Arsenal v Palace… the pre-match.

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Our season is over where trophies are concerned but the boys still have to find the incentive to keep playing and finish in the top four. However, with City and Liverpool still both in with a chance of winning the CL and Europa, third place has to be our target to guarantee Champions League football next season and a £30m payday for the board of directors.

Crystal Palace haven’t had a bad season, they are in the FA Cup semi final and play Watford next weekend at Wembley (which should have been us) but their premiership survival is still just in the balance. They are eight points above the drop zone and it is still mathematically possible for them to be relegated, I doubt that will happen but it means that Pardew will be cautious at the Emirates today so expect a bus to arrive to stifle the game, I’m sure he’ll be happy with a point.

We most definitely have to win however, and consequently, will have to put every effort into breaking down the Palace defence. Furthermore, our last six games are going to be about pride….. North London Pride. The bastards up the road in N17 are starting to get arrogant already about finishing above us and they need to be firmly put back in their rightful place, below us and in our shadow.

Wenger will probably go with the team that played at Upton Park with the exception of Cech stepping in ahead of Ospina and possibly the BFG replacing Paul Easter.

Pardews players are unbeaten in their last three games, draws against West Ham and Everton and a win against Norwich have kept them in survival mode and this will be their Modus Operandi until the end of the season, survive at all costs. Consequently, I think they will be up for todays game more than the boys in red, so I wouldn’t be surprised if it’s a draw.

The Spervs play away to Stoke tomorrow evening so I’m really, really hoping that game will be a banana skin for them. If we can win today and the Spervs lose tomorrow it firstly puts us back in third place above City but more importantly, puts us just three points adrift of the shadow dwellers and us with a game in hand, which we will play this coming Thursday at home to West Brom, so we could possibly be on equal points for second place with four games to play.

Despite not having the excitement of still battling for the Premiership title, there is still a lot at stake to enable us to cheer loud for our boys….. let’s stick with them till the end of the season and then we can all put in our judgements about how things went wrong.

Come on you fucking Gunners.



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  1. Good morning you Dweebs ( I looked up the meaning of the word and it means Nerd / Geek / Idiot) ha ha

    I’m still a bit drunk from yesterday so hair of the dog is needed. I also have a bit of suntan after sitting at a bar terrace all afternoon yesterday.

  2. Nice pre match 69er. We simply have to win today, no fuffing about.

    As you say, a win today for the good guys and Stoke put it up them slum dwellers on Monday and we might just scrap through into second by the end of this season.

    Apparently Wenger is already saying we will not see too many purchases this summer. Now when have I heard that one before.

  3. Bonjour Soixante-Neuf and VCC, good pre-match as always 69er thank you.

    I hope Wenger sticks to the team that got a draw at the Hammers, with the exception of Cech for Ospina. No disrespect to our number two ‘keeper, but Cech brings an air of calm confidence to the back four.

    I expect us to get three points today but our lot had better be up for it, with City ahead of us and United showing a bit of form third or even fourth place could be at risk.

  4. Hi Ya Norfolk. I expect Cech to be between me he posts today. Paul Easter will keep his place although he had a poor game against West Ham.

    Squeaky bum time for all I think.

    We should have enough to beat Palace today.

  5. The other interesting game today is of course the Foxes v the Hammers. Talking of squeky bums I wonder if the nerves will finally arrive for Vardy and Co? West Ham need a win to stay in the race for European football at the Olympic stadium next season so will most definitely put 100% into the game, should be a cracker and I will watch the game.

  6. If you’re going to watch the Leicester/West Ham game 69er don’t fall out with your mate the Hammers supporter. 😀

    VCC, I reckon we’ve got to stick with Kos and Gabriel, they are the future as Merts is coming to the end and Wenger won’t spend money on a new centre back this summer.

  7. Norfolk

    We fall out all the fucking time, firstly, I always call him an ‘iron’, secondly, I fell asleep at the bar yesterday afternoon in the sun and the cunt left me there and went home.

  8. I’ve just seen that the Mail on Sunday is saying that Arsenal are close to signing Granit Xhaka, they go onto say no fee has been agreed, Borussia want £30 million Arsenal are offering £20 million. So not that close then.

