A Man for Another Season……

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Despite what many of us may wish for it seems that Arsene Wenger is going to be our manager for at least one more season.

Matt Law, writing in Monday’s Telegraph, is of the opinion that calls for change from Arsenal supporters during the recent one nil victory over Norwich City have fallen on deaf ears.  In fact as far as Arsene Wenger is concerned Stan Kroenke bears an uncanny resemblance to all three of the wise monkeys rolled into one, hear no evil, see no evil and speak no evil.

Wenger also took comfort from the relatively small scale of the fan’s protest, saying in an interview “From what I had been told, I thought that the whole stadium would be white (with placards)”.  So that’s a polite French raspberry to the protestors.

According to the Telegraph’s scribe, Wenger will not be asked to relinquish any of the power he holds over all matters football during the remainder of his present contract.  Indeed he is already working on the players he wants to sign and let go for next season.  In addition he is also taking an active and decisive role in the revamp of the clubs youth set-up.

In light of the forgoing circumstances, there seems little point, if ever there was a point at all, for demands for change.

In a season where some of the top teams have fallen from grace, even the staunchest of Wenger’s supporters must feel just a smidgeon of disappointment at the teams failure to take the opportunity offered in regard to the Premiership title and the FA Cup.  On the other side of the coin, it looks as though we will again get the Top Four Trophy and with it entry to the Champions League, demonstrating Arsenal’s remarkable consistency.

The summer transfer window will open shortly, we all have our ideas on who should stay and who should go, as well as the type of players we need to sign be they defenders, midfielders or strikers.  we are told that there is money available, there are undoubtedly players available but only the manager will decide who we buy.

No doubt Wenger will surprise us and, maybe, disappoint us in equal measure.  Either way we will have to go along with his decisions and just wait and see.
In conclusion, like it or not our manager for next season will be Arsene Wenger.  Like it or not the team will be chosen by Arsene Wenger.  Like it or not the team will play in the style dictated by Arsene Wenger.  Like it or not success or failure will largely be in the hands of Arsene Wenger.

We like to think that Arsenal Football Club is our football club. Some may not like certain aspects of the ownership of the club, others may not like individuals on the playing and management staffs but these are just temporary appointments.  It is not the personnel we support, it is Arsenal Football Club.

Written by Norfolk Gooner


98 thoughts on “A Man for Another Season……

  1. Bonjour Dildos

    Nice post Norfolk…. A Man for all Seasons…… I suppose Kroenke could be Thomas More and Wenger could be Thomas Cromwell. A tale of two Thomases…. ha ha

  2. Bonjour Soixante-Neuf, I’m resigned to the fact that we won’t see a change of manager before the summer of 2017. By then both Diego Simeone and Ronald Koeman will be out of contract, providing we again wIn the TFT, either would be an attractive proposition as replacement for Wenger.

    Off for a swim now, back later.

  3. Morning
    A little sad, but true.
    I find it hard to believe, that whoever comes or goes in the window the goals scored for and against us will be significantly different, wherever that puts us in the table. I may well be surprised, but I wouldn’t even bet £1 at 100/1. No pointing in ranting, it just upsets me that I’m so impotent, and people don’t want to rock the boat, happy with the 4th place trophy thats brings yet another tedious CL last 16 exit.

  4. i can’t make up my mind which of these teams I dislike the most.One has a historical dislike the other more recent but gaining ground on the rails.

  5. Poigt, I find it hard to believe that there isn’t a striker out there who is significantly better than Giroud. Now whether or not our manager can recognise him or indeed spend the money to sign him is a different matter. But if we do get an upgrade surely our goals scored stat must improve.

  6. NG
    I was thinking it’s more the way we are playing, fart arsing around trying to walk the ball into the net, if and thats a big if he did buy another striker, then surely our opponents would make sure he was well marked to nullify his impact. I could be wrong it has been known 🙂

  7. That’s a fair comment P, but a better striker than Giroud would make a lot better use of Ozil’s attempted assists. So on balance I think we will be a bit better off with a better striker. Lot of betters there, but you get my drift. 😕

  8. Evening all, Well written Norfolk, I could almost feel your frustration in your words.
    Many supporters and pundits seem to be upset that Arsene Wenger will probably be with us for another season. Many believe its time he went on his merry way, and opened the door for a new man who will lead us to the premier title and champions of Europe.

    Well wouldn’t that be lovely, only we all live in the real world , and no matter how pissed off we get with our team, the chances of a new man coming in and doing better from a man who has been in the top four for 18 years on the trot, is a tall order.

