Wengers transfer tactics

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We all know the scenario…. bids below the asking price, a refusal to sell and Wenger says he tried to buy in the window but the right players weren’t available.

It has got me thinking that it is a well thought out tactic on his part…. He never offers the asking price and therefore has an excuse for not buying…. it makes me wonder if he actually thinks a certain player should be priced at his valuation or whether he does it on purpose ??

Does he really think a club puts a valuation on one of their players just to accept an offer several million below that price? It’s bad business and totally illogical. I can imagine a CEO of a big club saying to his manager whilst laughing ‘oh Fuck, Wenger is going to make an offer, get ready to refuse the arsehole’ or something similar.

He did himself no favours last summer when he failed to recruit outfield players and then suffered several injuries to key players which probably ultimately lost us the title. This summer he got in quickly to get Xhaka but now Ivan Gazidis is saying we can’t compete with the big teams! Which is a turn around from what he was saying in 2012 when he stated that the Arsenal would soon have the financial muscle to compete with the big boys!

Well now, according to all accounts, Arsenal do have the financial muscle but are still trying to find bargains. Perhaps we will never know what is the determining factor behind this philosophy but it sure is frustrating for fans.

Arsenal are desperate for new striker and now desperate for a new CB after the news about the BFG, so I hope Wenger and Gazidis have put their heads together and have a plan…. even if it’s a plan C…. after plans A & B have failed. We have till the. end of August to complete any deals but in a perfect world, those deals need to be concluded before the first game of the EPL on 14the August. Personally, I don’t hold out much hope and would welcome being proved wrong.

Prices do seem to be outrageously high, for instance, Stoke paying over £13m to Liverpool for Joe Allen ha ha , but in todays market those prices have to be paid to get even an average player…. the sooner Wenger and the club understand this the sooner they will be back on top.




Arsenal transfer woes….

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It seems to be going according to plan for the Arsenal in the current transfer window…. slowly.

But some of the prices being paid by other EPL clubs seem a bit high….. Liverpool paid  Newcastle £17m for Wijnuldum and paid Southampton £36M for Sadio Mane, but thy’ve recuperated some of that with the sales of Ibe, Teixeira and Skrt, however, the prices paid for two average players from the EPL is alarming.

Chelsea have spent £65.2m on Kante from Leicester and Batshuayui from Marseille, United are still pushing to sign Pogba for near £100m and City have spent £34.8m combined on Gundogan and Nolito plus an undisclosed fee for a player called Zinchenko.

Arsenal have spent £34 on Xhaka, £2m on Rob Holding and an undisclosed fee for the Japan forward, Asano…… so for us it’s all going a bit slow but rumours persist that we are in for Mahrez and Lacazette…. we’ll see. Wenger continues to say he is active in the market but with a trip to the USA just starting and the season beginning in 3 weeks he doesn’t have much time. Add to that the news that the BFG is injured and could be out for up to 5 months things are not looking good for our first game against Liverpool on the 14th of August. Please Wenger…. spend some fucking money.



When is top class not top class

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Recently Steve mentioned a comment by GN5 referring to “having to resolve our scoring problems”.  I think that’s probably the nearest to a direct criticism of Wenger that GN5 has ever uttered.  However, it’s an entirely valid point.

Most of us simply see the solution in buying, at whatever the cost, a new, top class striker.

Which begs the question, in whose estimation is a striker “top class” or not.  Again, the simple answer is Wenger.  Only thing is how reliable is the manager when it comes to choosing strikers.  We know he is brilliant at finding attacking midfielders, he has recently even signed a couple of the defensive variety in Xhaka and Elneny.  When it comes to defenders the record is not quite so good, who can deny that Sylvestre, Stepanovs and their ilk were somewhat less than adequate.

When we move up-field to the strikers the situation begins to look dire.  Anders Limpar, Kanu, Sylvan Wiltord, Jose Antonio Reyes, Nicklas Bendtner, Andrei Arshavin, Emmanuel Adebayor, Julio Baptista, Joel Campbell, Maroune Chamakh, Eduardo, Olivier Giroud, Serge Gnabry, Ryo Miyachi, Park Ju-young, Alexis Sanchez, Ya Ya Sanogo,  Robin van Persie, Carlos Vela, Theo Walcott, Christopher Wrey, I’m sure there are others that I have missed, but I think you catch my drift.  How many of the above would you call a “Top Class Striker”.

