The Battle for North London!

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To be the North London conquerers for twenty years running is a mighty achievement. To be the North London conquered for twenty years running is hilarious.

It’s a twenty year period of supreme rule enjoyed by the Arsenal over the Spuds which could come to an end today.

It’s a shame that Newcastle have already been condemned to the Championship, it would have been better if they were playing the Spuds still with a chance of survival. However, they will be playing at home and playing for pride, so maybe, just maybe, they could get one over on the N17 bastards.

We on the other hand are at home to Villa, which should be one of those guaranteed wins we often talk about.

There are some Gooners who are saying there is no great deal to be made from the N17 cunnuts finishing above us and to treat it with indifference, I bet the same fans celebrate St Totts day every season with pride. So why be hypocrites now and think it’s no big deal?

For me there is a lot at stake, I HATE THEM and I want a ST Totts day celebration today.

I had a very vivid dream last night, I was at todays match, I was stood on the sidelines for some reason and I was…………… naked! Giroud got the ball just on the edge of the Villa penalty area and let fly, the ball curved and went into the top right corner, like a fucking rocket. I jumped up and down and the FP came running over to me and as I put my hand out to shake his, he shook my todger instead, which by now was standing erect and to attention. I then turned to face the crowd behind me, showing them my pride and joy, and all of a sudden these A4 pieces of paper were raised by every single supporter and it read……. HA HA HA HA. TIME FOR CHANGE.

Anyway, in my dream we beat Villa 4-1…. but I woke up before hearing the Spud result.

Come on you Fucking Gunners…..




30 thoughts on “The Battle for North London!

  1. Bonjour Soixante-Neuf, I can let you have the number of a very good therapist, one recommended to me not one I have had need of, I hasten to add.

    Finishing second would be good, but would not hide the fact that we have blown our best chance in twelve years of actually finishing first.

    Yes Villa today, worst team in the Premiership, already relegated, a massive banana skin waiting for us to slip up on it. A failure to win, coupled with Man City getting three points puts us down to fourth. So a must not lose game.

    Will The Magpies do us a favour? We can but hope.

    100% effort this afternoon, no end of season showboating, goals are what we want not tippy tappy.

    C’mon the Glorious Gunners. Do it for the fans!

  2. Bon fecking jour
    Much as we need the win today to beat the spuds and coming second, will leave a bad taste in my mouth. As lot of the football this season we have played has been so dire, it really begs the question….Wtf?
    Still on a positive note, the weather is warm and women of of shapes and sizes showing off their bouncy bits…happy days

  3. Warm? are you mad P? It’s about 10c here with a northeasterly wind straight out of the Arctic Circle giving a windchill factor which brings the temp down to about 7c.

    Thankfully we’re off to Madiera tomorrow morning for a bit of warm sunshine.

    Family lunch today so I’ll be missing the game and my dear friends on 69er’s blog. so for me that’s a win, lose, win situation. 😀

  4. I’d heard there was a Russian front type weather system coming into the UK, so I’m glad I live in Provence. Poig lives in Ireland, they view the weather differently there!

  5. Thanks for your off screen kindness NB and it made my day that we came 24th out of 26 in The Eurivision Song Contest,and Germany came last 🙂

  6. oh well, it’s fucking empty in the bar….. we'”re 1-0 up and the fucking Spuds are losing 2-0 at Newcastle…. we could be North London Champions again…..

  7. Looking good at the moment, but we need road signs to show us where the goal is, we definitely need help with our attacking for next season, our defending could let a goal in at any time, that needs sorting as well, apart from that Spuds 2 down, us 1 up could St Tottering day really be a possibility.

  8. I fucking hate them cunts ………………but they do provide me with some of the best feelings !


  9. That was hilarious, the cheers when the barcodes went ahead, if that couldn’t spur us on…
    Not the greatest of games, but nonetheless enjoyable and how often do we get 4 goals… we are fine for next season lol
    I thought Stan looked decidedly unwell, and alone in the stands.

  10. Giroud getting a hatrick will mean Wenger thinks he doesn’t need a new striker ha ha ha

    That’s the loudest I’ve heard the Emirates all season and it was when Newcastle scored

  11. Dont fuck about Michael !……………when you say Stan looks unwell, I`d rather you tell me he is dead !

    Oh and Happy St Totteringham`s day………….one of the best considering !…………definately the most hilarious one !………………..anyone know of a good Spud site we can venture on to ?…………………..I do get sexually aroused at the site of a crying spud !

  12. You couldn’t have written the script for toaday.None of us let’s be honest.
    So The CF is off the shopping list.Woe is me.

  13. Trust you to bring up a doom on such a great day, Kelsey !

    That`s why you are the best at what you do !. hahaha

  14. Oh and Walcott has a groin strain,wasn’t een on the bench,As someone else said”Somehow Spurs have managed to turn our terrible season around, unite the fanbase and give us all something to look forward to next season. You’ve gotta love em !!!!”

  15. I thought St Tottering day would make me feel like winning the league, but it didn’t

  16. That’s it for this season, off on holiday in the morning,

    The manager’s future and summer transfers are on the back burner.

    Happy St. Totteringham’s Day.

    Victoria Concordia Crescit.

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