Arsenal…. do they have any fight left in them?

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As the Arsenal approach the end of the season questions are being asked about their ability to see a game through to the end, to fight until the final second. We’ve seen in the last two games a weakness in being unable to protect a lead, to be able to stay in control and to capitalise on possession and instead, allowing the opposition to get back into the game.

It now leaves us fighting for 3rd or 4th place over the last five games, one of which is tonight against West Bromwich Albion. A win this evening will leave us above Man City and in third place, a draw will keep us fourth but on equal points with the blue Mancs. Lose, and we will be struggling to hang on to fourth with the red Mancs just one point behind and gaining momentum.

The Birmingham outfit are safe from relegation so perhaps may not have any incentive to go for a win, but it is a Pulis side and he is not the type to sit back and let us cruise to an easy win. Expect them to perform similarly to Palace at the weekend, defend in numbers and hoping to score on the break.

On a positive note, the Baggies have won just a single game against us in their previous nine visits to the Emirates, but I don’t rely too much on stats like that, not with the Arsenal anyway. We have only won four of our last 13 PL games, just one more than the Baggies, so on recent form, we are on level terms going into the match.

As I thought prior to the Palace game, I wouldn’t be surprised if it ends in a draw, but my expectation is that the boys will find the incentive and the fight to win the game and continue similarly until the end of the season to secure the third spot. That is as much as we can now hope for this season.

On Sunday we travel to Sunderland, another park the bus merchant Fat Sam, and his team are fighting for Premier League survival. I’ll expect that to be tougher than tonight.

It’s Thursday night football tonight, perhaps it’s an omen and we need to prepare for it on a regular basis next season? Well that’s according to the Oracle named Kelsey!


Come on you fucking Gunners.





65 thoughts on “Arsenal…. do they have any fight left in them?

  1. Morning all, Nice one NB thank you.
    Seems every morning is getting samey, more Doomers and talk of us not making top 4.
    We have been in this position for many years and the usual thing that Happens is Arsenal fights like fuck to get that 30 million.

    That is the time that Arsene and the boys fight the hardest, That 30 million is the only incentive we usually have, and this season it is no different,. Having said that the last couple of years did bring FA cup wins that every body chooses to forget.

    Arsenal although poor, are still a lot better than many other clubs, Many Premier clubs have won fuck all for more seasons than they would like to remember. That mob down the road who Cocky hates so much, have had a very hard time of it for close on forty years, and their supporters are giving us grief because they are one position better than us in the table. Well fuck me its taken them 40 fucking years to look like title contenders and we think we have troubles.

    The club winning the league were fighting relegation last season, and the last time they ever had a chance of the league trophy is probably. before Jesus was born, And there’s little us top four for almost 20 years and still probably finish in the top 4 this season, Is fifth or sixth really that bad considering all the others.

    West Brom of course will be a tight old game, Pullis will pull all the stops out, and he will fancy his sides chanches against a side who have never looked like league champions for over ten years. This old bugger can tell you some home truths that we all should take in. Many have said we have never had a better chance to win the league as we have this season, What a load of bollox that statement is. We have played some of the worst football this season than i have seen for years and years, one good game followed by four bad games and we are sitting in third place how the fuck has that happened ,In my opinion we have been worse than last season , and we never deserved it then either.

    This season is no different than the last time we came top four we just dont have the tools to do the job but our position stays relatively the same, consistency looks the same as it has been for over the last ten years and still in prime position for the top 4 trophy, so lets face it it is not a complete disaster.

    Tottenham Hotspurs have sold some of their top players, and may just sell some of this seasons top stars but they invested the money in new players, many of us commented at the time that they have brought badly, but they have gelled and top players have risen to the top of the pile ,right under our noses, They in fact have done what they needed to do ,changed Managers and still tried to buy the odd players, But lets face it we could still overtake them as the points different are not to many and were shit.

    At the end of the day we have to fight to get all the points available and then hope others fuck up, we are not good enough to change things with our own hands, as that chance went fucking ages ago, so we just hope they fuck up, but in the end they have thoughrally deserved where they are, and us again the also rans.

  2. Bonjour mes Amis,

    Thanks 69er, that covers the game nicely so I’m going off at a tangent with another aspect of tonight’s entertainment.

    Our referee this evening is Jonathon Moss, he was in charge of the weekend game between Leicester and West Ham and it’s fair to say that some of his decisions were a bit controversial.

    As a neutral spectator I think he was unfairly maligned, as far as I could see from my armchair he got the vast majority of the decisions right.

