The Arsenal season starts in under 4 weeks….

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The euro 2016 has finished and now we can look forward to a new EPL season. As always, I will start with optimism and hope that it will be our season, by Christmas that hope and optimism would have dwindled slightly and by April 2017 I will be in a state of despair. Well that’s what it’s been like for the past 12 years, so why should it be any different now. The transfer window has gone as predicted, Wenger has failed to bring in the 30 + goal a season striker, Walcott is still an option and we have  bought a young  kid from Japan who will be playing in the Rio Olympics and not available to start the season.

It’s all too familiar isn’t it…… Man United, Man City, Chelsea and Liverpool have all strengthened, even Leicester have been more active in the window than the Arsenal. The good Gunners like Sanchez, Ozi, Koscielny and Bellerin are being wooed by bigger clubs and we are bidding for a CB who was the player of the year for………….. Bolton!

So perhaps this season my optimism is not as high as normal, perhaps I will just expect the same, perhaps I will be philosophical come April/May and say we punched above our weight and 4th is a good season. Well of course I fucking won’t, I will still start the season with the expectation that we will win the EPL, the FAC and the CL, it’s what you do when you support a team like the Arsenal.



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  1. Morning NB
    Welcome back….Aren’t you excited about winning the Carling cup or whatever todays name is…I am 🙂
    This season the powers that be that have changed CL to drum up more interest…yeah right….Money 1- Football 0.
    Asano as far as I’m aware cannot play for the first team, as he doesn’t have the required international games he requires, and unless the club can convince whoever that he his an exceptional talent. So not anyone to consider for a good while, as on paper he looks ok but certainly not exceptional. The doom is starting.
    Holding needs to show why he was considered a 10m player to get anywhere near the first team, although if Kos doesn’t sign and extension, he may get a few games.
    Has Bellerin had his head turned by Barca or City, probably not this year but next?
    Alexis?? fit, I don’t think so, and keen to stay, not convinced of that either.
    Jack ???
    Xhaka looks promising though, but not enough by himself.
    Exciting times for us fans this season and our vibrant, innovative manager.
    I would love to be excited about new season, but deep down feel we have more of the same coming.

  2. Very positive NB I reckon 6th or lower would be about right this season. 😉 I have nothing more to say as it’s all been said.

  3. Bonjour Soixante-Neuf, great post Mon Vieux. You’ve summed up my feelings exactly. I’m always optimistic at the start of the season although, like you, I’m not sure what that optimism is based on.

    An altogether underwhelming transfer window so far, and as we’ve not the slightest idea what Wenger’s plans are we must sit and wait while the great man goes on his merry way.

    It is often said that the club as a whole lacks ambition, ambition to be the best and, if not win, at least seriously compete for the top trophies.

    I think this malaise is trickling down to certain players. Why would an ambitious player, such as Walcott originally seemed, be happy to sit on the bench. Will Gabriel be happy to do the same while waiting in line behind Merts?

    The one thing we can be sure of is that Alexis and Mesut won’t hang around long if the club don’t show some ambition.

    Whether or not Wenger sees this season as his last, unless he can create a whole new and positive attitude in both the players and the fans he may just find he has no choice in the matter.

  4. Well fuck me sideways, a new post and the guvnor back, already a bumper day. Poig, stop fucking moaning, we are starting to recruit that’s what you wanted 🙂 sure a couple of youngsters to start, just to test the water, but then the landslide. I refuse to start the season off as a DOOMER. As I haven’t seen who we will field yet. So far only wheelchair Welbeck is out but he was fucking pants anyway. I can feel a striker coming, he has to this season as it could be his last so I am positive it will come.

    Being honest, I have looked over who we have, and honestly we are not looking bad in my eyes, Striker and a CD and I feel we will be as good as the next team. I don’t go along with the normal guy in the street who feels that if you don’t spend a fucking fortune then you will win fuck all. My view is acumilating talent and trying to get them to gel can be enough for any club to win the big prizes just look at Leicester.

    Many people say it was a fluke but Raniery is now joining in the spending just to try and keep his fluke going, but our Arsene will not be changing much at all, natural wastage replacements and youngster plus a surprise or two.Don’t start moaning till the transfer window has shut that’s my plight this season but things could change. 🙂

  5. Good morning Steve, stick with the positivity, but let’s review the situation ten games into the new season.

  6. Steve, me a doomer? I see myself on the optimistic side of reality 🙂
    We are at odds over Welbeck, I quite like him.
    We can agree on us buying a striker, its our most pressing need, and with a new contract in the offing, it needs to be right. Also I agree on the the overall quality of our players, so why do we come up short every season? I can think of only one logical reason.
    I read that Ranieri has said with the staying Mahrez his transfer window has closed, how refreshing is that, business done, pre season under way.
    I would love to think like a bindipper “This is our year” but can’t, and I’m sorry I can’t, there just isn’t enough to be positive about imo.

  7. NB,

    The draw will be held on 25 August 2016, at the Grimaldi Forum in Monaco and the 2016–17 UEFA Champions League group stage will begin on 13 September and end on 7 December 2016.

  8. The only thing you have to worry about, is that we’re in it, lot of clubs ain’t.

    Poig mate we are getting closer together. 🙂

  9. Supporters are strange creatures you know, take our old jewishould mate, loves Arsenal so much, that the poor old fucker see’s doom and gloom in everything. Now I am no fucking expert as you all know well, and my fucking glass is never full as I drink quick, but I don’t care who Wenger buys because I have faith in him to buy who he thinks will be right for us.

