An Honourable Man…….


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Morning all, Wenger says no to England and Vardy also says no to Arsenal. This has happened just before the Final of the Euro’s. Now that the transfer window is about to begin again,  why buy top class players when they may be out for a season injured. Of course the world have been looking at the Euro’s Managers from around the world, looking to improve their squads, just as we are in England.

I believe we have been lucky to keep Mr Wenger, as top Managers are hard to come by, many supporters will feel different but that is the way of the world. At this present time, i feel that to actually choose a Manager and then get them to come, would be too great a risk, Naturally  Mr Wenger’s  current contract ends at the end of next season, so if he does intend to leave, he will naturally want what is best for Arsenal, after all he has always  done what he feels has been the most helpful for the club.
Transfer news has been thin on the ground just recently, but many Managers would have pencilled in names they would like, Judging by the names I keep seeing come up who have been linked to us, we are probably the same. Granit Zhaka one we did sign before the Euro’s has come through unscathed and he should be ready to start our season off. Aaron Ramsey of course written off by many Gooners last season, has become a Welsh hero and all dues to him he found the form he had lost with us and i feel he performed well. Jack Wilshere never had such a good  tournament but in the glimpses i saw of him he seemed fit and ready for Premier League, some of our players have succeeded to the final, and in all honesty if they kept their place to the final they can certainly do a job for us.
Because we never won the premier league last season, many supporters seem to feel we need to off load many players and bring in superstars, i had those feelings at the end but this competition has been a learning curve, not many of the so called superstars have been much better and with the experience gained can only make our players that much better.
Last season was our German contingent they made the final, this time its the French , hopefully it ends in our boys favour, of course we can always bring new guys in, clubs should and Wenger has started with a young Italian, i don’t think he is finished yet. Finishing second last season and being top of the clubs who were tipped to take the honour we still did well ,and it was a step up from past seasons, In fact if we felt we have problems what about the other so called top clubs.
Do we have problems, well of course we have, Chamberlain and Walcott both who had abysmal seasons, both who were not even included or thought of to play for their countries, now that has shown that they need to do a dam sight more for their club, and lets face it they certainly need too, hopefully their form and their fitness will improve and both get into the positions to get into the side.
Looking at this years Euros, I have seen many of our players past and present playing for their respected countries, it was at this time that I realised that Mr Wenger has done plenty for world football, enough to be asked to Manage the country he has worked in for the last 20 odd years, but still he stays at Arsenal not even thinking about it, Arsenal is where he wants to be and Arsenal will be the place in my mind that he’ll finish, i have moaned at this man and now i feel ashamed, i know i will moan at some point in the new season, but i am glad he is still here, They said that Cameron was an honourable man in my book he can not hold a candle to our man Arsene.
Written by Steve Palmer
Posted by a drunk Northbank ps I’ll be back to ‘normal’ soon


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  1. Morning NB, Been a while since i wrote a post , and had forgotten how much time they take, i know we take the Micky out of you, but we all appreciate what you have set up. Everybody has a life outside, and yours seems more colourful than most, so thank you for your efforts mate.

    England just lately has had me scratching my head, Politics, sportsmen, you name it we seem to be coming up short. I look at the Labour Party and see a man who has minimal support, but hangs in there for all he’s worth, not surprised as the one who wants to move Labour forward seems to be in favour of wars and Homosexual exploits, Now personally what people do behind their own front doors is their business, and i dont suppose it affects there working life, but for me, i could never vote for her.

    Conservative are no better, a man gives the people what they asked for a Referendum, one of the reasons he got elected in the first place, he gets elected to do the countries bidding promises to stay the distance and at his first hurdle tells us he is not the right man to lead us. What happened to the guy who works for the people. Leaves us in the lurch with no Prime minister and leaves the rest to have a free for all.

    Our sports men seem to have trouble winning anything, The National game of Football that we invented and we struggled to get through the first round, and then we get humiliated. We have just had Wimbledon and we get the English contingent swatted like flies do we even know their names.

    England has become a country who now has to cuddle up to the Great Britain approach, cant win anything ourselves so we all become British to feel like winners. Good luck to the other Brit countries, but its your victories and i acknowledge that..

    Of course my English football club, has minimal English, players, manager and owners are foreign so what is so English about this league. Britain have always been known to have a great fighting force our military services have been the talk of the world but it now seems that the intelligence couldnt find weapons of mass destruction or gave the wrong intelligence and we killed thousands for no b loody reason.

    Well i dont know about you lot, but i am disillusioned at the moment, My country has no leader at present, My football club has been took over and homosexuals are battling to run things, by fuck i am glad i am old and wont have to see how it all turns out, might go fishing instead.

  2. Bonjour Soixante-Neuf et merci beaucoup Steve.

    What a treat a new post on a Monday morning, well done Steve.

    As we are apparently stuck with our current manger for the coming season at least I suppose we ought to give him our utmost support, I think he will need it in the face of the trio of new managers in the Premiership and the flood of shiny new players they are splashing the cash on.

    There will be a brief period right at the start of the season, when the new boys are settling in, which Arsenal could take advantage of, so it is imperative that we get off to a flier. It will be up to the manager to ensure we have everyone possible fit and ready to play from day one. If that means the players who have been at the Euros and Copa America have to give up a bit of their summer holiday so be it.

    I don’t expect to see us making any startling signings, the quality of the players we are regularly linked with, and available at an affordable price, is underwhelming to say the least. Would a player of Morata’s capability make that much difference?

    All in all I think the manager will struggle to retain the support of the fans if we start to slip down the table, last season was our best chance of a Premiership title for years and we blew it big time, this coming season it will be much harder.

  3. Morning Norfolk,

    I actually don’t think it will be harder this coming season. I reckon Guadiola will struggle in the EPL and Mourinho won’t have an impact at United. Klope didn’t do anything special last season and he won’t this season. Conte is the dark horse!

  4. I can’t agree with you there 69er, Mourinho will certainly stir United up and make them much harder to beat. Guardiola has such a range of talent at City its hard to believe they won’t improve, Conte will improve the Chavs. I think the Klopp effect has had only a limited success a nd they are the one top team that will struggle……apart from us.

  5. Morning Norfolk, You make good points as normal, but football is changeing the rules the diving even the mentality of players many could get jobs on the soaps. Yes other clubs will have new leaders, they will all probably have plenty of money Moureen has found another mug club to let him muller he’s spend as much as they let him and probably get sacked, the other clubs will probably do the same Leicesters winning Manager will think i did it once time to do it again, we’ll see. Pep of course has really rich owners, he will be looking to his old work force to try and tempt them across the pond, good luck with that.

    Now i know the Wenger is not your favourite, but you are probably a little like me and your not so sure of who would be better, We have both seen new managers come to other clubs and some have been successful, but how many are still with the same club. Maybe thats the long term answer Norfolk change your manager every season whether they have done good or not, at least we may see plenty of transfer dealings.

  6. You’re absolutely right Steve, I would like to see a change of manager, I shall always be grateful for what he has done for the club but I feel it is time to move on, we need fresh ideas.

    Like you I am undecided about who should replace him, Laurent Blanc would be a good candidate, as would Didier Deschamps who, I suspect, will either resign or be sacked from the French post following lasts night’s result.

  7. Reading a Red top this morning Yes a red top would you believe, and i see that there is a story in there that Mr Wenger has said no at present to the England Job, but would consider it in the future, There goes my post, Wenger is an Honourable man and he will see his contract out unless of course powers at be sack him then of course he hasn’t broken his contract.

