Happy Birthday GunnersoreArse

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It’s been two years exactly since I published my first GunnersoreArse blog.

This was the article to get it all going….  http://wp.me/p4FeF9-9

And here is the video……………..


Happy Birthday GunnersoreArse…….

and thanks everyone for sticking with it.


103 thoughts on “Happy Birthday GunnersoreArse

  1. Morning all, Nice one NB, enough to make me chuckle, Happy birthday.

    I often feel that a healthy blog is where people air their views without being ridiculed. Sure many take supporting to heart, and feel they have to stick up for people they don’t know personally , I call them arse holes, as why get in a row with someone you chat to every day to back someone you don’t even know.

    Many supporters have supported all their lives, I fall in that catagory,, like most of you, we get to thinking that some of the staff are like personal friends or family, their not, just people doing a job, and when they fuck up,, they need a few fuck thrown at them.

    Personally I couldn’t give a flying fuck for some who leave, they have their own agenda. I feel that if your honest with your views and voice them, then you are a good blogger try and antagonise people deliberately and your an arse hole, I have been like that in the past, but now if I find someone like that now, I fucking ignore them. COYRRG’ s

  2. Looks like I am here on my own, so not too many to upset. 🙂

    I don’t know how many feel that Wilshere has found a place in England’s squad, personally had I been a professional player, and worked my socks off right through the season and a player who plays one full game got in ahead of me, I wouldn’t be to impressed, it must have been a close call for Walcott as well, and he has been fucking useless, I had read that Wenger wants to keep him, now that has astounded me.

    Now I am not saying I know more than a veteran Manager, but how long do you stand by a fucking passenger, ten years he has held grace and still hasn’t impressed me. Personally guys like Gnabry or even Chambers who never let us down would suit me better even Jenkins on who is also Arsenal through and through will give you more effort than Walcott has ever given.

    But as I said before what do I know about the price of fish.

  3. Arsene Wenger has again seen us to the top half of the table magnificent achievement, but how many of you felt we should have had more. Now I have been called a trophy hunter never being happy with how our team do,now that is a tad unfair, as in my opinion things could have been better had we spent just a little more than we did.

    Nobody knows befor a season starts just how good your own team will be let alone the other clubs, but you should know where you could improve, and I feel you should start off as strong as you can afford, we didn’t and only got second, apart from the money we gained in coming second, it is still second and not first.

    Arsene Wenger has still done brilantly, but he started the season off with weaknesses and that should not happen at our level, in my opinion he needs to improve our starting squad to as good as he can muster, learn the errors of the past and by some fucking quality.

  4. We hear of our new signing Granite for 30 mill, we have not spent 30 mill more like 20 as the other ten is only if he does well and wins us trophies.. Don’t fucking try and kid us as a high spending club when we haven’t laid out that much, put an extra ten mill on each signing trying to show we have spent more is trying to kid us tell the fucking truth and we can then buy more players of quality that we need to be the best we can be.

    Centre back a new striker and we will have improved, now spend the money before we miss out.

  5. Morning guys
    Happy birthday to Gunnersorearse, and the 1st commenter, whoever that was 🙂

  6. Congratulations NB, you have managed to remain a reasoned moderator and allow opposing viewpoints – that is not easy so kudo’s to you.

    I guess the picture is an example where you can have your cake and eat it too……….

  7. Congratulations Northwank !.

    The only original poster from that post still here is Michael !……………………..what a bunch of deserting cunts !. hahaha


  9. Happy birthday NB ….. You certainly liven up my day…..such language from a 2 yr old!!😇
    Love your forthright comments and prose….. and I love our club as you do. I don’t always agree with you but I enjoy your way of saying it.
    Keep up the good work and keep enjoying your well deserved wine and chorizo.

  10. Cornwall, do us a favour mate. I have scoured the interweb and can not find a picture of Liam just after scoring in the 5-0. I found some lovely porn though.

    Theres a video on youtube and it shows the moment he first turns to the wankers on the shelf. Its just before Rix tries to make under age homosexual contact.

    Is it possible to freeze that moment as a picture so it can be posted up here for 69 to have a butchers, and if it is…..can you do it for me? hahaha

    Brilliant stuff 69. That Hitler video made me laugh out loud. The bloke supposed to be me looks nothing like me though? Ime a miles uglier Bastard than that.