    I asked my Gooner mates what would be the minimum you would expect from the new man, and what surprised me was they seemed a little lost for words. Finally one said well i wouldn’t expect him to come in and change things overnight, he may need a couple of seasons. Another said well he should be able to improve this bunch of players so Champions league should be wrapped up, One of the guys at the back a Spud supporter said, A manager who can beat us every time we play, and be able to finish higher than us, with a smirk.

    It was at that time, that i had to think what i would expect from the new man, Attractive football top players a good defensive layout, somebody that can get our injuries down. Of course Champions league , and trophies. Well that’s a lot to ask for, from a man that must be so much better than what we would lose. Or why else would we change \managers.

    Now i don’t know of a Manager that could guarantee any of those things , but lets face it, Mr Wenger can only give us a couple of those things, and we want him gone. so surly it can’t be that hard. I started to smile, and then i realised, if it is as easy as that, why hasn’t other Managers done all that this season, and why are all the other Premier league clubs behind Leicester.

  9. Spurs and Chelsea charged with three counts of failing to control their players and staff after the Monday Night Mayhem. Dumbell is also charged with gouging (Costa’s eye).

    Amazingly no charges have yet been brought against Fellaini for elbowing Huth, Huth for pulling Fellaini’s hair and Lamela for stamping on the Spanish Git’s hand.

    Nine bookings and these charges must add up to a points deduction for Spurs, minimum of three points would be good, six even better.

  10. Steve, beauty is in the eye of the beholder, what is “attractive football”? Is it the quick-fire passing and movement of Early Wengball, which has developed into the overwhemingly boring pass, pass, pass, possession football as esposed by the present team. Or could it be the type of direct football played by, dare I say it, Spurs?

    What i want from a new manager is some inspiration, some motivation, some LIFE inserted into our play.

    Sadly our present manager is no longer able to offer any of these things.

  11. Time to put the spuds on, Shepherd’s Pie tonight, with a bottle of Merlot. Kushti!

  12. Norfolk, did you watch the Southampton Man City game at the weekend? S/ton used long balls to Shane Long and Mané, very affective and very attractive football… no silly passing passing and passing, proble is though, Giroud can’t capitalise on that type of football, but Welbeck could.

  13. Evening Camel Toe Faces.

    No doubt about it NG, Wenger will still be here next season and probably after that as well !……….top 4 for 20 years to a Kunt like Kroenke is enough to make his syrup perform at the Royal Variety Show !.

    Spuds should be deducted points for having nine players booked !…..there were only 3 bookings when we had a ruck at Manshafter Std and got a 2 point deduction !…..if no deduction, then Ponceatino`s punishment for not controlling his players should be to attend a Michael Barrimore pool party !………..CUNTS !


  14. Whats beats me, with such an eye for talent, how did we end up with Sanogo and Santos?

  15. With such an extraordinary manager who has given us the best results in our how did Arsenal end up with such piss poor supporters, who think that supporting a team is moaning and groaning like spoiled children who could not get their own way ??

    Oh yea – They are spoiled children.

  16. I do like a bit of originality in comments. All we get from some is petty name calling. Pity really.

    It’s good to see that the FA have woken up. “Manchester United’s Marouane Fellaini and Leicester’s Robert Huth are banned for three games for their clash in Sunday’s draw”.

  17. Hi NB, I miss your candid input but unfortunately you have been landed with some of the most dour supporters in the bloggersphere………………….

  18. It was fantastic to watch the white card brigade being belittled by the true supporters during the Norwich game. They proved that the anti Arsene sentiment is in the minority and is simply not supported by the majority of true supporters and is only supported by fan-atics.

  19. Great to see you back GN5 !………..without you …..NG and Kango have no one to argue with ! hahaha
    And I so do like reading the hand bags stuff, I mean it`s better than Corrie or EastEnders as it`s real !. hahaha
    Plus you can only shag so many Grizzlies before the World Wild Life gestapo come looking for you, so safer having a hard on protecting Arsene !. hahaha
    Right !, on the ride on mower and back later for some juicy handbags or gossip !.
    Love you all ! 😆

  20. I felt it was important to come back and counteract the amount of dooming that is taking place – it was getting a bit like reading an obituary.

  21. Spot on GN5. I wish you was there last week. When the crowd roared “There’s only one Arsene Wenger” it was a very powerful and emotional message

    Not just about Arsene, but about Arsenal Foorball Club. The message was clear. The majority of our support, despite wether they believe Arsenes time is up or not, we’re not going to stand by and let our greatest manager in living memory be disrespected and the Clubs image be tarnished with a perception that the fan base are a bunch of ungrateful wankers.