    Could something like that happen, Well of course it could. If England’s Hierarchy really wanted our Frenchman make no mistake, they could make his last season very miserable indeed. Many would say Wenger would just carry on and do his best, and wouldn’t change his mind.

    Well look at our Political leaders Honourable people supposedly Yeh sure, look how the pressure is put on each candidate as they fight to become leaders, i wonder at times if elections are fixed let alone an election that is not voted by the people.. We are in the shit no mistake, all the politicians not in the race are all looking for a lucrative job. Honour not on your Nellie, all they want is to secure a person that may give them promotion. It now looks like Theresa May has been the victor, She would never of had my vote ever, not because she is a woman, just because she has never been under the type of pressure that she will have to cope with. and at present she has grabbed every supporter she could, just to get the top job, she must have made many promises.

    Seems to me that Honourable people, take no notice at all of a democratic vote, they just try their hardest to confuse the people and carry on regardless, Democracy to day seems different than in the past mind you has things changed at all, probably not. Arsenal supporters all over, it may not be sorted out yet so don’t be surprised.

    Seems to me that no matter what the British public vote for, the Government will hang it out for as long as they can, for what reasons it is not clear yet, but in a few years time it will filter out.

  8. Norfolk comes up with some good names, and you bring up Fat Sam. You know what NB Fat Sam could be good , i must wash my mouth out.

  9. Hi guys
    Thanks for the new post Steve.

    I believe AW would make a good England manager, he can handle the press, and wouldn’t have to buy players, which is an area I feels he struggles with. He has a good knowledge of the players available, and isn’t a bad coach. The downside is England would have a team with 11 leaders.

    Assuming he leaves at the end of this contract, which is no certainty imo, I would expect the club to separate some areas where AW has total control, to make the running not so dependent on his ok. There have been many stories about his control leaking out over the years for them all to be wrong.
    So on to the candidates….every name that comes up, there is a question mark by, so there is no perfect answer….so who would be the best fit, and who is available at the time? I suspect whoever comes in won’t get the same conditions, nor will it be an extremely long position as the game is changing all the time. A dilemma for the board, who don’t appear to be anything more than Kroenke’s yes men. I could be wrong, I was wrong once before back in 73 🙂

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    Have we bought someone yet ?

  11. Evening Poig, Yes when you look at it like that, perhaps he would do a job for England, he has done well with what he has had, and rightly so, doesn’t have to buy. Whoever takes over when he does go, will have a lot to live up to, but supporters will probably give him time.

  12. You talk some rubbish Cockie, have we brought somebody fuck me son. everything else splendid can i have a part. 🙂

  13. This morning we read he has ‘sacked’ TH because he wouldn’t give up the Sky job he is contracted to do, in order to continue working 4 days a week with Arsenal under 18’s. Strange from a man who “always honours his contract”. Double standards or what? , but then again it’s become more and more impossible to understand what’s in the mind of AW who seems to be getting more and more irrational as each day passes.Senility has set in.

  14. Evening all,
    I did read this morning that Henry had words with Mr Wenger, apparently they fell out over something, The report i read suggested that it was over Henry working for sky a pundit on a reported 2 million wage.

    Now i am not sure that was the problem, but apparently Mr Wenger also does punditry for a foreign country as well, so the story is saying that its like the pot calling the Kettle black.

    Of course the coming season is aproaching very soon, Arsenal of course being the Bookies favourites to win the league , and it would be nice for a little bit of shit stiring before the off. Now Henry and Wenger have known one another for a very long time, why would Arsenal employ Henry as a coach as Wenger would have been asked. if Wenger had problems,surely it would have been sorted before hand.

    I think we all know that Wengers system of training runs right through the Arsenal ranks, its his way or the highway. Now this system has made top 4 for 20 years how many other Managers can equal that. I did read that Wenger was worried that Henry wanted his job, if thats the case what credentials has Henry got as a manager.

    People have views and they are entitled to them, Henry was a great striker and i applaud him, but as a pundit i dont reckon him, and to be honest he wouldn’t even be on my list to be Arsenals next manager.

  15. Steve, it does seem a bit odd, why would they fall out unless, of course, Henry had views on coaching that didn’t chime with the manager’s diktat. It could also be the case that Henry isn’t a very good coach.

    Frankly the idea of Thierry Henry as Arsenal manager is ludicrous, he has no management experience whatsoever and I doubt if he has completed his “badges” yet.

    We do desperately need some new ideas and the fact that both Henry and Arteta have gone makes one wonder if the manager is capable of listening to any ideas other than his own.

  16. I must admit Norfolk you do make sense, But i Believe we have Arsenals next manager in our fold already, Cant think of his name offhand but he is the youth manager, we installed him a couple of years ago, and i believe he is learning the method of Arsene and Arsenal, but i could be wrong 🙂

  17. Thinking about the Henry bust up, i do remember that Henry criticised Giroud, Yes one of his own. Wenger hates that, Over the years i hardly remember Wenger criticising anybody personally, sell them yes loan them yes but personal insults no. He’s Phsyc degree seems to work on building up people’s confidence, yes he likes the control, as has been seen by every player talking in the same manner. He may of course go mental behind closed doors, but players who have left have not to my knowledge mentioned it.

    In my opinion Norfolk, we would do well to find a coach that Wenger admires, somebody that has idea’s and also a little tactical nouse, .

  18. Perhaps a coach who hasn’t played, so he isn’t trying to teach them his talent, but get the best out of their talent.

  19. Much as I loved Henry as a player, managing is a completely different ball game…..very few world class players make good managers, there are exceptions of course, but as a general rule no.
    Giving his time up for free is admirable, but if his way is different from what is applied from first team down, then that cannot be acceptable. While this may seem at odds with my desire for AW to finish this contract and leave completely for at least for a couple of years, there has to be continuity in training. Now whether AW’s way is correct is debatable, but its not too far off the mark imo.

  20. Steve, we need a coach who can see beyond the possession, pass pass pass, game that is the trade mark of our manager. Every other manager knows precisely what his players will be up against when facing Arsenal and too many of them find a way to negate our tactics. Whether it’s parking the bus or sitting back, absorbing the pressure and attacking on the break, they stick to the plan and often come up trumps.

    For how many seasons now have we tried and failed to pass our way through crowded mid fields and defences, for how much longer are we to repeat the same old failed tactics?

  21. Poig, continuity in coaching is fine, but only if the basic style of play being coached is the right style.

  22. Anyway, I’m expecting an announcement of a big signing by Arsenal tomorrow, so on that note good night folks.

  23. He is becoming and has been for a while a dictator.he let Viera go,Arteta andd now henry.he is a control freak.These players may not turn out to be great managers but their experience would be beneficial to the squad.
    We are on a rocky road.Every timre we are linked to a big player there is a part exchange involved.How can you get a betteer squad that way.Sell another 5 dozen shirts in Japan,do me a favour.
    Ilove my team but hope we really cock up his season and fan presuure will force him predictable was great now he is an also ran.Sorry to be blunt but that’s the reality.

  24. Northbankstone1969 Million years BC………………….Mountains ?………….fcuking caveman !

  25. Yeah Steve !……………………………he think`s that`s what`s meant by going out all night clubbing !………he`ll need it if he comes across a sabre toothed french woman with garlic growing out of her minge !.

  26. Not been on since Wednesday, in hospital to have blood clot removed, it had cut off blood supply to my right hand, back to normal now, just waiting for a heart scan to see where the clot came from. Hope to be home tonight or tomorrow.

    Have we bought anyone yet?

