Zonal marking vs Man to Man!

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These are my thoughts on the Zonal versus Man to Man marking issue. Having been a Centre Half/ Sweeper in my day on Hackney Marshes I do have some experience. But my tactic was that if the opposition forward was going to beat me, I’d give him a right hander ha ha. Never ever got sent off!

There’s been a lot of debate about the Arsenal zonal system because we see it fail time and time again. Any form of marking system for set pieces has to be organised and disciplined for it to work effectively. Ours for whatever reason, seems a bit distant from effective.

Zonal marking has it’s benefits, it keeps defending players within a designated area and defenders don’t fall into the trap of following a player out of the defensive area. However, the downside is that it gives a lot of space to attacking players to get into scoring positions, as we saw demonstrated by Andy Carroll at Upton Park.

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Man to Man marking on the other hand, keeps defenders close to a designated opponent and space is restricted for attackers. The downside is that defenders can be drawn away from the defended area by an opponent.

Teams are aware of the systems used by opponents and can exploit the weaknesses of either system, therefore, the trick is to train to be disciplined in any particular system used. This has to be done in the training regime. However, all systems need a leader in defence to organise the defending. I watched the Leicester vs West Ham game and focused on Wes Morgan at set pieces, he was shouting at his players, organising and telling them what to do and consequently, they are very good at defending set pieces.

These are the two most important areas where the Arsenal are failing, organisation and a leader to keep the players disciplined.

I personally don’t see why both systems couldn’t be used at the same time. For instance, the four main defenders, FB’s and CB’s do the zonal marking, and a leader, let’s say BFG, organises the midfielders to man mark. With such a system, all areas would be covered. When Andy Carroll scored his first header against us…. no single player followed him to the back post and it was Bellerin who was left to jump with the big forward.

When I was playing on muddy fields at Hackney Marshes, we always had at least one FB on the goal line, sometimes two. Whilst myself and the other CB man marked the attackers and some of our midfielders man marked other players who’d come forward for the set piece.

I don’t think zonal marking existed in our day, but our man marking worked very well.

But we were disciplined and furthermore, my CB partner was captain and he was very verbal in organising the defending, shouting at players to mark this one, mark that one and that’s where it was successful. I’m not saying that we always prevented a goal being scored against us at set pieces, but I think we were probably more successful than not.

If I was the defence coach at the Arsenal, I would introduce the double system and train and train and train again until it was disciplined and organised. I would designate the captain to be the organiser of the system and be verbal with his commands. I would always have at least one FB on the goal line with the keeper and the four defenders would mark zonal, Coquelin, Elneny, Sanchez and Giroud  or Welbeck would mark man to man, with Giroud or Welbeck on the airial threat. Or even letting the BFG man mark the airial threat and someone else in the zonal area.

In my final analysis, we need a leader who can organise, we need to use both systems and it needs to start on the training ground.

What do you think? Who amongst you were defenders in your day? Who can think of a better way for our defenders to prevent set piece goals being scored against us?

We can al sit in our armchairs and criticise our defending at set pieces, but sometimes it is so obvious that perhaps we could be right.





85 thoughts on “Zonal marking vs Man to Man!

  1. Bonjour Soixante-Neuf, great post, well worth waiting the extra day for. 😀

    Defending eh? First off you need defenders, not Jessies who turn their backs on the ball. All three of our central defenders do it and Merts is the worst offender as he gets his arms in the way of the ball when turning away, a penalty waiting to happen.

    Secondly, you need a vocal, committed leader on the pitch. We just don’t have one.

    Thirdly you need a coach/ manager who is on the ball. Against West Ham Wenger had selected his side and briefed them in the belief that Carroll wouldn’t be playing. Yet when he got their team sheet he did nothing about it. Gabriel should have been told to pick up a leetle injury during the warm up, and Meets played instead.