  9. Norfolk. I fear your correct about Wenger not buying a centre half in the summer. I’m not convinced with Gabriel. He looks like he has a mistake in him every game. Not the commanding centre half we need to partner Koscielny.

  10. It looks less and less likely that Wenger is going to make any significant signings this summer, there is talk about putting Akpom in the first team squad, apparently he’s done well on loan at Hull City.

    He’s still got Chambers to fill in everywhere including dusting the boardroom furniture. Walcott wants to leave, so I expect him to bring Sanogo back, He’ll no doubt score two goals in pre-season and get injured in training the morning after the transfer window closes.

    Still, we’ll have a fully fit Wheelchair and a rejuvinated Ramsey, well at least for a couple of games we will, until Jack gets crocked and Ramsey reverts to type.

    I hope I’m proved wrong but…..

  11. Stones would be good 69er, but he seems to have gone off the boil a bit since Christmas, no doubt Wenger could inspire him to greatness, just as he did with Squillacci, Senderos, and half a dozen other super prospects.

  12. Norfolk

    You can’t liken Stones to Squilly or Senderos. Come on, he is a future top CB. He’s onlt gone off the boil because the rest of the Everton team have as well

  13. Haven’t heard from Steve today, I expect he’s out dangling his worm somewhere hoping for a nibble.

  14. In all seriouness I’d love us to sign Stones, he could be just what we need and it would show a bit of intent on Wenger’s part to go for the top players and to stop farting around in the jumble sales.

  15. Afternoon Rectum Recievers.

    Now listen here Arsene, I or nobody on here or elswhere has ever said we need to change the whole squad and we probably agree there are some good youngsters who will make additions to the squad, but we must surely have seen the last of Arteta, Rosicky and Flamimi……………they may be replaced internally to make up the numbers, but we all know that we need a Super Quality striker and a SQ CB to replace the inevitable demise of the BFG.
    We also know that we will get injuries…it`s a cert !. So you will just have to spend the money ….simple as that and look harder and pay that extra bit more !

  16. These are the strong points for us next season, the blanks are the areas we need to strengthen.

    ——————————————— Cech / Ospina————————————–
    Bellerin/ ?——————————Chambers / ?—————————— Kos——————- Monreal / Gibbs
    —————————————— Coq—————– Elneny———–Chambers / ?——————————-
    —————————– Ozil——————–Sanchez———————- Iwobi——- ? ———–
    ————————- Welbeck——————— ?——————————– Giroud

    Plus a few of the youngsters, Jeff etc….. Cockie can fill us in on some of the youth?

  17. An extract from the above link, Wenger talking about Leicester :-

    “It is exceptional. And they lost two games against us. … Barcelona has lost four, Real Madrid five, and Leicester three,” Wenger concluded.

    We have lost seven!

  18. “Cockie can fill us in on some of the youth”

    Good God 69er, you’ll have the Met starting up Operation Midland again. 😀

  19. No VCC…. I think he has passed his sell by date…. lost the edge mate.

    Did anyone see the West Ham effort that went off both posts? Shows what luck Leicester have had this season

  20. Not sure Ramsey has lost it, I think it’s more a case of the Manager putting square pegs in round holes.

  21. It’s a good game at the King Power, but Wham on four yellows already….. they could end up with just 10 on the pitch if they’re not careful in the 2nd half.

  22. VCC… for me if a player is a god player, he should be able to adapt and still make a difference. Ramsey for me un fortunately loses the ball too often….. that’s got nothing ti do with Wenger putting square pegs in round holes.

  23. West Ham 2-1….. good goal, that puts the cat amongst the pidgeons…. I still want the Foxes to win the league…. but they have to sweat a bit ha ha …. and now all us Arsenal fans will perspire a bit for the Spervs game tomorrow ha ha ha

  24. Despite how Huth and Morgan play….. it’s players like that we need as CB’s. They fight, they shout, they man mark, they direct their team mates, they argue with opposition players…. real CB’s

  25. I really want us to do well today…. especially Bellerin, Sanchez and Welbeck cos they are in my fantasy PL team. I’m not doing too well at the moment this weekend so I need some fucking points ha ha

  26. Nice post Nb thank you.
    Just got back from fishing but in time for the match, Cech in goal hope he’s fucking fit 🙂
    Same team almost, we need a win but Pardew gives me the hump.
    Thank fuck were back in red and white those sweaty looking shirts need binning. 2.1 i hope.