    Now of course we all know he fuck up, but who doesn’t, I thought mymy first Mrs was the right one for a lifetime, boy did I fuck up there. I thought the next one was right, fucked up again. After that I thought I would try a few out and had a whale of a time until I met one to live with, boy I still don’t know if I did right after 20 fucking years so how the fuck can I blame Wenger for every thing. I only had a few friend and relations telling me I was a prat poor old Arsene has the whole Arsenal world telling him and that poor fucker lives on his own.

    One thing I learned while getting old, was by fuck I had a good time looking and trying so old Wenger is my man ha ha

  10. Looks like I am fucking talking to myself the drunks down the bar, N5 is probably fucked up by the time zone and Norfolk out of range under that fucking apple tree, Poig done a runner as he don’t want to get to close and Cockie is busy Shagging one of his meat pies, by fuck another dead loss dinner break, catch someone later ha ha 🙂

  11. OK that’s enough, see you guys

    .Once I can accept it but not twice.You shouldn’t bring a blogger’s religion into it and for your info just as many Jewish people support Arsenal as Spurs.

    I can’t blog with people who refer to me in the way you did Steve, but no debate anymore from me.Thanks NB see you at the other place.

  12. I’m back, oh dear, looks like you upset Kelsey….how to start a riot, religion, politics and football…there are no answers, just more questions.
    I can’t believe your faith after all these years as to who he buys…who he nearly bought is like a who’s who of galactico’s, he hasn’t produced one for for a long time, I realise all signings don’t work out but the wizard of old is more like the wizened of today, but keep the faith 🙂

  13. Steve, two subjects that I think are taboo are religion and politics, however that said I see nothing wrong with your 1:20pm.

    But frankly I’ve never seen that word before so I don’t know if it has a negative implication or connotation,

  14. Poig, my opinion is and always has been as clear as day. Arsene Wenger has done as good a job as any person could with the hands that he has been dealt over the years. It’s oh so easy to point the gun at him without taking into consideration the underlying reasons why we have not won the PL since 2003/4.

    I would welcome a dialogue on the subject.

  15. Just popped back on, and fuck me gently I have upset a long term Gooner, am I allowed to say that. Kelsey you are a fucking old woman, I have never said anything against you ever, don’t blame me that you cannot get your own way, not all of us have empty glasses. My tablet put another word in with the comment, if that is what wound you up I apologise but I think we both know that you would rather spread doom and fucking gloom on face book. I am an atheist but christened coe call me anything you like but not a spud. Never heard anything like it. 😦

  16. GN5
    I have been in the past as big as supporter of AW as the next man, my turning point has been the last few years. The same things happening season after season, and the excuses that come with it. We have had money to spend on players for some years now, there has been no need to start every season short in some positions. I realise it is sometimes the case when big teams all need someone in a particular position, which does make it more awkward to find someone, but surely the statement “we couldn’t find anyone better than what we have” must even grind your gears.

  17. Poig,

    You say “excuses” I say valid “reasons”

    Having money to spend is the starting point, you then have to get an agreement with the selling team, the players agent and the player – it is an extremely arduous process that does not always end successfully. Why buy for the sake of buying or to appease the beaters of the drum of doom?

    No hearing “we couldn’t find anyone better than what we have” does not grind my gears – it’s music to my ears that AW does not knowingly buy 2nd best substitutes. Do you really want to become a Liverpool or Tottenham?

  18. F.C. Astana 2 -1 Zalgiris, and Chris Froome extends his lead in Le Tour.

    Now that’s of some small interest, rather than yet another rehash of the Wenger good or bad discussion. I’ve heard all before ad nauseam.

    I’ll be back when there is something worth talking about.

  19. May I just say in my next comment if I say any thing to upset anyone it’s this fucking tablet.

    I see things like this, we need a fucking centre forward and a centre back, Wenger must address this, we have the money as we got 100 million for finishing second, now blokes on Facebook believes we are failures which we ain’t, we got another 30 million fom CL so no body can say we are strapped for cash.

    Now I must admit that Wenger doesn’t spend like my old woman, and by fuck he needs to this window. We have talent no mistaking that, a lot more talent than facebook would have you believe, what the fuck is a hundred and thirty million if it isn’t success.
    Now I won’t argue the fact but our Arsene is a tight bastard even wit other people’s money, fuck knows what he’s like with his own, but now is the time, as the players are out there and they will come, all they fucking need is to be asked and paid.

    In my opinion Arsenal football club can entice anybody, excuses that’s been used in the past means fuck all now, so Arsene don’t find any new ones. Arsenal supporters are fucking spoilt, 20 years top 4 on the fucking trot, not enough, second place last year not enough, two fucking FA cups on the trot, not enough,well fuck me, if he wins the fucking Premier it will still not be enough as we haven’t won the CL. The poor fucker can never fucking win can he.

    That’s why I top my glass up regular I appreciate the good times we have shared, I appreciate the second position and I appreciate the 2 FA cups. Wenger in my mind for what he has done is a fucking genius, but with this season with all those world famous managers now in the Premier, I believe you will see this season just how fucking good he is, and if I have upset anyone fuck em 🙂

  20. GN5
    As I have said previously there are currently only 2 or 3 players worldwide that aren’t for sale. If the player in question ticks all or most of the boxes make an aggressive bid, thats what big clubs do. Players may have preferences as to where they prefer, but as top class footballers they surely realise that their first choice destination isn’t always an option, we pay well and have CL which a lot want, London isn’t the worst destination.
    Of course I course I don’t want to become a Liverpool or Spud, thats looking down, I have no objection to becoming a Bayern or Madrid, big clubs that try to win, on the field off the field. We are winning off the field, but isn’t being matched on it imo.

  21. I don’t usually approve of copy and paste commenting but this item is too long to type out and it’s too hot to bother with paraphrasing.

    “In a statement, the Premier League, English Football League and Football Association said poor conduct has reached “unacceptable levels”.