    I know nothing about defensive systems, I played right wing and didn’t concern myself with all that skullduggery going on behind me. A bit like Walcott but without the pace or money.

    To sum up, get a coach with some nous, and make the players face up to their responsibilities in all senses of the word.

  2. Good morning Norfolk

    I wasn’t a very good ball player so defence was the logical position for me. I was extremely good at sweeping across the back, left and right, when one of our FB’s was beaten by a winger and me sliding in to take the ball out of play. Clearing the ball upfield was also one of my strong points. I was also extremely good at heading the ball, came from lots of practice on noses ha ha ha

  3. Did you see Kompany play for City the other night? He was in the defensive wall for a free kick and the ball was whacked and he faced it and headed away, no turning his back…. straight up and used his head, fucking amazing.

  4. Afternoon all.
    Good post NB, I like your thoughts on defending, never going to happen with Wenger though to much to think about for him, He has always defended from the front, Score more goals than them and you needn’t worry about defence. Time comes when your forwards can’t score and you start leaking results.

    All the years i played , we played against hardened guys who’s only reason for being there was to stop you. Tricky wingers and clever forwards was taken out ,so you do need brave guys up front as well. Nothing a defender hates more than anything is being taken for a mug, He will mark your card and make sure he gets you in the end.

    Most defenders will take turns on clever players , rather than the referee see one player repeatedly foul the same player, they seem to change tact and take it in turns, More defenders stay on the pitch with this tactic, so a clever forward would do well to run at one who has been booked.

    A defensive coach as you said is a must as its a full time job, every team will attack differently and needs to be able to change at will, Its not always easy to see what is going on as a player, but a coach on the sidelines should in all honesty see the sides weakness and change tact.

    Very often we see a manager change his team formation from 3 at the back to 4, maybe the midfield too, that is because they have seen where they are being attacked and getting through and the change slams that door shut. Our own Manager has a system that he will only change his side at around sixty to seventy minutes , unless an injury should prevail.

    What you havent mentioned that really gets my Goat is our closing down on attackers, we seem to allow them to the edge of our box before we make a challenge , where i feel we should have made the challenge sooner and had a player backing up.

    Mr Wenger i feel is getting away with the systems he plays , No manager is more consistent as he is throughout a season, but he could so easily be a lot better if he had a better defensive system and brought players when we needed them. I honestly feel that had we brought a top striker when we really needed one our goals for would probably better the goals against and would have won us games, but a good defensive system and effective strikers would win you leagues.

  5. Afternoon All,
    I would really like to join this conversation with something profound, illuminating or interesting, but alas my football skills of yesteryear are like my computer skills of today……
    Try as I might, I cant add a screenshot to the comment section using a mac. I could then brighten up this Leicester blog with fun things to raise a smile in these gloomy gunner times.

  6. Fuck the defending shit !……..we need world class attackers who make defenders look shit and out score our opponents !…………..yes, I know !….I`m like the wiseman of `sorearse !

  7. As far as I can see the only thing Wenger has got right about defending is Thomas Vermaelen. He bought him for £10 million in 2009 and sold him in 2014 to Barca for £15 million. Good profit there.

    Since his move to Barca he has made just 15 appearences in all competitions, 5 as substitute. Scored 1 goal and been booked twice.

    Vermaelen was a good centre-back until he got injured and fell into the clutches of the Arsenal witch-doctors, sorry, medical experts who effectively ended his playing career although not his earning potential.

    Now it seems the bin-dippers are after the thirty year old. Good luck with that!

  8. Agree there NG !……………….brilliant bit of transfering from Arsene, maybe his best considering one of Vermaelen`s legs is prosthetic !…………..Fuck !…..when you think about it, we`ve had more than our fair share of Zombies under Wenger !

  9. From what i have been reading on Newsnow were in for a few more Zombies. Surprisingly there are clubs out there asking after Theo’s availability, I expect many cries to keep him, God forbid, as if we keep him our transfer fund will be down a couple of mill.