  27. Watching the Leicester game it was obvious that they don’t have the individual skill levels that our players possess but they make up for it by putting in an enormous amount of effort. No prima donna’s just honest Joe footballers. Our team could learn a lot from them.

  28. They could GN5 that’s for sure

    Why did the designers of the Emirates Stadium make such a gap behind the goals…. it’s nearly as bad as the old Stamford bridge…. considering they started from scratch, and the old Highbury was so intimidating, why didn’t they put the fans closer?

  29. Thats one of them, Lubly Jubly’
    Lot of possession and Palaces legs must be feeling it. Sanchez has finally woke up.. What i am impressed with is how Iwobi is bringing the ball out of defence, no fear of contact and is prepared to take a challenge.

    Coq and Elneney is getting stuck in and seem to have a good understanding. Still not impressed with our defending but hopefully they will be too busy at the other end.

  30. Afternoon all sorry NB fuck all stood more chance of catching a dose as it happened. But the sun was shining and it did warm up a bit, Just as fish started to show the football loomed but i didn’t want to miss the game.
    So far i am reasonably happy, another six may put a big smile on the old boat race

  31. What else do you expect when your “supporters”spend their time moaning and groaning instead of singing and encouraging their team on……….. You reap what you sow.

  32. That game encompasses everything wrong with Wenger’s management. Pardew knew exactly how to nullify Arsenal’s tippy happy football. Park the bus and hit on the break.

    Teams have been doing it to Wenger’s sides for the last decade. But our genius of a manger still hasn’t found a way to counteract the tactic.

    Is it any wonder the long suffering fans are subdued, they know precisely what to expect, and surprise, surprise it happens again.

    Wenger not staying around to listen to the well deserved boos, he’s off up the tunnel like a rat up a drainpipe.

  33. It was fucking horrible to watch…. all that possession, all those efforts on goal and all we get is a point from a team who went to the Emirates to park the bus…..they got the point they wanted and we lost out on three. Fucking pathetic…. it makes me so fucking angry.

  34. Even over on Positively Arsenal they are getting a bit caustic…. which says a lot. I noticed that Big Raddy commented on there this morning, trying to drum up trade for Arsehole Arsehole…. but I bet he won’t go back on there with his criticism of the boys, oh no…. too fucking dangerous ha ha ha

  35. Well well well Doomer time.
    Giroud and Walcott been useless all season, and he brings them on to win the game. How many times does he make changes that make us weaker. We have a weakness in defence. it is usually helped with two in the middle but he takes one off to bring an out of form Ramsey on.

    Week after week we see poor defending and still we play a system that hurts us every week. If he must persist with this system at least bring in somebody that can teach it properly.

    The actual team is not bad, but for strikers who dont know how to score, and defenders who cannot play the system. The faults seem easy to see . why can’t he see the solution.

    We look to be finishing where we deserve to be. Next year with the same system and the same players, i expect the same results..And GN5 dig at the fans as much as you like but there aint fuck all to cheer about. But i know i am talking to Mr Wenger as he knows everything.

  36. Long suffering – holy fuck you obviously don’t understand what real suffering is all about.

    Imaging being an Aston Villa team who were once a proud team and now head down to the Championship and most likely into oblivion.

  37. No you can’t compare Villa fans suffering with that of Arsenal fans. There were and are wildly differing expectations.

    Villa have been a team in meltdown for years, Arsenal are supposedly a serious challenger for honours.

    If you can’t see the difference take of your Wenger tinted specs off nd look at what is blatantly obvious, the team has stagnated under Wenger and will continue to decline as long as he remains in charge.

  38. That’s not an argument GN5…… We are not Aston Villa ffs, come on, take your rose tinted glasses off. I’m not having a go at you but you must see the fucking weaknesses, the fucking fumbling in defence, the fucking bad tactics and the fucking lack of a decent goal scorer…..