    Starting this season, red cards will be issued to players who confront match officials and use offensive language or make gestures towards them.

    Behaviour within the technical areas will also be more rigorously enforced.

    Not one player has been sent off in the Premier League for insulting or abusive language towards a match official in the last five seasons.

    But Premier League chairman Richard Scudamore said there has been concern “for some time” that players have been “overstepping the mark”.

    “It is our collective position that these types of behaviour should no longer be tolerated,” he added.

    “Things happen in the heat of the moment during fast and highly competitive football. We still want to see the passion fans enjoy and demand, but players and managers have to be aware there are lines that should not be crossed.”

    Offences which could earn players a yellow card
    ■Visibly disrespectful behaviour to any match official;
    ■An aggressive response to decisions;
    ■Confronting an official face to face;
    ■Running towards an official to contest a decision;
    ■Offensive, insulting or abusive language and/or gestures towards match officials;
    ■Physical contact with any match official in a non-aggressive manner;
    ■A yellow card for at least one player when two or more from a team surround a match official.

    New red card offences
    ■If a player confronts match officials and uses offensive, insulting or abusive language and/or gestures towards them;
    ■Physical contact with match officials in an aggressive or confrontational manner.

    There, nobody can argue with the sentiments expressed in the statement, anything to increase the level of respect for the decisions made by the officials and the officials themselves can only be a good thing”.

    If you agree or even disagree with the new guidelines, feel free to say so.

  22. Steve you’re rant 🙂
    I can accept the qualifying for CL was very important during the years after we moved, and the back to back FA cups were very welcome, if only to get the monkey off our back. It is said that winning gives a winning mentality, it may well apply to others, but flounders for us the some reason. Am I ever satisfied, probably as satisfied as the club would be if their turnover was the same for the last 3 or 4 years.
    The clubs business side is moving forward year on year, can you say the same for our core business, not imo.

    I don’t suppose we will agree on too much, even if it was about the last few years of his reign, your views are far too entrenched to start reevaluating them, its probably best we agree to disagree.

  23. Whilst they have addressed one problem, I feel they have missed a trick, the practice of some players feigning severe injury in the hope of either getting another player a card, or kidding the official that they themselves are too injured to deserve any sanction for a foul committed, should be an automatic red card.

    For a few weeks the games may well be reduced to nine or ten aside, but the players will soon get the message and cut out the playacting.

    I commend the idea to the House.

  24. NG
    I read elsewhere that some of those rules have been applied in lower leagues for some time, but not in Premier league, shouldn’t there be some investigation as to why some rules haven’t been used?
    I suppose it reinforces my view Money 1- Football 0

  25. Poig, that could be a trial of the rules in the lower leagues, entirely sensible in my view, to introduce such a change without testing the water first would have been irresponsible.

  26. On the contrary, the official would be using his experience and knowledge, just as he does in most other decisions.
    I do not believe in robotic adherence to rules and regulation, but we cannot just sit back and ignore cheating, that way lies anarchy.

  27. Good info Norfolk,I agree with all of it, of course I believe that a ref has the final say,but I still believe he should use his discretion, when it is natural a player swearing from frustration, after all it is a physical sport and players do feel pain.

    A woman screams obsenities in childbirth who would send her off for that, so it needs to be sensible, I know this piece is about referee’safety, but wrestling a player in the box must also be addressed, i also believe that other clubs benefit by red cards, where I believe that is wrong, maybe sin bins where the club in question get the benefit.

  28. Steve, I don’t think you can use childbirth as an example, I’ve seen both football and childbirth but only ever paid to see football. 😀

    Dinner is ready, I’ll continue later.

  29. Evening Poig, sometimes mate , I feel we know a little too much about the club, How much the club is worth or how much it earned last season should not really make any difference to us. What we pay our money for is entertainment, say a match ticket is 60 quid and we are playing united and we win ten nill, I can guarantee you would have enjoyed your afternoons entertainment, and I doubt I would even hear how much you paid.

    Well Poig that is why we pay a price, how they spend that money is up to them you gave it for a show and got one. How much Arsenal have is for their shareholders the people who invested their money.

    On that note a manager is allowed so much to spend, that is worked out by the owners and shareholders not us you have already had your money’s worth.
    l am one that hopes the powers at be see’s what I see and addresses it but that should have nothing to do with me. When I am not happy I wouldn’t go easy peas.

  30. Norfolk you don’t strike me as a tight dad, I reckon it still costs you even today

  31. I would like to have a video referee and retrospective punishments. It is by and large a thankless task, especially in non professional leagues. They need help and support, they often make mistakes, given they are watching in real time and things can easily be missed depending where they are. This might appear as a slippery slope but with careful guidelines it need not be the case…as previously mentioned, pulling and holding in the box, that really get up my nose, especially as it is seldom punished.
    Referees would then have the support of knowing that if they missed something, they don’t have to try and balance it out later in the match. A strict adherence to the rules isn’t necessarily desirable as long as its equal to both sides.

  32. Steve @7.06
    I can agree up to a point, but want the club to be as successful on the field as possible, which means the business side has to be as well, but from the outside looking in the balance seems to favour the business side.

  33. Poig, we have goal line technology which gives the ref instantaneous indication that the ball has crossed the line or not. No questioning of it, no dispute.

    My concern is with video replay of incidents, just look at any highlights programme or after match discussion. Seldom do the “experts” in the studio agree unanimously about anything except for the most blatant examples. How can we expect a ground full of passionate fans to accept the decision of a bloke in a van outside the ground watching on a monitor, and who would you trust?

    Video replays? No thanks!