  11. Happy Birthday 69er. Cracking video. Made me laugh out loud. Onwards and upwards with your open blog Sir.

  12. I cant find a photo of Liam, only the same as 69er above !…..but here`s a short vid of Rix getting an erection !.

  13. Does anyone find it interesting that there hasn’t been a big fuss from fans that we’ve signed Granit Xhaka already? When we signed Sanchez and Ozil the internet was full of it, but for Granit, hardly anything.

  14. Hi guys
    We all know we need a goal scorer, a back of anything description is fine, but isn’t going to make a lot of difference in the plus column. Ozil yes because of his final third passing and Sanchez is an exciting player. Personally I’m looking forward to the return of Sanogo lol.
    Joking apart, I am convinced we will spend in the right areas this summer, and no I haven’t been on the wacky weed. I cannot conceive going into this season, once again short of 2 players. That would be madness with our incessant injuries and with the top 4 trophy at stake. Other clubs spurred on by Leicester’s achievement, will fancy their chances for a top 4 finish. Next season every point will be hard fought, and not to be properly prepared would be insane.
    While AW’s idea of defending might be suspect, dropping needless points will surely be punished.
    So in summary, I’m expecting a ruthless manager this coming season, a 5th or 6th place finish caused by what some would consider bad management….well

  15. Very slow today…..Sky sports, the dark haired presenter Kirsty I think, every time I see her, I wonder….Does she shave, trim or the full bush…Thoughts?

  16. Morning all, seems like the Arsenal recruitment centre is actually looking for talent. The reported figures are saying we have 80 million to spend in this transfer window. Reported figures of 30 million for Granite , leaves us 50 million by my calculations, Mortato has been seen by some to be a front man we are looking abet, if we believe the rumours we have even tendered an offer.
    How many decent players can we get for eighty million, as let’s face it ,eighty million is not as much as it sounds. Will we need to sell a few to bring that figure up as oxlaid Chamberlains name has been mentioned a fair few times. Kieran Gibbs has also been mentioned as well.

    I would have called those two more as back up players, so replacing them would not exactly improve the starting eleven. Would it not be a good idea to loan these two out for a season so both could benefit by playing regular as we have youngsters who could cover and our first choices are only getting older.

    Walcott has been reported as one Wenger would like to keep, although many have said it’s time for him to leave. Will Walcott offer us a choice up front, and from what he has produces this season is anyone’s guess. I naturally believe we need new blood up front, Giroud has not been prolific Welbeck is out for a while so do we need to concentrate on a complete new front line.

    Defensive players are also reported as positions that we are looking at. Per Merts looks to be staying but I assume only as a backup, I believe he is out of contract at the end of next season so he will inevitable here for another season. Gabriel has improved but not enough to be a first choice pick. Reports suggests that the manager has his eye on Premier defenders and is ready to make offers.

    Ospina is not really happy at number 2 so I would expect him to move, Szezesney has been on loan and I expect him back to cover for Cech. I feel we need to stretch defenses and feel that wingers could offer more space in the middle, we also need supplyers for new strikers, so decent wingers could be beneficial.

    I do feel that our defensive coaching has been a bit lame for a few seasons and would like change there, maybe as our Manager is starting his last season on his present contract, it could be a good idea to bring maybe his successor to the fold, rather than leaving it to the last minute.

    Plenty to do before we start the new season, players to buy and sell, training to iprove us both upfront and behind. If we want to move up a place we need to do our business early and get the people in place, we are a big club in the most lucrative league in the world we have to be ready to pick up the spoils do all this and this will be our time. COYG’s

  17. Hi Steve
    Without trying to 2nd guess the manager, it wouldn’t surprise that he wants to hold on to Walcott until (I hope) his replacement is in the bag. If we can’t find another goal scorer. then no doubt he will be singing the praises of Theo. It doesn’t fill me with optimism, but the best I can manage. 🙂

  18. Evening Poig, was beginning to feel that I would have to wait till next birthday before some one came on. Yes your right mate, Wenger does seem to do things differently than other managers but he does seem consistent so he’s not really that wrong is he.