  39. If the only reason to support a team is to brag about how many trophies we win and feel that we are always entitled to win trophies then I obviously don’t know how to be a supporter. You see 90%+ of supporters have never and will never see their team win sod all but they continue to attend the games to SUPPORT their beloved teams.

    We have been and remain to be a superb team that has been and will once again be lucky enough to start winning trophies again but simply because we have gone a while without a trophy I refuse to turn on the players, management or ownership.

    But am I pissed off about today’s result – fucking right I am.

  40. A superb team? Are you fucking having a laugh. A superb team would not be scrapping for the Fourth Place Trophy in a season where the regular top teams have grossly underperformed.

    A superb team would not have been dumped out of the FA Cup by lowly Watford.

    A superb team would not have been dumped out of the Champions League AGAIN.

    A superb team my arse!

  41. STAGNATE – good grief man get a grip. We obviously need to get the steel backbone that we lack and add more goals but all we lack is the addition of more silverware.

    How many changes of manager have been successful ?

  42. OK, let’s call it a stalemate. I admire GN5 for his doggedly stance of support no matter what and don’t criticise the players or the manager. But GN5, even you’ve just said….. ” We obviously need to get the steel backbone that we lack and add more goals”

    So to some extent you agree…… something has to be done?

  43. Yes stagnate, GN5, what word would you use to describe the apparent lack of progress exhibited by Wenger and his teams over the last decade.

    Continued belief that Wenger can take our club forward can only be described as delusional.

    Asking silly questions about other clubs change of management is just hoping to blur the problem with Wenger. We won’t know if someone else can do better until we someone the chance.

    The one certainty is that history will continue to repeat itself unless there is a concerted effort to Chang things.

  44. We were “dumped” out of the CL by the best club team in Europe.

    The majority of fans in Britain would love to be as stagnant as Arsenal, as they will never experience European football or win a trophy in their lives.

    As long as all you do is hunt trophies the majority of your days will be dark.

    If you think I cannot see deficiencies in the team or the coaching then you are sadly mistaken. The easiest thing in the world is to be a critic who has never played coached or managed, it would be so easy for me to join the group of naysayers but I will never allow my self to – a trophy is the icing on the cake – but I still like my cake even without the icing…………….

  45. You know what Norfolk it’s impossible to have a logical discussion with you as all you want to do is make stupid comments and less than subtle innuendos and insults.

    Out of respect for NB I will not pollute his site by getting drawn any deeper into your mire.

  46. Evening Arsene Bandits 😀

    I liked the look of the team before kick off and expected to win, but not surprised we didn`t as I`m becoming accustomed to it !.
    Will a new manager make us any better ?. Would someone like the Spud Ponce with a high pressing all action game make us better ?….or do we need to play like Leicester ala Georgie Graham style ?.
    Al I know is generally you have to be first and foremost hard to beat to win the league, now and again you will get an all attacking team with world class strikers ( Berkamp , Henry etc`) win it, but usually you have to build your teams from the back and A Madrid have a manager Simone who is an expert at it and he will be highly sort after. If he came to the Arse` would the fans except that style of play ?…………..I mean, look at Mourinho, he won trophies galore but still got the sack for his supposedly boring style of football !.
    Squilacci has been in the press saying that he asked Wenger continuously to sort out the defence first ,but said Wenger was only interested in playing attacking football !……remember when Fabregas said that Wenger never let the squad qqatch videos of the opposition to try and look at their strengths and weaknesses !.
    Personally and I had said it many times on line in the past, is that we have to start with the defence first !…………..I wonder if the rumour of Stevie Bould pulling his hair out is true ?. 🙂

  47. qqatch videos !……….I`m not even on drugs !………….although the thought of the spuds winning the title will surely push me towards a life drugs……and sex……..and booze……..and murder !.

  48. NB that’s a question that did not have to be asked, I was over the moon but in my 70 years of supporting Arsenal we have only won trophies in 19 and AW is responsible for 8 of them.

    To put that in perspective that means we have only won trophies in 27% of the time that I’ve been a supporter so why would any body except us to win all of the time – fuck – no team does.

    Even with all the illegal funding of Barcelona they don’t win all of the time so why would anyone expect us to?

