The Arsenal Post Mortem!

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I’m not really sure why I’m even writing this today! My anger and negativity towards my beloved Arsenal is fucking leaking all over the place.

Two games in a row where we were comfortably in the lead, in control of both games and yet we end up just about getting draws. The boys had so many goal scoring chances against Palace yesterday that it was criminal that they failed to score more than one. Add to that some atrocious defending and it was a recipe for disaster.

I said in my pre-match to expect a draw and that’s exactly what we got. Pardew came to defend and perhaps score on the break and we allowed them to do that, it sums up our season perfectly. It was so frustrating to watch and our tactics or lack of, just added to my disappointment.

I’m not going to analyse the game in depth, what’s the fucking point. We gave away two important points and now find ourselves in our usual fourth place….. but even that is at risk this season with United breathing down our neck.

Five games remaining and the team have to get maximum points now to avoid United overtaking us, they are just four points behind and just hitting a run of form. We entertain West Brom on Thursday, another manager in Pulis who knows how to park the bus and who could also come to the Emirates and leave with a point, although they did lose to Watford at the weekend.

We’ve had some poor seasons in the last 10 or 11 years but this season has frustrated me the most. It was a season when we truly could have won the EPL. With City, United and the Chavs all experiencing a bad season, we were possibly the team who could have taken advantage of their dip in form. OK, Leicester happened and they have got through the season so far with only three games lost, but we were the architects of two of those defeats.

But I’m going to leave it there, I said yesterday in the pre-match that we should leave the judgements about the season until it’s over and to keep behind the team till the end.

Now I know why I shouldn’t have started this post, my feelings are leaking like the fucking Titanic and it’s not good. Let’s just see if they can salvage something from the next five  games……………. let us keep some hope of a third place finish, because I think that’s what we’ll need to guarantee CL football next season.




44 thoughts on “The Arsenal Post Mortem!

  1. Good morning Arsène stuffers

    I don’t think they’ll be much to talk about today, it could get nasty. All the Arsenal blogs are voicing their frustration, even the more positive among them.

  2. Morning all, well done NB a blog is a blog even when were disappointed.
    I doubt many will have a lot to say today as its very easy to criticise after the fact, something that has been pointed out by certain supporters.

    I feel let down by my club, We know all teams have dips in form, many a lot worse than us, but it is the nature of the let downs that frustrate. Many believe the players should do more, show more commitment, but in yesterdays game where we controlled the game took the lead and still pressed had a win written all over it, so what went wrong.

    We all know that a split second can change a winning game into a losing one, heads go down and errors start to happen, but yesterdays game wasn’t like that, we had control and even after they got the equaliser our heads stayed up and we still tried for the win.

    Many can find blame and explain exactly where things went wrong , others will say its just the nature of the game, but I felt that the game changed as our substitutes came on, Usually fresh legs give a little boost but yesterday I felt that the quality seemed to go down and where we went for a big finish ended up with egg on our faces.

    I have felt in the past that our Manager has a self destruct button that he sometimes employs, He being the expert and me being the novice, I find myself not understanding why he does some of the things he does. I can say that I don’t like our defending system, not that I am an expert, but when I see flaws every game I start to question why we adopt this system as the players do not execute it as I suppose it should be, and what worries me more, is that this system is employed right through the Arsenal ranks, perhaps time will show, that if you persevere with a certain system then maybe it might start working in the end.

    I have to say that if you are struggling scoring goals, and all your strikers can not get further than the edge of their box then either the system we use is not right or the players are just not good enough. Mr Wenger knows about players he doesn’t buy new strikers so he must feel they are good enough so is it mr Wengers tactics who knows certainly not me.

  3. This clears up the CL places confusion…………. I think ha ha

    Maximum of five
    • No more than five clubs can enter the UEFA Champions League from one national association (this was an increase on the previous maximum of four).