  19. Evening all

    I’ve been on the piss for two days. It was my birthday Yesterday and went on a village coach trip to somewhere near Nimes for what they call a Farade where they brand young bulls. Bar and BBQ so got rather drunk. Then today was mothers day so i was invited to my ex Mother-in,-laws celebration. I’ll do a travelogue later this week about the Farade, with photos.

  20. Good morning to all and sundry, first off a happy 2nd anniversary to The Blog and of course birthday wishes to dear old Soixante-Neuf.

    I haven’t seen much in the way of news recently, the only place with WiFi access was the hotel bar and there are better things to do in bars than fiddle around on the interweb thingy.

    That said it does look as though we have signed a decent player in Granit Xhaka, we will have to be careful when pronouncing his name though, the “t” is silent, the “Xh” is pronounced “Shh” and the “k” is very close to sounding like a “g”. Rooney has already laid permanent claim to that soubriquet.

    Seriously though I do think he will add a bit of much needed steel to our midfield and defence. Koscielny and Gabriel are good on the ball but too easily knocked off it by more physical forwards.

    Which leads me onto the defence. We do need to sign a strong central defender. Merts can’t get away with it much longer and Koscielny and Gabriel are too similar, it also looks as though Chambers is heading out the door, possibly with a loan move to Southampton. Not a bad thing if he is guaranteed regular first team football, but it will do him no good if he’s just swapping one bench for another.

    There’s still no real hint of a new striker and that’s particularly worrying. Still, there’s always Sanogo and Welbeck (or Willbeback Sometime as he’s now known) will be back towards the end of next season…..Maybe.

    Good to be back, but the weather here is awful, if it stays like this I’m off back to sunny Madeira.

  21. Evening all, welcome back Norfolk, blogs been slow as the guvnor’s been celebrating on the piss.
    Granit in and shirt numbers have been switched round, don’t know the reason for that, but whoever has a new number looks to be staying.

    As usual, we are being linked to anybody that can walk, Vardy was up for an Arsenal number not so long ago, and the price of 20 mill was a bit of a snip, Wenger must have been on the phone as soon as he heard I would imagine. But it now looks that that was wishful thinking.

    Usually when we make a quick signing, we have to recover, as we don’t like parting with anything. I guess we will hear who is going to be loaned out before we hear of who’s in next. I honestly feel a striker will have to be brought but feel we may have to wait till the end of the Euro’s before that happens.

    I also feel we will get some of our money back by selling a couple befor we enter a bidding war with just about every body. We will inevitably recruit but not necessarily the quality we need.

  22. Kelsey, e mail me details as I can’t find any evidence of a hack or anyone else who has had trouble with my account.

  23. VCC, Ricardo Iván Rodríguez Araya is a Swiss left back for VfL Wolfsburg in the Bundesliga. £19 million release clause. 23 years old. Seems a bit pricy for a full back, perhaps our manager can see the potential to make him a striker or even a back-up ‘keeper. You ne3ver can tell! 😀

  24. I find it strange that we are looking for a left back. Monreal has probably been our most consistent defender for the last two seasons. We also have Gibbs who is a perfectly adequate back-up. Surely there are more pressing needs in the squad, a more rugged centre back for one and of course a striker who can consistently score goals.

    Still we are told endlessly that the manager knows best.

  25. I agree Norfolk. Our priority surely is Top quality CF & CB.

    I also agree about Monreal, he was one of our most consistent performers last season. Head and shoulders above Gibbs.

  26. Ha! So you’ve surfaced at last you old soak. 😀

    No striker signing, or signs of one as yet. But it is good to know that our shiny new midfielder Granit Xhaka has his priorities sorted out. Didn’t like the squad number he was given so he had it changed to 29, because that’s the year of his birth backwards, well at least he left of the first two digits or he would have had the highest shirt number in history, 1992.

    What an arse!

  27. Norfolk

    Cech said the same about his number 33, 33 years old and something else significant to him…. didn’t go too badly this season for him;

  28. Well the french are at it again.Threatening a go slow on the ferries, airspace controler strike all to coincide with The Euros, will only accept people purchasing drinks in lens if they order in french.

    good PR for staying in the EU 🙂

  29. Don’t forget the refinery workers are on strike, garages are running out of petrol and diesel, Kelsey. F**k the French and the rest of the EU too.


