A Pre-Match…. what’s the point?

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Today the Arsenal play away to Man City. At the beginning of the season when I saw the fixture list I thought it would be a juicy game, probably the title decider between the two teams. But here we are once again, like fucking swiss clockwork, and it’s a game which will potentially decide FOURTH PLACE.

The only interesting aspect will be if the Spuds lose in their earlier game against Southampton, then if we win, it gets spicy for a late St Totteringhams Day celebration..

Writing a pre match in these circumstances isn’t very enjoyable, a feeling probably shared with the Arsenal players….. what’s the fucking point, the season is done and dusted, Leicester have been crowned the unexpected Champions and that leaves the three or four teams below them battling for CL places.

So I hope you understand how I’m feeling today, the Arsenal have gone through another pointless season and all my early season optimism has evaporated into thin air, disappeared like the Titanic in the North Atalantic.

I just hope that my optimism returns over the coming summer months, a few tasty player acquisitions and then I can once again hope that 2016/17 will be the Arsenal season.

Come on you Fucking Gunners…..




132 thoughts on “A Pre-Match…. what’s the point?

  1. Bonjour Soixante-Neuf, thanks for taking the trouble to write a match preview, I agree that it’s difficult to get too excited about today’s game, but there is some interest left in it despite the best efforts of the Premiership and broadcasters to nullify it.

    By scheduling the Spurs / Southampton game for a 13.30 kick off and ours for 16.00 they have effectively drained the tension from what would otherwise have been an exciting afternoon. Should Spurs win today, their superior goal difference will hand them second place whatever our results are. Only if they lose or draw will we still have a chance to overhaul them.

    I see the manager has got things a little mixed up this morning, he is quoted as saying “Arsenal’s future depends on the result of today’s match”. No, no Arsenal’s future is secure win, lose or draw. It is the manager’s future that hangs in the balance.

    There are reports that we are about to bid for Liverpuddle striker Daniel Sturridge, a swap deal involving Walcott perhaps?

  2. Morning all, Thank you Northbank, that must have taken you ages.
    What’s the point, I know how your feeling, Our season finishing as it normally does with us battling for the top four trophy.

    The times you hear that consistency is all you need , well we are more consistent than most, so how can we really moan, Nobody actually expects us to win the league, not realistic but we do manage to keep at least 15 teams behind us, Sadly Tottenham is not one of them at the moment .

    Man City need to win this one today, so i feel t could be a bit of a battle. I can only suppose Giroud will again be the Managers choice up front , so he needs to take any chance he gets. What team our man fields is any ones guess, but this fourth place trophy is the one that the Manager really fights for.

    We have of course come to the penultimate game of the season and would you believe we have a full squad to choose from. Santi Jack even Rosiski could be seen today, i reckon Welbeck and Iwobi will be rested, concerns that Per Merts Hammy may need another season to heal so Gabby may be put in as a safety measure. Good time of year to rest our full backs, Gibbo and Calum are ready to step in, Santi could step in to help either Coq or our Egyptian, Aaron may be included, i am sure his form must be nearing , Theo also must be ready to make an appearance , well rested by now, and a nice time to book another half season holiday.Jack must be in with a shout today, as Hodgeson would like to see him kick a ball this season.

    Does the result really matter today, many feel that we have won the top four trophy so we may just sit back and think of next season. With all the squad fit and the transfer window looming, it does seem that we will not be that active. We have 3 players contracts ending, so we may promote a couple of our loanee’s apart from that, business as normal. I feel we may just put a little extra in today so i expect a draw, COYRRG’s.

  3. Blimey! That’s a bit downbeat even for you Steve. 😀

    Not quite a full squad, The Ox has done his knee again, so we won’t be able to flog him during the summer, and Merts has already booked an Easy Jet flight home to Germany.

    I expect Alexis to be “rested” for today to save him for the big game against Villa next Sunday.

  4. Sorry Norfolk, Woke up this morning and looked out the window, Glorious weather, birds singing, and then i logged in and read that blinding post, and a cloud went over.

