The Gunner Frog jumps highest

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The Euros kicked off last night with France beating Romania 2-1 and Giroud getting the first French goal with his head…. was it luck or skill? I don’t give a shit, it was a goal which will eventually propel him to the Golden Boot. However, the Payet goal was fantastic and he was the driving force behind the win. Wenger please sign him from West Ham!

Today we have the chance to see Granit play for the Swiss team, KO 2pm GMT.

Later today Ramsey will be playing for the Leek eaters and tonight, England play Russia but from all reports of Woys team selection, Jacko is not a starter. Hopefully he’ll be on the bench and come on to be a game changer.

Meanwhile, in Marseille, English fans are once again grabbing the headlines on French TV…. the French really do hate us, the bastards, and I wonder why after a history of wars and conflict, but they seem to conveniently forget that we saved them from a life under Nazi rule.

So I’ll leave you with this…..



27 thoughts on “The Gunner Frog jumps highest

  1. Morning all,
    Nice one Northbank, you are working well mate, The French got off to a bit of a shaky start but found the goals and the final one was a beauty, Peyet creamed it and it flew in the top corner what a belter, I must admit after the game I did feel the same as you buy this fucker up, even if we had to part ex him for Theo The guy can strike a ball and knows where the goal is

    I of course will watch as much of this comp as I can,probably get knifed from the old woman but until England win it or get cheated out of it my attention will be to watch it all,keep up the good work NB. 🙂

  2. Morning peeps
    NB when do they go on tour?
    Steve, I had to wonder if you were on meds with your post last night …but nice size fish 🙂

  3. NG, depends if you are a greedy fecker.
    Reading about the fan trouble in Marseille last night, an Irish broadcaster and journalist, who is pretty balanced, tweeted the English fans were watching the tv in the bar when they were attacked by guys dressed in black. With English fans reputation, it is hardly surprising that they get the blame. However, they could possibly have tried to walk away through the police, instead of possibly retaliating, but it was hardly going to end well.

  4. I prefer this first hand witness report by Iain Macintosh

    Well, that wasn’t as pleasant an evening as Thursday night in The Wine Caves of the Blue Parrot. Call me a wet, liberal pinko crybaby, but there’s something about inhaling tear gas that really tarnishes a chap’s night.

    It’s been an odd day. Principally because, despite being in the middle of some it, I still don’t feel as if I know precisely what *it* was or, more pertinently, *why* it was. A scan of my Twitter timeline shows that a number of people back in England seem to be far more sure of the details. For my part, I can only say what I saw.

    I saw hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of English football supporters enjoying the hospitality of Marseille and behaving impeccably.

    I saw approximately 100 English fans singing outside a pub on the port, songs that I find profoundly unpleasant and quite embarrassing. Songs about the IRA and German bombers and how if it wasn’t for us, you’d all be…well, you know the rest. I saw the aftermath of what happened when the French police moved in. Witnesses have given me different stories about what caused the police to move in, ranging from “it happened out of the blue,” to, “some dickhead threw a bottle.”

    I also saw what I believe, and what numerous witnesses have claimed, was a sneak attack by locals on a large group of England fans who were happily singing about Vindaloo and weren’t causing anyone any harm at all. I saw the English fans respond emphatically. And you’ll see it too on the videos below.

    I even saw a lone motorcyclist return to the scene to goad the English further. And I saw an entirely unexpected flash of red as an England fan drop kicked him off his bike. Despite having a clear view of that one, I still had to check with people next to me that I hadn’t imagined it because it was so extraordinary.

    I have no idea what sparked the final flashpoint, shortly after France scored their winning goal. Again, witness accounts vary, and they *really* vary at nearly midnight when those witness have been drinking all day. That one remains unclear.

    What *is* clear is the memory of a narrow alleyway suddenly filling up with skedaddling English fans, shirts pulled up over their faces as tear gas popped behind them. And the taste, even if like me you’re fortunate just to take a whiff of it, is something else. Sort of like leaning over an ice cold bonfire and breathing in, if you see what I mean. One supporter told me that he’d been trapped in a bar as the staff hurriedly pulled down the shutters, too late to block out the gas, but just in time to shut it in with the patrons.