    Your right GN5, the placard holders are extremists. When the new manager does come, he will have nothing to fear from the likes of you and I, we will back him to the hilt, but he will have to watch out for them.

    Anyway, I hope Arsene signs a new contract. He will win us the league before his time ups.

  22. Who did the booing? and why?
    A supporter in my book wants their team to be the best they can be, win, lose or draw. If you are happy with the tedious football we are playing at the moment, thats fine, but don’t complain if others feel with the players we have, and a few adjustments we could, not guaranteed do better. To call people spoilt is a little churlish in my opinion. Settling for for average, perhaps because Stan and maybe Arsene are risk averse, is not good enough for me.
    Looking and comparing us to Leicester, there isn’t 1 doubt in my mind they are more than the sum of their parts. Can you hand on heart say the same for us?

  23. Poig, I have no problem with your last comment. I am talking about the placard holders. I know quite a few of them personally and one in particular who is a good friend of mine always makes the papers because he sits behind the dugout. We have agreed to no longer discuss Arsenal because last time we almost came to blows. He’s very lucky, I would have batterd the fat bastard haha

    If you see and know these placard holder types Poig, you will know what I mean

  24. Hi Terry and Poigmothoin.


    It’s good to see that loyal supporters are still in the majority and have not buckled in to the insulting and demeaning comments that are leveled at us by those who profess to known better than the best manager in our history. I’ve almost quit blogging on several occasions as reading the type of nonsensical comments that they make has eroded by overall enjoyment of blogging. But in the end someone has to stand up and show our loyalty to both our club and our manager.

  25. NB,

    I have no wish for agreement simply a logical discussion based on the facts not some illogical bullshit spouted by the Red Tops that it is repeated verbatim by the dissatisfied minority.

  26. A4 white paper is only good for sending out Invoices.;)

    Even I agreed that the A4 brigade was certainly not the Arsenal way but i hear through the grapevine that Wenger wants a pay rise and to extend after next season his contract from 3 to 5 years.

    Read the link I put up it is interestinggg.Club and fan are growing more and more apart and it’s happening at many grounds.

  27. It’s a very frustrating, knowing there is fuck all i can do to improve our lot. People I suppose express their frustrations differently, I wouldn’t be a placard holders nor a booer, but definitely a for fuck sake kind of person. I want to see some fight in the team or as the yanks would say some spunk lol, and truth be told I don’t see it often enough.
    As a by the way 9 months before I was born I went to a party with my dad, and left with my mum 🙂

  28. When will the home supporters stop complaining and do something to change the atmosphere inside the ground. They are effectively complaining about themselves as those inside the ground are the only ones that can make a difference. They need top stand up and be counted and stop being a bunch of fucking whining doomers.

    We need our 12th man to be a positive influence and not bring the team down with their negativity.

    But then again the only pleasure the poor souls get in life is when they try to spread their form of illogical logic………………..

    Frankly Kelsey I’m happy those neer say wells don’t attend the games as who the fuck needs that type of support.

  29. This is a post that I wrote some years back – unfortunately nothing changes 😦 😦 😦


    Why are Arsenal supporters so Fickle?

    My personal pet peeve is well known to all readers – its fickle fans!

    The Gunners are my choice of team by way of my family and where I was born; I had little option other than to support Arsenal as the “other” choice up in N17 was a taboo name on Avenell Road and 3 of my cousins and one Uncle had already become outcasts from the family due to their unfortunate choice.

    I am continually upset by “fans” that purport to be “experts”

    Do they really think that they know better than our Manager?

    Do they have degrees in medicine?

    Do they have their own scouting network? Oops I forgot – they use You tube.

    Where do these armchair experts get all of their knowledge from?

    What do they think gives them the right to spout their venom after every loss?

    Why do they believe that anybody gives a monkey’s about their extreme views?

    Why do they continually state the same rubbish over and over again?

    Do they really believe their nonsense or is it just a reaction to a bad game?

    Why is waiting to say “I told you so” so important to them?

    To me an injury is an awful stroke of bad luck for both the club and the player, for others an injury is an opportunity to be critical of perceived lack of activity in the transfer window.

    To me healthy bank balance is the sign of a well run and managed club to others it’s a sign of broken transfer promises – apparently we should spend regardless of the quality of the player – after all the Red Tops have said we were interested in X, Y and Z so why didn’t we sign?

