Wenger should tell Vardy to ‘fuck off’

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So the latest episode in the Vardy transfer is he has told Arsenal he won’t make a decision till after the Euros…… that’s more than a month, unless England go out early.

But where does that leave Arsenal?

They surely won’t wait for his decision, they’ll have to search for an alternative because if Vardy contacts them in four weeks time and says he is staying with the Foxes, time will be limited in the Transfer Window and furthermore, other teams would have upped their search for players, making the market place very congested.

I hope we find someone else quickly and sincerely hope Wenger has already started the process. Vardy would have been a very good acquisition but he is not the only striker out there. Pissing around will cost him I think, and furthermore, if he has a bad time in the Euros his stock will fall, making him a less attractive proposition.

So my advice to Monsieur Wenger, find another striker and tell Jamie Vardy it’s too late and to Fuck Off!



43 thoughts on “Wenger should tell Vardy to ‘fuck off’

  1. Bonjour Soixante-Neuf, couldn’t agree more. If the twat can’t make up his mind about a no brainer move to THoF he doesn’t have the intelligence to be an Arsenal player.

    The manger needs to get his finger out and get on with signing Morata, he’ll only cost an extra £20 million, he’s a better striker, younger and better looking to boot.

  2. So Dortmund said earlier in the week that PEA was going no where !……………£60M Wenger, that`s what it takes to convince a club to sell it`s best player !.

    Kerlsey`s on AA saying it`s a fact his friends son was in Dortmund ten days or so ago on the Arsenal negotiating team !……….come on Kelsey, spill the beans as to what player it was ! ……………….please let it be HM !…………..and please let it happen !.

  3. Morning guys
    Yes fuck off Vardy you wanker…..its Henrik Mhikuran of Dortmund, Arsene told me not to tell more than anyone on here….hard luck Terry, Arsene is my bud lol

  4. Morning all , I read that the Vardy deal was worth 40 million over 4 years. What 29 year old player shuns that, Vardy is in the bank, no mistake. Leicester upped their offer of 100 grand a week, for Vardy to stay, don’t believe it. Giroud has stated that we are looking for 2 good strikers and he is happy with that, so with Hodgson not wanting any transfer dealing messing with England’s preperations, I feel it’s a done deal. Walcott has now conceded he is not CF material and will work hard to make the wing position his own, I feel we should sell him, but that is in the balance and depends how much money we have to deal with. Still lots of players that can be sold and I am expecting a few. I am also expecting a very good coming season. Patience. 🙂

  5. He’s another midfielder, we’ve got dozens of ’em. I want a striker and a big strong centre back not more bloody midfielders.

  6. Actually Norfolk we haven’t

    If you take into account Arteta, Flamini and Rosicky all going, then consider that at least one other midfielder will be sold ie: Ox, Wilshere, Cazorla or Walcott or Ramsey…… then we have a possible 4 or more vacancies. Mickit Aryan also plays on the wing so a good replacement for Walcott or Ramsey don’t you think?

  7. Marine gets out the shit again, that wanker must have an Angel sitting on his shoulder. Now we should make a bid for the Dr tart, wealthy and not a bad looker, and Wenger needs a shag bad.

  8. Morning all.

    Spot on 69, fuck Vardy, no one else would. I refuse to belittle myself worrying about some jumped up little shit. Do you know, the wanker and his bird banned that lookalike geezer from contacting them. Apparently Vardy wants to protect his image? What fucking image.

    Aint it bad enough that this poor lookalike looks like him, now he cant even celebrate or make a few bob from been an ugly bastard.

    In revenge, I posted on Vardys twitter page last night. I used the picture of that Black male model that I cut out from the Argos catalogue AKA Troy Johnson. ive pulled loads of birds as Johnson, got some free Argos toasters too.

    Anyway, I asked Vardy if I could be his lookalike, and that to test the water is it possible for me to share a toasted waffle with his bird before I shag her?

    The bastard threatened to ring the old bill? I tried to calm him down by offering him an Argos £99.99 super Drill, but the fucker and his Mrs banned me.

    Fuck Vardy

  9. Central defensive midfield looks great, up front a couple, and some big fuckers at the back and we’re cooking on gas, feeling better every day. Not forgetting our medical changes and I think we’ll be ready for the fight.

  10. ————————————– Cech———————————–
    Bellerin————— New CB————— Kos————Monreal
    —————– Elneny——————————Xhaka—————-
    Mickit Aryan——————————————————Sanchez

    Fucking mouth watering……

  11. Vote leave, if we get of the EU we can deport Mouinho as an undesirable alien.

    Vote early, vote often.

  12. Been waiting for years for a vote, they have held it back for as long as possible. This is our chance and probably the only chance I will get in this lifetime to put the power back into ruling ourselves, I know where my cross will go, I hope you all pick the right box. Come on Britain. You know it makes sense.

  13. When the best they can offer is scaremongering, its time to say goodbye….I’m with you out guys…in spirit 🙂
    Mickit is coming, I can feel it in my water lol…not very scientific I know 🙂

  14. Comments from Paul Merson today saying he doesn’t see Vardy fitting into the Arsenal way and that Leicester ping balls over the top for him to run on to….. he must be fucking drunk or he hasn’t watched Ozil. These pundits come out with some crap sometimes. and I liked Merson

  15. OUT or IN …………………….. I really don’t give a shit because I’m being stopped from voting because I live in another European country…. the cunts! But whichever way it goes, i’ll probably be returning to the UK fairly soon. My conversion project of an old tractor storage barn has hit a snag.. ie: three fucking French neighbours blocking the planning permission…. the cunts!
    Also France is not what it used to be…. prices are rising rapidly, they’re always on fucking strike, the Police are violent fascist cunts and the cloths are fucking awful and too pricy…. give me a decent Sally Army or Oxfam second hand shop any day 🙂
    I will miss the sun and the women though ha ha

  16. …. and furthermore, you can’t get a decent Ruby here unless you cook it yourself, which is a fucking pain when you want to watch a film and order a take out 😀

  17. I’ve got a question? I don’t go onto many other blogs… well only 2 or 3 but over the last couple of days, during the Vardy party, I’ve been using Newsnow to check the progress and been on to Le Grove a couple of times……………. so my question, “Is Pedro, the author, an American?”

  18. I’m still none the wiser about Pedro………… Peter Grove, Peter Wood…. deadwood, ffs 😀
    What I do know is that GunnersoreArse is the only Arsenal blog on the interwebby that posts lovely images like this…..

  19. Morning all,couldn’t give a shit about a guy named Pedro unless he signed for Arsenal. Care more about our estranged Northbank stuck in a foreign country and being harassed for trying to improve the shithole.

    Get yourself home son and put you x in the right box. The only thing about France I am concerned about is the safety of our players. Anything happening out their should be handled with machine guns and wipe the fuckers out. If they don’t exist they do no fucking harm.

    Looking on newsnow shows we are in the market, bout fucking time.

  20. Morning guys
    Steve, I gave up with newsnow a couple of seasons ago, its a bullshitting heartbreaker.

  21. Newsnow is nothing more than a collection of reports from Red Tops so it is bound to lack any authenticity.

  22. NB, I wish you good luck and hope the Gendarmerie don’t implicate you in the disappearance of the pesky neighbours at the conversion site.

  23. Steve, if you want transfer rumours, try onefootball site and well follow your nose, you will be dizzy lol

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