Mission Accomplished…. TOP FOUR?

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If we can say one thing about the Arsenal then it is ‘consistent’. Twenty years of getting a Top Four spot has to count for something……….. hasn’t it?

No other team has achieved it, we’ve managed to get Champions League football, up there with the elite of Europe for the past twenty years. It truly is an achievement… isn’t it?

Even over the last twelve years, with just two FA Cup wins to our name and a fairly mediocre team, they’ve still been able to finish each season in fourth, third or second place, most teams look upon the Arsenal with awe and envy……. don’t they?

Arsenal are now like a married couple who have managed to stay together for twenty years, when you’ve been through several relationships and marriagies during the same period. You envy their ability to stay together and still seem happy. you look on in awe at how consistant they’ve been through the good times and the bad.

However, what you don’t see is what comes with their consistency, and that is boredom. OK, they started off like most couples, it was all new and exciting, and the sex was truly amazing. They never realised that their sex lives could be so good. They tried different positions every night, they both reached amazing orgasms and then they did it again and even better the following day.

Then however, after seven or eight years of having an amazing life together, it became more dependable, more invariable, more……. boring. Now instead of wonderful sex and new heights of sexual achievement, over time it has become comfortable, more predictable, and eventually stagnation has set in.

They still have sex together but it is through habit rather than lust, now they don’t achieve amazing orgasms together and just go through the motions and it is perhaps once a week or even once a month, sometimes even longer. While their friends and relatives head towards angry and contentious separations and divorces, their relationship just rolls along over the years as it weathers the many storms and strains.

In this situation surely it is normal to do something, to react to the predictability and boredom.

Arsenal however, appear to be happy with the situation, they don’t seem to want to regain the excitement and stimulation, they are too scared of making change or going as far as a divorce. The consistency of a top four spot has become their normality.

However, it is all about perception, from the Board, the manager, the players and right down to the fans. There is no objective indicator of boredom, it’s all in the eyes of the participants. For some, consistency is complacency, for others, being consistent is an achievement.

It is your perception of your relationship, rather than the reality, that will determine whether it’s boring. Having a routine, feeling comfortable with each other, and enjoying your similarities don’t seem to be all that important in defining a boring relationship. However, if you believe what you see in romantic comedies, you might think that if you’re not jetting off to grand destinations or dressing up in sexy attire before you have sex, then there’s something wrong with you. Simply enjoying your partner as a person may be the most important and easiest fix for a boring relationship.

What is your Perception? Complacent or Achievement? Should we enjoy the Arsenal just as they are, without the excitement? or should we expect to dress up in sexy attire and have wild, amazing sex and fabulous orgasms on a regular basis?






40 thoughts on “Mission Accomplished…. TOP FOUR?

  1. Good morning Arse experts…..

    So poor Danny out for another nine months at least. The poor fucker has only just come back from injury and finds himself back in the sick bay within weeks of his return. Bad luck, bad management or bad body parts?

  2. Superb analogy, `69er !
    Quite simple for me…………Arsenal needs to bring in some new lovers, a fit looking bi-sexual 19 year old girl for a start !. If that doesn`t work then kick out the trouble (and strife…..the boss ) and keep the hot lezzer and bring in her mates !.

  3. Morning all, Only you could write a post that hits the spot NB, thank you.
    Yes being an Arsenal supporter does feel like a Marriage at times, Love and hate and times where they don’t communicate, The difference with a marriage and Arsenal, is that its rare in a marriage to end the year with a £30 million payout. I reckon my Mrs would love me desperately, and dress up in sexy outfits even at our age it may just spark a light .

    I think what happens in Marriage, is that you go out now and again with old friends other couples who have been together for years, and if tf the other guys wife is a looker you tend to give her a bit more attention than you should, often wishing she lived in your house instead of your own Mrs.