    Thinking about football and sitting there watching Leicester parading the cup changed my mood slightly. If i was a season ticket holder would i be bothered about todays result, Probably not, but i do know a few people who would if they could, turn up and shout the Managers name from the roof tops. Must be nice to have so much enthusiasm. Mind you Norfolk by the beginning of the new season i will be back to my old self. and will probably believe we stand a chance.

  5. That’s the spirit Steve, have another cup of coffee in the garden, enjoy the sunshine and everything will look lovely.

    Stuff Leicester and the Premiership cup, next week the manager will be parading round The Emirates with his Top Four Trophy. I think the old boy has lost his marbles, he was talking about being “second best” if we come third. Is that French logic? Maybe 69er can put me right on that.

  6. NB
    Nice write up, plenty to mull over. Ignoring the result today I feel it could be an entertaining match. As for who will play, I don’t have a clue, but I bet Ramsey starts.
    Its very important that we win today as the clubs coffers may suffer if we don’t, and it’s vital that this doesn’t happen, as it could hamper our chances of getting those top top players we need to win the PL and CL next season. With the caveat that they are available. However I’m confident that those who are responsible for this have had their summer holidays cancelled, so no stone is left unturned.
    Do swaps deals ever happen? I can’t think of 1 off the top of my head, but there again thinking wouldn’t be my strong suit, awaiting for todays red tops 🙂

  7. Morning Poig, Red tops dont get me started on red tops 🙂 They just happen to be the countries most selling papers. But apparently the British just buy them to light their coal fires.

    Poig I like your optimism about our new signings, you have just lifted my spirits. 🙂 Good on ya mate.

  8. The only swap I can remember was when we swapped David jenkins for Jimmy Robertson with The Spuds !……..they were both shit !. It`s amazing how a trivial piece of infomation likes that keeps in the brain, yet I cant remember what I ate yesterday !. hahaha

  9. Dont talk to me about pies, Vics !……being on a diet I have erotic thoughts about them !.

  10. Nice post 9er…

    What a shame we didn’t strengthen in the summer. Just a couple of top class players and we may have challenged Leicester for the title.

    If it had paid off, we would have got the outlay back fourfold. Never mind, this is Arsene Wenger we are talking about.

    I will lay my hat on the fact he will not have a clear out and purchase some quality players this summer.

    I obviously hope I’m wrong and have to eat my hat, but, if we do nit acquire some extra quality, we will slip out of the top four.

    My excitement of Arsenal has lessened these past several months. On a low ebb I’m afraid. I hope Mr. Wenger puts some fire back in my belly over the summer. I won’t be holding my breath though.


  11. overheard an american talking…..”So you guys think 9/10 americans are stupid? so glad I’m in the 1%”

  12. Them rumours of Sturridge must be true !………………he`d be the ideal striker up top for our A&E XI !……………..another one who only has to think and he`ll get an injury !

  13. The back five looks pretty straight forward,

    Cech, Bellerin, Gabriel, Koscielny, Monreal. As to the rest I haven’t a clue who our manager will pick.

    I would like to think he will go with Coquelin and Elneny. Alexis, Ozil and Iwobi, with Welbeck up front.

    Like the proverbial kid in a sweetshop he won’t be able to resist tinkering around and playing one or two from Ramsey, Wilshire, Cazorla or bloody Giroud.

    Still he is the manager and some would have us believe he knows best.

  14. As usual Arsene will have watched his players train all week and will pick the players who he feels will be capable of beating the opponents. Fortunately it’s a away game so the team will get the benefit of our best supporters and will not be subjected to the dour atmosphere at The Emirates.

    Obviously this is not where we hoped we would be and I agree with NB that this should have been a battle for first place and not fourth – but it’s what it is and I will sit down and enjoy the game regardless of the circumstances.

    I see that the majority of the comments match the feelings of the groups of protesters, to each their own, but I cannot think that way and I will stand up and be counted based on my views and not those of the anti Arsenal-ites and the Red Top crap.

  15. Yes 69, what’s the point?

    This morning I woke up and whilst brushing my teeth caught reflection of an opened can of baked beans and what looked like a Syrian refugee disappointed he had just found out he was been moved to Bolton.