  34. I think we have to remember something very important, and that is idoubt Stan had even heard of Arsenal before it was pointed out to him. 20 odd years ago I doubt Arsene had taken little notice of the Arsenal either. We have to remember that most of us were born to be Arsenal supporters, sadly in my case I did not see touch excitement until George Graham and then it hit me Arsenal are in the big time yippy. ARSENE WHO, Yeh you said it and so did I, Rich hadn’t been in charge long and I thought what the fuck have we done, Bruce outed and a fucking French man what the fuck is happening to my beloved club. I could see second divs ion looming ow fuck.

    Well fuck me he shook the place up Adams got sober and began a fantastic career and A new Arsenal was born. Arsene Wenger was a new boy lots of what seemed to me to be shit idea’s but things started to change and fuck me it seemed better. GG’s name is still mentioned and so it should as he helped to put us on the map, now I haven’t a mind like GN5 he would tell you the date the time and anything else you wanted to know, but when we won our first trophy after he came people started to notice and start talking , and in all honesty 20 odd years later they still are,couple of doubles countless FA cups The Invincible who will ever forget that. And him a fucking outsider and fucking French as well. The man has been Gooner since he has arrived, I fucked up I thought he should be sacked,but he has proved to me that if you cut the fucker in half he would have ARSENAL right through him.

    Kroenke loads of dough no fucking heart his son as well. Some are born some change and some mould Kroenke will never change.sorry got carried away.

  35. What I don’t like with video techs how they show the ball. an empty goal and a back dot, the same as tennis, that ball could be moved anywhere and we think seeing is believing, don’t trust the fuckers give me slow mo every time.

  36. Looking like Big Sam for England, it probably won’t be pretty but it can’t get worse.

  37. Actually Poig I think Allardyce may be just what England need. He won’t take any shit from the press or the players. I think he will decide what formation he wants to play and will stick with it. I also think he will choose players to fit into positions in that formation rather than trying to fit all the ones the “popular” press hype up, regardless of their normal role in their club sides as Hodgson did.

    He might just get the players to play to their strengths and play with a bit of self belief, he will certainly demand some discipline.

  38. Poig I agree, I watched Rooney in the Euros, when he started a game he was lively for thirty/thirty-five minutes and then tailed off. Second half he was done by sixty minutes. I think Allardyce will quickly suss him out and say farewell.

    Right, see if I can get another couple of hours sleep, now it’s a bit cooler.

  39. Morning
    i am only writing this in respect to NB who on a personal level has been very supportive.

    Steve you are a racist and I can prove it as I was and still am an administrtor on AA and several of your posts you wrote for them were not passed for that reason.

    Don’t give me all that bollocks about auto spell , you knew exactly what you wrote.

    GN5 and I had a fallout and I wrote to him privately to apologise even though he tried to disrupt my Facebook closed site and ask anyone who is a member.If he thinks I and all the other members bar none are always negative and dooming he should have just left and not make it public.
    Steve,again how would you know what is written on my closed Arsenal site.I don’t vet people and in fact I encourage opposite points of view to mine but unfortunately everyone who writes on there can see the pitfalls at our club and have for years,so we all sing from the the same song sheet,ask NB and if he is truthful he will concur.

    When you posted on Highbury House your views were slating Wenger more often than not and I know why you don’t post there anymore as I have known Rico for many years.
    Finally going back to the jewish word in your posts you say what you like as I will definitely not be posting on here again and just for your info several regulars and admin on AA are jewish and most read this blog.

    Sorry again NB but sometimes things have to be said.

    I genuinely hope Arsenal have a good season as I will always support them but as a business that wants to compete they are absolutely useless from Kroenke down.

    Please don’t respond anyone as I really am finished on here because of one person.

  40. Morning all, Not that anyone will read this for another couple of hours, but with a nights sleep and a fresh mind i have to say a few words.

    I have been blogging for quite a few years now, before the internet i was a quiet voice, I know i change my views like the wind blows, but circumstances change and nobody can always go down the same path. In my early years of blogging, I came across Kelsey, Kelsey was as strong an Arsenal supporter that you will come across, over the years on different blogs we have crossed swords on a number of occasions. Nothing bad of course just differences of opinion, The man is Gooner right through. I have left sites because other people have not liked the way i write, Rather than having animosity i felt it better to move on.

    Now i have my opinions and at times circumstances change and so does other peoples, We lets face it are getting no younger, many of us older ones have life changing ailments, whatever they are they change us, we worry about our families and we worry about us, We have been Gooners for what seems a lifetime and we despair when we dont look like we will win the league.

    Now i know that many of you guys have ailments Just recently one of our own Norfolk had a set back, and it comes out of the blue, it knocks you sideways and it makes you realise that life is worth living and there are a lot of things more important than Arsenal. Norfolk got a lot of comments , and well wishers wanting him to get well, and his contribution we hope, will keep going, people care about him and on blogs like this that is how it should be.

    I can remember a lot of us having problems, i know my old dueling partner Kelsey has had hard times, and i hope he is getting over them, but sometimes our views change as we get older, and we sometimes believe we may never be in the position we need to be to win things and maybe as we are getting older we may never see the Arsenal where we want them to be.

    I upset a guy who i have admired for many years, i have put a comment up and now i wish i hadn’t some people are touchy about politics religion or just about anything other than football, I like to think i can comment on anything on this blog as Northbank has given us free reign. But i never intend to upset anybody, it seems that i have and i apologise, I just the other day realised that me and N5 were never going to have the same views so rather than argue with him i thought i would just not answer, lets face it were fucking adults not fucking kids and it was only when i could see that N5 was getting to the stage where i felt he was upsetting people that i decided to comment. N5 has a wealth of knowledge he understood straight away where i was coming from and he is now thinking about what he says and he has a lot more sense than i do,

    We are a small group, good guys all of you, we are like brothers that now and again get up one anothers noses, but were all fucking Gooners. Kelsey I know you have had tough times and our age is against us and sometimes sours us a little but i dont want to fall out with you , or anyone else, i know you will read this, and i hope you realise that i wasnt commenting to dig at you, its just that i dont have N5 education and my words sometimes come out wrong, but Arsene fucks up, and so do i.