    Little bit like supporters looking at players in other clubs, and wishing they were in yours. You are right of course, about how well Arsenal have done. Of course many will still feel it should have been better what married man hasn’t felt like that. But if you have had a consistent Marriage, and you have been reasonably happy, then you are in my book a lucky man ..

    Arsenal of course have had success consistency and longevity. They have also had the same Manager for all those years. And i guess its down to that man’s way of working that has brought that kind of consistency.

    Marriage of course has ups and downs, many find temptation out side of the Marriage, which can cause upsets, even divorce, divorce can cause a lot of friction and a lot of expense children can be a problem as well, A little like losing a manager when he has been tapped up, players who have had promises from him and off he trots.

    We have to work out how we continue, what is best for Arsenal, is it divorce or a trip to the councillor. A tough old question but both need support.

  4. Morning Cockie and Kango

    Le Coq is the equivalent to Lady Chatterleys’ Lover, he lives in the grounds of his ex’s house, has the benefit of other women and bisexual men but still has it off with his missus occasionally, a perfect life.
    And then there is Steve….. been happily? married for umpteen years but fancies his mates wives but does nothing about it….. frustration. ha ha ha

  5. Bonjour Soixante-Neuf, Steve and Cockie, an excellent post 69er, pity you don’t write more of them 😀

    As someone who has been married to the same woman for over fifty years, I can only say that boredom doesn’t come into it. The relationship evolves overtime, and overtime it improves.

    The problem with our manager’s relationship with the club is his refusal to even contemplate evolution, consequently it has turned sour as stagnation set in.

    Now we are in a situation where the only way forward is not evolution but divorce.

    There are too many “adequate” players in the squad who seem to be permanent fixtures on the bench, not good enough to warrant a regular starting place but somehow irreplaceable in the manager’s mind.

    Arsenal have been remarkably consistent, yet have consistently failed to challenge for the top trophies, we are currently twelve points behind the League Champions each with one game to play. Is that good enough?

  6. ha ha ha Norfolk

    All men who have been married for 40/50 years have to say it’s improved over time 🙂 but having never had that experience, I have to say that having 100’s of different women over the past 40 odd years has been a better experience. I prefer to renew my women every couple of years, keep the lust going and avoiding the same old same old…. HA HA HA

  7. Morning All
    As others have said, a great analogy, the anal bits for Cockie’s benefit.
    There are those who can argue equally for both sides, giving perfectly reasonable explanations. For me, its quite simple, I prefer a 7/10 player giving 100% than a 10/10 player giving 70%. I feel as a club we are getting the 70% when its really a 10/10 player. 5th most valuable club, excellent facilities, everything in place, yet the spark is missing.
    I read recently the club have a zillion fans scattered around the 4 corners, and the current must do, is to encourage them to become customers, another “revenue” stream if you like. This for the benefit of basically 1 man. This same 1 man who is reputedly worth $5b. Which, if it was all $100 bills would stand just under 18,000ft tall or end to end around 700,000 miles long.
    Consistency, can mean different things to different folks, top 4s, yawn…. when was the last time we challenged for the top spot with a few games to go, or had a real go at the CL. I have no problem accepting defeat, but I do with not trying. Doing an Arsenal has become a joke with other clubs fans.

  8. Thanks Michael !………………………fair enough, my analogy sounded more like anal orgy ! hahaha

  9. Evening all, Arsenal , Bloody Arsenal, I have said that many times this season after games i felt we should have won, but for one thing or another, dropped points instead.

    I believe we have a very good team, Although many moan about some players,but they have all showed class while being with us, alas they cannot do it every game. I can remember thinking Theo could have made it as a central striker, He was certainly given the chances but in all honesty, he seems to lack certain aspects that a centre forward needs.

    I don’t believe its fair to pick on individuals, but many of our team have had very bad games this season, even a simple pass of under ten feet and they have messed it up. Many players have put final passes onto players feet and bad finishing has led to nothing.