    So what you ask? Firstly ime so skint my bath room is also my kitchen and those bastard smugglers said I was going to live in Mayfair. If I had know it was fucking Bolton I wouldn’t have bothered covering up my past of bumming off all those prisoners whilst commandent of that Syrian Nick.

    Depressed at the thought of Bolton so having to live the rest of my life with a Ferret down my trousers I decided to go back to bed, which is handy really, because my bedroom is also my bathroom and kitchen.

    In my distress I decided to take a walk, but felt sad that unlike home were I could trump up charges on someone and bang them up, impriosoned as well, over here I have to hang around public toilets pretending to need a piss.

    Yes, no fucking point.

  16. Ela, now choo know whata I mean when I haunta choo Terry. Choo live ina toilet. Choo canta getta womens even for 100 Drachmas. I beta choo never dance ona my grave no more.

  17. 100 drachma Costa? With the state of the Greek economy, that kind of money can buy you the whole fucking country and get you a date with Nana Mouskiri.

    Anyway, ime not sorry for falling on your grave. You owe me money, and death is no excuse for not paying you tight Git. haha

  18. Almost time for kick off and our band of merry men are taking their positions. Few changes from the norm by the looks of it but Giroud still has a chance to find that missing form, Ozil is being rested Danny cannot last ninety so Theo will see a few minutes.

    City behind on points will want to claw some back, but Arsene will give a good Pre match lecture and really get them ready, expect a slow start just to feel them out and should we need a tactical change expect one about seventy odd minutes .

    Southampton game had a 5 minute water break might pay us to bring on Theo just before that so he can have a proper rest., Just heard that Ozol has a hip problem from training yesterday.

  19. Wilshere may think he has something to prove, but the way he’s throwing himself into challenges he’ll either cop an injury or a red card.

    The manager needs to calm him down a little.

  20. 69er, that’s why I thought it odd that the manager didn’t replace Welbeck with the pace of Walcott, as our best hope is to hit them on the break.

  21. Looks to me that we are getting a bit of the run around, what i would say to the players at half time would be give your players a runner, our players are looking to pass and we are not moving. We can not hold out if they keep attacking like they have, we need to peg them down a bit

  22. It was a good goal by De Bruyne, but as you say 69er, a proper defender would have had him down before he got the shot away.

    Cech hasn’t covered himself in glory today either.

  23. That was a well earned point…… after the first 45 minutes I thought we had no chance… but give the boys some credit, they did GOOD, and it was an excellent game.

  24. This could be a super end to the season…. I want United to beat the Hammers and get fourth place, when Pep takes over at City he’ll be playing in the Europa ha ha

  25. It will be interesting to review the season next week…. we will probably finish nine points behind Leicester, and we’ll have to look at four games where we should have won but didn’t…. which would have given us the PL title…. just think about it GN5??

  26. In case you are confused 69er, although I’m sure you are not, my yes and no answer was in reply to my own question at 5.49.

    A great idea to write a summary of the season, well volunteered. 😀 But would it be a good idea to wait until after the last game? I’m sure the manager will have a surprise for us, perhaps an open top bus ride to celebrate the TFT.

  27. Oh well, I’m fucking pissed………… what the fuck do I know ha ha ha. I still want us to finish above the Spud cunts….. Newcastle fighting for survival next weekend could see the N17 bastards lose again…. we beat Villa and finish one point above them…. that will do be… right, more pastis ha ha

  28. I like Welbeck buti looks like we have bought yet another injury prone player.AW certainly has a knack at this.Anyway he can have either Diaby’s or Rosicky’s bed in the sick bay.

    Actually we can still finish 2nd,3d,4th or 5th.

    Seriously, just 6 new great players, a new younger manager and chuck those old gold shirts away and we are there.Simple. I still think Koeman might at least be interviewed.

    Now Walcott is a post in itself.Never seen a player that drifts in and out of a game as he does,regardless when he starts and at 100K+ he should have scored when we had the momentum.

  29. To be perfectly frank NB It would be my pleasure to write a factual summary of the season. But the problem is that your readers need to be able to read the summary and respond with some meaningful comments, unfortunately that would not be the case. I would be bombarded with the same nonsense I read every week, mostly ridicule or sad attempts at being humorous.