    I think almost all of us would agree that the wrestling that has become endemic in penalty boxes around the grounds has gone far enough. After stopping the game on a number of occasions to remonstrate with the players he finally awarded a penalty against the Leicester defence for holding. He had just a few minutes earlier lectured the two worst offenders, Huth and Morgan, and warned them of the consequences if they continued to flout the laws of the game.

    No problem with that decision.

    He then cautioned Vardy for what looked like a spiteful foul, many players have been booked for far milder fouls yet the press jumped all over Moss for daring to book the Leagues leading goal scorer.

    No problem with that decision.

    The next two contentious decisions are more open to interpretation, Vardy running into the Hammer’s penalty box went down under a challenge by Ogbonna, the fall was spectacular to say the least, a little too spectacular for Moss who issued a second caution so the play was dismissed. Was it a dive? I’m not entirely convinced but I think the likelihood is that it was simulation.

    At this point I commented on this site that the ref would probably try to even things up, sure enough Carroll’s seemingly innocuous challenge was deemed to be bad enough to warrant a penalty award, I can’t really can’t say whether he was right or wrong in this case. If he was confident of the correctness of his previous decisions, he had no need to even anything thing up. If he had doubts about those decisions, then there are grounds for believing he may have been making amends. We’ll never know.

    I would like to think that Referee Moss will stick to his guns and try to stamp out the grappling at corners and free kicks. It’s becoming a blight on the game and we could do without it.
    I think Jonathon Moss may have made a rod for his own back, if he ignores the grappling he will be accused of bottling it, if he persists in awarding penalties for the offence he will be slated for being on a crusade.

    I’m afraid that without the wholehearted backing of the FA and the PGMOB, both of which have be notably invisible since the furore erupted, Jonathon Moss looks like he’s being hung out to dry.

    I wish him well this evening, there will probably be as much, if not more, attention on him as on our own under-fire manager, both could well do without it.

  3. Vardy has also been charged, by the FA, with improper conduct in that he abused the referee after being sent off, so he can expect an additional two game ban.

    However, he does have the backing of no lesser figure than the England manager Roy Hodgson who has said he doesn’t think Vardy dived and that the abuse of referee Moss was a “heat of the moment thing”. So finger pointing, snarling and swearing at the officials is okay then? Thanks for clearing that up Roy.

  4. Bonjour Norfolk

    I agree with you about Moss, although I did paint him as the ‘evil Witch’ in my fairy tale. I don’t think the Carroll tackle was a penalty…. the other decisions were correct and I think Vardy did dive.

  5. NB, there is a patent on the chief of the doomers 😉

    if we don’t win tonight, lasagnagate will seem like a trifle as us,United,West ham and Liverpool will be fighting for forth ffs.:)
    oh mertesacker back in for his speed perhaps and what about Wally will he get 5 minutes😉

  6. Nice one Norfolk, When you have a view like me and think the league is fixed, A referee will do as his told do your own thing and go back to your day job.

    All anybody wants from an official is to be consistent, an Honest ref wont earn too much dough but a bent one will, We have all done what we can to earn an honest shilling but if temptation is big enough even the most honest are open to it.

  7. Just read my newspaper, and it seems they are estimating a bad turn out for tonight’s game, apparently our worst turn out at the Ems was against Bolton at 59,084 back in January 2010. Now that seems like a good turn out to me Spuds would take that every game i bet.

    I read that many will walk out on 75 minutes no mater what the score is, trying to make a point, what silly bastards they are, after paying for their seats they walk out before the end more fucking fool them.
    Once outside they will only be asking what’s happening silly fuckers.

    I may just sit in my chair tonight and as the 75 minute comes turn the tele over to eastenders or some other shit will i fuck. Who the fuck do they think is going to take any notice of that stunt. Now dont pay for next seasons season ticket, now we are getting to where someone may just take notice but those silly bastards will be first ones to pay like they always fucking do, shitheads the lot of them take their black scarf’s and banners and shove them right where the sun don’t shine.

    You want to make a point then do it where it hurts the most in their fucking pockets. That walking out might work in Lliverpool but it certainly will not make a difference in London. The Kunt will only be at a rodeo somewhere drinking Cristal Champers saying, fucking mugs.

  8. Wenger will win tonight if its the last thing he does, only so he can thumb his fucking nose at them who scorn him, He is one stubborn fucker that will see out his contract and still probably not buy players, he will field players tonight who we all think are shit, and he will rub our noses in it.

    The man has and still is a brilliant Manager, whatever we say or do about it will not change history, Yes i moan like the rest of you, but that fucker could just get us third maybe even second and we would still fucking moan.