    To me Arsene Wenger is an honest man who has taken the club to unimaginable heights and continues to excel, to others he is a liar who is not in touch with “modern” football.

    I watch each and every game with one thing in mind – to sit back, usually nervously, to enjoy my team display their multitude of talents – and rarely do they disappoint me. During the game I cheer and shout as if I’m sitting in the stands. I yell at referee’s who invariably make the wrong decisions. I’m a supporter and it’s my job to support with every ounce of my energy. I never waste my time being critical of my team or our Manager nor do I believe in any way, shape or form that I know better than the true experts who are employed by AFC because they are the best at what they do!

    I’m a seasoned 78 year old SUPPORTER and will be until the day I draw my last breath.


  30. Evening all,
    I have read some shit in my time, but when some one who lives a million miles away and never goes to the Emirates, can be such an expert of how football supporters should indeed conduct themselves, and in turn blame them for the shit we have had to watch these last couple of seasons, has really got idea’s above there station.

    How on earth is a paying supporter expected to show his feelings towards a Manager who never buys players when we need them, I have never seen the merits of posters and Marches, but what does a supporter do to show his discontent of bad management.

    Many will probably say for what has gone in the past how can somebody say it is now bad management, Quite simply he seems to have run out of ideas. Who would put a centre forward on who has not scored a goal since January and who’s confidence is probably as low as it ever has been, in place of a younger hungrier and in all honestly better choice..

    Why does a manager who has never shown a defending forte, not employ somebody that knows what they are doing, That has to go down as bad management. Why does a Manager not spend when the players are not good enough, when the chief executive says there is 200 million at his disposal. Must go down as bad |Management.

    Why does Arsenal not bring down ticket prices after getting a huge injection of cash through TV companies, insisting that the money is to be used for player buying, when last season we only spent 15 million Lies and bad management.

    To me it is quite clear why supporters are angry, and are holding up signs to show their feelings. Just men and women just like you and me, not happy, and if you cannot see it i feel sorry for you.

  31. I most certainly do not need your sympathy, save it for your fellow fickle fans who are in dire need of some help.

    I assure you I have seen more live Arsenal games in my life than anybody on this site, when I lived in England I was there every week first team then reserves, since moving to Canada (only 3,500 miles away I have never missed a game.

    I’ll leave it at that as I cannot stand the idea of debating with you – especially when your argument is simply regurgitating the same old black flag white card nonsense.

    Be assured that i will never be swayed by nay sayers.

  32. For fucksake I’m so tolerant on this blog… someone called Fat Plumber on Arseole Arsole posted this picture and it was deleted…. what a load of fucking poofs… how can this be offensive to anyone

  33. NB
    Where are the tits, it’s not Cockie job to supply all the supple boobies. Get a grip man lol

  34. Oh dear, you’ve done it again Steve, upset the Ancient One. You must know by now he’s stuck in a groove so deep he can’t see over the sides. Nothing will change his view and he’ll keep on spouting it.

    I’m really looking forward to the transfer window, not just to see who we buy, but for all the tabloid speculation. I might keep a record of all the players who are linked with us. Nah! On second thoughts life’s too short for anything that smacks of statistics.

    A demain.

  35. Now for fuck sake stop whinging and acting like fucking children, you’re all grown men, or you fucking should be, now fucking grow up. You cunts 🙂

  36. It’s alright for you three million miles away in the snow covered mountains of London, Ontario… 6 or 7 hours behind…. it’s now my bedtime so Good night….

  37. Football is big business, The premier league has attracted the big TV companies, and they can see the merits of investment, speculate to accumulate. That is the way that you earn the maximum from spectators whether watching at home or in the stadiums, TV companies would rather we watch at home ad that is where they earn their money, but the viewing would be pretty dire if we had empty seats and no atmosphere.

    Whether we watch at home or in person, TV companies will still earn their fortunes but where they are investing for the future of football, our Club seem to be banking the vast amounts of money, and not giving anything back.

    Of course to say Mr Wenger has not done a fantastic job at Arsenal would be stupid, as his years with us have proved that he knows how to get the most out of a team , or how could he get the club in the top positions every season. Fair enough if if you are only looking to earn money, there is probably no better Manager about. But its like watching Grand Prix where a top driver keeps getting a podium finish but never wins a race, it gets boring, and that is where we are at Arsenal.

    Successful businesses are Businesses that turn a profit, they dont have to turn out the best products, and be the best in the market place but they should be good enough to make a buyer buy again. When the paying customer starts complaining and questions the product, then Said business would be foolish to ignore..