  49. I must admit my only thoughts at the moment is the nightmare scenario of the Spuds winning the league !………………..I couldn`t give a shit whther we get top 4 or not as I personally think being out of the CL will make us more competitive in the EPL……apart from the fact that The Chavs wont be in the CL next year as well !, so they will be pushing and undoubtably buy some shiny new players.
    Also, is losing £30M really going to make a dent in out enormous bank reserves ?……….did it effect Manshafter…….will it effect The Chavs ?……………… it wont make any difference to their purchasing budgets !.
    Europa League for the youth to get experience and just domestic games for the proper players !.

  50. There is no point in all of us arguing what why and how, Were all supporters of Arsenal, We almost know more about Arsenal that what the Manager does. Many of us have seen more games than any of the premier Managers. We all have our own opinions and that is why we have blog sites for our club.

    Many feel that seeing the same mistakes every week, that the people we have in charge at the club would strive to better each and every season. Every transfer window that comes round we are all aware of what the team seems to need, we hope that the people in charge also see it the same way.

    Whether you are a player an ex player a trainer or a manager surely you would like your club to be better than it was last season. Supporters have been going to football matches longer than any Premier Manager has been in service. They are very football aware. Managers have a set system that they and their helpers try to work to. Surely when ex players pundits and supporters see that that system is not working other tactics should kick into place.

    Arsene Wenger has and still is one of the best thats out there but he is not being honest with the paying supporter. He doesnt speak out if money is available he doesnt want to discuss tactics and he doesnt inform us of his intentions. Mr Wenger is an employee of Arsenal FC his wage is huge and comes from supporters hard earned money, he tells us that there is a shortage of players on the market but every other clubs find players from everywhere. Now we are talking about a top Manager who has the whole world to look over a team of scouts and he cannot find players. If that is the case he is not the right man to manage.

    Hard working supporters deserve to know the truth and if he cannot explain it move over and let someone in who can.

  51. There are very few managers that would improve Arsenal because our majority owner is already on record as stating that he buys sports organizations that turn a profit and are wants them to be self sufficient. Which means that we can only spend within the limits of the profit the club generates and he will not be funding transfers out of non club generated funds.

    So like it or not they are the rules that any manager will have to work under and they restrict us from becoming a Real Madrid, Barcelona, Man C, Chelsea etc. Which in turn means that any future successes will have to be from home grown talent with one or two annual player purchases.

    Wenger takes the shit for things that are beyond his control and the successes he’s had has made spoiled brats of a lot of the supporters who spit their venom at him, because he is the visible and easy target..

  52. It would be stupid to expect any team to win all the time. Just now and then would be nice, particularly against lower ranked sides.

    Ooh I shouldn’t make subtle innuendos, it might upset someone’s precious sensibilities.

  53. GN5…. he is the ONLY target, and if he is happy to operate under Silent Stans system then he is selling himself short. Or he is only in it for the money…. because winning seems to be a thing of the past!

  54. Actually you fucking wankers, this is a great debate because on most blogs, it’s all gone quiet and bloggers are scared to say something explosive…. GN5, enjoy it for what it is…. an honest discussion about a club that we all love.

  55. Steve, It’s not AW’s fault that he is not given a bigger budget to buy players – but he can rightfully be accused of being far to selective and not taking enough risks on new players.

    By getting the club into the CL each year AW funds his own salary Steve and the club gets the balance of the earnings – without which we may not be able to make player purchases.

  56. The fans who attend matches are castigated for their lack of enthusiast support, there are around fifty-five thousand of them at each home game, the vast majority, it seems, feel less than enamoured with Wenger’s continuing reign, can so many be wrong?

    I’m sure Wenger would be happy to know that he has one staunch supporter in the Dominions.

  57. just back from the game and what a relief. Before kickoff I see some big fucking geezer approaching the vacant seat in front of me. He looked like the green cross code man, accept with an evil face. More likely to drive around looking for zebra crossings to run you over.

    After he sat down I couldn’t see a thing, only the back of his neck, which told me he had recently murdered a confused old bloke by convincing him there was a zebra on the motorway.

    Luckily, just before kick off some bloke who resembled a man who could walk through 12th century doors told Green Cross Code killer he was in his seat. 12th Century’s glee soon turned to devastation as it transpired the big bastard was actually in front of him.