    How it impacts associations’ allocations
    • It is now theoretically possible for a country with a potential three UEFA Champions League places (currently Italy, Portugal or France) to up this number to five, a country with two places (e.g. Ukraine) to increase to four, or a country with one place to up it to three. This can only happen if the association in question has two clubs who win both major European club competitions but that also do not qualify via their own league.*

    Could Liverpool or Manchester City give England a fifth berth?
    • Regarding the top three associations (i.e. Spain, Germany and England*): if two clubs from one of these countries win the UEFA Champions League and UEFA Europa League, and neither finish their domestic league in a position that qualifies them for the UEFA Champions League (something distinctly possible in England with Manchester City and Liverpool), the following will happen:

    – The club that won the UEFA Champions League will go straight into the group stage
    – The UEFA Europa League winners will go into the UEFA Champions League play-offs
    – The club that had qualified for a UEFA Champions League play-off spot via their domestic league competition (i.e. finished fourth) will transfer into the UEFA Europa League

  4. Bonjour Soixante-Neuf and Steve, well done 69er for writing a post despite your despair.

    I vented my feelings yesterday and thoroughly enjoyed doing so.

    I’ve been reading reports of our esteemed manager’s after-match comments. He really needs to sign up a new script writer, some of his remarks leave him open to ridicule.

    Statistic. Arsenal have won only one London derby in the league this season. The fewest since 1963/64.

  5. Don’t concern yourself with Champions League speculation Steve, there are four potential banana skins to come and one genuinely losable game to follow those.

    Anyone looking at our current form is entitled to a modicum of doubt as to our ability to take sufficient points from those five games to win our regular prize, the Top Four Trophy.

    Doomer? Moi? Heaven forfend!

  6. West Brom (H)
    Sunderland (A)
    Norwich (H) Norfolk will be hoping for a Norwich win ha ha
    Man Ctiy (A)
    Villa (H)

    I think the only guaranteed 3 points from those games will be Villa at home, and even then it could go either way ha ha ha

  7. 69er, What’s the date of that Norwich game? I’m going to quickly book a couple of weeks in Borneo, they don’t show live Arsenal games there, it will be unbearable here in soggy Norfolk if we fail to take all three points in that one.

  8. No problem next season 69er, our new manager and his summer signings will see a resurgent Arsenal topping the table and getting to the final of the Europa League.

    Hello, what’s that ringing noise? Oh! It’s the alarm clock, and I was having such a lovely dream.

  9. Morning Phallus Faces

    Seriously GN5, you are a hero mate !…..happy to eat a cake without icing and looking after your daughter !……………….I on the other hand normally get stuck straight into the icing and chuck the rest of the cake and if I had a pest….sorry …..a child who was disabled and Jack Wheelchair bound then I`d get the chloroform out, in the boot of the Cortina Ghia and straight on the ferry to Canada and find a rich caring soul to adopt the pest…..sorry…..the child !.

    I reckon we all have something in common in that we all started supporting the Arse` when we were fucking shit !……………………, born in `56 and not a sniff untill the Fairs Cup Final !…………….so I assume none of us were glory hunters !.
    The game has changed so much since the Premier League was formed and the internet generation of everything 24/7., that our generations of first games whether in the 40`s 50`s or 60`s to games now is like comparing an i phone to smoke signals !.
    Kroenke wants to build the brand, but for an intelligent business man he fails to understand the concept that to win fans and new support you have to win trophies, it`s a fact of life that people latch onto successfull teams/persons etc` and the normal rule of thumb and forgetting the anomaly that is Leicester, is that money will buy success !
    Look historically to the EPL winners over the last decade, hoiw many times has the trophy been bought ?. Gone are the days from say `59 to `75 when there were 12 different winners of the title, the only team to break the trend in the premier league era was Blackburn and guess what ?…..they bought the title through Jack Warner !.
    There will imo be a few more winners in the coming years other than Manshafter Std, Mansour City and Chavs, just a few more…..W Ham ( as per my previous links to their massive lottery win of the Olympic Stadium ) and Spuds due to their new toilet…..maybe Liverpool when they re-do Anfield, but alas, Arsenal will not be one of them and it`s…..he we go again……because of Kroenke !………………… my fellow old bastards……….plenty of cake, but no icing !.