    I expect a few signings if Wenger decides to stay, after all how can he keep coming out week after week taking the fans fury. Deadline day has come for Wenger spend, or exit the building. Even a brain , box like Wenger can see the writing on the wall.

    From some of the names i read that Wenger is watching it appears he will continue his quest for youth, and in all fairness he does find the odd one or two, plus they seem to come a dam sight cheaper..
    Arsene, will have to decide where he goes from here, as he has a few leaving, and will have to replace, Will he have a spend up which is the way to try and win the fans over, Or he may just have made his mind up to leave when his contract comes to an end, so may go the route of promoting My guess is he wont want to leave, so i expect a spend up, Kroenke will just have to release funds, as he cannot afford to bring another Manager in

  10. Team news.

    “Everyone is training, so that’s new for us. That’s the first time this season” I kid you not, that’s a Wenger quote, “the first time this season”? The first time in the last twenty years!

    “It’s the first week in full training now, so I don’t think I will select him

  11. Oxlade-Chamberlain, “It’s the first week in full training for him, so I don’t think I will select him this weekend”.

    Santi Cazorla, “Santi may be in the squad this weekend, I don’t know yet, he is available. Everyone is available.

    Isn’t that encouraging, no more dooming about injury prone players. Everyone has had a week since the last game, so no second half tiredness worries. No excuses!!!

  12. Morning all,
    I see that for the first time in a season that we have a full contingent of players to chose from, at a critical time of the season where inclusion of Champions league is the most important left to us.
    Why should we include players who have not proved their fitness, Many have not played a premier game all season or for a long time.

    We had a little spell where we played the same team and won games and many said that it looked the best team we have fielded for some time. As soon as we included players who were not match fit we started to lose points.

    We assume the players who will be leaving at the end of the season, are not featured for the next season, and for those that have had long injury problems is it wise to include them with just a few games left.. I feel that taking a chance on players just because the European competition is looming could be a mistake. If those players who hope to be included for their respected countries, had wanted to be included then they should have proved their worth before now.. Miserable bugger arn’t i.

  13. “morning all, three games to go, even of we lose all of them the season will end on a happy note. We are booked into a nice hotel in Madeira for two weeks arriving 16th.

    Two weeks of warm sunshine, seafood and white wine. Luvvly jubbly.

  14. Seems like the blog has gone dead, Wenger has said that the Arsenal pundits and critics have been wrong to critisise Arsenal, as Arsenal are higher in the league than what many consider to be the top clubs are. When you think about it he has got a good point.

    Many of the so called big clubs and by that i mean the clubs that have spent the most over the last few years do seem to be below us. After our last draw, where mathematically put paid to our chances of winning this seasons league, Pundits were quick to give their opinions of where our Manager and Arsenal have gone wrong.

    I have also watched many of the leagues so called big clubs also fall into the same position that we found ourselves in, but i have to say the pundits and critics did not slander those Managers and clubs. Although personally i feel change is needed, i do find it strange that every season we have failed to land the title these pundits and critics are the first ones to tell us where we went wrong.

    Now maybe its because i feel as a long suffering Arsenal supporter, but i do not feel that all these Pundit and critics are not playing fair, as many the time Arsenal have finished higher and are hardly the worst team or Manager the season. Why do pundits seem to haul out the abuse for one club and not others. Even Arsenal ex players seem to turn against the Arsenal as soon as they enter the frey of Pundit. quite extraordinary.

    I have to ask myself if these television pundits are being paid to try and get our Manager sacked as they only seem to pick him out, I certainly would not want an ex Arsenal pundit to have any future involvement with our club. I dont suppose anybody will read this but just thought i would get it off my chest..

  15. Morning Norfolk went there a few years ago, for Christmas and New year, Very hilly, We played golf then and booked a round on one of their golf courses which turned out to be an hours cab ride all uphill, hen we got there we had what seemed like an old pea souper. and couldn’t play. So far up we must have been in the clouds.