Now to get back to the point of the post, “having to resolve our scoring problems”,  I still say the way to do it is buy a top class striker. But is Wenger the man to choose that goal scorer.

On past performance…..I don’t think so.

Written by Norfolk Gooner

The Arsenal season starts in under 4 weeks….

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The euro 2016 has finished and now we can look forward to a new EPL season. As always, I will start with optimism and hope that it will be our season, by Christmas that hope and optimism would have dwindled slightly and by April 2017 I will be in a state of despair. Well that’s what it’s been like for the past 12 years, so why should it be any different now. The transfer window has gone as predicted, Wenger has failed to bring in the 30 + goal a season striker, Walcott is still an option and we have  bought a young  kid from Japan who will be playing in the Rio Olympics and not available to start the season.

It’s all too familiar isn’t it…… Man United, Man City, Chelsea and Liverpool have all strengthened, even Leicester have been more active in the window than the Arsenal. The good Gunners like Sanchez, Ozi, Koscielny and Bellerin are being wooed by bigger clubs and we are bidding for a CB who was the player of the year for………….. Bolton!

So perhaps this season my optimism is not as high as normal, perhaps I will just expect the same, perhaps I will be philosophical come April/May and say we punched above our weight and 4th is a good season. Well of course I fucking won’t, I will still start the season with the expectation that we will win the EPL, the FAC and the CL, it’s what you do when you support a team like the Arsenal.


An Honourable Man…….


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Morning all, Wenger says no to England and Vardy also says no to Arsenal. This has happened just before the Final of the Euro’s. Now that the transfer window is about to begin again,  why buy top class players when they may be out for a season injured. Of course the world have been looking at the Euro’s Managers from around the world, looking to improve their squads, just as we are in England.

I believe we have been lucky to keep Mr Wenger, as top Managers are hard to come by, many supporters will feel different but that is the way of the world. At this present time, i feel that to actually choose a Manager and then get them to come, would be too great a risk, Naturally  Mr Wenger’s  current contract ends at the end of next season, so if he does intend to leave, he will naturally want what is best for Arsenal, after all he has always  done what he feels has been the most helpful for the club.
Transfer news has been thin on the ground just recently, but many Managers would have pencilled in names they would like, Judging by the names I keep seeing come up who have been linked to us, we are probably the same. Granit Zhaka one we did sign before the Euro’s has come through unscathed and he should be ready to start our season off. Aaron Ramsey of course written off by many Gooners last season, has become a Welsh hero and all dues to him he found the form he had lost with us and i feel he performed well. Jack Wilshere never had such a good  tournament but in the glimpses i saw of him he seemed fit and ready for Premier League, some of our players have succeeded to the final, and in all honesty if they kept their place to the final they can certainly do a job for us.
Because we never won the premier league last season, many supporters seem to feel we need to off load many players and bring in superstars, i had those feelings at the end but this competition has been a learning curve, not many of the so called superstars have been much better and with the experience gained can only make our players that much better.
Last season was our German contingent they made the final, this time its the French , hopefully it ends in our boys favour, of course we can always bring new guys in, clubs should and Wenger has started with a young Italian, i don’t think he is finished yet. Finishing second last season and being top of the clubs who were tipped to take the honour we still did well ,and it was a step up from past seasons, In fact if we felt we have problems what about the other so called top clubs.
Do we have problems, well of course we have, Chamberlain and Walcott both who had abysmal seasons, both who were not even included or thought of to play for their countries, now that has shown that they need to do a dam sight more for their club, and lets face it they certainly need too, hopefully their form and their fitness will improve and both get into the positions to get into the side.
Looking at this years Euros, I have seen many of our players past and present playing for their respected countries, it was at this time that I realised that Mr Wenger has done plenty for world football, enough to be asked to Manage the country he has worked in for the last 20 odd years, but still he stays at Arsenal not even thinking about it, Arsenal is where he wants to be and Arsenal will be the place in my mind that he’ll finish, i have moaned at this man and now i feel ashamed, i know i will moan at some point in the new season, but i am glad he is still here, They said that Cameron was an honourable man in my book he can not hold a candle to our man Arsene.
Written by Steve Palmer
Posted by a drunk Northbank ps I’ll be back to ‘normal’ soon