France is revolting… Gunners abroad!

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As the Euros approach the last games of the group stage, it’s all becoming a bit predictable. France have already qualified, as have Italy, Germany and Spain. At the moment Spain look like the strongest side, whilst the flops are Portugal and Sweden. England, despite a dodgy first half against Wales, used their substitutes wisely at half time and the two subs, Vardy and Sturridge, turned the game around.

Hamsik for Slovakia… is so far goal of the tournament for me, and the dark horses are still Iceland and Northern Ireland. Petr Cech and Rosicky were letting the Arsenal contingent down until their game against Croatia, Rosicky getting an assist and the Czechs getting a draw. However, in the process, Thomas pulled up with what looked like a hammy and is out for the rest of the tournament if they progress to the last 16.

There have been no further goals for Arsenal players in the competition since Girouds goal in the opener for France and he is unlikely to get more tonight in their last game against the Swiss because reports on French TV are saying he is on the bench and Gignac takes his place.

I thought there would have been more goals in the last twelve games of the group stages and although Belgium and Spain have scored three apiece, goalless draws in the games Germany v Poland and Portugal v Austria has kept the amount of goals to a minimum.

Payet is still the player of the tournament but Ronaldo, Zlatan and Pogba continue to disappoint, especially the ego known as Ronaldo, who missed a penalty yesterday and the even bigger ego called Zlatan, who, despite being one meter from goal managed to put the ball over. Call themselves fucking strikers…..

Tonight is the last game in group A, France v Switzerland and we’ll have another chance to see Granit in action against Koscielny in th French defence. Tomorrow England have their chance to seal first place in Group B against the Slovacs.

Meanwhile, in South America, Ospina and Sanchez play against each other in the Copa America semi final.



48 thoughts on “France is revolting… Gunners abroad!

  1. Bonjour Soixante-Neuf, a fine post made even better by it’s rarity value. 😀

    The highlight of the weekend so far for me was Ronaldo hitting the post with his penalty shot.

  2. Morning all,
    Thanks for the post NB, From what i have seen of the Strikers of Europe has more or less proved that most of them couldn’t score from 12 yards with an open goal. No wonder we struggle to find a striker for Arsenal that can take our breath away.

    A few players do still look as if they are trying to show that they belong in their countries teams, after a disappointing start, Pogba who was hyped up before the start of the Euro’s actually had 3 blinding chances in the first half of their game yesterday, He has finally shown that he does look a good prospect for the rest of the competition.

    Peyet, yesterday came on as a sub but had a few chances and was unlucky not to find the goal. Our game today against Slovakia needs goal scorers that can actually score goals and not strikers who will be said after the game that they were unlucky. We need a goalkeeper who has his wits about him, whether its the shampoo man or the big Forster doesn’t really matter as long as they focus on football and not how their hair looks like.

    Its my opinion that this competition so far has been less than thrilling, at present this is a competition that promotes hair stylists more than quality footballers. Our new signing Granite Zharka has done nothing to prove to me that he is worth the 30 million we supposedly spent for him, and i am wondering just how long in the new league he will last before suspension.

    Hopefully today England will start with the inform players and get this match wrapped up early, but i am not holding my breath.

  3. Good morning Steve, you’re right about the football on offer, totally underwhelming. There was so much hype about the players and the teams before it all started that the average stuff on offer just doesn’t entertain us.

    Too much football on the box all year round? I think so.

    Only Woy knows what team he will put out tonight, some papers are saying he’ll rest Rooney, so long as he doesn’t start bloody Sterling I don’t really care who he picks. They just have to give it 100%.

  4. I should have said yesterday a Happy Fathers day to all your fathers but that would have been a waste of time as you dont know who they are !……………….instead I will wish you a happy Summer Solstice !………a fucking long day of us not buying any players !…………….that`s why I prefer the Winter Transfer window !………..only a few hours waiting and watching Arsene dragging his heels ! 😀

  5. Morning Norfolk and Cockie i suppose the drunk is still nursing his head, Got to say that there are not to many players that i would buy at the moment, Harry Bane has been shit and Eli Daly fucking useless. You know when things are looking bad when they start saying that Wilshere could start, fucking hell Walcott must have been close to being picked then.

    Koshielney has looked like he put a good shift in but thats expected but i nearly fell off my chair When i saw Johan Djourou i thought he died years ago he must have been preserved in his youth he has still only ever played half a dozen games.

  6. Steve, I don’t think Woy has a clue about his best eleven even at this late stage. I think he has been stumbling in the dark ever since he got the job. He is too easily influenced by what the sports media and various “experts” say. He is a populist, he wants to be seen as knowing the public’s opinion.

