King Arsènio and the Big Pot of Gold.

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…… there was a loyal and goodly King named Arsènio.

He ruled over the Empire of Arsenaldonia, in the Fiefdom of Highbury that was part of the Great Kingdom of Engeland. Arsènio had ruled since a time when poverty and strife had engulfed the hamlet, which is a very long time, but in his knightly endeavours he had brought prosperity and fame to the people of the region. He had led a mighty invincible army into battle against evil warlords such as Fergie the Red Nose and José the Favoured, son of Wanker the III. King Arsènio had also built a magnificent new Palace and improved the surrounding village. It was truly a wonderful Empire, a magnificent sight to behold.

And so it came about that Arsènio and his great Arsenaldonian army had conquered all before them, they were celebrated throughout the land and they brought joy and wonderment to the people of Arsenaldonia. He was worshiped by his people and became a legend.

The building of the Palace had come at a price however and King Arsenio found himself restricted by debt and was unable to continue to build his army with the best and bravest of knights.

As time passed during this period, some of the Kings most faithful and skilful knights became disillusioned and weary of his tactics and poor incentives, Sir Cescanus the Back Stabber, Sir Van Persious the treacherous, Sir Bacarus the Unworthy and Sir Clichymus the Disloyal were not content to stay and serve their King for little reward and so they searched the land for more adventurous warlords and Kings to serve under, they were bewitched by Overlords who would pay them handsomely for their services. Hence began an exodus of men who betrayed Arsènio for more gold and they were labelled as traitors to the Fiefdom of Highbury.

During the same period rich and evil Overlords entered the Great Kingdom of Engeland from far off lands and paid large sums of gold to some of the other fiefdoms of the land, enabling them to build bigger and better armies. These new armies, now with unlimited gold were then able to challenge the hold that Arsènio had over the Kingdom of Engeland and his weakened forces were soon over-run and defeated.

Fergie the Red Nose, José the Favoured and a new warlord named Manuel de Peligronius became the most powerful Warlords in the land, supported and funded by Rich Overlords, they won many battles and shared the gold proceeds between them and hence  leaving the goodly King Arsènio with nothing, his days of glory seemingly over.

Then a saviour arrived in the Fiefdom of Highbury, Stan the Wig of Usa, he was a rich and powerful Overlord from a far and distant land over the big sea to the West, he came with a very large pot of gold and the people of Arsenaldonia believed that their fortunes would take a turn for the better with his arrival.

This was not to be the case, instead it transpired that Stan the Wig was very evil and only interested in his own greed and far from using his gold to the benefit of the fiefdom of Highbury, he took the profit from the taxes for his own gain and advancement, increasing his wealth and  buying large feudal estates in his own far off land.

It wasn’t long before King Arsènios’ once faithful people started to turn against him and the rich greedy overlord Stan the Wig, there were rumours circulating that a large pot of Gold was being horded in the Palace and that Stan the Wig was manipulating King Arsenio. The populace were becoming more outspoken about the methods of the rulers and how they ruled, the taxes were being increased and they saw no benefit and the army of Arsenaldonia stayed weak and ineffectual, losing battle after battle, year after year.

There was the smell of revolution in the air. It permeated the Palace and the surrounding village, it turned brother against brother, it caused rifts in families and groups. The citizens started to refuse paying the taxes, they withheld their support of the army, gangs roamed the streets shouting obscene things about their rulers and the knights, even going as far as demanding the heads of good King Arsenio and devious Stan the Wig.

King Arsènio and his council of advisors were constantly telling the people that they had no large pot of gold in the Palace, that it was just a vicious rumour started by their enemies, gossip mongers and harbingers of doom. They told the citizens to be patient and in time things would get better, meanwhile, Stan the Wig stayed silent, hording his wealth and fleecing the local population with higher taxes and profiting from battles in Europe.