  41. Well Kelsey it appears that i wrote all that for nothing,, as i never looked at your comment.
    You seem to have made your mind up and who am i to say your wrong. Good luck on your own Pages but of course you wont read this.

  42. Not such a good morning, I’m sorry to see Kelsey go, but it is his decision and whilst we can hope that he will change his mind , we can’t force him to.

    Steve is a compulsive blogger and a passionate Arsenal supporter, maybe not always accurate in what he says but sincere in his beliefs.

    Without getting into innards of their arguments I can only entreat them both to give each other another chance.

  43. So big Sam seems to be the Choice for England’s Hierarchy. with a contract of 2 years to start with depending how results go, there could be another contract after. From what i know of Big Sam he has not won anything, he has helped the past who have been facing relegation, and this seems to be the thing that has given him the nod.

    Hierarchy have given him orders to keep on bringing through England youngsters, so straight away he is just a bloke in a job that has to follow instructions, where is that different from Roys instructions.

    I have always felt that a manager gets to pick his team himself, He picks the players and he blends them together. He has a set way in his mind of what went wrong previously. Alladyce will usually make his side harder to beat , i assume he will work much the same as he has in the League, but will he be allowed to play who he wants, or will he be told who is available. Big Sam has finally found the job he has been searching for for some time now, This job has just promoted him to the big time, and now we will see his personality change to more of an English Gentleman who has to be careful of what he say’s. He will be thrown to the wolves with his new suit, and perhaps a few courses on how to improve his emotions and the words he will speak’s.

    Big Sam who i really hope has massive success, will now be seen as the big cheese, The England Manager is massive, A country who invented the game and shared it with the world.and he is now England’s Face of football. I am happy that Sam got the job in fact i am happy that Wenger didn’t as he is now with us for the duration. Many Managers were interviewed for this position and not taking any notice of paper reports Big Sam Alladyce wins through. Well done Sam.

  44. Morning guys, whats left of us
    Steve, looks like you are a trouble maker 🙂 …..but you can abuse me if you like, I have thick skin.
    Seems this Arsenal site is the gunners old folks home, when NB is the youngest, and he is no spring chicken.

  45. Morning Poig, Not me mate, i think i have done enough damage, Thank you Norfolk , I know i am a mug .

  46. As it happens Poig that was a goodun, its just that i was to thick to grasp it straightaway, and that was it,

  47. Steve,

    You have nothing to feel bad about, frankly the only person on here that has not overstepped the mark is NB69; he allows us all to speak our minds and rarely intervenes or takes sides, and I have full respect for that and him personally.

    Kelsey is very sensitive and always looks for hidden meaning in comments that simply do not exist – so it’s not your issue to deal with – it’s his.

  48. My apologies to the absent landlord…..GN5 it was posted on 18th 718pm you will have to scroll down….it was 2 jokes.

  49. Why do you always interfere GN5.We were friends,fell out, i was rude and apologised to you off air. Plese don’t stick your oar in when it’s not needed and you don’t understand what it means to someone of the jewish faith who had two grandparents gassed by the nazis. That is a fact that will be with me for the rest of my life.Keep to your stats,your good at that.Hidden meanings = bollocks.

  50. Wake up to yourself, I lost my grandfather 2 uncles and an aunt in WW2, my father had a metal plate inserted in his head after he was hit by a shell, he then suffered intolerable migraine headaches for the rest of his life. He even had to lock himself in his bedroom during these attacks so that he would not harm his family. My grandmother lost a leg after being hit by a piece of shrapnel – So keep your sob stories to yourself we all have history to bear not just you!!!!

  51. Hi ya N5, Thanks for that, But i did upset a guy who didn’t mean to and am not to pleased with myself, But enough of all that.
    Looking on Newsnow a little while ago and i haven’t seen to much talk on new signings, I know Wenger does not like anybody to know what he intends, but he could be a little more open

    I do like to try and support the old sod but he can be very frustrating at times. I have to say that a striker would probably releive me of a bit of stress, but we have all seen this before. I often look at the footballing world and see the likes of Bale and Ronaldo, the talk about Messi and the huge sums of money they have cost plus wages that us mere mortals can only dream of, and i can see why many Managers could think fuck me they are not worth that incredible fee.

    Now of course should one rich owner pay the exorbitant fee then the floodgates open and everybody is affected. Television with all its money has fucked the rules up as far as league placings, with games right through the week and never really knowing where your team sit pisses me right off. When games were on a Saturday at three oclock by tea time you knew who were leading and could sit back waiting for the next game , now i feel that certain games are put back or moved forward which i believe is detrimental to a lot of clubs.

    A leading club gets momentum, once leading they know that winning the next game still leaves them ahead but how it is now you could be level which defeats the nature of winning mentality. Now i appreciate the amount of money and viewers enjoyment of seeing top clubs all through the week but i feel that something is lost somewhere.

    I know we often talk about our own playing days not anywhere near todays players i know but when your Saturday team were leading it felt good to be the leagues clear leader. Saturday to Saturday seemed a lifetime away but with us many of us did 50 60 hours of work to keep our minds off football, and when the Saturday finally arrived 60 hours of hard graft was never in our minds.

    Being older and seeing changes not only in start times but what days as well and changes of rules and now refferees not happy with abuse i wonder at times why i still love the game, divers cheaters jumped up little shits who dont know how fucking luky they are and never doing a days hard graft in their young lives driving round in super cars big houses more Bling than Elton crumpit by the bucket load and not a fucking care in the world,

    What have we missed out on N5 was the good old days good or what..