    If, as the papers are saying, he makes wholesale changes for tonight’s game he will leave himself open to severe criticism, and should we not win the game, his career as England manager will come to a shuddering full stop.

  7. You describe the situation well Norfolk my thoughts as well, England in my opinion is probably better than what we have seen, Hodgeson has struck lucky in my opinion and should he stumble his way through we might just see the best of them come the later stages. Of course England being England they will probably fuck up but i have a sneaky feeling that we will do quite well. All down to the fiddled next draw.

  8. Oh Steve, you’re not saying UEFA could fiddle the draw are you? But it is such an ethical, incorruptible organisation just like Fifa, Oh! Wait a minute, wasn’t there some hint of wrong doing there recently?

    Okay the draw will be fixed, if it hasn’t already.

  9. Speaking as a designer, who in god’s name designed the english kit.Red shirts with burundy epauletes, absolutely disgusting then add blue socks and a multitude of coloured boots.

  10. all night long we attack down the middle and find a parked bus, whats wrong with managers when they don’t change the system, whats wrong with the wings. Wilshere was an obvious change as he was shit Sturrage needed changing too as he only moved one way and that was backwards. Kane and Ali was none exhistant, and although Cline was our MOTM i would have liked to have seen Walker and Rose attacking down the wings.

    England need a plan ||B as watching England tonight was as frustrating as watching Arsenal. The answer to this i feel was to change tact and stretch their back 5, we didn’t and never looked like scoring.

  11. Clyne MotM? Was he really? Well that shows just how crappy the rest of our lot were.

    I thought both fullbacks were poor, they had virtually nothing to do defensively and were both pretty hopeless going forward.

    Slovakia obviously settled for a draw long before the kick-off.

  12. Morning guys
    Well, what can I say….Jack was terrible, those back flicks to nobody, and I had no idea where he was supposed to be playing….Have to say I thought Dier was good, calm, controlled and some great passes. As someone has already said the team is somehow less than its parts.

  13. Morning all, well would you Adam and Eve it, all the home countries through , Ireland and Wales passionate supporters are overwhelmed, while English supporters moan about our performances. Well I for one am very happy that we are through. I for one moaned a lot about Arsenals season but still we finished second, I ask myself at times why am I unhappy at times with club and country when both are probably doing better than what I honestly expected.

    At times I expect we all feel that being top dog is the most important thing, but in leagues and competitions, getting through the first round means you don’t come last. So I intend to enjoy it for as long as it lasts.

  14. Morning guys
    Happy Brexit day 🙂

    NB ….As amusing as an all Ireland final might be, I can’t see EUFA allowing it to happen, maybe Giroud will punch the ball into the net a la Henry, and will be missed by all the officials.

  15. Hi NB
    Fellow outcast lol…..From a financial perspective, it might be prudent for me to become an Irishman….
    But have to see how things pan out.

  16. Morning all,
    Football is back on the menu today, Wales and Ireland line up for a place in the quarter finals. Wales look to be the favourites but as we know with cup games anything is possible. Football fans of course have had a day of realising that we are now officially leaving the European community, Probably more talk about our political status in Europe than the actual Euro competitions.

    What has made me smile, is that imagine Chris Coleman wanted to play a certain centre forward and the Wales hierarchy wanted somebody else and Coleman resigned, would we have to stop the competition until a new manager was put in place, or would his number two coach just take over.

    Another thing which made me smile was Scotland the only home country not in the competition, are now talking about leaving what we call Great Britain because the electorate has voted to leave Europe, and now they want to go back in, Is that the only way they will get themselves noticed.

    Now i am hearing that MPs are asking what do we do now, The Prime Minister has had enough, thrown his toys out of the pram and has headed off to spend his vast wealth probably in Europe some where. The strange thing is, is that the electorate have made their intentions clear but we have to wait 2 months for a new leader to take us out. You couldn’t make this shit up could you. This is a man who couldn’t wait to move into 10 Downing Street the day after he was voted in, and even when leaving he still is hanging on.

    What will be the outcome of the match today is any ones guess, all i will say is, dont go looking for any favours from the European officials when England play.

  17. Morning Steve, I heard a senior civil servant on the radio this morning saying we only had twenty to thirty civil servants with the negotiating skills necessary to sort out a trade agreement with the EU and it would take at least three hundred. Sounds like more jobs for the boys to me.

