St Totteringhams Day….. 15/05/2016

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Well actually, it was Sunday the 15th May 2016 at exactly 3:39pm (gmt) that St Totteringham’s Day happened, that was when Newcastle went 2-0 up and confined the Spuds to another year in our shadow.

The Chicken on the football ended up running around headless as the N17 bastards choked in the North East and got thrashed 5-1 by a 10 man, relegated Newcastle. Uncontrolled laughter was heard throughout North London N5 as Gooners celebrated their 21st consecutive St Totteringham Day since 1995.

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Not as sweet as it would have been to win the PL Title but still a great way to finish the season, and on the very last day too. Only a few weeks ago the Spuds started to gloat, thinking they would possibly win the PL and also finish above us…… oh dear oh dear oh dear fucking dear, how that will now haunt them.

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This is how it stood four games ago, some of us were panicking and some were even lauding Pochettino and his highly skilled young side as better than us (you know who you are)….. ha ha ha and then this happened on the last day of the season……………

  1. Leicester 81
  2. Arsenal     71
  3. Spuds        70

St Totteringhams Day arrived

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I’m still laughing…………………… I sincerely hope you are too!











97 thoughts on “St Totteringhams Day….. 15/05/2016

  1. Good morning happy cunts

    Great day yesterday, great game at the Ems, great hatrick from the French Ponce and great to see Arteta get a goal in his last game for us….. I don’t give a shit what the FA say, Arteta fucking scored.

  2. Its happened again….its happened again……..Tottenham Hotspurs, its happened again. LMFAO

  3. You seriously coulfn’t have scripted the way the afternoon went for us and Spurs and Giroud’s value soared and Walcott said goodbye (from home)

    What we have to remember is that Spurs absolutely cochereled up at Newcastle but their bottle went after 1961 🙂

  4. I love the extremes of football !………… one part of the country in the North West you have a controlled explosion at Manshafter Std and at the same time in the North East you have a controlled implosion from the Spuds !.
    Then there`s the extremes of love and hate !…….and I love hating them CUNTS !

  5. Morning Kels and Cockie
    It really couldn’t have ended better, well it could’ve done if Leicester had not been the surprise package…. yesterday could have been the PL title between us and the N17 cunts… what a final day that would have been….. but now we can only dream of what might have been. Let’s hope Wenger realises this, persuades Sanchez and Ozil to stay and invests in new players and make a statement…. we will do it next season.

  6. The way I see it !…………………an intelligent man will look back and realise that to win the league you need a strong defence and a 25/30 league goalscorer, had we had one o0 either Aguero,Vardy or Kane, we would be champs, a top goalscorer is essential next season, plus a CB and LB !. Wenger has the funds and dont forget……Manshafter Std, Chavs and possibly Liverpool will have a free run at the league next season with no CL, so next season will be harder to win ………………only an idiot would think our current squad is strong enough without additions !.

  7. Nice 69. It was a bit of an anti climax for me coz I celebrate St Totts day at the start of the season.

    The highlight was when they beat Stoke 4-0, meaning they were 5 ahead of us with 4 to go. I knew then they would have a premature wank, ending in feelings of shame and guilt only understood by those with a secret fetish for cross-dressing.

    When you meet Totnumb fans you always get the feeling there sizing you up on how you would look wearing stockings and high heels. The bastards got what was coming to them.

  8. Nice one Transplant…

    “When you meet Totnumb fans you always get the feeling there sizing you up on how you would look wearing stockings and high heels. The bastards got what was coming to them.”

  9. I’ve just seen on my stats page that someone searched, “Naked Happy Birthday Woman” to find my blog………………… I fucking blame Cockie for that ha ha ha

  10. Morning happy Gooners, although we are all happy, I have to admit that it was all out of our hands, had Spuds played anywhere near the form they had shown earlier, we would most certainly had been in third. Doomer that I am we have been far from what we should have been this season, and we can only thank Spuds for being worse.

    Yesterday’s game ended as expected, but far from the kind of form we need to win next season. This side needs lots of improvements, our attacking and defending needs to be overhauled our coaching staff needs change.

    Personally I was not impressed with our Managers choice of team, how Wilshere has deserved a first pick from Iwobi and Campbell God only knows. Our letting the opposition forwards advance so far without ever offering a challenge is ludicrous and a anoying, and our ability to take a shot is also frustrating.

    Mr Wenger has a lot of work for next season, as this side is not the best but our systems definitely need work. Second place is still better than third but not as good as first, in my opinion our systems have let us down for the last few seasons, time for a change.