  27. Hi NG
    Sorry to hear that, hope it goes well, and you can complain for many a year or until we get a new manager, which is probably the same thing 🙂
    And no

  28. I have just read that AW has told Campbell to find a new club, this is a guy who got few chances, but when he came on tried to make things happen, fucking unbelievable. It would have made more sense if Campbell had pushed for a transfer…If true and he leaves, I sincerely hope he does well and he has my best wishes. I can’t get my head round keeping Walcott who talks a good game and getting rid of Campbell. I need help, came someone recommend an analyst.
    If Arsene knows best we are asking the wrong questions….if we are again 10 points behind the PL winners again this year for the 8th time should be enough to miss out on Europa league, adios Alexis and Ozil.

  29. pog,,
    The man has completely lost it,senility has crept in.Campbel spent the first 3.5 seasons on loan abroad as he could’t get a work permit then eventually he recalls him, gives him a few games and now lets him go, but he recalls Sanogo.

    We start the season in a month with half the team rested and the most gruelling preseason ever travel wise.
    He lets Viera and Arteta go to City after their playing days are over and he is a compleye control feak and doesn’t want henry involved,the Sky thing is bollocks.maybe he isn’t managerial material yet but can you imagine what the younger player would learn from TH14.
    We haven’t got a fit forward except Iwobi or maybe the new Japanese wonder kid wil fill the hole.

    Gazidis stands bak,Kroenke stands back but you wait there will be an almighty bump this season.
    4 years ago RVP said the club lacked ambition and he is right.We have more money than ever,all the other top teams are buying but oh no not us.Our scouting and coaching system is a joke and when the Vardy’s of the world don’t want to join us it’s obvious that the grat manager is no longer great and players are not jumping to join The Arsenal.

    Next urest will be shown by Ramsey and Ozil and Sanchez is already being manipulated by his agent,yet just two top top players bought now and we have a team capable to challenge,It won’t happen.

  30. Been fishing fo a couple of days, and just logged on, sorry to hear of your blood clot Norfolk, looks like you will be on walforrin, for a while . Get well soon mate, get that cholresteral down, and you will last forever.

  31. Well said Kelsey. Wenger has been loosing it for some time now. One more season with him as manager then after finishing out of the top four he will go his merry way and we can move forward.

  32. NG

    I sincerely wish you better having had a HA myself some 18 months ago.I am sure they are just taking precautions.Don’t read about all the players we might have bought as it might raise your BP.

  33. Morning all, After reading of Norfolks problems, hope your feeling better by the way mate. You of course realise just how lucky we are, Norfolk i am sure will be back fit as a fiddle, Many of our members have had some tough times and all seem to be progressing well, The secretary of my fishing club also has been ill for a while, and on our facebook page when he had his trouble, his son came on and said he isn.t very good at all, giving the impression it was bad, I ha only gotten to know him and found him to be a right nice bloke not knowing a lot but knew he did bundles for the fishing club. He had cancer and has just come through 35 weeks of Chemo and more tablets than ever before but he is on the mend, this guy is in his seventies so many didn’t think he was strong enough for the treatment, but that old bugger has fought back and just recently turned up for a work party, well bugger me, i couldn’t believe it. Just goes to show that if you have the will you can get through most things. People surprise us all the time, doesn’t that make you feel good.

    Anyway for all you old codgers out there, look after yourselves and keep taking Viagra never know when it might come in handy 🙂

    Seems to me that Our old Arsene could do with one, as things seem quiet on the Highbury front lines, No signings of any interest and not the kind of thing we want to hear about on the build up of the new season, Will we ever get a new centre forward or even have all our squad fit for the start of the season, all i keep hearing is guys going out instead of who.s coming in, never a good sign.

    That world famous player coach that came to coach our future legends has not lasted he full distabce, in fact it appears that he will be behind the screens with words of wisdom, i can only imagine what he will say about the Arsenal when he covers that game, not that i will take much notice, He didn’t want to leave his multi million pound contract with Sky but who would blame him, surely you wouldn’t coach when a game is being played. Still all to there own a bit more to it than has been said i feel.

    At present i am no more confident of winning the league than i was this time last season and if we had the same finishing position this term i dont suppose i would moan, after all there are another nineteen clubs who all want the same, perhaps the super coach can get a job there and show us what we missed.

    Petr Cech feels that we should have done better, Jack feels he will make a difference Aaron likes the thought of being a hero hopefully Bellerin will still be classed as one of the leagues best defenders , Kos of course will still be smarting so he will have something to play for. What about about Theo and Oxlaid, both had shit seasons surely they must be fired up and raring to make good, Giroud just wants to work with good players around him, if i was him i would as well, Sanches Ozil and Granite never did a lot off season so will obviously want to do better, Monreal and the others i have not named will just want to start, whether our Manager finds more talent or not is in the hands of the Gods, but i still predict a top 4 finish next season as twenty years its kind of a tradition isnt it.

  34. Hi folks, thanks for the good wishes, I got put of hospital about five yesterday afternoon, the treatment couldn’t have been better. I was assessed within half hour of arriving, had a CT scan two hours later and an operation half an hour after that. What a relief to wake up to find I had a normally functioning right hand. Yes Steve Warfarin for life now. Self administered injections in the stomach and blood tests every day for a week.

    I fully intend to enjoy life as much as possible for as long as possible, so sod Wenger, I won’t take any notice of anything he says. Up the Gunners!

  35. Glad to hear it Norfolk, that your feeling better that is. You take it easy mate no stress and no worries, The Warfarin, you will get used to, as my Mrs takes it, just be careful should you cut yourself as she bleeds for ages. Apart from that the blood clots should be a thing of the past. Asenal of course is a different matter :),

  36. Sorry to read about your health issues NG and It’s good to see that you are back home.

    Many years back I caused a blood clot in my left calf due to wearing a knee brace that was too tight (football injury). I was also treated with warfarin tablets for about a year, I had a weekly blood test to check the viscosity (thickness) level of my blood and based on the result my doctor would call me and if necessary he would adjust the dosage. The tablets I had could be cut into 4 quarters.

    Steve, if your wife’s blood is flowing freely due to a laceration then she may be taking too large a dosage of warfarin and she should consult her doctor. Thin blood can be just as dangerous as thick blood – if the flow cannot be stemmed.

  37. All the best NG and I`m glad you woke up to still find yourself alive !
    Nice too that your old adversary GN5 was concerned about you too !……although I think he was more worried you were about to haunt him !…………….that`s a question !….can ghosts fly or get a boat over to Canada ?………….I better ask VCC as his wife told me his cock had died !………no viagra for him as his missus got a priest around to exorcise his knob……..lucky enough the priest explained to VCC that it was Exocise not Exercise as the thought of exercise would have been enough to kill his whole body not just his cock !.

  38. Thank you for your concern N5, Luckily she has blood tests regularly and the people who check it lets her know when to increase or lower her dosage, she also has tablet and adjusts to the recommended dose.

    In your case it appears that your problem was induced by yourself, which the tablet was just a precautionary measure, luckily you did not do it again and are now free, hope it stays that way.

  39. Your right hand is so important Norforlk… never want to lose the use of that ha ha…… I’m still in paradise… on my way back to Avignon tomorrow afternoon.

  40. Nice to see everyone friendly for a change… about those red tops I have been reading lol.

  41. Morning all, possible one in the pipeline to freshen things up while some are holidaying and recovering. 🙂

  42. Hi Steve
    It would be nice to go into a new season excited, knowing we are are not short of players in any given position, however I don’t expect that to happen while AW is in the chair. He has made making do into an art form……oh well.

  43. Morning Poig, I understand what you are saying, but i feel that the likes of us who have very little input to what the club actually does, can not really complain, We now expect to win the league we want cups the biggest cups we want to be champions right along the line. In reality we were the top club last season out of the five expected to win the league now that is not bad going. Of Course only one club were better than us and not one Arsenal supporter ever felt that Leicester would come through and win it.