But the population of Arsenaldonia wanted glory and they started to talk about a possible uprising and so they turned to another rich Overlord, a man with even more gold than Stan the Wig, to lead them in a take over. His name was Usmanov the Ugly from Belarusia, a mysterious kingdom in the East. He had been an original supporter of King Arsènio and his army but had gradually become unhappy with the deterioration of the Fiefdom and the Army, he was a outspoken critic of evil Stan the Wig and was now ready to lead the people to revolution and a take over. He promised the population that he would change the way things were run, he would invest his gold to make the army powerful again and bring back the glory and wealth to the Empire of Arsenaldonia.

And so it came about, revolution ensued, it was vicious and bloody, it tore the region apart, and a few years passed before Usmanov the Ugly was finally victorious. King Arsènio was deposed and Stan the Wig returned to his homeland with all the gold he had accumulated.

A new King, Anonymous the Unknown, was crowned and a new army was rapidly formed. The region settled down and awaited the glory…………….. but nothing happened, the army had been hastily put together by the new King Anonymous using much of the horded gold and under the spell of Usmanov the Ugly who wanted it done his way, and thus they continued to lose battles and so even more gold was invested but to no avail, the army was a shambles, full of mercenaries who had been bought to fight in the army but they were only interested in being paid handsomely in gold, not the glory, so the taxes rose even higher and eventually the citizens of Arsenaldonia found out that Usmanov the Ugly was in fact an evil sorcerer, no different than Stan the Wig and he was sharing the profits and the taxes with the new King and the council of advisors.

The region decended into ruin and poverty, the magnificent Palace fell into disrepair, the streets were filthy and running with effluent, and pestilence spread throughout the Fiefdom of Highbury. A temporary King was appointed by the people, David of Moyes, but he was not of the knightly calibre of the goodly King Arsènio and it wasn’t long before the Arsenaldonian army were eventually condemned to a land where they became just ghosts of their former selves, battling against lesser armies from Fiefdoms such as Morecombe, Hartlepool and Wycombe.

Usminov the Ugly fled the Great Kingdom of Engeland in great haste with very large pots of Gold, never to return and the people of Arsenaldonia were left without the glory they had wished for, infact, they were even poorer than before the revolution and were left wondering whether they had made the right choice……………………. and then a great sage  visited the Fiefdom of Highbury, a wise and mystical man called Northbankious the Sixty -Niner, from Avignonium, in the Kingdom of Francophilia, and he travelled the length and breadth of the region and he preacheth  with great conviction to the people……………”my friends and fellow Arsenaldonians” he said,  “in the future, be careful what you wish for………..”

Afficher l'image d'origine


NOTE from the Guv’nor: Starting today the GunnersoreArse blog will be a Leicester City blog until the end of the season, anyone who disagrees is truly not an Arsenal supporter of the right calibre so you can Piss Off. Come on you Fucking Foxes……








64 thoughts on “King Arsènio and the Big Pot of Gold.

  1. Bonjour Soixante-Neuf, can you get broadband in your pop-up tent? 😀

    Good read my dear fellow, lots of ugly bastards in it it but where’s the fair maiden with the bulging boobs?

  2. The blogs have gone dead everywhere so good night from him and dgoodnight from him. Oh Christ they aren’t with us anymore either.

  3. Magnificent Fable,
    Only the true ending never ended happily.
    I abbreviate this Mystical man to Sixtyninney who eventually fled the Kingdom after meeting Merlin from Norfolkian a wise old wizard who mixed a potion of Viagoron, that would sort out Sixtyninney’s flagging Joisting stick, Sixtyninney had struggled since the last eclipse and had been renamed to Sixtyninney for his wonderfull tongue action of Maid Marrion the Hairy, She moved Hamlets when word got out that Sixtyninney could bring ecstasy where there hadn’t been any In Spudsvile.

    Sixtyninney and Marrion the Hairy fled to the South, Meanwhile Hairy Marrion was still experiencing spells of delickious tonguelashings. Sixtyninney had forgotten the magic Potion Merlin had made for him, but after a long tongue lashing session Sixtyninney felt something hiding in Marrions panteloons, He had found His Merlins Potion and straight away realised that the Evil Marrion the Hairy from Spudsvile had stolen the potion, Now Back in his possession he fled the evil Marrion, and ventured back to where his roots were, in old Engeland.

