Man United v Leicester City…. the Pre Match

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The Foxes can win the EPL title today with a win at Old Trafford and in doing so would be doing a massive favour for the Arsenal. It would keep United off our back for fourth place and it could  knock the stuffing out of the Spuds for their game at Stamford Bridge tomorrow, thus giving us a chance to go second over the next two games.

As for the Arsenal yesterday, one shot on target and one goal….. it was good enough against a side fighting for EPL survival. Sanchez acted very petulantly when he got pulled off, didn’t shake Wengers hand and went straight down the tunnel. Something is brewing, wouldn’t surprise me if he has put in  transfer request.

So today and tomorrow we will be cheering for Leicester City and the Chavs. Our aim now is to make sure the bastards from N17 don’t finish above us.

Short and sweet today… it’s Mayday and big party in the village where I am.


23 thoughts on “Man United v Leicester City…. the Pre Match

  1. Morning throbbing `sorearses .

    We won, that`s all I want !.
    AA is mostly AKB, but I have kept count from past and to put it mildly I would say Rasp, Didit, Eddie and GoonerB would not be grieved if Arsene left………………..and not forgetting the most realistic blogger….Kelsey ! 🙂
    If I was there ( on AA ) I would not be peeved if he was gone either, but will not abuse him !…….as I have said in the past, my opinion of Wenger is he is a great manager, but not the best coach and today with a lot of teams on a similar level, it`s the coaching of tactics, formations etc` which will give some team the edge !.
    Dont care about the protestors, if they think that doing such negative stuff at a game will help the team then they are unintelligent idiots !.
    Kroenke without doubt is the real obstacle to our future success and I know he is going nowhere !.
    In terms relative to 92 league clubs we will be classed as a success, but we are talking about The Arsenal and anything other than competing for the title properly will not be acceptable for the majority of fans.

    Kroenke Out !
    Our Special K ….Kelsey In !

  2. Bonjour Soixante-Neuf, I too hope Leicester beat Man U today, not because it will deny Spurs the chance of the title, but because United are the team I detest. In the sixty it was Leeds United, but as they are a laughing stock now I’m happy to transfer my hatred to the team from Old Toilet.

    I’m glad you haven’t written a post match report. To relive yesterday’s dire non-event would be too painful for such a lovely, sunny Sunday morning.

    Enjoy your village party Mon ami.

    Toodle pip.

  3. Morning All
    A win yesterday great, but getting it wasn’t that easy on the eye.
    I have to confess I’m confused, the protesters from what I could see were quite minimal, and when they held up there sheets a chorus of only 1 Arsene Wenger was quite clear, so who is making the atmosphere at the Emirates toxic?
    I can’t help but wonder just how busy this summer will be in terms of ins and outs. The 3 of Flamini, Rosicky and Arteta look obvious, Scz and Debuchy likely, Campbell surely will put in a request, then if clubs are sniffing around Alexis and Ozil, its possible they might agitate for a move, lastly Walcott, who we will probably be stuck with.
    All this and more will be revealed in the next edition of Arsenal soap 🙂

  4. Cockie

    Just look at our performances since January against Watford,Swansea,Palace,Norwich and WBA just to name a few and none of them are classed as “the big guns”.

    It’s dreadful and mostly boring and above all predictable.

    We need at least 6 players over the next 12 months and is that going to happen and even if we do buy a couple we have a manager who in all probability has one season left so a new man whoever that is will hopefully have different ideas,be a motivator, find a leader, and try and get s back amongst the elite.

    As we stand now we are top or near the top of the second tier of the PL

  5. Get your priorities right NG !……….of course it`s about denying the Spuds the title !…………….obviously your missus has been caressing and massagging you with her SPUD knuckledusters !……………….I prescribe divorce and a straight on to an Arsenal dating site. hahaha

  6. True Kelsey !……………………….two worries for me !….1) Wenger hasn`t learned again from mistakes of not buying the players we so deperately need in the coming TW and 2) Ozil and Alexis note this and are on their bikes !..hopefully a large pay increase for both will calm their bank statements .

  7. Cockie, I can’t understand the hatred of Spurs, they are just another inferior team to Arsenal. They’ve always been inferior and this season’s aberation, should they actually finish above us, will certainly not be repeated for decades to come.

    Let a little sunlight into your life, smile at the poor benighted beings who purport to support Spurs, let them bask in the brief period of sunlight that their small success will bring them. Come on you know it makes sense.

  8. Hahaha…………..basically it sounds like you`re leading them into a false sense of security, then to increase their pain !.

  9. Nice one 69. Big game today. It will help us if Leicester win, but more importantly end the Bastards dream of winning the league

    Totnumb fans don’t deserve the title. They are men who walk around with a constant smirk which says there is a confused Moldovan bird tied up in there cellar.

    I can’t stand the fuckers. I had a Moldavan bird once, but done the decent thing and paid for it.

    It’s every Gooners divine right to hate Totnumb. Who cares if there shit? I want them to be shittier. I also want them nicked for not paying the going rate to prostitutes

    I was at the game yesterday. The protestors got what they deserved, embarrassment and a dose of reality

  10. Except Janman who has again insulted me,stirring things up as he did last time he posted two years ago and admin sit back and do nothing.He wants a fight and I called him a jerk which of course he is being on a mission for some reason.

  11. Evening all Your teams have drawn which prolongs the league. Where as City have just lost and stay behind my team, if your hated team lose tomorrow at the Bridge, then we are 3 points closer to them.. My team seem to be doing al right.

  12. Good results for us today, United dropped two points against Leicester. City beaten by Southampton.

    Danny’s goal yesterday looks even more important, Wenger’s Top Four Trophy is looking a bit safer. If the Chavs can do us a favour and stuff Spurs tomorrow, even second place could be ours.

  13. Morning all, got a new screen being fitted to the old jam jar this morning, Hope he comes before the rain, they brought the wrong screen last time so fingers crossed.

    Piers Morgan has said on tv this morning that ,” You can always rely on Spuds to choke” Would be very nice.

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