    Last season at this time, i never thought we had enough fire power to win this league, every season i feel we still need more players and that is the reasons we give for not taking the honours, I now feel after winning two FA cups on the trot, that Arsenal supporters will never be happy with their lot. Personally i am well pleased with Arsenal and Arsene Wenger. But even i get dragged along by the many who will never be satisfied. Never feel let down Poig as we will be up there at the end, maybe not champions but a lot higher than many of the others. and that my mate is success..

  44. Steve, I have to disagree, its not so much the winning the league as challenging. When did we last challenge for the title? The FA cups were nice, I’ll give you that, what they didn’t do was give us the impetus to improve..that is my beef with the Wenger, there is always an excuse for nearly, and that is totally ignoring the CL. Which tbh is not a competition I like, so never watch after we go out, and judging from the falling viewing figures I’m not the only one.

  45. People have limitations Poig, obviously Wenger has as well at the moment i have to live with them, but things could also be worse. Perhaps if we have a really bad season, the new man can show the way..As he should be allowed a couple of seasons to bed in. But think of the spending.

  46. While almost every other club has already strengthened with real quality and continues to do so, we have stagnated or even gone backwards. All very well calling for AW to go, but Kroenke is the biggest obstacle to any progress we want to make and will be as long as he’s there.

    I don’t wish it but say we finish sixth or lower kroenke will do nothing only fan power will finally let the penny drop that the game has passed him by.I honestly believe playes are not rushing to join us i.e. Vardy.

  47. Lets look at the facts.We have signed Granit and a japanese kid.Rosicky,Arteta and Flamini have gone and either one or both reserve keepers will leave.
    We are apparently persuing several top strikers but every time we fail.
    We face a gruelling preseason starting on the West Coast in under two weeks with key players rested and at the moment we have more established players leaving than jumping to join us.

    We sent out a sixth form team to play Boreham Wood which used to be a much more upmarket preseason fixture mainly made up of first teamers.

    It really is sad how we conduct our business or lack of it and maybe we will most probably get the last minute scramble.

    I would prefer the transfer window to close before the season starts not three games in (remember the 8-2 thrashing at United) and then panic buys.

    i am sorry as much as I admired Wenger he should have gone at least two seasons ago we are being disregarded by too many top players and our few top players are having their heads turned to go on to more ambitious clubs and we all know why.”A lack of real ambition”
    There are a very few clubs with more disposable money than us but that is not a guarantee as Chelsea and City found out only last season.
    We need a strong younger manager at the helm who does not have the full control of every aspect of the club,surely it must be possible but the big obstacle is Kroenke.

    Anyone else got any suggestions ?

    I erote this on my B blog where NB is a member 😉

  48. I understand everything that you say Kels, but it is the end result that really counts. I know it usually ends without us winning the league or Champions league but how many do that on a regular basis. Wenger hasn’t lost it or is to old he has and still is among the best Managers in the world, Arsenal should be happy we have him and i am sure there are more out there than we might think that want him to stay. Of course i share your concerns that we seem to lag behind other clubs who seem to spend at will, but when you look at some of these Managers they spend fortunes where ever they go and usually they get results in their first couple of years usually by the building of others.

    I moan a lot in fact i am classed as a doomer of the highest quality, but i admire the man and what he does every season without massive spending. Of course i understand that he could spend and it would possibly enhance our entertainment , but why change your car if it works and is fairly reliable for a costly replacement that in turn will cost more and more you may get better performance but it will still do the same milage as the old one but with more expense.

    Now you probably feel that i am a right dickhead and missing the point, but one player will not change results and usually thats all clubs can afford. I would like a team of superstars in their respected positions but when i see Paul Pogba as a new signing for United at world record fees i have to remind myself that Ozil and Sanchez never changed much for us and i doubt a replacement of Giroud would do to much better.. Top 4 will be acceptable for United after how they went down hill but it wont be for their fans. top 4 does me being second is even better , we are supposed to be shit but we came second the second best team in the premier that is no mean feat if any of the other premier managers achieve that this year they will be hailed as great managers.

  49. Whilst I’m not convinced about Draxler, the fact we were apparently after him, whether true or paper talk I don’t know. That said Wolfsburg say he isn’t for sale and the rumours die away. Would that be the same Wolfsburg who said De Bruyne wasn’t for sale, prior to him moving to City for big money. If the financial incentive is there, there aren’t that many obstacles to overcome…if he is seen as the answer pay the money, there is nothing for nothing as Sanogo will attest. The same could be said for Lacazette.
    A poor start to the season, which isn’t out of the question, and the shit will hit the fan in a big way. It is my opinion that if Wenger sees someone as a good signing then it should be Dick Law’s job to oversee the transfer..and would bet the next manager whoever that will be won’t have the same control over transfers.

  50. My choice for league champions next season would be Man City, not for their new manager or new signings but for the players they had already, if they dont lift it they will be second behind us. 🙂

  51. The summer transfer window opened on July 1st and closes on September 1st, in other words it is a 63 day period during which we can buy or sell players. It’s only been open for only 17 days and we have already purchased a great prospect in Granit and a super Japanese kid for the future – plus we’ve cleaned house of some older players which makes room for more buys but the drums of doom are already being beaten – unbelievable.

    We still have another 46 days left to adjust our squad – no problem as far as I can see.

  52. GN5
    You are quite right that there is plenty of time left, however if anyone coming in has to move from abroad, then there is more for them to think about than just football. Moving is stressful at the best of times, so fitting into the team and getting up to speed takes time, hence the earlier it is completed the better for the teams preseason, that is the value of a preseason. Arriving on deadline day is not the best option given we will have played 3 games by then.

  53. poigmothoin

    There is no doubt that it is better to solidify the squad earlier than later, but my point is that only 16.5 days out of 63 have elapsed so we have a lot of time left. We all know that the bigger trades take longer to complete and we have no idea what deals are being discussed – it’s far too early in the process to be critical of our progrees.

  54. I would argue that targets should largely be known to the club prior to the window being open. I realise that it isn’t quite as simple as that, however we always seem to lag big teams in transfer dealings why? Bayern signed 2 before window even opened..and we are told we will be more like them…I need what they are smoking.

  55. We are The Arsenal. we dont follow any other club if anything they follow us. Yes its true that we have not made any inroads into Europe but i really feel that all foreign clubs are wary of us. Even the great Barcelona need dodgy dealings to beat us. Arsene Wenger may be despised by many supporters but he is admired and and listened to throughout the football world, Not bullshit, fact

  56. in under two weeks we start a gruelling preseason tour with plenty of air miles and what does AW always say about players needing a settling in period.

    he has now ought a defender for 2.5 milion from relegated Bolton. Wow.

    never mind when the window closes his dealings are already proving to be pathetic.Players are not drawn to us like they used to be.

    Chelsea,united and Liverpool aren’t even in the CL and have secured quality already.We have lost the art to do a quick deal,or we get are excuses after why we didn’t get this playe or that plyer.

    Not interested when the window closes to again pick up the scraps.

    Wenger and Gazidis and Laws are all passed their sell by date but Kroenke won’t change a thing wherever we finishthis season.

    Wenger contradicts himself every time he speaks.Don’t believe me then check it out yourself.

  57. Steve,

    The reality is that the anti AW groupies are most likely just depressed negative people who can only drink out of half full glasses. They are led by the “much beloved” Pierce Morgan.

