Sanchez vs Baggies… the stats!

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* Possession: Arsenal-Lots WBA-Not a Lot

* Shots: Arsenal-Loads WBA-Not Loads

* Player Ratings:

  • Cech: Stayed in the Goal twiddling his thumbs
  • Bellerin: Played and ran mucho mucho
  • BFG: Played and headed the ball quite a bit
  • Kos: Defended and went down the right wing once
  • Monreal: Played on the left
  • Elneny: Passed the ball very often
  • Ramsey: Tried too hard
  • Özil: Played, stood still quite a lot and should have scored
  • Iwobi: Played, played well but should have passed quicker
  • Giroud: Sat on his arse quite a bit looking at the ref, didn’t score
  • Sanchez: Had a FOR SALE sign printed on his shirt, scored two fantastic goals.

* Overall Performance: Above their average.

* Crowd: Mainly subdued, sang a bit but not enough.

* Atmosphere in the dugout: Stressed and worried.

* Wine consumed: 75cl Rosé de Provence… chilled.

* Trips to Toilet: 3

* Food consumed: Quarter piece of cold pizza.

* 69ers overall satisfaction: 85.0256%

* 69ers general physical and mental state at end of game:……… Happy and pissed.

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25 thoughts on “Sanchez vs Baggies… the stats!

  1. Good morning you fucking virtual boycotters…

    Left me all alone in the Sore Arse bar to watch the game… no fucking excuses like, internet streaming not good, only watched a fucking recording, or the fucking grand kids turned up….. you wankers 🙂

  2. Morning Piss head,
    You got the stats about right, so thank you for the post, Thought i was a moaner, your fucking worse than my Mrs.
    Came on right after the game,. and you had already gone to bed pissed but happy..

    Surprisingly we played very well, our scoring still a question of concern. Giroud proved why any other strikers we have are still no better than him, Walcotts five minutes only seems to show that the shorter time he has on the field the more he seems to do, although still not enough.

    Looking at your remarks about Iwobi, I must say i felt you were a little harsh on him as i felt he did alright, seems we all see something different in every game. Sanchez did score the goals and both came by way of shots, one in real play and the other from a good free kick. Bit surprised that Forster was beaten so easily as Mertsacker Broadcast where the ball was going but not everybody is as observant as you was with your report.

    I sat and watched drinking Cech bottles of Bud fucking Rubbish, But i was lucky and still had a couple of proper Buds left in the fridge.Come 75 minutes i was expecting camera’s panning the stands, strange really nobody seemed to move, I reckon the ones who were going to walk out decided not to walk in instead, Now that seemed a better idea.

    Smiffy and Spuds son Rednapp couldnt leave it alone after the game. We had just won 2.0 totally dominated the game and all they could talk about is why Wenger needs replacing, was it all staged managed and at the end of the day does it really matter what they think.

  3. I won’t be on line much today, going away for the weekend and have loads to do and prepare, but won’t be leaving till this evening so will pop onto the blog from time to time.

  4. You seem in good spirit this morning NB, 3 pts closer to the Spuds, only a couple of games left and we could even move up a place. N5 will have an orgasm if Utd dont move, Cocky shagged the Kronke Blow up doll and ripped the arse out of it , While Norfolk had a shag the first one this year and missed the first half. Lucky me and you sat in peace and quiet, having a sherbut lubly Jubly.

  5. A very good mood Steve…. off to the Cote d’Azur for the weekend with a girl friend, the weather forecast is excellent, so beach bar and pastis. I have a post ready and have found out that on wordpress I can set a timer for it to be published. Lubly Jubly

  6. That sounds like a good way to finish the week off. This girlfriend is she French big and fat, as you said about drinking and eating, but no shagging. Finding out about Technology just on the verge of a love weekend, sounds like this weekend was all stage managed, good on ya son get stuck in.

  7. Good Morning
    A win, goodish summary.
    You don’t do fat lol…… nor do you do enough smut on here, suppose we will have to wait for Cocky 🙂
    From a personal point, I can’t understand why Campbell gets a raw deal for playing time compared to Walcott, they both came on at the death together, 1 puts himself about trying the other invariably ends up on his arse, still I haven’t managed so what the fuck do I know.

  8. Morning Irish Mick 😀
    “Goodish summary” you fucking idiot paddy, it was fucking excellent…. just look at the fucking boring stuff they put up on AA today….
    I agree about Campbell… for the short time he was on the pitch he put in 100% effort and should’ve scored.

    Smut…………….. you want smut?

  9. Looking at that photo can’t you all just imagine sliding your hand over those firm breasts, slowly moving across her flat belly and over her hip bones and then just putting your hand between her thighs and slipping your finger into a wet and warm fanny………

  10. I’m a few million short of pulling someone as tasty and young as that, but I do dream lol…firm boobs, I have think back for those..sad old git.
    Hope you enjoy your weekend away, don’t forget to pack the viagra 🙂

  11. Yes Michael, firm breasts may be a thing that we can just dream about these days but warm, wet fannies stay the same ha ha

    I always have at least 2 viagra in my wallet at all times… 🙂 but Cialis is better…. lasts for 36 hours

  12. Pack my bag, let’s check the notes.

    2 Viagara
    2 Cialis
    2 cases of red wine
    Clean undies
    Sweat band
    Head polish
    Packet to etchings (for show)

    2 Large bottle of extra strength Aspirin

  13. ha ha GN5… a good list but I don’t wear ‘undies’, haven’t done since I was about 17. And what’s a ‘packet to etchings’? Is that a packet of pork scratchings or a book of etchings (for show). And why would I need a Teddy when I got a lovely bird to snuggle up to…….
    Never need aspirin, I don’t suffer from hangovers ha ha

  14. Packet of artists etchings to scatter around to make it feel like home.

    I’m the same I never suffer from hangovers – I sleep right through them 🙂 🙂 🙂

  15. Morning all, Happy St Georges day, in case you don’t hear about it.
    Barack Obama reckons that if we don’t stay in Europe then America would put us at the back of the line in trading with us. Perhaps a good thing as we seem to back them in every fracuss they get into, may save us a few bob.

    They can take their Budweiser back and well have to re introduce Watneys Red Barrel, By fuck how shallow will they go. MP’s may just have to start working for a living if we come out , Imagine they may even have to run the country again, I read Cameron’s Pamphlet that came through the door, I thought a referendum was a vote from the public, but of course its a warning from the puppets of Brussels .

    What ever way you vote, remember that we did once rule ourselves, whether we can do that again is in your hands.

    Enough of all that old shit, do you reckon Northbank got his legover last night, or did he get pissed and was left saggy. I have a feeling that he will fuck todays post up, as him and Technology is still new.

    Hopefully we may get a couple of Naked Holiday snaps in black and white., Mind you he’s in his sixtys may be his bird is around the same, so in hindsight just a few countryside pics instead.

    Not heard a great deal of Arsenal news, but do we do that on this site..

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