The Spuds start to choke….

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The bastards up the road in the shadows of N17 started to choke last night and have practically handed the EPL title to Leicester (the GunnersoreArse second team).

What joy it was to read that Kane and Alli failed to make their mark against an average WBA side who we easily beat last week. However, Leicester have a tough game next weekend at Old Toilet so they are not yet champions, but the Spervs have the tougher game at Stamford Bridge, the Chavs don’t want to see the N17 dicks win the league so will probably go all out to win the game. So if the Spervs lose and Leicester get a point against the Red Mancs, the Foxes will be crowned champions on Monday evening.

We’re all saying that this should have been the Arsenal season for the EPL title but if the Spuds fail to win it, the same could be said of them, and even more so. They will probably end up similar to Liverpool where the scousers finished second in the 2013/14 season, just losing out on the title, and then returned to their normal mediocrity the following year.

The Spuds may well finish above us this season but what enormous fucking disappointment they will suffer from only finishing second. The despair will be far greater than the fact they’ve finished above us for the first time in 20 years.

So all Arsenal eyes will be on those two games this coming weekend, Leicester play on Sunday and the Spud dicks play on Monday.

When you think about it, Arsenal fans owe a massive THANK YOU to Leicester City, they’ve got in the way of the Spuds winning the EPL…. Come on you Foxes……..


58 thoughts on “The Spuds start to choke….

  1. Our recent poor displays look even worse now. Oh, how things could have been different if Mr. Wenger had got half a decent striker last year.

    I bet he will carry on with Giroud and Mertesacker next season too. ☹️

  2. Nice post 69er.

    What prat would have a cock on their head, I ask yer. lmfao?

    Great photo of a vegetable btw.

    Your spot on sir. “The same could be said of them”. Most Arsenal fans (including me) are saying the same thing that we have thrown it away and it should have been our year. In all honesty, and it pains me to say this, I think Tottenham Hotspurs have played better than us this season. They have a progressive young manager, who is not afraid to take chances ( unlike our pensioner) and play some attractive football, with exciting players such as Deli Ally and Harry Kane. They have a midfielder, who we should and could have signed in Dembele, who is a unit, exactly what we need to bolster our midfield.

    We can match them with our goal keeper and full backs and also one central defender.

    The first time in decades I find myself putting a few Spurs players in an amalgamated Arsenal/Spurs team.

    Who, if any would you guys swap ? Be HONEST now and don’t have your rose coloured glasses on like Stretch.

  3. Bonjour Soixante-Neuf, there may yet be a twist in the tail.

    Daft Vardy has copped an extra game ban and doolally Alli is likely to be banned for punching one of the WBA players last night.

    I expect Steve will see a conspiracy in these two un-related events, Sky and the Premiership in cahoots to keep the pot boiling for as long as possible.

    Jon Moss, the ref who sent Daft Vardy off has quietly been relegated to the Championship for this weekend. Shameful.

  4. VCC, Walcott, Giroud, Oxlade-Chamberlain, and Sanogo for Kane in an instant, There’s nothing that special apart from Kane.

    Mind you I’d take Pochettino for Wenger anytime.

  5. 69er, I’d like it to go to the wire and Spuds miss out by one point. The agony will be even worse when they realise that by drawing both games against us we stopped them winning the title.

  6. Norfolk….. How very dare you, going to the wire and missing out by a point. Have you no sympathy for an old man like me who suffers with a dodgy heart whenever Arsenal play nowadays. 😀

    Would you not swap Dembele or Alli for Coquelin?

  7. How about this side Norfolk?






    Title winning team I’ve no doubt.

  8. VCC, I wouldn’t touch Doolally Alli with a barge pole, he’s arrogant, spiteful and a red card waiting to happen.

    I’d want someone better than Vertongen to replace Merts, but I suppose Dembele could be a reasonable back up to Coquelin.

  9. I don’t think any of those would be better than le Coq and the Egyptian…. Elneny will be next seasons Mahrez I’m 100% sure. We just need a striker or two who would be able to score with the supply from Elneny, Ozil and Iwobi. CB is another issue, and I stick with John Stones.

  10. Our key issue for the past 8/10 seasons has been our lack of a steel backbone.

    Based on what I witness here are what I would consider to be our 3 top priorities.

    1. A seasoned (hard nut) CB.
    2. A known scorer.
    3. A Tony Adams type of leader.

    This season failing to put the ball in the net has been our biggest issue, our 58 goals scored after 35 games is the second lowest in AW’s 20 seasons; the lowest was 55 in 1998/9. The highest was 78 in 2009/10. We created endless scoring opportunities but they were squandered and we were left wanting.

    Our goals against is not as big an issue as 34 against in 35 games is less than an average of 1 per games and should have been good enough – although there were a lot of goals that should never have been scored.