  52. Now now Children you know better than that, that is why i said it should be left in the past. I am called a racist i say fuck all, i dont hate anybody but i take heed when i see my money given out to people that have done fuck all for England. So dont start it all back up again please, just let it die a death.

  53. Steve….Newsnow …..desperation stakes, click bait and bullshit
    These will be the good old days, for younger people in the future.

  54. You are just an out and out cunt,GN5 We all suffered losses in wrs you are not unique, but an attempt to wipe out a race is slightly different,but racism is something else and you know it ,especially being a director of 6 companies at once. How is AA doing, you wouldn’t go near there now yoy crawl up everyones arse and have a dig on me on here, you must be in your element, you senile old fool.
    I was prepared to drop all this but again you love causing teouble and sticking your oar in when not required.

    I really am not nterested anymore and promise myself more than anyone not to respond again whatever you or antone else says.

  55. Steve,
    “What have we missed out on N5 was the good old days good or what” You ask?

    From my point of view the 40’s and 50’s were very rough decades to grow up during – especially if you were from a poor family living in N7 tenement housing, WW2 was hell especially during the blitz when we had to hightail it to the air raid shelters overnight. Good food was scarce and on rationing, we only had powered milk and clothing was passed down from other family members. My school was a partial bomb site – I hated it and I left at 13 to start a job and supported myself from that time forth.

    The 60’s onward were fantastic, but I could write a book about the 40’s and 50’s.

  56. Kelsey – I will leave all of the inane insults and childish crap to you, this is a public forum and I will continue to speak my mind and my truth as long as I am allowed.

  57. Gn5 the forties and fifties are for you son, I was talking more 60’s 70’s By the way N5 dont get involved son, my fuck up and i have to deal with it. Thank You

  58. I find the word rascist has lost its true meaning over the years thats all…..and it annoys me when a black Englishman can call a white Englishman rascist…they are both fucking English….prejudice certainly.

  59. I appreciate your comment at 2:47 but when attacked and insulted I will defend – but I will not resort to childish insults – like his 1:40pm and it’s not for the first time. If you talked to him like that he would demand (and once did) to have the comment deleted.

  60. Poig, we have fought the Romans Saxons Nords Vikings Africans Coreans Spanish French Argies iraQ Afgans The Scots The Irish the welsh Americans countless others and what have we learnt, fuck all son. If everybody had stayed where they were we would probably all be dead now, but we cant survive on our own, and we will probably Perish together. But sadly no fucker will ever listen and all i worry about is will Arsenal win the fucking league. Sure in every war people die Germans English French Americans Isralies and all the fucking rest and the silly bastards will never stop. Every fucking year Memorials for some war or other but a Prime Minister says lets go and another fucking million die and another memorial. One thing that always happens is the ones who say go, are sitting at home in safety Planing the next memorial , thats why i say forget.

  61. N5 we upset people along the way, we don’t mean to, but that is why we talk to people communication and negotiating and in the end we get used to one another. But on a bad morning a certain word is said, and the shit hits the fan. Thats what people do, many don’t mean to, but moods make us react, dont take it to heart mate it is what it is, Just dont make it worse. 🙂

  62. Steve,

    I don’t have a racial bone in my body and have always supported the underprivileged and minorities;
    mind you it’s a lot easier to do that when you live in a wonderfully cosmopolitan country like Canada.

    I try, not always successfully to be respectful, because when treated with indifference I react indifferently.

    Any way enough of this lets talk football…………………..

  63. Afternoon Pissflappers .

    I`ve been watching a lot of Big Brother, but that is like Sesame Street compared to Kelsey and GN5`s entertainment……………love it……….more please ! 😆

    Plus I like Steves Kango in a China Shop comments ! 😆

    I have to agree about most`s religeous tendencies……………….yeah !… a man on a cloud stuff !, Religion is fantastic if you are a psychotic murderer !……………if we didn`t have religion what excuse would these radical islamic killers have to justify their evil killing of innocent children ?

    Read Norfolks stuff on new rules etc` and thought why dont we bring in yellow cards in the bedroom for when the missus is feigning injury !

  64. Me and you have a few differences when it comes to Arsenal N5, but i feel we have similar thoughts on the Manager, now whats your view on our predicament concerning the transfer window , and what is your opinion of players we may need

  65. Steve,

    It’s a typical AW transfer window and contrary (not unusual) to the popular (blog) view I believe that we conduct our business in a thoughtful way and look only to improve in the areas of weakness. When AW makes a buying mistake it’s thrown up in his face and when he cannot find the addition we hear that players don’t want to play for Arsenal or we underbid etc. etc. I am patient and will sit back and await his decisions in the knowledge that he has the best interests of his team and the club in mind.

    I firmly believe that we must resolve our lack of scoring and add to our defence, and also that we are over loaded with players in the combined areas of mid-field and attack.

  66. Can I just say one thing ?…………………..actually, that wasn`t a question as I`m going to fucking say it anyway !. hahaha

    I reckon all of us have changed our minds backwards and forwards regarding anything Arsenal…………..well apart from GN5 ! 😀 …………………..whether we are loving or hating Wenger or loving or hating certain players !…basically anything, but we have a right to change our minds and maybe it`s best to treat your thoughts on Arsenal like you do your missus/girlfriend/boyfriend in that you can change your mind there as well……… think you want to take them missionary, but at the last second you do it doggy style or you say you wont come in their mouth, but then………………………………hahahaha………………………..I bet you lot are all the same, that you promise not to come in their mouths and when you do you laugh your head off !……..impossible not to laugh………a bit like you cant stop your eyes closing when you sneeze !……………………………….we all change our minds !

