All Quiet on the Western Front

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All Quiet on the Western Front relates to the Russian and English fans in Northern France, no further problems. However, it could also relate to the football so far in France, because it hasn’t set the world alight.

The French are still revolting, there were further demonstrations and riots in Paris yesterday and also, another psycho terrorist killed two Police officers.

But this blog is about football and there have been some interesting twists over the last couple of days. The first twelve games have been played, so half way through the group stage.

In those twelve games just 22 goals have been scored and no team has scored more than twice in a match. It could be a matter of nerves in the initial games so I’m hoping things will liven up somewhat in the next twelve games. However, the standard of football played has been fairly high, from the favorites right down to the no-hopers.

Best teams so far for me are France, Germany, Italy, Hungary and Croatia. Northern Ireland were unlucky to lose 1-0 to Poland and the Republic of Ireland should have beat Sweden.

The flops so far are Sweden, Portugal and Belgium. Players who have disappointed are Kane, Zlatan, Ronaldo and Pogba….. I think there were high hopes for those players to shine.

I haven’t really seen any player have an outstanding game so far apart from Payet for France. Best on goal line clearance goes to Boateng and best goal keeper so far has to be the Hungarian, 40 year old Kiraly.

Arseholes of the tournament so far are Gareth Bale for his comments against England and to Ronaldo for his comments after the game against Iceland…. sour grapes!

Best team performances have to go to Iceland and Hungary, both could go through to the last 16, which would be great for the tournament.

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Best looking women supporters goes to Sweden and the ugliest goes to Hungary (or is that the Italian flag on their faces?)

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So today we have a second chance to watch Granit Xhaka in the Switzerland vs Romania game and tonight, Giroud could get on the score sheet again in the France vs Albania game. The other game today sees the Russians play Slovakia, any bets on there being more trouble?

And just a reminder to Gooners, the Premier League fixtures will be published today at 9am GMT.



54 thoughts on “All Quiet on the Western Front

  1. Good morning arseholes……

    Hope we can get through the day without more mud slinging and insults…. it goes too far when peoples health problems are highlighted in an argument.

  2. Bonjour Soixante-Neuf, time to call in the United Nations peacekeepers. 😀

    So we kick off the new season with a home game against a second tier side, can’t be bad.

  3. Morning Norfolk

    France is losing control of it’s country, the police are fucking useless, they can’t control a few hooligan fans, French citizens are revolting and terrorists can easily kill two police officers…. great news for the Brexit voters ha ha

    Liverpool at home is a great first fixture, then we have Leicester away for the second game…. end of season games are a bit tough but games following CL matches are ok

  4. Has there been a little bit of favouritism for Leicester for their PL games after CL games… from the BBC

    “Champions Leicester City can have no complaints about how their entry into European football has been treated.

    Top four managers tend to look with suspicion at the fixtures that follow each of their Champions League games, when travel fatigue can be a factor.

    Foxes boss Claudio Ranieri will be happy to see his side have been given six home games immediately after those matches, Arsenal have four and Tottenham two.

    Manchester City have three but they must get through an August qualifier before new manager Pep Guardiola can be certain of a familiar campaign in Europe’s premier club competition.”

  5. 69er, what happened to the CRS, they used to give a good account of themselves, I seem to remember a bit of action outside the Sorbonne in the sixties which they handled quite well.

    The French have always been revolting, before the revolution the Aristos were pretty awful, during it the mobs were a bunch of bloodthirsty psychopaths and the Foreign Legion learnt to put it about in Algeria and Vietnam until they got their arses kicked by the Viet Minh.

    Now law enforcement all over europe is hog tied by “duty of care” and other politicaly correct bollocks.

    Enough of that ity’s Wednesday morning and time for a swim.

    A demain mon ami.

  6. A sad day indeed NB. I told you privately that I would attempt to keep things off of the site but the “sensitive one” made that impossible by his constant unwarranted attacks, on both sites.

    So it was only after much provocation that I responded. If he wants to continue to attack me then he should expect that I will respond.

    This is all stated when I posted that I found his Face book site to be dour and overly negative – after which he took a hissy fit. What a fucking child.

    Thank goodness that the rest of your posters can give as good as they get – without all of the histrionics.

  7. What are you trying to prove.Ask NB if my site is negative.You really are a nasty person, just leave me alone and don’t think of your self importance so much.I say again I do have problems but I don#t punch below the belt but you just can’t leave it can you.Both sites now.Don’t worry I will keep away from both but don’t you ever make demands again from anyone or any sites you are just a turncoat of the highest order and I wish you well NB.
    Funnu how you fel out with peaches,Rasp, Norfolk and me because you are the one who only see it one way.Sad old man who usesthe health bit to underline his point.

    One day you may actuallu writwe about the present day not repeat endless old stats.

  8. 69, I’m a bit disappointed with what I’ve seen of the tournament so far, a bit too much play acting and not enough goal action for my liking.

    The off-field violence both inside the stadia and in the city streets and bars has proved to be a diversion from the boring nature of the games.

    Let’s hope for a bit less action off the pitches and a bit more on them.

  9. Hi guys
    Just a quick rant about Ronaldo, I don’t know but can’t stand him, arrogant, selfish, entitled, all traits of shitstains….How he is ever voted best footballer of whatever beats me, best goalscorer, yes, no doubt, but what are his other best qualities?

