons that are well documented.

    Liverpoo havent ever won the PL but have a global following and that’s what kroenke wants to achieve, in other words make the Arsenal brand bigger but how much bigger is the question.

    The game has changed so much since Wenger was appointed that even two succevive cup wins are easily forgotten as the FA Cup has lost it’s magic as being the pinnacle of a season.Matches are now played after it and even the traditional time has changed.

    We have sufficent money to improve the team, maybe not as much as United,City or Chelsea but we need a younger manager with new ideas who takes chances, isn’t predictable and he will be payed handsomely.
    If Wenger stays we might easily finish mid table next season.I don’t need a crystal ball as we are so predictable .His post match interviews are mind boggling like “I didn’t know Carroll was playing”.

    Finallly have you thought that there could be many good players that simply don’t want to play for AW.

    We treated RVP like no other club, he had a great season but left for the mney of course but also in his eyes the club lacked ambition.Many will argue that he showed no loyalty but does loyalty really exist anymore,it’s all about money.

    Kroenke will sit tight unless a) someone comes along to offer him a sum he just can’t ignore or b) if we have continuous seasons out of the top 4 then he might actually get proactive himself.The last thing we want is AW to sign an extension for the top 4 trophy.

  6. What ho Kelsey, that would have to be a huge sum for only a little over 60% of the shares, enough to give total control but not outright ownership. Even then I can’t see Stan going for it.

  7. Sorry bit busy, I put the black me down to many things, of course the manager because he doesn’t install at the right time, and over the years we have come a cropper every season. He buys fill in players who are cheap, who usually stay to long because we still didn’t strengthen. He holds onto crocks who we miss every season. He also does not tell us what is happening as far as funds, he is a looker not a buyer.

    Of course if he came out and said that he is starved for funds, and is tied by other restrictions then many would understand more, but when he speaks about us competing in the market with other clubs and buys fuck all, is just seen as a cop out.

    Stan never ever said we would be anything specia,l if he even cares, He buys clubs like I buy fishing tackle, only he makes money where I catch fuck all. I wouldnt hound the man to go, bease he ultimately holds the purse strings.

    Even if Stan is holding funds back, would he not give the manager champions league money I think he would so why did he not spend it

  8. NB reading your answer again, makes me feel as if you are speaking from the heart. Stan is a business man, of course his in it for the money. What you have forgotten is that Stans wealth has come from shrewd investment. Other owners wealth especially Russians could come from the Russian government, not that their money isn’t as good as Stans, but are they business minded or are they like puppets being told to do as their told. A war in Russia could see their money with held and then what happens. What makes the Russian better than Stan, because he talks a good story

  9. Hi ya Kelsey. Nice to see you on a more realistic site. Where you can air your views and not be vilified for going against the grain.

    Stevepalmer1. Have to agree with you busy. Wenger has been making the same mistakes for several years now. Just look at the last game. Same old problems, we simply cannot defend against aerial attacks. How long has this been going on? A blind man can see we need a unit to accompany Koscielny at the centre of defence.

    He wouldn’t have to break the bank for a centre half that can head a ball.

    I’m sick of seeing us get mugged off the same way, time after the me after time.

    My money is on Wenger not recruiting another centre half in the summer. As well..

  10. Hiya VCC many people live in the past mate, get a decorator in and he does a shit job, you don’t invite him back

  11. 41 year old Leonardo de Caprios’ new Dutch sex toy, 19 year old Chelsey Wiemar….. a bit of fame and a bit of money and look what you can slip into every night 🙂

  12. Nice Norfolk

    Kronke is a delightful man.

    In his will my father left me one of those huge 1970s suitcases. You know the type? The sort you can smuggle a ton of Turkish hashish and a loathlessly fat masseur in. Of course it means you spend the rest of your life beaten by Affendi and after an angry massage, a good bumming, but it’s a very nice suitcase.

    Anyway, my brothers got the house, cash, and my old mans memoirs on how been generally unpleasant can lead to pulling birds. I was left with the suitcase. Probably in hope I would smuggle drugs out of Turkey.

    I would very much like to gift Kronke that suitcase. Imagine his glee when the greedy bastard sees all that cash inside? Whilst he examines the contents, trying to figure out why the word Monopoly is imprinted on the notes and contemplating the purpose of the small but cute figurine dog, I would apply the chlorform whilst Cornwall boshes him over the head.

    Stuff the bastard in the suitcase with 2 kilos of hash up his Jacksie and a nice one way ticket to Istanbul should do the trick.

    I am not cruel, so would make sure he travels in style by commissioning Ryan Air.

    Once there, I fully expect the words Saddle or expression Ride Em Cowboy will make Kronkes wig stand on end.

  13. Listen Bastards !………….I know that the Kunt Kroenke is never going to sell, that`s not been my point, my point is that I dont want him as he has said he`s not in it for trophies and will never spend the money to compete with the big clubs !. That is why I wish he would basically die in a horrendous plane crash with anyone who is in his will to take over the club and the only thing to survive is his Black Box material made syrup which happens to land in the back garden of a Greek fellow somewhere in Bounds Green !
    However, all this pales into insignificance compared to the torture NG and StevieP should be inflicted with since their blasphemous praising of the Spud Cunts !………………it`s obvious to me that StevieP is Kangoing NG rectum and both are getting pleasure from it, so they must love the rough stuff, so any torture should involve smiley photo`s of Arsene and his bulging wallet !…………………………..and as for financial fair play restricting any new owner !………….it`s a dead duck in the water, ask Arsene !, it was what he was relying on to be able to compete with the big clubs !