    Over the last year Motor company VW one of the largest companies in Germany, sold cars that failed emissions test, by duping the customers, they are now having to spend millions trying to get the reputation back that has been a hard fought battle, Many VW owners will in the future look elsewhere, Bad business in my book .

    Other businesses will capitalise on their mistake, and may never see that customer again. Arsenal football club will eventually start to see a decline on Arsenal supporters, as reputations for quality is passed down from generation to generation, The young football fans of the future will look for successful clubs to support, and wont be content to go for a club with no ambition, Winning clubs attract supporters and in turn future customers, A good business would do well to look to the future.

    At the end of the day if you own a VW you will probably stay with it for a while, but wouldn’t you consider a change when you next buy. After all lots of new stadiums being built, if you were a new customer wouldnt you look for the best you can afford., and one that has success now , rather than go by an old reputation that has been tainted.

    Arsenal need to invest in the future, as the product is getting tainted.

  38. I see the Ancient One has been displaying his ignorance once again. Yesterday 10.35 pm. “I cannot be wound up by someone who lives in the bogs of Norfolk”.

    Let me enlighten him just a little. There are bogs in Norfolk, they are mostly conservation areas and nature reserves. Most were set up by wild life and nature conservancy organisations and contain habitats for some of the rarest plants and animals to be found in Great Britain. They also provide vital feeding grounds and nesting sites for a wide variety of birds both native and migratory species.

    There is a clue, for the ignorant, as to the purpose of and use to which these sites can be put in their titles, “conservation areas and nature reserves”. Nobody lives in them.

    It could be that in his ignorance, the Ancient one is confusing bogs with broads, two entirely different entities.

    The Norfolk an Suffolk Broads are shallow lakes connected by a network of rivers. The broads were created by early peat extraction and have become some of the most beautiful and wildlife rich habitats in Europe.

    To have the privilege of being able to walk beside the rivers and broads and enjoy the abundance of wildlife and plant life is a precious gift. So it’s unlikely that I’d be concerned at the Ancient One’s snidey little insult.

    I shall be off very shortly to enjoy a walk along the banks of the river Bure.

  39. I want you two to fucking stop now….. it does the blog no good at all, in fact it drags it down to gutter level. If you can’t both agree, then fucking ignore each other.

    On th subject of Norfolk, as in the Broads, I’ve got very fond memories from when I was younger.

  40. Good Morning
    While not wishing to have a pop at you GN5, you argue that you look at facts, but seldom offer an opinion, apart from saying that Arsene is the best manager we ever had, he is, that is a fact.
    At Real Madrid the home fans are far more vocally critical of their players than we at the Emirates are, yet they win the majority of their home games, that is also a fact.
    A good defender doesn’t turn his back on the ball, a player jogging back to help defend isn’t giving 100%, these are also facts. From these facts and others, the sentient among us form opinions, based on what we see, and how it could be improved upon….we can’t change anything, and because there is a wide spectrum of opinion, doesn’t mean we aren’t fans. This notion that we are guided by the red tops is OPINION not fact.
    Moving on to Arsene, he is at the moment dividing opinion. On the 1 hand he keeps us in the top 4 and CL annually, that is a fact. On the other hand, having got to the CL we haven’t been able to improve on our last 16 places, despite having plenty of money to improve our team, if Ivan isn’t speaking with a forked tongue, that is also a fact.
    Surely blogging is about opinion, personally I want the team to be the best it can be with the resources, players, coaches and manager, I don’t see 100%, despite what the club says, but there again that is my opinion.

  41. NB
    Those birds with huge boobies may well regret the implants when they are 50 lol. A 5/10 for effort 🙂

  42. Poigmothoin,

    My opinion is there for all to see and all to read, it has not changed in some 20 years.

    Our club has gone from being one that was quite ordinary for the best part of 92 years to an extraordinary team under the stewardship of AW. Of course there were some great years in the 30’s & 40’s with teams that were inspired by HC and under GG in the late 80’s and early 90’s but they were the exceptions and far from the norm.

    Here are a few stats that emphasize those facts.

    AW has won the FA Cup every 3.3 years – all other managers every 15.4 years.
    AW has won the league every 6.6 years – all other mangers every 9.2 years.

    We have been the 2nd best club in the PL era – exceeded only by Man U.

    In my opinion we are in dire need of a striker that can put away the multitude of opportunities that our midfield create. If we had just scored an extra goal in 6 of the 10 games that we drew we would now lead the league by 2 points with 2 games left.