  30. Morning all,
    Watching England last night reminded me of Spuds last couple of games in the Premier, only England won.
    what a load of rubbish that was. Our last friendly after two years of building a team, and we play a new diamond formation with players who have never played together. What the he’ll are we doing, surely two years building should represent what we have been trying to achieve. Euro’s start soon and we are still not looking as a team.

  31. ‘morning Steve, can’t argue with that. Even against ten men we couldn’t control the game. Doolally Alli was wasted playing wide and Vardy and Kane never looked like playing together.

    If that’s the way Hodgson wants them to play it’s going to be another short tournament.

  32. I reckon we should keep to our normal behaviour whilst Arsene is scouting for a striker with over £100m in his pocket and abuse Woy Hodgson for the next few weeks !………we need to let off some steam !

    Woy Out !
    Garth Crooks In !

  33. Evening all,
    I read in the paper that Morinho has bid 80 million for Paul Pogba, not many managers get anywhere near that figure for a couple of seasons, and by the sounds of it there could be more as well. We on the other hand have brought our first signing early and are led to believe we have more signings to come.

    Of course we did finish in second position so we should have quite a good squad already, but of course with at least 3 players finishing we look to replace. Now most teams will have players leaving at some time or other, and for thought would have the order of the day. Mr W energy would have a good understanding of what is needed, whether he progresses with the plan he had in place or if he will see this as an opportunity to diverse is anybody’s guess, but I am sure he would not have been happy with how we have been caught out with the defensive system we have in place.

    Mr Wenger always seems loath to change tact, but with the need for replacements he may just feel that new players may just execute the system better, rather than change the system altogether. I feel we have similar problems with our attack, our lack of goalscoring was certainly attributed to us finishing second and not first. Whether our system changes or we buy players will be determined by the start of the new season.

    Mr Wenger as usual has brought a midfield player, we seem to have plenty of those, especially in the position our new man plays. But we are lacking choice up front with Walcott missfirering and Welbeck injured for 9 months, Giroud was not electric but he did feature more than the others, many believe this to be a place for improvement.

    Mr Wenger will either buy new players, or change our tactics, this time round I feel he will add players. I just hope he doesn’t leave it till the last minute.

  34. Honestly I’ve only just watched the Hitler video, brilliant 69er, absolutely brilliant.

    I think I’ll insult N5 a bit more and see if you can come up with a few more scenes.

    Still laughing.

  35. With Arsenal having more money in the bank than any oither team ( I did put that link up previously to confirm and we also got the most money from EPL last season ) and Gazidis saying the monies there if Arsene wants it, I will be totally pissed off if some other cunt gets Pogba !………I wont be a happy bunny…..more like a bunny boiler !……………..yes, I know I said lets target Woy, but Arsene is annoying me already and it`s only been 10 minutes ! . hahaha

  36. Sounds like folks inhale a lot of laughing gas on walks through the bogs…………

  37. Nearly all the Arsenal newsnow stuff is about we have triggered Jamie Vardy`s release clause !…………..that would be a curve ball as I have no idea how I would feel about it if true !

  38. Vardy won’t leave Leicester this summer Coickie…. he’ll want to experience CL football with the team that won the EPL… afterwards, he may leave when they fail. he’ll also be cheaper ha ha

  39. I love the way you speak with a french accent when spelling my name `69er ! hahaha

  40. Fuck off !………………..I`m not having his dirty pants rapped around my knoib !

  41. Knoib !!!………………fuck, I`m starting to speak with a french accent now !. hahaha

  42. This Vardy story seems to be gaining momentum, could it be true?

    £20 million and £100,000+ a week. Could be a bargain.

  43. Morning all,
    on the newest his morning came the news that Arsenal has executed Jamie Vardy’s release clause of 20 million. You could have knocked me over with a feather. Vardy of course is on England duty, and has yet to comment, but it seems that he had said previously, that he was looking forward to playing Champions League with premier Champions Leicester City.

    We all know that Arsene Wenger loves a bargain, and Vardy for 20 mill must be the bargain of the century. Wenger has reportedly been looking for a new striker, but price for strikers has been a big sticking point with Arsenal.