    We brought an excellent goalkeeper, who started off a bit iffy and in all honesty he has finished a bit the same. In my eyes he is showing his age a little, and i think he has slowed, just my opinion. Our injury list never seems to stop, another player who lost best part of this season and now looks to be missing best part of next, not his fault of course but still an injury. Mertsacker is injured as well, and he is almost at the end of his career.. We can not blame the Manager for these things but he seems to take the brunt of anything that does not go well.

    Giroud of course started the season reasonably well, but even he has lost his sparkle. Many say we should have invested in another striker, But with Walcott joisting for a chance and Welbeck brought also to fill that spot, its understandable that we didn’t buy, Looks like a bad decision now but shit happens.

    Although i have asked for change, i have to say i dont really know where the changes should be. Wenger has had most fans scorn but who else would you blame. We seem to forget injured players, a lot of this season i had forgotten Welbeck and Walcott as Arsenal players, Wilshere also out for best part the season wasn’t even in my thoughts as a starter for most of the games.

    Wenger has fielded players who he probably wouldn’t have done as mainstay players, Coquelin and Belerin would have always been back up players even Chambers who was brought as one for the future was playing every game and a fine job those guys have done .Ramsey also was a must play player, but after a spell of injury has never found the same form. Sanchez another who got injured and couldn’t find his form either,

    The players i feel sorry for is Iwobi and Campbell, both these players have shown enormous heart they work until their legs go, but seem to be moved down but while on have shown us they could be excellent. Of course we have Koshielney who has been immense he has had a few partners but has shown why he plays most of the games when he’s fit. Ozil’s assist figures are stunning, and they should be a lot better, but our strikers have not finished. Ozil has looked like he is not impressed with the talent around him, and sometimes he just doesn’t look interested.

    On the whole, whoever we might buy in any window, injury could put them out for half a season and make them next to useless, that seems to be the luck we get, but with all those faults and injuries we have still kept our place in the top of the league, Not going to win it this season but its still up for grabs next season, A supporter wants to win but if you don’t you get back up on the horse and try again.

    Personally i think the future looks reasonable our youngsters are still good and we still have some loaner’s who could come back and shine, so not everything is that bad.

  10. Haha great stuff 69

    It’s simple mate. To get the sex and respect that you need, you must always have the women your with fear you may leave and are a man of options. I like your philosophy 69

    I do the same, but I want a wife to do the boring but necessary plus a mistress. So my two marriages failed because I got caught. haha

    Despite all this women’s lib crap, women want there man to be someone who is attractive to other birds and won’t give a shit if you leave them. This creates attraction. If she works out you love them and will cry like a baby if the relationship ends then she loses respect and attraction, which all means the only good blow job you will see is on your laptop hahaha

    Since I like you all, this advice is free

  11. Terry strikes again 🙂

    This Granite fella who we are supposed to be signing looks a good fit, 3 goals and no assists this season, welcome.

  12. Putain de merde du con, je suis bouree…… (copy and paste into Google translate) to understand…. I’ve been out on the piss since midday, just got home and fucking amazed that I managed to find where I live. GOD SAVE THE QUEEN and UP THE ARSE ha ha

    Good morning you arse lovers 🙂

  13. Tough old life ain’t it Soixante-Neuf, this’ll make you feel even worse.

    According to the Times this morning,, Kroenke is ready to offer our manager another three year contract.

    A two fingered salute to all the Arsenal customers!