    I will certainly put together some posts concerning my thoughts of the season in comparison to our history and in the context of the actual events of the 2016/17 season. However it would be a waste of my time to have them published here – I would sooner put them on a site where the bloggers show a desire for dialogue and not bombastic, thoughtless comments.

  30. We finally got going in the second half,Sanchez yet again and we had the momentum, so what does AW do, goes defensive, a dangerous game to play.
    giroud played his part, lays the ball off quite well but will never be a top class poacher.

  31. Not so much the four ( or any amount ) games we should have won, `69er, it`s the striker(s) we didn`t buy !. We were the only club in the top divisions in Europe not to buy an outfield player in the Summer TW !.
    With Dennis knows how much money in the bank ( ask Kelsey or Gazidis……Gazidis said Arsene has had £250M at his disposal in the last 4 years, but I prefer Kelsey`s take on it as I dont trust the weasel Gazidis ! ) it`s gross mismanagement by Arsene not to have brought in a PROPER goalscoring striker !…..he needs to not worry about the money in the bank and whether someone is £1 over his market value opinion and just spend the money !…..dont fuck about with silly offers and spend £100M on someone, he could have had either Griezman or Aubangayang or whatever his name is well before their current clubs got them !.
    As VCC says……….spending large on players who win you the league will get you cash rewards thereafter……………………..speculate to accumalate !……………….fuck me !………..it`s not like some people who have to borrow money to make a go at a business, we have it all in the bank wasting away !.
    Debruyne £50M !…………we could have offered more !…………it`s for everyone to see ( a link I once put up ! ) Arsenal have more money than any other club in the world sitting in the bank……..fact !………but are the least likely to spend it !.(fact or not , it`s true !)
    Yes, it will be a great day if the spud cunts lose at Newcastle and we beat Villa, but only to laugh at them Cunts !………………second would be a bad season considering who has won it !………….and for someone like me who is their own biggest critic and I`m capable of calling myself a stupid cunt twice a day !…..well if I was Arsene Wenger I would be thinking to myself ………………………if only I had spent over the top for a world class striker we would be champs and I need to destroy my cock with a Kango …..Stevie !!!

  32. Dont be like that GN5 !……………….do the summary, I like to read your stuff and maybe Kelsey can do a summary of how much money we have in the bank to spend or not !………..Dennis knows how much it will be next season with the new TV deal ?……….probably enough too make clone a footballer from the DNA of Messi, Suarez, Ronaldo and Bolt !……………..knowing our luck we will end up with a gay midget who will bite your cock in a flash !.

  33. That’s not fair GN5.hand on heart can you say we have performed consistently this season. Positively Arsenal would welcome your thoughts as would anyone but it’s all about the NOW not history, surely you can see that.

  34. Anyone who writes a post, or a comment, on an internet site does so in the full knowledge that it may just as well be ridiculed as praised. If the author is not prepared to accept that his work may not receive universal acclaim he should think carefully before publishing it in the first place.

    This advice is offered in the best interests of the site, it may help avoid any unpleasantness.

    Bon nuit mon amis.

  35. Well we got a result, Maybe not the result we had hoped for, but the result i predicted. Most of the players in my early morning comment were used, even Santi had his shirt on but never got to dry it out, That shirt has to go even before Wenger.

    Spuds opened the door for us but as usual we couldn’t pass through it, but the fat lady has still not sung, so who knows . Was Arsenes choice a good one, who knows as we never lost and we didn’t win. but he has got us in Europe so its good enough. and a few bob to go with it.

  36. Why would anybody waste their creating an article for discussion purposes in the knowledge that his audience are just waiting to spit their venom? I will post my articles where they will be read by an audience that can have contrary viewpoints but have reasoned responses not those driven by preconceived fixations.

    You show no wish to avoid rancor in point of fact you go out of your way to create an unpleasant atmosphere.

  37. Kelsey said……….

    I like Welbeck but it looks like we have bought yet another injury prone player. AW certainly has a knack at this. Anyway he can have either Diaby’s or Rosicky’s bed in the sick bay.