    Could there be a swap deal in the air as would we need the amount of strikers we have at present, and Leicester may find a use for one of ours. This sounds like an avenue that Wenger would look at.

  44. ‘morning Steve, with Welbeck out until the twelfth of never, we desperately need to sign a striker. If Vardy is willing it will take the pressure of the manager. He can’t afford to make his usual late foray into the market for fear of losing out altogether.

    I’m not sure Vardy is the best we can do but we could do worse.

  45. Morning Norfolk, Yeh I felt the same, straight buy or will he try a trade do you reckon

  46. Morning guys
    I have no idea if the Vardy thing is for real, if it is I would expect to get a few more penalties next season. It seems an odd sort of signing for him, no resale value wtf?
    Anyhow a striker of any sort is welcome, so how will he fit in?

  47. Morning all

    Vardy seems a strange choice…. but could be for cover Danny, until a younger better forward becomes available;…. who knows, Wenger may get Vardy and Ademayang 🙂

  48. Hi NB
    Perhaps it a cunning plan to get Morata on the cheap… The sneaky Monsieur Wenger has bought a striker, Signor Madrid says cajones, I was banking on him paying 50m …what are we to do he isn’t good enough for us….perhaps if we lower the price we might attract a punter….voila, in swoops Arsene….you heard it here first…..but don’t tell Terry I’m best buds with Arsene, I don’t want to be at the business end of his high powered air gun.

  49. Wakey! Wakey! Hot off the press Vardy to have a medical at London Colney tomorrow.

  50. Leicester had put a new offer in to Vardy of eighty grand a week,with Walcott on an estimated 10 grand a week and not able to secure a startIng place, Vardy would be mad to say no to Arsenal. No signs of yet as an exchange deal, but would be surprised if one has not been discussed

  51. ApparenttlyApparently Va we have secured personal terms with Bundersleague club Hoffenheim striker 22 year old Antonio Colak. All that has to be settled is the price.

    Colak had been on loan for the season and managed to score 7 goals in 22starts,apparently he has great potential. Wenger looks to be taking a gamble but it must be a good one especially with Vardy almost in the shirt.

  52. In the past 24 hours or so, transfer rumors surrounding Jamie Vardy have gone from a standstill to ludicrous speed. Arsenal have allegedly triggered the striker’s release clause, and Leicester City manager Claudio Ranieri has confirmed Arsenal’s interest in the player. If this new report is true, though, it’s possible that we could hit plaid in just a moment.

    Nursey is a reporter for the Daily Mirror based in the Midlands (again, that is where Leicester is, for those of you who like me are not experts in English political geography), so while he’s not typically on our radar, it’s not outside the realm of possibility that he’d have the sources to know what’s going on here. On the other hand, since he’s not a known quantity, it’s hard to say with any certainty whether or not he’s bonafide.

    So for the moment, take this with a grain of salt, but we should know something more in the next couple of days.

    Note the final disclaimer “take this with a pinch of salt” –

  53. I thought you disdained such trivia as transfer speculation N5. Yet here you are disseminating the very thing you proclaim to be beneath you.

    Now what’s the word I’m looking for? Hypo something.

  54. You are such a chump NG, I spent time looking for the source of your erroneous gossip (starting at 8;59) and discovered that even the people who were perpetuating the nonsense said that it was unlikely to be factual.

    The reason I posted the facts was to show you just how idiotic it is to quote from the Red Tops but obviously the gasses from the bogs are having an extremely adverse effect on you and cause you to still believe everything that you read………oh dear, how sad……….

    That said it would be great for Arsenal to have a predatory striker in our squad.

    Now take a deep breath – oops on second thoughts don’t – as bog gasses may be dangerous to your health……….

  55. Good morning all

    I think I’ve had a long enough break from publishing something…. but ffs, apart from the Vardy thing there doesn’t seem to be anything else to write about the Arsenal.

  56. Morning all, I see that the lack of posbots on this site is now making the bloggers search for news about our club. We all should realise that Arsenals poor communications with their supporters is one of the reasons that supporters are split in their support. Wenger although a great coach is not a people person, by saying that he does seem good for his players but not so good in explaining his self to the Arsenal support.

