Fairy tales do happen….

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So Leicester pull off a miracle….. and the Spuds are shown up to be what they really are, the Big Bad wolf. Last night against the Chavs they really lost it, nasty little bad losers, scum. It was amazing that the game finished with 22 players still on the pitch.

It was just a shame they gained a point, which could make all the difference to us finishing above them in second place. However, the stress and the pressure could now take it’s toll, they could now lose faith and lose their final two games. There are six points to be won with only three points seperating us and the N17 bastards.

What a tremendous game to watch though, passionate stuff and what the EPL should be all about. It had everything.

I read this morning that Ranieri had a clause written into his contract that he would get a £5m bonus if they won the EPL, I bet they all laughed at the negotiating table when he demanded that.

So now a return to normal, the Foxes have won it and the Arsenal need to get second place.

We’ve supported Leicester, we’ve supported the Chavs, now we need to support Southampton and Newcastle. If it is close between the scum and us on the last day of the season what a fantastic finish it will be…. watching the Arsenal beat Aston Vilaa and keeping an eye on the Newcastle vs Cunts game.

I’m looking forward to it but firstly, we need to beat Man City.

Well done Leicester City.




8 thoughts on “Fairy tales do happen….

  1. Bonjour Soixante-Neuf, Yes a great game of football and the repercussions will go on, Dumbell, sorry Dembele, could face an FA charge for gouging Costa’s eye and Lamela could also be done for stamping on that Spanish git’s hand.

    A couple of bans there will but a spanner in their works. Come on the F A, you know it makes sense!

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