    Just for a matter of interest… anagram of Alisher Usmanov is……A Manholes Virus !……………………..but I would rather have A Manholes Virus than have the Kunt Kroenke running our club !

    A Manholes Virus In !
    Kunt Kroenke Out !

  14. Evening Cockie, Was expecting a bit more abuse from you on this one, you seem to be calming down.. Perhaps the thought of young Josh warming to Arsenal, now he has a big position on the board. It usually takes a few years for the Arsenal to flow through the viens. But Young Josh may just get the bug and think that soccer may just be an up and coming sport.

    On the other hand he may just go against his old man and be looking to offload some of his old mans shares,. From what i have heard he spends all day on a calculator counting out the family wealth that one day will be all his, He tries to work out how much he will eventually be worth, But he still has not managed working it all out on his calculator in one day, which is his only worry at the moment.

    Josh of course also manages wages ,and has found his own wage rising every week. Josh of course is still training, or do they call it an apprenticeship, Word has it that his one day release for counciling is not working out to well , Very hard to find a heart when you are born without one.

    Word got out that Josh is shagging an Arsenal groupie so there is hope for him yet, his old man insists he uses a skin, as the last thing they want is another hanger on. Josh wanted to buy an Arsenal shirt ,so he and the slag would blend in, but the old man said no. Buy an Arsenal shirt and all the other clubs will expect you to buy one of theirs, stick with the Ralph Lorens son..

    I see a plus if he shags a girl fan, and wants a shirt, who knows, he may even start watching the games and who knows where that may lead, Cockie your a ledge son, 🙂

  15. Hahaha nice one Kango !……obviously Josh needs to die !

    See all that playing by FFP (not) has got Mansour City a CL Semi ……..cant remember the last time we got a Semi !………………..all a bit limp since Kunt Kroenke took over ! ( got his first shares in Aprill 2007 )…..only 2 Cup wins, but as much as I love the FA Cup it`s a cup that anyone like Portsmouth and Wigan can win, so not much to boast about.
    Other than be average until the Kroenke Klutz Klan sell or die…..I prefer the latter as it will probably be nearer……….I would rather we go down to the bottom of the 3rd division as that is probably the only way the Kunt Kroenke will sell and we all know that it doesn`t matter how far we slip down the ladder, it only takes a mega £Billionaire egotistic owner to get any club to the top and CL semi`s….ala Manchester City, now Mansour City !

    A few years of relegation will turn every supporter against the owners and will be better in the long run than years of mediocrity !
    If we cant be a consistant successful trophy winning club, then lets be consistant shit team !……….coming from The Arse, shit should be easy and I reckon less stressfull !.

  16. If and when AW leaves it will be interesting to see if our spending increases significantly or as some believe there are restrictions to our spend. I don’t believe any footballer is woth 250K a wwk let alone 80K but that is the way of the orld but what I would question are the negotiations between player/club/agent as to salary as I truly believe we overpay many players and yet despite 2 recent FA Cup wins nothing really significant.

    Our wage bill is 30% to 40% above Spurs so where is the real incentive for many of our players on massive wages but are continuosly benched.

    Wenger has favourites and that is pretty obvious and therefore one can argue to some extent that every time he picks a team his use of subs when required is pretty awful and not well timed.Injuries are an exception.

  17. ‘morning 69er, €77k a week is how much is declared, he’s probably got off-shore trusts all over the place where the real money goes.

    Why would he stay at Barca on such paltry money when clubs like City would be willing to pay him four time that?

    Nah! It’s all a scam to avoid tax.

  18. Morning, big reports of English players leaving Arsenal, as new players being lined up, mate heard Merson talk on talks hit this morning, anybody know anything

  19. Little report on newsnow about players not liking the bench, but couldn’t find anything else

  20. I`d keep Ox and sell Theo !………love Theo, but he`s not done much in 10 years at Arsenal, we seem to be waiting and waiting for something to happen !………………..I`d keep him if he`s salary went down to £10k per week and use him as an impact sub !……….another one to be lucky with his current salary !.

  21. I see Exile is getting a beating from Spuds on AA…..( I mean proper Spuds, not the ones like Kango and NG ! hahaha )……………………………now if they hadn`t banned me I could have gave Exile some support ! 🙂

  22. I see what you mean Cockie…. AA is getting a fucking battering from Spuds, ha ha ha … the N17 cunts, we would have sorted them out if we weren’t banned 🙂

  23. Add Wilshere to that list in fact he would be the first to go IMO ut is already injury prone.The ox back to Southampton and Walcott most probably will get another ten year contract at an ever increasing salary.there was talk of him going to Liverpool last year but who knows.