    I really don’t know what to say after that. We started all right but couldn’t create fuck all and through out lacked defensive concentration and commitment.

    Though we always maintain a level of excellent consistency by making top four, we continually show the same failings, meaning a genuine title challange seems like a pipe dream.

    My only consolation was that shorty fucked off early, probably fearing death at a pedestrian crossing, so as not to torment myself by watching further, took his seat behind the big bastard.

  58. Come on lads, GN5 is right. Arsenes done a great job for us and though we continue to fall short, it could be a lot lot worse.

    Next season will probably be Arsenes last year and it would be fantastic if he could bow out with another title, but what ever happens he will always have the up most respect from me.

  59. Transplant, nobody is saying any different….. he’s been a superb servant of the club and given us better than any manager before him. I too would hope he goes out with the EPL title…. but this season has shown several flaws that can only be attributed to management.

  60. Arsenes teams have an expansive way of playing 69. They are very offensive and this by default leads to defensive defencies.

    There good enough to consistently get more than 70 points a season and get champions league, which is no mean feat, but I accept that goes ng one step further had proved to be beyond them

    Would we be happy with a manager who can have a one off brilliant season and then mediocrity? I don’t know

    One things for sure. Who ever inherits Arsenes legacy will be a very fortunate man.

  61. Hi Terry, what what the atmosphere like at the start of the game? Watching on the box doesn’t give any real idea of the fans mood.

    I know their were boos at the end, but did the fans back the team through the game?

  62. It was subdued Norfolk. About a month ago a lot of players started getting stick. Walcott, Giroud, Ramsey, Metrts etc. It was getting a bit nasty to be honest.

    Since Welbeck, Iwobi, and Elneny have come In the abuse has stopped, but as I said, the atmosphere is subdued.

    Arsene never gets abused. The crowd has to much respect to shout things about him personally, but the disatisfaction with him is there, hence the boos after a bad result

  63. Fucking Bollocks Stretch !……………you no nothing about the crowd !…`re too busy eyeing up any fanny that`s about, you probably dont even know who we played or what the score was !…………… what was the fanny like ?

  64. ha ha ha Stretch and Cornwall….. looking at fanny had to be better than watching the game. 🙂

    I’ll try to knock something up resembling a match report tomorrow morning. For now I’m off, a film has started on French TV and it’s VO…. à demain

  65. Every Athlete running for a gold medal in the Olympics knows that he or she May finish without a medal, They qualify Just by a tenth of a second and know that Athletes have beaten their personal best nearly every time they run. But still they want to go and be humiliated, just so they can say i was there.

    Reminds me of current Arsenal supporters, we went to Wembley to watch us lose, or we went to see us play Barcelona and lose. We played well and there is always next year. Arsenal supporters see Arsenal come up short season after season, Lets face it we have seen us win but the losses are more hurtfull.

    Maybe i am not a sporting man, as if i felt i couldnt win then there is no point traveling half way round the world just to say i lost to the best runner.

    The rest of the world would probably lose to the winner as well so what’s the point. I feel that if my club has tried as hard as they could to instil the best players they can find, or money can buy. Then i can get excited and hope my team can actually win things. When they start the season with players i know to be inferior, and a Manager who knows fuck all about defending fuck all about strikers, but is an expert at buying Midfielders and not all good ones, the chances are you are going to be a loser, and truth have it ,we are.

    Don’t give a shit who is at fault, a loser is still a loser, but me being a fucking dough nut, I still fucking hope, fucking Madness

  66. It looks like we all know what sort of majority owner we have in the Kunt Kroenke !……that he is only interested in Arsenal living within their means. Now this would not be a problem if Arsenal were like any other big company, but when we are up against the likes of Chavs and Mansour City then you know that we are in for a rough ride under the helmetmanship of the Kunt Kroenke !
    As I`ve predicted, we are going to only get worse over the coming years with us not spending as much as Manshafter Std, Mansour City and Chavs……………….and like I said before,then there`s the W Ham and Spuds new stadiums with owners who are die hard supporters spending like theres no tomorrow.
    Expect more of the same and worse from now on !
    The next few years will see lower positions, lower crowds and more female fans with lower tops and more ejections from the stadium for Stretch !.