    New Year they have a wonderful firework display, they take you by coach to a local football stadium and you watch it from there Champers and nibbles, apparently all the ships cruising around there that time of year anchor up to watch the display, well worth a watch. Hope you enjoy yourself mate nice Island.

  16. Good morning sore Arses

    I read it Steve…. don’t worry you miserable old git 🙂
    Not around much today…. off for a few days at my ex’s….. will be online tonight or tomorrow. Not that it matters, the blog is so quiet.

  17. Hi Steve, i have never understood golf. Blokes in funny trousers, with one glove walking round a field with a stick and a ball, all going in the same direction. Weird!

  18. Evening all,
    Yes i must admit, golf is not for everyone, I have to to say i felt it wasn’ t for me but around 30 years ago a friend got me to walk round with him for 9 holes, and got me trying to hit a ball, After many tries i finally hit one sweet and it felt so good, i was hooked, and carried on playing till about 4 years ago, when it seemed that most of my spare time was taken up, and finally i let my membership go, A friend still gets me to go with him, and surprisingly i can still hit a ball after a little warm up, enough to give him a good game, but the pull has simmered down..I now wait for good weather and look for specimen fish, not as easy as golf though.

    Whats happening with Kelseys facebook page. What do you have to do to get on.

  19. Arsenal boss Arsene Wenger claims his commitment to the club helped secure the bank loans required to fund the construction of Emirates Stadium.

    Fans are set to protest this weekend after a disappointing season that has seen the Gunners’ Premier League title challenge fade.

    “When we built the stadium the banks demanded that I signed for five years,” said the 66-year-old Frenchman.

    “Do you want me to say how many clubs I turned down during that period?”

    Construction began on the £390m Emirates Stadium in 2004, the year Wenger won the last of his three league titles with the club.

    “The banks wanted the technical consistency to guarantee that we have a chance to pay them back,” added Wenger, who has been in charge of the north Londoners since 1966′

    Most probably factual but to me he is on the defence and already making excuses if things go even more pear shaped.Was there a need to even mention this at this time ?

  20. Good morning dipsticks

    Won’t be able to write a Pre Match today…. but is it so important at this stage f the season? With nothing to win apart from the Fourth place cup?

  21. Morning all,
    Reading a little bit of Arsenal news in the paper, And Mr Wenger has said that the fans have not helped with our home form, as their actions have not helped.

    Now although i would like a change at Arsenal, i feel he does have a point, Protest organiser of the black scarf movement Mark King, has organised placard waving at today’s game, on the twelfth and seventy eighth minute mark ha said that he is angry that Wenger has blamed the fans.

    Now although i realise that supporters opinions do count, i find it hard to understand how Mark King can be upset with what Mr Wenger has claimed, when he organises that kind of protest. I understand that Black scarf members want publicity to vent their views but how can such protest help the players on the pitch.

    Maybe i am old fashioned but any protest while a game is being played, cannot help the mood of the players, or am i wrong.

  22. Arsene Wenger fanned the flames of supporter unrest at Arsenal by claiming the toxic atmosphere at the Emirates Stadium has damaged their title bid.

    A number of fans groups will use Saturday’s home clash against Norwich to protest against the running of the club and the team’s failure to keep pace with surprise Barclays Premier League leaders Leicester City.

    But Wenger feels the negativity in the stands has impacted on their performances. ‘We lost the championship at home against the lower teams, but we played at home in a very difficult climate,’ Wenger said.

    from today’s papers.the pressure is really mounting on him Is he cracking ?
    Arsene Wenger asks Arsenal fans to keep sense of perspective
    Fans groups are planning to voice their concerns during Saturday’s game against Norwich, as Arsenal continue their laboured battle to secure a top-four finish in the Premier League.