  11. Oi fucking stop it Steve and enjoy the day……. we have all summer to reflect, today is a day for fucking celebration, the N17 bastards are still in our shadow 🙂

  12. Morning guys
    I’m still smiling, if we can’t celebrate anything else, this was the perfect tonic….
    A little mean of them not to give the goal to MA, a player I really admired, has done a great job for us over the years.
    NB, never mind the cake celebration boobies would be better lol

  13. Steve, I suspect that when you go fishing you leave home thinking —-

    “This is a waste of my fucking time why am I even bothering to drive all that way – even if there are any fish they won’t take my bait”

  14. A glorious way to end the season, it was a pure joy listening to and watching crowd at the Emirates, the Tottteringham chant is still ringing in my ears – “It’s happened again,…………………..”

  15. To tell the truth I`m exhausted !…..and I admit that there`s no need for me to go on the Jeremy Kyle show and have a polygraph test to whether I`m a wanker…I am !.
    When I saw the results yesterday I immediately had to have a wank !……..I then saw on the TV some distraught Totnumb fans and was again sexually aroused that I had to have another wank !……….I was then by the security at Tesco`s to leave the premises and manhandled out, but not before I saw a Totnumb supporter crying in pain as he rammed butternut squash up his rectum in disgust at his teams choke and had to wank again over the security guards !.
    Got home to read all the comments on Arsenal blogosphere and decided to have another wank !……………then went on some Totnumb blogs and you guessed it, had another wank !…………..watched MotD and had another wank whilst apologising to the in-laws !…they were fine about it saying “we always knew you were a tosser ! “…………….so there !, maybe St Totteringham`s day should be also be known as….have a decent wank day !.

  16. Meanwhile, Wilshere’s inclusion has angered many West Ham fans who feel Mark Noble, who performed consistently over the course of the season, deserved a call up more than a man who started his first game yesterday.

    However, he’s excited to get going, and will certainly have fresh legs this summer.

    “Absolutely buzzing! I can’t wait to meet up with the squad and start preparing for the Euros,” he said. “Thanks for all the messages.”
    Here are some of those messages from the England family.

    “you’re a fraud.”

    “having a smoke to celebrate lad?”

    “Glass ankles”

    “you’re f*cking shit”

    “Your lucky Woy is your dad, that’s the only reason why you have been picked.”

    “Your only going to scrub the toilets lad don’t get too excited.”

    “if you were any sort of a real sportsman you would politely decline as you have not played enough games this year”

    “probably twisted your ankles writting this”

    + 5000 replies using the word ‘wheelchair’ like it’s funny and never been done before.

    Always where jolly good sports those travelling England fans 😉

  17. How dare you Kelsey !………….what evidence have you got to accuse me of being a wanker ?. hahaha

  18. So the season has ended and every fucker has abandoned the blog? Norfolk has an excuse, he’s drinking colourful drinks with little umbrellas on a beach. 😀

  19. NB
    Perhaps a few quirky postings, links, porn may brighten the place up.
    The shop opens soon, I wonder what we will be getting, a pound to a pinch of shit, we will be short at the start of the season. Just need all those slow season ticket holders to hurry up, so we can go without the usual, Neymar, Messi and Suarez to Arsenal transfer talk…..Dreams….. its the hope that kills you lol

  20. Morning all,
    24 million for finishing second 30 million Champions league. 54 million without touching what’s already in the bank, I am reckoning 200 million at our disposal, Getting ready for the biggest spend in Arsenals history. Change in our defending tactics, strikers who score at will, more direct attacking football and a squad that can stay injury free, and we’ll have a club that can win many trophies next season.

    Wenger and Arsenal have come out of the doldrums, gone are the days of short arms and deep pockets, we now have half our debts paid off, a sixty thousand seater stadium Television money by the bucket load. Everything is in place, all we need is commitment. No excuses let’s get building the time is now right

  21. I assure you we have more than !00 million at our disposal and Wenger is not telliing the truth,he has been offered an extension of two years to his contract.

    Talk about kante today.He would be excellent

  22. Evening all,
    apparently Granit zhaka is in London Colney having a medical. It’s started by the sounds of it 25 mill but could go up to 30 mill if he has a good season.

  23. Steve, I read that as well….however a few seasons ago a similar story was printed, silly me forgot who it was though….cut to the chase we didn’t sign him.
    When it is announced on .com i’ll believe it. 🙂

  24. Xhaka is a done deal Michael !………………….If Orstein says it is happenning then you can bet your house on it !……………………………Boom Xhaka Laka !.