    It was great to see just how little support they mustered at The Emirates on the last game of the season,
    the big anti Wenger protest was drowned out and the anti’s were embarrassed by the pro Wenger supporters – it was fantastic to see them put in their rightful place – a small minority.

  58. I will leave on this note, there are some things we aren’t good at, that applies to everybody, no exceptions….wise people leave those things to others who are more capable if it is possible. He has said previously he doesn’t like the transfer window, and anecdotal evidence seems to substantiate that…we have a company that analyses shit and scouts, there are almost no players worldwide whose ability isn’t in a computer somewhere…things have moved on, so why the problem?…..The big club managers tell their people who they want, yet we are perceived to dither for want of a better word.
    This isn’t doom as such, but a reality we find ourselves in…it doesn’t have to be like this.
    Also can you explain the trolley dash of a few years ago, and for for scouting Santos, that must have been from his own dvd…it not just this season its every it best practise?

    I don’t despise the man either, he is intelligent but has blind spots.

  59. It’s sad that others just can’t an opposite point of view and disguise their response.||They haven’t got a clue what is actually going on and most pobably think they belong to a higher being and then crawl allover the place for acceptence of their views. Sad really.

  60. When more players are leaving and all players who are half decent refuse for one reason or another to join us as they can’t be convinced that we are going places and our few star players are getting their heads turned to leave one can rightly assume something is wrong.The club lack real ambition, others don’t but we most probably will scramble an odd buy at the eleventh hour as per usual.
    One has to be blind to see that the whole team from Kroenke down are useless.

    mental issues have nothing to do with it but i was never a director of 6 companies at the same time and coached football for 50 years,so what do i know,you miserable old spiteful bastard,

  61. Every supporter has his or her point of view, I would never say he or she is wrong as i dont have the inside knowledge, they may have> I do believe that all comments should be aired, and realise that others see things differently.

    I have been a supporter all my life, i have not coached and i have neve run businesses so i am a novice in these things. What i have seen is that Arsenal have been going for close on a hundred and thirty years, judging by the money people, we are among the top ten most wealthiest club. Now i wasnt alive when we moved to old Highbury, but i was when we moved to New Highbury and if i have read the history right, we didn’t get a lot of help. Yes the banks were ready to loan us money of course they wanted assurances which in our circumstances we had to give them, our Mortgage repayments were stretched over the next 20 to 30 years with clauses that i don’t think many other clubs have had i could be wrong of course.

    Of course with the extra seating of the new Highbury and the expected almost double support the club decided that we could afford the change, even though things would have to be taken lightly. Since this time we have had changes in ownership we now seem to have two major share holders who cannot work together one American and one Usbacstein or Russian makes it easier, One wants to spend vast amounts of money of which he has plenty and the other who is not as rich wants us to run as a going concern on our own . Both Men never seem to get on and only one in full control, Both have many other businesses so Arsenal are just a plaything for the both of them.

    Our last owners were mainly British so i understand but the lure of the big Bucks was to strong and they sold their interests which leaves us in this predicament. Arsene Wenger was the Manager when these things took place, at that time he was only interested in getting the best out of the players , and it has to be said he was doing a fantastic job, but over the years of new owners pulling one way then the other we have a Manager who must have split loyalties and through that he has got more involved with the workings of the club. Believe me or not it is through Arsene Wengers involvement that we find ourselves a club who have made top 4 for twenty years on the trot which is more than any other club, He stands at the moment as the longest serving Manager in England possibly the world, what he achieves year after year is frankly outstanding.

    Of course Mr Wenger has not won as much as he did in the early days, but that is not due to his inability it is down to restrictions of our Mortgage and of course other clubs changing their owners as well. World football has changed immensely over 20 years new owners has brought in more money than Fort Knox and every club want to be top the Premier league has also changed and at present we have many clubs owned by very wealthy people to win the big trophies has just gotten very much harder to do and now and again smaller clubs escape through all the back biting to win the biggest trophy. that just seemed to happen under every bodies nose but of course that may not happen again for some while.

    Of course Kelsey is right along with many others that if Arsenal spent more on Players then our chances of winning the major comps would be that much better but that is no guarentee, and at the moment the owners that we have seem content at where we stand, of course Arsenal supporters especially the older ones have seen great victories in the past and will never accept second place, i have to say that i feel the same.

    I have to say at this point that Arsene Wenger is now 66 and must be feeling the pressure, but make no mistakes he has overseen many years at Arsenal and he could oversee many more dont underestimate this man as his vast knowledge is still much appreciated by our owners after all he gets our income up there with the top and i dont think he is finished yet.

  62. Good morning Steve, one only has to look to Everton to see what might have been at Arsenal had Usmanov gained control instead of Kroenke. Usmanov’s side kick at Red and White Holdings, Moshiri, has bought Everton and immediately begun a campaign to strengthen the club.

    He has chosen to appoint a Director of Football, not relying on his manager to be the odd job man too, but concentrate on the team. It is easy to believe that during his close cooperation with Usmanov they developed the strategies that we will see at Everton in the future.

    Moshiri is also, apparently, willing to allow the new man to spend money in order to improve his team, a thing Kroenke seems unwilling to allow our manager to do. I say that as I really cannot believe that Wenger is so blind to the clubs footballing weaknesses that he feels no need to buy, but could it be that his stubbornness prevents him acknowledging that others may be right when they advise him to spend if he wants to win.

    I shall watch with interest how Moshiri and Everton get on together in the coming season. The lesson could just be salutary.

  63. Morning guys
    I have wondered whether the value of the club and strong bank balance isn’t collateral for his LA venture, not that anyone will tell us, but the predicted costs are massive, and lenders will surely want assurances.
    Steve no one is denying that it is largely AW who has put the club where it is today, but if he is not careful it would be easy to slip down again due to lack of “ambition”. If he was a man of principle and he has been held back by Kroenke why hasn’t he walked…I know my principles would be compromised with 8m a year, but there again I haven’t been earning a fortune for countless years.

  64. Morning Guys, Both of you are old supporters, you have been mainstay supporters who have seen the good times and some of the bad. I have to say that through my early years of supporting Arsenal we were what you could call a mediocre football club, Looking back at some of the Managers we have had and if i speak the truth the earlier ones i wouldnt have known from Adam, but the Berte Mees and George Graham and then Bruce Rioch , Wenger has been the one man i have seen the most of all of them and quite honestly he has been the one that i took too most.

    Yes of course his early days were special for a club that had modest success even though we had won honors with others, Wenger seemed like a breath of fresh air. Of course i was sceptical of his diet plans and his life style changes, but he turned Tony round from being a drunk to being one of the best defenders we have ever had Merse also had problems as did a few others.

    Of course as time went on i started to see that his changes was working although GG defending one nils was enough to win trophies, it never filled me with the excitement i was craving, of course football had moved on and foreign players were introduced and players i had never heard of was now playing for my team and boy what excitement we had.

    Although the changes in football has now enabled other clubs to bring top talent in which has made a bit of a nonsense to our beautiful game, but even so we have still kept our place among some of the best. You guys i know have seen those things as well, but where we differ is that i see the others as being that much better and the Managers who are fairly new to Premier league may just have better contacts than a man who has been based in England for over 20 years.

    Wenger has a strange way of doing things, where a Manager elsewhere picks the player he wants and his team of negotiators goes out and thrashes a deal, Our Mr Wenger is often seen fly thousands of miles to visit in person the player in question and if appropriate his family as well, The man does have integrity where he would take the time to reasure a future signing and his family, that he will be looked after and earn a good wage.

    Now i know that this happens with young players for the future, and that a player just a few years older with agents and managers are only interested in money and more money. they don’t want the big mans hand of assurance just the money.