    So for me it’s not a disaster where we have to throw out all of our washing along with our leader – we simply need to retire some of the old stalwarts and then find a strong CB along with a (real) leader and a goal scorer.

  11. Good morning GN5…… is it snowing there in London 🙂

    Steel backbone…. I don’t think Wenger believes that to be the issue, he wants offence to be the new defence, but unfortunately he is getting it wrong…. I’ve just started a brilliant new video game… the aim is to defend your arms factories, and at the same time build tanks and weapons to be able to attack the enemy and destroy their Arms factory. If your factory is destroyed, you lose the game. So the first thing to do is build your defences, once that is up and running you can build your tanks and attack the enemy.

    I don’t think Wenger understands that strategy…. he builds his tanks and forgets about defending his arms factory.

  12. I understand where you are coming from NB but as you can see below AW has an excellent goals against per game average when compared to all the other Arsenal managers. It’s the stupid, unnecessary goals that we have given away the classic being the League Cup Final against Birmingham- we played and excellent game defensively and in a moment of madness we lost the game. We need someone in defense that will direct our team and , for instance, stop both of our full backs marauding at the same time.

    Sam Hollis – 1.91
    Thomas Brown Mitchell – 1.63
    George Elcoat – 1.21
    Harry Bradshaw – 0.92
    Phil Kelso – 1.53
    George Morrell – 1.42
    Leslie Knighton – 1.43
    Herbert Chapman – 1.56
    George Allison – 1.18
    Tom Whittaker – 1.35
    Jack Crayston – 1.83
    George Swindin – 1.82
    Billy Wright – 1.84
    Bertie Mee – 1.06
    Terry Neill – 1.08
    Don Howe – 1.24
    George Graham – 0.90
    Stuart Houston/ Bruce Rioch – 0.83
    Arsene Wenger – 0.95

  13. Well that’s the solution GN5…. we obviously need another Harry Bradshaw 🙂 or Bruce Rioch…. or dare I say it;… another George Graham. I would be happy to go through a season with loads of 1 nils and win the league

  14. My favourite tipple is single malt but these days I rarely drink anything other than red wine. Our current choice is from Chile it’s a Cabernet Sauvigon called Gato Negro.

  15. Evening all, Wenger doesn’t do defence. He plays zonal because he doesn’t know anything else, Boulder on the other hand could help out but he can’t get out of that fucking chair.

    N5 i know your coming round mate, You know Wenger is fucked and, your making excuses for him, but quick to point out where he is going wrong. N5 You know we needed players at the start of the season so did we but your old Hoppo knew better. He fucked up mate, much the same as he always does. I don’t want to slag him off, but he must be suffering Alzheimer’s as he must have forgotten to buy one, as we all knew we never had one.

    When a Manager takes of a half decent striker and replaces him with a worse one surely even you must question that, Then he takes Coq or Elneney off and puts Theo on, the guy has done fuck all all season and he doesn’t tackle so he again must have forgotten how shit his been.

    If you want to win a game you don’t weaken what you have all ready, but perhaps he forgets the score , he certainly forgets how much we have in the kitty. But you know something N5, we dont.

  16. That’s the problem in France, very rare t find a wine from another country. They are too fucking arrogant about their wines to introduce a competitor….. so I’m stuck with Cotes du Rhone, Bordeaux and Burgundy… apart from the occasional South African or Californian at LIDL ha ha

  17. Afternoon Helmet Huggers.

    I will not laugh at Twattenham Shitspuds yet !…..only when it is mathematicallly certain they cannot be champs !………………and by the way, if the Spuds lose at the Chavs, that`s it !……Leicester will be Champs, they dont need a point !…………………if both draw, Leicester will be champs !
    Come on you Foxes !

    As for Spud players who I want !…………….none !……….Kane is a childhood Gooner who became a traitor, he needs to die !…………………Alli said he`d rather retire than play for Arsenal, he needs to die !…………..I`d have their Manager as he has made lesser players play better than ours and that`s down to tactics formations, discipline etc` and most importantly imo…….got them fitter to run further, hassle and press with no excuses of fatigue crap !.

  18. You are right Cockie, if both Leicester and Spudcunts lose this coming weekend, Leicester will still be EPL champs. Spuds 69 points, Foxes 76 points…… with two games and six points to win.

  19. Nice one 69. I was never worried. We’ve got more chance of winning the league than them, and after last nights five hours staring at the table, I accept it may be difficult?

    Good luck to Leicester. They may play shit football but for a place were the only attraction is a supermarket car park pot hole were Richard the Third Fell in after losing control of his trolley, they deserve it.

    Leicester remind me of Greece 2004. Shit, 5000 to 1, long balls, and ugly bastards who’s names no one can remember. All accept Vardy. He’s so ugly, you can’t forget him.