    So what does it all mean? Well, it means that some English fans are dicks. It means that some French people are dicks. It means that the French police clearly have no compunction about using tear gas in situations that might otherwise be calmed using rather less invasive methods. That’s a good one to remember.

    But it doesn’t mean that the bad old days are back. It doesn’t mean that England need to be chucked out of the Euros, or whatever else the usual suspects are calling for from the safety of their clickbaiting columns. Because around those flashpoints on Friday, the vast majority of English fans *weren’t* dicks, they were mixing happily with each other and with the locals. And the vast majority of French people aren’t dicks either. They’ve been overwhelmingly friendly and welcoming, in spite of our reputation.

    What we have in common is that we despair of all of this dickishness, we shake our heads in sadness that we can’t even have a drink and watch a football match without people chucking patio furniture at each other. But we are the majority.

    And remember that in amongst all of this, a football match happened in Paris. It happened under the tightest security this sport may have ever seen, but it happened joyfully and wonderfully and, mercifully, without the worst of our fears being realised. So, you know, there is that.

    Tomorrow, with a bit of luck, will be a better day.

  5. Nice one Kelsey, Our Granite doesn’t look to bad, he gets stuck in and I like that, he has an eye for a pass and lays it on the line,this guy will pick up many cards so just as well we have cover, hopefully he stays fit,but more chance of him losing matches by his enforced discipline record. Thumbs up from me.

  6. That was 2 hours of my life I wont get back
    So bad I was even rooting for Albania to equalise.
    The Albanian goalie was blessed with luck, how the Swiss couldn’t score another goal against 10 men for most of the match, almost like watching Arsenal.

  7. Neither of these teams will win anything but I have to admit that 10 man Albania could and should have at least got a draw. Terrible finishing by both sides and the odd good save by the Swiss keeper.Can’t believe Djourou is still in the national squad.

  8. Looks like the Russians a dFren have given us a hiding on the streets, saw some of the footage on the news, didn’t see any English throw a punch the English fans were centainly getting a kicking. It’s important tonight to keep our discipline they won’t need to many excuses

  9. England giving it a go,some good chances created, maybe a bit hurried with the shots.
    Hope we can keep it up in the second half.

  10. Harry Kane seems to be a bit jaded, give him another 15 minutes and maybe Sturrage what’s your thoughts Norfolk

  11. I can’t figure out why Kane is taking corners Steve, I think Vardy will be on soon probably for Stirling.

  12. Now I said the same thing to the Mrs, perhaps he practices free kicks and feels he can put a good one in which he hasn’t done yet

  13. Very dissapointing in the end, We did play well but our finishing wasn’t so good, our forwards should ha e been sharper, Deli Ally I felt was poor. I feel that Vardy should have been used at some point, but perhaps woy didn’t want to risk him as he has a big financial decision to make and an injury could scupper the best laid plans. Who knows but legs must have been tired and by the end we needed fresh legs.

  14. Only one word for it at the end naive! Very disappointing to give away an equaliser so late in the game.

    I don’t think we can play Lallana and Sterling together, I thought Sterling was poor tonight, the poor sod couldn’t do anything right.

    Doolally needs to play just behind twin strikers, any two of Kane, Sturridge or Vardy. Rooney is only good for sixty minutes at most. Maybe he should be kept on the bench until the sixty minute mark.

    Still, it wasn’t a disaster but Woy’s got some thinking to do before the next game.

  15. I may be wrong Norfolk,but I believe Rooney is key for this side at the moment, in my opinion he is the best player out there, but he did start to tire I must admit

  16. French and Russian supporters charged into the English supporters stand after the match last night, English fans tried to escape but had no w here to go as they were hedged in,. It seemed that the same thing happened on the streets previously while English supporters sang football songs and we’re brutally attacked and we’re getting fined for bad behaviour, sounds about right and they want us as partners in Europe, Yeh course they do.

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