  67. Right !…………of to the gym and hopefully I will make my mind up which exercises I will do by the time I get there !…………..which aint to long as the gym is my shed down the garden !.
    By the time I get back I expect that someone has laughed out loud after a felatio session !……………….probably be Spermbank giving Pierre a pearl necklace !. hahaha

  68. I had a german girlfriend a while ago and she was very exact, and used to rate my performance out of 10. One day I tried anal, she kept saying 9…9 …9 I was was well pleased my best score.

  69. NB
    Any new paintings while I was away? or are you working on a new line of “reproductions” 🙂

  70. Sorry abou that. Ex wife was pestering me for money. That always makes me freeze so to scare her away I copy that bloke from Midnight Express in a Turkish prison by having a wank whilst staring manically at a picture of David O’leary.

    Like Cornwall, I enjoy the spats on here. Don’t even need that picture of O’leary.

    But why is it happening? It’s easy to say “bunch of miserable old gits” and “latent homosexuality ” which yes, is of course all true, but it must be more than that?

    It takes many years of psychotherapy to get to the root cause. For instance, I have great problems with feeling empathy and compassion. Instead enjoying stories about men who’s wife’s left them forcing them to have nervous breakdowns were they are then hopefully bummed off by a 20 stone Ugandian care assistant.

    Anyway after many years of therapy, I finally discovered that the root of my pschopathic behaviour stemmed from the fact that I dont give a shit.

    This was a terrible shock. I always thought it was because my father showed no affection or the fat uncle who showed to much affection, but no, it was because I enjoyed been an uncaring bastard.

    On this revelation of course, I felt completely liberated so immediately thanked my therapist by beating the shit out of him and then went down the pub and nicked the Christmas party money

    If any one of you needs any help on your causes, let me know and I will give you the number of my therapist. Don’t forget to give him a kicking as payment

  71. German striker Mario Gomez has quit Turkish side Besiktas due to the political situation, on loan from Firontina, he scored twenty-eight goals last season. With only one year left on his contract the thirty-one year old might just be the player we are looking for, at least until Welbeck is fit again.

    WACKEY WACKEY Wenger! Time to do some spending!

  72. ‘Morning Steve, maybe we could but it’s not looking likely is it?

    A couple of seasons from a good German international striker could make difference, the alternative looks like Sanogo.

  73. We always seem to be after a good striker, But when you think about it like i have been doing, I think what N5 said has some relevance, when he said” We have to resolve our scoring problems” Now thinking about that statement has made me look at the players we have at present, And i think most of us, do not think the players we have are too bad, but all our players seem to have problems in shooting and scoring.. Now i dont know if N5 meant buy a striker who can shoot and score, or teach our players.

    Now of course we have had these players for some time, so if they cannot kick a ball straight with a bit of power why have we still got them. Now i am no expert, but most footballers can kick a ball or else they wouldn’t have become Professional, so what is it with our training.

    Yes of course we can draft in as many strikers as we want , but when they first come something seems to happen to them.

    A commentator on Elnenys first game said that Elneney had 20 shots on goal, Now i haven’t watched that game again, but i do remember him having a few shots, but after that game i hardly remember him having a shot, so is our scoring problems down to the coaching. Now i know you will say Elneny is not a striker, but that is just an example

  74. Steve, perhaps Elneny was told by Wenger not to take too many shots at goal as doing so may destroy the confidence of the main strikers.

    Imagine how Giroud would feel if a midfielder out scored him.

    It’s a bit late in the day to be teaching established players such as Giroud, Walcott, Campbell (he’s been told he can go anyway), horoscope, if they don’t know now they never will.

  75. Morning Norfolk, Good comment mate, 🙂 With these packed defences we see a lot of nowadays, i think many clubs feel they are banging their heads against a wall, but it is a good way of defence.

    Now we can say as much as we like that wingbacks do tend to stretch these situations but even when crosses do come in they still seem to have more defenders than attackers. Of course goals are scored and from what i have seen many come from big Forwards, Now we cannot go out and buy a big centre forward just for the occasions that we have, but when we had the likes of Henry and Van Persie they did on many occasions when receiving did a lot on their own to find the net.. The system we play is usuall possession style and without a striker of their Elk we tent to try and pick a way in, Nw these coaches are the top people so why can they not find a penetrating way.

    I know it sounds daft but say we had 3 or 4 players running down the right out wide surely the defenders would have to cover them which will leave gaps, get our one or two strikers in there and there you go.

    Now that sounds so simple but probably wouldnt work but how simple is packing the defence with two lines of four.

  76. Morning guys
    Nice to see Terry made a contribution, never fails to bring a smile.

    I have no idea what the answer is to our “horoscope” but then again I’m not getting the big bucks, other than buy someone who knows how big and where the goal is.

  77. I’ve got a comment about “we have to solve our scoring problems” but what with a blood test this morning, a pub lunch shortly, test match and the Tour de France on the box, I haven’t got round to doing the research yet.

    May be I’ll turn it into a post for tomorrow.

    Ciao for now.

  78. Rob Holding has signed for Arsenal, shirt number 16, is this the end of our summer splurge?

  79. Arsenal have done their transfer business… Wenger said at the beginning of the window that he would get three outfield players, CB, MF and CF…. Holding, Xhaka and the Jap, business done

  80. That young Japanese guy doesn’t count as he can’t play yet, he won’t get a work permit.
    I’m expecting that aumbe the fucker I can’t spell, but there again, I have been smoking what they use at the Emirates.

  81. Evening all, So we have secured a young CB Rob Holding, Seems like a good deal, But will we see him in the first team, after all we brought Chambers and Jenkinson for round about the same fee give or take a million, but where are they now. Jenkinson as we know is nursing a broken leg , Chambers seem to be a young starlett for the under 21’s so will Holding be for now, or for the future as we seem to have 3 English players who we have seen two of them and frankly they did all right for us.