  25. Hey Kelsey

    I see Big Raddy supported you on AA but unfortunately, on both of his attempts, he couldn’t resist saying that your opinions are wrong….. very big of him heh. “even when you are so clearly wrong” was one of them.

  26. Big Pussy talking like a cunt head on AA again !……………………”we are a site that encourages open debate”……………….prick !.

    I tell you what GN5…..some incredible arselicking to get back in favour with the Arsenelickers being thousands of miles away in Grizzlyland ! hahaha

    Some great Adolf stuff, `69er, but I`d laugh even more if it was about AAers or `sorearses and you know I will take any amount of humoured abuse !. 😀

  27. And what was the problem with what Kelsey put up ?………………….I thought it was funny, but some cunts are so touchy !. hahaha

  28. Just to let you know N5 has also left my FB site because I deleted an out of order comment of his.

    He’s like a yoyo or the hokey cokey.In one blog, out one blog etc.

  29. Raddy, Re your 1:50.

    Kelsey is a valued and long-term blogger whose views have been consistent and he is entitled to his opinion (even if it is wrong:-) ).


    I totally agree with this, however if you set yourself up as a target you should expect incoming

    And the irony is that is exactly what he did on my FB site and got shot 🙂 haha

  30. Hi guys
    I don’t normally visit AA, but made a point to see what the fuss is about….GN5’s stats may well look good, however you can only compare like with like, which other Arsenal manager has had 20 years in the job, with no PL win for 12 years, and with our financial resources to boot. Which other manager has finished closer in points to 5th place than 1st for the last 8 years, or never won in Europe…not so pretty a picture then. Yes, he has been our best manager, no argument there from me. He gets the blame because he is the face of the club, with the boards own words, that don’t put any pressure on him.
    For what its worth, my opinion of Stan would be very similar to what was posted, whether the guy was an Arsenal fan or not, and have the belief other impartial observers would concur. The “very wrong” bit was probably for posting it there. I have no idea who Janman is but obviously dislikes you..fuck him.
    This “getting behind the team” confuses me, why would anyone go to the bother of thinking and writing on Arsenal in a blog, if you didn’t support them?….We can’t change a fucking thing, except ideas, which in reality are worthless as far as the club is concerned.

  31. At the end of the day it just sums up what a melting pot we have as Arsenal fans…. different opinions and viewpoints make the world go round.

    Watching the Cup Final…. Palace been robbed by two bad Ref decisions already, they should be two up.

  32. Morning

    NB to say I am disappointed is an understatement. Janman comes out of the blue at irregular intervals on AA and attacks me,no one else, absolutely no provocation from me..I promised admin on AA that I would not respond to him and I haven’t.He never really talks about Arsenal or football just violates me and no one does anything about it.I am a founder member of AA and I stick to my views as I see the club now.I don’t have to justify my views in fact I am usually proved right more often than not.

    As you know NB I run a closed FB Arsenal group, set up 5 months ago and ALL views are accepted and we have built up a nice following of nearly 30 members.There is no daily blog but above all,being a closed site,no interference from any Spuds or whever.
    Yesterday,GN5 decided to post on my FB site, that my site was a negative site and left.I actually banned him as he keeps leaving sites and then coming back.If he doesn’t like what is said by me or others then he had two options,either not to comment or just leave,
    He complains all the time about the admin at AA and all the work he does and now has a dig at your own site.

    What hurt the most was that he inferred that I hide behind my pills and he always bails me out, which is a load of tosh.I do have negative times and that is the nature of my illness,but never ever question my support for Arsenal.
    It is he who has self importance and everything on every blog has to be to his approval or not said,so my best advise is that he starts his own blog and can talk to himself all day long.I have known him a long time but I just realised that he is as two faced as anyone.

    He can respond to you if he likes but I have all the evidence as to what he really is like from various e mails from admin at AA.
    I apologse for putting this on here but I needed to vent my feelings.

  33. Kelsey shouldn’t have put up that post on AA. Why? Because it upset me that’s why. And when I get upset some one has to pay, usually some innocent good looking fucker with prospects. Which of course means you lot are safe.

    I am in possession of a very high powered Air Rifle. I once shot some bastard three miles away in Muswell Hill. The wanker was standing outside a wine bar drinking some flash bottled beer, was wearing a scarf, and had some good looking bird giving him good body language. He probably would have escaped, but that day Kelsey predicted we would come fifth, so I had no choice but to shoot him in the groin.