  24. Bad timing to put that post up on AA today.Oh well he can handle it,he’s a big fellow. i am certainly not getting involved as I am too nice 😉

  25. When you think about it Kels, Arsène has left it a bit late to let players go, now this summer Arteta, Flamini, Rosicky will all be allowed to leave then you have a leeetle clear out of Walcott, Ox and possibly Wilshere, that leaves six players to replace. Practically impossible given Wengers past TW history. It’s gonna be a fucking mess.

  26. Cant see him letting Wheelchair go, `69er !…….he`s an astonishing talent imo and if you are going to keep one player and hope he gets over the injuries, then it`s Wheelchair.
    I also love Rosicky, he brings vibrancy and uptempo to the team, shame about his injuries as he really is a super quality player and even at 35yo he runs the socks off younger players !.

  27. West Ham are interested in the Ox with Walcott as a second choice.

    Wenger won’t sell either he’s put much of his reputation for bringing on young players into them, flogging them now would blow it completely.

  28. I know Cockie, but his injury record is appalling, it’s a shame but if he hardly ever plays, what’s the point in keeping him even if he does have talent…. it can’t be utilised in the treatment room!

  29. ha ha ha on AA….. where’s Didit, Raddy, Chas, Rasp, Redders and the others when they’re needed to defend the Arsenal….. no where to be fucking found, the only one who has made an effort to ridicule the Spud cunts is Transplant. I can imagine those gooner wankers on the Northbank in 1969…. they’d run away!

  30. NB re your 12.21. I have been saying that for months and then add Mertesacker as he won’t be first choice and Gabriel is no great shakes.So if it’s Wengers last year he won’t go out and buy half a team mind you nor would anyone else. This all goes back to not buying last Summer except Cech. criminal and irresponsible.

  31. Looking over some of the news sites i see that some ex Arsenal players are talking Spud players up words like a British spine and Arsenal should do the same. The talk has it that Arsene Wenger has finally seen the light and that he is going to offload players, as he has his eye on others. A few names have come up and they all seem young.

    Lets face it, if your club are starving you of funds, and you have a few players who have been injured best part of the season, and are now nearly ready to play again, probably a good time to sell them, Theo Walcott Alex Oxlaid chamberlain Keiran Gibbs Calum Chambers have all been mentioned.

    Walcott has had a few games in his ten years with us, many Managers could probably remember one or two, Chamberlains few runs forward with England and a few with Arsenal would also be remembered, Gibbs also has had a few decent games and Chambers who filled in for many crocks at the start of the season would also have caught Managers eyes.

    Just say we are starved of funds, a way to get funds to buy new players is obvious, sell who will bring in the most money and buy players who will give you a few more games per season than the afore mentioned.

    At the end of the day, The Ox, Walcott, Wilshere and Gibbs, along with Jenkinson have done very little to help us through this season, and we are still in with a shout of the League title. I believe we could buy beter players for less money than we could get for some of them, Whats not to like about the idea.

  32. Morning, Watched the Hammers and United game last night, United just pipped it, but the Hammers gave it a real go and made a very watchable game. Carrol was on from the start, United had seen what he did to us and they understood he needed to be man marked.

    I felt that Van Gael, would have seen where Carrol likes to operate, and i feel he realised that its very hard to mark a man that seems to know just where to be at any given chance. United i felt handled him well, sharing the responsibility.

    Although i felt United had the edge, and even with them being 2 good goals up Hammers still had a couple of good chances, De gear had a great night pulling off saves of his life, but late in the game a deep flighted cross wung its way to the far post and that man followed it like an exocet missile out foxing the United defence. Yes Carrol from the sides he likes to come in from climbed unmarked at the back post and guided a sweet header back into the box to a team mate who courageously dived into where all the leg kicking and headed in, Sadly The hammers players couldn’t raise themselves like they did against us and ultimately dumped out of the cup.

    That game would have helped to United get confidence back, it also would give them belief that they can go on and win the cup. United a side who have had many problems this season , but are still in a position to win a cup, Our fucking cup.

  33. ‘morning Steve, I watched a game last night too, one team full of great technical players, endlessly passing the ball backwards, forwards but mostly sideways, enormous amount of possession but with no end product.

    Then they were caught on the break, gave a penalty away and lost the game. Sound familiar?

    No, no not Arsenal, it was Barcelona.

    Messi, Suarez and Neymar never got a look in.

  34. Sorry Norfolk, took me a while to look back, Reading your comment made me watch some of that game , and as you say, lot of messing about for not a lot of action.
    I often wonder if these games are decided before kick off , as the way some of them are played and the way they are officiated screams fix to me. Or perhaps its just me.

    Had a quick look on Newsnow, and apparently all the talk of Arsenal’s English players being moved on has stirred a reaction from a couple of them. Keiran Gibbs and Oxlaid Chamberlain have said they want to stay and fight for their places, All i could think off, is that its a pitty they didn’t think more about it this season.

    Jack Wilshere Rososki and Serge Gnarbry played for the under 21’s last night, Wilshere managed his first 90 minutes since last summer and could be given a spot next week Rosiski was ok and Serge Gnabry scored for the second time playing for the side, looking like he has found his Niche.

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