    Yes i want a New man at the Helm but only because he wont spend, and wont change our defending pattern not because he is not good. Now i don’t know if the man is starved with cash but i do know that he has been one of the greatest Managers we will ever have, Only by change will we know if it was right that he has been starved but then it would be to fucking late. The man has been a fucking genius and has my undying respect.

  9. I’m with you Steve on the walk out thing. Half the crowd leave early anyway, so who’s going to notice the difference?

    I did read that the club put a lot of tickets up for sale to members and even a small number on general sale. So the place will be full even though the seats will be taken by Japanese tourists.

    I expect Stan the Syrup will be happy with that as the tourists will buy the expensive tat in the shop and to complete the experience, they’ll squander even more dosh on the food and drink available in the ground.

    A win win for the bean counters.

  10. So there might be an exodus of spoiled brats from the Emirates today, frankly it would serve Arsenal better if they didn’t turn up at all ever. It’s pretty obvious that they will not be there to support our team but to lead the chorus of negativity.

    They will do their level best to drag the team down and will jeer at every opportunity, and then when the team has a poor performance they will say – “there I told you so”.

    For fucks sake if you can’t support your team then stay the fuck away from the ground and become a doomer blogger.

  11. Spot on GN5

    I shall be turning up in the 75th minute as a reverse warp protest. People protest when were mid table or something not when a win will take us third.

    To be honest, its completely embarrassing. Its a live TV game and fans from other clubs will watch and laugh there tits off at a bunch of ungrateful up there own arse wankers.

  12. We agree on something N5 🙂
    Afternoon Norfolk, It so happens Norfolk that my Mrs had a message from Arsenal telling her that tickets was available for 65 quid, didn’t send me a message though and i am on the season ticket waiting list.

  13. It sounds like it has been a stage managed idea NB, just hope that when the silly buggers go the rest of the crowd show their feelings.

    I always feel that if you are not happy about something, then perhaps a letter to the Management from a lot of supporters expressing how they feel, not that there is not a lot of letters going there already. But to actually go their travel and then walk up all them fucking stairs just to get up on 75 they must have a fucking screw loose.

    Now i am a fucking moaner, dont know if you have noticed , i have moaned about our manager but its been to fellow Gooners many have told me i am wrong and very possibly they may be right but to stand up and leave in the fucking stadium in front of the worlds camera’s never in a million years. Given the chance to a face to face with Wenger, i would relish the chance to ask the bloke what the fuck is happening to Arsenal I respect the guy but i would still stand my ground. In sight of the worlds camera’s i would give the guy the respect he has earned, tonight will only show who thinks they can change a man who has Managed his own way for what seems forever. Wankers.

  14. The Manager’s Press conference, Alternative view.

    In their hour of doubt, the faithful called upon the Oracle for enlightenment.

    And yea verily the Oracle spaketh unto them.

    “The season is far from over. It depends on who you play and the commitment you face”. Wise words to bring comfort to the doubters.

    “Against West Ham and Crystal Palace we were not efficient enough. That is a regret. It’s my job to get the team 100% ready.” Balm indeed to those of a troubled mind.

    “Every time it doesn’t work you question yourself, it is part of the job. In the end it is always down to me and I stand up to that.” Our brave leader has the broadest of shoulders, truly he carrieth us all upon them.

    Thrice blessed are the humble fans to have such wisdom to call upon.

  15. Good on you Steve, surely nobody’s ever accused you of being a moaner. 😀

    Now I don’t agree with walk outs, wherever they take place but I suppose that having paid their money and let’s face it if you’re a season ticket holder you sure have paid some money, they’re entitled to show their feelings in the only way that people like Stan the Syrup and his board of yes men are likely to take heed of.

    It’s viewed in some parts as almost traitorous and I respect the right of people who feel that way to also make the views known, but we do live in country which at least pays lip service to the idea of free speech so we should accept their right to protest.

    It’s not just a football thing, recently the audience got up and walked out in protest at what was happening on the stage in a famous Opera House.

  16. I’ve just noticed that Irish Mick slipped in a coupleof comments @2:35 and @2:36

    Sorry Michael, I didn’t see them….. and yes, you’re still fucking useless with a PC ha ha

  17. Here’s my team for tonight,

    Cech, Bellerin, Merts, Kos, Monreal, Ramsey, Elneny, Iwobi, Alexis, Ozil, Giroud.

    Now that’s not the team I would pick, but I doubt Wenger can resist the temptation to fiddle around a bit.