    Once Back to his rightful Home in Islingtonia, Sixtyninney Met old friend Merlin Who had Travelled long from Norfolkian, so pleased to see one another they retreated to an old tavern named The Olde twelve Needles. Several flaggons of olde Ales later, Tavern owner Cockoldian of Cornwoldiom ordered them out of the tavern, but then became enbroiled in a fracuss where the 3 old wise men had battled to a friendship which would change the Kingdom of old Arsenaldonia.

    The 3 old warriors decided to finally sort out the Kingdom, Merlin of Norfolkian asked Sixtyninney if his potion had worked , Sixtyninney had forgotten the potion again, and answered no, Take it now Merlin asked , and the potion was taken, withing a short spell of time Sixtyninney felt stirrings and his forgotten Joisting Pole was back rearing it’s Ugly head, and looking for a Harlott, None to be found so Cockolodian his new found friend offered to ease his need. Sixtyninney had a pent up frustration that had built up over the years, and today was the day they would cement their future relationship.

    The coupling took many hours and the 3 old warriors had now realised that Melin of Norfolkian had a potion that could be traded for many soldiers. The Potion traded well and soon the Sheckles rolled in The Partnership was formed and the \Kingdom was now fully protected. As the years went on the Kingdom won many battles and many trinkets amassed in the rejuvenated Castle, Merlin eventually retreated to olde Norfolkian but Sixtyninney and Cockoldian could still not be parted. Arsenaldonia was now a stronghold a fortress, The kingdom was back and never to be defeated Sixtyninney would see out his Days with a rigid Joisting stick, all to the delight of his long partner Cockoldian, Not forgetting Old Merlin who still tinckered with his potions just in case of any invading old tyrant.

    The Kingdom lived happily ever after.

  4. An elderly couple return to a Mercedes dealership to find the salesman had just sold the car they were interested in to a beautiful, leggy, busty blonde.

    “I thought you said you would hold that car till we raised the £75,000 asking price,” said the man. “Yet I just heard you closed the deal for £65,000 to that lovely young lady there. You insisted there could be no discount on this model.”

    “Well, what can I tell you? She had the ready cash, and just look at her, how could I resist?” replied the grinning salesman.

    Just then the young woman approached the old folks and handed them the keys.

    “There you go,” she said. “I told you I could get this joker to drop the price. See you later, grandpa.”

    Never mess with the elderly!

  5. Great stuff from Sixtynineous of Pissonia and Stevil of Kangolia.

    I can see this being one of the worst seasons I can remember where Manshafter Std win the FA Cup and equal our record and The Spud Cunts win the league …… looked oh so good untill we lost at WBA, actually it was the week before when couldn`t beat the Spud Cunts at home !
    Here`s a question to question your Arsenal DNA !………………….I know there`s a lot of Gooners who for some reason hate Manshafter Std more than The Spuds !……yes, I`m looking at you VCC !……….would you take Manshafter Std winning the FA Cup if it meant The Spud Cunts not winning the league or would you rather The Spud Cunts win the league over Manshafter Std winning the FA Cup ?

    My thoughts on The Piss Artist from Pissonia`s post…………………………fuck Stanilas the Syrupussie !…………………Usmanov the Ugly anyday of the week and by the looks of it I`m not the only one !…………it`s what I wish for !

  6. What `69er probably ended up shagging in his inebriated state !………………lucky for him she was in a worse state than him otherwise he would have shafted the hat and coat stand !.

  7. Hi Cockie. It’s my worst nightmare the Spuds winning the league. So I would take the scum Utd to win the cup if it meant the Spuds wouldn’t win the league.

  8. TEAM NEWS: Wilshere on the bench

    Jack Wilshere has been named in the matchday squad for the first time this season, with Arsène Wenger picking an unchanged starting XI for Sunday’s game at Sunderland.