  23. Having said that i don’t believe in posters, or banners or booing inside the ground.it doesn’t really serve a purpose but for an intelligent man to come out with this today only fuels the belief of those who wish to protest in this way

  24. ‘morning Steve, ‘morning Kelsey, it looks to me that Wenger is losing it. Blame the fans, blame the finances, blame everyone but himself.

    Now he’s invented another trophy, Away Champions, what a joke! But like most things he says, he’s wrong. Both Leicester and Spurs have taken more away points than us. So that puts us in third place, but then I’m sure he’ll be happy with that.

    Kelsey, I don’t like the idea of fans protesting in the ground but where else will Wenger see the discontent, he lives in his own little bubble.

  25. Asked what it will take to change the mood of unrest around the Emirates, Wenger said: “For me it is the quality of the games that is important. We want to win everything. That is the target every season when you start.

    Couldn’t agree more but we are generally playing like shite and won 6 out of our last 16 games.For an intelligent man his various comments today are not well timed, but maybe he thinks they are.
    If we get a resounding win I doubt the atmosphere will change.

  26. and there’s more

    “When we built the stadium the banks demanded that I signed for five years,” said the 66-year-old Frenchman.

    How can the banks demand what a football manger does when he should be judged by his achievements on the field and anything football directly related.

  27. Morning
    I’m not amused by his comments in the slightest, so we have a “brand new” stadium yippee, what about the competing with europe’s best. Ok we are winning the financial trophy, but who gives a fuck but Stan et al. His idea of competing and mine are polar opposites…his football is turgid, repetitive and often boring watching the same shit unfold season after season.
    The CL where is the kick on, or did I blink. No one I know is ungrateful for his early years, but we have had funds to improve for a debatable few years now, but no, the money in the bank trophy seems far more important. Money doesn’t buy success, nothing is guaranteed, but across the whole of europe those at the top have money, this year being an exception, over time the occasional blip will occur, I don’t have a problem with that, it’s what keeps us all interested.
    Some would argue that top 4 is our station in the PL with the “money” clubs above us, ok so what about the CL how come it doesn’t apply in that, last 16 job done, thank you very much.
    Personally I find it extremely difficult not to become bitter toward the man, continued excuses that you could drive a bus through.
    Rant over..

  28. I think you will find that the banks wanted assurance that our spending would be minimal so we could afford the repayments.. They would want a manager who would keep to that agreement, a new man would probably demand to spend..

    When you look at the situation back then, the kind of money we needed to borrow was substantial and it needed a man who would be true to his word. Wenger if anything takes contracts and agreements very seriously. And in all fairness we are still making the payments and keeping our spending down.

    I remember reading at the time that we had a mortgage for i think it was twenty years, and clauses which should we be able to pay off early we would have massive penalty payments..

    Now the sponsorship money is piling in and tv money we must be doing alright but the actual spending restrictions may still be in place. To start off with we had agreements for the naming rights we had sponsorship for the catering at the stadium and we had the Banks that loaned us the money, but i am pretty certain that was it. Today of course we have more sponsors mainly due to Mr Wenge’rs careful managing and our top 4 status.

    Although i would now like change, we should never forget what he has had to do to keep us competitive. Personally he has done great but in my mind if our payments have been upkept which i believe they have , after the yearly mortgage has been paid we should be able to spend freely..

  29. I do think its important to keep an open view, as many of us want change mainly because we do not spend , and many believe it is Wenger’s fault. I want change but i would also like an explanation from the Manager, other than we cannot compete with the top clubs.

    When looking at the finer details, we find that other clubs have had stadiums built by the government and others that had 60 70 thousand seater stadiums already.. Many clubs have had wealthy owners who have invested their own money where our owner has a different criteria.

    We have in all fairness kept our top 4 status with minimal spending, Wenger has suggested that he will explain in the future, but that time is not near enough for a lot of supporters. Stadiums cost a fortune to build, we had to do it ourselves, we had no help at all by the local councils or anybody else, the figure of 55 million comes to mind of what we had to put up, and the rest was by the Banks. That is at a time that 55 million was a fortune, where today its a good centre forward.