    Wenger could certainly improve his enlisting that is for sure but the mans principles are still impeccable, maybe we don’t win premierships and European cups but we are still involved and we do win the odd cup. You guys have valid points and who am i to say your wrong, but i also have a modicum of principals and i am loathed to see the old bugger go. Having said all that, you are probably right.

  65. Steve, when it comes to knowing what goes on at the club we are all groping around like blind men in a darkened room full of smoke, and there aren’t even any mirrors.

    From the outside we can all see the weaknesses in the squad, we can all see that over the past few seasons these weaknesses have not been addressed. we have been given reasons/excuses ranging from “the players available would not improve the quality of the squad” to “we already have top quality players and do not want to “kill” youngsters coming into the team”.

    As I look around the other clubs, at home and abroad, I see a buoyant transfer market with players moving almost daily. Big and successful clubs are buying players, less successful clubs are strengthening, even the poorest and weakest are doing their utmost to improve where they can whilst at Arsenal we stand by and watch it happen.

    This cannot be right.

  66. Steve, I have to confess you confuse me at times 🙂

    The way I see it. This season we need to start well, as the 3 new big managers will need varying periods of time to get their teams up to speed, whilst you cannot ignore the likes of others to start well, a slow start for us will imo make it very difficult to claw our way back up the table. Of course I could be wrong, but think we need players in place and “gelling” as soon as possible to give ourselves the best possible chance.
    I don’t see that. It’s easy to say there is plenty of time left in the window, which there is, but does it benefit us? It would give me no pleasure to say “I told you so” when the window closes. This isn’t dooming but facing reality.

  67. Changing managers now would probably be life changing for Arsenal football club, I would imagine big changes right through the Arsenal ranks Management to probable ownership’s. This could propel Arsenal to the top spots and change the kind of football we have watched for close on a lifetime, At my time of life i say why not take a gamble why not listen to the masses. Football has changed and in my mind fixed as well, I often feel that we have been cheated along the way, but perhaps that is pushing excuses to the limit.

    The paying public is not altogether happy, and if they want change, then for a club that want to advance, then change will have to come at some stage, so why not right now.

  68. Poig, i confuse you because i don’t really know whats best for our club. I suppose being older i tend to go for what seems to be working and am a little against change. On the other hand i read your comments and see the merits of what you say i am confused as to what to do, Spending big seems to be high on most supporters minds, I see the merits but also see that that may not work it doesnt always work for others as last season proved. Mate your confused well so am i mate.

  69. Hey Soixante-Neuf, can you put today’s comments on a new page? I’m wearing me poor old fingers out scrolling through nearly ninety comments to get to the latest. 😀

  70. Steve, to me its not necessarily spending big, but spending right…if player X ticks all the boxes pay it the price, if he is valued at 30m you look stupid offering 15m or worse 15m + 1.
    The Bayern model, is to identify the player they want, then go and get him, they don’t appear to have a problem paying a little over the odds if he completes the jigsaw.
    Without knowing the why’s and wherefore’s we don’t…we are an incredibly cash rich club, with a poor mouth, its a little wonder if we get told to do one.
    Lastly not for sale perhaps applies to 2 or 3 players on the planet.

  71. Poig, i am always up for a big spend up, Not my money as i don’t go anymore, of course i do watch all our games so i suppose i do spend on some of it but i also spend on reality programs that i don’t watch. Arsenal games in my house are a must watch. Many times i am disappointed but speaking the truth i am usually more disappointed at the end of the season, For quite a few seasons i can see a glimmer of hope until that glimmer is extinguished. Surprisingly top 4 seems to sit quite well with me top would be better of course but with 19 teams all fighting hard for the honour top four does seem to be the least i would accept.

    As i stated spending gives us the benefit of watching special talent, when your club is valued as one of the top 5 or six then whats a couple of hundred million in football money. Its my belief that a club that has amassed 30 million a season for 20 years should have an almighty spend up now and again.

    Wenger knows the players we could do with and he also knows .how much we are prepared to pay wages, i know that should not come into it when adding players but a big earner in a side that have been held back will always cause trouble. Personally speaking i believe that many clubs suffer the same and now and again the dressing room is lost.

    Of course that shouldn’t affect supporters as all we want is to be the top team but it could be a detrimental effect later on. Arsenal can afford it so lets see a nice bit of spending. still time to blitz the market N5 will probably have a heart attack but with his walfarin will probably survive 🙂

  72. Steve, I would like to see a bit of an attempt at least to buy a few upgrades, but I don’t expect much to happen. Wenger has always said that bringing in more than two or three players, in one window, is too disruptive to the existing squad. Whether or not that was bullshit brought about by the lack dosh during the building of the Emirates I don’t know, but I think that attitude has become the norm for him now.

    We have one, Granit, only one more probably, I don’t count the Japanese kid and apparently Joel Campbell has been told can find new club, another of Wenger’s gems that turned to shit once at the club just like Sanogo and some others.

  73. Wenger was talking shit Norfolk, you know that as well as me. Hodgeson had a whole team of new players sure they never won anything but they were not players you would spend a hundred million for.

    One thing we all have to remember with Wenger is he has a degree in everything Pysycological ones as well he can charm birds out of trees but humans want money and pay the right amount and he can charm them.

    If Arsenal decide a spend up is on the cards, and about time to, then it will happen whether Wenger likes it or not. But Norfolk you have been around a long long time, whens the last time you saw a massive spend up. You get to be a billionaire by looking after the pennies Kroenke would shit himself if we had one, as he would probably scupper his new requisite.sports club.

    You wont get a massive spend up unless the Russian donates huge sums, as he is a true supporter.

  74. I can see the logic of not bringing in more than 3 signings for the 1st team, but with the amount of games we should play, I don’t think that is too relevant. Had he upgraded as and when they were needed, you would seldom need to buy more than 3, the caveat being unless we got a new manager.

    As to transfers and new prices being asked, we mortals may gulp at the figures, but if you look at the figures relative to our turnover, they don’t appear quite as bad…my sums might not be the finest but we payed 42.5m for Ozil that represented 15% of turnover in 2013, so today we could theoretically pay around 65m without putting us in the poor house, so if Aube, fucks knows how to spell it, is around the 70m mark is that so bad, if he ticks all the boxes.

  75. I am working on the notion that things will not change from the Arsenal Norm, until Arsene Wenger goes. When that happens the whole club will need change and i predict a downslide in our future, Of course we may be lucky and it swings the other way, but more chance of the other.

    Whether Arsenal could spring back in time for me to see a premier league trophy again, or a champions league trophy at the home of football is questionable but not impossible over a five year period, hopefully i will still be around, but i have to say i cant see that happening. We have what we have until the powers at be change the circumstances Arsene leaves or dies. The one chance is if he has had enough, or if he manages to buy the right players this season, to make the difference. Hmmm

  76. When he does go, I’m almost certain there will be changes as to how the club is run, no one will have the ultimate power as it stands now, and rightly so. I suspect our model will be something similar to that of Southampton, which would appear to be the way to go, and a sustainable example.

  77. Whatever happens in the future is in the lap of the Gods, but in my opinion Wenger would have had his say on the matter. These owners whether we like them or not, will have listened to him, and they have never been led astray in his tenure, would ultimately go with his advice.I would as well but thats just me.

  78. I suspect you are right in that.
    Hard to see into the future, or I would be be rich lol
    Curious to know of names that may well be in the hat….perhaps someone from Ligue 2 that no ones heard of 🙂

  79. Arteta,Rosicy and Flamini all leaving is already conservatively saving the club 6200000.00 based on 40K a week each and that would be an understated figure.Others will leave including one of our reserve keepers and a few kids of no importance.