    We all realise that transfer negotiations can be affected by outsiders who can scupper any well laid plans,but when you get to the stage of medicals then most of the negotiations have been settled. The saying that I will only believe it when I see him in the shirt, seems a bit supporter unfriendly.

    Vardy of course if the reports are correct, could only expect a contract of a couple of years,the reports I have read suggests that he will sign for a reported 40 million overall payment, which would make a comfortable retirement plan. My gut feeling is that Wenger is going all out for his last season, if all goes well this season,then he may stay for another contract, if all fails then he leaves with youngsters in place that would give any manager time to build his own fighting force . Mr Wenger has shown professionalism all through his reign at Arsenal,I wish him well for what could be his last.

  57. ‘morning folks,

    If the Vardy story turns out to be true, and this tweet from his missis seems to confirm it, “it looks as though he’s going to the Emirates”. Then is he a stop gap signing to cover for the injured Welbeck? Or an indication that our manager at last formulating a plan B?

    Leicester played a counter attacking game, conceding possession and territory in order to create space for Vardy and Mahrez to exploit with their pace. To fully exploit Vardy’s strengths we will need to do something similar, the pass, pass, pass slow build up which has been an ever-present feature of Arsenal’s game of late will have him tearing his hair out in frustration.

    Will we see an Arsenal team sitting back with Wilshere hitting fifty yard lobs for Vardy and Walcott to run onto? That could spell the end for the fans favourite Santi Cazorla.

    It is all speculation at the moment and it does wind some people up, but it’s fun nevertheless.

  58. Soixante-Neuf, after the Kalstrom fiasco I think they check to see if the player can actually stand up and walk un-aided.

  59. Next signing will be the Swiss left back and Gibbs will go.Absolutely certain I don’t read red tops.

    20 million in football terms is comparitively cheap even if we get two seasons out of him.He’s a finisher which we haven’t got.

  60. Morning fellow suspected ulcer sufferers

    Not sure about Vardy? He reminds me of Quentin Crisp. Excellent balls skill, but will he fit in?

    We all know what happened to Crisp. Instead of achieving his destiny as a more macho Gary Linekar, he ended up falling in love with a geezer who didn’t want it, and charging £20 quid to Japenese tourists who did.

    Crisp hit rock bottom, forceing him to attend A&E claiming his bottom hit a rock. Despite been perfect for the job by been up his own arse, Crisps dreams of been a snidely Match of the Day pundit were shattered

    Tragically, Crisp was forced to shun his infamy by changing name to John Hurt, were he would spend the rest of his life in acting roles were his facial expressions displayed fear that something alien was lodged up his bottom.

    I like Vardy, but his success has been with a team who plays with only 33% possesion

    Even Crisp had more possessions than that. He owned a flat in Soho and in Midnight Express had a bag of opium

  61. Hi guys
    Just to be pedantic, I believe the original source of Vardy to Arsenal was by the Guardian.
    So will this be known as the Ferguson season lol.

  62. If you are considering the online dating thing, here are a few pointers….
    40ish…very old ad
    Adventurous…sleep with anybody
    Athletic….no boobs
    Average looking….ugly
    Beautiful smile…does a lot of pills
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    Emotionally secure…on medication
    Friendship first…born again virgin
    Good listener…if you can get a word in first
    Good sense of humour…be careful
    Large lady…obese
    New age…body hair issues
    Old fashioned…no blow jobs or anal
    Open minded…desperate
    Outgoing…loud and embarrassing
    Passionate…sloppy drunk
    Social…see adventurous
    Voluptuous..very fat
    Wants soul mate….stalker

    Hope this helps 🙂

  63. 😀

    Doesn’t look as if we’ll get any news about Vardy today….. The English team flight leaves for France at 11:30 GMT………… that’s if the French air Traffic controllers are not on strike and the airport isn’t flooded ha ha ha

  64. Bonjour Soixante-Neuf, if you are holding out for a hundred comments before putting up a new post, this one will help.

  65. Vardy’s flown the coop. Will he? Won’t he?

    In the words of the song, you just keep me hanging on.

  66. Next on the rumour mill, Hammers considering a £25 million offer for Walcott.

    Seems logical, Vardy in, Walcott further down the pecking order, he must already be pissed at the time he’s spent on the bench and that can only increase in the future.

    £5 million profit, good business all round. Kushti!

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