  10. Also Tea Bagging Bandits !…………………it`s great when we win, but come on !……….how great is it to have a good old moan when we lose or draw !…………..I`m surprised there are not even more woman fans as they can moan with out even thinking, it`s in the dna !……can you imagine being married to an Arsenal mad wife !………..not just moaning at the most trivial things as per usual, but moaning about important things like the Arse !.

  11. True `69er !………………………so on that basis, the only time Gn5 will ever moan about the Arse is if or when his missus puts on the Strappon ! 😆

  12. Arsend goes that little bit further than other managers to find out the reason for some shit performances this season and how to rectumfy it !.

  13. Hello Dweeb

    Yea I know, I like PA and I like George, but ffs…. they hate to have the Arsenal or Wenger criticised but then do the same to the supporters who are being honest.

  14. Howdy NB, sometimes its hard to only have a prescribed opinion but at least you said your bit! HAve you had a few runs in with some of them in the past?AFC have been hit and missed since the Soton away game ad the positive leaning sites know it but are trapped by there own rules I suppose.Yesterday was so frustrating,no real killer instinct, and too many players lacking in confidence. A lot of rumours abound that Mesuts off to Bayern next season. Often he seems head and shoulders above the others but with no Cf ready to smash them in. Poor atmos at the ground too until injury time roll in.
    Hopefully better next season,or next life.

  15. I have done in the past Dweeb, most bloggers won’t say anything negative about the Arsenal on PA because they get put down fairly quickly and sarcastically. They just won’t accept other view points.

    Just take Henry B for instance, he goes on there and never says a word out of place, but he posts as RA on Arsenal Arsenal and voices his true opinion about the players, and the manager.

  16. Sort of a shame, as why else go on the blog but to have a natter-its like being down the virtual pub etc.Trouble is the positive apologetics look a bit thin this year, I agree when you wrote that we were handed the league on a plate. Since Xmas we only occasionally have looked hungry..Must be a lot of anger on places like Le Grove.Mind you when isnt there!
    Till Thurs,take care of yourselves.

  17. I put this on PA, but I`m in moderation !.

    I thought we were again average and punching well below our weight, but it`s good to get the view of an impartial viewer with no axe to grind and I was lucky enough to have my arty friend Ivor Straponov watch the game and asked his opinion.

    LCM : You have no football intelligence whatsoever, so it would be nice to hear some of your artistic bullshit opinion on that performance !.

    IS : My work normally explores the relationship between Bauhausian sensibilities and hungry hippo ethics and with influences as diverse as Kierkegaard and Michael Barrymore`s underpants where new insights are manufactured from both explicit and implicit structures.
    I was fascinated by the traditional understanding of the movement. What starts out as yearning soon becomes corroded into a tragedy of defeat, leaving only a sense of unreality and the prospect of a new synthesis.
    As momentary replicas become frozen through boundaried and diverse practice, the supporter is left with a hymn to the possibilities of our culture.

    LCM : Meaning ?

    IS : It should be added that the metaphorical resonance of the purity of line spatially undermines the larger formation as shimmering forms become transformed through studious and personal practice, the team is left with a testament to the inaccuracies of the tactical divergence of the midfield. What starts out as yearning soon becomes manipulated into a hegemony of temptation, leaving only a sense of chaos and the dawn of a new order.

    LCM : So we were shit ?

    IS : I wish I could put it into such easy low class peasant terms but I am an Arti critic, but in simple terms….yes !

  18. hahaha Mad cunt seems about right , brings back memories from my footballing days when my mates called me Mad Dog !.

  19. I was allowed one shit and I`m out or moderation so not as much as a fucking mad cunt as I look ! hahaha

  20. Nice one 69

    Post mortems are terrible things. I remember accompanying my cousin as she had to identify her husbands body. The bastard died owing me money so whilst she was sobbing I went through his pockets. When we leaving I asked the Mortician if he was sure he was dead?

