The Vardy saga…Will he or won’t he?

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There’s been so much written about this transfer over the last few days it’s hard to come up with a new slant on the proceedings, so I won’t even try.

However, reading between the lines there seems to now be a high likelihood that he will stay with Leicester City. Everyone was expecting him to take a medical at London Colney on Sunday and the signing to be announced on Monday before the England team flew off to France for the Euros. None of that happened and Arsenal fans were left frustrated with no announcement made yesterday.

It has been reported that Leicester have made an attempt to keep Vardy at the King Power with an improved contract and this has led to him delaying his decision to join the Gunners.

It’s understandable because it is not just a footballing choice, it’s a major life choice as well. At 29 Vardy is close to his twilight years as a footballer, so it would have a major impact for him and his family and probably whoever he decides to go with, he will stay with until he retires from football or goes to play in Turkey.

This is why, if I had the chance to offer my advice to him, it would be to choose the Arsenal. Leicester City achieved an amazing success last season by winning the Premier League title against all the odds, but the chances of them doing that again next season are fairly low, whereas Arsenal, if they buy the right players this summer will be contenders and Vardy could finish his career with a top flight club challenging for, and winning trophies.

Vardy is stuck between two difficult choices, stay with his PL winning team mates out of loyaty and possibly find himself in a team that returns to its former mediocrity and a career ended with failure, or join the Gunners and finish his career on a high and in the process, earn more money for his retirement. I think he needs to put sentimentality to one side, the choice should be easy.

So will he or won’t he? I reckon he’ll go with his emotions and be persuaded by Ranieri and his team mates to stay at Leicester City………… but I believe that decision will be a massive mistake for a very talented footballer and a great loss to the Arsenal.



6 thoughts on “The Vardy saga…Will he or won’t he?

  1. Good morning all

    I’ve finally got my act together for a post. Problem is that summer has arrived here and getting outside in the sun on a bar terrace and having a few glasses of pastis is very tempting. 🙂

  2. Bonjour Soixante-Neuf, Vardy took advantage of our manager’s offer to force Leicester to up his wages. That ploy appears to have worked. He’ll stay where he is, happy to be a big fish in a small pond.

    I’d have been happy to see him in an Arsenal shirt as a stop gap until Welbeck regained his fitness, he was never going to be a long term option.

    I expect the hooha sold a few more season tickets and that will make the money men happy.

    Now we can only hope the manager has got an alternative target in mind.

    Oh! And welcome back 69, dried out nicely? 😀

  3. Hi guys
    25m for Walcott what have they been smoking? If he can be persuaded to sign for them we may have to subsidise his wages, but that would be a bargain imo. Never one of my favourite players, talked a good game, but flattered to deceive.

  4. Morning P, no chance! Walcott has spoken to the manager, and agreed to stay and fight to make the right wing slot his own. No more nonsense about playing as a central striker.

    Oxlade-Chamberlain may well go and Chambers could be on his way to Watford for the season on loan.

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