    The midfielder is included on the bench with Danny Welbeck, while Olivier Giroud retains the central striker role.

    Per Mertesacker and Laurent Koscielny form the centre-back partnership in defence, and Alex Iwobi also starts.

    Arsenal Cech, Bellerin, Mertesacker, Koscielny, Monreal, Elneny, Ramsey, Iwobi, Ozil, Alexis, Giroud

    Arsenal substitutes Ospina, Gabriel, Coquelin, Wilshere, Campbell, Walcott, Welbeck

    Copyright 2016 The Arsenal Football Club plc. Permission to use quotations from this article is granted subject to appropriate credit being given to as the source
    24 Apr 2016

  9. Evening all,0.0 says everything about this team this year. Sure we were not going to win anything this season, but at least we could have gone out fighting,
    What can you say when disappointment has followed your team all season, Only bring on next season.

    This season i feel has been a miss match, a miss match of tactics and players. Very easy to criticise after the facts, but although our side will still finish somewhere near the top, we will see clubs that have spring boarded by us and left us for dead..

    These clubs who will pick up the spoils, have i feel made great forward steps , What actually they possess that we cannot grasp i cannot put my finger on , Maybe just belief that we seemed to have lost along the way, Maybe we don’t change tact when things go wrong, Maybe we rely on players who have let us down nearly every time they play, As i say people see things differently but we are no better than we were last season, or the season before that, So its only fair to say that adventurous clubs will still pass us by next season as well

    Arsenal needs change, but what we need to change is not clear but we certainly need to find it.

  10. It is to me Steve, Wenger, he must go, he is stale, he can’t see when players are absolute crap, how he kept Giroud and Ramsey on I just don’t know.

    He can’t motivate the team, he can’t see the faults in his tactics, he lives in a dream world where all the players he has bought are the best available.

    He’s got to go!

  11. NG you are absolutely right,we have been particularly lethargic these past three games.

    I would have taken Ramsey off at half time,then Giroud then Iwobi to try and freshen things up.
    Sunderland wanted it much more and IMO were unlucky not to get all 3 points bar cech saving us and the centre backs playing pretty well.

    I just can’t understand it,are they not playing for the manager anymore or what.

  12. 4th is not guarenteed yet, If Manshafter win their game in hand they will be only 2 points behind us !. Although I cannot bring myself to want Arsenal to lose any game, they are fucking up for me and my preference to be out of the CL to give a better chance of winning the EPL next season may happen !.
    Get 4th and have a qualifying game ( which by our intermittant form is not guarenteed qualification ) will start all the excuses if we start the next season shit by playing catch up !……………fuck EL and fuck CL, we are rich enough not to miss one £30M for one year !. It didn`t stop Manmshafter spending vast amounts of money and it wont stop The Chavs spending next season !.
    4th is not a trophy, without CL it`s just another position in the league that meant you were not Champions !, I`d rather have had no CL for the last 12 years and won the EPL once like either Leicester or the Spuds are going to do !
    Although I wont intentionally bad mouth Wenger unless it is in humour, I do think he should move on and have thought this for at least 3 years, if we`re not going to sp[end a fortune under the Kunt Kroenke, then we need a better footballing coach ie like the Spuds have, like Soton have, like The Chavs had with Maureen, like A Madrid have !………as I have said for a long time now, Wenger is a great manager but not a great tactical coach !.

    Kroenke Out !
    Usmanov In !

  13. Looking on AA, it seems Red Arse was saying the same as me 3 years ago, but we were beaten to it by Kelsey who said Wenger should go 5 years ago !.

    Kroenke Out !
    Kelsey In !.

  14. Seems to me that there may be unrest in the changing rooms, Ozil went off with the hump, looked like he didn’t want to say anything to Walcott just brushed hands, I don’t believe our players are all fighting for one another, When that happens its usually money related.