    A few months ago, through my high powered telescope, I spotted him walking round Muswell Hill Broadway. His eyes were darting around every were and it looked like he was wearing a cod piece

    I thought about shooting him in the arse, but we had just beaten Man Utd 3-0 so was in a good mood. Besides, I had a feeling he might actually enjoy arse shots?

    So every time you lot indulge in a bit of over the top dooming, just remember some good looking posing ponce is going to end up in A&E having a pellet removed from his testicle.

    Not my fault. Yours.

  34. Deep down, I know you are a good man Terry 🙂 I didn’t write the post,it was an alternative view from someone else which I now know wasn’t well received.It’s the other issues that are concerning me.

  35. Thanks Kelsey. The feeling is mutual. In a platonic way of course. Everyone knows ime not a homosexual?

    I do feel we should lay of GN5 though. I have the utmost respect for him. Like all of us he should be free to post were ever and when ever he wants.

  36. It is a shame that I`m banned from Arselicker Arselicker, Stretch……………(I have no idea if `69er is banned or just doesn`t blog there ! )………………………but such is life, it would have been better if they had the stringent draconian rules that `69er applies !… know the stuff….sit naked at the screen and wank over any Arsene abuse……….. then Big Pussy, Rasp and Peaches would be banned and exiled inside Peaches mums fanny and made to suck anyones cock that entered !.
    That`s what I love about this site, my above comment would be binned and I would be banned if written on Arselicker Arselicker, yet here nobody is shocked or gives a fuck ! hahaha
    As for GN5 !……….I like his comments, but then again I like everyones comments whether good or bad….it makes for better entertainment and yes he is contradicting himself by licking the muff of Peaches, but that`s OK as it will be one less minge transplant donor for you once he has dribbled all over her fanny with Grizzly semen !. hahaha

  37. Cockie if you didn’t post here, I would be lost, filth, porn, debauchery make the site…if only I knew how to post pictures, I could brighten the place up…like hanging curtains to make it homely, as NB is very slack in that department…probably on the piss as I type..:)

  38. Evening all, thanks for the old post NB, must have been hard beating this one.
    just thought I would mention how shoddy United have been in sacking a manager that has just steered a crop of shit players to FA cup glory, only to be replaced with a n out of work sacked manager who couldn’t steer an Oligarchs yacht. Classless club no mistake.

    I have to say I am guilty of asking for change of manager myself, but of course after steering us to second in the league, I was proved wrong. Where I find comfort in our club, is how they have given a manager time to prove he can still win the club trophies, and top four for over 20 years.

    Watching Mourinho standing in the shadows, knowing full well he was on a retainer of 4 million, just hoping that Van Gaal would lose the final, so there would be no problem with him being sacked after defeat. Bet he didn’t like what people are saying now, is that he slinks in like a bit of a leech.

    I only hope that United get the same kind of manager that got sacked halfway through the season. Not that that would bother the Leech as he moves in after the team has been built, looks like he will also be given a bumper war chest, so he can outbid other Managers who have done their homework.

    Luckily we have secured our first signing of the season, before the Cretin has been announced. I have no doubts he will be watching and listening to whoever our manager might be after,

  39. Hi Steve
    I take in what you say re Arsene, and he is by no means a bad manager…but, Leicester scored just 3 more goals than us and conceded the same, yet we finished 10 points below them. I still maintain we are less than the sum of our parts, whereas Leicester were greater than theirs…..Everyone gets the blame, but the buck stops at him..imo

  40. The French in Lens will really appreciate this ha ha…. from BBC Sport

    “French authorities are to impose a 24-hour alcohol ban in the city of Lens for the Euro 2016 meeting of England and Wales. The ban will start on 06:00 BST the day, but will not apply to the 10,000 capacity fan zone. “

  41. Sorry Poig, been out all day,
    can understand where your coming from mate, but tenpoints or not is still seconditions and 17 clubs below us. Yes we had a chance to win the league but we had chances for quite a few seasons, so in my opinion we have progressed.

    Many of the teams below us, should have beaten Leicester, but they never, while we with a struggling team for long periods of the season did. You know as well as me that a chance went begging, but at the end of the day we were second best.

    I have to say Poig that we will have a shake up of players now, and the manager is now forced to bring in some new blood, We have loanee’s who have had experience with other clubs which could be benificial to us, Some of our older players have finished with us now, and it has to be said that only one of them was there when we needed them, this coming season we should have younger fitter players which can only help us.