  18. Hiya Norfolk, surely if you hold a referendum, and there are two possible outcomes, you would obviously expect the people in charge to have had plans in place. This only convinces me that our own government have needed this election to actually show them that they have been voted in to carry out the electorates wishes. Cameron has done the right thing in resigning as he obviously is not a man to govern the British Isles without help from Europe.

    Many say that this referendum was won by mostly the older generation, I personally believe that everybody that voted had realised that this government needed to be shown that the country want us to rule ourselves, this is the first time in years that I admire the majority.

  19. No Steve, they never in the wildest nightmares imagined that we would vote for Brexit. The govenor of the Bank of England was up all Thursday night working out what the bank could do in the event of an out vote.

    69er, Possible post e mailed.

  20. Whitewash down under, Australia 40-44 England. Historic first ever series win by England over Australia. Magnificent performance by both teams in magnificent, thunderous game of rugby.

    The grossly overpaid prima-donnas of football should be made to sit down and watch that game to see what commitment and team work really mean.

  21. Well done Wales and commiserations to N Ireland, Ramsey was my motm it seems that Bale gets all the credit but the whole Welsh team fought hard.

    Our man Granite, missed the goal completely in the penalty shoot out, meant his side the Swiss leave the tournament, Djurou played all the Swiss games and never let his side down, probably playing some of his best football that I can remember.

  22. Steve, I thought Ramsey ran around a lot, covered every blade of grass, as they say, but didn’t actually produce too much. He was quite adept at dumping the ball off whenever there was a risk of being tackled. Bale was a disappointment too. But at least they are through to the next round while NI did well to compete and could have had a goal with a bit more luck.

    Just two days to go before our own Icelandic adventure, I wonder how that will turn out.

  23. Morning Norfolk, got to say that this Euro’s has been a bit of a let down for me. I have seen divers, some of the best on the planet, what their intentions are I am not sure. Do they want free kicks or do they want bookings which may lead on to suspensions, I have to ask myself if it’s for suspensions how does that help them, is it to curb players tackling as surely that would benefit them more, all I do know is that it seems rife in football today.

    We talk endlessly right through the season how certainty signings would make a big difference in Arsenal, yet I am watching many of the players our club has been linked too and I have to say I am not that impressed.

    Would I be impressed with Bale at Arsenal or Lewendolski and I have to say that what I have seen they would certainly not be worth the money we would have to pay. I have admired players like Pogba but he seems hit and miss. You would have thought that top players would have shined in this competition, but quite honestly no one player has stood out.

    Looking at England’s team, I really feel we could beat all the teams I have seen but for some reason England are as wanting as all the rest, I hear the strikers are not happy with how the Manager wants them to play, is it that simple they don’t like a certain system, or is it that it is near impossible to penetrate packed defenses. Surely we can work out a system where we can stretch defenses,pull players out of positions as most premier teams face the same things season after season and still we are having game’s full of stalemate.

    I honestly feel we could do really well in this comp but we need to show that we can find the solutions other than that it’s who’s lucky on the day. 🙂

  24. Just a few words of observation, free kick specialists seem to be getting the goals that win games, if these specialists can score I assume that they practise these skills all the time so why arn’t the strikers practicing their shooting as their have been some absolutely atrocious shots can it be that simple.

  25. I can’t remember seeeing three consecutive boring games in a row,hopefully today will be better or perhaps have a referendum to start the whole thing again 😉

  26. Well a few goals scored, and at times quite entertaining football, sadly Ireland are out, and now it’s time for England to entertain. Reports of England’s hierarchy negotiating deals for England’s new manager must have given Woy a huge lift, in my eyes they are a pathetic bunch, similar to the UK politicians.

    Don’t like the results change the rules, as a UK voter I am disgusted with our elected politicians actions, resign when your electorate disagree with your views, but keeps taking the wages that we pay them. The electorate have voted and are told that exit will take 2 years to exit as soon as rule 50 is invoked and now we hear there is no rush to evoke rule 50 and it could be up to 3 years to finalise, You couldn’t make this up could you.

    The party who are not in power have a shadow cabinet that over 2 days have 16 resignations, Scotland who want to stay in are trying to get back in , and from what I heard yesterday London are not happy either and are thinking of campaigning to stay in, as I said you couldn’t make this up could you.

    Woy and England are probably in the best place at the moment, as they just face terrorism and back stabbing from the hierarchy. Well in my eyes fuck em all, you just concentrate on your football guys, bring that tin cup home and the English can stick fucking fingers up now wouldn’t that be nice, sadly powers at be would never let that happen, Would they ha ha, where’s that no good Northbank no sound of him since the referendum is he learning how to comeback for the chancellor’s job

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