    Now if i were a player playing in the back line and i witnessed the displays from our higher earning players and i was to see how many games i had played this season compared to some of the others i would have a bit of the needle. Sure top players get top money forward players seem to be on the high earning list, But are not scoring and winning us matches, i believe i would be asking questions.

    Players when asked to speak on television, seem to me to be following a pre-set program, i find it strange when young guys talk like the manager, and it seems without passion. I believe that is where the problem is, and i can see an exodus of some this year.

  15. Mesut Ozil has created more chances in a single season (137) than any other player in Premier League history.
    The German midfielder broke Frank Lampard’s previous record of 134 during the 0-0 draw with Sunderland at the Stadium of Light, live on Super Sunday on Sky Sports 1 HD.

    What does this say ?……well to me it says that Ozil is doing what he`s paid to do and we need a proper striker to put the chances away !

  16. On the subject of a striker, we all would love someone like Aguero, but am I missing something here ?……….haven`t we got our own Aguero in Alexis ?……… there some reason we do not play Alexis as an out and out lone striker ?. Him up top alone would release a spot for another midfielder of Wheelchairs flair !….or other !.

  17. Evening Cocky, Possession has never won a game, looks good on the stats but it also means that we hold the ball for longer than we need to. Possession is fine when you are 3 up, and you don’t have to score but it allows their defence time to regroup and reshape and build that old park the bus syndrome that we often moan about.

    Fast penetrative attacks of direct football would suit Sanchez as he has good control or can head or he can shoot, and he could just be the striker we need. Its not always about the striker, its supplying the striker.. I often feel we take an age to get the ball out of our own half, the movement of players i feel is not good enough, as our goalkeeper is the escape when pressed, so in my mind it is the build up that is wrong; far too slow.

    Defenders hate being pressurised quickly, we only do that occasionally, We also have not got strikers that bust a gut to enter the box, i feel our system is wrong both in attack and defence. We often moan about the players but i feel the systems are wrong for the players we have.

  18. I see Wenger is making excuses that Arsenal had a fixture congestion/busy schedule for todays drab draw, yet after beating WBA he said playing on Sunday was no different from playing on a Wednesday/ Saturday and would be no problem , even saying that there was no evidence from european studies that playing twice per week was a problem !.
    As I`ve always said……the “Fatigue” excuse is a load of bollocks, the only problem from playing twice per week is the increase of getting injured !….no player gets a week in the sick room from fatigue !,…..but just to go along with the crap I hope we get no CL or EL and only have to play once per week and then we can see what excuse he makes when we still fuck up trying to win the EPL……” the players are depressed that is why we not at the races today “………….over paid, underworked and full of bollocks !
    I read how upset Arsene is from the abuse and how he looks tired and aged from stress !……….yeah right !, if he was on the new minimum wage maybe, but not £8M per year !. He is handsomely paid for a team that is just about above average in performance !
    Would he be too hard done by if he was on a £1m per year and paid a high bonus for winning the league or CL ?…………would any of you be upset on his wage or would you laugh all the way to the bank ?………..I`d wank myself silly looking at my bank balance and the two lesbians performing in front of me !.

  19. Hi Steve
    Not sure if you`re taking my Ozil stat as a possession related stat as it isnt !………just saying he makes the most laid on chances ever in the EPL and someones not putting them away !.

  20. No i understood what you were saying and agreed,
    The whole system, works the same but its not working, Leaky defence and misfirering strikers. Hasn;t worked this year and it will take major time to change it, We could in all honesty buy Messi and at first he would score but it always ends the same.

    We only have two ways to play normal or worse.

  21. Because of our possession obsession we tend to crowd ourselves out of the oppo’s penalty area. We make it harder for ourselves by having too many players in and around the box. Gradually as the game goes on we get even more crowded in the centre.

    Today only Monreal actually tried getting wide beyond their full-back. Needless to say Giroud fucked up any chances created by his crosses.