    Wenger should take the England job then at least the buying and selling is taken away from him 😉

  80. I share your view Steve that AW’s opinion will be sought on the clubs future but he is already on record saying that he would play no part in the hiring of a new manager. He is well respected both in and out of the club and why shouldn’t he be as he is the most successful manger in our history and the 2nd most successful PL manger for the past 20 years.

    However in some peoples opinions 2nd best is nothing more than an utter failure and AW along with every other person in ownership and management are useless – unbelievable !!! The majority of clubs in the PL would beg to be in that position, but a minority of people obviously know better than every other club in the PL.
    To quote……….

    “The club lack real ambition, others don’t but we most probably will scramble an odd buy at the eleventh hour as per usual. One has to be blind to see that the whole team from Kroenke down are useless”.

    You see I cannot agree that being 2nd best is an utter failure, as we only have to improve by one place and every other team (excluding Man U) have a lot further to climb. If you want to see what utter failure looks like then go up to N17 they last won the FA Cup in 1982 and the League in 1961 – that was in the last fucking CENTURY…………………

    NB: the above includes no personal insults (or “hidden” meanings) – just a dramatically different opinion based on considering the facts.

  81. N5 Your opinion is always welcoming, but you do have a way of rubbing peoples noses. Please i am no Mediator as i am sure you couldn’t care less anyway, but even you cannot enjoy rubbing noses the wrong way just to make your point. I have found over the past that you have a lot of good stuff that you have shared, i found some of it very informative, but over the last couple of months you have made me cringe with some innuendo’s that are not necessary. Your wisdom is better than that, and your wealth of knowledge is invaluable.

  82. Trying to be positive Kelsey is right we are making savings, of course these players have done great service but the time is right for then to leave, in my opinion they should have gone before now but Wenger probably thought they deserved a little extra.

    With Granits signing, we have started the process of spending some of our savings. I personally believe that Wenger will see out his full contract, and will spend more. I honestly dont know if Campbell has been sold or loaned out but i would be disappointed to see him go, i for one would say that he was a breath of fresh air, and also feel he has been handled badly. There were times that he was my man of the match and if we had had eleven of his like would have taken the league.

  83. We do need a striker as who we have are just not good enough, i worry over our midfield as Coquelin seems to be moving out of the side, with Ramsey and Wilshere and then Sanchez and Ozil Granit and Elneny i am concerned that players like Campbel and Welbeck will be players who will not feature, I have heard nothing about Walcott who i would sell in place of Campbel but what do i know.

    We all seem to talk as if we have a v ery shit squad, but just looking at some of those names reminds me why we got second last season. When we couple with Kos and Monreal and Belerin i can see that we are not that far from a team to win the league. I would say a couple more signings could really finish the squad off, and i can see no reasons for Wenger not to get them..

  84. Steve my problem is that AW is under no pressure from Kroenke, unique in itself and we seem to be in a complacent state.No other manager with the funds at his disposable would last more than 2 or 3 seasons without winning a title.
    Every pundit and practically every player sees the tweaking needed but not AW.
    I have a facebook Blog which NB is a member and most are mature men and without exception they agree with me. I know a few of them and they are not anti Wenger they just see what is happening.
    if we finished 8th or 9th every season it would be different but we are nearly there every season only to fall away.

    Wenger has to go and the fans will force him out.

  85. Steve,

    I cannot (and will not) let all of the doom and gloom and personal insults go unchallenged.
    Frankly my responses have been very low key and mild (for me) with no personal insults but nonetheless I appreciate your input.

  86. You just caught me Kelsey, I understand your concerns, and can see the merits of what you say, but i am at a loss at times, as second place may seem like nearly getting there, but not enough reason for me to believe he needs to go, after all second is second.

    I have showed some of our players, and if i speak the truth i am happy with who he has brought in, i did have reservations of Ozil when he came, i felt he was weak and was not in the game enough but Wenger has proved me wrong. He left Ozil out for a while with a fake injury, so he could build a body to cope with premier league, and when he returned showed why Wenger brought him. The assists have been amazing, had we had the players to finish many of those passes, we could of seen many more goals.

    Me and you will not see eye to eye on Mr Wenger, i honestly think he has more, and now i look at the players we have, and yet to buy, i am more than happy. Past seasons we have started with many injuries which ultimately looked like weaknesses, but we are not far away from a squad to win things, he just need the finishing touches that i hope he has earmarked.

  87. Doom and gloom
    Interesting, addicts don’t get better until they admit they have a problem, others can see it, but not the addict.
    We are supposedly a big club, if you count all professional teams, yes we are, depending on your definition. To me a big club, is a club who challenges for leagues and cups consistently, not necessarily winning every year, but challenging. It is hard to justify calling Arsenal a big club anymore, which is odd considering it is the 5th most valuable in the world with the largest cash reserve in the world.
    While some may value consistency in league placings for the payday that is CL, the truth is we have been at least 10 points behind the the league winners for the last 8 years, and will just ignore CL as a total embarrassment. We have had the consistency of a stable club and management, yet Liverpool with their multitude of managers have won more trophies in the last 20 years. The excuses finally ran out with Leicester winning the league last season. More of the same, no thank you.
    Players have left us citing lack of ambition, I’m not in the position to argue that, given they have mostly left for bigger pay packets as well, but conversely hardly call them liars, when the continuing evidence seems to prove it. AW may well be our most successful manager, but he is the only one thats had 20 years in the job, you cannot compare apples with oranges, although it may look good.
    A poor start to the season is a very real concern for me, and there is plenty of time left in the window view, seems to ignore the past. In business stationary in real terms is slipping backwards.
    Chelsea bought Kante for 30 odd million, but had a clause in his contract for 22-25m for a CL club, Utd have paid over the odds whilst not being in CL. We could very easily find ourselves in the same position if we don’t throw a shape. Maybe some will be happy to judge AW next May….again.
    Doom and gloom, look at the facts that are in the public domain. He doesn’t need anyone to make excuses for him, he could probably write a book of them.

  88. Poig we have a conflict again not a bad one of course just a difference of opinions on definition. If i were to ask you who are the big clubs in England Premier league i can almost imagine the clubs you would say, I could of course be way off, but whoever you said i doubt Leicester would be one of them and they were the only ones who finished higher than us. We challenged right up to the end and managed by default perhaps to scrape second . Now this is where our definitions seem to colide as i say that is challenging, You of course point out the distance between us and Leicester a very good point by yourself, but you must have missed the other big clubs who ended up with a bigger points deficit than us Arsenal of course was challenging in the Champions league, not a good campagne granted as we were ejected fairly easily but who in our league won it. I call that challenging by a distance but we were still in it not many of the top clubs did any better.

    When you look at our spending last season compared with some of the top clubs we probably was down the bottom but in haindsight we still finished higher than the top spender so our spending was not bad considering our position. Now i dont say this to criticise i say this because our manager had sensed we had enough to win the league, of course our injuries maybe should have been covered but all in all when fit we had a squad to challenge all the big clubs where we won a fair few games. Of course you are right in that had we changed our manager and spent an awfull amount of money we may well have closed those points but we didn’t. Its my definition that we are a big club we came second so one team better and well done to them but make no mistake we are one of the big clubs no mistake well in my mind anyway.

  89. Poig not all of your facts are actually factual.

    1.We were only 7 points behind in 2013/14.
    2.In business staying the same could well be a win – based on the circumstances.
    3.A clause in Kante’s contract with a release clause for 22-25m is a guess and not a fact.
    4.I don’t compare apples to oranges – I judge AW based on results per game (which equalizes everything) and based on a per game analysis he is the best. I’ll send you the spreadsheet if you like.
    5.Both Arsenal and Liverpool have won 9 trophy’s each in the past 20 years.