    I feel sorry for Arsene. The mans a paragon of virtue, the kind of geezer that could befriend a prostitute without been the owner of a medallion and large hat, or an inclination to shave his hair mohican.

    In relative terms we do consistently well. Top four is scoffed at but look at Chelsea, Utd, and Liverpool.

    We seem to expect more and our general analysis tends to be to centric to our own club rather than to the footballing environment in general. Everybody wants to win, loads of clubs have large resources, and the playing field is getting tougher.

    This season is more frustrating because we have Totnumb and Leicester above us whilst missing a golden opportunity because a lot of the so called big clubs are under achieving.

    People should reflect on that. Why are Utd, Chelsea, Liverpool outside of the top four? Why are City on the same points as Arsenal? They must be as crap as us? My conclusion is that peoples perception is skewed on the difficulty the league poses, there is a sense of taking things for granted, and a feeling we have some divine right to be close to winning the title every season.

    Its not a perception I share

  21. Morning all, NB you most certainly wear your emotions on your sleeve, and there’s nothing wrong with that, it’s tough to be anything but upset with the way our season has unfolded. But being upset and being irrational are two very different things and some bloggers tend to be the latter and take out their wrath on the easiest targets.

    Steve, thank you for your comments earlier today, my daughter actually has E. D. S. which is –

    Ehlers–Danlos Syndrome

    Ehlers–Danlos syndrome is an inherited connective tissue disorder with presentations that have been classified into several primary types. EDS is caused by a defect in the structure, production, or processing of collagen or proteins that interact with collagen, such as mutations in the COL5A or COL3A genes. The collagen in connective tissue helps tissues resist deformation. Collagen is an important contributor to the physical strength of skin, joints, muscles, ligaments, blood vessels and visceral organs; abnormal collagen renders these structures more elastic. In some cases, the severity of the mutation can be life-threatening. EDS can have neuromuscular complications including ocular and ophthalmic complications. EDS related mutations of ECM proteins have also recently been associated with inflammation and demyelination processes in co-occurring multiple sclerosis.

    She is currently being fitted for a wheelchair -which costs around $50,000. her joints are so weak that she has to wear braces on all of her finger joints her knees, ankles and neck. She was an accomplished artist but now she cannot hold a brush. Incredibly this is only one of several disorders that she has – but I’ll stop there.

    It puts everything else in perspective for me and I’m fortunate to have all of my faculties and I’m still able bodied even given my trick knees, so I’m able to assist her – and happy to do so.

    Steve, I have no issue with you, even though we appear to share different views, I say different because it’s entirely possible that in a face to face conversation we may find more commonality.

  22. Thank goodness for you Terry – the voice of moderation and reason. You are so right the demise of Liverpool, Man U, Chelsea and a lack luster Man C gets less media attention than the Arsenal does – even given the fact that they all spend way more than us – but our fans still insist that it’s the lack of spending that is holding us back.

    Some of the biggest checks in British football have been written by those clubs and to what avail?

  23. Here are the currents top fives remaining games, judge for yourselves where we might finish.

    Manchester U
    Crystal Palace – H
    West Ham – A
    Leicester – H
    Norwich – A
    Bournemouth – H
    Points 56

    Manchester C
    Stoke – H
    Southampton – A
    Arsenal – H
    Swansea – A
    Newcastle – A
    Points 60

    Stoke – A
    W.B.A. – H
    Chelsea – A
    Southampton – H
    Newcastle – A
    Points 65

    Swansea – H
    Man U – A
    Everton – H
    Chelsea – A
    Points 73

    W.B.A. – H
    Sunderland – A
    Norwich – H
    Man C – A
    Aston Villa – H
    Points 60

  24. Evening all been fishing again and caught bugger all. Thank you N5 for enlightening me on that dreadful disease, to speak the truth mate a lot of that went over my head, but I sympathise, and wish her well.