    Bellerin has stopped trying to get to the byline and instead turns infield too. We are making it easy for opposition defenders and ruining our own chances of getting a shot on target from either inside or outside the box.

  22. Morning all.
    Reading some of the stories that have been circulating this morning, has more or less convinced me that or season is over with 3 games left to play. Leicester won 4;0 almost cementing the Premier title. Our game away in Sunderland proved more a game of giving minutes to players who have not been available for most of the season. Whether these players will be used by Euro Managers is a million dollar question, but Mr Wenger included them against Sunderland.

    Arsenals season more or less finished yesterday. Our last chance of upsetting the apple cart went in ninety minutes, the chance was very slim but wasn’t helped by the changes made in the last ten minutes. Ozil off and Walcott on Wilshere also found himself thrust on to get his first ten minutes of Premier league football since last August.

    The changes in all fairness made very little difference to the final score, a boring no scoring draw, But it did show that Wenger had given up on the league prior to the start. Oliver Giroud was selected to start ahead of Danny Welbeck, Both strikers have had lean times of late so not a hard decision to make.

    There are stories.about this morning suggesting Walcott may not be in the squad next season. His first half of the season saw him injured but was back fit for the second half where he has struggled with his form. Walcott it has to be said has not got a particular position that he is fighting to get back into, as spells as a midfielder and the odd game as central striker still hasn’t cemented a starting place in Arsenals team, so it seems unlikely any manager would include them in the upcoming Euro competition.

    Players of the like of Vardy of Leicester and Kane of Tottenham even Carrol of West Ham have proved their worth with a succession of goals. They have shown the form that gets you picked for your country, Midfielder’s by the score also showing great form, players who have busted a gut for their perspective clubs all season. should in all reason be picked in front of any of our recent inclusions.

    Mr Wenger does his best to bring his players up to international standards, but for this season these players have just not done enough. Arsenal themselves have come up short again in their quest for honours, But their injury list seems to be ending just as the season is coming to the end.

    Mr Wenger has a year left on his current contract, I am sure if he should leave Arsenal at the end will want to leave in style. This has not been his season, Perhaps Next season will prove better.

  23. Morning `sorearse herds 🙂

    I read on newsnow that Arsenal have their whole squad fit and training for the first time since we were Dial Square !…………typical !….after it`s all over !………………… know what`s going to happen, at least half a dozen players will come back from the Euro`s on a life support machine and Ox and Theo who wont be going will get injuries from a dodgy hair cut and just being too nice a person respectably.
    No Emirates Cup to get injured in but some will die after getting lost on Kroenkes bigger than Wales ranch.

  24. I hate statistics but sometimes you just can’t ignore them.

    Mesut Ozil chances created so far this season in the Premiership…137. Assists…..18. Percentage of chances converted into goals…..13.1%.

    Draw your own conclusions.

  25. Good morning Arse bloggers 🙂
    I’m back in sunny Avignon after a couple of lovely days spent in beach bars and eating Moules Frites. Glad to see the blog kept going in my absence. Steve P, I prefer your fairy tale ha ha ha

  26. Copied this from another site so I`m not the only one who think`s Arsene contradicts himself time after time.

    On Friday Arsene Wenger expressed no concerns about playing a match so soon after the Thursday night fixture:

    ” Between Thursday and Sunday and Wednesday and Saturday morning is exactly the same…It’s no problem. In fact… points on average [after three days] are better than after four or five days.”

    Selecting the same side which beat West Brom just three days previously would back up his comments yet after the 0-0 at Sunderland, he said:

    ” I think our first half was very good…The second half is always more difficult when you play Sunday-Thursday-Sunday.”

    So which is it? If it’s the latter then why not make a couple of changes to the starting line up or bring on the substitutes earlier or take off players who are having a mare on the day?

  27. Welcome back NB, been quiet here, not a lot of happy camper’s i’m afraid. Hope you had good weather been a bit changeable . Hope your friend enjoyed the weekend, you obviously did as you missed the most boring game here.