  18. Evening Fucktards

    First to put Kango straight…………The good news is the Spuds have not won the title a lot longer than the 40 odd years you think……it`s currently 54 years !……….the bad news is , if they dont win it next season, they would have gone one year without winning it, because the fucking retarded cunts will win it this season !…………….cunts !.
    I shall protest on the 75th min by face fucking my Kunt Kroenke replica blow up doll and proceed to destroy hiss rectum way into injury time !……….cunt !.
    Queens birthday today !…………..happy 90th maj`………….will you send yourself a card when you reach the 100th ?
    Dont really give a fuck about tonight as I`m still on medication because of them Spud Cunts and to tell the truth I`m with Kelsey on his comment on the previous post in that 7th would be a blessing in disguise, no CL…no EL and probably a better chance of winning the EPL than even this season !………………………come you tea baggies ! hahaha

  19. NB
    I tried posting a picture of a hottie, to brighten the place up…to much grumbling here 1 way or the other and not enough boobies…boy has it gone downhill since i left 🙂

  20. I can answer that Michael !… indeed does, but that`s why I carry a puncture repair kit at all times for my Kroenke blow up doll !

  21. Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger: “The season is far from over. It depends on who you play and the commitment you face.

    “Against West Ham and Crystal Palace we were not efficient enough. That is a regret. It’s my job to get the team 100% ready.

    “Every time it doesn’t work you question yourself, it is part of the job. In the end it is always down to me and I stand up to that.”

    That is a get out clause by Wenger,he can feel the heat IMO

  22. My photo is the team news !… can either take it as we wiil have a nice pair up front or a pair of tit`s up front !…………………..Theo and Olly will be the latter !.

  23. my luck Giroud will score a brace and he will stay in the side.How he can drop Welbeck is strange but Wally is still being benched at 100K a week.Nice work if you can get it,

  24. Just found out that Prince has died !…………………… ironic is it that at one time he changed his name to …The Artist Formally Known as Prince……………….and then back to Prince and now he is going to be known as the Artist Formally Known as Prince again !

  25. I`m going to boycott this blog @ 17:45 in protest at GN5 and Transplants continuous optimism of Arsenal.

  26. Not at their best but played well, some lovely football and unfortunate not to get a couple more goals. Giroud had a fairly good game and on one occasion should have had a goal but it hit Foster in the face….. he didn’t see it coming ha ha ha
    Sanchez MotM easily. Ozil seemed to stand still quite a lot.
    But overall, they did well against a packed defence.

  27. Night all, My stream box is not working right so i had to get a computor stream and dare not log in in case i lost the stream.
    I felt we played very well West Brom was chasing shadows all night the Arsenal passing was breathtaking so good in fact that it got slightly boring. Iwobi would have been my MOTM solely because he is exciting to watch, he gets involved all over the pitch does a good job in defence and has a turn of pace that can leave a defence stranded a football brain and he knows when to pass, in actual fact he is my player of the season.

    Giroud is like a cart horse dont like to say that about an Arsenal player but he just doesnt fit in. Having said that the team gelled well and showed that we can play football when we set our mind on it.

    The crowed seemed a little quiet, but the ones who did turn up looked as if they stayed till the end. Well done those who stayed and supported.

    For the guys who just witnessed one side given a footballing lesson in teamwork, and a 2.0 win and still held your Wenger out posters, theres a time and a place to show your dislike and its not aFTER A WIN AND DISPLAY THAT WE WITNESSED TODAY sorry Caps came on and i cannot be bothered to re type it

  28. Wenger looked subdued in his interview, He looked physically upset , i felt he was close to tears, I know i moan a lot but i felt for him tonight, His side gave a good display got a 2’0 win and all 3 pts and still has to suffer the despare of the crowd. I know its been brewing for a long time, but it still feels iffy.

  29. Sorry 69er, but I didn’t start watching the recording until the second half was in progress so I couldn’t join you on the virtual sofa.

    Good result, total control, some breathtaking passing and movement none of which resulted in a goal. Sanchez was exceptional, took a good pass, turned, rode a tackle and got a shot away for a super goal. His second was a stunner, straight off the practice ground.

    WBA were poor, offered almost nothing in attack, didn’t even use the physical stuff to any extent. Looked exactly what they are, journeyman players in a lower half side.

    Our defence looked more organised with Merts playing, that said they didn’t have much to do.

    Three points and back up to third, our grip on the TPT is a little firmer.

    Throughout the game and in his after-match interview Wenger look grey and exhausted, the life seems to have been drained out of him.

    Bon nuit.

  30. Just finished watching a recording of the game, I had family business to take of during the game – grandchildren in need no less.

    Good win and up to third – a miracle is still possible but improbable at the same time.

    My hope left for the season – perhaps the only one left – is that Man U don’t get a CL spot.

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