    I feel that we will offload a couple of players who have failed to impress,maybe tempting for other clubs and maybe we can do deals for better options. I feel that this side needs a good sorting, but I have to say that I am more concerned with a change in tactics of our attack and defence as that is where I believe we lost the league.

    All in all Poig, I see us better as stronger next season but so will many others, but if I could pick where we finish next season second would be my second choice, 🙂

  42. I think Steve has accidently left his Kango switched on down his trousers !……………… way have we progressed !…………….4 points less than the previous season and no fucking FA Cup !…………..and Wenger is saying it will be harder next season to win EPL !
    OK Le Prof….Mr Inteligence….Degree in Economic…..speaks 17 languages ……former interpreter for the Klingon Ambassador…………….we choked this season with lack of goals because of your uncanny sixth sense that we didn`t need to buy an outfield player last summer ( the only club in the top 4 leagues in Europe not to do so !) and you know it`s going to be harder next season as per your quote……… so where`s the blatantly slap you in the face with Gazidis`s cock obvious super quality world class strikers (plural you notice) we need ?…………………………fuck knows how GN5 and Transplant wank over him every night ? hahaha

  43. 69, can I have your email address? Don’t worry, nothing Iron about it, you look better upside down.

    No. I would like to commission your services for the new flat I have moved in to. The Mrs finally forced me out, blackmailing me with an old black and white photograph taken the night I broke into the local farms Goat Sanctuary.

    I wish to decorate my wall with a portrait of Liam Brady, arms raised aloft after scoring in our 5-0 against Totnumb in 1978.

    Let me know.

    Spot on Steve. We can go round in circles all day about improvement but the bottom line is were you finish. We may have a worse record than last year but the envoirement has changed, it’s harder.

    Others may have faltered and withered, but Arsenes majesty goes on. haha

  44. Evening Cockle , you always bring a smile mate. Yes you do have a good point, but I do feel that our side shouldn’t have to hard a job to improve as far as playing. Sickness has always been problematic and we should hopefully have less long term absentee’s Welbeck excluded.

    We need to replace the players who have left, one in already with hopefully more to follow. I feel perhaps a couple more could be moved on, so promotion inside the club or a few cheapie are usually the way we go,but for some reason I feel our spending is still to hit new heights.

    If Wenger breaks the spending record he’s here for a while so we will have to grin and bare it. The foundations I feel are in but we need a general to stir us up and a few workers that can lift this group of players, I keep reading of our involvement with new players and am hoping it’s not just rumours.

    Our next month or so will determine where we are heading. And my kano has a mild vibration. 🙂

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  46. After all that lot, Kelsey, I will actually be glad to be pestered by PPI phone calls !…………….Penis Protection Insurance !.

  47. Morning guys
    As Terry says, we can go round in circles…..That said we are forever getting reasons why we can’t compete, so the expectations are lowered. That is the wrong attitude imo.
    To my knowledge, we are the 5th most valuable club, using last figures the cash richest in Europe, and until Moaniho is anointed, the 2nd highest paid manager.
    Yes we finished 2nd, but up to the last couple of games we could have finished 5th…..we got the points when they we largely meaningless and the only pressure was to get CL qualification, and we know how well that has worked out for supporters these last few years. For the bank balance great.
    We aren’t in the market for the top valued players, the level below, nothing wrong with that, if they are a good fit.
    So my question is. With our last few years results and standing in the league, what other club of our alleged peers, whoever they might be, would accept that from a football manager? The clue here being “football” manager.
    We can’t whatever, almost by definition won’t.
    I’m a grumpy old fucker 🙂

  48. Morning poig.

    I know what you mean. The way I see it is if next season we dont see a genuine title challenge or improvement then Arsene will pack it in. In a way its a no lose situation. Arsene takes us up a notch, making us top class so everyone wants him to stay, or we stay the same, good, but not quite top level to challenge for the title in May. Then in that case he retires and we look forward to a new direction.

  49. I really want our manager to have a brilliant season this year…… I would hate to see him retire or give up without a final moment of glory. He deserves it and it will shut up the fuckers who bring the banners to games.

  50. The pro Aw supporters showed their faith in him during the last two home games by drowning out the protesters – it was a pleasure to watch. It also showed beyond a doubt that the protesters are in the minority and it’s mostly a media created dissatisfaction that does not influence the majority.

    Even though it’s bound to upset the “nay sayers” I will repeat that the only thing that AW has never won is the CL, and he’s missed out on the PL in the past 12 seasons. Multiple after the fact “facts” are used to insult and degrade the achievements of the best manager in our history – fortunately he has showed his class throughout the bombardment and has not blamed his players or the fans, he has simply continued to do his job.