  14. Hi guys
    Norfolk, that being the case Arsene will need to get his finger out, qualifying for CL is going to get a lot more difficult….because we might hoard money doesn’t mean other teams will, and from now there will be a lot of it about. No one is going to respect our rightful 4th place

  15. Very amusing letter in this mornings mailbox from Ben MCFC on Football 365, I would copy and paste but alas….

  16. So would you prefer to believe Red Top crap – or the actual facts?


    Wenger on future and squad strengthening

    on reports linking Wenger with a two-year extension…

    That’s completely wrong. I don’t know where this information comes from. You can treat that as just an invention and no more. It’s absolutely false. I would like the press to check this information with myself or the club before they give it out. We both would have denied it.

    on whether he would like a two-year extension…

    I think about the next game. At my stage you want to do well. I’m committed with integrity and commitment, full commitment to the club as long as I’m under contract, but at the moment that’s all.

    on whether he has decided his future…

    No. What I focus on is respecting my contract and then envisage what I will do afterwards. I can understand people are interested in that, but that is not the most important thing. I extended my contract in a period that was vital for the club and after that i will see where I am personally and where the club stands at the end of my contract.

    on whether next season will be decisive for whether he stays…

    Of course, you sum it up very well.

    on what rule he would change in football if he could change one…

    It would be to introduce video for offsides.

    on if he thinks that will happen…

    I think that it should happen. It should happen [in a similar way] to goalline technology. It would open up the game and would incite the linesman to be a bit more permissive. I think as well it would make many decisions easier.

    on Arsenal Ladies in the FA Cup final…

    I am a big supporter of our Ladies team and I have supported them since I arrived here. I wish them extremely well and I hope they come back with the cup.

    on bringing in more players…

    I must say it was very difficult for us because we expected Welbeck back [last] April, it was very difficult to envisage that he would be out for such a long time. Cazorla was out for five months, Coquelin for four months. Could we have done something? We have done something, we have brought in Elneny who has done extremely well. We got Iwobi out of the youth academy and he has done extremely well when he came in. As well you must say that you don’t find the players in January extremely available who strengthen the squad.

    on whether Welbeck’s injury changes his summer plans…

    It is a good question, we have to think about that. When a player is out for nine months, you have to consider that it is a season and that makes you short on the striker front.

    Copyright 2016 The Arsenal Football Club plc. Permission to use quotations from this article is granted subject to appropriate credit being given to http://www.arsenal.com as the source
    13 May 2016

  17. Evening all,
    Reading today’s comments seems to confirm that whatever paper you read the latest, stories are much the same as usual, unconfirmed. Has it ever been any different.

    Wenger should he stay, would be absolutely mad not to buy a new striker, but with Wenger if he does, it will probably be a cheap one. Anybody with any brain whatsoever, would assume Kroenke would want to keep Wenger, who wouldn’t when he gets you top 4 without spending. If i wasn’t a football fan i certainly would offer him as long a contract as i could possibly get.

    Arsene Wenger would have made a fine banker, as they seem to get very high wages, for what looks mediocre work. First thing they do is make sure that a good pension is in place that they don’t have to contribute to, and next a massive golden handshake. I would assume if Wenger went this season not many would begrudge him either. But we all know he would not do that ,as he still has another year on his contract, so he will definitely be with us next season.

    Mr Wenger is not interested in pensions or golden handshakes, The man has enough money all ready to last him for longer than he lives, His Wife or ex would also be well looked after , so all he has to worry about is how to spend his time once football is out of the question.

    Wenger has been successful no doubt about that, but the man seems to lack the ambition that the supporter demands. Arsenal are happy with how he earns them money, so why change something when it aint broke.

    Any Manager has to upkeep their staff, He knows that the supporter will be far from happy if he lets players leave this season without replacing them. I don’t think it takes a brain surgeon to realise we will need players, but what players are available for what he wants to spend is anyone’s guess.

    Wenger is a proud man and i assume he does not like to come out every game to see his name on posters or hear the abuse, so i imagine he will have to spend a bit this window, of course it will hurt and Kroenke will have a fit, but i expect the biggest spend in Arsenal History. Hopefully they will be an improvement.,

  18. Looking at some of the Ladies, think they might fancy the other ladies more than Cockie….still would like a complete report from him lol.
    Nice to see you adding a bit of colour to the blog NB, was badly needed…Horny would be the 1 for me…ok I can still dream 🙂

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