  90. GN5
    @ 4.32
    I have no doubt you are correct, at the same time a terrible indictment of how the club is run…an employee saying when and how he will leave.

    Couple of things, our form towards the end of last season gave me no optimism that we could possibly win the league, without others collapsing altogether. We certainly didn’t play like champions imo.
    When haven’t we had injuries that last waaay longer than the 3 weeks initially estimated, so bad 1 year we even loaned an injured player, due diligence at its finest.
    I’m not unduly interested in other clubs problems unless it impacts on us.
    We have needed a quality striker since Van Persie left, a window or 2 you can make excuses, its 4 years now, and none are being mentioned as I write, hence not a big team. What big team would still be looking after 4 years, once the deficiency is noted, I can’t think of any, and certainly no manager who wanted to keep his job.
    Football is a results based business, unfortunately AW is fulfilling the financial results, over the on field results, with the absolute blessing of Kroenke.

  91. NG5
    Yes some errors apologies not intended to misrepresent.
    1, Should be 8 out of 9
    2, Generally not the case
    3, Wasn’t denied
    4, Still someone’s results could have improved dramatically over time
    5, Genuine mistake, I counted their Charity shields
    However this all misses my point, were are stagnating wth him in charge imo.

  92. Poig, you do throw up a good argument, now i am not going to try and contradict anything you say, its obvious that we differ in our views and i dont want to sound like i am pushing my own personal view.

    I have picked up on one of the things you said and that is the blessing of Kroenke, to be honest mate i doubt he even knows, as he has people to do that for him. Where we probably agree is that apart from stabilising the club i feel he probably is in the dark most of the time, and only when our profits go down will he take any notice at all. Maybe i underestimate him who knows.

  93. Steve I am assuming that but it wouldn’t be out of order I don’t think

    I was in the library yesterday and overheard a german asking the woman if they had any books on the 2nd world war, she said no, you’ll lose it. I picked up a book on Stockholm syndrome the first few chapters were really tough going, but after that i really started to enjoy it.

  94. Poig i wonder at times when people want to remember wartime, i understand the Jews as they will never let it rest but everybody else should believe that it should neverr happen again. You have no worries with me Poig i will never hold you against your will and then try and make a friend of you, i would rather share a friendship even if its only online.:)

  95. Glad to see a sensible discussion between you two, Steve and Poig, no name calling, no insults just honest but differing opinions……boring innit? 😁

    Good night lads.

  96. From a Red Top ———— =

    Granit Xhaka the ‘perfect signing’ for Arsenal , says Per Mertesacker

    Per Mertesacker says new team-mate Granit Xhaka is a leader and will be the “perfect signing” for Arsenal.

    The 23-year-old is set to join up with Arsene Wenger’s side for pre-season after signing from Borussia Monchengladbach for a fee in the region of £30m in May.

    He has been on a break after helping Switzerland reach the last-16 at Euro 2016, but Mertesacker is expecting big things from Xhaka and believes he will set the tempo for the side in the coming season.

    “I don’t know him personally but that doesn’t matter, we will get along with each other very quickly because he is a good player and has done so much for Borussia Monchengladbach,” Mertesacker told Arsenal Player.

    “He can speak German as well, so it will be joy to get his first year going and help him bed in as a player.

    “He’s a leader and that is really important, especially in midfield. He has got a very good attitude, is very composed on the ball and contributes a lot.

    “He is a good passer as well, so he will set the tempo. I am looking forward to how he does it, how composed he will be in training and in the games. He will be the perfect signing for us.”

  97. Steve,

    From my point of view I have no wish to remember nor talk about WW2. However the problem I have is that my earliest recollections in life are sirens going off and my family dashing to the underground which was our designated air raid shelter. In the morning my parents would emerge from the shelter wondering if we still had somewhere to live. Even Highbury suffered bomb damage.

    Different and scary times for thousands of North Londoners.

  98. Morning Steve
    When you said “, i understand the Jews as they will never let it rest but everybody else should believe that it should neverr happen again” I am not sure what you mean SHOULD NEVER LET IT REST. maybe your choice of words were inappropriate but no one should ever forget what happened ever.I am Jewish and had two grand parents gassed at Auschwitz and Belsen respectfully and my Dad didn’t find out exactly their fate until 6 years after the war.yes I am sensitive and particularly to that subject.

    Anyway this is a football blog and I hope I misunderstood what you said.

  99. ‘morning all, and another one bites the dust! Wellington Silva, another of Wenger’s “prospects” has been sold back to the club we got him from Fluminense.

    Another good young player who failed to live up to the manager’s expectations. Could it be that Wenger’s ability to spot emerging talent isn’t as great as we were led to believe, or is there a problem in the coaching set up at the club.

    Either way this is a situation that needs attention, either we bring youngsters on or we buy ready made talent, and on the experience of the last several seasons neither system is working particularly well.

    Anyway, it’s a beautiful sunny morning here in Norfolk so I shall be spending a lot of time recuperating under the apple tree in the garden, it’s just out of Wi-Fi range.


  100. Morning all,
    at work this morning so will not be with you, I must apologise for my wording as I did not intend to upset anybody with my comment, my Mrs mother was Jewish so that’s the last thing I wanted. Wars I hope is a thing of the past. And should be kept in the past

  101. Steve, we can all hope that war becomes a thing of the past, it is truly a feature of daily life for people in many parts of the world.

    Personally speaking I can never forget the wars, nor do I wish to. I had, like many of my generation, relatives who fought in both World Wars. Some were wounded, three died and others were unscathed.

    It is the memory of theirs and millions of other’s sacrifices which will convince future generations to eventually abolish war entirely.

  102. Morning guys
    My post at 7.18 yesterday was an attempt at humour, to lighten things up a bit, a lead balloon, there was no intent on my part to bring bad memories back, it won’t happen again.

  103. You may not believe this but Arsenal may have made the third signing of the summer transfer window.

    Following on from the Granit Xhaka acquisition and that of the Japanese kid, comes the possibility that we are about to, or have already, got the signature of England U21 central defender Rob Howden from Bolton Wanderers. The rumoured fee is around £2 million.

    Apparently we have been monitoring the situation for a while and had an offer of £750 thousand refused in May.

    Now two million for an England U 21 international defender is a pretty good price, but for an extra fifty grand we can probably get him the prosthetic left leg that must be missing. (Just joking).

    The question that must be asked is, what will Wenger do with him? A couple of low key pre-season games and then shipped out on loan? Or maybe six months on the bench while he is converted into a standby striker or goalkeeper?

    If the deal goes through, our choices at centre back look quite healthy, Mertesacker oldish, slowish but sort of reliable. Koscielny a bit younger, a bit quicker but prone to the odd rush of blood to the brain followed by a red card. Gabriel younger still, faster still but easily wound up by players called Diego Costa. Chambers even younger, not quite as fast but confused as to his best position, as is his manager. Howden also young and that’s about all we/I know about him except that he played in the Toulon U21 tournament. With Monreal and Debuchy, for now, both able to fill in that’s not bad.

  104. NG he will loan out Chambers.More money than ever at his disposal and he has reached the dizzy heights of 2 million this time.We are now a bloody laughing stock to all other clubs.

    A bit of news about Jack.He has always been a bit of a rebel off the field and Wenger has tried to speak with his parents very recently, who are even more vile than Jack.He has the kid but has split up with the mother and then on the football front he now has glass ankles.Future prospects don’t look good.

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