    Who is on the shopping list I wonder?

  10. Hi P, haven’t seen any speculation today, perhaps our manager has done all the business he thinks he needs to, or maybe this is the calm before the spending frenzy.

  11. I’m watching the Russia / Slovakia game…. two excellent goals for the Slovacs

    Norfolk, I haven’t witnessed too much play acting!

    And you two fucking old gits…. yes you two, fucking shut up or take your fucking argument elsewhere.

  12. You didn’t see the Portuguese Pantomime Ugly Sisters then? Ronaldo and Pepe.

    Yep, two good goals from Slovakia, I could only watch the first half, my missis has appropriated the remote control and we now have genteel tennis from Queens Club on the box.

  13. Evening all, Watching the Swiss game and not to impressed tell the truth, our man Granite booked for what seemed a bit of a tame tackle,fuck they have just equalised,what a belter looks like it’s livening up

  14. It looks as though you put the mockers on the FFP 69er, he had enough chances to score a hat full never mind a hat trick or even just two. Closest he got was to hit the post.

  15. Albania played well, defended well and pressed every time France had possession but they tired and France got the points…. two good goals, Payet should come to the Emirates

  16. Morning

    Generally I think pretty much most of the games have been cagey and though allowing for the fact that opening matches the object is not to lose, not much to get excited if these are the best players in Europe.

    Violence is getting more headlines than the matches so lets hope it doesn’t kick off in Lens but the stewards couldn’t organise a piss up in a brewery but NB could.

  17. ‘morning Kelsey, 69er is still under the table in the bar where he watched the France game last night.

    If the drunken louts who call themselves England fans carry on the way they are we will get kicked out of the tournament.

  18. Not a great performance by England in the first half, plenty of possession but no real goal threat and a pathetic attempt at a save by Hart. Poor positioning and slow to move. Made worse by Dele Alli turning away from the ball.

  19. The most passion was the singing of the national Anthems. Poor quality,pooor game, poor to watch and Hart absolutely fecked up from 35 yards. Ramsey is doing a good shift but will he last 90 minutes. Is kane playing and generally regardless of the result we just aren’t that good and tat’s me being positive.Throw the stats out of the window,goals are what count.

  20. What a desperate first half, no pace. Hart was so cocky before the free kick goal, tedious viewing. Second half different game altogether, much more pace…We qualified, lets hope we can kick on from here.

  21. Despite all the hype, apart from the free kick Wales were not much of a threat, and apart from the free kick Bale was nothing special either.

    Ramsey ran around a bit and made a nuisance of himself but actually created nothing just as he usually does for Arsenal.

    It’s goals that win matches and England scored more than Wales, so a successful afternoon’s work.

  22. Morning all,
    England win, which is what all English men wanted, shame it had to be Wales, but let’s face it rather us than them. Wales are still favourite’s to qualification if they can win their last game, the same as us, and should each country do that, and carry on winning, could eventually meet again.

    England looked better second half, but still was a bit of a struggle, but both sides I feel will only get better England have a decent squad, probably the best squad for some time, and given we stay with it, could be contenders for even winning it.

    Woy Hodgson still doesn’t know who his best team are, even after all the friendlies, but it appears to come clearer after every game. England Wales and even the Irish are doing quite good, and speaking honestly, not many other countries sides are looking that good,

    Not many players have been injured, and even better no Arsenal players either. Eight or nine Arsenal players are involved in these Euro’s and we still have all our players available. Very pleasing.

    England’s defenders are working well Walker and Rose two of Tottenham own are playing well, while Head and shoulders is Having
    dandruff problems all the others can and will improve, even Stirling, well done England.

  23. It’s been funny old tournament so far, it hasn’t really come to life yet and Payer apart there haven’t been any stand out performances yet.

    The most expensive player in the world and the best player in the universe, at least in his own narcissistic mind, Bale and Ronaldo have failed to live up to their billing. We may yet see some goal scoring fireworks from Ibrahimovich, but there does seem to be a lack of characters on the pitches.

    I’m just watching the Italy v Sweden game and it seems to me that Italy have a new way of defending corners, as the ball is delivered at least one Italian falls to the ground hoping for a cheap free-kick. The ref has fallen for it once already.

  24. Morning

    Isn’t it great when ultras from the same country start fighting and chucking fire crackers and they were winning. They did it before last year against Italy.

    The Euros are pretty average and when violence is the main topic it’s time to get back to watching bowls ;).

  25. good morning all
    I’ve been trying to publish a new post updatinging the euros for the past two days but I’ve had internet problems, very weak and unstable;;…… it’s taken me four attempts to mke this comment

  26. Blimey, I read that as “I’ve been having internal problems, very weak and unstable” and thought you must have been over doing the rubies.

    Bonjour Soixante-Neuf.

  27. 10% of the entire population of Iceland are heading by all means possible today to cheer on their team against Hungary in Marseilles. A staggering percentage of people going to enjoy themselves

  28. Internet seems to be back to normal…. just settled down with a bottle of wine to watch the Belgium / Rep of Ireland game…. wirh Lukaku, de >Bryne and hasard you would put money on Belgium winning but <I want Ireland to win because the Belgium side has two spuds.

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