    How can you possibly perceive that it’s anything to do with AW that players get injured? I find that comment totally mystifying. Welbeck jumped up during a tackle and as he came down his knee buckled inward – do you seriously believe that AW should have anticipated this when he brought him to Arsenal.

    It’s common knowledge that we have a lot of injuries but so do many other teams – but nobody attaches ownership to their managers – only at Arsenal does that sort of nonsensical bullshit take place.

    I guess that Raneri must be a genius managing a relatively injury free Leicester City.

  38. Morning all,
    Time to reflect on yesterdays performance, and i think its fair to say that on the day we were over ran in the first half. City’s players were in my mind better than ours, but taking nothing away from our boys they did a great job in getting the goals back.

    Arsene Wenger it has to be said , has done another fantastic job for us this season, Yes he has his critics, but for what he has spent, and to still be in with a shot of pipping Spuds, can only go down as another fantastic season.

    I myself have criticised the Frenchman, I have upset my own supporters on blog sites, but at the end of the day for what the man has spent, he is truly a genius. !8 years this man has got us top 4 and he still has the fans split as to should he stay or should he go. In my mind we have had it good for a very long time, and have got complacent with just being a top 4 club. We seem to put the thought of being outside of the top 4 in the back of our minds as all we want is to be top dog.

    I have been guilty of questioning this once in a lifetime Manager, As far as where we have finished for all these years there is not another club that can say they have done better. Yes of course the trophies have been spread out , but for consistency we out do every other team, so why are some of us still not happy.

    We have had disappointments in Champions league, and many cup games where we feel we should and could have done better, We feel we should have won more leagues than we have, in actual fact we have had our fair share of silver ware over this mans reign, and yet we still ask for more, why.

    Many of us have watched new owners come into premier league clubs and spend fortunes, and in turn have won trophies. We feel that seeing how they have spent and got results, then that must be the way to do it. We have seen our own club move grounds where we had to go deep in debt, but while we paid our debts off slowly we have still finished in the top 4, but still some of us are not happy.

    Arsenal football club is now one of the most wealthiest clubs in the world, still with debts of course but those debts are being dealt with, just as they always have, We are up on profits, we attract business and we are successful. Of course many of us still feel that we should be better, and that’s where we have animosity between fans.

    A Spud friend of mine wrote on Facebook about how some of our fans held signs up in the Emirates stadium say things like its time to go Arsene. He said you lot are a disgrace as you have the greatest Manager there is in world football and you treat him like this. I would take him down the Lane anytime because we realise just what a genius he is we would appreciate him you lot are fffing Morons.

    Now of course any Arsenal supporter knows my mate is right, but still we want to be top, even second is not good enough for some of us . Arsene will not change, he will not spend just for the sake of it, he will not be brow beaten no matter how embarrassing it gets . He in fact will carry on just as he always has and Manage to the best of his abilities.

    He has done this for all his time at Arsenal. he has had offers from all over but the man has had a plan and Arsenal is where that plan is taking place, he will leave when his ready, and by fuck Arsenal will rue that day..Arsene Wenger Is the greatest Manager we have had he is admired all over the world, He has lead Arsenal to parts of the world they never would have seen without him and he will continue to do that until he has had enough. My Mate has seen his worth , I see it but still want more but some supporters are never satisfied are they. Thank you Arsene.

  39. W e all love Arsene deep down, Steve and them facts dont lie, but trouble is he`s too nice a person !……..looks after Stans cash like it`s his own and would go out of his way to help an old invalid lady across the road, but to be a winner he needs to help the old lady across the road whilst going through her purse !. hahaha
    There seems to be two groups of Arsenal supporters……………..there ones that want to suck Arsene off like Transplant, GN5 and possibly yourself after that post !…….and the ones who want to fuck him !………………well I`m not gay and will not suck him off ! hahaha

  40. my comments are often quite flippant as IMO we have under performed big time espcially aginst teams we should thrash. How well have we done against the usual top 4…Exactly 🙂

    Cech is better than Almunia but again IMOchelsea let him go as he had peaked.I thougt he could have done better on both goals.

    hen I said injry prone players (Welbeck) well he obviously isn’t built for what amounts to a physical sport or like many others is injury prone.I am not blaming Wnger,GN5 but after a while with quite a few players one has to say enough is enough and not keep them on the payroll.