    Our Mortgage i read is about 35 million a year, for say 20 years, looking at those figures we would have to finally pay double for the build, West Ham have just been given theirs, and should in all honesty not be affected in their spending .Just because its been a while since the stadium was built, takes nothing away from the price of our stadium. which will still be around another ten years before its paid.

  30. Okay Steve we all agree Wenger has been an absolute genius, he singlehandedly built the Emirates, it was his genius that the banks wanted as a guarantee for the loans, he has developed some of the finest footballers ever seen in the English league, he invented Wengerball, he brought us untold trophies.

    Unfortunately having a wonderful stadium doesn’t win titles. The majority of those fine players he developed left and had their best years elsewhere.

    Wengerball has become stultifyingly boring.

    All his achievements are in the past and the future is looking decidedly dodgy.

    Thanks Arsene but it’s time for change.

  31. I am not disagreeing with you Norfolk, I have had enough myself, all i thought was it could certainly be worse as well as better. And i for one am open for a gamble. but i would like a statement from Wenger, to why he hasn’t spent money, As if the restrictions are still in, would it be any different with a new man at the helm.

    Its easy to jump to conclusions, and boy i have been guilty of that, But the man if under restrictions, has done about as good as he could possibly have done. I don’t want us to jump out of the frying pan before i knew the circumstances. Kroenke does not spend much on any of his ventures by all accounts, and it would be nice to know before we kick a man out who has done so much.

    Of course he has never spoken about the circumstances of his management,, whether that is because he is loyal or just because he is tight, but i would certainly like to know who is having the final say before i condemned the man.

    I would say his methods have me scratching my head at times, but then i am not a Manager,, and i don’t know the actual facts.. All i do know is i dont want another ten years waiting for an answer that may never come.

  32. Steve, we will have to wait at least until he leaves Arsenal completely, before we hear his side of the story. In the meantime we can only speculate and the longer the speculation goes on the more vicious it going to get.

    Aside from all that, I just hope Wenger recognises how badly Giroud and Ramsey played last week and drops them for the rest of the season. In fact I’d be happy to think we will never again see Giroud wearing an Arsenal shirt.

    My team for today:-






  33. Anyone read ACLF today.Our friend NB is nowhere to be seen and is going with the flow on AA which I thought for a moment was Positively Arsenal.

    I still think AW is very very wrong to say absolutely anything today except for who wil play.

    Another ricket saying we have the best Away record this season.Wrong,third best.

  34. I didn’t mean NB is nowhere to be seen even though he isn’t around I was talking about someone else ,just to make it clear.

  35. Cech..Bellerin ..Merits…Koscielny…Monreal.

    Ramsey ……Elneny


    I can’t believe he’s starting with two players who were absolute rubbish last week. Giroud and Ramsey.

  36. 2 banks of 4 defenders and still we try and thread it through the needle, 30 minutes gone and w e still haven;t worked out that its al right to shoot.

  37. only one team look like winning and cech has already saved us.two weeks in a row against a bottom three side and we are al at sea.not one save for ruddy to make.Pathetic.

  38. Hard luck on Norwich, they had some good chances but Cech was on form. I hope they can survive, they’re worth their place in the Premiership.

    On the ball City!!

  39. Must admit the changes was not as i thought but the result was.
    The protest on 78 was a bit feeble i am pleased to say, I feel some supporters were actually thinking about the players feelings.

    We didn’t have many idea’s except the ones we started with, the difference was Welbecks movement, and of course his goal. 3, points is what was needed and 3 points is what we got.

  40. A guy called janman posted for a short whie on AA and basically stalked me.He stopped just after dandan died exactly two years ago and low and behold he’s bakc tonight on there having a go at me and no one blinked an eye lid.