    Although the high of winning trophies is an incredible feeling I do not expect that winning should be the norm – that is not the reason I support Arsenal. Those who see anything less than a trophy as a failure are their own worst enemies and are doomed to be miserable for the majority of the time as very few teams win the league on a regular basis. To put that in perspective in the history of the football league (for Division One and The Premier League) the League trophy has been won by an average of 5.75 different teams per decade. So on what basis do some supporters have such unreasonably high expectations as it’s not supported by historical fact.

    I agree with NB and hope that he goes out in a blaze of glory – but only when he decides to retire.

  51. Terry,I have lost your e mail address unless it’s in Greek.Would you kindly send it over.I need to tell you siomething of extreme importance.Thanks in advance.

  52. Facts are like stats, how relevant they are and how you interpret them.
    I don’t believe I have ever insulted AW here or on any other blog. Finishing 2nd this year, may well be considered a success in 20 years, but that isn’t how it feels to me, looks good on paper though.
    Its not just the winning of trophies, which as you point out can be random, but trying to win them. There is a subtle difference which you invariably choose to ignore, as with the boos in that very same match, that was a pleasure to watch.
    For a football manager failing to win isn’t a problem, its going to happen. Failing, when trying and having everything in place to help you succeed is. If he can’t motivate his players when its needed, he needs to look in a mirror…I give you home to Watford FA cup, for starters

  53. When you are so near and all the big teams around you are all faltering, one needs to grab it by the throat but we have a manager who should be retired to stud before he embarresses himself

    .WBA,Watford,Swansea an out of form Chelsea and even a poor United team, beat us a lot of the times at home as the whole squad looked uninteressted.. lethargic and totally out of form, and the manager jusy sits there shaking his head.I kep saying the consstency and goals would flow in the next game, but invariably the next game and we crawlwd out of the box,yet again.Who do you blame for that oh yes “our greatest manager” ;}

    We were shocking in so many games I have lost count.We will look back on this season as the one that got away.Wenger needs to go, the longer he stays, the worse it will get,the unrest will grow and he will walk something that I really don’t want to see but as long as the season tickets are sold, the place sells out week in and week out, Kroenke will be happy.Don’t believe me, he wins nothing just wants a global market of an english soccer team that occasionally wins trophies,but invest, never.

    I am not anti wenger but it’s obvious to most he has had his best years and like most people as they age, lose the motivation.We need a younger man, more ruthless and someone to literally boss the team, pick or buy or both a leader, a CF, a CB with balls and a Viera type general,then we have a chance.John Hartson said we have 150 million to spend and he may not be far off the mark.
    Do we want to be the richest club in England or one that actually wins meaningful trophies and be feared in Europe,not scrape year after year into the CL. (I know we came 2nd this year.)

    let’s hope I am wrong but I have a feeling I am right.2 years ago 5 to 10% of fans agreed with me now that figure has trebled /

  54. Cheers 69. Will get back to you tomorrow, have to be in the office to access that email.

    Kels, no problem. 69 can email it to you.

    I am desperate for Arsene to go out in a blaze of glory. Winning the Champions League would be perfect and a fitting tribute to the greatest manager in our life times.

  55. GN5 !……………..5.75 different teams per decade, but what is that figure from 1980 onwards ?…………….I bet it`s a lot less !……..the game has changed my friend !.

  56. Personally, I`d prefer Arsene to go out in a blaze of glory by setting fire to Kroenkes ranch !……………….obviously no matter what alibi he has, Arsene will be suspected !.

  57. Haha, Arsene would get done for cattle rustling Cornwall. You know what the penalty for that is? Hanged up high by a posse of cowboy vigalanties who’s brother is also there cousin, but not before they indulge Arsenes arse in some horrible form of rodeo.

    Don’t think Arsene would like that

  58. Hahaha Stretch……..Arsene might not like it but Kroenke`s broke back possee might not know fuck all about association football but Arse Rodeo is taught from a young age !.

  59. Cockie,

    From 1980/81 until the present it’s been 4 teams per decade. But there have been two notable exceptions with 6 wins by Liverpool and 13 by Man U. The point is that with a few exceptions no team can be guaranteed to win.

  60. let’s hope I am wrong but I have a feeling I am right.2 years ago 5 to 10% of fans agreed with me now that figure has trebled.

    Words are easy to type but where is the proof?

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