    With Chambers and Jenkinson they have had another seasons experience, sadly Jenks has had a mishap but you cannot doubt the mans heart is in the right place.

    The Arsenal back line is starting to look promising, Kos of course is still doing what he does and Gabriel is getting better and settling. Per Merts seems to be the spokesman for the defence and must be on his last season, so how will it all sort itself out.

    The writing on the wall in my house tells me Wenger see’a an English pairing at centre backs for the future or maybe even to start, we seem to have cover for every body , but of course time will tell Our full backs have been good and i would expect them to be our first team choice Whether Gibbs will hang in there with us is an asking point.

    Midfield we have bundles and bundles of talent, we should be able to juggle them about to make a midfield to challenge anybody. Up front we have this new Japanese guy, dont know anything about him at all, but must have shown talent for Wenger to have brought him. Giroud of course has many attributes although speed isn’t one of them , but with Walcott who looks like his staying and Welbeck when he gets fit we should have more than enough pace our new bloke may just have both who knows.

    Midfield is going to be a chess match, who would you field, Elneny Zhaka Ozil Cazorla Ramsey Wilshere Campbel Gnarbry Sanchez Coquelen have i missed anyone, boy that will be an eye opener.
    Will Ospina stay, has he been offered a starting position any where else, and if one comes, what have we in reserve. Mr Wenger of course will know the answer to that, so it looks like that position is secure.

    Personally i would have liked a bit more of a striker than this Japanese Guy, but i still haven’t seen him yet and could be giving him, a disservice if that’s the word. Even so we do look pretty good on paper. I believe the window is over for us, unless we can do a deal involving one of our strikers, there is a whisper of a couple of players but isn’t there always. so on that i think were finished.

  82. Steve – this is the last sentence in the Arsenal announcement of Holding, so let’s wait and see what happens.

    We remain in the market, so stay close to for any further transfer news.

  83. I’ve e mailed you something 69er,

    More of the above please, it will help keep the blood circulating, and I need all the help i can get. 😀

  84. Well a competative match against FC Lens Finishing 1.1 We had a lot of what seemed new faces Walcott Gnabre Zelelem Debuchey Gibbs Iwobi Akpon and a few others, we lacked a little bit without some of our regulars but in the end a fair result’

    Jens of course have been playing for the last few weeks. they did look like it as well, but we fought hard and kept on going and a nice bit of skill from our players brought a nice chipped ball over the keeper by the Ox who took a while to get going but it was worth waiting for for that goal. America next week hopefully be able to get a stream.

  85. VCC, I haven’t seen the match, but what was so awful about Chambers?

    Steve, where and how did Zelalem play? He’s supposed to be quite useful.

  86. He still seems a bit raw, but when you consider how many Changes there was in the team i dont think any were stand out good. Chambers made a few mistakes, one that led to their goal but i didnt think he was overly bad. Walcott was up against a guy named Ba a man mountain and give him his due he tried but didn’t make any inroads. Our two reserve keepers had a half each in all fairness to them they did as good as they could Martinez and a keeper i cant remember his name, but was ok..

    Looked like Wenger is trying out all the players under a little pressure to see who goes and who stays, but in all honesty they all seemed a little rusty. The Ox looked like he has kept himself fit as he had moments , but i could see that there was definitely talent out there but it all seemed a mix and match.. Beilic Adelaid Zelem did reasonable for their first time out for ages, Kinda surprised me just how many we still have on the books.. If we do buy it will only be one more but someone will have to go.

  87. Morning all, Last nights game against Lens was our first for the season, Just a friendly, as we stretch our legs. Anybody who played for their respected countries in the interlul, sat out, he must have lengthened their holidays like he did last season.

    Last Nights draw was a way to show who is still on Arsenals books, and in all fairness they did ok, but you wouldn’t win the league with who i saw. Many of these players we probably call fringe players, and many would only probably be used in emergencies. or probably the league cup.

    I felt last nights match was a bit like Englands Friendlies before the Euro’s try as many of the players that you can and see who shows the improvement that may just propel them into the first team. To early to write any of them off as most were doing their best to impress, sadly not many of them did. It did show that they have all kept themselves fit and although many looked to had started to lose their legs, only a couple played the whole ninety.

    When we see a game like that, without many of the usual players, it must be hard to shine, as when a player is drafted to the first team he has a wealth of experience around him, and that can either show him off to his best, or show that he is still not ready.

    Now Norfolk asked me about Zelelem or whatever his name is, and to be honest he did a job, Had i been picking a team perhaps he’s name wouldnt of been on my list, but to be honest not too many that i saw last night would have neither.

    Every side needs reserves, and with our injury levels over the past we need more than most, but looking at these lot, it makes you realise why supporters want Wenger to enlist ready made players because in honesty a lot of last nights player will take the place of top class footballers..

    I am happy with our first team if it starts the same , but i still think a CF is a must have, as i didnt see anything last night or last season that will compete with the top clubs next season, but as i have said before what do i know.

  88. ‘morning Steve, thanks for the match briefing, sounds like a very low key friendly. Maybe it was to put a few of the players in the shop window.

    Did any of the Lens players, well strikers or centre backs really, look interesting?

    Daily blood tests are over, just one a week for a while now that I’m on a regular dose of Wafarin. Life getting back to normal.

  89. Glad to hear it mate. Nobody really stood out for me mate, but in all honesty mate never took much notice of them.

  90. Thinking back Norfolk, a guy named Ba who i think was a full back he did stand out a bit, a big guy who used his weight on Theo and really did a good job. Theo had no answer to him

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