    Grateful for the 3 points but we really are playngpoorly.Can’t use the same excuse every week aboutparkng the bus etc.To play tip[py tappy you need very very good player and we don’t have enough of those.
    Every game practically takes the same pattern, ust not good enough and Wenger looks completely shattered.

  41. I think we may have condemed Norwich to the Second division ha ha ha. 1 nil to the Arsenal does me, we may even be able to overtake the Spervs and get second place… come on the CHAVS HA HA HA

  42. They played well NB

    You were right about Red Arse, ther two faced crawler.Welcoe back Janman as if he owned the site. Pathetic piece of shite that he is. Sorry but i can’t stand two faced arseholes like him.

  43. Don’t worry about Norwich NB as they would have been quite happy to see us out of the top 4

  44. You surprise me Kelsey, for all the time you have blogged , and you blog on a site who are trying to work you out because of your views.
    I sometimes wonder if they feed in a ringer to get people out, but then i do like a conspiracy theory. I have weaned myself off of their site now, and now enjoy this site , only the lazy sod running this one is always off shagging

  45. BTW….. we’ve lost GN5, he didn’t take kindly to me telling him to “give it a rest”. And it wouldn’t surprise me to see him back on AA soon.
    Kemsey…. I told you Red Arse / Henry B was a two faced fucker….

  46. Morning

    I am practically always consistent with my views and if we play well I will always acknowledge that but we may have just won yesterday and drawn and lost other games especially at Home, but generally as a team who were top of the league at Xmasand had the Tutle in our grasp, we are dire and it’s not improving.
    Banner waving for or against does nothing for me in fact if anything it’sad.

    I don’t some jerk to come out of hiding after two years, to talk to me in the tone he did on AA .I am a founder membe and people know how I think and I have a few friends on there, but not one said a word.Frank on ACLF would have said F*** Off.

    No name, but I speak to a few people who blog that we all know and they agree with me but when it comes to actually writing it down, they do an about turn.

    That’s their choice but they aren’t realistic and only see the very few positives at the moment.

    Wenger was a bit more animated during the match but looked totally knackered in his post match.He is no fool and knows people are unhappy.Does it matter what the percentage is, as he is ultimately responsible as he appears to do absolutely everything at the club.

    he has one year left on his contract and we need several players most probably more than ever based on the last few seasons.

    If AW wants to avoid a negative atmosphere at home games, then give the fans something to shout about. Today’s game was a perfect example of what is and has been wrong all season. Huff, puff and no penetration. One shot on target the whole game. Giroud static and playing like he has lead in his boots. Elneny gets better every game, but too many players underperforming for too long.

    he got lucky.The crowd wanted Giroud off but he chose to take off iwobi who at least was trying, and Giroud gave the assist to Welbeck.

    Norwich are fighting for their lives but playing these teams near the bottom of the table recently,shows how thin the line is between success and failure. Amen 😉

  47. Morning throbbing `sorearses .

    We won, that`s all I want !.
    AA is mostly AKB, but I have kept count from past and to put it mildly I would say Rasp, Didit, Eddie and GoonerB would not be grieved if Arsene left………………..and not forgetting the most realistic blogger….Kelsey ! 🙂
    If I was there ( on AA ) I would not be peeved if he was gone either, but will not abuse him !…….as I have said in the past, my opinion of Wenger is he is a great manager, but not the best coach and today with a lot of teams on a similar level, it`s the coaching of tactics, formations etc` which will give some team the edge !.
    Dont care about the protestors, if they think that doing such negative stuff at a game will help the team then they are unintelligent idiots !.
    Kroenke without doubt is the real obstacle to our future success and I know he is going nowhere !.
    In terms relative to 92 league clubs we will be classed as a success, but we are talking about The Arsenal and anything other than competing for the title properly will not be acceptable for the majority of fans.

    Kroenke Out !
    Our Special K ….Kelsey In !

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