  41. Morning Cockie,
    I’m afraid to say i am not sure what way we should continue, Do we take the chance that a new man will make us champions splash the cash and move us to new heights, Or do we stick with what we have, and hope that he buys the odd player who will get this side ticking.

    At the moment we have a team who seem like weaklings to me, I watch every match and can criticise nearly every player but they are still right up there with the best, Not so much in Europe, but we are still in Europe.

    I have over Wengers reign been a staunch supporter, sang his praises when deserved which in all honesty has been every season since he came. But he is one of those people that can infuriate the supporter by not doing the obvious or what seems obvious to the novice, and that i am afraid is the sticking point.

    Now i don’t expect him to break the bank and as we know he is not one to do that but a good signing on a regular basis when its needed, or again when we feel its needed would certainly quell the frustration.

    Wenger’ consistency is uncanny, he does it every season without what looks like Genius. But we still do not see the big picture. He Manages one of the biggest clubs in the world and gets top results, but supporters still feel he should have done better.

    Wenger Manages his finances well, he gets results from frugal spending. What seems like feeble tactics still gets us top spots, Our defending never looks spot on but even a good team like City couls still not score more than us . So what can you say.

    I have watched top managers come and go to all our competitors, they have spent far more than they should be allowed, and none seem to have been good enough to maintain what Wenger does on a regular basis. If he goes where do we stand, I like the fact that he gets us high up the table, do i want a manager every other season, and i have to say No so what do we do.

  42. Arsène Wenger has praised Olivier Giroud’s man-of-the-match performance against Manchester City on Sunday.

    The France striker powered a header past Joe Hart in the first half before he laid the ball off for Alexis to equalise after the interval, securing a valuable point for Arsenal.

    After a tough four months, Giroud now has a goal and two assists in his last two appearances, and Wenger is delighted that the 29-year-old has been able to repay his faith.

    He was fighting, he had control of the ball, he was finishing and he gave an assist
    Arsène Wenger

    “Olivier Giroud was questioned recently and I’m happy I kept confidence in him because I thought he had a top-level performance,” the manager told Arsenal Player. “He was fighting, he had control of the ball, he was finishing and he gave an assist.

    “We showed a lot of character and the intensity of the game was very high,” he added. “We dealt well with what was thrown at us and Manchester City looked like they were doing absolutely everything to win the game. They are difficult to beat and we have shown again that we can get results against top teams.

    “The fact we came back twice each time we were down, we looked like we had the response to score. I think we could have won the game in the end. Overall, it is a positive result

    So he won’t be selling Giroud 😉

    He knows the fans are on giroud’s back, so AW limply defends him instead of thinking “I need a better striker”

  43. Who knows Steve ?
    You say…”top spots”……but there is only one top spot !….2nd, 3rd, 4th makes no difference to me and adamant that not being in CL next season would benefit us in the league !………I predict that if either Manshaftter or Mansour City along with Chelsea are not in the CL next season then you will have to look no further than them to win the league.
    As you know, I still think the biggest threat to us is Kroenke and I know he`s going no where. It`s funny really as even though we/I like a good moan at Arsene, I still think of him like one of the family ! We love our families, but that still doesn`t stop us having a row or moan at them, yet if someone else moans at them then we get protective of them. Arsene is no different here as even though I have a dig at him, it only takes one other team supporter on my deliveries to bad mouth him and I`m straight up fighting his corner and basically re-telling all the stuff you have said…weird !
    Right, I`m off for the sports torture massage……….£35 for 45 mins and it aint even a fit woman !……………..cunts !

  44. …and another one bites the dust….
    After Sepp Blatter’s unseemly exit from Fifa comes news that Michel Platini will resign his position as Uefa President after failing to have a football ban overturned by the Court of Arbitration for Sport.

    Goodbye and good riddance.