    Cockie and Norfolk kept the blog going, couple of others popped in, but N5 decided it was not a good time to enter the frey, can’t blame him really as he must also be nearing the end of his tether.

    Did you do any sketching or was the search for new wines, to over powering. Did have a wander over to the other side, same post for a few days, and they seem like they had been to several funerals.

    Terry of course still does his best to entertain but even those who only have one thought on their minds find humour of his kind of sanity. Wenger is not making many friends at the moment, his stagnant excuses make little sense, and his team selection has us all wondering if he is losing patience. With one year left of his current contract has me wondering if he will continue next season.

    If of course he decides to carry on, i wonder if a spend up might be on the cards but only if he intends to stay for another term as surely he wouln’t spend if he intends to move on hardly fair on his successor. I am feeling that he is at his wits end but i suppose we will just have to see how the season ends.

  28. Better get used to it 69er, the only subject to talk about is how bad things are at Arsenal.

    Only radical change at the top will bring about any improvement and that ain’t gonna happen.

  29. I suppose so Norfolk, but don’t forget, I’m turning this blog into a Leicester City blog this week…………. until the end of the season when we win the EPL and stop the Spuds from doing it ha ha ha

  30. Fair enough 69er, my only regret with Leicester winning the title is that we didn’t.

    They have a manager who has turned a bunch of mediocre players into contenders. We have a manager who has turned a bunch of contenders into mediocre players.

    I’m heartily sick of the same old excuses being trotted out, player fatigue, fixture congestion and all the rest.

    We need a manager who can put some guts into the players. We’ve got too many Jessies who jump out of challenges and turn their backs on the ball.

    As far as I can see, many of our players are more interested in tattoos, hairstyles and poncy coloured boots than actually showing a bit of commitment on the pitch.

    Oh, and money of course!

  31. Is that your friend NB, Your a little cagey. Didn’t Merlin’s Potion work on the fairer sex 🙂 Or was you legless before her.

  32. Steve, you were right, I was also peeved off with that performance and if I was so inclined I could also pick apart certain aspects of the game and the individual players – but that’s not my style. What is obvious is that consciously or subconsciously the team have gone into summer mode and with a few notable exceptions they are not putting in a professional effort. However that is not unusual as all managers can do is pick their best 11 and prepare then for the game, it’s the players job to show their spirit and effort on the field – which most didn’t.

    I will use Walcott as an example – we had a potential two on one breakaway when Sundeland’s keeper miss kicked the ball – the ball bounced between their defender and an in rushing Walcott – but Wally pulled away to avoid contact and we lost a glorious chance to have two players in front of an empty goal. We will never no why he avoided contact all we know is what occurred, if i was his manager I’d make him look at a robo tape of that incident and not pick him for the next game……….

  33. Was hard to find Some Leicester totty, `69er as they dont have as many sluts as we have ! hahaha

  34. evening all, sorry i missed you N5 You are starting to see along the lines of most of us. Of course it will take you a lot longer than most, as you have held strong views for a very long time.
    I did as well but i feel the longer this reign goes on for, the more tainted the memory will become,

    You will always see an out for our leader, i know as i still look for one myself , but change is needed as it has for several years, I fought other supporters and had bad feelings with them over my beliefs, but there does come a time when you start to question, and when that time comes, you start looking for change.

  35. We will follow the Leicester over the land and sea…and Arsenal !
    Come on you Foxes !………..3 more points and we are champions !………….sorry, I mean ….you are champions !. hahaha

    Seeing as this is (untill the Foxes win the league) a Leicester blog, I think it`s about time we done some dooming and slag Ranieri off !…..I mean he might/probaly win the league this season but what has he done for next season ?. The cunts probably a one season wonder !
    Ranieri Out !
    Wenger In !

  36. What next ?……………….Transplant and GN5 will be defending Ranieri for next seasons demise……fucking loyal bastards !.

  37. You’re reading way to much into my comment Steve, I’m just upset over our performance against Sunderland – I will never start to think like the rest of you.

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