  67. Hahaha, you know me Cornwall. If there’s a fit bird behind me I sit the wrong way round in my seat.

    There wasn’t much to look at today so was forced to watch the shitty game. Nice bird in the crowd on the way home though. She was with her boyfriend but that didn’t stop me weaving and bobbing to follow right behind

    Just when we got to the steps there was a bit of a crush so I made contact. The boyfriend cottoned on and took a swing but ended up hitting that big fucker who was sitting in front of me.

    He’s probably in the back of a car boot now, on the way to the nearest zebra crossing

  68. Hi, I just got back from my weekly shopping expedition with my daughter, she’s disabled and therefore it’s very difficult for for her to shop alone, but she has a wonderful spirit for someone that became disabled in her late 30’s.

    She has a debilitating disease known as MDS it’s quite rare and unknown by the vast majority of the medical profession, the girl in the wheelchair on Coronation Street has the same disease. There is no known cure.

    Thank you for your support, it’s rare these day’s to find many (blog) supporters that have the same perspective, many think they can make their point by being loud and insulting, but to me it’s water off of a ducks back. In other words they can just quack off and lay their eggs somewhere else.

  69. It’s now 8:15 pm here in London, Ontario and I thought I would give my closing thoughts for the day

    By the way it seems we just skipped over spring, a few days back we had 6″ of snow overnight and today the temperatures soared to 80 degrees Fahrenheit.

    We are about to finish another season fighting for a place in the top 4 and that’s a long way off of our hopes and dreams for this season which have once again been dashed and we may even finish outside of the top four which would be catastrophic.

    It’s pretty obvious that trophies are not as important to me as a lot of other folks but to be accused of seeing things through rose tinted glasses is as wrong as it is insulting as I’m one of the most pragmatic people you could possibly meet and see things as they are – and not as I wish they were.

    I will not go into a dissertation of went went wrong as we all see it in different ways but as Steve said earlier we have one common bond and that is Arsenal.

    My Arsenal is very real part of my life and all the negative dooming will not change my opinion, we all see success and failure in different ways and as I’ve already stated I only see trophy as the icing on the cake but the lack of icing will never take away my love and enjoyment of watching Arsenal.

    One of the most vital aspects of a sports club is the unadulterated passion of their supporters and giving that love and support regardless of individual outcomes, to moan and groan and boo is just debilitating to the players and in turn will only make them shrink into a shell and not take risks – so it becomes a self fulfilling prophecy for that type of supporter – they moan and groan and when we lose they puff out their chests and say – there I told you so.

    I refuse to be that type of supporter and will always oppose those who are brilliant after the fact.

    How the fuck does anybody think that moaning, groaning, booing and hissing can be anything but negative – support should be up lifting and not like sitting in a fucking dentist’s chair.

    I love my Arsenal and refuse to become a doomer.

    nuff said for now……………but believe me even at 78 years old I have a lot more to say…………..and give.

  70. Morning all,
    No one would doubt your devotion N5, A guy of 78 who has supported all those years says a lot for your character .I have to say that your story of your Daughter, was a moving one, a young woman struck down by an illness such as hers at such a young age shows how unfair life is for some people, and it must be heart breaking to be a Father who at 78 years old is still doing what he can to be of service.

    N5 don’t get the impression that supporters only want victory, I am not your age yet but have the same memories of Arsenal that you have. Where I want us to be the best, I realise that we could never maintain that position and know that some times a club go down before going back up.

    Your daughter has been in a chair for some time, but as time goes on. and new medication becomes available there will always be hope that a miracle cure may just surface, we all live in hope. Miracle cures can happen, but they don’t always come when we want them, and Arsenal although not as important as your Daughter, Maybe a cure will come for them.

    We tend in life to put up with what we have, I have no doubts you would bend over backwards if there was a chance to speed the process up for your Daughter. I know I would as I have 3 healthy girls. But getting back to The Arsenal I can see the cure, but we have to be brave enough to go for it, if you keep taking the same medicine you will keep getting the same results, sad as it seems, time to investigate mate.

    There are times when even old farts like us, have to put our faith in new idea’s for good or bad if there is a chance we have to take them. My best wishes to the little Lady.

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