    Funny enough, Ranieri managed Greece before the Leicester job. After losing to the Faroe Islands, a place were the postman is top scorer and a captain who became the first man to legally marry a sheep, he was hounded out

    When I say hounded out, a transit van chase across the Peloponese mountains with an angry mob all tooled up ensued, only ending when the mob got whiff of some bloke having a barbecue.

    If it wasn’t for the delights of Kleftico, Ranieri would now be sharing Richard the Thirds car park.

    Yet some how, the man who lost to a bunch of men who prefer wool, is winning the Premier League.

    Funny game football?

  20. That’s enough blogging for me today…. some good debate today, very enjoyable. There’ll be a new post tomorrow for you to get yer hampsteads into… à demain mes amis

  21. Obviously you know better than all of us Steve, including AW so we may as well stop blogging and just let you agree with yourself.

    You know so much you should consider becoming a football manager, I hear that it pays well and all you have to do is make excuses until you get fired – with a huge payoff.

  22. You cant kid me N5. Your starting to doubt him, I can remember the time you doubted the players and the effort they put in, but now your talking about how Wengers players are not tough enough. There was a time when you felt he knew what he was doing and he had a long time plan but you have waited a long time and you now doubt him.

    It does take time for it to sink in , but just how long are you prepared to wait.. You obviously have written next season off as you know he still has another year, you also know that he will not buy what we need but you will follow like you have for as long as you can remember till he finally packs in. Trouble is N5 the loyal fans have had enough of his lies and stories of players his looking for, Never going to happen. The fans will hate him by the time he goes because he doesn’t know when to go.I am not a doomer just a realist. We have the money, the players are out there, and Managers who know how to defend and set up players they also know how to hire and fire.

  23. I make no attempt to kid anybody, my views are consistently positive including when we have a poor result. The reality is that you are delusional and believe that your extreme views are those of the majority of real supporters, which is absolute bull shit.

    You have already been banned from several blogs because of the nonsense that you continue to spout and your attacks on anybody that objects to your personal brand of crap, you are fortunate here as NB is a very tolerant man.

    Who else but the people from bogland agree with you? let me know.

  24. N5, Get your facts right mate, I have never been banned from any site, I have disagreed with a few people, but have not yet been banned. I can see where this is going so i will refrain from Arguing the point with you. Enough said.

  25. The question was –

    “Who else agrees with you” – in other words how many people can you name that agree with your extreme beliefs?

  26. Oh Give it a rest GN5….. let’s all just agree to disagree…. Steves never been banned from a blog,…. and actually, although I’m not one of them, there are a couple of bloggers on here who do agree with him. Right, it’s well past my bed time…. see you all tomorrow.

  27. Morning all,
    I have woken up early this morning, and won’t be around until later, but i remember 69er say he was doing a post about defending today. I assume NB played as a defender back in the day, so his insight will be of interest to me later..

    The furthest i went back was a few games at half back, i too played many years ago, but what you find with many supporters is that in their day of playing this fine old game, is that they carry the knowledge of knowing the position. I played many years as an inside forward, many of our younger supporters would probably not recognise the term, but in modern language probably attacking midfielder.

    This position was a strength sapping position as you needed to be up with the centre forward and also be ready to drop back straight away to help out the half backs , you also found yourself helping out at the back as well.. I considered myself lucky as my manager saw a centre forward in me, he said i had quick feet and always knew where the goal was.

    Now Northbank will explain defensive duties a far sight better than me, so i will stay with CF position. Now of course the most important part of playing CF is to score goals, and in my day i scored many. A centre forward needs to be greedy but ,he also needs to know when to shoot and when not to. I was lucky as i was also gifted with heading ability, where many of today’s footballers would rather bring the ball down to foot.

    I feel that CF’s have to have a modicum of bravery as well as some of those goalkeepers coming out did have a habit of connecting their fist against my jaw, Centre halves also marked the centre forward in more ways than you could imagine, if you get my drift.

    Toughness was indeed a good trait to have, as battles would ensue. What i found was that scoring goals came easy to me, Without sounding cocky, i felt i knew when the ball was going in flight, basically where i had to be. We only had a split second to watch the ball fly over and decide if it was a header or what was the best chance of a goal.

    When you stand on the six yard line and look at the size of the goal, its hard to believe how many, miss that goal as its a bloody huge target but as we know they do. In a penalty situation, nearly all goalkeepers favour the middle of the goal as a starting position, we know they do move off that spot but they seldom move too far, where is the best place to aim the kick, top right or top left as they cannot possibly reach those positions from a standing jump, but that takes plenty of practice and a lot of confidence, Most penalty takers favour low right or low left as they feel more confident but that allows for an agile keeper to be able to reach it.