    So all of the balderdash the we read and hear is no more than an attempt to discredit our club and our manager and unfortunately when this is pointed out to those with a Red Top mentality they react like spoiled children and throw all of their toys at you……….

    I have never and will never quote from Red Top gossip but when I point this out some bloggers try to wind me up with silly childish comments.

    Like ” I have read some shit in my time, but when some one who lives a million miles away and never goes to the Emirates, can be such an expert of how football supporters should indeed conduct themselves, and in turn blame them for the shit we have had to watch these last couple of seasons, has really got idea’s above there station.”

    So apparently I’m not allowed to have an opinion of the atmosphere inside the Emirates because I live a million miles away and ” have idea’s above my station” — For fucks sake what form of nonsense is that?

    So it’s very simple Poig, my opinion is not formed by misleading and self fulfilling article in ob on the media, it’s formed by 70 years of playing, coaching, managing, watching and supporting both my club and the sport of football. But obviously I’m not allowed to express an opinion that rock’s the doomers boat.

  43. I simply responded to Poig’s comment and offered a countervailing opinion to some unwarranted attacks that try to gag my right of free speech.

    Enjoy your walk, I’m preparing for a fishing trip on the opening weekend of the season; we are going up to Lake Nipissing and will camp near Sturgeon Falls, it’s about 850 miles north east of London, Ontario.

  44. On your idyllic ventures, I hope neither of you gentlemen get bummed off? That would amuse Cornwall and we dont want Cornwall amused do we? Norfolk falling prey to some 16th century yokel with a fascination for grey hair and tractor intercourse. GN5 stepping of the canoe for a piss only to find its not only his hand making contact with said todger but a man whos father is also his uncle.

    Thats why I never leave the City. The countryside is full of men that read backwards and have found comfort with those who don fur.

  45. Terry 🙂 😉 🙂 it would be unusual to run across many people on Lake Nipissing – it covers an area of around 350 square miles and is dotted with dozens of islands, Most anglers target walleye, smallmouth bass, muskie, and northern pike, our preference is walleye otherwise known as pickerel which have a delicious flaky white meat.

    It can be a very dangerous lake as its only an average of 15 feet deep and if the winds are high then it can feel like you are in the middle of the ocean – so we play it safe we always wear life jackets and stay close to the banks. We don’t take a tent instead we prop up our canoe and sleep at each end with our feet directed to the center of the canoe – black bears are a big risk so we will also take a hunting rifle along.

  46. I wouldn`t be happy with just one gun, GN5 !…………..better take Terry along with you !.

  47. At the end of the day Transplant…………………. you is fucking radio rental, can’t wait to meet you in a pub somewhere in Holloway Road… Ha Ha

  48. NB
    Where the fuck is the new post, am I just a customer here now? not a fan? ……NB out lol

  49. Yet again Jack Wilshere shows what a yob he is. Spitting at his next door neighbour regardless who is right or wrong in a neighbourly dispute.He is an integral part of the Arsenal and England team (if he remains injury free) but how much longer will Wenger tolerate his behaviour.Jack knows he is constantly in the public eye, is a father, and needs to grow up and show some responsibility or he will be “a rebel without cause”

    “What a shame that such a talent is at serious risk of going down the same route as so many of his predecessors, a la Gascojne. It would seem that their talent and their brains are often in the same place, i.e Their feet(from my friend Stuart”

  50. Morning all,
    Fantastic weather here at the moment, got a suntan from around the lake yesterday, but no fish.
    Wont say to much about The Arsenal, May just leave it all to the expert who has seen more games than God. He manages he plays he trains and he knows everything, why the fuck is he not here winning Leagues.

  51. W Ham loss means we are in Europe next year !………………………..I`m so excited, we always do so well in Euorpe !
    If Manshafter Std, Mansour City didn`t make it and Liverpool dont win the EL and with the already Chavs not being in the CL or EL………………I wonder who will win the EPL ?………………wont fucking be us that`s for sure !.
    Only chance of us winning EPL like Leicester and Spuds nearly did, is to be out of CL !
    In future we need a season or so with Manshafter Std, Mansour City, Chavs, Liverpool or Spuds (or both with EL win ) in CL for us to have any chance of Tiltle glory !………………….unless Wenger spends some of that £250M !…………..forget that !……………….spends it all !

  52. 10 years anniversary of our last game at Highbury !
    I wonder if next season we will have a commerative kit for 10 years of being at The Emiartes ?……………..every shirt will have a number 4 on it !. hahahaha

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