    Arsene Wenger is a bit like me, I go fishing and try new rigs and new idea’s I hope that one day I will find the answer to catching more fish on a regular basis. Where Arsene has set his stall out for a top four place, Can’t blame him 30 mill is a lot of money and if you do it for 18 years I would say he is an expert.

    Arsene also takes a bit of a gamble like I do he will try out a youngster who is really out of his depth but the strange thing is, is if he does well he then wants to rest them and feed them in gradually. I take a gamble but I will gamble for a day maybe two if my idea works it may get used if i blank back to the drawing board.

    What i really find strange is that he has some good players, and he also has some not so good. He seems to think that they will gel at some stage, where if I design a rig that hooks fish but the hook straightens then the hook must be changed if you want a successful catch, why would you continue with a dodgy hook. Not Rocket science.

  25. No Emirates Cup next season due to relaying of the pitch…………..that`s no trophies next season !……I`m livid ! 👿

  26. Arsenl U21`s Vs W Brom U21`s tonight @19:00 , we need to win to be promoted to the Top U21 league, anything else and we are in Div` 2 …………….. weird as we have the 1st teams playing on Thursday !…..anf for superstitious people like me, I see that as a sign we will be playing Thursday nights next season, so get used to it !
    My brain tells me we need to lose on Thursday and fall out of the CL spot so we can just concentrate on the EPL next season, but as usual my heart will rule my head and want us to win !
    Tough love and cruel to be kind stuff is the real order of the day imo, we dont need CL for two reasons !…………..1) as above, I honestly believe for one season we will have more of a chance of winning the EPL, just one season though as W Ham and Spuds will get bigger than us in the near future…………when I say bigger, I mean they with die hard fan owners will spend a lot more than us and inevitably be better than us !
    2) It will hopefully give Kunt Kroenke a serious kick up the arse !………invest some proper money if you want to make the brand bigger you Kunt !……………………a few seasons out of it (CL)……which is going to happen anyway in the not too distant future …………… and the supporters will really turn nasty and unlike his NFL team, he wont be moving the Arsenal away to a new home to get away from the fans who want him dead !
    It takes a brave man to want us to lose for the good of the future and I am that hero…………………if only some fit nympho woman can be alerted to this fact !.

  27. Vardy has been charged with improper conduct. He faces a longer ban and a fine for the offence.

    One match ban for being sent off after two cautions, one or more in addition for abusing the referee.

    That may put spanner in their works.

  28. Bad news imo about Vardy……….that only helps the Spuds in their hunt for glory………………….cunts !.

    Jack Wheelchair starts again tonight, so if OK, he will probably get some EPL game time soon after the WBA Thursday game. He will then get into the England squad ( but there wont be ant Walcott or Ox ) in place of the injured Henderson, get injured in the Euro`s and spend all next season recovering !.

  29. You just have to hand it to Spurs, they took Stoke apart and look in awesome form. That said I thought Stoke were a shadow of their former selves and appeared a tad disinterested.

    Third place is the most we can hope for, but we’ll have to work bloody hard to attain it.

  30. Under 21s lost 1- 2 to West Bromwich. One down after just seven minutes, Wilshire equalised on fifty-one mins but with Arsenal bombing forward looking for the winner we got caught on the break.

    Sound familiar?

    Wilshire played the full ninety, I wonder how long it is since he did that.

  31. The U21`s needed just two points from their last two games to win Div 2 and like the first team …………….choked !…………… offs for them now !. I know reserve team football is about development, but they need to be in the top div to play against better players !
    My nightmare is coming true, weeks ago I said the spuds have an easier run in than Leicester and now that the Foxes have lost Vardy they will choke too !………5 points difference, but the spuds look like winning every game, the high press game hasn`t knackered them, I wonder how we would have done with a manager like they have….pressing hard with supossedly better players !.

  32. Do you remember 1987 Cornwall? We had a new manager, young relative unknown players, cheap buys, core of English, and they had the big names, Waddle, Allen, etc. They played tippy tapping, we played with energy and heart.

    It makes me fucking sick but I see so many simalrities to that era it’s frightening.

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