Gunners in Europe… how are we doing?

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Seven games into the 2016 Euros and seven of our players have been involved in six of them.

Everyone was interested in seeing Granit Xhaka play for Switzerland and he put in an assured performance, he didn’t do anything special but showed his potential for passing accurately. He reminded me somewhat of Elneny so I’m fairly confident that they will be cover for each other in the Arsenal team.

I didn’t see the Welsh game but by all accounts Ramsey didn’t have a great game for Wales. Giroud was the first Gunner to get on a score sheet in the French win against Romania and looked good,  Kos was fairly OK in defence considering he rarely plays alongside Rami. Wilshere wasn’t given long enough on the pitch for England so we’ll have to wait and see if he is selected for the game against Wales.

I didn’t see the Polish game either so can’t say how Chezzer played but they kept a clean sheet against Northern Ireland.

Finally, last night we saw Ozil in action for the Germans and as per usual, he was fairly anonymous until he put in a pin point pass to create their second goal, showing that he is the King of assists. Schweinsteiger pointed to where he wanted the ball and Ozil obliged, it was excellent. He should have got on the scoresheet as well but fluffed his lines when one- on – one with the keeper.

So how does it all leave the Arsenal stats………………

Played 6

Won 5

Draw 1

Goals 1

Assists 1

Clean sheets 3

Not bad so far, we have Cech and Rosicky playing today and we can also have a butchers at one of our possible targets, Morata playing for Spain.

In the meantime in France, the French are still revolting, there is a lot of debate about who started the fights in Marseille and although French reporters are saying the Russians brought a well organised army of hooligans, they have yet to blame French supporters in Marseille for starting the first confrontations outside bars in the Old Port.





20 thoughts on “Gunners in Europe… how are we doing?

  1. Good morning mugs

    Keep the conversations going, I know it’s quiet on all the blogs but we can keep a small dialogue going. I will do a summary of Arsenal players in Europe every couple of days to keep things fresh 🙂

  2. Morning all, Nice one NB, sad news that a young Northern Ireland fan has died, not from
    fighting though, sadly he had a fall . Watching Ramsey play took me a while to recognise him, as his gone really blonde. Didn’t think he did too bad but he did miss a couple of chances.

    Seems to me that pro players are not very good in front of goal, but people tell me that the game is faster now and the ball lighter. Is that to make the game harder

  3. Bonjour Soixante-Neuf, it would be interesting to know which of the Arsenal contingent our regulars believe will have the biggest impact at the tournament. It won’t be Wilshere as England will probably get kicked out rather than knocked out.

    You’ve just got to love our police, Assistant Chief Constable Mark Roberts has urged England supporters to leave Marseille and head, not to Lens where the next match is to be played because the town has banned the sale of all alcohol, but to nearby Lille. Which just happens to be the city where the Russian thugs are congregating ready for their next match which is to be played there. You really couldn’t make it up could you?

  4. Over 50 people shot in an American gay bar, by a Muslum, probably couldn’t pull. What’s the matter with these people.

  5. Good morning Boys

    Norfolk, I’m sticking to Giroud for the biggest impact and to be the top scorer. There haven’t been many goals so far but there’s been a couple of crackers, Payets free kick and Modrics volley is the goal of the tournament so far. Ozil has the best assist so far.

  6. I’d go with Payet’s free kick 69er, Modric’s volley was a bit scuffed and the ‘keeper was pathetic.

    It really is horrible to think that the FFP could win the Golden Boot, still it just goes to show that anyone can win anything at anytime. Let’s face it the Spuds won third place, and I still get a laugh out of that whenever I think about it.

  7. Hi guys
    Coming back to the violence, the guy I mentioned the other day has a piece about it in the Irish Times…it can be read by the link in Football 365 mediawatch at the bottom…Ken Early.

  8. Bonjour mes amis, No hint of any new signings yet, old Safe Hands has been urging our manager to “get” Vardy. I think that particular bird has flown though.

    We may be interested in Borrussia Dortmund player, Henrykh Mkhitaryan from Armenia, BD may be interested in selling him, as he is a striker, has two legs and a pulse there could be something in the story.

    Hector Bellerin got his Euro 2016 campaign off to a good start last night for Spain, a solid performance on the bench in their one nil win over the Czech Republic. The boy done good!

  9. And it was him who said that he was upset by them not posting one of his comments/ posts and came here instead… now he’s back over there……….. fickle, fucking fickle, ha ha ha

  10. Okay NB you can ban me now……………………………I wish you and your site nothing but the best and I hope your conversion gets sorted to your satisfaction.

  11. Oh what a Lovely start to the morning ha ha

    I don’t delete comments and I don’t ban…………. GN5 can still post comments if he so wishes, the ‘ban’ comment was verbal but not actually restricting his comments.

    The only time I’m tempted to delete anything is when Cockie monster posts a photo of some ugly bird 😀

    By the way, there will be a new post published at approximately 9am GMT

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