  45. Morning all,
    Looks like i killed the blog off yesterday, I apologise, Now and again i get sentimental, Wenger has done that to me, But i have to work today so thought i would get one in early so i dont piss to many off.

    Outr last game of the season is against a side who have had its fair share of problems this season, I would say they dont pose a threat to us but with our team who knows. I feel that with 3 player contracts up at the end of the season, and we are at home. Our sympathetic Manager will give a run out of players who have served us well.

    We will be losing players who many of us have said should have gone a long time ago, but consider the games they have played for us and the length of time they have been with us and wish them success in whatever they go to.

    Got to go, catch you all later, if NB wakes up and writes something we may have something to argue about 🙂

  46. Good morning Steve, I’m not sure our manager will give a farewell run out to the leavers. While he’s achieved his regular target of the TFT, he has stated that he would like to avoid fourth place and the Champions League qualifying round. If Man U beat the Hammers tonight, the Villa match looks like a mwg.

    I join you in wishing those who leave all the best wherever they go. So goodbye and good luck to Arteta, Debuchy, Flamini, Giroud, Rosicky and Walcott. Thanks for the memories.

  47. Hi Guys
    Norfolk I think your list might be a little optimistic, however…. Wherever they go they are still relatively young and should have financial security for themselves and families. On a personal note I have a soft spot for Flamini, not the greatest but always looked to put a shift in, and 2 goals against the spuds is never bad 🙂
    You are beginning to resemble the club..doing just enough to get by…..
    And now for something controversial, how many of our last 5 years league placings have been closer to 5th place than 1st? ….Go on have a go at me 🙂

  48. Good morning groaning goner arse stuffers

    Sorry I’ve not been on for a couple of days, been on the piss with a mate…. but everything seems to have gone smoothly, no handbags ha ha

  49. Bonjour Soixante-Neuf and welcome back.

    The piece of “news” you didn’t want to read….Juventus have put Alexis Sanchez at the top of their summer transfer target list.

    Although Arsenal remain confident of extending Alexis’s contract beyond its remaining two years, recent events have put this in doubt. “Storming” out of the Emirates after being subbed in the Norwich game and not going to the away fans after the Man City match, demonstrate his growing dissatisfaction with life at Arsenal.

    The loss of one of our highest profile signings this century would be a huge blow to the club, particularly as the manager wouldn’t have the old lack of money excuse to fall back on.

  50. Morning All
    I read a report that stated Sanchez said the club lacked ambition, which reminded me of another high profile player saying the same a few years ago before he left. Ozil’s body language at times would suggest all is not rosey in the camp. Along with those who will almost certainly leave, Campbell must be chatting to his agent.
    Then I see Bayern have agreements with 2 new players for next season already….Yes Ivan, we are certainly operating in a similar fashion….It begs the the question why do people open their mouths then put their foot in it. All this and more in the next edition of Arsenal soap

  51. Ah the transfer window…Top top players and their agents will get numerous mentions….until the season tickets are payed for, then…no, I don’t even want to think about it, but whispers Sanogo lol.
    On a completely unrelated thought, I wonder how the sunshine bus will get behind the new manager whenever he arrives, will they get the same deep joy for the 5 minutes of exquisite skill surrounded by the other 85 of dross. The journey not the destination, I seem to remember there 🙂

  52. If Alexis or Ozil or both are allowed to leave in the Cesc/Na$ri fashion then I shall rip up my Red Member……………….ship ! hahaha
    Anyone see that fracas at Upton Park last night ?………..stones were chucked at the Manshafter bus and hundreds of West Ham fans were traumatised after a window broke revealing Phil Jones face !

  53. Manshafter Std losing last night guarenteed Arsenal at least 4th spot for the 20th year in a row !………….so where is the fucking `sorearse party ?……………………….GN5 is out partying at a Grizzly Lap Dancing Club in Toronto !…………..you guys are party pooper cunts !.

  54. Lucky you GN5 !………………..I`d like to, but I`m banned for having a sense of humour !.

  55. Nine months !!!…………..he`s a big strong boy, the pregnancy should be easy !………any idea who`s the father ?

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