    On corners, where should a centre forward start from. Today, most corner takers give an indication on where he will aim for near post or far post ,in my day he just kicked it. But in flight i found it easy to judge where i thought the ball was winging its way to, so i usually stood somewhere near the penalty spot, Now i started there basically because i knew i would be moving towards goal and if i had to jump would be able to jump higher than a static defender unless i was man marked, but what i had in my favour was that he was watching me more than he was watching the ball and i usually got there before him..

    Of course the offside rule has changed , and that is now open to a referee’s decision, but offside still comes into play, but i don’t think it is any easier now than it was then. Centre forwards need to be agile and quick, the ability to be able to throw yourself left or right to connect to a ball from all positions, a good sense of timing and a good eye to spot the gaps. Split second chances are just that, miss that second and its all over.

    A centre forward needs to practice practice practice a split second chance must be utilised and in most games i played, not to many chances came in one game.

    That.s my insight into the centre forward roll, i am sure many old players can tell you more. but it worked for me, although of course i wasn’t professional and those guys are good.

    Look forward to NB’s insight, later all.

  28. Morning whoever is around

    I am stopping blogging here and over there as I can’t keep repeating myself which is basically the truth.

    Anyone who wants to join my “friends of Arsenal” closed group on FB let me know.

    We have a diverse older group on there and everyone is polite. No daily blog just write what you feel.
    only rule is no swearing at all (sorry cockie 😉 )

    I started it 3 months ago and have 16 members as of now and more to join.
    This is nothing to do with NB’s blog as he is actually a member of my blog as well.

    Harmony amongst friends 😉

  29. Good morning you miserable load of wankers

    I was going to publish something today about defending but just got up and feeling a bit cream crackered, so will put it off till tomorrow….. sorry Stevie baby, you’ll have to wait mate 🙂

  30. Despite it being a 0-0 last night between City and Real, it was a fascinating game of cat and mouse…..

    Who wouldn’t want Vincent Kompany at the heart of their defence…. the guy is colossal.

  31. Shame Kelsey !………………I always look forward to your opinions as I class them as the most realistic I read anywhere and they certainly wouldn`t be frowned upon on here……………well, apart from Transplant and GN5 !. hahaha

    Hands up who think Kango was a dirty bastard Centre forward with a pair of discreetly hidden knuckle dusters down his shin pads ! ……………I`d have liked to have seen him come up against the no nonsense centre half GN5 who had a lead kosh hidden down his Y-Fronts ! hahaha

  32. `69er………………you`re just a lazy cunt piss head who`d like to suck off Vincent`s cock for company !.

  33. I`ve got Physio today to try and sort out my fucking bastard calf muscle !………………haven`t run for about 10 weeks and I`m pissed off and it`s going to cost me £45 for an hour !……………….tried the NHS self appointment one and it was about as helpfull as asking Arsene to delegate coaching duties !……..he might as well have a cardboard cut out of Steve Bould, but the cardboard cut out probably cant make tea or give a decent blo-job !.

  34. Oi Cockie….. I bet you know more about cock sucking than anyone else on here! 😀 Here’s an advert that will appeal to you…. how to stay beautiful and I’d bet you’ll not be looking at the women ha ha

  35. Sorry if anyone is offended, but they do take pride in calling themselves it !.

  36. Just back from a sports torture…sorry….sports massage !……………… fucking hurts worse than the pain I had in the calf !………..still trying to work out why the bastard had to massage my buttocks !. He said before hand that I would be swearing my head off !……he was right !……..I was in Tesco`s when the young lady at the checkout got my delayed reaction !……………… I was escorted out of Tesco`s yelling I was going to fuck her hard and dont forget my club points !.

  37. A bit of unwelcome news this morning, Bayern Munich are after Alexis Sanchez. Earlier this month Wenger was quoted as saying “new contract talks with Alexis and Mesut have been put on hold until the summer”. STUPID! STUPID! STUPID!

  38. Anyone remember when Cesc and Nasri went ?……………………………at the time Wenger said ……..”It is in the interests of the Club,” he went on. “Imagine the worst situation – we lose Fabregas and Nasri – you cannot convince people you are ambitious after that”………….and they both went !…… that was the start of my respect diminishing away !

  39. Tell you what though, I just watched a 71/72 game versus Wolves on BT Sport in black and white, we lost 5-1 and the football was like it had just been invented, two cave men teams playing with a rock !. Football style, ability, everything etc` is so much better nowadays and although we wont see an Arsenal title in our lifetimes under Kroenke , be happy that we are watching some beatifull football and not the pile of shit which was played in them days !. It wasn`t just us !….the game before was Chavs Vs The Great Leeds team in a 69/70 match and even the likes of Johnny Giles was hoofing it forward !
    Our minds can play tricks with our memories and what we thought was great football in them days was a pile of shit comp !….have a look on BT Sport !.

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